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Products That Count is one of the largest networks of product managers in the world. Over 200,000 product managers network, learn and get inspired by C/VP-level product executives such as Netflix Product VP, Coinbase CPO, and Box CPO. They attend local speaker series, listen to podcasts, connect at invite-only salons and much more. The programming is designed to help them build great products. Product-forward brands like Autodesk, Mozilla, and mParticle connect with talent, build their brand and drive sales. Its venture arm, Mighty Capital, invests in select companies building products that count. More at

Episode Date
EP64- Tech du Jour #1: Founder on The Facts (and Myths) of AI

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting how products are made and their overall capacity for learning. That said, it can be difficult to understand its overall impact. What do we know about AI's capabilities - and where are we still figuring it all out? As part of our Tech du Jour series, Founder David Karandish talks about AI's impact on software, where it's most over-hyped and how product teams should evaluate its potential for their roadmap.

May 08, 2019
EP63- Product Guru Bruce Cleveland on Bridging The Traction Gap

Every entrepreneur dreams of turning their big idea into a real business. That said, 85 percent of startups end up failing to get off the ground. What should future leaders of “the next big thing” focus on to build success? Product Guru Bruce Cleveland talks about bridging the “Traction Gap” - providing a prescriptive how-to guide focused on market engineering techniques to enable startup success. 

May 03, 2019
EP62- Diverse Voices #6: Disney Product Lead on The Future of Digital Entertainment

Today, people are consuming entertainment content in radically different ways. From new streaming products to on-demand content, there are more "Napsters" changing the game than ever before. What effect is this having on the digital content landscape - and how can established brands stay on track? As part of our Diverse Voices series, Disney Product Lead Sasha Kai Parker talks about where digital content is heading, how technology influences people's behaviors and promoting diversity/inclusion as a black woman in product. 

Apr 24, 2019
EP61- HYP3R CEO on Scaling Customer Delight

Now more than ever, it's critical for products to connect with their customers on a personal level. That said, marketing tactics have shifted toward impersonal and intrusive ways of building rapport with target users. How can businesses stay rooted in their customers' values while scaling for success at the same time? HYP3R CEO Carlos Garcia shares the secret to building successful products at scale - while never losing focus of delivering customer delight.

Apr 12, 2019
EP61- Product Lifecycle #5: GetUpside CEO on Navigating The Business of Product

To produce meaningful solutions, product managers must be user-focused. That said, they must also keep their business at the forefront of the decision-making process. How can product managers connect with customers in ways that also benefit the bottom line? GetUpside CEO Alex Kinnier discusses the Business of Product - from building value for users and businesses on equal terms, to the importance of hustling to get a new product of the ground.

Apr 10, 2019
EP60- Diverse Voices #5: Pivotal Labs fmr Product Lead on Increasing Diversity in Product

The tech world may be flourishing with new innovation every day - but it is behind in the times when it comes to equal opportunity for under-represented groups. How can we increase opportunities for everyone to get into tech? As part of our Diverse Voices series, Pivotal Labs fmr Product Lead Michael Fisher talks about what it means to be a black man in tech and how to truly break barriers to enhance representation in the tech world.

Mar 27, 2019
EP59- Product Lifecycle #4: Instagram Product Lead on The Impact of Small Changes

Product managers often focus on reimagining a tool or solution from scratch. However, there's plenty of disruptive innovation that comes from incremental changes over time. What is the best way to make an impact with subtle tweaks to a solution? As part of our Product Lifecycle series, Instagram Product Lead Alex Plutzer on how to make your mark with gradual product enhancements. Plus, he talks about the importance of solving the right problem & effectively managing the product lifecycle.

Mar 13, 2019
EP58- Diverse Voices #4: SpotHero Product Lead on Simplifying Complex Products

It's easy to look at a simple product and think that it can't be hard to make. However, the simplest interfaces often require the most demanding development. What does it take to bring simplicity to life when facing complexities? As part of our Diverse Voices series, SpotHero Product Lead Jenny Wanger talks about lessons learned as a line cook, optimizing simple interfaces and what it takes to get ahead as a product manager.

Feb 27, 2019
EP57- Product Lifecycle #3: Google Product Lead on Building With Big Data

In product management, we hear about the importance of data all the time. That said, not every product manager understands what to make of every data set they review. What does it take to make informed product decisions using data? As part of our Product Lifecycle series, Google Product Lead Dacheng Zhao talks about moving from retail management consulting into big data products, why data products stand out from the crowd & what it takes to become a great product manager.

Feb 13, 2019
EP56- Diverse Voices #3: Venmo Product Lead on Becoming a Product Insider

Every product manager's journey takes them on a different path to find the perfect role. Often, this involves using skills from other industries to influence their product decisions. What are the best ways for "product outsiders" to apply these learnings to building great products? As part of our Diverse Voices series, Venmo Product Lead Ashley Phillips talks about how her journalism career ultimately got her into product management, moving from large companies to startups and her personal definition of great products.

Jan 30, 2019
EP55- Product Lifecycle #2: BioDigital CPO on Living The Product Lifecycle

Every product manager starts out in a variety of entry points. What does it take to build a long-term career - and most importantly, how do you create value for customers and your business? BioDigital CPO Vivian Chang talks about going from project manager to CPO - along with the importance of being user-focused throughout the product lifecycle and how to scale with revenue-driven products.

Click here to read more about Vivian's story:

Jan 09, 2019
EP54- Diverse Voices #2: Hinge CPO on True Love Through Product

Dating apps have completely turned social interaction upside down - re-engineering how people meet and how we open up to others. How do product managers continue to enhance opportunities for people to find "the one?" Hinge CPO Tim MacGougan talks about the evolution of his product career - leading into the current state of dating apps and what we can expect in the near future.

Click here to read more about Tim's story on our blog: 

Dec 26, 2018
EP53- Product Lifecycle #1: Ovia Co-Founder on Finding Customer Value

With more choices than ever before, it's easy to get lost in the app store. How do you build products that stand out? Ovia Co-Founder Gina Nebesar talks about building customer empathy, creating successful prototypes and how to stay ahead of the competition with growth products.

Dec 12, 2018
EP52- Diverse Voices #1: Acorns Product Lead on Getting Promoted

Every product manager thinks about leadership opportunities - and the first question is, "how do I get there?" Acorns Product Director Paige Conrad talks about how to sell yourself, promoting inclusion in the workplace and what it takes to make great products.

Nov 28, 2018
EP51- studiored Founder on Developing Digital & Physical Interactions

studiored Founder Philip Bourgeois is my guest on this week’s podcast episode. Learn about his processes for developing digital and physical interactions throughout the development process, that have made his firm the leading producer of wearables and bio-tech hardware in Silicon Valley. Learn more at

May 22, 2018
EP50- mParticle CEO & Co-Founder on Scaling Teams and Going Public

My guest on this episode is Michael Katz, CEO & Co-Founder of mParticle. He talks about the culture and practices that have allowed him to build product-focused teams that continually execute, deliver value, and leave a legacy. 

About the Guest:
Michael Katz is Co-Founder of mParticle and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Director. He is responsible for creating and overseeing the execution of mParticle's vision of becoming the premier mobile data solution. He is formerly the Vice President of Optimization & Analytics at Yahoo via the acquisition of Interclick, a company he founded, organically grew to $140M in revenue, and sold to Yahoo for $270 million in 2011. 

Learn more at 



May 15, 2018
EP49- Security Guru on Building Secure Products

In this podcast interview, I sit down with security guru Rene Kolga for a chat about building security products. He talks about how it's different from building for any product, yet how it's similar. Learn more at

May 08, 2018
EP48- Wevr Head of Product on Shifting to AR/VR

"Today, our phones and camera are trying to take us into another reality"...and that reality is AR/VR/MR. On this episode, I interviewed Wevr Head of Product Sami Ramly to share with us why and how to build for this new paradigm. Learn the thought-processes Sami uses at Wevr to tackle the world of augmented and virtual reality. 

Apr 23, 2018
EP47- Author of the Netflix Culture Deck on Developing Teams that Scale

In order to be nimble, you need to have a great team that grows with your organization's technology and culture. Join Patty Mccord and I on this podcast epsiode about how you should tackle team development and management as a Product Manager. 

Patty headed up HR at Netflix for 14 years and helped develop the Netflix Culture Deck, which is still a staple onboarding document for companies today. Her book “Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility,” focuses on how the high-performing culture at Netflix was formed — advocating complete honesty and using challenges as motivation rather than incentives.

Apr 17, 2018
EP46- Chief Product Officer at Box on Building User Experience and Development

Building "products that count" involves more than just developing a great product, it's about creating a memorable user experience from beginning to end. Sure, making sure your infrastructure is technically solid and functioning is integral, but how do you make this process inspiring? How do you create a process that encourages the user to integrate your product into their daily life? and share it with their friends and peers?

In this month's podcast episode, I chat with Box CPO Jeetu Patel about how you can begin building the user experience in early development and how you can have the biggest customer impact at scale. 

Apr 10, 2018
EP45- Silicon Valley-based Social Science and Business Journalist on Middleman Economy

Why would anyone want to hire a middleman, like someone to get your groceries, especially if you have time to take care of the planning and shopping yourself? On today’s episode, my guest Marina Krakovsky discusses her book The Middleman Economy. Marina shatters old stigmas about middlemen of yesteryear, explaining why some middlemen have disappeared while many others have gained in importance. She offers clear suggestions about what today’s businesses must do to make technological progress work for them, not against them.

On the show, you’ll hear Marina’s opinion that despite predictions that the internet would destroy the need for middlemen, she argues they're more valuable than ever though their roles have changed.

Feb 21, 2018
EP44- SurveyMonkey fmr President & CTO on Making a Difference with Tech

How is technology making a difference in your life today? On today’s episode, my guest Selina Tobaccowala discusses her newest startup Gixo and how she plans to help consumers lead healthier lives. You'll hear Selina compare and contrast her experiences with Evite, the company she co-founded; SurveyMonkey, the company she helped grow and scale to 200 million users; and Gixo, her current-day startup that she co-founded with Al Lieb.

Selina also shares insight into what makes a great Product Manager and how to take your career to the next level. It starts with carving your own path, a lot of success starts with you taking on more responsibility—be proactive and ask for more from your manager instead of waiting for them to come to you. Selina also tells me that PMs are the glue that makes all the pieces work and it’s important to know the answers to the following:

  • What are the important areas of feedback that helps drive your product?
  • What are the business metrics?
  • What are the strategic goals?
  • How do you make sure you have a great engineering partner (or team)?

Selina’s Recommended Readings



To learn more about Selina, visit or her Medium page.

Nov 07, 2017
EP43- Product Expert David Fradin on What Makes a Great Product Manager

What are the qualities you look for in a great product manager? Today, my guest David Fradin shares his thoughts on what makes a successful, innovative product leader. David is a classically trained Product Manager, now coach, that worked with Steve Jobs at Apple and worked for David Packard at HP—all in all, he’s been in the product management industry for over 47 years across 27 different organizations and verticals.

On the podcast, you’ll hear David’s mnemonic “S.P.I.C.E S.” and you’ll learn the six keys to building insanely great products which stands for:

  1. strategy,
  2. process,
  3. information,
  4. customers,
  5. employees, and
  6. systems & tools

David tells me one of the most important things that a product manager should do is to start as a leader to assess the product lifecycle.

David Fradin’s Influencers




Oct 30, 2017
EP42- Game-thinking Guru Amy Jo Kim on Accelerating Early Product Design

How can “game thinking” help strengthen long-term engagement with your users? Today, on this episode, my guest Amy Jo Kim discusses how she helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life with game thinking to help accelerate early product design.

Oct 02, 2017
EP41- Career Coach Dorie Clark on How to Create and Monetize a Strong Brand

What are three words you would use to describe yourself to help build your personal brand? On today’s podcast, you’ll hear Dorie Clark discuss her books, what keeps her committed to helping people get their ideas heard, how she uses the 3-word exercise to start the branding process, and much, much more.

Oct 02, 2017
EP40- Products That Count: Get Storied CEO Michael Margolis on Storytelling in the Age of Disruption

Are you telling the big-picture story that’ll influence change? What is the structure of belonging in the digital age? These are just a few questions the CEO and Founder of Get Storied, Michael Margolis, asks on today’s episode.

Michael has a background in cultural anthropology, and he works with people who are changing history; people who are doing things that have never been done before. On this episode, you’ll hear his insights on why storytelling is more crucial than ever in our age of disruption and innovation. First and foremost, it’s all about the human experience. Emotion starts first. As consumers, we buy on emotion and justify with logic.

On this podcast, you’ll hear about Michael’s story and how he got into his role as a Narrative Strategist and what keeps his passion for storytelling alive. You’ll also hear great advice on why online comes first when it comes to your personal story and brand. Michael mentions how you write your about page and bio is one of the most important skills we don’t get taught. Finally, you’ll hear Michael explain why as product managers, we take for granted what other people want to know. He mentions: “You have to see it and feel it before you can believe it.”

To learn more about Michael follow him on Twitter or visit

Sign up for the Oct 1-Day Masterclass with Michael Margolis; find tickets on Eventbrite.

Michael’s viral blog post: The Resume is Dead, The Bio is King

Sep 04, 2017
EP39- Products That Count: Product School Founder and CEO on What Makes a Great Product Manager

Founder and CEO of Product School, Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, talks about his insights into what makes a great product manager in this episode. Carlos started his career in software development in Spain—but he knew he always wanted to be in Silicon Valley because he was very excited about technology. Carlos mentions to me that in addition to engineering, he also went to business school. Both career paths were great in their own respect—but he wanted to find something in the middle. Engineering, as he recalls, was very low-level and technical and business school was very high-level and strategic. That’s where he found product management—his passion and dream.

On the show, you’ll hear how Carlos found the formula with Product School where people can learn the latest and greatest with product management and tech while keeping their life. He also provides advice to companies who are looking to hire for their first product role and beyond. His top three product management qualities to look for in any product person includes:

  • Technical Skills: When talking about software (or websites and applications) you need to be comfortable understanding and knowing how the technology works. It doesn’t mean you need to be a software engineer, but, you need to know about the technical inner workings of the product itself.
  • Industry Domain: Products vary from industry, market, country. You’ll have an advantage if you understand your target market, customer, and product market.
  • Communication Skills: As a product manager, you’re going to spend most of your time communicating rather than executing. You need to know how to talk to all different types of people from all different departments and beyond. It’s the 80/20 rule.

Click the link to find out more about, The Product Book: How to Become a Great Product Manager, a book inspired by the learnings and curriculum of Product School.

To get more insights on product management visit Product School to see their events or join their free Slack Community. To connect with Carlos, find him on LinkedIn.

Aug 28, 2017
EP38- Portigal Consulting Founder, Steve Portigal, on User Research

Founder of Portigal Consulting, Steve Portigal, talks about user research, books, and how much there is to learn about people on today’s episode. Located just outside of San Francisco in Pacifica, CA, you'll find Steve's consultancy. Here, he aims to help companies harness the strategic power of user research. In this episode, Steve provides his expertise and thoughts on how to uncover compelling insights with customers. He mentions how important it is to leave your worldview at the door when you’re studying other people. Steve also explains the “art” of asking the right question and how it’s both a science and art form. Finally, you’ll hear practical product manager career advice to get you to the next level.  


Click the link to find out more about Steve’s most recent book Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories. Use coupon code: PTCfriends for 20% off at checkout.


To get more user research advice, or to connect with Steve, visit his website or find him on Twitter.

Aug 08, 2017
EP37- WorkFusion Founder and CEO Max Yankelevich on Intelligent Automation

Founder and CEO at WorkFusion, Max Yankelevich, talks about his desire to build products people use. Max provides his thoughts on the AI revolution and its future. He also gives advice to entrepreneurs who want to work in the B2B space, provides a glance into a typical day at WorkFusion, and stresses the importance of being a customer-focused business. His advice: don’t postpone the first contact with the customer; be iterative with your product.

Jun 05, 2017
EP36- Fortune Editor Adam Lashinsky podcast at Products That Count: "Inside Uber"

On this podcast, I interviewed Adam Lasinky about his bestselling book,“Wild Ride, Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination“. He discusses why he chose to take a close-up look at Uber's rise as a global tech business phenomenon. Adam reveals his brief stint as an Uber driver and how the drivers have made the company what it is today. He talks about the brilliance of Uber capitalizing on driver's assets (i.e. their cars), why no entrepreneur should try to be Travis Kalanick, and the future of technology.

May 29, 2017
EP35- Amplitude Head of Product Justin Bauer podcast at Products That Count: Data Analysis

Head of Product at Amplitude, Justin Bauer, talks about his non-traditional path to becoming a rising star in Silicon Valley's Product Management scene. Justin provides some insightful advice on analyzing data to make an outstanding product. He also talks bout being distinctive in your product management career, a typical day at Amplitude, and the importance of listening to customer needs.

May 15, 2017
EP34- Shopkick Senior Product Manager Gaurav Hardikar podcast at Products That count: Future of E-commerce

In this episode, Gaurav Hardikar talks about the future of e-commerce. He discusses how to design products that provide an efficient shopping process for consumers, how he drives engagement at Shopkick, and the need to balance stakeholders needs with needs of consumers. He also talks about the qualities needed to be a great Product Manager and what it is like being a minority in Silicon Valley.

Apr 17, 2017
EP32- Slack Product Lead Jules Walter podcast at Products That Count: Productivity

In this compelling conversation, Jules Walter discusses his role at Slack to drive user growth. He talks about Slack's unique, transparent culture and how Slack uses its own product within the company. He reveals how Slack makes decisions and increases productivity by communicating internally with their own product. He also discusses his perspective on the future of mobile, the best qualities of a Product Manager, and his experience being a minority within Silicon Valley.


Apr 17, 2017
EP33- Pandora Head of Product Mgmt Katherine Kornas podcast at Products That Count: Personalization

In this interview, Katherine Kornas talks about Pandora's commitment to both culture and innovation. She talks about the importance of using simplicity and inspiration to inspire growth. She also delves into how Pandora listens deeply to its consumers to understand their habits through qualitative and quantitative measurement techniques. By doing so, Pandora is committed to personalization of their products.

Apr 17, 2017
EP31- Perspective on Product Management by 5 Product Gurus

I've had the chance over the past few months to interview 5 product gurus: Marty Cagan, Teresa Torres, Jeff Gothelf, Rich Mironov and Dan Olsen. This podcast compiles the best moments of those interviews including their views on what makes a great product, what makes a great product manager and more

Apr 04, 2017
EP30- Frmr Frog Design Co-CEO Patricia Roller at Products That Count: Teamwork

Patricia Roller talks about balancing the art + science of product management based on her experience as Co-CEO at frog design inc. In this conversation, Patricia delves into the importance of teamwork as a product manager. She also explains how to navigate the balancing act of handling so many moving parts by focusing on the end goal of meeting customer needs.

Mar 18, 2017
EP29- Former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss podcast at Products That Count: Negotiating as if your Life Depends on it

On this episode, former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss shares the nine effective principles to become more persuasive in both your professional and personal life. He discusses how to gain a competitive edge by using counterintuitive strategies and tactics including emotional intelligence. He also emphasizes the need for highly effective communication (which includes highly effective listening) to become a successful negotiator. On this compelling episode, you will learn why it is important to look at the long-term benefits of any business deal and focus on the greater good.

Mar 06, 2017
EP28- Adobe/LeanPlum Exec Joyce Solano podcast at Products That Count: Brand Positioning

Joyce Solano talks about her experience learning how to reinvent of Adobe from a software co. to marketing co. She also talks about empathy, brand positioning, and how defining company goals to create your brand story.


Feb 13, 2017
EP27- Product Management Guru Jeff Gothelf podcast at Products That Count: Innovation

Jeff Gothelf talks about the shift in mindset needed to scale your business. He makes the case that you must think about yourself in the software business. Secondly, he says we need to shift into thinking about how to manage all the departments and roles within a software business. He discusses why leaders need to rethink the way that tech businesses are managed so they can innovate and drive their companies forward.

Jan 31, 2017
EP26- Chief Product Officer Anneka Gupta podcast at Products That Count: Building Customer Relationships

In this podcast, Anneka talks about understanding the art and science of customer relationships, risk/reward ratio for businesses, and how to build your network through leveraging the people around you.

Jan 31, 2017
EP25- Yelp Product Designer Clara Nam podcast at Products That Count: Iterating Successful Products

Clara Nam talks about her passion for product design. She speaks about her job in Silicon Valley as a Product Designer on the Growth team at Yelp. She shares her experience on iterating the Yelp mobile app and finding design solutions to make a successful product. She also discusses using metrics to predict product growth and what it's like being a women in tech.

Dec 05, 2016
EP24- Sally Thornton podcast at Products That Count: The Future of Work

Thought leader Sally Thornton discusses how to create ownership of your career while finding work/life balance. She discusses how to create your ideal career through a system and framework that motivates you. She also discusses how to create a human-centered work culture that benefits individuals and the companies they work for.

Oct 14, 2016
EP23- Serial entrepreneur Sachin Rekhi podcast at Products That Count: mobile product trends

Serial tech entrepreneur Sachin Rekhi talks about his journey in Silicon Valley to take his products from the idea stage to being sold to a top social media company. He candidly shares his experience on the challenges of working in Silicon Valley in 2016 and gives advice on building great products by learning what type of product manager you are.

Oct 14, 2016
EP22- Silicon Valley Coach Rich Mironov podcast at Products That Count: moving up the career ladder

Silicon Valley Product Management veteran Rich Mironov discusses his experience in the product manager role and shares some tips to be successful and move up the ladder in your career. He discusses critical aspects of the job such as cross functional communication and the role of incentives.

Sep 19, 2016
EP21- Product Management Guru Marty Cagan podcast at Products That Count: making impactful products

Marty Cagan discusses the importance of focusing on impact when designing great products. He emphasizes that it is essential that product managers put the customer first to build products that people love. Additionally, he points out how the culture of a business can have a great effect on whether a product can be successful.

Sep 19, 2016
EP20- Product discovery coach Teresa Torres podcast at Products That Count: on human centered design

How do you know what to build next? It’s all about product discovery, argues product guru Teresa Torres. She shares best practices for product discovery, understanding what customers want, and then building it right. Through impact and empathy we can shift the focus from designing within and hoping a product finds success to human centered design.

Sep 19, 2016
EP19- Hilton CMO Stuart Foster podcast at Products That Count: How to Make Brands Stand Out

Stuart Foster talks about the importance of simplicity in making your brand stand out in the marketplace. He delves into how to create an unforgettable brand by focusing on the value of a company. He explains why mass marketing is no longer valid because we are now inundated with advertising and need our marketing messages delivered based on context (i.e. on where we receive them).

Sep 07, 2016
EP18- Space Architect Guillermo Trotti podcast at Products That Count: the 'wow' factor in product design

Guillermo discusses the importance of efficiency in product design, human centered design that creates a 'wow' factor, and how direct experience with a product plays a major role in the widespread adoption of a product. This is a fascinating discussion that delves in Guillermo's extensive knowledge of space architecture and the future of technology.


Sep 06, 2016
EP18- Singularity U Professor Nell Watson podcast at Products That Count: why now is the right time for AI

Nell discusses singularity including the notion of AI personhood. She talks about how AI is here to stay because of what she refers to as the ‘autonomous distributed corporation’. She emphasizes that knowledge is power and postulates that it makes sense to involve AI when there is so much data available.

Sep 06, 2016
EP17- Monster exec Anne Dwane discusses the future of work

As a serial entrepreneur, investor and ex-Monster exec, Anne Dwane discusses the current revolution in corporate learning and the future of work. “There is no such thing as one size fits all,” she argues. “Work and education are both ready for disruption.” She shares her insight on making learning more accessible, affordable and effective than ever before.

Aug 24, 2016
EP16- Big data expert Alistair Croll podcast at Products that Count: the big picture on big data

Data and analytics expert Alistair Croll argues that big data is changing business, society and even the human species. Businesses are built faster based on analytics and data. What's coming next for big data and cloud computing? Alistair's answers and examples may surprise you. Listen in and find out.



Aug 09, 2016
EP15- Fast Company Writer Leah Hunter podcast at Products That Count: Artificial Intelligence disruption

Leah Hunter has spent her career exploring the intersection of technology, culture, and design. She writes about the human side of tech for Fast Company, O'Reilly Radar, Business Punk, and mentors tech companies.

Aug 09, 2016
EP14- Code For America product lead Alan Williams podcast at Products That Count: bringing government into the 21st century

Code for America product lead Alan Williams shares the great work he and his team are doing with Code for America, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring government into the 21st century government. He discusses mobile-first government programs like food stamps. If you’re intrigued and would like to get involved, this will get you over the edge.

Jul 18, 2016
EP13- Mind The Product founder Andrea Saez podcast at Products That Count: user on-boarding

Founder of Mind The Product and ProdPad Andrea Saez shares her experience with on boarding new users. On boarding is emotional, she argues- there must be a connection with users. Successful on boarding is about creating a positive interaction. Not everyone learns in the same way and so the more personalized your on boarding the better.

Jul 16, 2016
EP12- Consulting expert Mark Levy podcast at Products That Count: creating a Big Sexy Idea

Levy Innovation, LLC founder and consulting expert Mark Levy helps you better articulate your work, get out of your default thinking, and help you come up with a Big Sexy Idea. Listen in to find out what you can do to make a great pitch, as well as the insight Mark gives to his clients that help them increase their fees by 2000%.

Jun 30, 2016
EP11- Communications guru Marie Perruchet podcast at Products That Count: creating a perfect pitch

Are you afraid of public speaking? Have no fear--Marie Perruchet, Founder and Director of One Perfect Pitch and former journalist, helps people overcome this fear with plenty of tips and tricks on how to become a better speaker.

Jun 30, 2016
EP10- Productivity guru Pierre Khawand podcast at Products that Count: the perfect 15 minute day

Productivity guru and ex-tech exec Pierre Khawand argues that we should schedule our day in 15-min increments in order to feel productive and fullfilled. He shares ways that we can minimize distractions and keep thoughts and emotions under control with nothing more than a notebook and a timer. Can it be that easy? Listen in and find out.

May 19, 2016
EP9- Professor and author Marshall Van Alstyne podcast at Products that Count: platforms beating products

MIT Digital Fellow and Boston University Professor Van Alstyne argues that product business models are broken and being replaced by platforms.

Apr 14, 2016
EP8- Bestselling author Dorie Clark podcast at Products That Count: how to stand out

Bestselling author of Reinventing You, Dorie Clark shares advice and best practices on how to stand out, including identifying what makes you unique, what to build a personal brand on, how to increase the reach of your brand using blogging and social media.

Mar 01, 2016
EP7- Leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein podcast at Products That Count: how great bosses groom talent

NYT bestselling author and leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein talks about "superbosses," the exceptional leaders that are able to attract, retain and groom the best talent, how they go about it, and how you too can become a superboss.

Jan 26, 2016
EP6- Product guru Dan Olsen podcast at Products That Count: product management playbook

Product guru and bestselling author Dan Olsen talks about what makes for great products, great product managers and great product teams.

Dec 15, 2015
EP5- Yelp Product VP Eric Singley podcast at Products That Count: mobile product trends

Yelp Product VP Eric Singley talks about growing Yelp in the early days and shares what he sees as mobile product trends and best practices.

Dec 01, 2015
EP4- Robbie Baxter podcast at Products That Count: Netflix and other awesome subscription services

Bestselling author of The Membership Economy Robbie Baxter reveals trends for the most cutting edge SaaS products. Hint: it's all about community and access instead of self and ownership.

Nov 04, 2015
EP3- Sangeet Paul Choudary podcast at Products That Count: Uber and The Rise of The Mega Platforms

OnDemand economy and platform thinking guru Sangeet Paul Choudary talks about what makes a great platform. He discusses their business models, the key role of reputations, and explains why the best platforms are the ones we don't even notice.

Oct 13, 2015
EP2- Chris Neumann podcast at Products That Count: growth hacking trends

Growth hacker Chris Neumann reveals growth hacking secrets.

Sep 23, 2015
EP1- Joe Robinson podcast at Products That Count: tech design trends

Silicon Valley design guru Joe Robinson shares his perspective on design trend for tech and mobile products. He also reveals why you should read more sci-fi.

Aug 27, 2015