Extraordinary Moms Podcast

By Jessica Dahlquist

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Category: Kids & Family

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An interview podcast where different moms share their motherhood journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Episode Date
Episode 258: Being CEO of Your Home with Kristin Andrus
Today my guest is the incredible and energetic Kristin Andrus. I have long admired Kristin for not only her ability to juggle 6 kids, including twin two-year-old boys but also her ability to prioritize her life in a way that includes her passions like fitness and food. We have the …
Aug 14, 2018
Episode 257: Adventuring with a Child with Special Needs with Paige Flamm
Today my guest is amazing Paige Flamm. When she found out her daughter had special needs, she wondered what life would look like… could they still travel and be outdoors like they once enjoyed? Could they still have a social life? Would she know how to “positive parent” her in …
Aug 07, 2018
Episode 256: Identifying Post-Partum Depression in Yourself When You are a Mental Health Professional with Stefani Reinold
Today my guest is the incredible, Stefani Reinold. She’s a board Certified Psychiatrist, maternal mental health expert, anti-diet and body image specialist, author, speaker, podcast host, Army wife and mother of 2. She’s also the founder of Not the Typical Mom: a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping moms break free from …
Jul 31, 2018
Episode 255: How Do You View Yourself as a Mom?
How do you view yourself as a mom? And the followup question is, and how does that view impact the way you think and behave as a mom? We are in control of our thoughts and those thoughts lead to certain emotions. If you are constantly feeling guilty as a …
Jul 27, 2018
Episode 254: Talking with Your Kids About Race with Dorena Willamson
Today my guest is the dynamic, Dorena Williamson. Dorena is a children’s book author and we are covering the topic of talking to your kids about race on today’s episode. I tried to ask all the questions you or I might want to ask, but might be too afraid to …
Jul 24, 2018
Episode 253: What’s Your Brand of Motherhood? with Alison Faulkner
Alison Faulkner is the branding queen, as she helps other businesses to find their WHY, own their personal brand message, and share it with the world! Today we are not only sharing about some of the work she does, including the re-launch of her incredible Audio Courses, about working with …
Jul 20, 2018
Episode 252: Eating Disorder Awareness with McCall Dempsey
Today my guest is McCall Dempsey. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, as we discuss her battle with an eating disorder, her daughter’s diagnosis with cancer, and her founding of a nonprofit that promotes eating disorder awareness. Even if you’ve never had an eating disorder, this is …
Jul 17, 2018
Episode 251: Q&A with Jessica Lamb
Today Jessica Lamb is back for another Q&A episode, answering some of her most commonly asked questions. Her insights are always spot on. These are the questions we’ll be covering: My child is clingy or preferential to one parent. What if my spouse and I aren’t on the same page …
Jul 13, 2018
Episode 250: Parenting a Differently Wired Child with Debbie Reber
Today my guest is Debbie Reber. Debbie is a mom of one son, who she describes as “differently wired.” As she navigated both the social and education paths of helping him to succeed, she has learned a lot that we can now all learn from as we try to meet …
Jul 10, 2018
Re-Launch- Episode 187: Why I Don’t Chase My Bolting Child
I wanted to re-launch this awesome episode because if you’re like me, summer is wearing you thin and you might be dealing with some additional misbehavior simply because you are spending more hours together. I had a problem with my two year old bolting in public and I learned a …
Jul 06, 2018
Episode 249: My Experience as a Military Wife
Today I’m sharing about my experience as a military spouse. I never dreamed this would be my life, but here we are and I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned in this wild journey. Tune in to find out a little more about our story. Connect with Jessica: …
Jul 06, 2018
Episode 248: Having QUADRUPLETS and Military Life Abroad with Rachel Buechele
Today my conversation is the with AMAZING Rachel Buechele, who is not only a military wife abroad, but she is also a mom to QUINTUPLETS! In honor of the Fourth of July, I wanted to hear from a military mom that is really sacrificing and supporting her husband in his …
Jul 03, 2018
Episode 247: Postpartum Yoga and Rebuilding Your Core with Catherine Middlebrooks
Today I’m chatting with Catherine Middlebrooks, founder of the website brbyoga.com. This yoga system is designed for postpartum women hoping to strengthen their core and rebuild their pelvic floor. We also talk at length about selling her home and traveling in an RV around the country with her family. It’s …
Jun 29, 2018
Episode 246: Down Syndrome, Cancer, and Finding Joy with Terah Jones
Today my guest is the amazing Terah Jones. I was first captivated by Terah’s darling pictures of her cue Indy Llew on Instagram, and when I found out about her most recent battle with cancer, I have been completely drawn in by their story. You see, this conversation today …
Jun 26, 2018
Episode 245: Recovering from a TBI After Falling off a Cliff with Extraordinary Kid Abby Ward
It’s our first Extraordinary Kid Episode! Today my guest is the incredible Abby Ward. Abby’s mom Janie was on the show last year, speaking about her daughters 70 foot fall off a cliff while hiking, and her recovery from extreme injuries. Now, Abby is here speaking for herself about the …
Jun 22, 2018
Episode 244: Loving Others as They Are with Nina Brostrom
Today my guest is the amazing Nina Brostrom. Nina is a mom of four boys, some of whom have ADHD. In this conversation, we talk about the struggles of some of her kids, her own battle with control, and in the second half we talk about how her brother coming out …
Jun 19, 2018
Episode 243: Losing His Wife and Loving Again with Daniel Brooker
Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there. Today, we are hearing from an Extraordinary Dad, Daniel Brooker. You might remember his now wife, Brittany Price, from episode 138, where she shared about becoming a widow, enduring that difficult time, and then finding love again. Well, Daniel was …
Jun 15, 2018
Episode 242: Divorce, Finding Your Strength, Organization, and More with Lori Schegel
Today my guest is the incredible Lori Schlegel. We cover a lot of ground in this episode as she very bravely shares about going through a difficult divorce, finding her inner strength, starting her own organization business, and her recent remarriage, which made her an instant step-mom to three additional …
Jun 12, 2018
Episode 241: Foster Care with Stephanie Nelson
In keeping with the foster care theme, I’m speaking with Stephanie Nelson, an extraordinary mom who has provided a home for several foster care children over the years, and now she is in the process of adopting her current foster child! This interview will give you better insight into the …
Jun 08, 2018
Episode 240: Supporting Foster Families with Susan Ramirez
Today, my conversation is with the incredible woman behind Austin Angels, Susan Ramirez. I can’t believe she’s on the show! Susan saw a need in the foster care community for additional support for the families who take in foster children. So, she took her drive and experience from her corporate …
Jun 05, 2018
Episode 239: Protecting Your Kids From Sexual Abuse
I know, not the most fun topic to cover. But since our kids are getting older and my husband is an attorney assigned to the victims of sexual assault/abuse, we have really gotten more serious about how to protect our kids against this very common occurrence. So I’m sharing specifics …
Jun 01, 2018
Episode 238: Living Your Purpose and Finding Peace in Your Final Days with Michelle Kaley
Today my guest is the truly extraordinary, Michelle Kaley. Her friend reached out to me to tell me some of her story and I knew she would be a guest like no other. Michelle is a mom of four, a dance teacher and studio owner, a light in her community, …
May 29, 2018
Episode 237: Special Needs and Positive Parenting Q&A with Jessica Lamb
Jessica Lamb is back to answer some specific questions related to behavior for both children with special needs and typical children. Here’s what we are covering today: We’ve all had that situation when we are out in public with our kids and they notice someone with a visible difference, or …
May 25, 2018
Episode 236: A Crash Course in Special Needs Parenting with Jessica Lamb
Jessica Lamb is better known online as Skip to my Luca, where she shares all about her family, her son Luca’s special needs, and tips for parents with children with Special needs. She is a Special Ed teacher and overall extraordinary human being. Today we are chatting specifically about her …
May 22, 2018
Episode 235: What is a Birth Journal with Julie Tobi
Julie Tobi is the founder of the Birth Journal, a memory keeping book for you to record your personal birth experience. Today we are chatting about her own birth experience, why she decided to create this product, and what she has learned from other people about their birth experiences. Heather …
May 18, 2018
Episode 234: Using Writing to Process Life’s Challenges with Rachel Nielson
Rachel Nielson is my totally amazing guest today. She is the host of 3 in 30 Podcast, she has two darling kiddos, and she’s faced a lot of challenges in her life that have gotten her to where she is today. Losing her mom in her teens, pursuing adoption and …
May 15, 2018
Episode 233: Mindset Shifts that Have Elevated My Motherhood
Happy Mother’s Day! Today I’m sharing 5 mindset shifts that I’ve made that have helped me really enjoy and thrive in motherhood so much more than I did in my early days. These might apply to you, or you might consider some of your own and I’d love to hear …
May 11, 2018
Episode 232: Believing that There is Always Good Ahead with Crystal Sparks
Crystal Sparks is an extraordinary mom of two kids, a pastor, and a friend to everyone she meets. Today we are talking about keeping the faith, even in the face of trials. After a miscarriage, her son’s health concerns, and just life in general, we chat about how we can …
May 08, 2018
Episode 231: “You’ve Got This Mama” with author Andrea Williams
Need a meaningful gift for someone you love this Mother’s Day? Send them a copy of Andrea Williams’ new book, “You’ve Got This Mama!” (and don’t forget to pick up a copy for yourself. Thoughtfully written, cleverly illustrated, and beautifully hand-lettered, this book is perfect for a mom at any …
May 04, 2018
Episode 230: Taking time for Mother Care with Dayna Kurtz
Today I’m speaking with extraordinary mom and now author, Dayna Kurtz. Dayn and I are chatting specifically about Mothercare and making yourself a priority. It’s a struggle for so many moms I know and our conversation feels so empowering, and reassures you that putting yourself back on the list is NOT …
May 01, 2018
Episode 229: The Surprising Reason I Started the Podcast
I’ve talked before about how I do the podcast, why I started, etc… But there’s one reason that I haven’t really talked about publicly on the show. And anytime I share this reason with people in one-on-one conversations, people are always surprised and pleased to know this detail. So hopefully …
Apr 27, 2018
Re-launch of Ralphie Jacobs Positive Parenting from Simply on Purpose
If you need a dose of positive parenting, actionable parenting tips, and perspective, Ralphie is your gal. I’m going to her parenting workshop this Saturday, so she’s been on my mind and I wanted you to easily find this episode if you haven’t already listened. Enjoy! Show Notes: Follow Ralphie …
Apr 25, 2018
Episode 228: Walking Through the Uncertain with Leah Lewis
Today my guest is the amazing Leah Lewis. Leah is a mom who is no stranger to uncertainty. When her son wasn’t meeting developmental milestones, she started to realize something wasn’t right. After YEARS of various doctors and testing, he finally got the diagnosis of Cabeza Syndrome, a very rare …
Apr 24, 2018
Episode 227: Book Club “Read Aloud Family” with author Sarah Mackenzie
You guys are in for such a treat. Today I’m chatting with blogger, podcast host, reader extraordinaire, and now AUTHOR… Sarah Mackenzie. Sarah is well known for her knowledge of all things reading, and today we are talking not only about the benefits of reading, book recommendations, the hows of reading …
Apr 20, 2018
Episode 226: Autism Awareness with Kristen Cillo
Today I’m chatting with Kristen Cillo, of the Mama Bee Well podcast, about her unexpected start to motherhood, how she overcame a compulsion for exercise and obsession with healthy eating, and how their life changed when her son was diagnosed with Autism. April is Autism Awareness month, and I hope …
Apr 17, 2018
Episode 225: How to Save for College NOW with College Backer co-founder Abby Chao
Have you started saving for your kids’ college education? I haven’t. Until now! Abby Chao co-founded College Backer, which helps people to plan ahead so the finances of college are not such a burden. Today she’ll share powerful information to get you started and she even gives an incredible to …
Apr 13, 2018
Episode 224: Being a Mom as a Paraplegic with Brittany Frank
Get ready for an incredible episode today. My guest is Brittany Frank, an extraordinary mom and t12 paraplegic. Today we’re chatting about the accident that changed the course of her life, but that also allowed her to become so much more than the things that once defined her. We are …
Apr 10, 2018
Episode 223: How YOU Can Contribute Financially as a Stay at Home Mom with Natali Morris
Natali Morris was formerly known as a popular News Anchor, and then she decided to become a stay at home mom. Today we’re chatting about her professional life prior to kids and how she was able to contribute financially to her family when she was no longer bringing home a …
Apr 06, 2018
Episode 222: Mom of the Month Award
Today is our Extraordinary Mom of the Month episode and it’s a GOOD one! The winner is Kacie Case, mom of three little ones, and today we’re chatting about having the scare of her life when her son was diagnosed with diabetes, how motherhood has changed her, and how she …
Apr 03, 2018
Episode 221: My Biggest Failure as a Mom
I’m not saying I’m a failure as a mom. What I am saying, is that we all feel like that from time to time. And I found that usually, my times of inadequacy have a theme. So today I’m opening up about when I feel most like a failure as a …
Mar 30, 2018
Episode 220: Moving Away from Insecurity Towards Confidence with Kayla Aimee
Today my guest is the adorable Kayla Aimee, who recently wrote a new book, “In Bloom.” Today we are talking all about her motherhood journey, her triggers of insecurity (which we found out are very similar to mine), how she’s walked towards a path of confidence, and what it was …
Mar 27, 2018
Episode 219: How to Play with Your Toddler with Autumn McKay
Today my guest is Autumn McKay of Best Mom Ideas. She is a toddler activity expert and we’re going to chat about some fun, easy, and inexpensive ways to liven up playtime with your toddler. She is SO good at this and there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel. Listen in …
Mar 23, 2018
Episode 218: Raising Boys, Prioritizing Values, and Creating New Habits with Merrick White
This was my first time speaking with Merrick White, of Merrick’s Art, and her joy is simply contagious! We talked about all the things: Blogging, raising boys, finding the motivation to replace bad habits and the quote that changed the trajectory of her year. Such a fun and rich conversation …
Mar 20, 2018
Episode 217: How to Help Your Kids Eat Your Dinner with Liz Weiss
Liz Weiss is my guest today, and she is a nutritionist and overall fountain of knowledge when comes to helping families get healthy! Today we are chatting about her motherhood, dieting, allergies, and how to get your kids to eat what you make for dinner! Loved our chat and I …
Mar 16, 2018
Episode 216: Raising 7 Kids and Life as an Artist with Beth Allen
Today, my guest is the incredible artist Beth Allen. Beth currently lives in the midwest with her family of 7 children and is also an artist. Today we chat about raising a large family, her favorite phase of parenting, supporting her husband as he pursued dreams like opening a bakery, …
Mar 13, 2018
Episode 215: Book Club “If You Only Knew” with author Jamie Ivey
Today, Jamie Ivey is back on the podcast to talk about her debut book, “If You Only Knew.” I finished it last week, and WOW! It’s incredible. I already loved her from her hit podcast The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, but this book really makes me appreciate her faith …
Mar 09, 2018
Episode 214: Surviving Cancer While Pregnant with Julie Barron
Today my guest is the incredible Julie Barron. Julie supported her husband (then friend/BF) when he was diagnosed with cancer in his early 20’s, then they went on to struggle with infertility, and then after finally starting to grow their family, she found out she had cancer while halfway through …
Mar 06, 2018
Episode 213: Self-date night
Every week, I go on a date. With myself. Yes, it’s important to date when you are married, but today I’m talking about how this time to myself has drastically improved my self-care, mental state on a day to day basis, and the releasing of guilt that can come when …
Mar 02, 2018
Episode 212: Digging Deep and Finding Inner Confidence with Whippy
Today my guest is Becky Crosby, better known to those who love her as Whippy! Whippy is an extraordinary mom, business owner, motivational speaker, and overall a really fascinating human being. When her parents announced their divorce last year, it set her on a new road of personal development, deeper …
Feb 27, 2018
Episode 211: Mom of the Month Award
Today we are honoring an incredible mom who recently lost a son who battled mental health struggles. Over the last two decades, she’s raised 5 kids and faced her share of trials. With a resilient faith and a love of motherhood, she has battled through every one of them. So …
Feb 23, 2018
Episode 210: Finding Meaning in the Hard Times with Natalie Norton
Today my guest is Natalie Norton, and if she’s not already on your radar,  you will be glad she is after this. Natalie is a wise soul who imparts so much wisdom with those she shares her story with. Today we are talking about facing trial after trial in her …
Feb 20, 2018
Episode 209: Why I Will Never Like to Exercise
I’ve never liked to work out and I figured it would probably always be that way. That is until recently. I realized the power my thoughts have over my actions. And once I shifted my narrative to something positive surrounding health and fitness, my life began to change. So listen …
Feb 16, 2018
Episode 208: Battling Post Partum Depression with Diana Collins
Today my guest is Diana Collins. Diana is an incredible mom and today we are talking about her experience with the loss of a dear friend of hers due to Post Partum Depression, and then her own experience with mental health issues postpartum. I love her vulnerability about this topic …
Feb 13, 2018
Episode 207: Finding Peace in Your Life with author Kristen Kill
Today is a book club episode and my guest is a new author, Kristen Kill. After frustration and exhaustion from her fast-paced life, Kristen intentionally decided she needed to incorporate more times of rest and renewal in order to truly show up and enjoy the other aspects of her life. …
Feb 09, 2018
Episode 206: Designing Your Life with Emily Lex
Today my guest is the delightful Emily Lex, of Jones Design Company. We had a fabulous chat about motherhood and raising teenagers, intentional choices and parenting, and how her company has evolved over the years. She is an extraordinary mom and business owner, that will inspire you to go after …
Feb 06, 2018
Episode 205: Developing Speech and Intentional Play with Infants and Toddlers with Ayelet Marinovich
Today I’m chatting with Ayelet Marinovich, a speech and language pathologist, who also founded the resource Strength in Words. She is passionate about helping parents to foster language and communication in their infants and toddlers and provides a wealth of resources and information to help you to do just that! …
Feb 02, 2018
Episode 204: Getting HIGH on Fitness with Emily Nelson
Today I’m super jazzed to be bringing you my interview with Emily Nelson, co-founder of High Fitness. I have personally taken one of her classes and let me just say, it’s more than a workout class. It’s about using the body you have to move, have fun, dance, and LIVE! So …
Jan 30, 2018
Episode 203: Mom of the Month Award
You guys made it too hard for me this month and I ended up selecting two winners for the Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award. The first, Niki Cooley, is a mom of three boys, including kindergarten-age twins who were born prematurely. In June, one of the twins was diagnosed …
Jan 26, 2018
Episode 202: Overcoming Trauma and Making Dinner with Kayla Collins of Parsley and Pepper
Today my guest is the extraordinary Kayla Collins, of Parsley and Pepper. Kayla does a super fun series on Instastories called “Make Dinner with Me”, and she’s the best when it comes to keeping it real, making healthy/attainable meals, and using what’s in your pantry. Today we are talking food, …
Jan 23, 2018
Episode 201: A New Photo/Memory Keeping Idea for the New Year
A friend recently gave me a tip for how to keep on top of my Photo Bookmaking for the year. So I’ll share my plan for documenting memories and making these books, as well as some best places to do them. What do you do with all your photos and …
Jan 19, 2018
Episode 200: Rising Above Disordered Eating with Chanelle Neilson
Today my guest is the extraordinary Chanelle Neilson. She is a mom of five and we’re talking motherhood, her battle with disordered eating, modeling healthy self-image for our kids and so much more. I was so inspired after this conversation and I hope you will be too. Show Notes:  Check out …
Jan 16, 2018
Episode 199: Re-visit with Jess Toolson from TURKEY!
One of your favorite podcast guests is back! Jess Toolson was living in Russia the last time we spoke, and now she and her family are living in Turkey! I love Jess’s energy and positivity, but she also shares how it’s not all roses and easy living moving to a …
Jan 12, 2018
Episode 198: Living Life to the Fullest with Cystic Fibrosis with Jen Sabin Sattley
This week’s episode is a special one. My guest is Jen Sabin Sattley, an incredible woman who has lived her whole life with Cystic Fibrosis. Not only that, but she’s lived through a lung transplant from two living donors, a kidney transplant, and has created a wildly popular recipe blog. …
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 197: Online Safety and Having “the Talk” with Dina Alexander
Today I’m chatting with Dina Alexander, the mom who GOES THERE! She is helping moms everywhere to become more educated about how to tackle tough topics with their kids (like sex, body image, online safety, etc…). It’s a very informative conversation and I love her confidence in approaching these topics. …
Jan 05, 2018
Episode 196: Life in the NICU and Other Challenges with Lena Schwen
Happy New Year! I’m so glad to be back with you bringing you some incredible new interviews. Today, I’d like you to meet Lena Schwen. Lena is an extraordinary mom of four and when you hear her story and learn of her resilience you will be in awe. We had …
Jan 02, 2018
International Life with Jess Toolson (episode 91)
This episode with Jess Toolson was sooo great! We connected instantly and I loved learning about her family’s international life and how she adapts to new cultures. She was in Russia at the time of the interview, but they recently moved to Turkey. I need to have her back for a …
Dec 31, 2017
Losing His Wife to Post-Partum Depression with Eric Dyches (episode 46)
In honor of Father’s Day, I had Eric Dyches on the show, an extraordinary father who had recently lost his wife Emily to Post-Partum Depression. She had only been gone a few months and he was so brave to speak out, but he knew his message was important. Women need …
Dec 29, 2017
Motherhood and Business with Puj Founder Katie Richardson (episode 120)
I loved this conversation with Katie Richardson so much because her joy for motherhood is contagious! She loves her business and is immensely talented at designed baby products, but she also really relishes her role as a mom. I found her to be wise and inspiring. Enjoy.
Dec 29, 2017
Surviving a TBI After Falling Off of a Cliff with Janie Ward (episode 107)
My friend Janie Ward’s life was changed forever when her daughter fell off of a 50 foot cliff while hiking. She suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury among other injuries and today Janie shares what that experience was like and how they have gotten through it. This episode aired almost a …
Dec 29, 2017
Post-Partum Anxiety with Anne Johnson (Episode 64)
This was such a great chat with Anne Johnson, who shared very openly about her struggle with post-partum anxiety. I know this is a topic so many of you can relate to, so I wanted to re-launch it!
Dec 29, 2017
Slowing Down with Erin Loechner (episode 115)
This was such an incredible conversation that got buried in the archives. Erin published an amazing book about becoming more intentional about the pace and priorities of her life, and we chat about how that has changed her life! She has the most soothing voice and this is one of …
Dec 27, 2017
Living a Balanced Life with Robin Long (episode 78)
Robin Long is a long time pilates enthusiast and she runs the Balanced Life. What I love about her approach to fitness is that she believes in BALANCE. It’s more than working out to be a certain size, it’s about feeling like your best self. She’s amazing and this was …
Dec 27, 2017
Living on a Farm with Mary Heffernan (episode 92)
Loved this episode so much with Mary Heffernan, about leaving behind her life in Silicon Valley for life on a cattle ranch. It’s been a true 180 in lifestyle and she and her family are thriving. So fascinating about a life that is VERY unfamiliar to my own. Loved it …
Dec 27, 2017
Why I Go To Therapy (episode 125)
This is a pretty vulnerable episode about why I decided to start going to therapy, what I’ve learned, and who I think therapy is helpful for.
Dec 27, 2017
Making Mom Friends (episode 108)
I’ve moved a lot so I’m somewhat of an expert on starting over and trying to making friends in new places. This is what I’ve learned.
Dec 27, 2017
Caring for Hospice Babies with Cori Salchert
Wanted to share this precious episode again featuring the amazing Cori Salchert, who adopts and cares for babies on hospice. She’s an angel and this conversation will warm your heart!
Dec 26, 2017
Loss with Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum
We wanted to relaunch this amazing episode with Lindsay Ostrom, from Pinch of Yum. After losing her baby Afton when he was born prematurely, she shares what that loss was like and how she found a new normal since then. She’s incredible and it really helped me to better understand the …
Dec 26, 2017
Episode 195: Let me Recommend an Episode if You _____
Where do you even start if you are new around here? Here are my recommendations for past episodes depending on your mood: If you want to cry: Sherrine Hayward (Ep 192), Cori Salchert (Ep 116), Lindsay Ostrom (Ep 142), Jackie Shakespaere (Ep 2 and 3) If you want to smile: …
Dec 22, 2017
Episode 194: Living Free with Miranda Anderson
You guys are in for a treat today. For our season 2 closer, I am chatting with Miranda Anderson, of Live Free Miranda. She exudes positivity and her life revolves around joy and adventure. We chat about how she developed her creativity, how she downsized to a 1000 square foot …
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 193: A Quote that Changed My Life!
Today I’m talking about a quote that changed my life. It’s a quote that came from Sherrine Haward, who was interviewed in Episode 192.  She’s incredible and soo, sooo wise! Hope this quote can also inspire you today! Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com
Dec 15, 2017
Episode 192: Giving Dayton Legs with Sherrine Hayward
Today’s interview is incredible, featuring my new friend Sherrine Hayward. Although she is most often known as “Dayton’s Mom”, she is a mom of six and today’s she’s sharing her motherhood journey, about what it’s been like to raise a child with severe special needs and to include him in …
Dec 12, 2017
Episode 191: A Letter to Myself
Today’s episode is a simple one. I am writing a letter to myself as a form of a year-end review, about what I’ve learned, where I’ve been, and where I hope to go. It’s a really beneficial exercise to help you appreciate the growth you’ve experienced over the year. Day …
Dec 08, 2017
Episode 190: Adoption, Health, and more with Rachel Gainer
Rachel is an extraordinary mom of four litle ones, all who came to her family through adoption. Today we’ll chat about her adoption journey, her perspective on race and talking about differences, and of course, her very successful health and wellness program. She’s incredible and I hope to see you in her …
Dec 05, 2017
Episode 189: My Favorites and Gift Ideas
Hey guys! Instead of an official gift guide-type episode, I just wanted you to share things that I’m loving lately, and perhaps some of those can double as ideas for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Check out the show notes for links. Show Notes: Flannel Sheets Leather earrings– GIVEAWAY!!! …
Dec 01, 2017
Episode 188: Celebrating Down Syndrome with Liz Platchta of Ruby’s Rainbow
Today I’m speaking with the incredible Liz Plachta, who founded the amazing organization Ruby’s Rainbow, which provides college scholarships for children with Down syndrome. As a mom of two, one of who has Down syndrome, she feels passionate about celebrating these kids and providing opportunities for them. It’s such an …
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 187: Why I Don’t Chase My Bolting Child
I posted something on Instagram a few weeks ago about having trouble with my two year old bolting. He’s loves the game of running away from me, he loves the attention, and the cycle is perpetuated when I chase him. I reached out to you to help me and when …
Nov 24, 2017
Episode 186: Nichole Nordeman
Today I had the honor of speaking with one of my favorite Christian singers, Nichole Nordeman. Her music has been so impactful in my life and today we are chatting about her motherhood journey, music career, divorce, and her viral video, song, and book “Slow Down.” This collection of motherhood essays …
Nov 21, 2017
Episode 185: Cultivating Gratefulness
Today I’m talking about cultivating gratefulness in your life. What has helped me? How can you be grateful when your circumstances are not ideal? How can you help your kids to be more grateful? Just some basics that have really encouraged me to be more grateful. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m so …
Nov 17, 2017
Episode 184: Life Coaching Lessons with Bold New Mom’s Jody Moore
Today I had the joy of speaking with Jody Moore, a life coach and host of the Bold New Mom podcast. We chat about her own motherhood journey, questions she often hears from her clients, and how to retrain your thoughts. It’s such a great conversation and not only do …
Nov 14, 2017
Episode 183: Focusing on Christmas with Natalie Ard of Star from Afar
After feeling like the meaning of Christmas and other religious holidays were being lost throughout the bustle of the seasons, Natalie Ard took matters into her own hands to bring the true meaning back. Her company, Star from Afar, not only makes activities for Christmas, but now also makes other …
Nov 10, 2017
Episode 182: Seeking More than Fun in Life with Brooke Romney
If you’re like me, a common question you ask your kids when you pick them up from somewhere is, “Did you have fun?” We hardly think twice about it. But what is that question actually teaching them? That they are entitled to non-stop entertainment? That if it’s not fun, then …
Nov 07, 2017
Episode 181: Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Days
Looking for ways to make the most of your limited time? I’ve got six tips to help you improve the way you view and use your time. These have really helped me to be able to not only have time for motherhood but also to tackle my to-do list and …
Nov 03, 2017
Episode 180: Being Vulnerable and Talking about Hard Things with Chrissy Powers
If you don’t yet know Chrissy Powers, allow me the great pleasure of introducing you. You’re welcome. Chrissy and I have mutual friends, but I’m so glad to now call her MY friend. We get real about motherhood, being honest with our girlfriends, finding your passion, and so much more. …
Oct 31, 2017
Episode 179: Mom of the Month Award
Today we are honoring a fabulous Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner, Tiffany Ludkin. Tiffany is a mom of four and after an unexpected divorce 6 months ago, she has had to re-envision her future, and she is SLAYING IT! This is a great listen for anyone who is …
Oct 27, 2017
Episode 178: Owning Who You Are with Author Jess Connolly
Today I’m speaking with author and overall cheerleader of all women, Jess Connolly. Jess recently wrote a new book on holiness called, “Dance, Stand, Run,” and it so motivating for us all to take a look at what our true identity is. When we can get clear on our worth …
Oct 24, 2017
Episode 177: Teaching Kids Values with Maria Dismondy
Today I am speaking with Maria Dismondy, author of NINE children’s books about teaching your kids values. As a former school teacher, she saw the need for instilling key character traits in our kids from a young age, and decided to try her hand at writing! The books use contexts and …
Oct 20, 2017
Episode 176: Parenting on Purpose with Ralphie Jacobs
Ever since discovering Ralphie of Simply on Purpose on Instagram, my parenting bucket has been so filled! She is an extraordinary mom of 4 little girls and her parenting tools and advice are spot on! She gives great tips and insights into things like sibling rivalry, controling your own emotions, tantrums, …
Oct 17, 2017
Episode 175: Re-visit with Jenna Rammell
One of your favorite past guests is back for a re-visit episode. Jenna Rammell was on last year and you loved hearing from her about her motherhood journey, identity and business. Check out her past episode here. Today we’re talking about adapting to change, her move, and of course the …
Oct 13, 2017
Episode 174: Planners and Productivity with Tonya Dalton of Inkwell Press
Tonya Dalton is an entrepreneur at heart, and today she runs her company Inkwell Press, a planner and productivity business. She is also a mom, wife, and productivity expert! So we cover it all in today’s episode. How she started her first business with littles at home, productivity hacks for …
Oct 10, 2017
Episode 173: Talking to Your Kids About Tragedies
Oh boy. Where do I start? I feel so sad and overwhelmed and so many times these feelings leave me paralyzed into doing nothing. But we can’t do nothing. When bad things happen, we can’t do nothing. We must rise and let our light shine. It’s hard enough to do that ourselves, …
Oct 06, 2017
Episode 172: RV Living with Ashley Petrone
I first found out about Ashley through my friend Brooke, when she showcased her RV that she and her family currently live in. Not only is their RV darling and even I want to live in it, Ashley is spunky, outgoing, and an extraordinary mom of three! We had a …
Oct 03, 2017
Episode 171: Mom of the Month Award
I’m so excited to bring you my conversation with Kristi Kimball today. Kristi was nominated by her friend Lena, and boy is she amazing. After losing her oldest child to a rare disease, she has made it her life’s work to make an impact, and also to continue being an …
Sep 29, 2017
Episode 170: Living in Africa with Angela Olsen
Guys. This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Angela Olsen is an incredible mom of two who currently lives in Africa because her husband works as a doctor at a mission hospital there. Not only is she amazing because she lives internationally, but she also goes in-depth about her son …
Sep 26, 2017
Episode 169: Writing a Children’s Book with Alyssa Johnston
Today I’m chatting with new children’s book author, Alyssa Johnston. Alyssa wrote “Esther’s Grand Adventure”, about the story of Esther from the Bible and today we’re chatting not only about her motherhood journey but also about her writing process. It’s an interesting behind the scenes if you are maybe wanting …
Sep 22, 2017
Episode 168: From the City to the Country with KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms
I had the best time chatting with KariAnne Wood on the show. Not only does she chat all about she ended up moving from suburban Dallas to RURAL Kentucky, but we also talk about her new book, “So Close to Amazing”, which recently released. She is currently parenting teenagers, so …
Sep 19, 2017
Episode 167: Re-visit with Andrea Williams of Tubby Todd
So glad to have Andrea of Tubby Todd back on the show for a re-visit. She tells us what she’s been up to, what surprises her most about her business, how she survived a month-long roadtrip in a motorhome, and her fav treat to sneak. So good. Always love chatting …
Sep 15, 2017
Episode 166: Overcoming Abuse with Katherine Hanson
Today my interview is with Katherine Hanson. She is a true overcome! As a victim of child abuse, she has now used that experience to create a much healthier life for herself and her family. As a mom and CEO of a baby company, she recognizes the challenges she had to …
Sep 12, 2017
Episode 165: A Few of my Favorite Things
Today I’m sharing some things that I am loving lately, in all aspects of my life. Everything I talk about is linked below: Show Notes: Fav Food: Pasta Salad and Crockpot Ribs (stand the ribs up tall around the sides of the crockpot and add 1/2 cup water to the …
Sep 08, 2017
Episode 164- Financial Freedom with Erin Odom of the Humbled Homemaker
Erin Odom, also known as the Humbled Homemaker, is my guest today and we had the best conversation about early motherhood, her family’s financial struggles, and ultimately, the lessons that they’ve learned that have allowed her family to thrive. Her new book, “More than Just Making It” comes out TODAY …
Sep 05, 2017
Episode 163: Family Mission Statement
Today I’m sharing with you our family’s Mission Statement. I’ll explain to you why we do it, how we started, and what it looks like now. It’s a wonderfully unifying activity to do with your family and it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a great reminder to …
Sep 01, 2017
Episode 162: Talking Teenagers and Devotionals with Sophie Hudson
Friends, today’s episode was a true delight for me. Sophie Hudson has been someone I have admired from a far for quite some time. Not only is she a very accomplished Christian writer, but she’s also an extraordinary mom of one, she has the best Southern drawl, and generally just …
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 161: Mom of the Month Award
This month’s Extraordinary Mom of the Month is Heather Edwards. Heather is a mom of four, gestational carrier of twins, and overall an amazing person. Her positivity, passion, and service-minded attitude is what drew me to her and I know you’ll love getting to hear more about …
Aug 25, 2017
Episode 160: Connecting with Other Moms with Jenny Hopf of Momidarity
Today, I’m chatting with Jenny Hopf, who founded the website Momidarity, which connects mothers through an online platform. As a working mom herself, she found it difficult and disheartening to meet other moms, do playdates, etc… because of her work schedule. But that didn’t mean she didn’t want or need …
Aug 22, 2017
Episode 159: Exploring Dyslexia with Elisheva Schwartz
Today I’m speaking with Elisheva Schwartz on the topic of Dyslexia. It’s a topic near and dear to her heart, and she has made it her life’s work to help families to have knowledge and resources to work with this learning disability that impacts 1 in 5 children. Fascinating chat …
Aug 18, 2017
Episode 158: Appreciating Motherhood with Shannon Tripp
Today, I’m sharing my delightful conversation with Shannon Tripp. Shannon is a mom of three darling girls, a pediatric ER nurse, and overall just an inspiring person. We talk about her motherhood journey, how her work affects her life and parenting, how she’s been able to let go of mommy …
Aug 15, 2017
Episode 157: Re-visit with Savanna Tate
It is my honor to have Savanna Tate back on the show (she was episode 74). Back in the Fall, she was on the show to talk about her son Hayes overcoming cancer. But sadly, a few months later he passed away. Since then, she’s been extremely open about her road …
Aug 11, 2017
Episode 156: Transitioning Out of the Workplace with Lauren Golden of Free Mama
Today my guest is Lauren Golden. Before having her children, Lauren worked in Corporate America and never really envisioned it being any different for her. But after deciding to become a stay at home mom, she had to redefine her identity and now seeks to give other moms the support …
Aug 08, 2017
Episode 155: Behind the Scenes of Making the Podcast
Today’s a really fun episode. Many of you wanted to know more about what goes into making the podcast, what my setup looks like, how I make time for it, etc… So today I’m taking you behind the scenes and telling you how this show gets done. Thanks to those …
Aug 04, 2017
Episode 154: Gestational Surrogacy with Betsy Keller
You guys asked, and I have delivered! You were incredibly moved by my interviews with Kelsey Nixon (listen here and here), and after hearing about her story of growing their family through gestational surrogacy, you wanted to hear from Betsy, her carrier. So, let me introduce you to Betsy Keller, …
Jul 31, 2017
Episode 153: Mom of the Month Award Winner
This month’s winner of our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award is Courtnie Aitken. Courtnie was nominated by the woman who adopted her daughter, which I think is completely amazing! Courtnie has gone on to have two more daughters of her own and today we’ll hear about her journey. This …
Jul 28, 2017
Episode 152: Grappling with Motherhood with Julie Lundgreen of So Canary
You are going to love my conversation today with Julie Lundgreen, of So Canary. Julie is someone who is honest and vulnerable online about her motherhood experience and I love her realness. Especially after dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety, Julie has been very open about sharing the joys of motherhood as well …
Jul 25, 2017
Episode 151: Changing the Way You See Yourself
Today it’s a solo episode, which details the way I’ve handled improving the way I see myself. I think it’s a common issue women deal with so thought that my journey might be helpful to some of you. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Connect with Jessica: Instagram//Facebook//Email: jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com
Jul 21, 2017
Episode 150: Evolving as a Mom with Money Saving Mom Crystal Paine
I am so excited to bring you my conversation with Crystal Paine, of Money Saving Mom. I’ve long been a fan of Crystal’s money saving tips and outlook on motherhood, but I’ve seen a huge shift in her level of vulnerability and confidence over the past year as she’s opened up …
Jul 18, 2017
Episode 149: Re-visit with Mel Gunnell
Loved getting to catch up with Mel today from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. We get an update on her life and she answers my rapid fire questions. Enjoy! Show Notes:  Mel’s Blog and Instagram Skin cancer post Blue Lizard, Think sunscreen, Elta sunscreen Eucerin Moisturizer Lindsay Ostrom Episode Southwest Crispy Chicken Wrap …
Jul 14, 2017
Episode 148: Peaceful Parenting Coaching with Lisa Howe
Everyone knows I love Dr. Laura Markham, who’s philosophy of peaceful parenting has greatly shifted the way I approach parenting. Well, last year, Dr. Markham trained 15 people around the world to become parenting coaches and today I’m talking to one of them. Lisa Howe is a true delight, and …
Jul 11, 2017
Bonus Episode: Tips for Packing with Jennica Woodbury
Happy Monday! I’m happy to bring you a bonus episode today about packing for trips. Jennica Woodbury writes over at Mommy Convos and she wrote an article about her best tips for packing for trips. Today, we talk about all her favorite hacks and I add my favorite tips too! …
Jul 10, 2017
Episode 147: Baby Nutrition with Mama Bear Chelsea Thiede
Today I’m getting a lesson in baby nutrition with Mama Bear Naturals founder, Chelsea Thiede. Not only is she an extraordinary mom, but she also started her own baby food company after struggling with nutrition for her own children. As a food scientist, she knows way more than the average …
Jul 07, 2017
Episode 146: Celebrating Military Life with Lauren Mulloy
Today I’m talking with the military wife and extraordinary mom, Lauren Mulloy. She currently lives where we were formerly stationed in Virginia, and with her husband currently deployed, she knows what it is like to face the hardships of solo parenting and military life, and still make the most of …
Jul 04, 2017
Episode 145: Mom of the Month Award Winner
Our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner this month is Katie Mace. Katie is not only an extraordinary mom of one little boy, but she goes above and beyond to serve others in both her job as a home care nurse and those close to her. In addition, she …
Jun 30, 2017
Episode 144: Developing a Tribe with Kristin Helms
Today I’m speaking with Kristin Helms, who is an extraordinary mom and founder of the online publication Tribe Magazine. Today we are talking about the evolution of her magazine, the messages about motherhood she is passionate about spreading, and ways for you to get involved with moms in your community. I …
Jun 27, 2017
Episode 143: Summer Book Recommendations with Janssen Bradshaw
Today I’m chatting with Janssen Bradshaw of Everyday Reading, and she and I are going to chat about our favorite summer reading picks. Summer is a great time to chip away at your book list, so whether you are reading a hard copy or listening on Audible, make reading a …
Jun 23, 2017
Episode 142: Losing Sweet Afton with Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum
Today I’m bringing you a moving episode with Lindsay Ostrom, of Pinch of Yum. Five months ago, Lindsay went into pre-term labor and delivered her first son, Afton, at 24 weeks. He lived 15 hours. But those 15 hours made her a mom and today, she’s going to share her …
Jun 20, 2017
Episode 141: Father’s Day with Jessica and her husband Pete
In honor of Father’s Day, I’m chatting with my husband Pete on the show. It’s a great conversation about parenting and what we’ve learned. He’s really intuitive you guys, and I have learned so much from him. And I hope it’s fun to hear a little more about our family. …
Jun 16, 2017
Episode 140: About Progress with Monica Packer
I’m so excited to bring you my interview with Monica Packer, of the About Progress podcast. I was on her show a few weeks ago and had such a great time talking about my own personal journey with perfectionism and self-awareness. Today, we’re chatting with her about body image, eating …
Jun 13, 2017
Episode 139: Re-visit with Robin Long
I LOVED chatting with Robin Long of the Balanced Life on episode 78. Not only did we talk about pilates, but we talked about the mission behind her online fitness business. It’s about balance and self-care, two things I fully endorse. I wanted to hear what Robin has been up …
Jun 09, 2017
Episode 138: Motherhood as a Widow with Brittany Price
After becoming a widow in her mid-20’s, Brittany Price was left as a single parent to three little boys. Today, Brittany opens up about what it’s like to lose a spouse and then find your new normal. We discuss grieving while having to show up for your kids and she …
Jun 06, 2017
Episode 137: Sleep Training with Expert Janey Reilly
So many of you have contacted me telling me about sleep issues with your babies and kids. You are not alone! It’s such a hard part of motherhood. I’m no expert, so I decided to call in the big guns. Janey Reilly of Wee Sleep is a sleep expert and …
Jun 02, 2017
Episode 136: New Life with Kelsey Nixon
It was just about a year ago that Kelsey Nixon was on the podcast for the first time, sharing about the devastating loss of her son, Leo. It was a heart-wrenching episode, but one of the podcast’s most listened to! Well, she’s back and she has an amazing update to …
May 30, 2017
Episode 135: Mom of the Month Award Winner
Hi, friends. I am so excited to share with you our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner, Cortney Given. Her sweet husband nominated her! Isn’t that the cutest?? Cortney is a new mom, who’s daughter is currently battling for her life in the NICU after being born with a …
May 26, 2017
Episode 134: Building a Clothing Brand with Amy Miraflor of Evy’s Tree
Today I’m sharing my interview with the founder of Evy’s Tree, Amy Miraflor. Amy is an inspirational business woman who started by simply embellishing a hoodie for a family vacation and it eventually turned into a well-known business. We talk about her unique business practices, how she handles mom guilt, …
May 23, 2017
Episode 133: Re-visit with Emily Dixon
It’s been a LOOONNNNGGG time since we last heard from Emily Dixon. She was actually my guest on Episode 1. If you’re new around here, definitely head back into the archives to give that a listen. We go in depth about their family’s journey with autism. Today we are getting …
May 19, 2017
Episode 132: Adoption and Podcasting with Jamie Ivey
I’m so honored to have Jamie Ivey as my guest today. Jamie is the host of one of my FAVORITE podcasts, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and we had such a fun chat on the show today. Jamie lives in Austin, is a mom of four, and is passionate …
May 16, 2017
Episode 131: Mother’s Day Tribute
Today we are hearing from the husbands of some of our past guests, to hear what they have to say about their extraordinary wives. First up, Ashlyn Carter who we heard on Episode 58. Then it’s Mel Gunnel from Episode 60. Next is Janie Ward from Episode 107, and then …
May 12, 2017
Episode 130: Autism with Jessica Olsen
We are so glad to have Jessica Olsen returning to the show today. The last time we spoke with Jessica, she shared about her experience with the NICU, and today we’re covering a completely different topic. At age 2, her daughter Evie was diagnosed with Autism and today we’re chatting …
May 09, 2017
Episode 129: My Current Favorite Podcasts
You know I love podcasts… that goes without saying. But I’ve gone through waves of what I listen to. So here are a few of my very favorites in my queue lately. You can find all of these by searching for them in iTunes, but if there’s a website I …
May 05, 2017
Episode 128: Motherhood with Joy Cho of Oh Joy!
Photo Credit: Katherine Rose Oh, you guys! You are in for a treat. I have long admired Joy Cho of Oh Joy! for both her business success and her motherhood vibe. She has not only developed a wildly successful brand for Target, but she is also doing an amazing job raising …
May 02, 2017
Episode 127: Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award Winners
You guys made it too hard for me to choose just one winner, so today I’m sharing with you two winners for our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award. The first is Autumn Hodges. Autumn is a mom of four, survived solo parenting through med school and residency, and is …
Apr 28, 2017
Episode 126: FIT Kids with Ashley Hunter-Riley
Today my guest is Ashley Hunter-Riley. She is a mom of four and founder of a fitness program for at-risk kids. She is a go-getter with a passion for serving children who may not have opportunities for healthy lives and participating in sports. The program, FIT Kids, has grown beyond …
Apr 25, 2017
Episode 125: Why I Go To Therapy?
It’s not that I haven’t wanted to share this, but it’s one of those things that I’m not sure what to say about it or if you even care to hear about it. Because it’s so personal. I never want to be one to tell you what to do, but …
Apr 21, 2017
Episode 124: Raising a Large Family with Rachel Tollestrup
Today I’m speaking with a true mom hero, Rachel Tollestrup. Rachel is the mom of 8 children (ages 2-20) and truly loves being a mom. I ask her many things you might want to know if you were passing them out in public… how much laundry do you do? How do …
Apr 18, 2017
Episode 123: Quick Chat with The Alison Show
She’s BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK! You know I love Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show, and it’s been sooo long since she was last on the podcast. In fact you can’t even find it in the archives on iTunes anymore because they only let me list 100 episodes! But you can listen here …
Apr 14, 2017
Episode 122: Adoption and Down Syndrome with Mollie Glasgow
Today I’m speaking with the AMAZING Mollie Glasgow. In addition to her darling accent, she is the mom of four little ones, including one who recently joined their family through adoption. We talk about everything from finding out your child has Down Syndrome, surprise pregnancies, and her adoption journey. Show …
Apr 11, 2017
Episode 121: Book Club “The Lucky Few” with Heather Avis
You’ve heard from her before, but she’s back! Heather Avis, now world famous author, is the amazing mom behind the book “The Lucky Few.” Despite knowing much of her adoption story already, after reading this book I have a whole new understanding and appreciation for the road they have traveled, …
Apr 07, 2017
Episode 120: Building a Business with Katie Richardson of Puj
Katie Richardson is an extraordinary mom of four, as well as the founder of the baby brand Puj. I first heard Katie on another podcast talking about the glorification of busy… and I knew I like this woman! Her perspective on building a business and pursuing your dreams, as well …
Apr 04, 2017
Episode 119: Mom of the Month
I love our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award episodes so much. Thanks to all who nominated, but this month I have selected Anna McParlan. She’s a mom of two (with one on the way) and is also in the process of adopting a child! She is a military wife …
Mar 31, 2017
Episode 118: Music and Motherhood with Ellie Holcomb
Ooooohhh…. you guys! I have an awesome episode for you today. My guest is Ellie Holcomb. Ellie is a singer/songwriter, mom of two, and all around amazing person. Our conversation felt like we were long-time friends and I love the messages about motherhood, faith, and perspective that she shares. You’re …
Mar 28, 2017
Episode 117: Getting Clean with Clean Mama Becky Rapinchuk
Hi friends! I have a fun episode for you today. I’m speaking with Becky Rapinchuk, the founder of the site Clean Mama. Today we are chatting about the many jobs she’s had, how she got started as a cleaning expert, and tips for keeping your house clean and tidy even …
Mar 21, 2017
Episode 116: Caring for Hospice Babies with Cori Salchert
You guys… prepare to be amazed! My guest is Cori Salchert and I originally heard about her when they featured her on the Today Show. Cori is an angel who in addition to having 8 kids of her own, became a medically trained foster care mother, along with her …
Mar 14, 2017
Episode 115- Chasing Slow with Erin Loechner
Today I’m speaking with the extraordinary Erin Loechner. In addition to be a popular blogger, she most recently wrote her first book, “Chasing Slow,” which I devoured! It was soo, soo good and really spoke to the heart of someone who is trying desperately to live out their values. Our …
Mar 07, 2017
Episode 114: Internet Safety
Internet safety is a big concern in this day and age. And it is affecting kids younger and younger as they gain access to technology for various reasons. Today I’m talking with the founder of Get Kids Internet Safe, Dr. Tracy Bennett. Tracy is a mom, a clinical psychologist, and …
Mar 03, 2017
Episode 113: Honoring Your Birth Experience with Julia Aziz
Today I’m speaking with Julia Aziz who wrote the amazing book “Lessons of Labor.” Julia and I talk about her own personal birth experiences, as well as the lessons she has learned through empowering other women to make the choices that are best for them in motherhood. It’s a fabulous …
Feb 28, 2017
Episode 112: Mom of the Month
This month’s Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner is Jaycee Chambers. She’s a mom of two boys, a wife to a medical resident, and a champion of the moms all around her. I’m so inspired by her positive outlook and I know you’ll see why I selected her! Connect …
Feb 24, 2017
Episode 111: Navigating Addiction with Annie Highwater
Today I’m speaking with Annie Highwater, and we are covering a new topic today, and that is addiction. After her son became addicted to painkillers following a sports injury, their whole life changed. She bravely wrote a book chronicling that journey, from her perspective, and now she seeks to spread …
Feb 21, 2017
Episode 110: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness with Kierra Irvine
Today I’m speaking with Kierra Irvine, about her beautiful daughter Evanna. While she was pregnant,  the doctors discovered that she had a Congenital Heart Defect and they didn’t know how it would impact her life. Once she was born, they realized the severity of the defect and it’s been a …
Feb 14, 2017
Episode 109: Living Healthy with Sadie Sabin
I first came across Sadie on social media, when she was on a journey to lose weight and get fit. And she did it and she looked great. But as you’ll hear in the interview, the weight loss didn’t cure her body dysmorphia or her negative self-talk. It took a …
Feb 07, 2017
Episode 108: Making Mom Friends
We teach our kids how to make friends, but we often neglect our own social life. Motherhood can be so isolating and if you are in a new location or transitioning in or out of a season of life or parenting, it can be hard to find mom friends you …
Feb 03, 2017
Episode 107: Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury with Janie Ward
Today I’m speaking with my friend Janie Ward, who’s daughter Abby fell off a cliff while hiking over the summer, and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. We talk about the moment she got the call, how she got through the hard days, and how Abby’s doing today. It’s a story …
Jan 31, 2017
Episode 106: Extraordinary Mom of the Month
Hi friends. I received so many awesome nominations this month for our award, but I finally decided on Karlee Hoekstra. I picked Karlee, because I love when you can see a mother’s heart before you can physically see a baby in their arms. She was nominated by her friend who …
Jan 27, 2017
Episode 105: Helping Moms Get Fit with Lisa Druxman
I’m really excited to bring you my conversation with Lisa Druxman today. Lisa is an entrepreneur and mom who founded the business FIT4MOM, which you may know best as the umbrella program to Stroller Strides. We talk not only about health and fitness, but also growing her business, the importance …
Jan 24, 2017
Episode 104: Raising Teenagers with Shawni Pothier of 71 Toes
Today I’m chatting with one of my favorite mom heroes, Shawni Eyre Pothier, from the blog 71 Toes. Today we talk a lot about raising teenagers and developing good communication in families, but we also talk about a lot of other things as well. She is an intentional mom in every way, …
Jan 17, 2017
Episode 103: Adoption and becoming the Mixandmatchmama with Shay Shull
Today I’m excited to be chatting with Shay Shull, or Mix and Match Mama, or Sean the Bachelor’s Sister:) She is an amazing mom of four, including two darling girls they adopted internationally.  She has written several cookbooks with recipes for the everyday cook who is trying to simplify their …
Jan 10, 2017
Episode 102: Intention Setting for 2017
Goal setting can be tough for me in this season of life, because I am not in a phase where I am constantly achieving measurable goals. If traditional goal setting works for you, great! Keep going! I’m cheering you on! But if not, I wanted to share what I’m doing to …
Jan 06, 2017
Episode 101: Motherhood with Corrine Stokoe of Mint Arrow
My guest today is my favorite high-end, fashion deal finder Corrine Stokoe, who blogs at the site Mint Arrow. Not only does she scour the web for the very best deals on everything from fashion to beauty to baby, but she also shares with her followers her journey as a …
Jan 03, 2017
Episode 100: Updates from Our Favorite Guests
You guys… I’ve done 1-0-0 episodes!!! What?!?!? How did that happen? When I launched last January, I seriously thought only my mom and closest friends would listen, and that would have been fine. But I feel so honored that you have followed along as I have figured out how to …
Dec 20, 2016
Episode 99: What Do I Think of the Podcast?
A question I commonly get is, “So how do you think the podcast is going, Jessica?” So, I thought you might be interested in that answer. I ramble enough on this episode so I’m not going to write much here. But suffice it to say that this podcast and it’s …
Dec 16, 2016
Episode 98: Healthy Living with Danielle Walker of Against All Grain
Danielle Walker is best known for her brand Against All Grain, where she shares delicious and healthy recipes (Paleo based) that have helped transform her life, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 22. In addition to being a Best-selling Cookbook Author, she is an extraordinary mom to …
Dec 13, 2016
Episode 97: When You Don’t Feel Like an Extraordinary Mom
Despite the name of my podcast, most of my guests would probably say that on a daily basis they don’t feel like an “extraordinary mom.” I know that I don’t. But that being said, if we really look objectively at the work we are doing, we begin to see how extraordinary …
Dec 09, 2016
Episode 96: Parenting with Chronic Pain with Jackie Richards
Jackie Richards was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (an autoimmune disease) at 23. She had just gone through an emotionally traumatic year, was hardly eating or sleeping, and woke up one day with a handful of joints that would not move. She went 3 years with just being on medication, not …
Dec 06, 2016
Episode 95: Mom of the Month
This month’s Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner is ElisaBeth Shah. She is an extraordinary mom who has also faced some extraordinary trials, including a difficult miscarriage and debilitating Post-Partum Depression. In our conversation she will share more about this journey and how it has shaped her perspective on …
Dec 02, 2016
Episode 94: Peaceful Parenting with Dr. Laura Markham
My dreams have come true. Today I’m speaking with one of my very favorite parenting experts, Dr. Laura Markham. Her philosophy of peaceful parenting and her expansive website helped me through some VERY challenging early parenting years and I’m so grateful to have learned about her for the sake of …
Nov 29, 2016
Episode 93: Holiday Gift Ideas
You guys! The holidays are upon us! Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope it was a meaningful time to reflect upon the blessings in your life, as well as ways to serve and offer blessings to those around you. I love this time of year. I have always loved gift giving. …
Nov 25, 2016
Episode 92: Life on the Farm with Mary Heffernan
When I first heard about Mary Heffernan and started following her on Instagram, I knew I had to have her on the show. She went from living the suburban life in the Bay Area to moving out to a cattle ranch with her husband (previously a lawyer) and four young …
Nov 22, 2016
Episode 91: International Life with Jess Toolson
I know many of you will be traveling in the upcoming week, so I thought I would bring you a bonus full-length episode to keep you company on your travels or during your cooking marathon! Besides, this episode was so good I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you! …
Nov 18, 2016
Episode 90: A Journey of Infertility and Adoption with Wynne Elder
Wynne Elder is an extraordinary mom of two children she and her husband adopted from Africa, and she is also thrilled be expecting their first biological child after a long struggle with infertility. Wynne is a woman of many talents as a photographer, creative, and co-founder of the Carry Camp, …
Nov 15, 2016
Episode 89: Dealing with Overwhelm
A mom’s job is never done. It seems like our to-do lists and obligations are never ending. There is always someone that needs us at any given time. There’s truly no other job like it! As much as we might struggle with getting everything done and finding joy while doing …
Nov 11, 2016
Episode 88: Parenting with a Physical Disability with Julie Savage
Today my guest is my AMAZING friend Julie Savage. We first met when we were both the “supportive wives” while our husbands were in law school at the University of Michigan. Now she lives in Northern CA with her husband and three awesome kids. Today, Julie is going to share about …
Nov 08, 2016
Episode 87: Give With Thanks Challenge
Last year I did something really neat with my kids and I wanted to share it with you in case you are looking for something meaningful to do with your children leading up to Thanksgiving. It’s called the Give With Thanks Challenge. You can click on the link to …
Nov 04, 2016
Episode 86: Raising Quintuplets with Danielle Busby
Danielle Busby may look like any other mom at the grocery store… that is until you see her with her 6 daughters, including a set of all-girl quintuplets! Danielle Busby and her family are the darling people behind the show “Outdaughtered” on TLC and today she’s going to share a little …
Oct 31, 2016
Episode 85: Mom of the Month Award
Thank you to everyone who nominated an extraordinary mom this month. It was so hard picking a winner because everyone was so amazing! This month’s Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner is… Betsy Conlin. She was nominated by her friend who commended her for enduring a challenging pregnancy with …
Oct 28, 2016
Episode 84: A Journey with Infertility with Brooke White
You may know Brooke White best from “American Idol” or the very popular YouTube series “The Girls with Glasses”, but it’s also important to point out that she is a mom to her daughter, London, and has experienced a challenging road with infertility. At the time of the interview she …
Oct 25, 2016
Episode 83: Looking at Things from Your Child’s Perspective
Back on Episode 34, my friend Stephanie and I chatted about one of our favorite parenting books and one of the most powerful tools they mention… empathy. Last Sunday, I had a personal experience where using empathy with my middle son really helped him in a difficult situation. Today I’m …
Oct 21, 2016
Episode 82: Evolving as a Mom with Jenna Rammell
Today my guest in Jenna Rammell. She is someone I have long admired on social media for her vulnerable, funny, and real portrayal of life and motherhood. She is a contributor on the children’s lifestyle blog Small Fry, runs her own DoTerra Business, and on top of that, is mom …
Oct 18, 2016
Episode 81: Favorites From The Mom Conference with Saren Loosli
I’m so pumped up from the Mom Conference this week. So many great interviews and ideas that I’m excited to implement in my own family. Dr. Laura Markham on Day 1 blew me away. I love it when the professionals kind of outline a script for you to follow when …
Oct 14, 2016
Episode 80: CHARGE Syndrome with Lisa Campbell
Today I’m speaking with Lisa Campbell, an extraordinary mom to a three year old little girl named Harlow. When her daughter was born, Lisa new right away that something wasn’t right but they didn’t know what it was. After months of testing, they determined she had CHARGE Syndrome. Today, Lisa …
Oct 11, 2016
Episode 79: Decluttering! with Allie Casazza
A few weeks ago, Robin from The Balanced Life, posted an article by Allie Casazza on her website that went VIRAL. Before it even took I off, I had read and shared it thinking, “Yes! Yes to all of it!” It’s all about how having less stuff can be transformative …
Oct 07, 2016
Episode 78: Pilates and Creating a Balanced Life with Robin Long
Robin Long is my FAVORITE online pilates instructor, and founder of The Balanced Life Online. She offers both free workouts and a membership program to allow women in all stages of life to work out effectively through pilates, while also cultivating a more balanced, intentional life. We talk about workout …
Oct 04, 2016
Episode 77: Mom of the Month Award and The Mom Conference Info
Congrats to our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award Winner, Jeannie Sprague. She is an adoptive mom of four (including a set of twins), and her daughter Maddie has congenital heart defects, which resulted in a heart transplant a few years ago. She was nominated by two separate people, so …
Sep 30, 2016
Episode 76: Embracing Life with a Positive Outlook with Briana Johnson
Briana Johnson is an extraordinary mom of five. She went from being a stay at home mom to a full-time working mom when her husband was unexpectedly diagnosed with MS. In our conversation today, she shares about how she has managed the logistics and emotions of making such a transition …
Sep 27, 2016
Episode 75: “Present Over Perfect” Book Club
Today I’m chatting about a book I read recently that really resonated with me. “Present Over Perfect“, by Shauna Niequist, talks about how easily we can get wrapped up in our frantic lives and then find ourselves completely discontent with where we are. She details her own journey of this …
Sep 23, 2016
Episode 74: Surviving Childhood Cancer with Savanna Tate
My guest today is extraordinary mom, Savanna Tate. This past year has been a challenging one for her family, as their son Hayes battled cancer. She is a mom of six, including her youngest three who are triplets (Hayes is one of the three babies). I have admired her strength, …
Sep 20, 2016
Episode 73: Back to School Tips
Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I wanted to let you know the winners of Mel’s E-cookbook giveaway. They are: @megankofford, @laurenhick8, @heatha100, @katstevens04, and @kenseychournos. Please email me at jessica@extraordinarymomspodcast.com with your email address and I will have Mel email you the cookbook. Thanks for entering. Today I’m chatting about Back …
Sep 16, 2016
Episode 72: Adopting Twins with Hannah Eloge
I love hearing adoption stories. There is something so moving about one mom’s difficult decision to offer their baby a better life through adoption and the beautiful answer to prayer of a mom on the other side welcoming that baby into their family. Well today, it was an answer to prayer x2, …
Sep 13, 2016
Episode 71: E-Cookbook Giveaway from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
You guys know how much I love Mel, from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Did you hear her episode? She’s the best! Well she just came out with an awesome new E-Cookbook, featuring 30 brand-spanking-new recipes! I bought it the first day and am loving the new options to add into my …
Sep 09, 2016
Episode 70: Redefining Beauty with Katie Crenshaw
On today’s episode, I am speaking with Katie Crenshaw, a mom of two little ones and a lifestyle blogger. Katie became very passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of redefining beauty when her daughter was born with a capillary hemangioma (a kind of birthmark on her face). I love …
Sep 06, 2016
Episode 69: New Mom Must-Haves
On the heels of my new mom conversation with Jen Hatzung on Tuesday, I thought I would share a few of my favorite new mom tips and products that really made a difference in my family. Zipper jammies. Forget all those snaps in the middle of the night. Zippers are …
Sep 02, 2016
Episode 68: First-time Motherhood with Jen Hatzung
Being a new mom is certainly an adventure. No amount of book reading or class taking can prepare you for this type of life change. Any new mom knows there are AMAZING things about taking on this role and really HARD things, as well. Today I’m chatting with fellow podcaster …
Aug 30, 2016
Episode 67: Mom of the Month
Hi Friends! I am very excited to bring you an amazing Extraordinary Mom of the Month Winner on today’s episode. This month’s winner is Chrissi Richards. She’s a mom of 5, military wife, and overall awesome mom! Enjoy my conversation with Chrissi. And if you are interested in sponsoring the …
Aug 26, 2016
Episode 66: Homeschooling with Brooke Greenstreet
Brooke Greenstreet never intended to homeschool her children, but on today’s episode, she will share how she came to the decision that that was best for her kids. Now, several years in, she has learned so much from the experience and her joy for education and passion for differentiating their …
Aug 23, 2016
Episode 65: Letting Go of “Shoulds”
How do you think you’re doing as a mom? At the end of the day do you focus more on what you did do or what you didn’t do? Isn’t it sad that so many of us focus more on the things we didn’t do or didn’t do well, when …
Aug 19, 2016
Episode 64: OCD and Postpartum Anxiety with Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson was so excited to become a mom and felt as prepared as she could be. But like many new moms, she was hit with some mental challenges following delivery that shocked her and left her feeling confused as a new mom. While postpartum depression gets most of the …
Aug 16, 2016
Episode 63: A Must Listen Podcast Recommendation
Hi, Friends! This week is super crazy around here, so instead of doing a long Friday episode, I am simply going to refer you to another awesome podcast I listened to this week. I was driving in the car listening to this episode of The Lively Show, and was so …
Aug 12, 2016
Episode 62: Dancing with Cerebral Palsy with Christina Smallwood
Christina Smallwood’s darling daughter has gotten a lot of attention lately, as they started an internet dancing campaign to try and raise money for a life-changing surgery for her Cerebral Palsy. After adopting Finley, they learned of her diagnosis and have done everything possible to give their daughter a full …
Aug 09, 2016
Episode 61: Getting Noticed at the Pool (and some favorite recipes)
As summer rolled around this year, did you commiserate over it being swimsuit season again? Did you get disappointed that you didn’t lose the 5 pounds you planned on losing? I’ve been there. But let me tell you, this year, I’m not letting my body keep me from living the …
Aug 05, 2016
Episode 60: Talking Motherhood with Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Blogger Mel Gunnell
Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is one of my absolute favorite recipe blogs. It has provided tried and true recipes since very early on in my marriage, and in addition to blogging about her delicious food, Mel has also given her readers a glimpse into her life of raising 5 kids, as …
Aug 02, 2016
Episode 59- Mom of the Month Award Winner
You are going to be blown away by our Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner today. Our winner is Danielle Stepp and is she is not only an extraordinary mom of a 7 month old baby girl, but she is currently undergoing the battle of a lifetime fighting …
Jul 29, 2016
Episode 58: Motherhood Identity with Ashlyn Carter
Do you ever struggle with feeling like “you” since becoming a mom? Being a mom changes you, there’s no doubt about it, but it doesn’t mean that you stop being a person with their own needs and wants. For some, this transition happens more naturally, and for others it can …
Jul 26, 2016
Episode 57: Are You in a Time of Waiting?
The Navy has a saying… “Hurry up… and wait.” It’s an annoying but true little phrase talking about how there seems to always be a sense of urgency about things and then once you do your part, it’s typically followed by radio silence! It’s infuriating! But you don’t have to …
Jul 22, 2016
Episode 56: International Living with Lindsey Wintch
Lindsey Wintch and I first met when we were both living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My husband was attending law school and unlike most of the people we met there, she was not affiliated with the university! Her husband was a pilot, she was a nurse, and like us, they …
Jul 19, 2016
Episode 55: Looking Back on Baby’s First Year
Hi Friends. It was Jackson’s 1st birthday on Wednesday and it got me all nostalgic and reflective about how far we’ve come in the last year. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned about myself as a mom, especially in this past year. Nothing has the power to test, refine, and …
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 54- Parenting a Child with Dwarfism with Leslie Spencer
Leslie Spencer is an extraordinary mom of two children, one of whom has dwarfism. She is a huge advocate for children with dwarfism and really emphasizes how this is only one aspect of her daughter. We have a great conversation about her journey coming to terms with that diagnosis and …
Jul 12, 2016
Episode 53- June Favorites
Hi Friends. Thought I would share with you some of my favorite things from June. It’s a mixed bag of fun, and I’d love to hear what you are loving this summer. Leave a comment! Gilmore Girls on Netflix. A super cute, light series to watch in your down time. …
Jul 08, 2016
Episode 52: Helping NICU Mamas with Jessica Olsen
Jessica Olsen is a mom of four, and her story of motherhood is extraordinary. After a difficult first pregnancy, she went on to have twins when her daughter was only 19 months old. When her daughter Nora contracted an illness that sent her back to the NICU shortly after coming …
Jul 05, 2016
BONUS: Episode 51- Life as a Military Spouse with Alexis Scheid
Happy Fourth of July! In honor of this patriotic holiday, I wanted to bring you a bonus episode honoring military families. Once I became a military spouse and becoming a part of this amazing community, I developed a newfound appreciation for the sacrifice and strength of these families that are …
Jul 04, 2016
Episode 50- What Would I Tell My Pre-Motherhood Self?
Episode 5-0! Can you believe it? It has been such a fun ride figuring out how to start a podcast, actually doing it, and then getting to interview such incredible women every week. I have learned so much from each and every once of them and I hope you have …
Jul 01, 2016
Episode 49- Parenting a Child with Cancer with Kady Lieber
A year ago, Kady Lieber had plans of travelling Europe with her husband and two daughters. They had been living in Switzerland for several years and were about to embark on a season of travel, when their youngest daughter Ava started exhibiting some concerning symptoms. On the very day there …
Jun 28, 2016
Episode 48- Mom of the Month
Hello and thanks for being understanding about this episode’s delay. We have had a fun two weeks in San Diego visiting our family and while I sometimes think I can do it all, scheduling the interview with this month’s extraordinary mom simply fell by the wayside. But let me tell …
Jun 27, 2016
Episode 47- Book Club “The Fringe Hours” with author Jessica Turner
I am so excited to bring you another Book Club episode today and feel so honored to be chatting with the author of a book I just loved! Jessica Turner is the author of “The Fringe Hours”, a book encouraging women to care for themselves, utilizing the underrecognized pockets of …
Jun 21, 2016
Episode 46- Honoring the Extraordinary Dad behind the Emily Effect with Eric Dyches
Happy Father’s day to all the Extraordinary Dads out there! While this podcast may focus mainly on the moms, there are plenty of dads doing incredible work in the lives of their family as well. So, we’re breaking for tradition here on the podcast and I’m having my first Extraordinary DAD …
Jun 17, 2016
Episode 45- Parenting Children with Diabetes with Amy Merkley
Amy Merkley is an extraordinary mom, who has two sons afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes. After a very scary diagnosis with her first son, their family had to face a new normal and to this day, she has yet to sleep through the night, as she continues to wake up …
Jun 14, 2016
Episode 44- 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica
Hi friends. In an effort to get to know each other a little better, I have come up with 15 facts that you probably don’t know about me. They are fun, they are random, and in no particular order. So in case you wondered about my hidden talents, where I …
Jun 10, 2016
Episode 43- Learning to Live After a Loss with Kelsey Nixon
Kelsey Nixon is most commonly known for her bubbly personality on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, as she hosts the show “Kelsey’s Essentials” and has been featured on various other cooking programs. I first learned about her when she competed on the show, “The Next Food Network Star,” when …
Jun 07, 2016
Episode 42- Tips for a Successful Summer with Stephanie Marston
Hi friends! Summer is upon us and you might be someone who is really looking forward to it or you might be kind of dreading it! Either way, I figured we could all use some ideas to help make the summer successful. Stephanie Marston is the summer master, and has …
Jun 03, 2016
Episode 41- Enduring Physical Pain with Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams is the mom of a darling son named Cubby, who lives with her family in the Bay Area. She had been an athlete for her whole life and conquering physical goals was something she always took pride in. When the time came to start her family, she was …
May 31, 2016
Episode 40- Mom of the Month Award
Thanks for joining us for our Friday episode, where we honor another Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award recipient. Today we are honoring Katie Petersen, a mom who sadly lost two babies, but continues on to raise three darling children. She was nominated by her sister-in-law who not only compliments …
May 27, 2016
Episode 39- Body Image and Self-love with Melanie Burk
Melanie Burk is a designer, teacher, collector of happy, and lover of life. She’s got a dreamboat husband and three little girls (and pregnant with #4… a little boy!) that have taught her to find the beauty in a messy, joyful life.  She served a mission for her church in …
May 24, 2016
Episode 38- Friday Heart to Heart
I recently read the book “Brazen” by Leeana Tankersley, and this was a great book for someone who loves to underline great quotes! The subtitle is, “The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding,” and the premise is about liberating yourself with the knowledge that you are important as …
May 20, 2016
Episode 37- Climbing out of Darkness with Lindsay Aerts
Lindsay Aerts is the host of The Mom Show, on KSL Newsradio, and mom to her 19-month-old daughter Lucy. Today, Lindsay and I discuss her struggle with postpartum anxiety and her subsequent involvement in the mental health awareness foundation “Climb Out of the Darkness.” She so vulnerably shares her symptoms …
May 17, 2016
Episode 36- Friday Heart to Heart
Good morning! Thanks for joining me on today’s Friday Heart to Heart. How do you like the new title? I felt like that described a little more accurately the sentiment I wanted to convey in these Friday episodes. On Tuesdays, it’s all about sharing another’s mother’s journey and on Fridays, …
May 13, 2016
Episode 35- Self-care with Anna Quinlan
Hello friends. Thanks for joining us today for another episode. I hope that the podcast’s focus on Maternal Mental Health this month has been valuable to you. Even if you aren’t personally experiencing mental health challenges, we all know some who has been through them and it’s a hard place …
May 10, 2016
Episode 34- Mother’s Day Tribute
Happy Mother’s Day, to all the extraordinary moms out there! Let me just take the time to remind you… you are incredible. You are doing an amazing job, working in the most grueling industry there is:) Your children are so lucky to have you. I implore you… pat yourself on …
May 06, 2016
Episode 33- Mental Health and Self-esteem with Marissa Lawton
In a previous life, Marissa Lawton was a Mental Health Counselor who specialized in women’s issues. Today, she uses her training as a licensed therapist along with her business degree as a Self-Esteem & Strategy Coach for “mompreneurs”. In today’s episode, I chat with Marissa about her own motherhood journey, battle …
May 03, 2016
Episode 32- Friday Chat and Mom of the Month
Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. I am exciting to share with you my chat with Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner, Jen Bumb, who lives in the Bay Area with her husband and five children (ages 8 and under). Her blog (www.pretenditsadonut.com…. best …
Apr 29, 2016
Episode 31- Maternal Mental Health with Peggy Nosti
Today’s episode is going to kick off a theme we are doing for the month of May. May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is a serious issue that doesn’t get a lot of attention not because it’s not important or not because it’s uncommon, but because women …
Apr 26, 2016
Episode 30- Friday Chat
On today’s episode, I am going to share with you some of my favorite parenting resources. We are so lucky to live in an age where there are endless possibilities for learning. When it comes to motherhood, there is certainly no shortage of books on “how to do it”, but …
Apr 22, 2016
Episode 29- Book Club: “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk”
Welcome back for another Book Club Episode. Our last book club episode went over really well, so we decided to bring it back. I’m chatting with my friend Stephanie again, and this month we are covering the book, “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will …
Apr 19, 2016
Episode 28- Friday Chat
Hi Friends! Happy Friday. It’s been a good week around here, and I hope you’ve been feeling good too! Today’s episode is a fun one, where I answer some of your questions. Thanks so much if you submitted a question on Instagram or Facebook for me to answer. I love …
Apr 15, 2016
Episode 27- Autism and Becoming an Author with LeeAndra Chergey
April is Autism Awareness month and I am so excited to bring you an interview in celebration of that theme today! LeeAndra Chergey is a mom of two children, a home stager, and now… an author. She just penned her first book called “Make a Wish for Me” based upon …
Apr 12, 2016
Episode 26- Friday Chat
Hi Friends… another Friday episode for you. Today I share with you my love for writing snail mail. I was raised to write hand written thank you notes and since I was very young, I’ve always loved sending cards to people. Raise your hand if you love getting something besides …
Apr 08, 2016
Episode 25- The Whole30 with Lisa McLeod
I love to cook and get so much of my dinner inspiration from social media. Whether it’s Pinterest for endless dinner ideas, my favorite food blogs for new tried and true recipes, or Instagram for beautiful pics that leave me dreaming of having an at-home chef… there’s …
Apr 05, 2016
Episode 24- Friday Chat
I’m back! I’ve had so many people reach out to me to bring back Friday episodes. And to be honest, I’ve really missed chatting with you and sharing my own journey and my own heart with you, so here we are. Instead of strictly following the Friday Favorites format, I’ve …
Apr 01, 2016
Episode 23- The Bucketlist Family Adventures with Jessica Gee
Social media is amazing, because it can give you the opportunity to look into the lives of people that you would never otherwise meet. When I first started following The Bucketlist Family on Instagram, I was blown away. First, their photos of various places from around the …
Mar 29, 2016
Episode 22- Mom of the Month and Friday Favorites
I’ve missed you, friends! When you start a new venture, like this podcast, you are constantly assessing and reassessing every decision you make. When I first started the show, I knew that I wanted to bring you a new episode every week featuring a different mom sharing their story. But very …
Mar 25, 2016
Episode 21- Adopting Children with Special Needs with Heather Avis
I feel so lucky that this podcast has allowed me the opportunity to connect with moms all around the world, and have meaningful conversations with extraordinary moms I would have never otherwise met. Heather Avis is one of those people. I originally found out about Heather through her Instagram account …
Mar 22, 2016
Episode 20-Taking time for a bubble bath with Andrea Faulkner
Is there anything cuter than a baby fresh out of the bath? It’s hands down one of the most precious sights you will ever see. Since having Jackson, I’ve been exclusively using Tubby Todd Bath Co products on his skin and let me tell you why for two reasons: 1) …
Mar 15, 2016
Episode 19 -Battling Breast Cancer with Amy Kaechele
Today’s episode is a must listen. Almost 18 months ago, my friend Amy Kaechele got the terrible news that she had breast cancer. The road ahead entailed 4 months of chemo, followed by a double mastectomy. On top of all of this, she has three little kids who need their …
Mar 08, 2016
Episode 18- Finding Time to Read with Janssen Bradshaw
Welcome to Episode 18 of the Extraordinary Moms Podcast! I’m so excited to share with you my conversation with Janssen Bradshaw. Janssen is the creator of the blog Everyday Reading, where she shares books reviews, top book lists she’s curated, as well as other fun content like fashion finds, recipes, …
Mar 01, 2016
Episode 17- Friday Favorites Vol. 11
Oh hey… we’re back with another Friday Favorites episode. In addition, I am happy to announce our very first Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award recipient. We had some great nominations, and I plan to do this every month to give you a chance to share with the world who …
Feb 26, 2016
Episode 16- Foster Care with Sarah Paxton
I am so excited to bring you a fascinating interview today, looking into the world of foster care. Today I am talking with my friend Sarah Paxton. Sarah is a Michigan native who got her BA in Journalism. She has four kids – Ava who is 10, Violet who is 8, …
Feb 23, 2016
Episode 15- Friday Favorites Vol. 10
Hi Friends. Thanks for joining me for another Friday Favorites episode. I have some goodies for you today… Nail polish… Brand= Sinful Colors Professional; Color= Pink Forever. Usually I like my Essie polishes, but I was looking for just the right shade of bubble gum pink (I say the term …
Feb 19, 2016
Episode 14- Mothering Through a Cancer Diagnosis with Lesley Miller
I am so thrilled to bring you a really compelling interview today for Episode 14. Lesley Miller and I have never met in person, but from the second we started chatting, I knew she was an extraordinary mom and a truly special person. Lesley is a writer who contributes on the blog …
Feb 16, 2016
Episode 13- How to listen to a podcast and favorite podcasts
When I posted the Mom Talk Monday on Instagram asking for your favorite podcasts, I got some great new ideas! Thanks for sharing what you listen to. In addition, I also found out that there are some of you who would LOVE to listen to the Extraordinary Moms Podcast, but …
Feb 12, 2016
Episode 12- “The Five Love Languages of Children” Book Club
I’m so excited to bring you a different type of episode today. I love to read, but unfortunately the books pile up on my nightstand faster than I can read them. With three little ones, there isn’t much time during the day when my hands are free and I can …
Feb 09, 2016
Episode 11- Friday Favs Vol. 8 with co-host Parker Dahlquist
Happy Friday everyone. Hope you have all had a great week. It’s really flown by for our family and to be honest, I love that. I love when I wake up on a Thursday morning and think, “Wow! Tomorrow’s Friday. We did it!” Anyway, I have some great favorites for you …
Feb 05, 2016
Episode 10- Open heart surgery at 2.5 days old with Emily Ames
Hello again friends. I have another powerful episode to bring you today. On this episode, I talk with my friend Emily Ames, who lives in Southern California and is mom to four darling children. When her fourth baby, Henry, was about to be discharged from the hospital after birth, a doctor …
Feb 02, 2016
Episode 9- Friday Favorites Vol. 7
Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my sleeping issue, on Monday. I am happy to report that we only got up 3 times the next night! We’re making progress. So Friday Favorites… I’ve got some good ones for you. 1. “New Girl”... I’ve swapped out most of my Netflix-watching …
Jan 29, 2016
Episode 8- Talking Infertility with Fashion Blogger Jenica Parcell
I am so excited to share my conversation with Jenica Parcell, of A Slice of Style blog, with you today. Jenica and I don’t know each other personally but from the minute we started talking, it felt like we were old friends chatting about life. In this episode, Jenica will …
Jan 26, 2016
Episode 7- Friday Favorites Vol. 6
It’s been a COLDDDDD week here. Every time the temps dip down I am so thankful to have a warm home to live in and the appropriate clothes and blankets to keep us all warm. Those are easy things to take for granted, but I think it is critical to …
Jan 22, 2016
Episode 6- Getting Fit Post-Baby with Autumn Bonner
Welcome back friends! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us for another episode. I want to congratulate our Stroller Bag Giveaway winner, Katie W. I hope you like the bag as much as I do! Today we’re talking fitness with my college roommate, Autumn Bonner. Autumn lives in San …
Jan 19, 2016
Episode 5- Friday Favorites Vol. 5… and a giveaway
I am so grateful for all the love the podcast has received this week. Can you believe we made it to #4 in the Kids and Family Section on iTunes, and the overall New and Noteworthy section? On day 1, nonetheless! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! …
Jan 15, 2016
Episode 4- Growing a Business While Growing a Family with The Alison Show
I am so excited for you to hear today’s episode. Alison Faulkner, of The Alison Show, has been a friend of mine since the 7th grade when we were paired up to write an essay on one another and we’ve been friends ever since. She was the maid of honor …
Jan 11, 2016
Episode 3- Part 2 of my interview with Jackie Shakespaere
How much do you love Jackie? Today’s episode will continue on with my conversation with Jackie, and pickup where we left off in the doctor’s office. She had just received the news of Mathis’ SMA diagnosis and she had a choice: to wallow and watch her baby die or to …
Jan 08, 2016
Episode 2- Parenting a Baby with a Terminal Illness with Jackie Shakespaere
Welcome back, friends. I have another powerful episode for you today. Today I talk with my friend Jackie Shakespaere. Jackie is an extraordinary mom with a powerful, touching story. She will share with us about her challenging upbringing and her journey in parenting ALL boys! She is an example of …
Jan 08, 2016
Episode 1- Parenting a Child with Autism with Emily Dixon
On this first episode of the Extraordinary Moms Podcast, Jessica interviews Emily Dixon, of the One Lovely Life blog. Emily describes herself as an eater, reader, and baby chaser. As wife to Michael and mom to Sophie and Milo, Emily is also a recipe developer and lifestyle blogger on her website, …
Jan 03, 2016
Welcome to the Podcast
Today is the day… the first day my voice is out in the air for all to hear… I really should have thought about how my voice would sound in a recording before I decided to do this, but nonetheless… these interviews are going to be worth it! Enjoy this …
Dec 06, 2015