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On FaithFactor Impact, Jessie Everline interviews today’s top thought leaders in the nonprofit and social sector. From the nonprofit community leader to the social intreprenuer, this is where you get timely inspiration, valuable content, ideas you can implement and connections that will keep you going. Each podcast episode features a successful thought leader who shares their story, some best practices, and their approach for cultivating strategic partnerships. Ultimately we gain insight into what drives these high impact leaders. What's their FaithFactor, their why, to make a difference!

Episode Date
022: What Does "Buy-In" Have To Do With It pt. 2 with JEVERLINE
Jan 30, 2017
021: What Does "Buy-In" Have To Do With It pt. 1 with JEVERLINE
Jan 23, 2017
020: Can You Spot These Opportunities With a S.W.O.T. with Carl Settles
Carl Settles is the Founder/Executive Director of E4 Youth an organization that helps bridge the gap between under-served youth and creative commercial arts careers. E4 Youth has has nurtured, trained and mentored over 2000 students since its inception. Carl has 20 years in high technology as a developer and producer and was recently featured by Microsoft's national ad campaign as one of their "People of Action". He chats with us about creating a sand box and spotting opportunities with a good ole S.W.O.T. Check it out.
Dec 12, 2016
019: Excellent baked bread makes all the difference with Carlos Lejnieks
Carlos Lejnieks is the President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters, a one-to-one, youth mentoring agency serving a three county region in New Jersey. Under his leadership the organization has become one of the largest mentoring agencies in the country serving well over 1,000 youth. Carlos chats with us about the power of just making excellent baked bread
Oct 24, 2016
018: Stop! Where's Your Elevator Speech with Nancy Levicki
Nancy Levicki is the co-founder and president of Dress for Success Houston and has provided business attire, job retention and career advancement services to more than 36,000 women in the Houston community. Nancy and Dress for Success have received countless awards and recognition which include Nancy being named fifty of the most influential women in Houston and a recipient of Oprah Winfrey’s BigGive. Nancy shares her secrect to raising $16.7 million in 15 months and so much more
Aug 29, 2016
017: Techniques That Could Help You Be More Efficient and Effective with Anne Foley
Anne Foley is a Perspective Pilot and helps people discover the proper perspective for solving problems, making decisions and improving results. Author, speaker and thought leader, Anne helps people find the higher perspective of life by seeing it through a lens of value and peace versus scarcity and fear. We chat about using techniques that will help you and your organization be more efficient and effective
Aug 08, 2016
016: Nonprofits: Burnout is the Disease of Our Civilization with Yogi Aaron
Yogi Aaron is the author of “The Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi,” currently serves as the co-owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Faith, passion and service are pillars of his teachings and he demonstrates this through his work with local nonprofit organizations in Costa Rica. Aaron chats with us about finding internal peace in the midst of all the noise. Nonprofit leaders, when we burn the candle at both ends of the stick, no one wins. Tune in
Aug 01, 2016
015:Why You Should Put a Face to Your "Why" with Zac Ziebarth
Zac Ziebarth is the Founder & CEO of SmartRoots, a nonprofit organization that seeks to equip and empower a generation of critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers to become agents of sustainable change. He is also the founder and managing director at Benecras - a sustainability advisory firm helping organizations in education and healthcare reduce waste, save money, and have a positive impact through sustainability.
Jul 25, 2016
014:Think Big.Innovate.Ideate.Repeat with Stephan Bauman
Stephan Bauman is the President and CEO of World Relief, a leading international relief and development organization serving more than five million vulnerable people each year. Stephan is also a poet,author, ordained minister, and strategist who considers his African friends his most important teachers. He chats with us about Thinking Big. Being Innovative and so much more.
Jul 18, 2016
013: What You Can Learn From The Secret Life of Pets with Ellen Jefferson
Dr. Ellen Jefferson is the Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing innovative and comprehensive programs for animals typically euthanized in a shelter setting. Ellen is a licensed veterinarian by training - committed to saving all animals and helping pet owners find resources. Featured on popular media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Ellen and APA have successfully made Austin the largest no-kill city in the nation.
Jun 27, 2016
012: No Valley Can Stop This Nonprofit leader with Chelsea Elliott
Chelsea Elliott is the Founder & Executive Director of half Helen Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve children's vision and hearing through innovative screenings, research and advocacy. Chelsea is committed to ensuring that all schools offer routine, high-quality, and affordable screening services. CNN hero and Austin Young Chamber Change Maker Finalist are just a few awards she has received for her work. Chelsea chats with us about getting through valleys and more.
Jun 20, 2016
011:Loss,Burnout & Digging Wells in Nonprofits with Matt Houston
Matt Houston is Chief of Staff of BEAM, a company that offers nonprofits bundled technology and professional services to provide high quality back office services and the capacity to grow. Matt is also Principal of MLH Enterprises and has been a consultant for organizations such as The Nelson Mandela Foundation and KIPP Charter School System. He was also the Executive Director of Group Excellence, a mentoring and tutoring company that became the second largest tutoring program in Texas. He chats with us about Loss, Burnout and Digging Wells
Jun 13, 2016
010:Mission May Not Keep Them with Jennifer Singer
Jennifer Singer is the Executive Director for The Friendship Club, a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk adolescent girls in Nevada County by teaching them life skills, personal responsibility and the value of hard work. Jennifer is a certified fund raising executive and has been a featured speaker for organizations such as the Center for Nonprofit Leadership and a guest on See Jane Do, an award-winning social change media & event productions organization. Jennifer chats with us about how mission may not keep people coming back
Jun 06, 2016
009:A Lesson in Superheros and Being Intentional with Josh Dye
Josh is a ninja at helping organizations extend their message and mission. Whether his efforts result in improved membership or increased online traffic or donations, Josh is known for getting the job done. He serves as the marketing & outreach coordinator for HousingLink and is also the president of Convene, a speaking, training and consulting company for nonprofits. Josh chats with us about Superhero’s and being intentional. Listen to his story.
May 31, 2016
008:What Does Jay Z Have to Do With it? Jennifer Shiley Shares her story
Jennifer Shiley is the President and CEO of Young Elites, a for purpose organization that provides full-scholarships for high school girls to go through expert programming that inspires their intellectual, physical, and social growth while preparing for a lifestyle of leadership. Shiley has spent her life helping kids. Stand-up comedy, Jay Z lyrics and sports and recreation programs have all been a part of her tool kit to reengage and inspire young people. Listen to her story
May 23, 2016
007: Why you Should Start Having Difficult Conversations Now! with Brian Garshelis
Brian Garshelis is the Program Director with New Sector Alliance. He s responsible for national recruiting and partnership development strategy. He has worked with the likes of US State Senator Amy Klobuchar and has a clear passion for developing the next generation of nonprofit leaders. When he’s not hard at work with New Sector Alliance, he is sharing his wisdom as a featured conference speaker and guest blogger. Brian chats with us about why we need to embrace difficult conversation NOW!
May 16, 2016
006: How Tragedy Can Help You Identify Your Leadership Pipeline with Mitchell Gibbs
Mitchell Gibbs is the Executive Director for frontsteps a nonprofit organization that is working to end homelessness in Austin, Texas. Mitchell has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years and has served on more than 50 nonprofit boards. His reach in the community ranges from education and advocacy to health and housing issues for underserved populations. Some lovingly refer to him as “the fundraising guy” – speaking to his knack for firing others up to give to worthy causes. Mitchell shares his story and how tragedy can help you identify your leadership pipeline
May 09, 2016
005: Whats the Secret Formula to Leadership with Jonathan Milligan
Jonathan Milligan is a successful blogger, speaker and career coach. After spending several years as an Executive Search Consultant, he turned his heart towards his passion and now spends his days helping those who want to discover, pursue, and develop their passion through blogging. Johnathan has been featured on lifehacker, business week, and blog world and he chats with us to today about the Secret Formula to Leadership
May 02, 2016
004: Wait! Have YOU taken inventory with Dr. Harold Arnold
Dr. Harold Arnold is founder of The Pursuit of Influence, an organization which teaches strategies for developing organizations, teams, and families with extraordinary influence. Harold is a well-recognized author, speaker and columnist and has been featured in Focus on the Family & Urban Faith.
Apr 25, 2016
003:How Rachel Jackson Got Started with a Simple Sack Lunch
Rachel Jackson is the founder of Project Compassion and has provided outreach to homeless and low income families since 2005. Project Compassion has served over 45,000 individuals through resources, workshops, and training programs and has been a bridge to services for those in need. Rachel has been featured in the Huffington post, a guest on the Tyra Banks Show and has been honored as one of 10 Women of Worth by L’OREAL Pairs. Rachel is a top notch thought leader who’s doing work that matters and making an impact.
Apr 18, 2016
000: Jessie Everline of FaithFactor IMPACT
On FaithFactor Impact, Jessie Everline interviews today’s top thought leaders in the nonprofit and social sector every Monday. Get timely insights in leadership, learn some best practices, and how to approach cultivating strategic partnerships. To top it off, gain insight into what drives these high impact leaders. What's their FaithFactor, their why, to make a difference!
Apr 05, 2016
001: Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Strategy with Jarie Bradley
Jarie Bradley is an executive for City Square and serves as the vice president of human resources. She is a highly engaged leader in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and serves in a number of ways to include an appointment on the mayors Star Council and among other board appointments she is a member of Family Promise of Irving, a nonprofit that supports families experiencing homelessness.
Apr 05, 2016
002: Why You're Not Overcoming Doubt (And What You Can Do About It)
Maria Hernandez is the founder and executive director of Growing Roots in Austin, Texas. She is a trained speech-language pathologist and has been featured in the Austin Women’s Magazine for her commitment to helping families of children with disabilities. The Johnny Casinos Foundation knighted her as the autism champion. She helps parents understand their children’s diagnosis and connects them with community resources.
Apr 05, 2016