Secrets of The Sire

By Michael Dolce & Hassan Godwin

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Secrets of the Sire, hosted by industry insider Michael Dolce, dishes on Comics, Movies, TV, Music and Pop Culture every Friday at 11am EST via Dolce has been a professional Writer, Artist, Colorist, Web Guru and all around Awesome Dude for almost 15 years. He created Descendant for Image Comics and The Sire for After Hours Press. He has written for Zenescope and Wizard Magazine and colored projects for Image Comics, Silent Devil and The Force Media. He currently writes for the entertainment section of AMNY and and is hard at work on some brand new comic book and creative projects.

Episode Date
EP 166: Hellboy Review, Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Episode IX Trailer
PODCAST | Hellboy flamed out at the box office, but was it any good? We give you our review of ol’ Hornhead and ask the question: In an age of superheroes printing money, what went wrong? PLUS: We recap the epic Star Wars Celebration that happened over the weekend. All the skinny on The Mandalorian and Episode IX trailers that debuted.
Apr 17, 2019
Ep 165: Shazam Movie Review, Shazam vs Captain Marvel, Hellboy Preview
PODCAST | With DC's genre-bending, kid-friendly Shazam! debuting to a better-than- expected box office we give you our review of the film and pit it against it’s counterpart: Captain Marvel.
Apr 09, 2019
EP 164 | Avengers Endgame March Madness FINAL FOUR, Amanda Rose Interview
PODCAST | Oh it’s on! Avengers Endgame Final Four: Winter Solider vs Doctor Strange, Avengers vs Captain Marvel. Only one will walk away. PLUS: We welcome best selling sci-fi author and entrepreneur Amanda Rose on to talk Fire Fury Freedom
Apr 03, 2019
EP 163 | Avengers Endgame March Movie Madness Round 2: Black Panther Upset?
PODCAST | It's our Avengers Endgame March Madness Round 2: Cap vs Cap, Avengers vs Avengers and ... Black Panther Upset? PLUS: It Came From the Radio and Transformers Voice Actor Gregg Berger.
Mar 27, 2019
EP 162 | March Movie Madness: We Rank The Top 16 MCU Films, Josh Blaylock Interview
PODCAST | Winter Soldier or Black Panther? Iron Man or Captain Marvel? It's March Movie Madness as we rank the top 16 MCU films bracket style! PLUS: Devils Due Publisher Josh Blaylock goes DEEP in a candid interview about his companies past present and future. Burgeoning publishers and creators do NOT want to miss this!
Mar 21, 2019
Ep 161 | Captain Marvel Review [SPOILERS], Madonna & the Breakfast Club
PODCAST | Captain Marvel Soars At the Box Office... But Is It Any Good? We review the latest Marvel Studios chapter and give you the skinny on the feminist driven film. PLUS: We welcome “Madonna And the Breakfast Club’s” Paul Castro On To Chat About The Film. AND: Newsarama’s Chris Arrant goes Spinning the Racks
Mar 14, 2019
Ep 160 | Captain Marvel: Fans, Gender, Politics and Shazam w/Starlight Runner’s Jeff Gomez
PODCAST | We preview Captain Marvel alongside transmedia guru Jeff Gomez from Starlight Runner Entertainment. PLUS: Are the trolls trying to trash the film?
Mar 07, 2019
Ep 159 | Inside the Creation of Deadpool w/co-creator Fabian Nicieza, Oscars Reactions
PODCAST | Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza on and he dished on the making of the one of the most iconic characters in Movies today! How did he and Rob Liefeld create the Merc with a mouth? And what was the one X-men story he wrote that he wishes he could do over? PLUS: It’s our Post-Oscars Hangover Spectacular! Into The Spider-Verse broke new ground with it’s Oscar win. But was costume design enough to satisfy Black Panther fans?
Mar 01, 2019
Ep 158 | Black Panther, Into The Spider-Verse Oscar Predictions Sure To Go Wrong
PODCAST | The Oscar race is HEATING UP! Into The Spider Verse is tracking WAY up, but the real question is whether Black Panther can go where no Comicbook movie has gone before? We tell you why it CAN! PLUS: The Captain Marvel trolls are trying to derail the movie… or are they? We talk CONTROVERSY with Destiny NY creator Pat Shand.
Feb 22, 2019
Ep 157: The Matrix Retro Review, Macy Gray Interview
Party like it’s 1999! We celebrate with two of the most influential pop culture movies of all time as we RetroReview The Matrix – 20 years later! PLUS: Is it more influential than Star Wars? And: Our interview with Macy Gray: She talks new album, filming Spider-Man and her pop culture obsessions!
Feb 14, 2019
Ep 156: Avengers EndGame Trailer: Was a Character Edited Out? Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel
We want YOUR thoughts! Click the links to YouTube and share your comments below! PODCAST | Super BOWL? More like Super BORING (amirite???) But we did get some cool trailers! We review Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel, Battle Angel Alita and more! PLUS: Did the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Edit Out a Character? And did [...]
Feb 08, 2019
Ep 155: Black Panther Oscar Chances, Punisher S2 Review & Bill Maher Doubles Down On Stan Lee
We want YOUR thoughts! Click the links to YouTube and share your comments below! Can Black Panther win the Oscar? Is Punisher Season 2 worth the binge? And is Bill Maher right?? Subscribe to our channel - new shows every week! PODCAST | Wakanda For...Best Picture? What the SAG win means for their chances of [...]
Feb 01, 2019
Ep 154: Netflix’s Brainchild In Studio, Glass Movie Review, Black Panther Oscar Nom & More | Ep 154
PODCAST | Killer show featuring Wailing Blade's Joe Mulvey​! We break down the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio. We preview the 2019 TV landscape and break it down to four shows: Game of Thrones, Punisher S2, Star Trek S2 and Stranger Things PLUS: We welcome Newsarama's Chris Arrant​Arrant as he gives [...]
Jan 24, 2019
Ep 153: Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Reactions, 2019 TV & Comic Book Preview | Ep
PODCAST | Killer show featuring Wailing Blade's Joe Mulvey​! We break down the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio. We preview the 2019 TV landscape and break it down to four shows: Game of Thrones, Punisher S2, Star Trek S2 and Stranger Things PLUS: We welcome Newsarama's Chris Arrant​Arrant as he gives [...]
Jan 18, 2019
Ep 152: Captain Marvel Trailer 3 Reactions, 2019 Movie Preview
PODCAST | Are you excited for Captain Marvel yet? We run down the latest trailer and tell you why you SHOULD be. PLUS: It’s our fantabulous 2019 Preview Special! We run down the heavy hitters, predict our sleepers, snoozers and more! Segment 1: CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer 3 (2019) Reactions Did we finally get a trailer [...]
Jan 11, 2019
Ep 151: VADER: Shards of the Past Review, Aquaman vs Bumblebee vs Spider-Verse
PODCAST | Was a new #StarWars movie secretly released over the holidays? We give you the lowdown on the must-see VADER: SHARDS OF THE PAST and what it means for Disney Star Wars a year after Last Jedi PLUS: Who Won The Winter? Between #Aquaman, #BumbleBee & #IntoTheSpiderVerse we crown the winner of the holiday [...]
Jan 02, 2019
Ep 150: Aquaman Movie Review, Celebrity Jeopardy With Valiant’s Lysa Hawkins
PODCAST | Our 150th episode spectacular LIVE from Funny Business in Nyack NY! We review Aquaman using as many Fish puns as we can. We welcome Valiant Comics’ editor Lysa Hawkins to talk BREAKTHROUGH and we play Celebrity Pop Culture Jeopardy with our LIVE audience. Segment #1: Aquaman Movie Review With As Many Fish Puns [...]
Dec 27, 2018
Ep 149: Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse Review, All Spider-Man Films Ranked, Young The Giant Interview
PODCAST | Is Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse the BEST SPIDER- MAN FILM EVER? We debate! PLUS: We rank EVERY Spider-Man movie in the canon. Where will Tobey's franchise land? AND: My interview featuring drummer Francois Comtois. YOU get to hear all about the new album, the new single and their pop culture guilty pleasures! Segment [...]
Dec 20, 2018
Ep 148: Avengers: EndGame, Aquaman Reviews, Brian Volk-Weiss Interview
PODCAST | Jam packed show! host Kai Cole joins us in studio as we play “Choose Your Own Adventure” with the Avengers: Endgame trailer and help break down the so-so reviews for Aquaman. PLUS: We welcome Brian Volk-Weiss of "The Toys That Made Us" fame on to talk about his new CW series Discontinued [...]
Dec 12, 2018
Chris Cornell Album Review & Interview | Spotlight Ep 06
New Spotlight with a celebrity guest every Monday 3pm ET. Subscribe to our channel or support us on PODCAST: On this edition of Sire Spotlight, I give you my take on the new Chris Cornell retrosepctive review followed by my 2015 interview with the late great artist himself. He talks Black Hole Sun, Mad [...]
Dec 11, 2018
Ep 147: Captain Marvel Trailer ‘Trash or Truth’ , Daredevil Cancelled, Mitch Hyman Interview
PODCAST | The new Captain Marvel trailer has HIT - we give you our immediate reactions and review and ask the question: Is this Film Getting The Wonder Woman Treatment? PLUS: Netflix has axed Daredevil! We sound off and run down the Worst TV Cancellations in history. AND: We welcome Mitch Hyman creator of cult [...]
Dec 07, 2018
Ep 146: Aquaman, Spider-Man and Bumblebee Movie Predictions
PODCAST | We look ahead to the final slate of Comic Book Movies in 2018 including Aquaman, is it sink or swim for DC’s hero? Spider-Man into the Spider-verse: Will this be the best Spider-Man Movie of them all? And Bumblebee - FINALLY these Transformers look like, well, TRANSFORMERS! But is the movie going to [...]
Nov 28, 2018
Ed Kowalcyk Interview • LIVE Local 717 Review | Spotlight Ep 05
New Spotlight with a celebrity guest every Monday 1230 pm ET. Subscribe to our channel or support us on PODCAST: On this edition of Sire Spotlight, I give you my take on the new LIVE EP 'Local 717' followed by my 2013 interview with LIVE lead singer himself, Ed Kowalcyk during his press tour [...]
Nov 27, 2018
Ep 145: Infinity War, Venom and the Best of 2018, William Ragsdale Interview
PODCAST | What are YOU thankful for in 2018. Who makes the cut in our Pop Culture Gravy List and who gets stuffed with a Turkey Leg? Join us for the best of 2018 special! PLUS: We welcome actor and star of "When We Dance the Music Dies” William Ragsdale alongside director Anthony de Lioncourt [...]
Nov 23, 2018
SPOTLIGHT Ep 4: Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan: New Album Review & Interview
We review Smashing Pumpkins: Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol 1 and feature our interview with Billy Corgan from circa 2017. Overall, if you're looking for the Melon Collie vibe it's there in places on the new album. But it more or less follows the same output from Billy the past few years - which [...]
Nov 19, 2018
Ep 144: A Tribute to Stan Lee: His Life, Creations, Cameos & More
Ep 144: We look back at the epic career of the godfather of Marvel Comics. His history, his influence, the ups and downs of his career and YOUR stories about the man who touched us all with his creations. Join us for this celebration of Stan Lee – Excelsior! Segment 1 On tonight’s show, Michael [...]
Nov 16, 2018
SPOTLIGHT Ep 3: NYCC 2018 Editors Panel: Jimmy Palmiotti, Lysa Hawkins, Joe Rybandt
PODCAST | Big thanks to Comic Book School and Buddy Scalera for allowing us the opportunity to broadcast their educational panels as podcasts and streams. This panel features former and future SoS guests Joe Rybandt (Dynamite Entertainment), Lysa Hawkins (Valiant Comics – on the show Nov 28th) and Jimmy Palmiotti. About Spotlight: Each week we'll [...]
Nov 13, 2018
Ep 143: Rick Grimes, The Future of Walking Dead and The Top 5 Secretly Political Blockbusters
Ep 143: The Walking Dead has officially moved on from Rick Grimes (and Maggie too). Or has it...? We discuss the future of the show and characters. Has the zombie brand reached it’s peak? PLUS: Still got Election Fever??? Come vote on the most politically subversive Pop Culture Popcorn flicks of all time. AND: Super [...]
Nov 08, 2018
Ep 142: Halloween Special, Slasher Mount Rushmore & Top 5 Horror Films of All Time!
Ep 142: Put the Halloween Candy away and snuggle up to some Ghosts and Goblins and Hassan and I debate the Mount Rushmore of Slasher Films, the top five Horror classics of all time and some spooky spin the racks! Segment 1: Michael and Hassan celebrate Halloween discussing the horror film industry and its commercial [...]
Nov 01, 2018
Ep 141: Daredevil Season 3 Review, The Future of Marvel Netflix & How To Train Your Dragon
PODCAST | Ep 141: Holy Hornhead! Did you binge Daredevil Season 3?? We did! And we’ll go through every dark delicious episode for Easter Eggs, Tasty Nuggets and more in our full on REVIEW PLUS: We play the percentages when we debate the FUTURE OF THE MARVEL NETFLIX U in our always fun segment [...]
Oct 25, 2018
Ep 140 Robot Chicken Writer Mike Fasolo, Daredevil Season 3 Reactions, Iron Fist Cancelled and More
PODCAST | Do you like Robot Chicken? OF COURSE YOU DO! And we've got Mike Fasolo one of it's Emmy Award Winning writers joining us to talk collecting statues and season 10. Plus, he'll make fun of Hassan and we all love that. PLUS: Daredevil Season 3 Reactions: A Return To Form Or A Bigger [...]
Oct 18, 2018
Ep 139 Venom Movie Review & Post New York ComicCon Hangover with Jeff Kaufman
PODCAST | It’s our post NYCC Hangover episode! Did you see the Aquaman trailer? Did you catch the 15-minute Dark Phoenix footage? We bring Jeffrey Kaufman, creator of Jolly Jane and NYCC exhibitor on to give you his take on the biggest show of the year! PLUS: How about that record breaking Venom movie? We [...]
Oct 12, 2018
SoS Spotlight Ep 02: Thomas Ian Nicholas Talks YA Novel, American Pie 20th Anniversary Movie
PODCAST | Each week we'll spotlight one of our tremendous celebrity guests in a stand alone video and podcast. We'll also dig into the vault to bring you interviews with folks who haven't yet been on the show! This week: Thomas Ian Nicholas Download our Podcast: iTunes iHeart Radio Soundcloud Spreaker Stitcher Google Play Or [...]
Oct 08, 2018
Ep 138 Venom Movie Reactions, New York ComicCon Preview
PODCAST | With Morbius now announced, it looks like Venom is just the beginning for SONY. We play The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for a potential Marvel-Like Universe in the making. PLUS: We preview New York Comic Con with Mainstream artist Tony Moy. AND: We interview Vampire Diaries actor David Alpay! Click here [...]
Oct 05, 2018
Ep 137 Dark Phoenix Trailer Reaction, American Pie’s Thomas Ian Nicholas
PODCAST | We run the Dark Phoenix through the the Trailer 'Truth or Trash hot stove !' Does this movie have any shot at being good? And with Disney looming... what's the point?? PLUS: Has Walking Dead gone from Must Watch TV to Save it For Later? We give you the skinny and play WATCH, [...]
Sep 27, 2018
SoS Spotlight Ep 01: Christy Carlson Romano | PODCAST
PODCAST | Each week we'll spotlight one of our tremendous celebrity guests in a stand alone video and podcast. We'll also dig into the vault to bring you interviews with folks who haven't yet been on the show! This week: KIm Possible's Christy Carlson Romano Click here to check out our new sponsor: Jolly Jane [...]
Sep 24, 2018
Ep 136 Captain Marvel Trailer Truth or Trash, Fall DC Preview, Christy Romano Interview
PODCAST | Is the Captain Marvel Trailer: Truth or Trash? We give you OUR take on the explosive new entry to the Marvel Universe. (Did she just punch an old lady??) PLUS: Who's the most powerful hero in the DC Universe? We pit the CW shows against each other (Legends too) in a series of [...]
Sep 21, 2018
Ep 135: Quesada vs Comicsgate, Iron Fist Season 2
PODCAST | #Comicsgate heats up as Marvel E-I-C Joe Quesada engages directly with the fans on Twitter. Did his intervention pay off? PLUS: Iron Fist Season 2 Is Here! We break down the new season 2 with its Emmy-nominated composer Robert Lydecker and explore how he got into working on TV shows, Films and Video [...]
Sep 14, 2018
Ep 134: Captain Marvel & Comicsgate Break The Internet
PODCAST | Captain Marvelous? Brie Larson gives fans a taste of the new Marvel movie in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, but where’s the trailer? PLUS: #Comicsgate reaches a fever pitch and AlternaComics makes a NIKE-esque decision. Is the Indy-Publisher sunk or is this over-reaction theater? FINALLY: We welcome Sequart’s Rich Handley in our [...]
Sep 07, 2018
Ep 133: The Top Cartoons, Movies, TV Shows We Want To Reboot … and De-Boot!
PODCAST | With reboots being all the rage these days we give you our “Properties We Need Rebooted” vs “Those That Should Be De-Booted“ We dive into the Amazing Disgrace: A 'Spider-Man' Comic Features Reference to Anti-Mormon Book... PLUS: Guardians 3 Suspended Indefinitely – What's the Future Of This Marvel Franchise... AND: We welcome Charon [...]
Aug 31, 2018
Ep 132: BLADE: A Retro-Review with Comics Legend Paul Levitz
PODCAST | Twenty years ago this week BLADE hit theaters and changed EVERYTHING for comic book movies. We take a look back at the groundbreaking film and answer the questsion: Does it still hold up after all these years? PLUS: Industry legend Paul Levitz joins us IN STUDIO to chat about Blade, his 30 year [...]
Aug 24, 2018
SoS Ep 131: Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray Discoveries, Source Point Press
PODCAST | We review the Avengers: Infinity War Blu Ray: Everything we learned the second time around and everything we know about Avengers 4 so far! And who was the badder villain: Thanos or Heath Ledger's Joker? PLUS: We welcome Source Point Press’ Kasey Pierce as she talks about the new her sci-fi book “Norah.” [...]
Aug 17, 2018
SoS 130: Mission Impossible: Fallout vs the Marvel Universe, Vault Comics Spotlight
We debate: Mission Impossible: Fallout vs the top Superhero Franchises in theaters today! Who comes out on top? And is Ethan Hunt just #Batman without a costume? PLUS: We welcome Adrian Wassel, E-I-C of Vault Comics onto the show to talk about their exciting new comics as part of our Summer Comics Spotlight! Segment 1: [...]
Aug 09, 2018
SoS 129: Venom Trailer Takes A Bite Out of Critics, Marvel/Fox Wishlist
It’s official! Disney and Fox have agreed to the merger which means X-Men andFantastic Four are coming home! Where does this leave X-Men: Dark Phoenix, X-Force, Legion and what can fans look forward to? PLUS: We review the new Venom trailer. Will the Movie Be Vicious Or Vile? Darren Sanchez from Marvel Comics is in studio as Michael’s guest co-host! This week, Michael welcomes a guest co-host, Darren Sanchez! Segment 1: [...]
Aug 03, 2018
SoS Ep 128: SDCC 2018 – Did DC Win The Weekend?
It’s our post-ComicCon Recap! Aquaman! Glass! Shazam! Wonder Woman! Which trailer had you buzzing? Which panel stole the show? Which celeb appearance left you breathless? Hear our FIRST HAND account of the show (including closing the bar with Aleks Paunovic of Van Helsing!) PLUS: James Gunn Firing: Was it justified amd where does that leave [...]
Jul 27, 2018
SoS Ep 127: The She-Ra Controversy Explained, SDCC 2018 & Jose Holder
PODCAST | The She-Ra Controversy: Is this Thundercats all over again? PLUS: SDCC Preview Special! What’s the most controversial panel this weekend? And we welcome Filmmaker and artist Jose Holder to talk Netflix, Assassin’s Creed and Red Ruby. Segment #1: Michael and Hassan talk about the new graphics and they preview the show’s topics of [...]
Jul 20, 2018
SoS Ep 126: Ant-Man & Wasp Review and Dynamite Comics’ Joe Rybandt
PODCAST | Our Ant-Man & Wasp Review with stunt driver Leesha Davis. She gives us her first hand account of working on the latest Marvel hit and her near death experience as a stunt woman! PLUS: Dynamite Entertainment’s Joseph Rybandt shares the SDCC exclusives as we begin our countdown to the MECCA of ComicCons! Segment [...]
Jul 13, 2018
SoS 125: Westworld and Luke Cage Season 2 Reviews
PODCAST | Westworld and Luke Cage Season 2 Reviews and the Top 10 Marvel Netflix Moments All Time! PLUS: We answer your burning Westworld finale questions including “What the heck just happened?” and “What the heck am I watching?” Segment #1: Hassan starts off the show by giving his take on people stretching a plot [...]
Jun 29, 2018
SoS Ep 124: Chris Hardwick Fallout, X-Men Retro Review
PODCAST | Him too? We discuss the fallout from the Chris Hardwick allegations and break down what’s next for the Talking Dead celeb and MeToo movement in Pop Culture. PLUS: We welcome the hosts of the ‘Oh Sith’ podcast on for a Retro Review of the first X-Men Franchise: Does it still hold up after [...]
Jun 22, 2018
SoS Ep 123: Predictions For Ant-Man, Venom & Aquaman In 5 Words Or Less
PODCAST | We predict the second half of 2018 Comic Book Films in 5 Words or less including Aquaman, Venom and Ant-Man! PLUS: Aquaman director thinks his film is ‘Extraordinary’, don’t count on that Disney/Fox Merger just yet and we welcome Legion M – the world’s first ever FAN owned entertainment company! Segment 1: Michael [...]
Jun 15, 2018
SoS Ep 122: 2018 Comic Book Movie Mid-Year Report Cards
PODCAST | Black Panther or Infinity War? Deadpool or SOLO? We grade the 2018 Comic Book Films to date as our fans share THEIR first half report cards during the live feed. PLUS: Who’s to blame for the SOLO bomb? Kelly Marie Tran leaves social media and artist Dan Leister talks Metal Ice Cream! [...]
Jun 08, 2018
SoS Ep 121: Is Solo Just So-So?
PODCAST | SOLO races into theaters and reviews say GOOD not GREAT. Is this a problem for Disney Star Wars? We give you OUR take on the film and the future of the franchise. Segment 1: Michael and Hassan begin this segment by giving a spoiler-filled review of Solo. Hassan feels that the Disney anthology [...]
Jun 01, 2018
SoS Ep 120: Deadpool 2 Review, Camoes & Easter Eggs with Dirk Manning
PODCAST | Did Deadpool 2 live up to the hype? We give you our review of the 'Merc with a Mouth’ and let you in on any cameos and Easter Eggs you may have missed! PLUS: We welcome master comics networker Dirk Manning to the show to talk Deadpool, the ComicCon bubble, indie comics and [...]
May 25, 2018
SoS Ep 119: Talking ComicsGate, Deadpool 2 & Comic Book School​ with Buddy Scalera​ – Oh My!
We preview Deadpool 2 with former Deadpool writer Buddy Scalera and discuss his popular panel and online series Comic Book School. Oh and we discuss a little something called #ComicsGate... it was nice knowing you! Segment 1: Michael and Hassan discuss big movies that released in 2018, Summary of comics gate and discuss the controversy [...]
May 18, 2018
SoS Deadpool 2 Podcast Special Featuring Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza
Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters May 18th and we've got your insider info covered as we interview co-creator Fabian Nicieza. What storylines will they pull from for the film? What about Josh Brolin's role as Cable? And is Deadpool simply a Deathstroke knock-off? Fabian dishes on all! Download our Podcast: iTunes iHeart Radio Soundcloud Spreaker [...]
May 11, 2018
SoS Ep 118: Avengers Infinity War – History or Hype
Did Avengers Infinity War live up to the hype? And whose fantasy death team scored the most W’s? We give you our review of the biggest Marvel movie in history!   Segment 1: Michael and Hassan reveal their takes on Avengers: Infinity War, Death of Spiderman and Black Panther, Reaction from noncom book fans, How [...]
May 04, 2018
SoS Ep 117: Avengers Infinity War Death Fantasy Draft
5 podcasters...39 Avengers Characters... 1 of the biggest movie events of all time many deaths as we can draft in one hour! Who lives? Who dies? We give you OUR take in our Avengers Infinity War FANTASY DEATH DRAFT with special guests Derek Becker from Comic Pros and Cons, Bevin from Adultish and Casey [...]
Apr 27, 2018
SoS Ep 116: Marvel Infinity War Predictions Sure To Go WRONG!
To Infinity War and Beyond! We give you FACTS (guesswork) and KEEN INSIGHT (we know nothing) and SPOILERS (we read the comic) into Marvel's biggest release to date. Join us for our Marvel Infinity War Predictions sure to go WRONG! Segment 1: 2 week Infinity War Extravaganza will feature Infinity War predictions – Fan predictions- [...]
Apr 20, 2018
SoS Ep 115: True Blood’s Kristina Anapau Talks ‘Kuleana’ , SOLO Trailer Review
True Blood’s Kristina Anapau returns to talk about her new movie ‘KULEANA’ PLUS: Did the new SOLO Trailer just save Star Wars? “I’ve got a great feeling about this...” Segment 1: Star Wars Solo Trailer, Rogue 1, Kristina Anapau from True Blood, Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, The Last Jedi, Is such a great trailer setting [...]
Apr 13, 2018
SoS Ep 114: A Winner For Best Sequel Final Four Is Crowned! Are You Ready Player One
Did Ready Player One hit all the nostalgia notes or did it wallow in the past? PLUS: Our Best Sequels #FinalFour is at an end! Which of these 4 #comicbook sequels is the BEST of all time?! Segment 1: Best Comic Book Movie Sequel Madness Final Four: Spider Man 2 vs. The Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 [...]
Apr 07, 2018
SoS Ep 113: Best Comic Book Movie Sequels Bracket Round 3
Things are heating up in our #MarchMadness bracket! Which BEST SEQUEL will win it all? Winter Soldier vs Civil War! Dark Knight vs X2! Guardians 2 vs Logan and Superman 2 vs Spider-Man 2. Listen in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire. Michael and Hassan return to continue their [...]
Mar 29, 2018
SoS Ep 112: Best Sequels March Madness Continues
The Madness continues! Will a Wolverine make it out of the second round? Will the Dark Knight laugh down the competition? And oh that Thor: Dark World... Segment 1 Michael and Hassan start by previewing the Sweet 16 by going through each region. First, the Lord of the Radio Region which consists of… Spiderman 2 [...]
Mar 22, 2018
SoS Ep 111: Comic Book Movie March Madness Returns
The Best Comic Book Movie Sequels go head-to-head as our annual "Comic Book Movie March Madness" returns! Marvel novel writer Pat Shand help us field a bracket of 16 of the BEST comic book movie sequels of all time. You won't believe what makes the cut! Michael and Hassan are feeling the March Madness. They [...]
Mar 16, 2018
SoS Ep 110: Jessica Jones S2 and Devil’s Due Comics Josh Blaylock
On this edition of Secrets of the Sire, Michael and Hassan welcome Devil’s Due Publisher Josh Blaylock onto the show. They talk to him about his newly-created line of graphic novels. Also, Michael and Hassan celebrate International Women’s Day with Jessica Jones Season Two, how media should cover social movements like #metoo and they Spin [...]
Mar 10, 2018
SoS Ep 109: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling Talks Howard Stern, Jenna Jameson & Black Panther
It’s a special week for Michael and Hassan on Secrets of the Sire as they welcome stand-up comedian and former head writer for the Howard Stern Show Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling live in studio. They discuss his long time career at the Howard Stern Show, Private Parts, Jenna Jameson and get his take on [...]
Mar 02, 2018
SoS Ep 108: Black Panther Honest Review & Inside Scoop From The Stuntman
Black Panther’s breaking box office records, but is it any good? We give you our HONEST review, take on the haters, and welcome Black Panther stuntman Ricky Barksdale Jr. on to talk about the film and stunting for more of your favorite Comic Book TV shows & movies. Download the podcast in to find out [...]
Feb 23, 2018
SoS Ep 107: The Inside Scoop On The Wizard World/SONY Partnership, Black Panther & More
We had a JAM-PACKED show this past week. Black Panther’s set to break big! The Zack Snyder conspiracy theorists rise! Wizard World/SONY Partnership with the head of PR Jerry Milani to tell us all about it! And it all goes down with Bevin from the Adultish #podcast in studio! Download the podcast in to find [...]
Feb 16, 2018
SoS Ep 106: No SOLO! Breaking Down Star Wars & The Post Super Bowl Movie Trailers
Be honest... you worried about the SOLO movie? We want to know! We break down the FULL #Solo trailer alongside all the post Super Bowl Movie Trailers: Infinity War, Westworld, Cloverfield and more! PLUS: What's your no-vomit streak at? Download the podcast in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire. Segment [...]
Feb 09, 2018
SoS Ep 105: Black Panther And The Must Read Comic Book Tie-Ins For 2018
We discuss the GAME-CHANGER that is Black Panther. We play 'Trailer Truth or Trash' with the new Ant-Man & Wasp trailer. And Newsarama's Chris Arrant Talks Must-Read Comics For 2018 Download the podcast in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire. Segment 1: Long Live The King Black Panther first reactions: [...]
Feb 02, 2018
Spider-Man/Wolverine Crossover Movie Coming To The Marvel U?
Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez shared so many insider nuggets as our guest this past week. He even dropped the rumored FIRST Marvel/FOX film post merger. You won't believe who's in it and who will be playing the role of a certain Canadian-clawed mutant. Will Hugh Jackman Reprise the role of Wolverine in a crossover [...]
Jan 28, 2018
SoS Ep 104: And The Oscar Goes To…Logan? Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Guardians 2?
We tackle all the #ComicBookMovie #OscarNoms including the shocking nom for Logan with our resident Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez. He also gives us his insider take on the FOX/DISNEY merger and reveals what two fan-fave characters are going to hit the big screen screen first ... could it happen? Will it? PLUS: X-Men Shake-up! [...]
Jan 26, 2018
SoS Ep 103: The X-Files, Black Lightning and All Your 2018 Superhero & Comic Book TV Shows
Digital Trends’ @RickMarshall drops by to help us pit the best new Comic Book and Superhero related TV shows like The X-Files vs Legion, Black Lightning vs Krypton, New Warriors vs Cloak and Dagger and Jessica Jones vs Luke Cage against each other in one-on-one battle! With so much superhero and sci-fi stuff on the [...]
Jan 19, 2018
SoS Ep 102: Why Last Jedi Might Be The Worst Star Wars Movie Ever
We continue our 2018 Preview as we debate the future of the Star Wars universe with Just 2 Pal’s podcast host Johnny Wellens. We span everything from Rogue One to Last Jedi to episdoe II and rank the worst Star Wars Movie ever. Listen in to find out more on this episode of Secrets of the Sire. Segment 1 [...]
Jan 12, 2018
SoS Ep 101: To Infinity War & Beyond: A Look Ahead To The Must-See Movies of 2018
Break out the bubbly and let’s look ahead to a jam-packed 2018! Is Infinity War the be-all-end-all of superhero flicks and shows this year? Or is there a sleeper that will take the crown as THE hit of 2018. AMNY Senior Entertainment Editor Scott Rosenberg helps us break down all the contenders this year: Infinity [...]
Jan 05, 2018
SoS NYCC Special: Comic Book School Presents: Marvel, Valiant & Dynamite Editors Panel
Recorded LIVE at NYCC 2017: Comic Book School's own Buddy Scalera welcomes Marvel Editor Darren Sanchez, Valiant E-I-C Warren Simons and Dynamite Entertainment's Joe Rybant to the podium to give you EXACT instructions on the "how-to's" and "do-not's" to breaking into comics. We’re on Amazon Alexa devices now! Look up “Spreaker Podcast Radio Player “ [...]
Dec 29, 2017
SoS Ep 100: Fabian Nicieza Drops Deadpool 2 Exclusive And Star Wars: Last Jedi Review
Break out the party hats for a 2-hour celebration! And you! And Star Wars: Last Jedi (well not really)! And mystery guest stars galore! Secrets of the Sire turns 100! And boy what a show! Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza drops some exclusive Deadpool 2 updates including HIS recommendation for Cable (around the 1 hr [...]
Dec 24, 2017
SoS Ep 99: Last Jedi Preview and Star Wars “Best of the Best” Awards
It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Time! We give you our Spoiler-Free Preview of Last Jedi! PLUS: We rank EVERY Star Wars movie in the canon…just NOT the way you’d expect. Which film boasts the best severed limb? Which film boasts the best "I've Got A Bad Feeling..." line? We're joined by Comic-Con Revolution’s [...]
Dec 15, 2017
SoS Ep 98: The R-Rated Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Project
We go "Spinning the Racks" to bring you the most fantastical pop culture news out there including the now confirmed R-Rated Quentin Tarantino  Star Trek project. Will he direct? PLUS: Ryan Reynolds breaks the internet with the announcement he'll play Pikachu in a live action Pokemon movie. AND: We welcome Bleeding Cool's Lauren Sisselman on to [...]
Dec 08, 2017
SoS Ep 97: Review: HISTORY TV Series Knightfall
They’ve given their lives to the Holy Grail – we devote an entire show to reviewing it! Secrets of the Sire and HISTORY team up for this special review: HISTORY TV Series Knightfall. Is this the new Game of Thrones or is that the impossible quest? PLUS: We welcome creator DaiQuan Cain on to talk [...]
Dec 01, 2017
SoS Ep 96: Zack Snyder vs. Joss Whedon: Which Justice League Do You Want To See?
It's Zack Snyder vs. Joss Whedon as we break down the Justice League that MIGHT have been. Did the reshoots and rewrites by Joss Whedon save the film or would Zack Snyder's original cut be a classic? We use Superman's bad upper lip CGI to tell you where Whedon stepped in vs Zack Snyder [...]
Nov 24, 2017
SoS Ep 95: Would You Rather…Watch Justice League Opening Night or Binge Netflix Punisher?
We play "Would You Rather" with our guest Mariano Nicieza, co-creator of Stan Lee's "Godwoke." Would you Justice League on opening night or binge watch Netflix Punisher? Would you the Zack Snyder trilogy before going to see JL or re-watch the Star Wars prequels before Last Jedi? And more! PLUS: Four Reasons the [...]
Nov 17, 2017
SoS Ep 94: Thor: Ragnarok Review: Did It Ape The Guardians 2 Formula?
We go full #ThorRagnarok! Did it leave you feeling green? Is Loki the Best Marvel super-villain of all time? And what about that Valkyrie casting choice! Mike & Hasan also pose the question: Did Thor ape the Guardians 2 formula? PLUS: Brian Michael Bendis jumps the Marvel ship...which DC character should he tackle first? PLUS: [...]
Nov 10, 2017
SoS EP 93: Star Paul Reiser Takes Us Inside Stranger Things 2
We’re all over the new season of Stranger Things 2 with one of the show's stars, actor Paul Reiser! Did it live up to the hype? Was it better or worse than season 1? And what about that episode 7? PLUS: We’re on Amazon Alexa devices now! Look up “Spreaker Podcast Radio Player “ on [...]
Nov 03, 2017
SoS EP 92: The Incredible Hulk’s Lou Ferrigno Talks Thor: Ragnarok & More
We welcome TV’s Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno to the show to talk Thor: Ragnarok, being bullied as a kid and the supposed throw down with Flash Gordon. PLUS: It’s our Halloween episode! We run down everything you need to know about Stranger Things 2! We ask the question: Is anyone still watching Walking Dead? And [...]
Oct 27, 2017
SoS Ep 91: Billy Corgan Talks Stan Lee, Star Wars & Smashing Pumpkins Reunion
We welcome the legendary Smashing Pumpkins front man on to discuss the early days as 90s rock stars, Star Wars and a possible Smashing Pumpkins reunion. PLUS: We roll camera and cover the most important pop culture news around! We’re on Amazon Alexa devices now! Look up “Spreaker Podcast Radio Player “ on Amazon and enable [...]
Oct 20, 2017
Sos Ep 90: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer ‘Trash or Truth’
Still hungover from New York ComicCon 2017? We welcome Big Dog Ink’s Tom Hutchison to talk Marvel's woes and the changing demographic at the con. PLUS: We break down The Last Jedi Trailer, the new Blade Runner movie and how the two are connected! New York Comic Con 2017 schedule, guests, panels, and everything you need [...]
Oct 13, 2017
SoS Ep 89: Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon Talks 20 Year Anniversary of the Show
We interviewed Buffy's own Nicholas Brendon at Wizard World Chicago to talk about the 20 year anniversary of the show, his favorite episodes and the new movie he's got coming out. PLUS: New York ComicCon 2017 is upon us! Get the scoop on the must see panels and appearances! New York Comic Con 2017 schedule, guests, [...]
Oct 06, 2017
SoS Ep 88: Hercules Star Kevin Sorbo Talks Controversial New Movie
We interviewed HERCULES himself Kevin Sorbo at Wizard World Chicago to talk about his iconic role and his controversial new movie "Let There Be Light". PLUS: We reveal the #1 movie of the Summer (and it's not what you think) and Is Marvel's Inhumans already cancelled? Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Highest Grossing Superhero Film of [...]
Sep 29, 2017
SoS Ep 87: Anime Special! Dragonball Z’s Mike McFarland, Brina Palencia, Alexa Fox Talk New Show
Secrets of the Sire goes ANIME! Dragonball Z voice actor Mike McFarland is joined by creator/producer of My Life As A Monkey's Alexa Fox and actress Brina Palencia to talk about their new show! PLUS: If you could recommend ONE anime to anyone it would be... ABOUT OUR GUEST(S): Mike McFarland WHAT DO YOU DO? [...]
Sep 22, 2017
SoS Ep 86: Voice Actor Loren Lester Talks Batman & Harely Quinn, The Orville
Loren Lester, the voice of Robin & Nightwing talks about the new Batman & Harley Quinn animated film, how he broke into voice acting and his upcoming role on FOX's The Orville. PLUS: We welcome Destiny NY creator Pat Shand in studio to discuss his successful Kickstarter and play OVER/UNDER on the upcoming Fall TV [...]
Sep 15, 2017
SoS Ep 85: Back To The Future Actor Tom Wilson Talks Biff Tannen, The Film’s Legacy
We welcome Back to the Future's Tom Wilson to the show and debate who was the bigger bully: Biff Tannen or Johnny from Karate Kid! PLUS: Is it panic time for the Star Wars franchise with the dismissal of Colin Treverrow? ABOUT OUR GUEST: Tom Wilson (Back To The Future) WHAT DO YOU DO? (Think [...]
Sep 08, 2017
SoS Ep84: Our Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories Sure To Go Wrong
Secrets of the Sire welcomes very special Game of Thrones expert Christina Dolce – my wife! – to help dissect the incendiary Season 7 finale and look ahead to some Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories. Is Tyrion a Targaryan? Is Bran The Night King? Will Jon Bang His Aunt Again? PLUS: Hawkman and Avengelyne [...]
Sep 01, 2017
SoS Ep83: SPOON! The Tick EP Barry Josephson Goes Inside The New Amazon Reboot
SPOON! We welcome special guest Barry Josephson, executive producer of THE TICK - now streaming on Amazon Video Prime – to talk about the new reboot! PLUS: American Pie's Thomas Ian Nicholas joined us to talk about his upcoming appearance at Wizard World Chicago, settle the great Prequel debate once and for all, and talk [...]
Aug 25, 2017
SoS Ep 82: Can Joss Whedon Save ‘Unwatchable’ Justice League Movie?
Our Justice League re-shoots discussion turned into a full-on debate: are you Pro or Anti Joss Whedon? Can he save the movie that's reportedly "Unwatchable" in its current state? Or is he overrated as a writer and director? PLUS: Is Defenders Marvel's swan song from Netflix with the new Disney streaming service announced? Here's an [...]
Aug 18, 2017
SoS Ep 81: The Great Geek Debate With ‘Adultish’ Star Victoria Cheri Bennett
We settle the biggest Geek debates of all time! Joker vs Joker! Nintendo vs Sega! Game of Thrones vs LOTR! Batman v Superman! Join the great Pop Culture debate with special in-studio guest: Adultish star Victoria Cheri Bennett and director Justin Morck! PLUS: What we think of Josh Brolin's Cable? Force to be reckoned with [...]
Aug 11, 2017
SoS Ep 80: Inside Dark Tower With Movie Artist Dennis Calero And Thor: Ragnarok ‘Trailer Truth or Trash’
We welcome Dark Tower concept artist Dennis Calero to talk about the new Stephen King film! PLUS: We take the new Thor: Ragnarok & Stranger Things 2 trailers to task in another round of 'Trailer Truth or Trash'! Did they give away too much or are your appetite's whetted properly? Here's an excerpt from the [...]
Aug 04, 2017
SoS Ep 79: ComicCon 2017: Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok: Justice League and More
We break down ComicCon 2017: Black Panther, Thor, Justice League & more with actress & producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber of StarBaby Enterprises & ComicCon expert Victor Dandridge Jr. PLUS: The mustache that could change EVERYTHING for Justice League What Spider-Man: Homecoming's box office means for Marvel as ComicCon2017 begins! Here's an excerpt from the Podcast [...]
Jul 28, 2017
SoS Ep 78: House of Cards Actor Kevin Kilner On Kevin Spacey, David Fincher, Joss Whedon & More
House of Cards actor Kevin Kilner comes to Secrets of the Sire! On the latest episode we go inside the hit Netflix show with Senator Michael Kern himself. He talks about his time on set with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey. His experience with Joss Whedon on 'Dollhouse' and the one movie he's most remembered [...]
Jul 21, 2017
SoS Ep 77: Spider-Man Homecoming Review: The Good, The Bad, The Uncle Ben Effect
It's Spider-Man: Homecoming review time! We give you OUR Spoiler-Free (mostly) take on the newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Movie. PLUS: Winter in July? We break down the return of Game of Thrones with Den of Geek's David Crow! Here's an excerpt from the Podcast: David Crow Den of Geek: Michael Dolce: Whats your favorite episode so far [...]
Jul 14, 2017
SoS Ep 76: Spider-Man: Homecoming vs Wonder Woman – Who Wins The Battle Of The Blockbusters?
On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire podcast, we break down Spider-Man: Homecoming: the casting decisions, the Marvel fatigue, the Wonder Woman effect and more with Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Smith! PLUS: Is this the beginning of the end for Robert Downey JR. as Iron Man? Here's an excerpt from the Podcast: Kevin [...]
Jul 07, 2017
SoS 75: Make Mine DC? Are Fans Done With The MCU?
With Wonder Woman's overwhelming success and moderate buzz for Spider-Man: Homecoming are fans over the MCU? Or will Avengers: Infinity War tip the scales back next year? PLUS: We welcome the Comic Noobs podcast on to talk..what else? COMICS! Here's an excerpt from the Podcast: Kevin Veldman from Comic Noobs: Michael Dolce: Whats your take [...]
Jun 30, 2017
SoS Ep 74: Who Shot First? Han Solo Gets A New Director
Ron Howard steps in as director of Han Solo just hours after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are fired. Get our take on why they were ousted and what Howard has to do to make this movie a success PLUS: With Transformers in theaters we rank the "Best and Worst Toy Movies of All Time" [...]
Jun 23, 2017
SoS Ep 73: How Wonder Woman’s Success Means Big Changes To Justice League and the DC Film U
With a win for Wonder Woman under DC's belt, we break down her impact on the new Justice League movie re-shoots and the entire film U going forward. PLUS: We've got Spider-Man and Venom film news that will make your skin crawl! Listen on SoundCloud: Here's an excerpt from the Podcast: Is the Wonder Woman [...]
Jun 16, 2017
SoS Ep 72: Everclear Lead Singer Art Alexis Talks Wonder Woman, Comic Book Movies & More
Everclear lead singer Art Alexakis talks about his favorite Comic Book Movies, the 20th anniversary of “So Much For The Afterglow” and more! PLUS: Wonder Woman results are in! Has DC finally landed on money island? We bring you our spoiler-filled review of the most talked about movie of the summer Listen on SoundCloud: Download [...]
Jun 09, 2017
SoS Ep 71: The Controversy Surrounding Wonder Woman with Sarah Walton
It’s Ladies night! Women’s business coach Sarah Walton joins us to break down the cultural impact behind DC’s Wonder Woman. With positive reviews hitting the ‘net will this be DC’s first and most important victory at the box office? PLUS: Star Trek contributes to genocide...according to the trolls. Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast (Now [...]
Jun 02, 2017
SoS Ep 70: True Blood’s Kristina Anapau Shares Her ‘Secrets’
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire radio show and podcast we sink our teeth into True Blood actress Kristina Anapau. She dishes on the cult HBO show, her role in 'Black Swan' and why Vampires and Fairies weren't supposed to hang out! PLUS: What's the future of the Justice League now that [...]
May 26, 2017
SoS Ep 69: Alien Covenant & The Best Sequels Of All Time
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire: With Alien: Covenant in theaters today and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 rocking the box office we rank the Top Franchise Sequels BETTER than the original. Where does Guardians 2, Winter Soldier, Civil War and Superman 2 rank in our countdown? PLUS: You have a five [...]
May 19, 2017
SoS Ep 68: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Review: How Many Baby Groots Make a Great Sequel?
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, does Guardians of the Galaxy 2 live up to the original or will it suffer sequel shame? Our spoiler-filled Guardians 2 review with the folks from the Bad Coyote Funky podcast live in studio. PLUS: New Hellboy movie! Yay! No Del Toro or Perlman? Rage! Listen on [...]
May 12, 2017
SoS Ep 67: We Trash ‘The Defenders’ Trailer PLUS 10 ‘Guardians 2’ Facts…1 Is a Lie
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, we rock #TheDefenders trailer – should we be excited for the newest Marvel #Netflix extravaganza or is it trash? PLUS: We count down 10 facts YOU need to know about #GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol2 with guest co-host Joan Pelzer...1 is a lie! Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast (Now on [...]
May 05, 2017
SoS Ep 66: Our Summer Comic Book Movie Countdown Is On
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire – Summer Comic Book Movie Season is upon us, including heavyweights Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman and more! Which summer flicks "Pop Our Corn" and which one belongs in the "DVD Bargain Bin?" We rank'em with Newsarama 's Chris Arrant! PLUS: The one factor [...]
Apr 28, 2017
SoS Ep 65: Last Jedi Trailer Review & Is Force Awakens The Worst Stars Ever?
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, we talk Star Wars: The Last Jedi – was anyone else underwhelmed with the first official trailer? PLUS: Is Episode VII the worst Star Wars movie ever or is the taste of the Prequels still fresh in your mouth? Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast (Now [...]
Apr 21, 2017
SoS Ep 64: Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Review & Pop Culture Jeopardy
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcome fellow host Kai Cole and prolific author Dara Lyons on the show to battle it out at Celebrity #PopCulture jeopardy! PLUS: We break down the Thor: Ragnarok trailer and shwo why DC will NEVER catch up to Marvel with their films Listen on [...]
Apr 14, 2017
SoS Ep 63: Joss Whedon and the DC Movies Sure To Go Wrong
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we discuss the new Batgirl movie helmed by Avengers director Joss Whedon and the future DC Films sure to go wrong (given their track record thus far)! PLUS: We welcome 'Funny or Die' comedian Alex Berg to talk FX's Legion, Marvel fatigue and we play 'Pitch [...]
Apr 07, 2017
SoS Ep 62: We play ‘Truth or Trash’ with the Justice League and Spider-Man trailers
So you know when you watch a movie trailer and it’s like "Awesome! Spidey and Iron Man are holding a boat together that must be the climactic action sequence," or "Wow! Batman cracked a joke! This movie must be super funny!" But then you watch the movie and you’re like wait a minute...that trailer lied [...]
Mar 31, 2017
SoS EP 61: Power Rangers Movie: Worth Our 12 Bucks Or Better Left In The 90s?
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcome "Is It Plugged In?" host Adam Jeffrey Weinberg and's Benny Rose on to debate whether we should see the new Power Rangers movie or check our 90s nostalgia at the door. PLUS: Our 90s Movie March Madness continues! Listen on SoundCloud: Download our [...]
Mar 24, 2017
SoS Ep 60: It’s 90s Comic Book Movie March Madness
We pit 16 of the best comic book movies from the 1990s against each other bracket style with guest Bobby Semelsberger of "That's So 90s" podcast! Which fan-fave will come out on top? PLUS: More Matrix? Really? Yes really... Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google Play Or check out the show any podcasting [...]
Mar 17, 2017
SoS Ep 59: Logan – Love It Or Shove It?
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, we sink our claws into Logan with guest, Marvel Custom Comics editor Darren Sanchez. Did we love it or shove it? Where does it rank among all X-Men films? And what are the burning questions left unanswered? We put the definitive bow on this acclaimed Marvel/Fox [...]
Mar 10, 2017
SoS Ep 58: New York Times Best Seller Chris Brogan Talks Suicide Squad, Batman & More
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we put the definitive bow on the  #Oscars with New York Times bestselling author and super hero enthusiast Chris Brogan. From envelope malfunctions to Suicide Squad's big win, we cover it all! PLUS: We play "Hero of Zero" with Chris - can you guess which superhero [...]
Mar 03, 2017
SoS Ep 57: We Talk Jail Bait and Trailer Trash with Justin Gray
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, we welcome writer Justin Gray to talk about his new Kickstarter "Jail Bait & Trailer Trash" PLUS:: Before Matt Reeves miraculously signed on for The Batman, we ran down YOUR picks for who you'd like to see direct the Caped Crusader Listen on SoundCloud: Download our [...]
Feb 24, 2017
SoS Ep 56: LEGO Batman…Best Batman Movie Ever?
This week we ask the question: LEGO Batman vs the DC Movie Universe...who got it right? Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez joins us to dish on this and more! PLUS: Ben Affleck...Batman No More? What this means for the DCU going forward if its true. Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google Play Or check [...]
Feb 17, 2017
SoS Ep 55: Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers: Logan Or Guardians 2?
This week we break down the Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers: Logan? Or Guardians of the Galaxy 2? PLUS: We talk Iron Man and Avengers novels with author Pat Shand. And we try and get him to spill the beans on his next top secret Marvel novel. Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google [...]
Feb 10, 2017
SoS Ep 54: Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza Sets The Record Straight & Sad Ben Affleck Sinks The Batman
On this week's Secrets of the Sire #podcast: Think Deadpool was an homage to DC's Deathstroke? THINK AGAIN! Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza gets fired up on this week's podcast! PLUS: Sad Ben Affleck may have sunk DC Films. We give you our take on him stepping down from "The Batman" Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: [...]
Feb 03, 2017
SoS Ep 53: Getting ‘Charmed’ With Writer Erica Schultz
With Deadpool failing to nab a Best Picture nomination, we break the "Top 5 Superhero Oscar Snubs" of all time! PLUS: We chat Charmed, X-Men Comics and Cats with DC and Dynamite writer Erica Schultz Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google Play Or check out the show any podcasting app for your iOS [...]
Jan 27, 2017
SoS EP 52: Pop Culture TV In 2017: To Suck Or Not To Suck
Defenders! Game of Thrones! Riverdale! We break down Pop Culture TV In 2017 - what to schedule our DVR for or not (did you know there's a show called Powerless debuting Feb 2? Neither did we!) PLUS: We're going to be joined by Buddy Scalera, former Deadpool scribe and creator of Comic Book School talking craft [...]
Jan 19, 2017
SoS Ep 51: Secrets of the Sire is ‘No Angel’
We play "Fact or Fiction" with No Angel scribe Eric Palicki as we chat about his new hit comic book co-written by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Adrianne Palicki PLUS: We continue our look at the most anticipated films shows and comics for 2017 including Guardians 2, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming and more! Listen on SoundCloud: [...]
Jan 13, 2017
SoS Ep 50: Paul Jenkins Talks Alters & Women In Comics
Secrets of the Sire turns 50! We welcome guest co-host, Joe Mulvey (SCAM, Mummys All Right) in studio and comic book icon Paul Jenkins via phone to talk his latest After Shock project Alters! PLUS: What chance does Deadpool have of taking home the Golden Globe and we count down or Top 5 Movies To [...]
Jan 06, 2017
SoS 2016 Special: A Carrie Fisher Tribute & “Best Of” 2016
SoS Podcast Special: We pay tribute to the unmistakable Carrie Fisher – her impact, her legacy and the future of the new Star Wars trilogy. PLUS: We countdown our "Best of the Best" 2016 Edition: Rogue One! Deadpool! Suicide Squad! Civil War! Westworld! Batman V Superman and More! Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google [...]
Dec 31, 2016
SoS Ep 49: Star Wars: Rogue One vs Force Awakens
Love it or shove it? We give you OUR take on Star Wars: Rogue One vs Force Awakens. Which movie is better? My response may surprise you. PLUS: Writer Alex Segura from ARCHIE COMICS drops by to talk about his crime novels and the future of Riverdale's favorite resident Listen on SoundCloud: About Our Guest: [...]
Dec 23, 2016
SoS Ep 48: Warren Simons from Valiant Comics Talks X-O Manowar, Harbinger & More
On the latest Secrets of the Sire Podcast we welcome Warren Simons from Valiant Comics to talk about the X-O Manowar & Harbinger relaunches & the future direction of the company. PLUS: Deadpool was nominated for a Golden Globe! Wha? Really? That can't be right... Listen on SoundCloud: About Our Guest: Warren Simons is the [...]
Dec 16, 2016
SoS Ep 47: We Break Down The Westworld Season Finale
On the latest Secrets of the Sire Podcast we talk Westworld season finale – Is this show the next Game of Thrones or will it suffer a True Detective like Season 2 fate? PLUS: We welcome Jason Powell author of the definitive Chris Claremont/X-Men book and break down his epic 18 year run on the [...]
Dec 09, 2016
SoS Ep 46: Sculptor David Silva, X-Men News & More
We welcome Creative Beast Studio 's David Silva to discuss action figures, godzilla and his successfully funded Kickstarter for Beasts of the Mezosoic! PLUS: What does the new X-Men Blue & Gold comic book launch mean for Marvel Studios? Are the wheels in motion for a Marvel/Fox crossover? Listen on SoundCloud: About This Week's Guest: [...]
Dec 02, 2016
SoS Ep 45: The Top Ten Pop Culture Goodies of 2016 To Be Thankful For
Where does Margot Robbie land on our Top Ten Pop Culture Goodies of 2016 we're thankful for? Listen to our latest podcast to find out! Plus: Actor Christopher T. Wood joins us to talk about his new film "Time To Kill" and following your Hollywood dream. Listen on SoundCloud: About This Week's Guest: Christopher T. [...]
Nov 28, 2016
SoS Ep 44: Star Wars: Rogue One – Is Too Much Star Wars A Good Thing?
We break down the latest Star Wars project: Star Wars: Rogue One and ask the question is too much Star Wars a good thing? Plus: Marvel's Inhumans: Did Agents of SHIELD ruin the new TV show/IMAX experience before it ever gets off the ground? Listen on SoundCloud: About This Week's Guest: "It Came From The [...]
Nov 18, 2016
SoS Ep 43: Talking Video Game Merch Post Election 2016 With Project TriForce
#Election2016 got you down? We welcomed Project TriForce on to talk the best Video Game merch coming for the holidays: Gears of War, Batman: Arkham Origins, Assasin's Creed and more! Oh, and we talked about the election. Duh. Listen on SoundCloud: About This Week's Guest: TriForce Sales, LLC based in New York, NY is a [...]
Nov 11, 2016
SoS Ep 42: Talking Election 2016 w/Editorial Cartoonist Randy Bish
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcome Political Cartoonist Randy Bish to talk the greatest pop culture reality show on the planet: Election 2016! Will we actually vote Trump into office?? PLUS: Deadpool 2 is in big trouble! We break down their directorial woes. And why the fate of the MCU [...]
Nov 04, 2016
SoS EP 41: Has Walking Dead Jumped The Shark? [SPOILERS]
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire we go FULL Walking Dead! The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere was rife with violence and death but did it go over the top? Or was it merely being faithful to the comic book? We discuss with Rus Wooton, part of the Walking Dead comic book [...]
Oct 28, 2016
SoS EP 40: How EW Got The Super Hero Power List All Wrong
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire: We talk Entertainment Weekly's #SuperHeroPowerList and how they got it all wrong! PLUS: We welcome Walking Dead's letterer Rus Wooton on to talk about working on the popular comic book series and the most anticipated upcoming season premiere on television! Who lives? Who dies? Find out [...]
Oct 22, 2016
SoS Podcast Ep 39: Power Rangers, Walking Dead & Our Full NY ComicCon Recap!
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire: Is the Power Rangers movie the next Batman V Superman? Has it jumped the shark already by going too dark? A great article on The Guardian poses that exact question: "There is something quite off-kilter about the idea of a Power Rangers movie with a budget [...]
Oct 14, 2016
SoS Special Edition: LIVE from New York Comic Con 2016
We broadcast LIVE from the ComixTribe Booth at New York Comic Con 2016. We talk the show itself and give you insight into all the cool stuff happening around the show As always you can listen above or download us on iTunes and now Google Play as well! Or check out the show any podcasting [...]
Oct 09, 2016
SoS Ep 38: Luke Cage, Werewolves, Wolverine 3, New York Comic Con and Ben Freakin’ Affleck!
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire We talk Luke Cage - has Marvel gone too far with sex and violence? PLUS: Daniel Leister talks his new Kickstarter Werewolf Run, we dissect Tim Burton's buffoonery, Wolverine 3 gets a title, we preview  New York ComicCon and Ben Freakin' Affleck! All On The Latest [...]
Oct 07, 2016
SoS Ep 37: The “Best of the Best” DC Comics TV Shows, NYCC Warmup and BIG Announcement
On this week's episode of Secrets of the Sire we let YOU decide the BEST DC TV Show on the air today. It came down to Arrow vs Flash vs Gotham vs Supergirl (with Legends of Tomorrow thrown in for good measure) PLUS: With New York Comic Con around the corner we ask: Has the [...]
Sep 30, 2016
SoS Ep 36: Game of Thrones vs The Emmys 2016, Daredevil vs Jessica Jones, and MAJOR Harley Quinn news
SoS Ep 36: We give our post mortem on Emmys 2016! Game of Thrones won big but why'd the actors get snubbed? Why is Transparent a comedy? And who the heck watches Bloodlines anyway? PLUS: MAJOR Harley Quinn movie and TV news! And we continue our "Best of the Best" debate as we pit Daredevil [...]
Sep 23, 2016
SoS Ep 35: Pop Culture Throwdown! Doctor Who Vs. Archer Vs. Stranger Things
SoS Ep 35: Pop Culture Throwdown! We kick off our "Best of the Best" in Pop Culture TV with 3 fans trying to convince me to watch their show: Stranger Things, Doctor Who or Archer. See who wins out! Plus: Batman V Superman Easter Eggs, South Park & More! BONUS: Secrets of the Sire want [...]
Sep 16, 2016
SoS Ep 34: Doctor Strange, Supergirl ArtistaCon & More!
On this week's SoS podcast we dish on what we know about Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange flick and the casting controversy surrounding Tilda Swinton! PLUS: Supergirl's Tyler Hoechen takes a shot at Zack Snyder and we welcome ArtistaCon's Chris Kotsakis, Enrico Botta and writer Mark Poulton on to discuss this all-new, all-different ComicCon celebrating the [...]
Sep 09, 2016
SoS EP 33: Fall TV Preview! Walking Dead, Arrow, Flash, Agents of SHIELD & More!
This week on Secrets of the Sire podcast Episode 33: Who will be the victim at the end of Negan's bat in Walking Dead? Which TV Universe are you looking forward to the most, Marvel or DC? Will Riverdale Flop? Join us for our Fall TV Preview! BONUS: Secrets of the Sire want to thank [...]
Sep 02, 2016
SoS Ep 32: Spider-Man: Homecoming And The Controversy Of ‘Race Swapping’ In Movies
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire radio show & podcast we talk Spider-Man: Homecoming and the controversial casting of Disney child star Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson. Has "race swapping" become an issue in comic book movies? Or is there a larger agenda at play that could result in the downfall of [...]
Aug 26, 2016
SoS Ep 31: Deadpool 2 Casting News, Suicide Squad Silver Linings, Aspen Comics & More!
On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire radio show & podcast we breakdown 5 signs of HOPE for DC following Suicide Squad. Plus: Deadpool 2 Casting News, George Takei Controversy revisited and we welcome Vince Hernandez from ASPEN COMICS on the show to talk the Aspen Universe: Revelations and breaking into comics! All [...]
Aug 19, 2016
SoS Ep 30: Suicide Squad – DC’s Savior Or Worst Film Yet?
On the latest Secrets of the Sire #Podcast: We break down the aftermath of Suicide Squad's record breaking opening. How can a movie that took in $135M still end up a flop? We discuss! PLUS: We welcomed Bubba The Redneck Werewolf creator Mitch Hyman on the show to talk about his movie, the indie comic [...]
Aug 12, 2016
SoS Ep 29: Will Suicide Squad Be DC’s Deadpool Or Another Batman V Superman Debacle?
On the latest Secrets of the Sire #Podcast: The moment of truth is here for DC's much hyped bad-guy superhero flick Suicide Squad. But with the reviews in from critics, it's sounding more Batman V Superman than Deadpool. We discuss that and more with Human Echoes Podcast's own Tony Southcotte! Check out an excerpt from [...]
Aug 05, 2016
SoS Ep 28: ComicCon 2016 The Good, The Bad, The Kevin Bacon Interview!
We give you our thoughts on the winners and losers of ComicCon 2016 including the brand new Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad trailers that debuted at the show. PLUS: We interview actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael about their rock and roll band! Check out an excerpt from the podcast: Kevin Bacon [...]
Jul 31, 2016
SoS Episode 27: LIVE From San Diego ComicCon 2016
On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire radio show and podcast: We are coming at you LIVE from San Diego ComicCon 2016. Broadcasting from the Zenescope Booth during Wednesday Preview night we spoke with Co-Publishers Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha on their new SyFy series Van Helsing, their new comic book Evil [...]
Jul 22, 2016
SoS 26: Marvel Kills Major Character, Our Take On Ghostbusters, Plus Boom! Studios
On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire radio show and podcast: Marvel kills major character, Ghostbusters is so-so (which makes you sexist) and we welcome BOOM! Studios to the show: Secrets of the Sire Radio Show and Podcast to give their San Diego ComicCon preview. PLUS: We cover the George Takei controversy [...]
Jul 15, 2016
SoS 25: THIS Is The New Iron “Man”? Plus: Plan 10 Kickstarter and Big Dog Ink’s #SDCC Preview
On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire radio show and podcast: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, will be replaced by a 15-year old black female named Riri Williams. Making the new Iron Man, uh, a woman. And a minority at that. Is this forced diversity again? Or merely the makings of the [...]
Jul 08, 2016
SoS Ep 24: Is There A Deadpool/Spidey Film Coming? Plus: Keanu Reeves, #Conlife & More
This week on Secrets of the Sire: With word that 20th Century Fox has "talked" about teaming up with Marvel Studios, we broke down our top Marvel/Fox crossovers we wanted to see including Deadpool/Spidey! But can an R-Rated character exist in a PG Universe? Plus! We went spinning the racks on the rumors that Keanu [...]
Jul 01, 2016
SoS Ep 23: Game of Thrones: Bastards! Lesbians Hookups! And An Ode To Wun Wun
This week on Secrets of the Sire: With the blood still drying from Sunday night’s “Battle of the Bastards” we dove head first into the epic battle, the satisfying end of a hated character and what's to come in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season Finale. And we send off one of my favs: Wun [...]
Jun 24, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 22: Conjuring 2, Aquaman, Kickstarter 101 & More
This week on Secrets of the Sire we dove head first into Kickstarter for Comics craze with Mummy's Always Right creator Joe Mulvey. But first we posed the question: Can James Wan "conjure" up a cool Aquaman? Fresh off the heels of the box office smash that is Conjuring 2, Wan talked to UpRoxx about [...]
Jun 18, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 21: My Wacky Week With A Real Housewife & Double Take Comics
I give you the behind-the-scenes of my wacky week that started at Wizard World Philadelphia, found me joining Ramona Singer, star of the Real Housewives Of New York, at Bravo Studios and finished up with Gabe Yocum, writer at Double Take Comics giving us the lowdown on Bill Jemas' new comic book company! Check out [...]
Jun 10, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 20: Hail Hydra? Haiiiiil NO! We Take On Hydra Cap
What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by making Captain America a Nazi? Or as many keyboard muscles bound internet thugs like to believe, Nick Spencer’s decision to make Captain America a Nazi. But is it as controversial as people think? And if it's a gimmick - is that such a bad thing if [...]
Jun 03, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 19: Are We One Hashtag Away From Gay Captain America?
Captain America's had quite the week! On our latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we welcomed Social Media expert Brian Bish to discuss the impact hashtag campaigns like #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend are having on our movies. Check out an excerpt from the podcast: "Which brings us to the latest movement on full display for [...]
May 27, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 18: Can Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns Save The DC Movie Universe?
Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns now have prominent roles at the top of DC Films. But after ‘Batman V Superman’ bombed, can this Dynamic Duo undo the damage Zack Snyder has wrought? Or will Suicide Squad crash and burn come August? As always you can listen above or download us on iTunes and now Google [...]
May 20, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 17: ‘Captain America: Civil War’: Our Spoiler Free Review
We break down Captain America: Civil War. We give our Spoiler-Free review - is this the best Marvelverse movie of all time? Where does Civil War rank among the Marvel movies to date? And how does it compare to DC's Batman v Superman? Is Civil War THAT much better? And what's the one common flaw [...]
May 13, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 16: ‘Captain America: Civil War’: How Marvel Got The Politics All Wrong
Captain America: Civil War is upon us! Are you #teamcap? Or #teamironman? Did you know you're probably on the wrong side no matter what? That's because Marvel royally screwed up the politics in the original Civil War. We dove into all of that, described how the movie universe got it right and gave our predictions [...]
May 09, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 15: ‘Civil War’ v DC Movie Universe: Whose Side Are You On?
Is the DC Movie Universe as far away from competing with Marvel as some people think? Or will Suicide Squad lead DC out of the rear view and into the forefront. We discussed Civil War V DC Universe, the new Tomb Raider and we introduced the new "Spinning The Racks" segment in our latest episode [...]
May 01, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 14: Talking Prince’s Death & The Print Vs Digital Debate With Stela Comics’ Jim Gibbons
In our latest episode of Secrets of the Sire we discussed Prince's death and the impact artists have on the world. Then we opened up the Print Vs. Digital comics debate to the floor. How long until Digital Comics completely overtakes the market and comic book stores are a thing of the past? We welcome [...]
Apr 25, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 13: MIB 23? 4 Avatar Sequels?? Seriously???
What a wacky movie world we live in! MIB 23, the rumored Men In Black, 21 Jump Street crossover is official. Yeah, it's one thing to have something like say Civil War crossing their characters but has every studio gone mad?? this even more ramifications from DC's movie strategy that includes Batman V Superman, [...]
Apr 16, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 12: Do You Have Faith In The DC Movie Universe?
After the poor reception from critics and fans alike for Batman v Superman do you have any faith left in the DC Movie Universe? That simple question launched a heated debate from both sides of the coin! As always you can listen above or download us on iTunes or any podcasting app on your iOS [...]
Apr 11, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 11: ‘Batman v Superman’: Box Office Success Equals Fans?
Batman v Superman steamrolled into theaters this past weekend to record breaking Easter sales. But does it translate to into sales for comic book stores and other distribution platforms? And more importantly, does it equal more fans of comic books - the source material for these films? Plus, we announce the winner of the Comic [...]
Apr 05, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 10: Batman V Superman With Bad Coyote Funky
We talk ‪#‎BatmanVSuperman‬ with the gang from @BadCoyoteFunky and the dreaded trend of movie trailers giving away the whole dang movie! Plus, we announce the winner of the Superman Film Franchise bracket in our March Madness Franchise Final Four. next up? Vote in our X-Men Bracket as we countdown to our final four! [...]
Mar 29, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 9: Shared Universes With Transmedia Guru Jeff Gomez
Spider-Man has arrived! the Marvel Universe that is. So what better way to break down the deal than with Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment? He chats Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer, his work on the Amazing Spider-Man and Men In Black films and the concept of shared universes in TV [...]
Mar 21, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 8: Comics To Film With Ralph Tedesco Of Zenescope
We welcome Zenescope's Ralph Tedesco as he gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to bring a comic book creation to the big (and small) screen. Plus we debate which Batman director performed best under pressure: Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton as we reveal the winner of the Batman bracket in our March [...]
Mar 14, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 7: Comic Book Movie Franchise Final Four
We introduce the Comic Book Movie March Madness bracket. Each week we'll pit the 4 most popular/best versions of each Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and X-Men franchises against each other in a weekly poll on our Twitter feed (@Michael_Dolce) starting with the Batman bracket - and leave it in your hands to see which film emerges [...]
Mar 07, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 6: Oscars 2016, X-Files & More!
Mad Max Is An Oscars 2016 Anomaly...And It Just Might Win We break down the favorites to win the gold statue and are we even allowed to root for any of them because their white? Plus, I have a bone to pick with X-Files creator Chris Carter about the reboot. Click here to listen to [...]
Feb 27, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 5: There’s No WAY Deadpool Should Have Made 135M – We Break Down Why It Did
Deadpool made 135M at the box office. We break down WHY. Sure, Secrets of the Sire went on record to predict doom and gloom for the Deadpool movie only to watch it set R-rated box office records. But enough dwelling on the past, listen in as we break down WHY the Deadpool movie killed it [...]
Feb 21, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 4: Breaking Into Comics – Learn How These Pros Did It!
We chat with Pat Shand (Robyn Hood, Charmed) about the path he took to break into comics and get his take on what you should do the same (minus any restraining orders). We also find out some of your favorite creators’ most memorable moments in the biz. As always you can listen above or download [...]
Feb 16, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 3: Would You Rather Work For The Big Two Or Keep It Indie?
Wanna know what it's like to work for the Big Two? What about taking the plunge to help START your own comic book company? Our guest, editor Mike Marts, can clue us in on both as he's walked both worlds as Executive Editor for the X-Men and Batman lines and has branched out with upstart [...]
Feb 09, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 2: Deadpool Is Going to FLOP…And It’s All YOUR Fault
Relive one our most popular and controversial topics! Which new comic book movie in 2016 do you think is poised to become the next Guardians of the Galaxy? If you said the Deadpool movie you are absolutely, 100 percent...wrong! You can listen above or download us on iTunes or any podcasting app on your iOS [...]
Jan 31, 2016
SoS PODCAST Ep 1: Diversity, OscarsSoWhite & Our Chris Cornell Interview
Our first Secrets of the Sire Podcast available now! Diversity is a hot button topic in Hollywood - most notably the latest online movement #OscarsSoWhite dominating the entertainment headlines. But are the politics behind the scenes actually taking away from the movies themselves? And is it the moviegoers responsibility to care? Click here to listen [...]
Jan 26, 2016