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Leah McSweeney, creator and CEO of Married to The Mob and Laura Stylez, radio personality from Hot 97’s Ebro and the Morning are launching their very own podcast Improper Etiquette. We will discuss love, sex, relationships and interview the strongest female figures in music, fashion and business. Join Leah and Laura as they allow you into their lives and bring you along for the ride. Contact us at

Episode Date
Episode 119: It’s Not the Time to be Grouponing Sis! ft. Dr.Rita Linkner
It’s Not the Time to be Grouponing Sis! We sit down with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Rita Linkner @RitaLinknerMD to discuss everything SKIN! From teen acne to caring for skin of color. The doctor explains how we can schedule procedures around ovulation cycles and the ways pregnancy can effect our skin. Plus we learn all about botox , laser, fillers, kybella, cool sculpting,acutane and much more! Enjoy!
Jun 04, 2019
Episode 118: It’s relaxed but don’t stick anything in there!
This week we learn all about Laura’s fascination with Circus freakshow culture and the history behind Coney Island. Leah and Kristina explain why their hooked on Love After Lock up , and what we think is really going on with Britney Spears and her parents. Reina fills us in on her college reunion fuckery. Plus we discuss the Central Park 5 Netflix special,mental health,pooping during anal, relationships, and shower sex! Enjoy!
May 29, 2019
Episode 117: Our Body Our Choice! ft Gary Adelman
This week we are joined by Lawyer Gary Adelmen who breaks down what’s really going on with the the abortion bans popping up throughout the country. We also discuss our favorite characters & moments from Sex and the City and Laura’s tells us about her real life “Single and Fabulous question mark” moment! We share our embarrassing haircuts from back in the day! Then we get into Of Mics and Men; a docu-series detailing the collective careers of the Legendary WuTang Clan!
May 22, 2019
This week, we are joined by the whole IE gang including a cameo by the incredible Producer Tiff! On this episode, Leah tells us all about the time she was a Penthouse Prisoner in Miami, spills on weening off of Lexapro, and how impactful exercise has on our mental health. Also, we get into Wendy Williams divorce updates, the importance of a poppin soul cycle instructor & playlist, and Laura tells us about the time she lost her mermaid hair clip-ins in an all-out brawl at the club! As always we get into your lovely listener letters and discuss the madness going on in the world today- enjoy!
May 01, 2019
Episode 115 we recap our amazing time at the Reebok x Mob collab event and the outpour of donations for I Support the Girls! Leah spills about her dad's wild Woodstock adventures and her recent sibling rivalries. We get into Kanye’s very Rajneeshee Sunday Service, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s, recent engagement and the ladies open up about their outlook on religion and spirituality. Laura let's us in on us conversations she's had with Dr. Sebi’s family regarding Alkaline diets and we get into your listener letters and ig messages! Enjoy!💕
Apr 24, 2019
Episode 114: I Got Entered!
This week we are joined by the lovely Reina and she updates us on her new job, applying to grad school, and the horrors of Netflix and Chilling. Leah fills us in on a story of a young YouTuber (who might be 13 married AND pregnant?!), Laura tells us all about the madness she witnessed during Coachella, and we share our thoughts on Shannade Clermont’s sentencing. Plus, we talk about the Democratic Town Hall, and read your listener letters! Don't forget to join us this Thursday at Reebok in Union Square @ 6 pm to celebrate the launch of Married to the Mob X Reebok collab!
Apr 17, 2019
Episode 113: The Kitchen’s Closed!
This week on Improper Etiquette the ladies get into Beyoncé’s Netflix special announcement and meeting her in person! We talk about exes checking up on you when you've moved on and the Netflix documentary ”Social Animals” about teens and their digital and real lives. We find out that Leah is our very own Regina George making slam books in high school. Laura shares getting jumped by 4 girls and her and her homegirls fighting back. We also declare our love for Andrew Yang’s politics and we get into some of your listener letters! We meet us on April 18th 6-8 pm Reebok store in Union Square for the launch of MTTMx Reebok collab launch!
Apr 11, 2019
Episode 112: TIMES UP, YOURE DONE! Ft. Sandrine Charles
Sandrine Charles PR extraordinaire and actual crew athlete lets us pick her brain about what's it's like coming up the PR industry and starting her own agency, remaining accountable in your work and interning do’s & don'ts. We also discuss the importance of having friends that know you and networking. We send our condolences to Nispey Hussle’s family & friends and we still clash on the Adnan Syed case! Enjoy!
Apr 03, 2019
Episode 111: A LIL DICK SUCKIN!
This week join us as we figure out how we feel about Wendy William’s recent media whirlwind and Laura’s African Ancestry results. The HBO documentary The Inventor sparks inspiration for our own start up company. Laura discusses getting coach shaming ,having 8 hour nightmare and Vice’s minority report. Leah is on the hunt for the best dude ranch and exploring the idea of domestic traveling Plus Jussie Smollett’s charges have been dropped! And we read your listener letters! Like, Rate, Comment!
Mar 28, 2019
Episode 110: Outraged Over the Outrage!
This week Destiny of New wave feminist and Pro-life advocate comes to the show to discuss challenging the Pro-life movement in becoming more women centered, removing the stigma of being a pro-life feminist, providing information, resources and support for pregnant women. Then we discuss our upcoming live show, the dark side of politics on twitter and the Adnan Syeed case gets spicy! Then we get into a letter from a listener too consumed with her boyfriend’s social media! Enjoy
Mar 19, 2019
Ep 109 We Give you Murder & Positivity!
Join us this week as we discuss college admissions fraud in Hollywood and figure out whether happy endings on dates are ok? Laura sheds light on her experience in Havana,Red-bull’s music academy hip hop festival and the amazing art instillations and food Cuba has to offer. Leah gives us the drop on the HBO special on the Adnan Syed trial and announces Reebok 3AM Married to the Mob Capsule Launch/Improper Etiquette live podcast. Foot Locker Times Square – 1460 Broadway New York, Friday March 22, 7-9pm! Come through!
Mar 14, 2019
Episode 108: Do We Still Dance to Thriller? ft. Christine Serdjenian Yearwood
This week on Improper Etiquette we sit down with CEO and founder of Up-Stand Christine Serdjenian Yearwood as she educates us on improving accessibility for pregnant women and parents in our cities and workplaces. We discuss everything from breastfeeding to changing tables and how we can advocate for these issues. Then we get into the R Kelly interview, Michael Jackson documentary and the backlash Oprah’s receiving for her after show. Then we share our Fuckboy Of the Week and read your listener letters.
Mar 07, 2019
Episode 107: He’s worried about your bowel movements :That’s love!
Join us this week as we discuss pregnancy discrimination in the work place,this Jussie smolett media circus and NYC transit filthiness! Laura explains how Black Mirror is coming to life and the need for social media breaks. Leah shares some recent relationship milestones and differentiates between having a Midwife and a Doula. Plus we get into Fuckboy of the week Enjoy!
Feb 20, 2019
Episode 106: Ft. Doctor Angela The Vagina Whisperer!
This week we sit down with the marvelous doctor Angela, Brand ambassador for Astroglide , to uncover what's really going on during the female orgasm. We also discuss the importance of sex education in and outside of schools, how to ensure your PH is balanced and the benefits of introducing lube to your sex life! Leah shares a gynecologist horror story, and Laura has questions for squirters! Then we get into some of your questions for Dr Angela! Enjoy!
Feb 10, 2019
Episode 105: Stop Tryna Make Ted Bundy Fetch!
On Episode 105 The ladies fill us in on their new obession: Marie Kondo and her shady ways sparking joy in their lives, and whats really going on with 21 Savage. We also discuss Crip-A-Cola, Brooklyn prison and NYC housing conditions as well as this new wave of Ted Bundy admiration. Leah gives her perspective on the struggle between Taxis vs Uber, Laura shares her take on Hoarding. Plus we get into some of your listener letters! Enjoy!
Feb 06, 2019
Episode 104: Swap Meet Savvy! Ft. Snow Tha Product
This week on Improper Etiquette we welcome rapper and actor (IMDB Certified!) Snow tha product! She shares her journey into the music industry, balancing motherhood in hip hop and her collaboration with K-Swiss. We also discuss LA swap meets, Queen of the South and Keto dieting. Plus We get into listener letters from you guys! Enjoy!
Jan 23, 2019
Episode 103: Surviving the Industry ft. Kathy Iandoli
This week we are joined by author and hip hop journalist Kathy Iandoli ,as we discuss her up coming book God Save The Queens: a look at the history of women in Hip Hop. The ladies share the impact female rap pioneers had on the their lives. Then we weigh in on the Surviving R Kelly Docu -Series and Toxic Masculinity in the industry. Enjoy!
Jan 16, 2019
Episode 102: To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze
Episode 102: To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze by Improper Etiquette
Dec 05, 2018
Episode 101: Those Who Bidet & Those Who Don’t Feat. Asa Akira
This week’s on Improper Etiquette Asa Aikra returns to the show and we discuss pregnancy, monogamy, porn, and fetishes. The ladies share their thoughts on threesomes, masturbation, parenting and giving birth. Plus, Laura tells us about discovering her ex’s fetish, Leah reveals all the things she’s turned into makeshift vibrators over the years Enjoy!
Nov 28, 2018
EPISODE 100: Swingin' These Tits! Feat Marisa Mendez
This week we are joined by the lovely Marisa Mendez as the ladies discuss the ins and outs of their self-grooming regime, Serena Williams GQ controversy and J-LO getting involved in A-rod’s Child support case. Laura puts us on to some of her favorites on Netflix and may or may not have done Ayahuasca! Marisa fills us in on experiences with therapy, details a lackluster threesome and the creepy story of The New Jersey Watcher house. Enjoy!
Nov 15, 2018
Episode 99: I'm doing Yelp reviews. Who am I ??
This week on Episode 99 of Improper Etiquette We get into all things midterm Elections: the hassles of city funding, flipping your ballot, and immigration policies. Leah gives us all the details on her trip to LA for the Reason free speech gala and the ridiculous dress ordeal. Laura dishes on her interview with the mayor and Hasan Minaj’s Netflix special. Also we read an amazing listener letter, Enjoy!
Nov 08, 2018
Episode 98: Once upon an Especially Whorish Night..
On Episode 98 of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the case of the sisters found in the Hudson River and it’s lack of news coverage. We also chat about the controversy behind Apu’s elimination from The Simpsons, Halloween costume dos and don’ts, and Tarana Burke’s plan to shift the current narrative of the #MeToo movement. Plus, Laura shares another baseball bat story, Leah let’s us know when it’s time to give up the hoe life, and we read some listener letters- Enjoy!
Oct 30, 2018
Episode 97: Free All the Hoes!
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, Laura gives us a recap of the first annual ENVSN fest! We’re also joined by Reina who fills us in on all the behind the scenes action. Also, we discuss the release of an ex NFL player who tried to have his pregnant girlfriend murdered, the pros and cons of legalizing sex work, and an epic fuck boy of the week. Plus, we share our thoughts on Trans men and women in the competitive sports world, Leah reveals how she’d spend her Lotto wins, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Oct 24, 2018
Episode 96: #IncestIsBest
This week on Improper Etiquette episode 96 we discuss pregnancy fetish porn and the audacity of Instagram’s nipple police! Leah fills us in on Tarana Burke’s New York Times interview about the #MeToo movement and the importance of her original message. The ladies rave about Lady Gaga’s new movie A Star is Born and how fine Bradley Cooper is! Laura lets it be known she is not here for ANY haunted house experiences. Also we examine the importance of making time for yourself and just stepping away from technology. We take a moment to dedicate the episode to a young woman who lost her life to addiction and the beautiful and thought provoking eulogy her family wrote for her. Enjoy!
Oct 18, 2018
Episode 95: The Island of Dolls
On Episode 95 of Improper Etiquette, we dish on the incredible trips we took last week! Laura shares her travels to Mexico City, (where she fulfilled her lifelong dream of exploring Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul,) and Leah shares her ventures at Zumiez’s annual ROCTOBER event (where she received a very questionable psychic reading!) Plus, we discuss our stances on capital punishment, suspicious dreams, Sgt. Edwin Raymond’s Crime + Punishment documentary, and the importance of news detoxing- Enjoy!
Oct 10, 2018
Episode 94: Red Pill Black
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss our thoughts on the Kavanaugh hearings and the challenges of remaining objective as an outsider. We also talk about our strip club adventures, childhood sex ed, and Lindsay Lohan’s latest Euro-exploits. Plus, Laura has a fangirl moment over Janet Jackson, Leah explores the Intellectual Dark Web, and Reina returns from her whale-tail escapades! Enjoy!
Oct 03, 2018
We've missed you! This week, we have a special bonus episode to talk about our upcoming barre event, @ENVSNFest, and we give a sneak peek at next week’s full length episode
Sep 26, 2018
EPISODE 93: This Is Some Trump Shit
On this week’s episode, we have special guest @SitaCYoung! Plus, Sasha is here and we cover everything from Soon-Yi Previn breaking her silence, Laura gets the maternity card in her tarot reading, Leah gives Donald Trump Jr #FckBoyoftheWeek, and Sita gives us crazy insight into tarot reading.
Sep 20, 2018
On September 13th, 2018, @TheHoxtonHotel invited us to host a live panel with Alex Fine (@afinehuman) and just go wild! at 10:45 Hear us discuss the metamorphosis of an idea to a start up, then Alex uses statistics behind types orgasms to explain why Dame products make sense, we talk vibrator rumors, having the worst day of your career when you’re business is successful, and finding a the right job in the sex industry. And of course, we talk sex-business career stigmas and roadblocks!
Sep 15, 2018
Episode 92: I Would Want to Embalm It & Keep It
On this week’s episode we start off with a commemoration of the events of 17 years ago today, and of course, we get into the Nicki VS. Cardi beef, Mac Miller’s passing and loving an addict, Serena at the US Open, Laura asks what needle exchanges can really do to help combat the opiate epidemic, and Leah weighs in on Nas and Kelis’ coparenting drama. Plus, cyst videos, YouTube hair fail comps, and Kiki’s streaming pick of the week!
Sep 12, 2018
Episode 91: I Thought It Was a Nutty Taco
On this week’s episode we discuss hot rich pirates in Thailand, eating bugs and the after taste of their eggs, the unexplored side of Ibiza, Leah’s newest Penthouse article and the new Me Too movement, and we give you our current entertainment picks! Plus, we announce our upcoming live podcast event, and we get to answer some listener letters!
Sep 06, 2018
Episode 90: Tu as Coulé Mon Bateu! Feat. Fafi
On episode 90 of Improper Etiquette, we welcome amazing artist-extraordinaire Fafi! Fafi shares her origin story, from beginnings as a teenaged-kleptomaniac to becoming a world-renowned illustrator and collaborator. Fafi also discusses the evolution of her art over the years, partying with the likes of Daft Punk, and parenting her incredible son Neil. Plus, we discuss the new sexual assault allegations against Asia Argento, the new trend of mukbang videos, and we give you the 411 on the IE merch we’ve got in stock! Enjoy!
Aug 21, 2018
Episode 89: Irish Dick Chamber
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we give you an update of all the crazy things we’ve been up to! We also discuss Lindsay Lohan’s latest exploits, the Alexander Wang boycott, Max’s departure from MTV’s Catfish, and deadly dating tragedies. Plus, Leah shares a Fuckboy of the week repeat offender, Laura gives us the rundown on ENVSN Fest with the lovely Sharifa Murdock, and we show off the incredible IE merch we’ve made for ya! Enjoy!
Aug 14, 2018
Episode 88: Chocolate Shrooms at the Dominican Wedding
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss Beyoncé’s VOGUE spread, and how the celebration of pregnancy can positively impact women. We also talk about our new favorite TV shows (shout-out to Sacha Baron Cohen’s EXCELLENT Who Is America,) the TLC identical twin marriages, and the bizarre trend of snapchat filter cosmetic surgery. Plus, we weigh the positives and negatives of recreational drug usage, read your listener letters, and get a surprise hello from a little someone- Enjoy!
Aug 08, 2018
Episode 87: Play Eye of the Tiger! Feat. DJ Megan Ryte
This week on Improper Etiquette, we FINALLY welcome the amazing DJ Megan Ryte! Megan shares her journey from early beginnings DJ-ing in Virginia and Miami, to signing with Interscope and becoming the first female DJ in hip-hop to curate an album. She also talks about auditioning for the original Love & Hip-Hop Miami, her almost-casting on This is Hot 97, and her epic tour with K Michelle. We also discuss Netflix’s recent statement on Aziz Ansari, the power of prayer, and we read your listener letters- Enjoy!
Jul 31, 2018
Episode 86: Chuggin' Wine at my First Communion
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss our various religious upbringings, the disgraceful CEO of Feminist Apparel, and the disappearance of VJ Jesse Camp. We also talk about the (beyond amazing) Mister Roger documentary, the tragic murder of Nia Wilson, and analyze the impact of censorship in present day USA. Plus, Laura shares her newfound love of Dark Tourism, Leah gives us an epic Fuckboy of the Week, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jul 24, 2018
Episode 85: I'll Eat A Tofu Burger In A Fur Coat
This week on Improper Etiquette, we discuss the outrageous drama regarding the owner of Juice Press, the Scott Storch documentary, and the validity of the Clermont Twin’s fraud allegations. We also talk about the fuckery of Elon Musk, Kylie Jenner’s status as a “self-made billionaire,” Asia Argento’s latest nonsense, and we revisit the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case. Plus, Laura shows off her badass tattoos, Leah dishes on meeting Lil’ Kim (her #1 idol,) and we let you know exactly why you should be watching POSE on FX! Enjoy!
Jul 17, 2018
Episode 84: The Power of Bamboo Hoops Feat. Jazerai Allen-Lord
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome the incredible Jazerai Allen- Lord! Jazz shares her come-up from reclaiming her individuality in San Diego to becoming one of NYC’s most prominent multifaceted creatives. She also dishes on making smart business and personal investments, her contributions to #TrillFit, the importance of authenticity, and the time she got blocked by Hypebae. Plus, we discuss sexism in streetwear, the current state of the #MeToo movement, the amazing Tham Luang Cave rescue in Thailand, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jul 10, 2018
Episode 83: I Pusha T-ed You
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we celebrate last week’s amazing panel at VFILES, and how we felt inspired by our incredible guests! We also discuss parenting through puberty, the female equivalent to “Big Dick Energy,” and the controversy of Ian Connor’s attendance at the Louis Vuitton show. Plus, Leah shares updates from her Penthouse article release, Laura inquires the horrors of childbirth, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jul 03, 2018
On this bonus mini-episode, we share a special announcement about tomorrow’s live podcast at VFILES! We also give a special thanks to the amazing Claire J (shout out to our incredible listeners who came out to SOUL!) and Leah debuts her new article in PENTHOUSE! Enjoy- hope to see you tomorrow!
Jun 27, 2018
Episode 82: Oops!...I Sucked Nazi Dick
On episode 82 of Improper Etiquette, we discuss Nicki Minaj’s controversial ELLE interview, anti-Semitic fuckboys, and our stances on politically correct comedy. We also dish on our favorite female rappers, our love for Rico Nasty, and some our favorite true-crime stories. Plus, Leah investigates the Anthony Bourdain case a-la HOMELAND, Laura geeks over the new Tim Burton Dumbo trailer, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jun 19, 2018
Episode 81: A Trip to the Doll Brothel
We’re back from sick leave for Episode 81! This week, we dive right into the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, and the unfortunate aftermath involving Asia Argento and Rose McGowan. We also discuss Ariana Grande’s recent engagement, wild airplane masturbation stories, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s intimate photos, and the high-tech sex robots that have just hit the market. Plus, Leah dishes on her documentary of the week: White Boy Rick, Laura shares some wild Summer Jam fuckery, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jun 12, 2018
Episode 80: STFU-Eyes
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the audacity of young children, Harvey Weinstein’s arrest, and faux-liberal reactions to NYC school zoning. Also, we talk about the health benefits of cockroach milk, the allegations against Nev from Catfish, and #wherearethechildren. Plus, Leah gives up on cleansing in favor of NLP, Laura trades in coffee for “golden-glow” elixir, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
May 29, 2018
Episode 79: Backpack Full O' Dildos
On episode 79 of IE, we discuss the Royal Family drama, the ups and downs of Mayor de Blasio’s term, and who exactly is the child known as Lil’ Tay. Also, we analyze the Cardi B and Azealia Banks beef, childhood freedom, the controversy over Lars Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built, and bizarre new-age definitions of consent. Plus, Leah dreams of ass injections, Laura dishes on her organized crime ring at RAMPAGE, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
May 22, 2018
Episode 78: Poppin' Pills Up My Butthole Feat. Lynsey Ayala
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome Lynsey Ayala, owner of cannabis wellness brand, BreadxButta! Lynsey gives us the rundown on how she founded her business, how she incorporates her family’s traditional remedies into her products, and how we can use BreadxButta products in our daily routine! We also discuss the badassery of Vanessa Trump, cooking chicken in the dishwasher, #MeToo in the hip-hop industry, and the proper way to wipe (front to back ladies!) Plus, Laura tells the story of her first infant “boob-meal,” Reina misclassifies butter, Leah prepares to feng-shui with yoni eggs, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
May 11, 2018
Episode 77: Cum Trees and Elephant Walks
On episode 77 of Improper Etiquette, we discuss Kanye West’s bullshit of the week, the dangers of durian fruit, cannibalistic Netflix films, and the varying scents of vaginas. Also, we dish on #MuteRKelly, FX’s Atlanta, the Nike women’s revolt, and national treasure Michelle Wolf. Plus, Laura shares her new love for The Handmaid’s Tale, Leah swears off chicken, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
May 04, 2018
Episode 76: The Kanye Curse Feat. Kathy Iandoli
On this super-episode of IE, we welcome Kathy Iandoli, hip-hop journalist extraordinaire! Kathy dishes on the lack of documentation of women in hip-hop, working with icons like Prodigy (RIP), and sharing dinner with Lil’ Kim at TGI Friday’s. We also discuss the NXIVM sex cult, the strength of Kelis, the Bill Cosby verdict, and the fuckery of Kanye West. Plus, Leah goes on a Dick-Quest, Laura shares her redneck roadside bar horror story, and we read your listener letters- Enjoy!
Apr 27, 2018
Episode 75: Cord-Cutting and Quartz Activators feat. Emilia Ortiz
On our 75th episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome fabulous spiritual advisor Emilia Ortiz! Emilia shares her journey of learning and practicing spiritual healing, brujería, and how she uses her gifts to help others. She also shares how to navigate lucid dreams, using crystals as tools of manifestation, and maintaining healthy relationships with others. Plus, Laura revisits the dangerous trend of plastic surgery glamour, Leah brings attention to the horrific Brooklyn body dismemberment murder, and Emilia and her bae CJ Fly share how to have a fulfilling loving relationship. Enjoy!
Apr 17, 2018
Episode 74: Just Be a Hoe! Feat. Marz Lovejoy
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome our first-ever pregnant guest, Marz Lovejoy! Marz breaks down her journey from Minneapolis to NYC, her awesome contributions to Office Magazine, and how she gives back both professionally and charitably. We also discuss our stances on home vs hospital births, Instagram censorship, premature blow jobs, and the men of SoulCycle. Plus, Laura shares her thoughts on free menstrual products in public school, Leah dishes on Spitta Andretti’s New Orleans birthday extravaganza, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Apr 10, 2018
Episode 73: The Lost Lives on Crusty Jeans
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the struggles of NFL cheerleaders, last weekend’s March for Our Lives, and Leah and Kiki’s meet-and-greet- with FuckGIRL of the Week Erika Jayne. Also, we revisit our discussions on proper subway etiquette, the challenges of DDCs, and epic food poisoning. Plus, Laura shares her newfound love for The Good Doctor on ABC, Leah obsesses over Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Mar 27, 2018
Episode 72: Pirañas and Virgin Boy Pee
This week on IE, we talk about the recklessness of H&M and Snapchat, the horrors of penis facials, health benefits of CBD oil, and the danger of consuming eggs from Dongyang, China. We also share our first shaving stories, our love for 90’s Jared Leto, and the miraculous life of Blue Ivy Carter. Plus, Laura conquers her fear of fish by watching The Shape of Water, Leah considers a Rajneesh x MOB collab after viewing Wild Wild Country, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Mar 21, 2018
Episode 71: Your Dick Doesn't Have a Nose feat. Aria Hughes
On episode 71 of Improper Etiquette, we welcome incredible fashion journalist Aria Hughes! Aria gives us an overview on responsible journalism, and how to create a story that’s both informative and engaging. We also discuss dating in NYC, Beyoncé’s work ethic, cycling, our choice McDonald’s orders, and the current state of being female in streetwear. Plus, Leah shares her thoughts on PBS’ The Man Who Knew, Laura shares her recent trip to NYC’s Museum of Sex, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Mar 13, 2018
Episode 70: Banana in My Mouth
It's International Women’s Day, so we’re celebrating our vaginas on this episode of Improper Etiquette! We discuss representation in the media, the heroism of Aly Raisman, inbreeding, Netflix’s uber-scary Veronica, the stupidity of The Bachelor, and the fear of fish. Plus, Leah talks about her interview for HYPEBEAST’s article on sexism in streetwear, Laura shares her excitement for the Frida Kahlo Barbie doll, and we give you the 411 about our special SOUL CYCLE night out! Enjoy!
Mar 08, 2018
Episode 69: An Ass Full of Caulk
We’re back with a mini episode of Improper Etiquette! This week, we break down the brilliance of Black Panther, the strength of the Parkland students, and share what we’re watching on TV these days. Also, we discuss Blac Chyna’s questionable body enhancements, our obsession with Olympian Adam Rippon, and reminisce about the era of Gianni Versace. Plus, Leah shares her newfound love for SOULCYCLE, Laura shows off her bling, and we read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Feb 21, 2018
Episode 68: Juicy Booty Feat. Asa Akira
On episode 68 of Improper Etiquette, we welcome the supersexxxy Asa Akira! Asa tells us her come-up story, from working at dungeons and strip clubs in NYC to starring in her own adult films. She also discusses her new ventures with PornHub, feminism in Tr*mp’s America, and the many misconceptions of working in the sex industry. Plus, we discuss Tom Brady and his major Superbowl loss, Rose McGown’s heated Barnes and Noble book signing, and read your listener letters! This was was epic- enjoy!
Feb 06, 2018
Episode 67: Peaches, Eggplants, and Baby Carrots
On our 67th episode of Improper Etiquette, we jump right into our favorite highs and lows from the 2018 Grammys! We also discuss the aftermath of the Larry Nassar trial, Jen Selter’s unfortunate airline escapade, SNL’s genius Aziz Ansari skit, and we read your listener letters! Plus, Laura has a “brunch and a brawl,” Leah searches for a Puerto Rican Papí, and we figure out the best ways to open conversation on dating apps! Enjoy!
Jan 30, 2018
Episode 66: Money Can't Buy You Clout feat. Julie Anne Quay of VFILES
On episode 66 of Improper Etiquette, we welcome the fabulous Julie Anne Quay, Founder of VFILES! JAQ shares her amazing journey from “being an observer” at ESPRIT Australia, to working alongside legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel and founding VFILES. Also, we share our thoughts on this year’s Women’s March, Aly Raisman’s powerful speech to Larry Nassar, and the beauty of 90’s supermodel culture. Plus, Leah gets her electrolytes in check, Laura shares her obsession with “unicorn tears,” and we obsess over the wonders of Concorde Air travel. Enjoy!
Jan 23, 2018
Episode 65: Azizgate
We’re back for our first episode of the year! We jump right in with an analysis of the Aziz Ansari accusations, the wonders of Ancestry DNA kits, beauty procedures that we’re desperate to undergo, and the messages behind our favorite Black Mirror episodes. Plus, Leah recounts the best “rave- era,” Laura shares her ventures through Asia, and we discuss America’s weird obsession with true crime. Plus, we share 2018’s first Documentary and Fuckboy of the week, and read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Jan 16, 2018
Episode 64: Hand Holding feat. Alexa Complex
We get a little freaky with professional mistress Alexa Complex for Episode 64! Alexa gives us her full come-up story, from humble strip club beginnings to owning her own dungeon. She also lays down the fundamentals of being a dominatrix, how she maintains a “safe and consensual” work environment, and what really goes down in the BDSM community. Plus, we discuss TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year (shout out Tarana Burke!), “Spicy Whites,” and read your listener letters! Enjoy!
Dec 12, 2017
Episode 63: Bionic Penis
Hey bitches- We spent some quality chill time for Episode 63! This week, we discuss exes using your Netflix account, breastfeeding, the influence of Sophia the Robot, eating placenta, and we prepare for Mercury’s retrograde! Plus, Laura gives us the details on her recurring nightmares, Leah survives her November Bipolar Saga, and we read your listener letters! Happy Tuesday!
Dec 05, 2017
Episode 62: Respect the Ricotta! Feat. Marisa Mendez
The fabulous Marisa Mendez brings back the sexcapades for Episode 62! Marisa dishes on her current ventures from her hustles at REVOLT to her involvement with Trap Kitchen. Also, we discuss awkward hospital visits, Roy Moore’s pedophilia allegations, yeast infections, dating younger men, and the Cyntoia Brown case. Plus, Laura measures the ups and downs of motherhood, Leah shares her Documentary of the Week, Reina sets her house on fire, and we read your listener letters! We had so much fun this week- enjoy!
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 61: #MeToo feat. Tarana Burke
For our 61st episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome the incredible Tarana Burke, creator of the #MeToo Movement! Tarana shares her incredible journey, from establishing Just Be Inc., to pioneering the #MeToo campaign. She also breaks down the statistics behind sexual assault, provides an analysis of sexual assault in response to hip hop culture, and explains how we can learn and talk about the complex issues that correlate. Plus, we revisit the case against Banana Republic, discuss R Kelly’s recent escapades, and read your listener letters! This one was super informative- enjoy! For more on #MeToo, follow @themetoomvmt on Instagram, or visit .
Nov 21, 2017
Episode 60: Lesbisodes
On our 60th episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss our incredible trip to ComplexCon! (We were so glad to connect with so many listeners and inspiring women!) Also, we express our thoughts on skin bleaching, afterthoughts on Day I Met El Chapo, and the “Transracial” phenomenon. Plus, Laura gives us the details about her trip to Japan, Leah discusses her guest spot on Brilliant Idiots, we read your listener letters, and we share this week’s Fuckboy of the Week! Enjoy!
Nov 15, 2017
Episode 59: From Sebastian Bach to Marlon Wayans
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the highs and lows of purchasing luxury handbags, enneagram personalities, Uber pools versus public transportation, and the incredible survivors portrayed in the One of Us documentary. Also, we express our thoughts on the twitter attacks on Ellen DeGeneres, and analyze the controversy between VOGUE and Terry Richardson’s professional career. Plus, Laura shares her obsession with Kate del Castillo and The Day I Met El Chapo, Leah gives us her Fuckboy of the Week, and we dish on our upcoming trip to ComplexCon! Enjoy!
Oct 31, 2017
Episode 58: Little Milk Devils feat. Violet and Indhira Santana
On Episode 58, we welcome Violet and Indhira Santana of My Wellness Solutions Health Spas! The ladies share their come-up story, from early days at corporate offices to granting healthy opportunities to underserved communities. They also give us the run down on the benefits on holistic spa services, how to detox purposefully, and what your bodily fluids can say about your diet! We also share additional thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Bella Hadid’s bogus sneaker fetish, Sex and the City drama, and California’s HIV penalty. Plus, we reminisce on our amazing event with I Support the Girls, and read your listeners letters! This one was SUPER fun and informative- enjoy! You can follow the ladies at @mwshealth on Instagram, and their book, Operation Cleanse, on Amazon
Oct 17, 2017
Episode 57: Turtleheading
On our 57th episode of Improper Etiquette, we reflect on the hair discrimination incident at Banana Republic, the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and shopping for quality denim. Plus, we discuss Cam Newton’s sexist remarks, Laura shares her vivid nightmares, and Leah dishes on her past habit of shoplifting from department stores. We also continue our discussion on gun control in light of the Las Vegas shooting, read your listener letters, and have an in-depth debate on the definition of feminism. We really enjoyed this one- we hope you will too!
Oct 10, 2017
Episode 56: Buttertooth Licks
This week of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the tragedy in Las Vegas (and the controversies surrounding gun control,) the life and times of the iconic Hugh Hefner, and the complexities of prenuptial agreements. Plus, we call out VOGUE’s tasteless social media mishaps, Laura reveals her habit of sleeping in odd places, Leah debuts the first FuckGIRL of the week, and we reminisce on our first cell phones (RIP Sidekicks.) We also read some fan love and listener letters, where we revisit last week’s discussion on cultural appropriation! Thanks for your support- Enjoy!
Oct 03, 2017
Episode 55: Barbie Vagina feat. Jenné Lombardo
Heyhey- this week, we welcome the incredible Jenné Lombardo! Jenné tells us her come up story- from humble beginnings at Talk Magazine, to founding MADE Fashion Week and The Terminal Presents. Jenné also shares her views on love (heartbreak is ok!), getting a healthy bod (hers is bangin, btw), and motherhood (it makes you a better version of yourself!) Plus, we break down the complexities of cultural appropriation, Leah debates the fuckability of horror movie icons, Producer Tiff and Reina share their wild night out, Laura calls out the tasteless disaster-site-selfie trend, and Jenné answers your listener letters! We had so much fun with this one- enjoy!
Sep 26, 2017
Episode 54: Hoe-fessionals
We’re back from sick leave for Episode 54 of Improper Etiquette! This week, we discuss the 2017 Emmys, Kalief Browder + The Innocence Project, interracial sex, the hypocrisy of Kevin Hart, and the various conspiracy theories surrounding the Kenneka Jenkins tragedy. Plus, we read your listener letters, Leah shares her thoughts on social media addiction, Laura expresses her love for Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, and we dish on our upcoming event with I Support the Girls! Enjoy!
Sep 19, 2017
Episode 53: Pull n' Pray
On this week of Improper Etiquette, we kick off with a special Fuckboy of the Week! Plus, we discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, our reverence for Erykah Badu, taking risks, period shits, Shaun King’s Soul Snatchers, and the predicament of supporting friends who make bad decisions. Also, we read some listener letters, Leah discusses her views on Soaked in Bleach, Laura shares her ventures in holistic detox cuisine, and we celebrate Leah’s birthday! #virgoseason Enjoy!
Aug 29, 2017
Episode 52: Don't Catch the Bannon, Bitch! Feat. Azealia Banks
On this special episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome the amazingly talented Azealia Banks! Azealia spills on her current musical projects, her ventures into the novelty cosmetic industry, and her lifehack of purchasing bootleg products on Amazon. Azealia also shares her perspective on the current state of America, foreign policy conspiracy theories, and the “Sentiment of American Exceptionalism.” Plus, we discuss the pros and cons of antidepressants, “mom pussy,” happy endings for your man, preventing the spuds, and Azealia shares this week’s Fuckboy of the Week. This one was freakin epic- enjoy!
Aug 22, 2017
Episode 51: Natividad McSweeney
This week on Improper Etiquette, we discuss our most epic fight stories, the Michelle Carter sentencing, married men sliding in your DMs, and the dangers of the Hot Water Challenge. Plus, we continue our investigation of female-friendly massage parlors, Leah shares her “One Coffee of the Day Policy,” and Laura tells us about the time she refused to kiss baby Jesus…and almost ruined Christmas. Also, we read the most heartfelt listener letters to date- thank you all so much for sharing your stories- We love and appreciate you!
Aug 15, 2017
Episode 50: Eat Your Bagel!
On our 50th episode of Improper Etiquette, we share more thoughts on What the Health, eye care, the A$AP Bari+ NIKE aftermath, turkey-baster insemination, surrogacy, microblading, vampire facials, and “Unofficial National Cumshot Day!” Also, Leah proposes a women's massage parlor (with happy endings,) Laura shares her bloody Halloween story, and we talk about what really goes on in your head during sex. Plus, we read your listener letters, and Leah gives us the epic story behind this week’s Fuckboy of the Week! Enjoy!
Aug 08, 2017
Episode 49: Your Boobs Look Soggy feat. Emily Oberg
This week on Improper Etiquette, we welcome Emily Oberg, Creative Lead at KITH and founder of Sporty & Rich Magazine. Emily shares her story from her lucky break at COMPLEX to her transition at KITH. We also discuss the social responsibilities of influencers, Trump’s transgender military ban, freezing your eggs, celebrity churches, and the pros and cons of staying friends with your ex. Plus, we share our Fuckboy of the Week, and we read your responses to last week’s discussion on STIs- thanks for keeping us informed! Follow Emily @emilyelaineoberg on Instagram and @EmilyeOberg on Twitter!
Aug 01, 2017
Episode 48: Clap the Dick
Heyhey- we’re back with Episode 48 of Improper Etiquette! This week, we dish on our first out-of-state event at KIXPO, the wild antics of Dan Bilzerian, Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide, and the weight of STD stigmas (get tested often guys!) Also, Leah considers retiring white guys, Laura shares her expertise in WebMD- prognosis, and we discuss this week’s Fuckboy of the Week. We also share Leah’s Documentary of the Week (How to Survive a Plague,) and we respond to your listener letters and fan love- thanks for all your support! Enjoy :)
Jul 25, 2017
Episode 47:This Unibrow Is Really Fucking Distracting
We’re back with another episode of Improper Etiquette! Today, we discuss the R. Kelly Cult, HBO’s The Defiant Ones, the A$AP Bari Controversy, and the business of childbirth. Also, Leah gives us deets on her weekend at Agenda Show, Laura shares on dinner with Mayor de Blasio, and we talk about our incredible day at the NYC PRIDE parade. We also share our Fuckboy of the Week, and read some powerful listener letters. We were so moved and inspired by these- we appreciate the passion in all that you write! Enjoy!
Jul 18, 2017
Episode 46: Big Packages Come From Small Packages feat. Yvette Davila
Heyhey, we’re back with another inspiring episode of Improper Etiquette! This week we welcome Yvette Davila, one of Def Jam’s all-time key players! Yvette gives us the details of her come up, sharing her journey from law-office filing assistant to Vice President of Mixshow Promotion at Def Jam. Yvette shares some of her favorite projects at Def Jam, Laura shares her ventures into puppeteering, and Leah kicks us off with our Fuckboy of the Week! We also deconstruct work ethic in the music industry, how to make proper investments, and the fundamentals of an enriching marriage (spoilers: it’s all about RESPECT!) This one’s super informative- check it out! Check out Yvette on Instagram @ydavila and @yourkitchenwife!
Jul 11, 2017
Episode 45: I Stand With Planned Parenthood Featuring Alencia Johnson
Hey IE lovers! This week we welcome Alencia Johnson, Planned Parenthood’s director of Constituency Communications, for one of our most important episodes to date! Alencia shares with us her come up story, her role at Planned Parenthood, and how her faith drives her to do the incredible work she does. We break down the misconceptions about Planned Parenthood, the meaning of consent, and what we can do to help. As a result of our own experiences, we’re incredibly eager to spread PP’s message and provide support for their cause. We hope this episode inspires you- Check it out! Wanna get involved? Check out and follow Alencia @alenciajohnson on Instagram and twitter!
Jun 27, 2017
Episode 44: Slap Ya Mama Featuring Sasha
Hey guys! This week, we're giving you a special bonus episode of Improper Etiquette with Sasha, Laura’s best friend from LA! We discuss Laura and Leah’s latest night out, Sasha’s rebrand of Laura’s Birthday courtesy of Drake (aka Daddy,) the Michelle Carter Case, and performance art pieces. Plus, Sasha and Laura share their love of New Orleans, and Leah tells us about the night she had dinner with David Blaine in her pajamas. We had a lot of fun with this one- enjoy! You can follow Sasha on Instagram @sashasiefman
Jun 23, 2017
Episode 43: Barbie in a Meat Dress
On episode 43 of Improper Etiquette, we discuss Amber Rose, the definition of feminism, and the complexities of sexual assault. Laura introduces us to Hot Pot cuisine, Leah shares her thoughts on The Seven Five, and the ladies respond to your listener letters! We also touch on orgasms, enemas, the police, and why it’s just not ok to touch people’s hair in public- Enjoy!
Jun 20, 2017
Episode 42: Dickaccino Featuring Bethany
On this episode of Improper Etiquette we welcome Bethany from Clean Canvas More Art who shares some much needed beauty tricks and tips from her experience of owning a Med Spa, we get a crash course into Leah's psyche with a riveting convo with Laura's attractive friend Jared and we discuss Leah's obsession with the NY Post, texting and walking and Jane Doe (a doc on netflix). Enjoy :) Catch Bethany @ Catch Jared @ jaredryder
Jun 13, 2017
Episode 41: Save the Girls! Featuring Dana Marlowe
On this episode of Improper Etiquette we welcome "Support the Girls" founder Dana Marlowe to the show. Dana shares her story about how she became an accidental activist and started an international NGO by collecting bras & menstrual products for women and girls experiencing homelessness or in need. Her most powerful message is a woman shouldn’t have to choose between feeding herself and her personal health! We also touch on Melania's Vatican style, LaVar Ball and how to meet new people. Enjoy :) Catch Dana @isupportthegirls and
Jun 06, 2017
Episode 40: Exorcisms and Butthole Bleaching Featuring Jaimie Sanchez
On this weeks episode of Improper Etiquette we had the pleasure of having Jaimie Sanchez as our guest. Jaimie shares her crazy adventures of being a Documentary Filmmaker/Producer for Vice Media. We discuss her journey to Vice and only having male mentors. We also get into our fav current documentaries including Mommy Dead and Dearest and The Keepers. And of course we talk about asshole bleaching and when its okay to fart in front of your man. Enjoy :) #freegypsy
May 30, 2017
Episode 39: If I'm not cursing you out, I'm loving you to death Featuring Shawnte Crespo
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we had the pleasure of kicking it with HBIC Shawnte Crespo. We discussed LA in the 90s, Shawnte’s career in Music Sales and Promotion, marrying in the industry and juggling it all with Motherhood. This one is dripping in good juju. Enjoy! You can catch Shawnte on Twitter/IG/Snapchat @s2crespo3
May 23, 2017
Episode 38: My ass is phat and sure enough to make money Featuring Sharifa Murdock
On this episode of Improper Etiquette we welcomed our dear friend Sharifa Murdock to the podcast. Sharifa gifted us with our most inspired episode to date! She shared her story with us which started at her first gig at Atrium to co-owning Liberty Fairs! We also discussed giving back, how we should all date to marry and a listener shared a gnarly stripper story. ENJOY :) You can catch Sharifa at @sharifasays iTunes (all episodes)  Link:
May 16, 2017
Episode 37: Don't make me pull the receipts up!
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the silly fights we have with our boyfriends, Lala + Melo, Anna Nicole Smith's dope baby daddy and Leah's worst nightmares are realized on google's search page. Enjoy :)
May 09, 2017
Episode 36: Strip walk to a Pimp walk
On this episode of Improper Etiquette we talk about stripper stories gone wrong, the new sexually deviant trend "stealthing", the conflict in Syria and the poor elephants in Thailand. Enjoy :)
May 02, 2017
Episode 35: Shoot up the Club
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, Leah demonstrates how skill full she really is, in and out of the water, how Whoopie is saving us from ourselves and we share some of our weird personal hygiene habits.
Apr 27, 2017
Episode 34: I'm about to Page Six you
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, Lil McSweeney stops by for a burning man update and Leah and Producer Tiff get into it. But we’re happy to report that they’ve made up and are back to being future wives, Sarah is very excited to be their flower girl.
Apr 19, 2017
Episode 33: I'm in these streets!
On this episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss dating apps, catfish, Syria, Leah's detox (NOT), men who take selfies and disappointing one night stands. We also got a really great submission of an epic sext, which of course we read out load and discussed lol. Enjoy :)
Apr 11, 2017
Episode 32: Meet Bob! Featuring Vanessa the Psychic
Surprise! We’re back with your WEEKLY dosage of Improper Etiquette ;) This week we sat down with a psychic to have our cards read and talk about all things supernatural. Vanessa actual does her readings out of the Warren Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel and def didn’t disappoint. We spoke about how she got her gift, lilydale, the afterlife, she told Laura she’s gonna be preggers by thanksgiving and that the real love of Leah’s life will be making a grand entrance soon! Enjoy :) If you're interested in having a session with Vanessa, she can be reached @
Apr 04, 2017
Episode 31: He's under the table right now
Your favorite girls are back with another episode of Improper Etiquette :) This week we discuss marathon blow jobs, International Women's Day and how Laura had to put some of her friends in their place. Leah calls Laura out for being the tardy patrol, we hear about the adversity Leah's thongs face, our favorite listener checks in, Leah updates us on her new situationship with her master and how he wants to drink her bathwater! Enjoy :)
Mar 28, 2017
Episode 30: I'm blowing up spots, bitches!
Did you miss us? Welcome back to Improper Etiquette where we’re playing a little hard to get these days. In this weeks episode we talk about Leah’s groundbreaking Yoga experience, escaping rape with admissions of HIV, self-medicating and knowing when to skip out on that asshole you call your boyfriend. This is a good one, full of juicy gems! Enjoy :)
Mar 14, 2017
Episode 29: Live from Zumiez!
This week we're releasing our instore live show from Zumiez! We had such a great time meeting all of you and it was so dope to be able to put faces to those tweets :) We wanted to thank Zumiez for helping us connect with our fans and letting us celebrate Improper Etiquette! Zumiez also looked out and they've got signed copies of our posters available online on the Zumiez Stash. Check them out at Enjoy!
Feb 28, 2017
Episode 28: The Sex Issue Ft. Naomi Zeichner of The Fader
In this episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome Naomi Zeichner of The Fader to discuss and celebrate the release of The Fader's first Sex Issue! We also talk about Leah's bloody valentine photo, Laura's experience of accompanying a friend to a hood doctor for ass shots, Naomi shares some come up stories and more. Enjoy and subscribe! Naomi Zeichner is the Editor in Chief at The Fader. Twitter: @nomizeichner Instagram: @nomizeichner
Feb 21, 2017
Episode 27: Toasty, Roasty and Moisty
Hey I.E. Lovers! Sorry we're late this week, its Producer Tiff's fault! But we're still serving up our usual fuckery, we hope you enjoy! We're discussing dermoid cysts, snow storms, Laura & Leah's fear of holes. Leah shares one of her more disturbing hobbies of enjoying killer-esque shows (weepy voice killer) and of course Laura mentions her love for Olivia Benson, and that one time she met her at a Hamilton Wrap Party. Plus a bunch of other shit! Hit us up :)
Feb 16, 2017
Episode 26: Penis Anxiety ft. The Clermont Twins
We were super excited to link up with the Clermont Twins this week! We talked about freaky twin secrets, the current state of politics, why being active and protesting is important and planned parenthood. The twins also shared some hilarious dating stories! Enjoy :)
Feb 07, 2017
Episode 25: A Come Up Gone Bad
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss the women’s march, our fucked up political state, our in store this upcoming weekend at Zumiez, Mischa’s drug episode, fuck ass Melania Trump and her fall from the lap of luxury, carhartt girl, crazy documentary holes to fall into, Laura’s sensitivity to our current events and we take listener letters from some husbands wanting to spice up their sex lives with their wives, teen motherhood and abortions. Enjoy!
Feb 01, 2017
Episode 24: Slut Tears
On this week’s episode of Improper Etiquette, Leah’s sick so naturally she’s looking for lean out here, we meet Chelsea (Leah’s Tiffany), we discuss the Women’s March and the fake IG support, what our interpretation of feminism is, Tiffany’s life fuckery, poo pourri, Leah’s blast from the past, dealing with not getting the attention you need from your man, lingerie, Leah’s DM’s since her “new found fame”, the Peta attack and true love. Plus a bunch more shit! Enjoy!
Jan 25, 2017
Episode 23: Orgasms, Bagel Bites and a Chetuation
Episode 23: Orgasms, Bagel Bites and a Chetuation by Improper Etiquette
Jan 17, 2017
Episode 22: Do you remember the pain?
New Year, New Me? NAH, Fuck that noise! We're back for our first episode of 2017, and we're as unapologetically improper as ever! This year we'll be releasing our show EVERY TUESDAY!!!! On this week's show we discuss how Leah used to wear her retainer to the clubs, how she revived her soul on the beaches of Jamaica, Laura's lovers tour through bankok and phuket with her maj friends Nana and Way, how stupid tourists can be, Leah's date who's still wearing his wedding ring, Leah's public service announcement: don't date comedians and NYC isn't all its cracked up to be and Leah's subway tell off...... Enjoy :)
Jan 10, 2017
Episode 21: Too real to quick....
This week on Improper Etiquette, we discuss UTI's, our Cindy Gallop fandom, Leah "web md'ed" us, we explain how to maintain the proper boundaries to execute the highly sought after "dick in a glass" status, we take some listener letters about fuck boys, some fan love from our favorite listeners and Leah gives a naughty tutorial on how to send the most flattering kitty shot. Good News! While this is our last episode for the year, we're returning guns blazing with IE dropping every Tuesday in 2017 :) Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you on the other side.......
Dec 19, 2016
Episode 20: Make Love, Not Porn feat. Cindy Gallop
We hit 20! Welcome back IE lovers, on this week's episode we've got the Ad industry OG Cindy Gallop on. We discuss Cindy's sexual revolution "make love, not porn" where her movement intends to educate and normalize sex so our sex lives and society's relationship with sex can improve. We're also talking about fuck ass ohio, leah's come to her political senses (she's on our side now), circumcision and leah's and laura's night out! Enjoy :) Support Cindy's cause @
Dec 09, 2016
Episode 19: Nevermind, I'm fucking him.
On this week's episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome Iluvlola to the show! We discuss Lola's come up, her albanian roots, the remix project, and why all creatives/entrepreneurs should move to Canada, how to manage being a sex positive woman in room full of men, her take on sex, love and relationships, fucking on the first date, her inability to say the word PENIS in her native tongue and dating apps. Enjoy, this one is dripping in gems :)
Nov 22, 2016
Episode 18: Fish tank of Boobies
On this weeks Improper Etiquette, we discuss how over the election we are (for the record we don't think Leah's a racist lol), Galore Mag's Girl Cult X Improper Etiquette Live, an update on Leah's love life, Laura's birthday, when your friends hate on you, yoga + farting, medication, finding your current boyfriends ex box and blacking out and waking up in a strangers house.
Nov 12, 2016
Episode 17: Raggedy Ann Us
This week is a special release on Improper Etiquette, Laura's Birthday! On this episode, we talk about Laura's public displays of affection, high rates of STD's, all the ass holes who unsuccessfully tried to slut shame our good friend Marisa, Leah's dick in the glass (does she want it or nah?), crazy DM's, funny sex stories, love and age differences and crazy bruja dreams! Enjoy and go wish Laura a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" :) Don't forget to comment and rate us on iTunes.
Nov 04, 2016
Episode 16: I'm off my meds and itchy
This week on Improper Etiquette, Marisa jumped on for a hot second to share her recent escapade and Laura & Leah give updates on their love lives, male bashing, addiction and parenting, weird sex stories and we read some of our fan love! Enjoy :) Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate and subscribe for a chance to win our contest!
Oct 22, 2016
Episode 15: Dick in a Glass
This week on Improper Etiquette we discuss Leah's dick pic overloads, preferences in potential suitors, her new appointment with Penthouse, why we continue to pick the wrong guys, broken wing syndrome, insecure men, our stances on PDA and seeking validation in men or work. Enjoy! Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate and subscribe :)
Oct 14, 2016
Episode 14: Only Mouse-tailers from here on out! Featuring Tabatha McGurr
This week on Improper Etiquette we finally welcome Tabatha to the show! We talk about body image, exes, cheating, opening up after being hurt, not being sexually satisfied, masturbating, fetishes and streetwear. ENJOY :)
Sep 30, 2016
Episode 13: I owed him a sandwich Featuring Chanel West Coast
In this week's episode of Improper Etiquette, we welcome Chanel West Coast! We discuss Laura and Chanel's beef, having sex with your eyes open, nasty ass sex stories, BV and cheating, 3 somes, Chanel's DM's, and again Leah's lack of DM peen picks. To our Male Listeners: Can you show Leah some love?!?! Enjoy :) This episode was filmed and will be up on HOT 97's Youtube Page. Link to follow.
Sep 18, 2016
Episode 12: Mouse-tailing
In this week's episode of Improper Etiquette, we discuss great relationships with horrible sex, party girls wanting to have children, nasty ass accounts of repug sex stories, why Sarah hasn't come back from Burning Man, Leah's trip to Italy, Ryan Ferguson and Leah's obsession with hood clips. Enjoy!
Sep 09, 2016
Episode 11: The Box
In this episode of Improper Etiquette we welcome back lil Mc Sweeney! Laura got her privates lasered, we discuss down under tattoos (which both of our hosts have) eating ass, vibrators, leah's theories on the night of, leah's anti social-ness, laura's sleep schedule, Sarah's burning man experience and The Box in NYC. ENJOY!!
Sep 04, 2016
Episode 10: The Hook Featuring Ebro
This week on Episode 10 of Improper Etiquette, we have an impromptu and unplanned visit from Ebro. We discuss Ebro's bag checks, manscaping, men getting bored sexually, squirting tutorials, getting hooked, masturbating and porn, Leah's PMS, living at home with your parents and circumcision. Watch a majority of the episode on Facebook Live:
Aug 24, 2016
Episode 9: Toot it & Boot it Featuring Marisa Mendez
ANDDDDDDD We're back for Episode 9 of Improper Etiquette and this week we're joined by Marisa Mendez! We discuss listener letters, waxing bare, Leah's late and Marisa's sexual escapades! This one is especially juicy, Leah was def impressed with Marisa's dedication to the game...ENJOY :)
Aug 06, 2016
Episode 8: Dominican Dick Chamber
We're back this week with Episode 8 of Improper Etiquette. We're reading our listener letters and talking about sex you shouldn't have, sex with older men, being honest about your number, Leah's child birth fear, booty hole nudes and Leah's trip to Miami
Jul 28, 2016
Episode 7: I'm a fish!!!
And we're back this week for Episode #7 of Improper Etiquette! Laura's best friend Chellez joins us as a guest, while we discuss listener letters (we're happy people!), Laura's strip club addiction, Chellez's lesbian sex life and our personal tales of walks of shame. ENJOY :)
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 6: Vinegar Tits & French Fries Featuring Juan Ep
Welcome back for Episode 6 of Improper Etiquette! This week we teamed up with Rosenberg + Cipha for a crossover show with Juan Ep! We discussed all things sex, awkward, and otherwise. Enjoy! :)
Jul 08, 2016
Episode 5: I'm a Giver! Featuring Dascha Polanco
Welcome back for Episode 5 of Improper Etiquette! This week we have special guest Dascha Polanco from OITNB. We discuss listener letters, Leah's come up, Laura's jail tale, giving constructive criticism during sex, learning how to squirt, female hygiene and Amy Schumer's sold out show at MSG!
Jun 24, 2016
Episode 4: Tiger Blood & Alabama Hot Pockets
Aaaaaaand we're back this week with our first guest! Sarah, Leah's little sister came by to shoot the shit..... We discuss listener letters, virginity stories, Sarah's love affair with Charles aka Charlie Sheen, porn/ sex toys and masterbating (again), Leah's experience of making Raekwon a sammich, Subway etiquette, the orlando shooting, love vs career and Leah put us on the spot by checking our google search history. Enjoy! :)
Jun 16, 2016
Episode 3: Men Matrix
We're back for Episode 3 and this week on Improper Etiquette we're discussing busy schedules, self acceptance, emails from listeners, getting accosted on the train, men over filtering their photos, dick picks, Charlie Sheen, crazy uber stories and that one time Leah spoke to the Pilot on her flight.
Jun 07, 2016
Episode 2: Situationships
We're back this week to discuss break ups, relationships on social media, politics, rolling back in the days, dental dams and first period tales.
May 27, 2016
Episode 1: Girl Talk
Welcome to Improper Etiquette! This is Laura's and Leah's first episode where they discuss Laura's interview with Birdman in Miami, Politics, DM Peen Pics, Cheating, Snooping, Sex with toys and Leah's trip to Israel.
May 19, 2016