Cast Royale - The Clash Royale Podcast For Casual Players | A Bi-Weekly Radio Show on the Supercell Mobile Video Game

By Rob & Joe

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Cast Royale is a bi-weekly podcast on the hit Supercell mobile game Clash Royale. At the helm are brothers Rob & Joe, two casual Clashers who have an appetite for delivering news & hot discussions, relevant tips & strategies, chest openings, deck spotlights, and so much more. They are even family-friendly so you can listen with people of all ages! This is the Clash Royale podcast for casual players, and we are here to help players learn, grow, and play together. See you in the arena!

Episode Date
067: Raging Hog
August has arrived, and with it, come a few things to discuss! Join us this week, as we cover the Royal Recruits and the first Hot Fix to ever be introduced into the game. Next, we talk in depth about a few ideas that we’d like to see implemented by Supercell. We also discuss the August 6th Balance Changes in detail, cover the changing meta, and Spotlight a REALLY sweet deck that’s sure to bring out your inner beast… It’s dubbed, Raging Hog!
Aug 06, 2018
066: Royal Recruitment
While the Dev team for Clash Royale is out on holiday, we still managed to get some awesome new content in the game! Join us this week, as we break down the various challenges, the new common card, the changing meta, and open a bunch of chests. Oh, and of course, we hook you up with a solid Deck Spotlight that will surely show you the path to becoming the Dark Prince you’ve always wanted to be… It’s dubbed, Royal Recruitment - Enlist Today!
Jul 23, 2018
065: Be-Witched!
The 7/2 balance changes have arrived, and boy do we have a lot to talk about! This week, we cover a whole host of different topics. First, we talk about our weeks in the arena and also discuss a few things that happened in the game this week. Next, we touch on a few recent thoughts we had about things we’d like to see in the game! Of course, we also cover the balance update and the ever-changing meta in detail. Finally, we wrap up the show with a deck that will make you feel like you’ve been smacked in the face with magic. It’s dubbed, Be-Witched!
Jul 09, 2018
064: The Little Rascals
The Summer Update has arrived - and boy do we have a TON of stuff to talk about! This week, we focus on the quality of life improvements, new cards, Emotes and so much more! We also discuss the 6/20 Balance Changes and cover the changing Meta in full detail. We wrap up the show with a deck that will annoy the living daylights out of your opponents - and it’s dubbed, The Little Rascals. Boom!
Jun 24, 2018
063: A Complexity Situation
Trust us, it feels SO good to be back in your speakers again, but we also found ourselves in exciting times for the game! From monthly balance changes, to clan wars, to eSports - we’ve got lots to look forward to! This week we talk all things Clash Royale - and welcome Matt Rutledge, Mobile Gaming Director at Complexity Gaming to discuss eSports, Mobile Gaming, and CRL in much more detail! This interview will surely provide some incredible insight, especially with CRL just around the corner! It’s A Complexity Situation! Boom!
Jun 11, 2018
062: David & Goliath
Clan Wars is upon us, and boy do we have a lot to talk about! Join us, as we cover how Clan Wars has panned out in our own clans and some second impressions now that we’ve had more time to dig our feet into the Elixir soaked soil of the battlefield. Also, we cover the most recent Radio Royale, discuss the changing meta, and breakdown a beatdown deck that cycles so fast your opponent won’t know what hit ‘em! It includes a dynamic duo that has veered away from the spotlight, but now it's their time to shine. Please welcome, David & Goliath!
May 14, 2018
061: Clan Wars
Clan Wars is here!! Supercell has hit us with what many are calling the biggest, and best update to hit the game since it was released over two years ago. It had everything we imagined - from quality of life improvements, to a potential new card, to balances changes - and of course - Clan Wars!! We cover it all on this episode including the triumphant return of Boom It or Moob It! Oh, and we round out the show with an amazing deck spotlight that will surely prove to be viable in the new meta. Raise your banners and begin collections folks… war is here!
Apr 30, 2018
060: Hunt Yard
In the wake of our birthday extravaganza, trails an amazing episode! This week, we discuss an ultimate hodgepodge of everything. We start off by covering our weeks in the arena. Then, we discuss Clash Royale League and the status of teams involved. We follow that up with discussion about challenges and the ever-changing meta. Next, we open a few chests, before covering an AMAZING deck spotlight. Lock and load folks, we’re goin’ huntin’ … in a graveyard - BOOM!
Apr 16, 2018
059: Year Two
Happy Birthday... to US!! It’s Year Two - and we can’t believe how fast the time has come and gone. On this episode, we welcome our very special guest, The Rum Ham! We discuss a hodgepodge of Clash Royale topics, including Draft Royale, eSports, and the history of meta decks! Oh, and also a *major* announcement! Listen, as we celebrate our anniversary bash the only way we know how... with a bada.. bada.. BOOM! #YearTwo
Apr 01, 2018
058: The Golden Ticket
On this episode, we dabble in the realm of eSports! Clash Royale League has been announced, and the challenge has come and gone. We discuss the impact CRL will have on the game, and its future in the competitive scene. We also discuss the ever changing meta, open a few sweet chests, and feature a Deck Spotlight that will surely help you obtain 12 wins in any challenge. We call it, The Golden Ticket. Boom!
Mar 18, 2018
057: Yearbook Awards!
Plenty of interesting things happened in the arena this week. For starters, the Magic Archer has elegantly graced us with his presence. We also cover a ridiculously cool, community themed, Boom It or Moob It section that's sure to make you smile. But what’s even MORE awesome, is that we’ve hit a milestone on the show - and it comes in the form of celebrating one full year of Meta Checks being included as a segment on the show. And with that, we present to you, the Yearbook Awards! Boom!
Mar 05, 2018
056: Category 5
The sun over the Arena was quickly covered by dark and heavy clouds. A slow breeze quickly became more powerful, concerning the nearby goblins who were watching from the sidelines. Then, out of no where, a devastating storm swept through the Arena floor, destroying everything in it’s path. Then… something subtly forgotten was summoned to the Arena. He landed with a BOOM, and a horse, and a Hammer. It’s a Category 5 hurricane folks, and this one is named “Dark Prince”.
Feb 19, 2018
055: Podcaster Challenge
As we approached Super Bowl Sunday, we were greeted with the YouTuber Challenge! This week, we cover the challenge, the most recent balance changes, and discuss the changing meta as a result. We also triple checked that we had A LOT of chests to make for an exciting Chest Opening. If that wasn’t enough, we took it upon ourselves to put a fun twist on things, called: the Podcaster Challenge. Enjoy the deck - Boom!
Feb 04, 2018
054: Golem McStrollem
As we eagerly await balance changes, we found ourselves in search of a deck that everyone could relate to. With the plethora of Royal Ghosts lurking around the arenas, we decided to create a deck that features NO LEGENDARIES, and was viable in the current meta - Enter, Golem McStrollem - The ultimate beatdown style deck! Aside from that, we sprinkled a bit of everything into this episode. From our weeks in the arena, to Boom It or Moob It, to Stats Royale data, this episode is sure to have something for everyone! Boom!
Jan 21, 2018
053: Happy Boom Year
2017 has come and gone, and we kick off 2018 with a…. BOOM! First, we discuss the new year, and how we are faring in the arena. Next, we cover all of the challenges in detail and move swiftly through our thoughts on the Royal Ghost. Then, we dive into an awesome Boom it or Moob it segment. We wrap up the show with a rather awesome chest opening, and an even better Deck Spotlight! We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2018: The year of the BOOM! Happy BOOM Year!
Jan 08, 2018
052: Hunter Be Hunted
Happy Holidays Everyone!! This episode is the ultimate monstersode! We’ve got so much stuff to discuss - from the huge game update, to new cards and challenges, we cover it all. With the balance changes coming out, we are already seeing a huge shift in the meta. We wrap up the episode with a fun chest opening, and an awesome deck spotlight! Strap up your books, grab your shotguns and your ammo folks. Because in this episode, you hunt-er be hunted! Boom!
Dec 24, 2017
051: Showstopper
While we wait for the new update to be released, which comes with it’s own balance changes, we review everything else that we were able to cover before the news dropped! On this episode, we take a hard look at the CCGS finals, and how that may impact the meta moving forward through a solid Meta Check. We then discuss the two most recent challenges released by Clash Royale. We include a very interesting Boom it, or Moob it section which was inspired by a recent Clash Royale Reddit post. We wrap up the show with a few chests to open, and a solid deck spotlight. Be on the alert folks, this episode is sure to be a Showstopper! BOOM!
Dec 11, 2017
050: The Big Five-O
It took over a year and a half, but - we made it! 50 episodes in, marks a milestone in a journey we will never forget. A huge thank you to our entire community of listeners. We appreciate you all, for making this worth everything we do - and have been humbled by how everything has turned out. On this episode, we discuss the ultimate hodgepodge of everything. We discuss the CCGS finals, the skeleton barrel, and so many other topics. Also, we cover the meta in a way that we’ve never done it before! Finally, we wrap things up with a semi-awesome chest opening, and a VERY awesome deck spotlight. Grab a seat, kick back, and join us for The Big Five-O!
Nov 27, 2017
049: Clash 101
If you think you’ve mastered the game of Clash Royale, think again! It’s important to remember the fundamentals, and this week, we focus on just that. We kick things off with our weeks in the arena, and we move swiftly through the various challenges that have come our way recently. Next, we cover the ever changing meta in detail, and then discuss a Boom it, or Moob it?! As always, we wrap things up with a solid Deck Spotlight, that will surely remind you of the very important fundamentals in Clash Royale. Get out your notebooks folks, and welcome, to Clash 101!
Nov 13, 2017
048: King’s Cup
It’s the week of The King! Who will reign in the King's Cup? While that’s decided, we’ve got a bunch of stuff to talk about. This episode, we discuss our weeks in the arena and cover the two new challenges that opened up! Next up - we discuss the current meta in detail and go through an awesome Boom it, or Moob it? section. Moving past that, we open a few chests, and wrap things up with a deck spotlight that is sure to leave an impact on your opponent! Strap up your boots, folks - King’s Cup, here we come!!
Oct 30, 2017
047: Touchdown!
He’s at the 20, the 10, Touchdown!!! The motherload of game updates has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got so much Clash to discuss! We start off with our week in the arena, cover the balance changes in detail, discuss all of the new features related to the game update, slap on a meta check and a few chest openings - and you’ve got yourself an episode to listen to! Oh, and how could we forget, the Deck Spotlight is sure to bring you a few good deck ideas in the new meta. Get your game faces on folks, it’s time for some football. Boom!
Oct 16, 2017
046: Flying Machine
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….. A FLYING MACHINE!!! The new card makes its dramatic entrance into the arena, and with it, we have so much stuff to talk about. This week, we discuss the changing meta, and have a really neat Boom it, or Moob it section. We follow that up with a few sweet chest openings, and wrap up the show with a fantastic Deck Spotlight. This one's for all the Lava Hound users, who we have been neglecting to give some love. Bada bada… BOOM!
Oct 02, 2017
045: If You’re Gonna Win Bro…
We’re back from Vacation, and boy - do we have A LOT of stuff to talk about!! This week, we cover everything from CCGS, to recent challenges. We also take a hard look at the current meta, with the Mega Knight getting released! Top that all off with a few chest openings, and a pretty awesome Deck Spotlight, and we’ve got ourselves a booming episode! If that’s not enough for you - we even threw in another Boom it, or Moob it section =D… BOOM!
Sep 18, 2017
044: The Loblin
After a long awaited time, we got balance changes!!! On 8/11, the game was revitalized. Supercell took the time during their holiday to come up with ways to balance the game in a way that would allow it to feel fresh, versatile, fun, and…. oh yeah - BALANCED!! We are absolutely loving the way the game feels right now. Plus, 2v2’s are coming back, CCGS qualifiers are going on, and more! Join us this week, as we discuss the ultimate hodgepodge of everything. BOOM!
Aug 21, 2017
043: Which Witch?!
On this week’s show, we cover the ultimate hodgepodge of everything. We start off with our weeks in the area, and then talk about the various challenges that came out over the past two weeks. The Cannon Cart has rolled it’s way into the game (get it?), and is trying its best to throw the meta for a loop! Time will tell. Next, we jump into a solid Meta Check, move into a “Boom it or Moob it?” segment, open some chests, and as always - cover an AWESOME deck spotlight. If that doesn’t say “hodgepodge” to you, we aren’t sure what will. The question is - Which Witch will you choose? Boom!
Aug 07, 2017
042: Tri-Heal
The Summer of 2v2 is upon us! And with it - comes amazing 2v2 challenges. This week, we discuss the 2v2 Draft and Sudden Death Challenges, open a few chests, and cover THE BEST deck in the current meta (for challenges and tournaments). Oh, and we also introduce a potential new segment for the show, lovingly called - “Boom it, or Moob it?” You might want to grab your Heal spells for this episode folks - because you’re going to need it after this hodgepodge of everything!
Jul 24, 2017
041: Oxalate & The Giant Skeleton
Independence Day has come and gone, but Clash Royale goes on! This week, we discuss the changing meta, open a few pretty awesome chests, and cover the most recent challenges! Oh, and we also welcome Oxalate, competitive clash royale player for Hollywood Hammers, and North American CCGS Champion to the show! We throw question after question to The Champ, picking his brain for all the insight we can! You're not going to want to miss this hodgepodge of everything!
Jul 10, 2017
040: Hog Bandit
This week, we are back with a TON of things to talk about! We delve into every balance change from start to finish, take an in-depth look at one of the biggest game updates yet, cover a ridiculously cool Deck Spotlight and so much more! Hide your gems, folks... the Hog Bandit's in town!!
Jun 26, 2017
039: Nighty Night
This week, darkness is upon us! The Night Witch and her bats hit the game with possibly the biggest boom to ever be seen in the arena. We discuss her in great detail, along with 2v2 game modes, and more! Oh, and we feature a deck spotlight that will surely knock out even the most challenging opponents! And you can leave them with a subtle, "Nighty Night!"
Jun 12, 2017
038: Splash Yard
We're back! And this week, we have a lot to talk about. Rob is back from London, and we seem to be progressing through the ladder pretty well thanks to the Mortar Mauler! We've got a bunch of challenges to discuss along with some CCGS action. Also, the meta is ever changing and we cover that too. As always, we wrap up the show with a solid deck spotlight. Bring your AoE cover folks, because this week, we're bringing you to the Splash Yard!
May 29, 2017
037: Pump It Up
Rob is preparing to leave for London, but in the meantime, we’ve got some Clash to discuss! On this episode, we talk about our weeks in the arena, and how the Mortar Mauler has continued to work out, along with our tips from Nova eSports! We then cover a few news and clan update items, in-game challenges, open a few chests, and cover a solid deck spotlight. Oh, and did we mention that Clash Royale announced their biggest eSports announcement yet!? Don’t worry – we cover that too! Boom!
May 06, 2017
036: Tag, You’re It!
After a short delay, we are back and (hopefully) better than ever! We've got an action packed show - from deck spotlights, to balance changes, to a meta check, we surely cover it all! Oh, and did we mention that we kick back and talk with our coaches from Nova eSports? Hazard and SirTag discuss their experiences coaching us, and the fundamentals they've identified which we can focus on. Join us, as we improve together! BOOM!
Apr 26, 2017
035: The Aftermath
Join us this week, as we recover from our birthday bash! “The Aftermath” includes another hodgepodge of everything. We discuss our weeks in the arena, go over the current meta, open some chests, and reveal an amazing Deck Spotlight. Oh, and we seem to now have some professional coaches from Nova eSports, who will help us improve our techniques and skill within the game... No big deal right?!?! BOOM!
Apr 10, 2017
034: Year One
It's our 1st birthday, and we have a very special guest joining us on the cast! He's a competitive Clash Royale player, and is very involved in the Clash Royale community. On this show, we discuss a hodgepodge of everything with Woody, the Mortar Mauler, and leader of Reddit Alpha. From basic casual tips, to Clash Royale as an eSport, this episode will surely be something everyone can relate to. Plus, Woody shares the deck that took him to within the top 500 global rankings. Join us, as we kick off #yearone with a... BOOM!
Mar 27, 2017
033: The Growler
It’s Clash Royale’s first birthday, and they have some awesome plans for the month of March. In the midst of Clash Royale’s huge announcements and various sneak peeks, we were able to snag a few and discuss them on the show! The first, and biggest point of discussion, is the new “outrageous game mode”. On this episode, we discuss Clan Battles in detail, cover a snapshot of the current meta, go through a few twelve win challenge decks, open some chests, and more! Be weary though.. Lurking somewhere in the middle of it all, is - “The Growler”.
Mar 13, 2017
032: 0 To 100 Real Quick
A lot has happened for us over the past two weeks, both in the game and around the podcast community. To say the least, we’re blown away by the support we’ve been receiving. On this episode, we cover it all; from the 800 pound gorilla in the room, to chest openings, to an awesome deck spotlight inspired by Marcel_p - we’re positive there’s something for everyone! Start your engines folks - we’re about to go from 0 to 100, real quick. Boom!!
Feb 27, 2017
031: Skeletal Equilibrium
Supercell has been hard at work the past two weeks, and we’ve got A LOT of things to cover. The Battle Ram entered the arena with a bang, the meta has quickly been dominated by the Executioner, and the Tornado has become extremely relevant again. But have no fear! We’ve got another round of balance changes that will definitely shake up the meta once again. This time, we think for the better! Join us this week, as we cover all of the balance changes in detail, discuss a few really awesome decks, and to top it all off - we’ve got an announcement. BOOM!
Feb 13, 2017
030: Dirty Miner
So, we’ve finally gotten balance changes. Some of our favorite cards in the game have been nerfed. In fact, some would argue that the most used card in the game (in all arenas) has been altered in such a way that it will change the meta of the game entirely. On this week’s episode, Rob and Joe cover these balance changes in detail, talk about their weeks and experiences in the arena, discuss some awesome decks in the new meta, and more! Leave your eBarbs behind folks...unless the Executioner has something to say about it, you’re about to board - The Goblin Barrel Express Train! Boom.
Jan 30, 2017
029: If You Zap, You Lose!
While SuperCell was on holiday for the past month, we had some fun stuff going on both inside and outside of the game. This week, we dive into a little bit of everything. From the Star Wars, to the Dart Goblin, to Rob's 30th birthday. But most importantly, we cover PodClash 2017 in detail, and go through an awesome Deck Spotlight section that features the three winning decks! We wrap up the episode with a solid review section. See you in the arena!
Jan 16, 2017
028: The 4K Club
We started the new year off on the right foot! PodClash 2017 was a hit!! Huge shoutout to The Giant and the Stick podcast, who co-hosted the tournament with us. What’s more? We’ve got a full episode locked and loaded to fix your Clash Royale needs. We cover the Electro Wizard challenge, new cards, clan chests, and more. We wrap up the episode with three solid Deck Spotlights that you can use to either play with the meta, or counter it! Have your pick, but either way - we will see you in the arena! #Boom #2017
Jan 01, 2017
Announcement: PodClash 2017
This is a special announcement for our HUGE collaboration with the wonderful gents over at The Giant & The Stick podcast. Cast Royale and them have joined forces for throw a massive 10,000 gem tourney as a THANK YOU to all of our listeners across both amazing communities. See you in 2017!!
Dec 27, 2016
027: Clone Me Maybe
While things are hectic, and we are preparing for the holiday, we’re also tackling a HUGE episode! Supercell continues to make immense amounts of changes to the game. From Wario, to balance changes, to deck spotlights - this episode surely has a something for everyone. As always, we wrap up the episode with a healthy review section. Sit back, relax, and don’t get zapped by the Electro Wizard. We will see you at the top of the new year - and we hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays with their friends and families. Oh, and see you in the arena. Boom.
Dec 19, 2016
026: Back To Basics
After a well deserved holiday, we’re back with a little bit of everything! We start off by catching you up to speed on what’s been going on the past two weeks. We then move through a few news items and clan updates. We discuss the 11/30 balance changes in detail, before moving into a really awesome deck spotlight - which will surely remind you of the basics! We wrap up the episode with a healthy review section along with some really good laughs. BOOM!
Dec 05, 2016
025: Honeyboom (Take 2)
Join us this week, as Joe returns from his Honeyboom!! After a short break, we’ve got lot’s to discuss. We start off with a bunch of news and community updates, and an important announcement about the podcast. Then, we move swiftly through a few game topics which lead us into some really awesome deck spotlights. We wrap up the episode with some genuine feedback. All this and so more hodgepodginess than you can handle!
Nov 21, 2016
024: The Boom Deck
On this episode, we return to you with our highest trophy counts to date!! We touch on some news and clan updates, as well give our final opinions on the Graveyard spell. Later we go over everything there is to know about both the 11/1 Balance Changes and the Game Update as well as a BOOM-tastic Deck Spotlight that is sure to gain a fervent following. Turn up the volume and get ready, for another hodgepodge of EVERYTHING!!!!
Nov 07, 2016
023: Feedback Frenzy: October
Happy Halloween and welcome... to the Feedback Frenzy! This week, we start off with a few quick updates about life, our patrons, and the graveyard. We then go through some of our favorite e-mails for the month of October. This episode is sure to give you a hodgepodge of everything! Boom!
Oct 31, 2016
022: Lognado
Ladies and Gentlemen, batten down the hatches! A storm is coming… but not just any old storm. No - this storm, is fierce (and full of logs). Lognado has arrived! And we have much to discuss. We start with a hodgepodge of information, and then cover the 10/20 balance changes in detail. Next, we open a few chests, and then we wrap up the episode with an awesome deck spotlight that will surely get you to the legendary arena, and keep you there!
Oct 24, 2016
021: Here Comes The Boom
After a long break, we’re back at it again! Join us - as we continue the celebration of Joe getting married with some awesome Clash Royale talk. We start off with a healthy news and updates section that is sure to get everyone caught up to speed. Next, we cover each of the available new cards, their strengths and weaknesses, and much more! And of course, what would this episode be without a few new awesome decks to spotlight, right? Get your vows and the rings ready, because here comes the Boom!
Oct 17, 2016
020: Viva Las Vegas
We’re back from Vegas, and we have a lot to talk about! Join us, as we discuss the best game update to hit the game since it launched! We talk at length about the 9/19 balance changes that are sure to impact the meta in a big way. We also cover some truly awesome updates that are sure to increase the longevity of Clash Royale. If nothing else, this update gives players more options, and more of what we want. BOOM!
Sep 26, 2016
019: World of Witchcraft
On this week’s episode, you’re sure to have a true “hodgepodge” experience. We start off with the most news items we’ve had in quite a while, including some awesome bits about emotes that we’re all happy to hear! We move on to some fresh chest openings that features tourney chests, and some other big dogs! We then go into two awesome deck spotlights that give beefy cards some LOVE! Finally, we close out the episode with a truncated version of e-mails and reviews.
Sep 12, 2016
018: The Super Bowl
Get ready to tailgate, because we’re headed… to The Super Bowl!! This week, we discuss some more changes that hit the game, targeting legendaries, and those in the legendary arena! We follow that up with an awesome deck spotlight, which features a few cards that were recently buffed as a part of the 8/24 update. We wrap up the show with a solid e-mail and reviews section.
Sep 06, 2016
017: Welcome to the…Gallimaufry
Join us this week, as we’re back after a short break to discuss a gallimaufry of topics. We start this gargantuan episode with some introductions, then move swiftly through the 8/24 balance changes. We then discuss our 2nd tourney and a little bit about the decks that dominated. Finally, we wrap up the episode with an awesome e-mail and review section. Boom!
Aug 29, 2016
016: Feedback Frenzy
This week we’ve lost control. Welcome, to the FEEDBACK FRENZY, where we discuss game and clan updates, our huge hiccup from last week, and then…. Emails, emails, and some more emails. From deck spotlights, to strategic tips, to questions about Star Wars – this episode will surely have something just for you! Oh, and we also announce the next Cast Royale tourney - BOOM!
Aug 14, 2016
015: Return of the Jedi
We return on this episode to talk about our short hiatus and our very special weeks in the arena. We move on to discuss the turnout of our Boom Tourney as well as a little bit of news from SuperCell. Of course, it wouldn't be a true episode without an infamous Deck Spotlight and this one is sure to please, plus we touch on some awesome listener reviews that have piled up during the break.
Aug 07, 2016
014: Boom Tourney
On this episode, we discuss some recent tournament changes as well as our thoughts on the current state of tourneys as a whole. We also cordially invite you to our very first, Official Cast Royale Tourney! We follow that up with a few Deck Spotlights and reveal chest openings with "magical" fun! Finally, we close out the episode with some awesome emails and reviews.
Jul 18, 2016
013: KABOOM!!!
This week we discuss the tournaments, 7/4 balance changes in detail, and react to some changes made to features in the game! We follow that up with a solid Deck Spotlight and reveal chest openings with "magical" fun. Finally, we close out the episode with some awesome emails and reviews that show just how awesome our community is!
Jul 11, 2016
012: Pick Your Poison
On this show, we talk about our polar opposite experiences we've been having in the game. We then discuss the announcement of the Tournament feature and what that could mean for the future. For a change in pace, we talk at length about the features we'd like to see implemented into the game as well as a pretty sweet Deck Spotlight that is sure to please!
Jul 02, 2016
011: R.I.P. Hog Ridaaaah
Join us this week, as we discuss the 6/21 balance changes in full detail. Next, we switch up the deck spotlights to feature some of the best decks from our very own clans before heading into some awesome emails and reviews. We also feature something truly "legendary" and we think you'll love it!
Jun 25, 2016
010: Where My Legendaries At…
Happy Father's Day!!! On this monster episode, we have a surprise and we talk at length about multiple news items with a third party perspective (wink). We then go into a vast deck spotlight that'll almost certainly get you to three crown those emote abusers. You asked and we delivered - we open some chests and of course, it wouldn't be a show without some awesome listener emails and reviews!
Jun 19, 2016
009: P.E.K.K.A Boo
This week we tried something new, and realized it wasn't deserving of your ears. So we went back and recorded a very in depth deck spotlight to replace what was lost and we think you'll really like it. We then go into emails and reviews, slap a sticker on it, and call it a day!
Jun 05, 2016
008: Horde of a Good Time
This show we give our thoughts on the now released 5/18 balance changes, plus, we talk a bit about making our own clan tournament! We then continue our Arena Round-Up series and later bring you a brand spankin' new Deck Spotlight. To close out, we gush over Emails & Reviews, as well as make a big announcement.
May 29, 2016
007: Golden Eye
This episode we cover the balance changes from the perspective of before they were actually released. Perfect timing as always. We then dive into our Deck Spotlight and cover custom decks we think will make battling the newly balanced arena more fun. We also go over some fun clan updates and top it all off with listener emails and reviews!
May 21, 2016
006: Where My Guards At…
This week is all about the new game update! We dive into all 6 of the new cards starting with Legendary and work our way from there talking about strategies and counters we've seen used in the arena. We then cover some of the lesser known gems that came with this update and wrap up the show with another awesome feedback sesh.
May 12, 2016
005: It’s Not Rocket Science
May the Fourth Be With You! This week we play catch-up after a well deserved break, starting with a rundown of the news that has been spitfired from ol' SC. We then continue our (reimagined) Arena Round-Up followed by our newest section, Deck Spotlight. We also officially make a highly anticipated Clan announcement and close out the day with a mountain of feedback.
May 04, 2016
004: Helsinki Tournament 2016
This show we take a left turn to Helsinki Finland, where we talk about the first official Clash Royale tournament. We go over a couple of news items to start, and later dive deep into the winning (and losing) decks of the tournament Finals. To finish, we offer some clan updates, then slap some emails/reviews in box and put a bow on it.
Apr 20, 2016
003: Arena Round-Up (Pt. 2)
This episode we touch on the light news of Spectator Mode and Tournament rules. Later, we dive deep into the cards of Arena 1 & 2 to talk about some of their strategies. We wrap up the show with an amazing feedback section!
Apr 13, 2016
002: Arena Round-Up (Pt. 1)
This week we dig into specific cards and specific strategies around using each one in the Arena. Plus a look at the news and a few tools to help you get better.
Apr 06, 2016
001: Welcome to the Show!
This show marks our very first 'official' episode. To start off the podcast we cover the very first balance change to the game and then start to look at some of the basics to the game.
Apr 06, 2016
000: Testing 1, 2
This episode is the very first episode where we first introduce ourselves, talk about why we are doing this and work out any of the last minute issues.
Apr 06, 2016