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We are The Podcast Brothers -Two (real life) brothers who are similar (because we're both Gemini’s lol) but also have different view points. The authentic and entertaining sibling dynamic -when Kailah King is there, She offers a unique female’s perspective -not only do we discuss some mainstream hip hop events but we somehow relay those events into engaging topics of discussion -regularly discuss topics relating to health and wellness, especially as it pertains to minorities (more specifically African Americans) -routinely have guests that represent a wide range of professions and interests from politics and health to entertainment and media -ever-evolving podcast that’s a part of a growing media network

Episode Date
Episode 144 | Trenton Talks W/ Lu
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Why did Superman wear a “ Disguise “ and why did he have a job ( 01:54 ) Who is Trenton Talks? Hood Therapy and more with our guest Lu ( 24:50 ) Do men hold women down like women hold men down ( 39:32 ) Is the ASAP Rocky situation Karma? ( 55:44 ) Jermaine Dupri says all woman rap about the same thing ( 01:05:57 ) F*** is U doin ( 01:27:00 ) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jul 15, 2019
Episode 143 | Hustlers Ambition W/ Felix
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life We jump right into it. Felix talks about having a hustlers ambition and the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur (01:57) Colorism or Preference (49:25) Stop hating on the Little Mermaid (59:40) Clout Chasing gone too far (01:09:06) Being a parent to the neighborhood kids (01:19:23) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest: Felix
Jul 08, 2019
Episode 142 | Drip too hard W/ Frantz Massenat
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life We had the chance to sit down wit international professional basketball player @idream_frantz to talk about life over seas, the pressure of international basketball when you’re Black and from The United States... Not caring about the hate on Social Media and more Email us: Social Media Instagram: GUEST
Jul 01, 2019
Episode 141 | Kash Dawwg W/ Kailah King
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw, Fresco and Kailah start off the episode with a dope debate about Reparations and who should be entitled to it (18:23) Should you dislike who your friends dislike (32:22) Why is colorism still a thing (48:40) How to deal wit people one social media you don’t agree wit, delete them, ignore them or debate wit them (01:09:49) Cardi B wins Song writer of the year award (01:21:42) Chris Brown criticism of Victor Cruz outfit (01:31:17) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jun 24, 2019
Episode 140 | Amicable W/ Kisha and DJ Big Jae
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Happy Birthday Flaw 700 (06:21) R.I.P. Brandon Webber (14:06) Being amicable with your co-parent (26:58) Disowning your side baby to save your marriage (42:50) KD injured, Toronto has a chip and The Lakers are back on top (56:52) Fresh or Fiasco (01:06:44) Therapy for kids (01:13:38) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jun 17, 2019
Bonus Episode | The Fathers Conversation W/ Jerrell and Chris
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw is joined by Jerrell and Chris to talk about Fathers Day. Dating with kids, Happy Wife, happy life, starting businesses so our kids can have something when they become adults. And so much more Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jun 10, 2019
Episode 139 | Double Back
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers start off the episode by addressing the recent outbreak of violence that hit The Town (03:45) Flaw gives his thoughts on the Netflix special “ When They See Us “ (19:28) 7 tips to starting and maintaining an open relationship (29:15) What matters more, what you think of yourself or what others think of you (52:56) Your child is ready to have sex... what now? (01:02:35) A fun game of Fresh or Fiasco (01:09:51) Fuck is U Doin (01:17:50) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jun 03, 2019
Episode 138 | Mental health check in
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers start off the episode wit Fuck is U Doin dedicated to Game of Thrones Final season (11:09) In honor of Mental Health Month the Brothers have a mental health check up (20:34) Is It the thought that counts on your birthday or do you want what you want (47:05) A company will start renting urban clothing (01:02:41) Wrangler Jeans partnering with Lil Nas X (01:06:35) Sage your house (01:14:44) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
May 27, 2019
Episode 137 | Hard to Love
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Is Season 8 of The Game Of Thrones that bad? (14:56) What do we expect from the final season of Power (24:17) The Alabama abortion law (30:43) What’s hard about dating you? (42:36) The new Batman?? (01:09:29) John Cena replaces The Rock in the Fast and Furious saga (01:13:46) Fuck is U doin - Janelle Monae (01:18:36) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
May 20, 2019
Episode 136 | Makin Money Moves W/ Jayden Hollywood & DJ Big Jae
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw, DJ Big Jae and Jayden have the Beyoncé conversation (22:38) Jayden Hollywood breaks down personal finance, business credit and personal credit (30:57) Accepting an apology while under pressure (01:09:55) The Ayesha Curry situation (01:20:37) Rich people don’t get 8 hours of sleep?? (01:29:20) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest: Jayden HollyWood
May 13, 2019
Episode 135 | Matician W/ Kailah King
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw, Fresco and Kailah start off the episode wit an update on the Presidential voting (13:57) Does Compliments boost your confidence (25:09) The sex offenders list and who should be on it (37:05) If you inbox someone you’re interested in should you have a date planned as well (50:45) Should social media dictate the look of a character in a movie (01:02:19) DeAngelo Russell getting caught with Weed at an airport (01:06:40) People in general population will be able to make calls every 3 hours anywhere in the United States for a total of 21 minutes (01:09:30) Fuck is U doin - Magic Johnson (01:13:35) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
May 06, 2019
Episode 134 | Vote for Pedro
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Why are people posting Avenger movie clips? (09:40) Photos on your phone vs having an actual photo album (15:01) The Presidential Race for 2020 and who would you vote for, Fresco or Flaw (21:53) How men handle a stressful Pregnancy (39:57) Dating based off Zodiac signs (52:36) Lil Nas X is thinking about changing his name in honor of Nas (56:58) School Dress Code for parents (60:58) Jay Z brings out Nas, Cam'ron and Jim Jones (63:10) Win a pair of Sneakers (66:38) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Apr 29, 2019
Don't be YOU W/ QuayShaun, Kira and Chanelle
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw and Fresco are joined by Quayshaun, Kira and Chanelle discuss their upcoming Pink Trap House event (24:03) How important is Marriage (49:01) Celebrating our leaders while they are alive (01:00:00) Fuck is U doin - The Game (01:09:58) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guests
Apr 22, 2019
Ms. Independent W/ Fay & Kisha
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw is joined by a member of the extended family Kisha and they are joined by Hair Artist - Beauty Connoisseur Fay. Nipsey Hussle Funeral Memorial Service (07:55) Fay talks about her Spring Glam Charity Fashion Show that’s coming up (17:31) Should we treat relationships like a business (39:58) Does sending nudes send mixed signals (01:06:59) The Consent Condom (01:11:17) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Apr 15, 2019
Get cha Hu$$le on W/ Marcus Roberts-DeLoach & DJ Big Jae
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life DJ Big Jae of The Town Podcast and NSFW Podcast steps in for Fresco and together with Flaw 700 they bring an incredible episode with guest Marcus Roberts-DeLoach. We start the episode off lying tribute to Nipsey Hu$$le (05:17) We Interview Marcus about his book and other ventures (33:04) Who has a better career, D Wade or Paul Pierce (58:35) Who got played the worst, Will Smith or Jay-Z (01:10:21) Birdman wants to get his face tattoos removed (01:20:06) 50 Cent/Ja Rule Feud continues (01:24:06) Avengers tickets costing $10,000 (01:27:30) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest: Marcus Roberts-DeLoach Connected with me: Give me a thumbs up on Facebook- IamMarcusRD Add me on LinkedIn- Marcus Roberts-DeLoach Follow me on Instagram- @IamMarcusRD, and Twitter- @IamMarcusRD Use the #BiggerThanYou when posting any book material on any social media platforms! Purchase the book here: DJ Big Jae
Apr 08, 2019
Melvin Style W/ Killa Kai
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers and Killa give their thoughts on the Cardi B drugging and robbing men debate (20:12) Would You give up Social Media to save your relationship (36:00) Do you have to be friends with your partners friends (56:07) Final thoughts on Jussie Smollett (56:07) Uncle Luke is bringing FreakNik back to Atlanta (01:00:36) Billboard removes Lil Nas X song from the charts (01:04:39) Conor McGregor retires from the UFC (01:12:47) Fuck is U doin (01:15:13) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest: Killa Kai
Apr 01, 2019
Mr. Perfect W/ Brad Butler II
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Arthur and motivational speaker Brad Butler II joins the Podcast Brothers to discuss his new book, the link between anxiety and social media, Marriage and more (22:35) What is the Perfect Man missing (54:00) Shaq joins The Papa Johns Franchise (01:07:26) Is it ok to change your child name if the other parent isn’t active in the childs life (01:10:48) Lonzo Ball leaves The BBB (01:14:43) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest: Brad Butler II PURCHASE THE BOOK
Mar 25, 2019
Pipe it up W/ Naja Tiera
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life CEO of PIU Pastries Naja Tiera stops by the podcast to talk about Being a boss, following your dreams, motivation and more ( 21:08 ) Are we excited for Season 6 of Power? ( 49:38 ) Raz B feels threatened on The Millennium Tour ( 01:03:25 ) NBA players vs The Fans ( 01:13:40 ) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air trailer thoughts ( 01:24:56 ) Fuck is you doin ( 01:30:42 ) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Mar 18, 2019
Buck up W/ Coach Mega and Coach Puff
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers are joined by Coach Mega and Coach Puff to discuss AIP Training and the connection between football and life (14:50) R.I.P. B.I.G. (04:07) Fathers, can you raise your son to be too soft? (40:13) Why are parents selling their kids to celebrities (01:01:34) Replacing MJ crying face wit the R.Kelly crying face (01:12:44) Dave East is set to play Method Man in a Wu-Tang docu (01:16:06) Will Smith is set to play Venus and Serena Williams dad in an upcoming film (01:22:05) Puff Daddy... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN (01:25:52) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guests
Mar 11, 2019
Suplex City B***H W/ Bashawn
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers are joined by OG sneaker head himself Bashawn to talk the hustle of flipping sneakers (16:46) and Marriage (39:42) we also touch on the Oscars being diverse (12:09) Kareem Abdul Jabbar auctions off his championship rings (50:41) A male Wrestler forfeit instead of wrestling a girl (53:04) Master P and Jeezy are working on a joint album (56:45) The Sandlot is being rebooted with the original cast (01:01:02) Win a free pair of sneakers (01:05:30) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Mar 04, 2019
It's not a fade if it doesn't fade W/ Tiffany and Kir
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw and Fresco sit down with Tiffany and Kir of Real Regula Clothing to discuss the importance of not being purchased by society, The controversy surrounding Gucci and Burberry and a lot more (14:19) The Jussie Smollett situation (39:53) Will snitching affect 6ix9ine music career? (47:19) R.Kelly can’t post bail (52:03) Should NCAA players get paid? (56:12) Offset photoshop his kids onto his album cover (01:03:54) Karl Lagerfeld’s cat inherits portion of fashion icon’s $300 million fortune (01:08:17) The 2024 Olmypics will have break dance competition (01:11:12) Space Jam 2 will be released in 2021 (01:17:22) and Ja Rule... WHAT THE FUCK ARE U DOIN (01:21:44) Email us: Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guests
Feb 25, 2019
I like sports and thats it W/ Brittney and TiQuasia
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw and Fresco are joined by Brittney ( Muvabbeautybar ) and TiQuasia ( Mommies and Mimosas ) to discuss individual projects and The upcoming Woman's Empowerment Brunch.(13:42) Is it ok to break up with someone Via text? (29:01) Black own businesses and why we support them even if the service isn't up to par. (47:09) A store owner in Colorado allows his store to shut down because he refuses to sell Nike products. (01:02:09) Carlton Banks doesn't own The Carlton Banks dance. (01:05:51) Cardi B responds to the hate after winning The Best rap album at the Grammys... ( 01:09:46) oh and Jussie Smollett... What the fuck are you doin??? (01:13:30) Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guests
Feb 18, 2019
St. Valentines Day Massacre W/ Everyday Melanin Magazine
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Join Flaw and Fresco as they host the 1st round table discussion on this platform. They are joined by Ebony, Danny, Brittney, Iman Renee, and Kristin all of Everyday Melanin Magazine and together we discuss what Valentines day mean to us. Fresco blesses us with a Fuck is You Doin as well. Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guests
Feb 11, 2019
@SocialJibberish W/ @Jovee1982 & @iamjerrell
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw recaps The Frye Festival and The Abducted in Plain sight Documentaries (08:46) The Social Jibberish Interview (27:09) How do you find your peace? (44:04) Tyrese drags ex wife to back to court over custody of their child (54:54) The Game manager will release tapes to prove he’s not lying in raps about Cyn Santana and Kim Kardashian (58:43) 6ix9ine allegedly snitched but still has to pay for his one family’s protection (01:04:39) Terry Crews threatens to smack D.L. Hughley (01:07:44) Shad Moss mugshot goes viral (01:13:20) Gladys Knight plans on bringing everyone together by singing the National Anthem at The Super Bowl (01:17:31) Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Feb 04, 2019
If you love me you'd lie to me
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Flaw reactivates Facebook and the conversation about support from your city (08:22) DMX is a free man, so what’s next (25:44) The Black Panther movie has been nominated for 7 Oscars. How many awards do you think the movie will take home (31:44) Flaw and Kailah have the discussion of lying to your loved one being beneficial (38:56) Falling in lust on social media (50:29) Spotify activates the mute option (01:01:42) Nelly demands his accuser reveal her identity to the public and Chris Brown plans on suing his accuser (01:12:29) The Game name drops Kim K in his latest song (01:18:03) Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jan 28, 2019
Cheese on ya Burger
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life We start off the Episode wit an update on The Travis Scott Super Bowl situation (14:26) Soulja Boy had a huge week and The Brothers are rocking with Big Soulja (18:33) Would you divorce your spouse ( who’s working undercover ) if he/she hasn’t contacted you in 12 months? (34:12) Would you rather follow like minded people or random people on Social Media? (45:23) Boogie Cousins gets a standing ovation after fouling out his 1st game back (57:47) Future quits lean but was hesitant to tell his fans (01:01:45) Flip Flopping, changing sports teams (01:05:24) Fuck is U Doin - Nedeska (01:12:51) Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jan 21, 2019
Dayum Grandma
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Brothers start off the episode wit an update on The Andrew Johnson Situation (11:13) Next we talk about why younger women are attracted to older men (15:37) Why is it hard to get along with your ex (25:54) Would you defend yourself against false allegations (39:00) Juelz Santana and Kimbella got married (46:27) 50 Cent calls Dame Dash a sucka for his Jay Z/Foxy Brown comments (51:11) S.C. Rapper drops a song “ let the white kids say Nigga “ (57:52) Nicki Minaj threatens to expose Meek Mill (01:12:14) Is the Michael Jackson documentary next (01:15:58) Fuck is you doing - Omarion (01:21:31) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jan 14, 2019
Actually, you are alone
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life Recap of the unreleased episode ( 08:56 ) How long should you greet people with Happy New Year ( 25:22 ) The Surviving R.Kelly Conversation ( 31:04 ) McDonalds employee Yasmine James fights off attacker ( 46:19 ) Is all good advice good advice ( 57:38 ) Would you date a woman and ho said it was mandatory for you to get your hands and feet done ( 01:08:17 ) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Jan 07, 2019
Whoa Whoa WHOA-ooooh oh oh
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Brothers start off the episode with the week in review ( 03:09 ) The Fuck Is you Doing comes early and it goes out to the Ref who made Andrew Johnson cut his dreads or forfeit his match ( 12:00 ) Co-Parenting during the Holiday season ( 30:03 ) What was Chris Rock thinking by allowing his white friends to say the N word ( 47:58 ) Jay -Z trying to talk Travis Scott out of doing the Super Bowl ( 54:44 ) Memphis Council Chairman Berlon Boyd responds to a heckler with “ Ya Mama “ ( 01:00:53 ) Florida minimum wage will increase from $8.25 to $8.46 ( 01:01:53 ) A Go-Fund me was started to help fund a tunnel to the White House ( 01:04:58 ) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Dec 24, 2018
I want smoke W/Essence Natay
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers are joined Alternative R&B artist Essence Natey and they kick off the episode with a dope interview with the guest ( 17:20 ) Essence Natey latest single “ Aries “ ( 31:30 ) What 5 Questions should you ask on a 1st date? ( 36:01 ) Essence then gives us keys to a successful public relationship ( 57:25 ) Trick Daddy takes up for Kodak Black ( 01:05:15 ) J.Cole “ K.O.D. “ album wasn’t nominated for hip hop album of the year ( 01:11:39 ) Offset crashes Cardi B live show to apologize ( 01:16:28 ) Fuck Iz U Doin - Jacquees and J. Holiday ( 01:23:29 ) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Dec 17, 2018
Bigger than Nino Brown W/Quayshaun Williams
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life The Podcast Brothers are joined by Kailah and Quayshaun Williams for episode 115. We kick off the episode with the debate about getting checked for STIs even if you’re in a long term relationship ( 10:40 ) We chop it up wit the homie QuayShaun ( 19:04 ) Then we debate about people being obsessed wit giving gifts instead of spending time together ( 37:17 ) Is cheating a dealbreaker ( 44:32 ) Ignoring DMs will get you blocked ( 55:24 ) Complex names Pusha T “ Daytona “ album of the year ( 01:01:51 ) A Travis Scott lookalike almost gets the real Travis Scott in trouble ( 01:07:24 ) Kevin Hart withdrawals from the Oscars because of his 2009 tweets ( 01:10:32 ) Dad makes his daughter walk 5 miles to school in 36 degree weather ( 01:15:33 ) Fuck is u doin - The Boxing Judges ( 01:21:42 ) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Dec 10, 2018
The Obama Treatment W/Jerell Blakeley & Dj Big Jae
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life For the 1st half of the show the brothers are joined by Councilman at Large Jerell Blakeley. A Dallas Grand Jury has indicted Amber Guyger ( 03:05 ) Was Deontay Wilder out of pocket for checking reporter? ( 07:18 ) Mid Term election results ( 10:06 ) The Jerell Blakeley Interview ( 15:06 ) What happened when Payless changed their name and changed the price of their sneakers? ( 33:52 ) Extra work....same pay, yay or nay ( 38:38 ) For the second half of the episode we’re joined by DJ Big Jae. The Sandra Bland documentary will be released on HBO ( 50:24 ) Elon Musk suggest we work 80 hours a week ( 54:22 ) Kawhi Leonard signs a sneaker deal wit New Balance ( 58:39 ) The Christmas Special controversy ( 01:02:51 ) The hype around The Lion King ( 01:07:59 ) Will 2019 be the year of Censorship ( 01:15:34 ) Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest:
Dec 03, 2018
The Bro Code W/@TheGreatJayden
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. Spoiler alert The Brothers give their review of Creed 2 ( 14:01 ) Will FriendsGiving be the end of Thanksgiving ( 22:17 ) Jayden Hollywood joins the brothers for a dope interview regarding mental health, brotherhood and more ( 30:13 ) What would you do if you found out the day before your wedding that your soon to bride or husband was cheating on you? ( 54:05 ) Juelz Santana proposes to Kimbella ( 01:06:33 ) Michael B Jordan wants to fight Roy Jones jr ( 01:10:43 ) Pusha T gets into a brawl in Toronto ( 01:12:07 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest info
Nov 26, 2018
Sole Snatcher W/ Dez
Flaw 700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. R.I.P. to Kim Porter and Stan Lee ( 08:54 ) Followed by a dope interview with Dez ( 20:57 ) We then ask the question “ Can a man be too nice “ ( 30:20 ) The Care Bag Project ( 40:03 ) Wacka Flacka Says he’s done with Hip Hop ( 45:41 ) Complex ranked Nicki Minaj 3rd best rapper of this decade ( 49:17 ) Nickelodeon hints at an “ All That “ reboot ( 54:18 ) Thoughts on reboots ( 56:12 ) Songs of the week Flaw - Maal “ Buck 30 Quickstyle “ Dean - Gucci Maine, Kodak Black and Bruno Mars “ Wake up in the sky “ Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest info
Nov 19, 2018
Too Handsome for the job W/@NahjMuse
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. History was made in the 2018 election ( 11:10 ) The Nahj Interview ( 17:08 ) We Segway into a conversation about breaking the mold ( 31:37 ) Nahj latest single “ CREAM “ ( 44:03 ) We then ask the question “ have you ever been punished because you were too handsome? “ ( 47:45 ) Future takes shots at Wendy Willams ( 57:01 ) Dez Bryant gets injured ( 01:00:18 ) and The NBA Fines N. Jokic for saying “ No Homo “ in an interview ( 01:03:13 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest info:
Nov 12, 2018
Love is Free W/ @OfficialShamGod
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. We jump right into the BullShit... Danye Jones was found lynched in his mother’s backyard ( 14:43 ) The ShamGod interview ( 18:55 ) How do you shut up your inner critic ( 40:47 ) Thoughts on moving in with your partner before marriage ( 48:57 ) Pharrell issues a cease and desist on President orange for using the song “ Happy “ ( 57:36 ) Ashanti dropping fire photos but not dropping any music ( 59:45 ) Akon is thinking about running for President in the year 2020 ( 01:02:45 ) FuckIzUDoin ( 01:08:01 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest The Song played at the end of the episode - ShamGod " Art of Seduction "
Nov 05, 2018
BUT GOD w/ Black Collar Biz
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. The Podcast Brothers are joined by The extraordinary and talented Black Collar Biz. We start off the episode by discussing this weeks actions from White Supremacists ( 06:59 ) Next we get into the Black Collar Biz interview ( 20:18 ) Our thoughts on Nick Cannon saying he’d beat Will Smith in a rap battle ( 48:19 ) We then discuss Transgenders putting men on blast and Sexual Predators ( 53:21 ) Are men Pre-conditioned thinkers ( 01:02:24 ) The Titantic 2 will set sail in 2022 ( 01:15:53 ) Waitress receives a $10,000 tip but only takes home $800 after sharing purse with co-workers ( 01:20:12 ) 50 Cent buys 200 front seats to Ja Rule Concert ( 01:23:01 ) FuckIzuDoin - Josh Duhamel ( 01:26:16 ) Songs of the week Flaw - Swizz Beats feat. Young Thug “ 25 Soilders “ Fresco - Cardi B “ Money “ Black - Tierra Whack “ Pet Cemetary “ Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Guest
Oct 29, 2018
U Good Bro?
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. The Mega Million is up to $1.6B how do you want your money, lump sum or Annuity? ( 08:58 ) Who team is Lebron on? ( 15:36 ) Some say Men should google the person they’d marry. ( 26:05 ) Whats the downside of being a man? ( 37:20 ) Black Law legal Lies drop ( 53:34 ) thoughts on The Golden State Warriors championship rings ( 54:34 ) Some states are forcing a Trick or Treat age limit ( 57:14 ) Kobe Bryant removed from film festival panel because of 2003 rape allegations ( 01:01:19 ) FuckIzUdoin - Deontay Wilder ( 01:05:17 ) Singles of the week Fresco - Usher “ Peace Sign Flaw - Post Malone, Swae Lee “ Sunflower “ Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Tidal X Brooklyn There will be a free livestream of the entire show on October 23rd. You can find out more, donate to the cause, and tune in at Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter:
Oct 22, 2018
Beyond the pillow W/ @_RimTheDream
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. We start off the episode by talking about The PodConnection ATL and The Network and Chill event ( 07:06 ) Should you have to tell your significant other where you’re going? ( 24:30 ) Would you give your friend money if he/she was in a relationship ( 33:46 ) We then speak on our 5 Love Languages ( 41:31 ) Was Vic Mensa wrong for dissing XXX ( 01:03:00 ) Rumor has it people are buying clothes online then returning them after they flick up on IG ( 01:10:26 ) We finish off the episode with a dope Karima interview ( 01:13:49 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Tidal X Brooklyn There will be a free livestream of the entire show on October 23rd. You can find out more, donate to the cause, and tune in at Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: The Guest info Email us
Oct 14, 2018
F**k Peanut Butter
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. It’s Episode 106 and we’re joined by Anthony Robeson. After we discuss our weeks and upcoming events we jump into the shits with The Challenge of raising daughters ( 18:58 ) Would you date someone with a Mental illness ( 40:48 ) Have you ever wanted a day to yourself, a mental break day ( 50:16 ) If you came with a warning sign what would it say? ( 01:02:50 ) Who had the better album, Lil Wayne or Logic? ( 01:11:10 ) How High part 2 is on the way ( 01:15:55 ) Suge Knight son said 2 PAC is alive ( 01:19:35 ) and “ The Fuck is you doing “ is dedicated to Pooch Hall ( 01:23:07 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Tidal X Brooklyn There will be a free livestream of the entire show on October 23rd. You can find out more, donate to the cause, and tune in at Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Email Donate$flaw700
Oct 06, 2018
A Buck Oh 5
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. After the recent events that happened in the city of Trenton the other day The Brothers ask if there is ever a reason to expose somebody? (15:14 ) Our final thoughts on Bill Cosby ( 23:36 ) How to raise your kids in the social Media era ( 34:00 ) Will Smith is the man ( 49:11 ) Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Kevin Hart need our support more now then ever (56:51) J.Cole distances himself from Nas ( 01:07:40) Tristan Thompson calls out The Eastern Conference ( 01:13:13 ) 50 Cent is attempting to block his sons mother from getting a reality tv show. ( 01:14:54 ) Fall Tips ( 01:18:45 ) Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Email Donate$flaw700
Sep 30, 2018
Two tears in a bucket W/Tyree
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. Welcome back for another episode with The Brothers and we’re joined by our cousin Tyree. We kick the episode off wit announcing the winner of our contest (04:31) We then speak on the Kanye West Nick Cannon situation (08:54) Then we get into the shits... Why women won’t allow men to lead (21:38) How does lack of trust negatively effect relationships (33:07) How do you move on after you’ve been cheated on (38:09) What was your go to song when dealing with heartbreak (45:41) How do you know when she/he is the one (47:50) Does your partner have to be passionate about your hobby (59:30) and MUCH MORE!!!! Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Email Donate$flaw700
Sep 22, 2018
Love Life w/ @TopZilla
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. What’s up extended family. It’s Episode 103 and the Brothers are joined by TopZilla and they jump into the shits with the question.. If you had a kid on the side would you ask your wife to take the child in as her own (11:54) What if the kid isn’t yours ( 17:00 ) If you were a celeb who travels a-lot would you fight for custody of your child? (25:23) after a few more topics Top breaks down what happened the night of the car accident, losing 2 friends in a span of 3 months, loving life and music ( 01:16:00 ) Other topics include - Power SZN 5 recap ( 39:00 ) - How long before Tommy kills Kisha? ( 49:08 ) - Michael B Jordan to possibly play Superman ( 56:17 ) - Nicki Minaj v Cardi B ( 01:02:49 ) - The writer for Power leaks information ( 01:08:00 ) - Dope or Nope - Top “ Confessions “ ( 01:11:59 ) - Fuck is you doin - Amber Guyger ( 01:59:53 ) Guest info Use these hashtags while you listen #PodbrosNj #ThePodcastBrothers Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Email Donate$flaw700
Sep 16, 2018
Catch this fade W/ B. Jawuan Jones
Flaw700 and Fresco are two real life brothers with a Podcast who touch on topics such as mental health, relationships, love and life. What's up Extended family? The Brothers are back with episode 102 and this Kailah is in the building along with a special guest B. Jawuan Jones. R.I.P. to Mac Miller (03:52) Kailah talked about her wild week (06:27) Followed up with the question " Do you think Nike has an alternative motive? " (20:10) and " Is there a such thing as asking for it " (27:54) Followed by a dope interview with the guest B. Jawuan Jones (43:04) Find out what inspired him to quit his job and pursue what he loves. His passion for cutting hair. His passion for cutting homeless people's hair. Wild stories, the politics and so much more.... Guest info: B Jawuan Jones Donate: Website Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Email Donate$flaw700
Sep 09, 2018
Talk to me nice
What's up extended family? it's episode 101 of The Podcast Brothers and we have our cousin Rick in the Building with us. We start the episode off with our clap for em segment and this week we're clapping for K Ashanti for putting a now former employee on blast. (12:25) Then we debate weather or not Social media should be used as an open diary. (15:51) We move on to discuss why it's not a good idea to start a relationship with your best friend. (18:19) With a follow up question " Why do men like crazy women " (30:45) Other topics include - What is a spoiler?/Power conversation (49:28) - Which song was better, Ether or Takeover (01:02:19) - Kanye West apologies for his Slavery comments (01:12:35) - Birdman apologies to Lil Wayne (01:17:52) - Safari secures a 7 figure deal to get a sex toy modeled after him (01:22:45) - Fuck is U Doin - Texas man allegedly wore a wig, women's shoes, to take video of victim in bathroom (01:26:28) email us:
Sep 02, 2018
Episode 100
Whats up Extended Family? It's episode 100 and Flaw and Fresco celebrate with a bottle of Ciroc and dope topics. Should all Black Fathers seek therapy? (32:38) Would you be ok with a Legend Criticizing you? (48:55) What were the hottest rap albums in the year 2000? (58:17) Michael Jackson is no longer #1? (01:34:00) And so much more... 21:04 - Clap for em - The Podcast Brothers ( the road to 100 ) 32:38 - Black fathers should go to therapy 48:55 - 6ix9ine vs Ludacris ( Would you be ok with a legend criticizing you?) 58:17 - Flaw and Fresco discuss the hottest albums from the year 2000 01:15:57 - Pick your poison ( Ghost or Tommy, Who would you rather be? ) 01:28:04 - Dope or Nope - Black Collar Biz " LuhMyHatas " 01:34:38 - Thriller is no longer the #1 selling album in US history 01:38:51 - Young Dolph turned down a $22 Million record deal. 01:44:08 - Nicki Minaj Spilling the beans on Safari fake hairline 01:56:40 - Fuck Iz U doin/Dig A hole - Kanye West wore flips flops and a suit to 2 Chainz Wedding 02:03:47 - Closing moments. We appreciate the support. Dope or Nope Artist - Black Collar Biz
Aug 27, 2018
Church Powers
What’s up Extended Family it’s Episode 99 and we wanna what was your favorite album of 1999. We pay respect to Aretha Franklin and we ask as the question “ Is R&B missing the church element “ Jimmy Butler vs D.Wade. Did Wade over react or was Jimmy Butler wrong for commenting on Gab Union post? Jennifer Hudson is set to play Aretha Franklin in a biopic.. If not her than who? Do we want our children to mimic our dating preferences? Why are people out here purposely birthing mixed babies? This and a lot more... Email us:
Aug 20, 2018
I'm joking.... But i'm dead ass serious | w/Kisha
Sup Extended family? The Podcast Brothers are joined by Kisha for Episode 98. It's football season... Are you watching The NFL? Should you have the " What if we break up ' conversation with your partner? Was 50 Cent wrong for taking money back from a stripper? Bernie Mac was one of the greatest comedians of all time... We pay homage to the Legend. In honor of episode 98 we talk about The hottest albums from 1998. This and more
Aug 12, 2018
Meal Prep 101 W/ Lindsey
The Podcast Brothers and Kailah are joined by kailah’s cousin Lindsey for Episode 97. In the first half of the show we discuss our weeks, our thoughts on college versus having a trade, Lebron’s I Promise academy, and how we feel about the recent Trayvon Martin documentary. Our Fresh or Fiascos of the week focused on EA sports censoring Colin Kaepernick’s name on the Madden 19 playlist and rapper YG’s questionable fashion choices. Kailah & Lindsey spoke about their growing meal prep business & discussed how they started, why they’ve joined forces, and what their short & long term goals are. Follow us on twitter Follow us on Instagram Guest info: 19:28 Lebron James built a school 27:51 Is it too soon for The Trayvon Martin docu? 33:27 To go to college or not to go... that's the question 45:57 France will be removing smart phones and tablets from schools 50:51 EA Sports removed Colin Kaepernick name from Big Sean song ( Madden 19 ) 52:56 YG outfit selection 58:57 The interview with Lindsey
Aug 05, 2018
Get the strap W/ @ChimereNicole
In this Episode The Podcast Brothers are joined by Content Creator and Entrepreneur Chimere Nicole and they talk about everything from mens beards to Woman benefiting from having side pieces. We also discuss the 19 min song by R.Kelly and if there is any artist that could make a 19 minute song that'll listen to? 50 Cent v MayWeather is getting out of hand and So much more. Follow us on twitter Follow us on IG
Jul 29, 2018
The Greg Hackett Episode
In this Episode The Podcast Brothers along with Kailah is joined by former professional boxer Greg Hackett. We talk about the politics in boxing, who would win a fight between Tyson and Ali, Gregs thoughts on Floyd Mayweather, what happens to a fighter when he has sex before a fight and a lot more. Guest info Follow us on twitter Merch:
Jul 22, 2018
Episode 94 we discussed DJ Nabs writing a letter to Nas. How Beyonce’ got Jay-Z out here looking uncomfortable. Lebron James rejuvenating the LA Lakers. Will Smith & Jada wild side. Lil Wayne wants to rename himself New Dirty Bastard?? CT Tha God is in big trouble..again. And so much more Email us:
Jul 15, 2018
The @_YogaAnd Episode
What's up Extended family The Podcast Brothers along with Kailah are joined by YogaAnd for an episode full of laughs and debates. We start off the episode by catching up with Kailah (05:30) After that was we discuss how we celebrated July 4th. (16:06) Followed by a brief conversation and Therapy for black men (19:20) Quick question... is it ok for your family and friends to hangout with your ex?(28:59) Then we review the new album from Drake " Scorpion " (36:45) Then we interview YogaAnd.. Why she does what she does and what she's looking to accomplish and Much more (52:22) Email us: Merch: Guest info
Jul 08, 2018
I don't drop them tears
What’s up extended family? It’s Episode 92 and we start the episode off wit the Electric Slide ( 00:05 ) Should Dame Dash have known better ( 17:35 ) How was Terry Crews able to keep is cool in the mist of being sexually assaulted ( 30:07 ) What’s our expectations of Power season 5 ( 44:37 ) Should The Black Panther and Luke Cage do a feature film together? (01:01:31 ) Who pays for the 1st date ( 01:07:00 ) When is it a good time to date your dead homies ex? ( 01:13:20 ) Would you purposely curve women who’ve dated other celebrities? ( 01:25:36 ) RIP Joe Jackson ( 01:35:10 ) Fuck is you doin - Lee Daniels ( 01:43:41 )
Jul 01, 2018
Throw in the DAMN towel!!!
What’s up Extented family it’s Episode 91 “ Throw In the DAMN towel “ After we tell y’all about our week ( 03:29 ) We discuss the Art All Night shooting and our thoughts on the death of XXX ( 16:30 ) Then we ask the question “ Would you reach out to an old friend if you changed for the better? “ ( 33:38 ) Who had the worst album rollout, Nas or Jay Z? ( 38:29 ) Why are some black parents so eager to kick their kids out of the house? ( 59:29 ) Other topics include: - Good and Bad experiences at black owned businesses ( 01:05:23 ) - Johnny Gills owns the Rights to the name “ New Edition “ ( 01:12:08 ) - IG model puts rapper Fabolous on blast (01:15:41) - KillMonger won best villain over Thanos (01:18:31) - JR Smith brain fart Cavs Jersey auctioned off for $11,000 ( 01:24:22 ) - Fuck is you doin - Melania Trump ( 01:27:41 ) Email us:
Jun 24, 2018
Cool ass Father's/Uncles W/ @Cee_Armel
What's up extended family.. Fresh off the Live Episode The Brothers are back with episode 90 and we have a special guest.. All the way from China our Boy Cee... Most of the episode we chop it up about being Fathers and Uncles.. Lessons learned from the Fathers before us.. The difference between African Fathers and African American Fathers, Flaw has birthday twins... We also talk to Cee about life in China... How he dropped everything and took the leap of faith.. Lloyd Banks leaves G-Unit and 6ix9ine trolling Chicago rappers... Plus more. email us:
Jun 17, 2018
The Live Episode
Celebrating 2 years of Podcasting with family friends and supporters of the brand. No show notes for this one people... It was a wild show... lol... ENJOY.
Jun 10, 2018
Leave Pusha T Alone
What's up Fam?.... Episode 88 from the Podcast Brothers.. " Leave Pusha Terrance Alone " We start off the episode with our “ Clap for me “ segment and it goes out to Channing Dungey... the African American president of ABC who canceled The Roseane Show. ( 08:51 ) ABC network also canned a Blackish episode about Athletes kneeling so is it a fair trade? ( 12:02 ) Pusha T v Drake continues... did they go to far, should Drake respond? ( 19:48 ) Nicki Ninaj took up for Drake and Kim K takes up for Kanye, who was more in the right? ( 40:55 ) Jay Z alleged son ( Rymir ) plans on taking Jay to federal court to prove Jay is his father ( 46:07 ) we continue the episode with a dope therapy session.. we talk about why we went, how it has helped us and more ( 56:02 ) Other topics include - Andrew Lincoln is leaving the Walking Dead ( 01:16:51 ) - Drakes explaination of the Black Face photo ( 01:21:16 ) - 50 Cent parties with Rick Ross BM, the same woman that sued him for $7M ( 01:26:53 ) - Ja Rule interrupts the Drake/Pusha beef to remind the world That Loose Change was the greatest diss record of all times ( 01:30:13 ) - Fux is U doin - JR Smith & Tyrone Lue ( 01:33:14 ) Email us:
Jun 03, 2018
Leave Drake Alone
What's up Extended Family it's ya boys The Podcast Brothers back with episode 87. " Leave Drake Alone " We start of the episode with “ Clap For Em “ The college graduates ( 16:59 ) Flaw and Fresco go back and forth on what type of tv they’d produce if they could (22:18) Morgan Freeman is being accused of sexual assault ( 32:06 ) The NFL wants to make sure no black player silently protests again (44:58) Other topics Include - NYPD blames 50 Cent and #GetTheStrap for the increased violence in NYC (01:00:26) - Is the triple double a meaningless stat ( 01:03:12) - Harvey Weinstein has been arrested for sexual assault ( 01:08:06 ) - Pusha T uses Whitney Houston’s drug infested bathroom as cover art ( 01:10:50 ) - Drake responds to Pusha T ( 01:20:00 ) - Fuck is you doin - Dr. Windell Boutte ( 01:34:06 ) Email us:
May 27, 2018
Respect the nudes
What's up Extended Family?? It's episode 86... We start off the episode talking about our weeks.. We Clap for The Staff at Ruby Tuesdays (09:36) We discuss the shooting at a school in Texas (14:00) Which show do you like better, The Wire or Power ( 22:33) Did Puffy and Steph get screwed of The Carolina Panthers Deal? (29:51) Women rights group wants Spotify to remove Nelly, Chris Brown and Eminem (35:04) Other topics include: - Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari is suing 50 Cent (43:12) - Meek Mill turns down a trip to the White House (46:27) - CEO believes in his bulletproof glass so much that he sits at the wheel while shots are fired (49:42) - Black Panther director Ryan Coogler wants to make a female-focused spin-off (51:25) - Fuck is U doin - Aaron Schlossberg (56:50) email us:
May 20, 2018
Unapologetik W/ @TheGreatJayden
What’s up extended family it’s episode 85 and we have Jayden the Great joining us all the way from Atlanta ( 01:04:09 ) Clap for EM - Jerell Blakeley and CJ (17:10) Kailah breaks down the benefits of the Yoni Steam (20:19 ) It’s mental health awareness month and we discuss our mental health issues ( 25:16 ) Which album dropping in June are you most anticipating (33:45) Other topics include: - Jayden Smith brought his gold record to the Met Gala ( 44:42) - J.Cole stops fans from chanting “ Fuck Lil Pump “ at his show ( 47:33) - The Criticism of Donald Glover ( This is America video ) 49:24 - Spotify removed R.Kelly & XXXTention from their playlist ( 58:43) - If you could have 3 super powers what would they be? ( 01:20:24) - Fuck is you Doin - StarLord ( 01:24:09 )
May 13, 2018
Party & Boogaloo W/ Frank McFly
Live Show June 9th - What's up extended family... It's episode 84 and we have a special guest in the building... Frank McFly and it was a dope interview. (43:48) but first We start off the episode with a standing ovation for Van Lathan (06:57) Should we idolize celebrities? (10:27) Was Slavery a choice? (15:26) Do you owe your friends anything after you make it big? (24:06) Other Topics include: - Charles Barkley stated that he wants to punch Draymond Green in the face. (31:51) - The two men that were wrongfully arrested at Star Bucks has been Compensated. (35:29) - Dope or Nope - Frank McFly " Only want you " (40:13) - Fuck is u doin - American Airlines ( 01:12:13) Frank McFly information:
May 06, 2018
* Live show on JUNE 9th.. get your tickets * What's up extended family... Your favorite brothers are back with Episode 83. In this episode we discuss the trip to NYC for the #PodinLiveNYC meet-up, we then debut a segment called " Clap for em " and it's dedicated to James Shaw jr. If y'all don't know he is the Waffle House hero. We touched on the S.T.I. called " Super Gonorrhea " and how to avoid it. (14:24) In honor of the Mike Ruga interview Fresco and Flaw ask the question " Would you die for me bro? " (18:28) Kanye West had a lot to tweet about this past week and The Bros had a lot to say about it (26:09) How do you separate the Musician from the abuser? (37:09) Other Topics include: - If you were writing an autobiography would inform the people you'll be writing about? (41:53) - Kim Kardashian poses nude AGAIN.... (47:10) - 11 Year old Yodeler releases a song about being in love (50:18) - Meek Mill has become the face of criminal Justice reform (52:02) - Bill Cosby could face up to 30 years in prison (56:05) - Fuck is you Doin - Ja Rule ( 01:00:47) email us:
Apr 29, 2018
HURT PEOPLE Hurt People | Feat. Ricardo & Rahsan
What's good extended family... its's episode 82 and we're joined by Two stars of the original series " Hurt People Hurt People " Ricardo and Rahsan... Before we interview the guest (40:54) we broke the ice with a few Fresh or Fiasco questions. Are you ok with your kids mom twerking while pregnant? (09:41) Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize.(14:05) Is it fair that Triston Thompson minutes have gone done since his cheating scandal (19:19) Other topics include: - Would you date a Kardashian just to see if the curse is real? (23:10) - Our thoughts on J.Cole new album (26:44) - Fat Joe could've signed Em, Jim Jones could've signed J.Cole.. Which was the bigger miss? (33:33) - Dig a Hole - White Boxer knocked out by a Mexican ( 01:03:34) Watch " Hurt People Hurt People " The web series here:
Apr 22, 2018
Sacrifice W/ @vitamin_Kai
What’s up Extended family... it’s Episode 81 and we’re joined by Kailah. We start off the episode with a song Battle (00:10) We then discuss the possibility of Meek Mill being released on 4/16 (19:21) Nicki vs Cardi B (26:00) Would you sacrifice your freedom to bring awareness to unfair laws? ( 35:38) Women are hoes if they have sex on the 1st night? (53:31) Other topics: - 6ix 9ine transforms into a woman in the latest video “ Gotti “ (42:42) - SeaHawks cancel meeting with Kaepernick because refuses to stop kneeling (45:13) - Shaq is opening a $79 M apartment tower in NJ (48:09) - Mental Health and our thoughts on Triston Thompson (01:05:07) - Dig a Hole - Sabrina Claudio (01:21:11) - White people saying the N-Word (01:24:31) The Podcast Brothers live show June 9th....
Apr 15, 2018
A message to the King W/ Jerell Blakeley
What’s up Extended Family?! The Brothers are back with Episode 80 and we’re joined by 2018 Trenton City Council-At-Large Candidate Jerell Blakeley. Fresh off the back we asked Jerell what a member of city council actually does (04:33) We then expressed our admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in honor of MLK50. (17:20) Are there too many rules for Black men and Black boys (30:55) we finish off the episode with a dope interview with Jerell (55:45) Other Topics include: - The NBA will pay people to play NBA2k (40:52) - The Black Panther Movie to break Saudi Arabia’s 35 year Cinema Ban (44:16) - Our thoughts on Prez 45 honoring MLK (46:50) - Texans chairman Bob McNair regrets apology for “ inmates “ remark (48:32) Email us: To see what else Jerell has going on visit his website
Apr 08, 2018
Slippin.... 20 Years later W/ @B_RadCB23
What's up extended family... The brothers are back with a special guest Brad Butler. We start off the episode with a song battle... Then we talk about the messy situation between Fabolous and Emily B (16:35) LL Cool J launches an Old School radio station on SirusXM (31:01) Jay-Z and Roc Nation allegedly purchase 2 Pacs catalog (33:46) Sony Pictures Television Developing Female Warrior Drama With Africa’s Ebony Life (40:51) We finished the episode with a dope interview with Brad Butler. We talk about his upcoming book, how he over came special education, how he engages with his listeners. other topics include: - LiAngelo Ball Scored 72 pts over seas and says he's putting his name in the draft. (43:37) - Slippin'' played in court before rapper DMX gets a year in prison for tax evasion (48:50) email us: Guest info: @b_rabinspires ( Twitter )
Apr 01, 2018
Daddy wasn't there
Hey extended family it’s episode 78 and on this episode we discussed Black men having to work twice as hard (07:21) The Tekashi69 breakfast club interview (14:14) Young Thug suspends new Music in support of his deaf brother (26:24) Male Birth control might be here just in time to prevent Fetty Wop from having his 8th child (29:36) Flaw doesn’t like Trey Budden diss record towards Joe Budden (37:50) Other topics include: - Hip Hop artist of the week - Big Sean (46:48) - The Memphis Grizzlies laughing and joking after 61 point loss vs Hornets (59:49) - Jeezy announces retirement & final album (01:03:22) - Diddy and Jay - Z working on new app to champion “ Black Excellence “ (01:06:56) - French Montana Uganda hospital is up and running (01:09:30) - Dig a Hole - Sacramento Police Department (01:13:32) Email us:
Mar 25, 2018
Look at my Face
We start the episode by briefly discussing our week. (04:54) We talk about rappers who get on IG live after a scuffle to show that there are no marks on their face (10:44) Our thoughts on DJ Envy (19:07) Rihanna shuts down Snapchat (30:42) The excitement of The Avengers movie (36:39) Other topics.... - Hip Hop Artist of the week - Juvenile (45:05) - Dope or Nope - 830 Waves " Dark Days " (55:06) - Students should have a say in the decision to let teachers carry (01:01:33) - Lil Pump signed a 7 year deal worth $8 Million (01:06:25) - 21 Savage announces “ Bank Account “ a campaign to teach the youth finance literacy (01:11:14) Email us:
Mar 18, 2018
We get the Boasters Boasting | Episode 76
This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by Kailah and she's not here for all of the Black Panther hype (23:09) We pay homage to Rapper Common ( some what ) for our hip hop segment (36:56) We discuss the greatest 3 album run in hip hop (51:59) Kobe's Oscar win might finally give him the edge over MJ (01:11:53) Should Rick Ross reveal the truth about his hospital visit (01:21:48) Other topics... -Rachel Dolezal has a documentary coming to Netflix called " The Rachel Divide " (01:28:46) -Is Bruno Mars's music cultural appropriation (01:34:09) email us: Dope or Nope artist https://instagram/streetzemp
Mar 11, 2018
You's a Mark W/ @Yagi_Podcast
The ladies of Young and Gettin It Podcast ( Nina and Ashley ) flew all the way from California to join Flaw and Fresco in a mash-up type episode. And they made one thing clear... The west coast does not use the word " Mark " lol... or Buster... Topics include: - YAGI Podcast introduction (02:06) - How was your week (05:35) - Men don’t receive unconditional love? (21:25) - Prayers up for Rick Ross (35:28) - Disney donates $1 Million to fund Youth Stem program following Black Panther Success (37:06) - Golden State Warriors skip White House, take students to African American Museum instead (42:10) - Transgender boy wins Texas girls wrestling championship for second year in a row (46:37) - This week in Hip-Hop | The Notorious B.I.G. (50:37) - Dope or Nope | Shizzy Mac (01:06:36) - Interview with Nina and Ashley (01:15:27) - Look at GOD (01:45:56) Email us: Merch: Guest
Mar 04, 2018
Banned from the Mother Land
There are no guests this week so Flaw and Fresco go back and forth on a witty comedic type episode. Main Topic: - The Black Panther Movie (10:26) Other Topics....... - Our list of people who aren’t welcome to Wakanda ( 26:45) - This week in Hip Hop ( Ja Rule ) (35:35) - Dope or Nope - Aychell “ Mullsane “ ( 50:08) - Pres 45 claims to not have committed sexual assault because cameras were present ( 54:38) - Jay Z runs up a $80,000 tab but only leaves a $11,000 tip (56:19) - One NFL player ( Future Doctor ) wants the NFL to allow him to put M.D. on the back of his jersey - Fergie sung worst then Carl Lewis? (01:00:46) - Confessions that might get your black card revoked ( 01:05:54 ) Email us:
Feb 25, 2018
#BlackLove w/ Tona Buck
This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach Ms. Tona Buck Our main topic: The importance of Black Love (17:49) Other topics... - The Big Announcement (00:37) - Our week in review (03:43) - The Black Panther movie projected to gross $1B in its 1st week (30:09) - Lavar Ball threatens The LA Lakers (34:23) - Joe Budden son made a diss record towards him (37:45) - Dope or Nope @JayomegaSO Feat. @syerSO " Shameless " (46:44) - The sexual assault conversation (51:53) - Dig a HOle - America (01:13:55) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- email us: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Tona Buck -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Jayomega
Feb 18, 2018
I gotta Big Ego W/ KV
Our Main Topic Do you have an Big Ego? Maybe you do but you don’t know it. ( 55:15 ) Other topics... - The Eagles win thier 1st SuperBowl ( 09:08 ) - Why do fans destroy their own city after the team wins a championship? ( 17:22 ) - TV show reboots ( 21:05 ) - Quincy Jones magazine rant ( 26:22 ) - New Hampshire lottery ticket winner is in jeopardy of losing all the money because she hasn’t come forward yet. ( 30:37 ) - Snoop Dogg plans to release a Gospel Album - This week in Hiphop ( Dr. Dre ) ( 36:33 ) - Dope or Nope ( Mc Knowledge) ( 48:58 ) - Dig a Hole - College recruit mother walks out on her son ( 01:12:40 ) Email us: Twitter: @Podcastbrothers | @vitamin_Kai
Feb 11, 2018
In a Daze W/ @sevntnth & @jolasoul_
Our Main Topic this week: We talk to Sevntnth & JolaSoul about their short film " Daze " and the albums DAze/Knights (55:29) Other topics.. - Lavar Ball being the new assistant coach for his sons team (12:38 ) - MoNique allegedly turned down $3 Million ( 17:59 ) - Suge Knights former lawyers arrested for bribing witnesses ( 26:52 ) - The week in Hip Hop - J. Cole ( 29:52 ) - Dope or Nope - Sevntnth “ HHK “ ( 50:47 ) - Dig a Hole - Prez 45 ( 01:19:14 ) Send questions and comments to: Website: Twitter: @Podcastbrothers | @700blockpod | @FrescoBinFamous Guest: ( watch the short film )
Jan 28, 2018
Bonus Episode 70.5 W/ Muhammad
Fresco and Flaw are joined by their good friend Muhammad to address what happened in the FB group, why his facebook page is really deactivated and other goodies. We also have the discussion of how to be better Co-Parents. Tune in
Jan 26, 2018
Welcome to the grey area W/Kon'Trast
Flaw and Fresco are joined by Kon’Trast the Label ( Queen Reese, Fvt Gzus, Que, Manikin and Afro ) to discuss Sex Robots who refuse to have sex if they aren’t in the mood ( 10:46 ) Ja Rule V 50 Cent ( 19:36 ) Mo’Nique calls for Netflix boycott ( 15:38 ) Other topics include: - This week in Hip Hop / Rick Ross ( 25:34) - Dope or Nope / Easy Mvcaveli ( 37:30 ) - The Que interview ( 43:33 ) - The Queen Reese interview ( 53:13 ) - The Manikin interview ( 01:01:47 ) - Dig a Hole / PnB Rock ( 01:16:11 ) - The Conclusion ( 01:20:15 ) Email us: Merch: Instagram: Fvt G’Zus ( ) Queen Reese ( ) Manikin ( ) Que: ( ) Afro: ( )
Jan 21, 2018
Girls love Girls w/ Jessica & Princess
Flaw and Fresco are joined by Jessica and Princess to discuss the difference between men and women when it comes to flirting with other women. (01:05:26) Rachel Dolezal tried to Capitalize off H&M's racist ad with her own " protest " hoodie. (01:30:26) This week in Hip Hop we discuss LL Cool J and his career (40:42) Other topics include: -4 Ways to save 10k in 2018 (12:14) - H&M racist ad (22:28) - Drake opens up a restaurant in his home town. (27:55) - Eminem disses Joe Budden. (32:04) - Dope or Nope - Moe and Cee " Built like me " - (58:37) email us: Dope or Nope artist:
Jan 14, 2018
30 Day break from dating
We're back!!! Flaw, Fresco and Kailah discuss their goals for 2018 (12:34) Kendrick Lamar to EP The soundtrack for The Black Panther Movie (37:44) Is 30 Days enough when it comes to taking a break from dating? (01:15:52) Other topics include: - Fresh or Fiasco - The Ball Brothers make their debut in Lithuania (27:01) - Fresh or Fiasco - Nas and Nicki Minaj allegedly break up (29:43) - Fresh or Fiasco - Kendu blames hospitalization on divorce (40:40) - Fresh or Fiasco - Disney hotels will get rid of DND signs (43:36) - This week in Hip Hop - Mary J Blige (48:22) - Dope or Nope - Heis “ Inspire “ (01:15:52) - Dig a Hole - Ted Valentine (01:38:25) Email us:
Jan 07, 2018
3 Reasons to use the Female Condom W/ @NeenaTaurus & Nola
* Due to technical difficulties only half of this episode was uploaded. * This week Flaw and Fresco are joined by 2/3 of The Dope N Diverse Podcast, Neena and Nola to discuss the importance of the female condom. (11:55) Quavo dissing Joe Budden. (18:07) Men being more cautious when approaching/flirting with women.(27:47) Other Topics include.. -Who is Dope N Diverse Podcast (01:44) -President 45 ignoring The white people who Diss him (21:01) -Time Magazine has named " The silence breakers " Person of the year (24:46) -Hip Hop artist of the week - Nicki Minaj (36:41) -Dope or Nope - Nivlac Lamej " My State of Mind" (48:52) email us:
Dec 10, 2017
The Conversation about H.I.V. W/ @Vitamin_Kai
This week Flaw is joined by Kailah to Discuss the slave trade in Libya. (15:48) Did The NFL players sellout or are they heroes?(28:51) And in honor of WorldAidsDay ( December 1st) We had the HIV Conversation (01:01:34) Other topics include: - Fresh or Fiasco - The Joyner Lucas " I'm not racist video " (23:41) - Fresh or Fiasco - Ma$e won the rap battle against Cam'ron with a song full of lies. (33:14) - Hip-Hop artist of the week - Jay-Z (36:03) - Dope or Nope - TLR " Run It " (56:36) email us:
Dec 03, 2017
The 5 guys she wish she never met W/ @theredroom_blog
This week Flaw, Fresco and our guest Blaise briefly discuss the Prez 45 and Lavar Ball situation (23:54). Also we also briefly discuss Mase diss song towards Cam'ron (31:10). Our Guest Blaise Talks about her recent blog " The 5 guys I wish I hadn't met " (53:03). Other topics include: - Do children want to be like their parents? (16:35) - Flaw thoughts on Freddy vs Jason the mixtape (29:13) - This week in hip hop ( The Game ) (34:09) - Dope or Nope ( Kontrast - " CornaStoLickastoCHRUCH " ) (48:39) email us: Guest -
Nov 26, 2017
Creating Killer Shit W/ @CKSMag
This week, we chop it up with CKS Magazine's own Smoke and Fvt Gzus (51:33). Also we also debate which November year was the best in Hip-Hop (34:13). Undercover cops brawl after mistaking each other for suspects in drug bust (01:21:00). Other topics include.... -Fresh or Fiasco - Ray J Closes a $31 million deal to launch his Scooty Bike (17:30) -Fresh or Fiasco - President 45 pulled some strings and got the ULCA players back to the USA(20:27) -Fresh or Fiasco - Lebron Crowned himself " King " of NY(23:20) -Fresh or Fiasco - Titanic will be re-released in theaters to celebrate the films 20 year anniversary(26:31) -Fresh or Fiasco - The movie " Get Out " will be classified as a comedy in the upcoming award show.(28:48) -Fresh or Fiasco - Retired boxer Oscar DeLa Hoya said he'd come out retirement and fight Conor McGregor (32:05) -Dope or Nope | Supreme " For the Paper " (45:13) Email us: Guest info
Nov 19, 2017
Child Support doesn't discriminate W/ @Vitamin_kai
We have Kailah joining us this week. It's Episode 63 people.... In this episode we want to know whats the 1st thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex? Is the new child support system going to favor those paying the child support? Other topics include.... - Fresh or Fiasco - LiAngelo Ball was caught stealing in China (09:25) - Fresh or Fiasco - Meek Mill sentenced to 2-4 years for violating his probation (14:21) - Fresh or Fiasco - New York Knick Fans now love Kristaps Porzingis (20:05) - Fresh or Fiasco - Brooklyn rapper Desiigner was caught dancing with a tranny and admitted it. (24:47) - Fresh or Fiasco - Nikki Minaj should reach out to Meek Mill in his time of need (28:59) - Fresh or Fiasco - Sean Kingston spilled the beans on his past relationship with Serena Williams (32:58) - Hip Hop artist of the week - Fabolous (36:52) - Dope or Nope - Sonic Asaad " Fly" (51:48) - What's the 1st thing you'd do if you woke up as the opposite sex? (58:35) - The new Child support system might help might help those who pay too much (01:10:00) - Did a Hole - Jelani Maraj (01:20:22) Email us:
Nov 12, 2017
Can a single mom raise a boy up to be a man? W/ @MsOsOprettii
Sup everybody? It's episode 62 and we have a guest joining us, Chamierra... In this episode we ask the people, can a single mom raise a son up to be a man? Should a man be able to hit a women back if she hits him first? Other topics include...... -Our week in review Fresh or Fiasco - Kyrie Irving thinks Earth is flat (10:09) Fresh or Fiasco - Tyrese had an emotional break down on social media (13:27) Fresh or Fiasco - Rapper B.O.B. says slavery didn't exist because he hasn't seen a slave ship (17:25) Fresh or Fiasco - Cardi B wants to turn it down for her younger audience (20:44) Fresh or Fiasco - Chris Brown released a album with 45 songs (22:43) Fresh or Fiasco - Jim Jones still hasn't proposed to long time fiancée Chrissy (26:01) Hip Hop artist of the week - Big Pun (29:59) Dope or Nope - Riek & Reasons " Out " (45:38) Should a man be allowed to hit a woman back? (49:13) Can a woman do a mans job such as raise boys? (1:00:14) email us:
Nov 05, 2017
We love her cause she got her own W/ @AllHailKingDean
What's up extended family? The Brothers are back with Episode 61. Featuring our younger brother Dean. In this episode the brothers get into a debate about women having the financial advantage over a man and how he deals with it. Other Topics include..... - Our week in Review (3:47) - Judge grants Betty Shelby’s request for manslaughter case records to be expunged (14:42) - Fresh or Fiasco - Queen Latifah stars in a Movie about Flint Michigan not having water while the Tragedy is still happen (19:51) - Fresh or Fiasco - Lil B gets jumped by A boogie and 10 of his goons (23:59) - Fresh or Fiasco - The NBA fines Stephen Curry $50,000 for throwing his mouth piece at a referee (26:46) - Fresh or Fiasco - Bow Wow giving tips to men about women. (31:15) - Fresh or Fiasco -Amazon Will Soon Deliver Camera Gear Directly Into Your House (36:35) - This week in Hip Hop - Puff Daddy (39:21) - Dope or Nope - Ozy Reigns “ Out The Hole “ (58:53) - She’s got her own and he’s alright with that (01:08:45) - Dig a Hole - Houston Texans Chairman ( Robert McNair ) (01:31:21)
Oct 29, 2017
#ProspectsAthletesToHBCUs W/Lakisha
Welcome back extended family. It's episode 60 and we Have a podcast packed full of gems. No Fresco this week but Flaw 700 is joined by Kisha and we discuss topics such as Jamele Hill suspension, Nelly and the Rape allegations, Terry Crews was sexually assaulted, The Dallas Cowboys, Eminem, and then we touch on best friends dating also what would happen if all the top black prospect athletes went to HBCUs? This and More email us: Dope or Nope Artist - 12:04 - News of the week 24:07 - Fresh or Fiasco 35:40 - This week in Hip Hop - Eminem 50:13 - Dope or Nope (Bumpy103) 55:52 - Dating your best friend... Why or Why not? 01:08:28 - Prospects to HBCUs
Oct 14, 2017
Say what you mean, Mean what you say W/ @nsfw_podcast
After a week off The Podcast Brothers returns with episode 59 and In the building with us was Bri Wild and Big Teddy of NSFW Podcast. In this episode Bri and Big Teddy tells us how their Podcast came to be. We also discuss The Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Creed 2, OJ Simpson, Cam Newton, Sexist people, racist people and More! email us Frostie NSFW Podcast 03:47 - Who is N.S.F.W. Podcast 12:35 - Our week in review 23:15 - News of the week ( Las Vegas Mass Shooting ) 32:30 - Fresh or Fiasco 54:36 - This week in Hip Hop - The best Hip Hop/R&B duo 01:03:06 - Dope or Nope - Frostie " Murderer " 01:13:18 - Name a job you do not want your significant other to have. 01:26:05 - The Cam Newton Situation 01:46:52 - Dig a Hole - Tyrese, Vin Diesel and The NFL Players
Oct 08, 2017
The Worst of 2017 W/ @iamjerrell
Welcome back extended family. It's ya boys, your favorite brothers back with episode 58 and we have a special... Jerrell! In this episode we discuss Kevin Durant and his tweets, President Obama, Kyrie Irving and his 1st take interview, Jamie Foxx will Play Mike Tyson in an up and coming bio-film, Kevin Hart and the extortion gone wrong, Nas and a lot more!!! email us: 06:09 - Discussing our week 10:46 - Dig a Hole " IT " 18:02 - Fresh or Fiasco 34:09 - This week in Hip-Hop ( Nas ) 45:51 - Dope or Nope - Mista Spot " Pun Intended " 50:33 - Who has had the worst 2017? 01:05:45 - Dig a Hole - Kevin Durant
Sep 24, 2017
Man up and put a dress on W/ Cus’n Kourt
In this episode we touch on the Kenneka Jenkins situation, Jemelle Hill, Kobe Bryant, Lonzo Ball, Tupac, Carmelo Anthony, Young Joc, Bow Wow and More. This week dope or nope artist comes from Kaze and the name of the record is called " Love Me " email us: 00:16 - Introductions 11:14 - Our thoughts on the Keeneka Jenkins situation 15:50 - Fresh or Fiasco Segment 40:07 - This week in Hip-Hop ( 2pac conversation ) 45:02 - Dope or Nope ( Kaze - " Love Me " ) 52:30 - Tyrese vs The Rock 01:03:43 - Man up and put a dress 01:12:32 - Dig a Hole ( Bow Wow )
Sep 17, 2017
Fucked up Narratives
A yo! It's episode 56! Flaw and Fresco debate weather Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey are coon'n again, Kim Kardashian is bugging again, Sanaa Lathan goes bald, and for the main topic we talk about Fucked up Narratives in relationships. Plus a a lot more. This weeks dope or nope artist comes from Syer ( ) Diary of a Mad Man - #iTunes: Unkle: email us: Merch:
Sep 10, 2017
Double Nickel W/ Rell
The Podcast Brothers are back with Episode 55 aka Double Nickel and we have a returning guest. Ya'll might remember him from episode 6, we have Rell in the building. This episode is full of gems and laughter... joke after joke. Lonzo Ball said nobody listens to Nas anymore. We touch on Hurricane Harvey, Master P and Tiny owning their own basketball league, Marriage and black men in need of Brother Hood! that and more. email us: The Smith Family Foundation: The dope or nope artist: Merch:
Sep 03, 2017
The Leader and The Provider
Welcome back extended Family. It's your boys Flaw and Fresco back with Episode 54. No guest this week but we still deliver one of our best episodes to date. We have a dope segment of Fresh or Fiasco for ya'll and a Dope conversation about the Hit Series Power. We talk about the Solar Eclipse, The Mega Millions and The main topic Can you be a leader without Providing? Plus more. The Dope or Nope artist - Email: Merch: Twitter: IG: 21:55 - Fresh or Fiasco 35:25 - The Power Segment 50:40 - Dope Or Nope - Psyfer " Devils Advocate " 55:57 - Can you be a Leader without Providing? 01:06:39 - Dig a Hole - George Foreman
Aug 27, 2017
The Nite Shine Episode W/ @Nite_shine
What's up extended family.. Your favorite brothers are back with episode 53 and our guest is Songwriter, Rapper, Artist " NiteShine " In this episode we discuss President 45, Kim Kardashian West, Power, and we get into a great debate about how to change the urban mentality. Last but not least we interview NiteShine.. in the interview we talk about his record getting played on Hot97 and Power 105. His 3rd album " Titles Ruin Things " and alot more. Email us:
Aug 20, 2017
The Emasculation of The Black Man W/ Aarokia
Ayyyyyyy! Welcome back extended family. it's episode 52 and we have special guest joining us... Aarokia from The Modern Design Group. In this episode we talk about Aarokia singing for A&Rs for Def Jam Records, The United States vs N. Korea, Which black man would you want to be your President, This Weeks dope or Nope Artist is Jayomega - " The Man ",Fresh or Fiasco and More!!!! Email us: Guest: Dope or Nope Artist: Merch: 07:02 - Fresh or Fiasco 15:43 - The Power Segment 29:44 - Do you hate being black, sometimes? 38:05 - The Emasculation of The Black Man 54:49 - Dope Or Nope 01:05:37 - Pick your Poison 01:10:25 - One Gotta Stay 01:15:31 - Aarokia Interview 01:33:06 - Dig a Hole
Aug 13, 2017
We'll apologize for this episode later | Episode 51 W/ Shakir & Breyon
What's going on Extended family?? We're back with episode 51 and we're joined by Shakir and Breyon and together we discuss The Lil Duval situation, Bobby V situation, We talk a lot about sports. Is Iverson overrated? Should Fathers be praised for doing what fathers are supposed to do? And MORE 00:48 - Prodigy choked on an Egg? 05:011 - Dope or Nope results 08:15 - Bobby V & Lil Duval situation 18:54 - The Power Conversation 28:40 - Does Championship rings determine who's better then who? 32:03 - Is Iverson overrated? 37:26 - Hall of fame or Championship? 40:58 - Are you a Band Wagon Fan? 52:25 - Super Bowl Predictions 57:21 - Who's better, Meek or Sheek? 01:00:50 - Dope or Nope @shotgungrizzly " Black Robb " 01:07:10 - Should Fathers be praised for being good fathers? 01:16:08 - Real Regula Email us: Merch: (get a free audiobook )
Aug 06, 2017
The Jelani Episode | Episode 50 W/ @Jelani_lani
Episode 50!!!! It's a milestone!!! We're happy to be here! Thanks for rocking with us for 50 episodes. This week we have R&B singer Jelani joining us. Topics include The Fresh or Fiasco segment ( 10:20 min mark ) The Power segment ( 22:51 segment ) Trump Bans Transgenders from the military ( 33:14 minute mark ) Good at sex, terrible at dating ( 40:14 minute mark ) First Impressions ( 53:22 minute mark ) Who would you sign with, Birdman or Diddy? ( 58:17 minute mark ) 01:04:33 Dope or Nope - Jelani " Mind " 01:10:25 The Jelani Interview 01:32:42 - Dig a Hole - Amber Rose Email us: Guest: Merch: (get a free audiobook )
Jul 30, 2017
The juice is loose | Episode 49 W/ Kourtney, Anthony & Tee
What's going on everybody.... The Podcast Brothers are back with episode 49 The OJ Syndrome. Fresco couldn't make it this episode but we still have a full house.. Class of 01 Kourtney, Tonya and Anthony join Flaw 700 for a fun, ciroc filled episode. Who's the better Hip Hop artist, Kanye or 50 Cent? We talk a lot about OJ Simpson Are your Facebook friends your friends in real life? Mike Vick, R.Kelly and More Dope or Nope Artist - Email us: Merch: (get a free audiobook ) #podcast #entertainment #hiphop #rap #comedy
Jul 23, 2017
I Love You Man | Episode 48 W/ Chuck Acid, Kourtney & Riek
Ayyyyyyyyyy we have a goodie lined up for yall. We have a full house.... Cousin Kourt, Chuck Acid and Riek joined us for episode 48. Topics include As a Man do you express love in the way that it should be (with male family members, friends; specifically with sons, nephews, cousins, ect? The hit series " Power " Swiss Beats vs Timbo We chop it up with Chuck Acid and More Email us: Email Chuck Acid: Merch: (get a free audiobook ) Chuck Acid - Riek - #podcast #entertainment #hiphop #rap #comedy
Jul 16, 2017
The Brown Girl Experience | Episode 47 W/ @The_browngirl
It's your Favorite Brothers back with another episode.. Episode 47 to be exact. We have a Special guest The Host of "The Browngirl Experience" Erica Butler. Together we chop it up about Rob Kardashian, Power episode 2, Carmelo Anthony doesn't watch Lala Sex Scenes, The Fast and Furious might be losing a star, Jay-Z and More Email us: Merch: (get a free audiobook )
Jul 09, 2017
The 3 Migos | Episode 46 W/ @lenwoodSmith_
Welcome back Extended Family. We a dope show lined up for yall. We also have The Only Child Syndrome Podcast host Collin Smith with us. Topics we'll be discussing.... 01:22 - Introducing Collin Smith 09:38 - Fresh or Fiasco 15:16 - The Migos Conversation 24:18 - Power Conversation 32:37 - Is it disrespectful to miss a close friend funeral? 36:57 - Who do you believe did it, Michael Jackson, O.J. Or Suge Knight? 41:50 - Thoughts on Jay-Z new album " 4:44 " 56:16 - One Gotta Go ( Jay Z edition ) 60:37 - Dope or Nope 71:02 - The Collin Smith interview 92:22 - Dig a Hole ( Kodak Black )
Jul 02, 2017
The 1 Year Anniversary Episode
Wussup everybody and welcome back to The podcast Brothers Episode 45 "The Anniversary Episode" on this weeks episode our topics range from ⁃thoughts on the passing of Prodigy ⁃weigh in on the Tupac Movie ⁃50 Cent says Power won't go past 7 seasons. If you had your own series which you give it an end date? Or let it ride for as long as possible? ⁃One of these Singing Sibling Duos has to go (Michael/Janet ) (Toni & Tamar Braxton) (Brandy & Ray J) (Beyoncé & Solonge) ⁃All that and much more on this weeks episode of The Podcast Brothers.
Jun 25, 2017
Certified Gemini's | Episode 44 W/ @thejohneffect
Wussup everybody and welcome back to the Podcast Brothers for Episode 44 featuring none other than John Salvatore from The John Effect Podcast. Get a free Uber Ride - This weeks episodes topics include ⁃Steve Harvey under fire ⁃A special made "Ones gotta go" ⁃Which actor played Batman the best? ⁃Golden State Warriors NBA champs ⁃Which is in better hands for the future, Hip Hop or the NBA? ⁃The Tupac film in theaters this weekend ⁃This weeks "Dope or Nope" come from LooseCannon Cee "Expectations" ⁃This weeks "Dig A Hole" from Fresco goes out to everyone drinking Apple Cider Vinegar and much much more
Jun 18, 2017
Therapy | Episode 43 W/ @tospodcast_so
Welcome back extended family and welcome to the new listeners. The week we are joined by 2/3 of The Officially Street Podcast, Syer and Jayomega. Not only do they host a successful podcast they also enjoy making music and we get into that plus more. other topics include Will we look at Lebron different after these finals? Does Road rage bring out the racist in you? Who's Death was the saddest? ( Cleo, Raheem, Kane or Ricky ) Dope or Nope - Chuck Acid " Othello " AND MORE
Jun 11, 2017
Episode 42 W/Kenya Funches
Welcome back extended Family... it's ya boys back with another one... This time we have Kenya Funches aka Redd with us to keep us in check. this week's topics include 03:13 - The Redd Intro 14:17 - How should men feel about being approached by a woman? 23:48 - Paper plates vs Glass Plates debate 30:52 - T.I. still mad over Tiny dancing on Floyd/ Your partner vs Your friends 45:34 - One Gotta Go ( Friday edition ) 53:14 - Dope or Nope - Young Jazz " Showing Off " 59:28 - Jay-Z Stages his own photo 01:03:21 - Why are y'all still watching Jerry Springer? 01:16:08 - Would you allow your significant other to go on stage with an Entertainer? 01:34:24 - Dig a Hole - Jason Whitlock
Jun 04, 2017
Episode 41 W/ @DJBigJae
It's The UGLY Episode ( U Gotta Love Yourself ) Featuring DJ Big Jae 03:18 - Big Jae Introduction 11:02 - Should up and coming DJs know the history of DJ'n? 18:08 - Does Flaw have a future in Stand up? 22:45 - What's been up with Big Jae? 29:50 - The time Flaw went paintball fighting 34:00 - Better movie: Friday or House Party 39:00 - Lebron vs MJ debate 53:33 - Dope or Nope - Syer " Get It " Vote using #podbrosnj 59:36 - UGLY ( U Gotta Love Yourself ) 01:47:21 - Dig a Hole
May 28, 2017
Episode 40 W/ Drop Clark
Ya boys are back with episode 40 aka The Drop Clark Episode. This episode we let the Grey Goose do all the talking. Topics include Jay-Z and his new Live Nation Deal... Can Jay Tour for the next 10 yrs without new material? If your Favorite rapper wore a romper would you? Who should die 1st Kanon or Angela ( Power season 4 ) One Gotta Go ( Dipset, The Lox, Wu, Mobb Deep ) Dope or Nope - KV " Roll Something " feat. Courtne Should you and your partner have the same hobbies? Dig a Hole - Bow Wow¬if_t=group_comment¬if_id=1495325029337217
May 21, 2017
Episode 39 W/ @Jae_The_Host
Welcome back extended family of The Podcast Brothers. it's episode 39 and We have a guest joining us via Skype. Jae From Just Say Words Podcast. In this episode we discuss.... - Who played the group the worst? Bishop (Juice) E Bone (Blue Hill Ave) Chauncey (Menace 2 Society) G Money (New Jack City) - Is Nino Brown in New Jack City, Wesley Snipes most recognizable role? If no what is? - Comparing their last 4 Albums, who has the better discography, J Cole or Kendrick? - Big Baller Brand releasing independent shoe at an asking price for 499.00. Over priced or Innovative business? - Is Lavar Ball being treated unfair because he's black? - Dope or Nope ( J-Lamo " The Mission " ) All that and more with special guest Jay from "Just Say Words Podcast" on Episode 39 of Podcast Brothers. Get a free audiobook
May 07, 2017
Episode 38 W/ Lakisha
We're back with Episode 38 Featuring our good Friend Kisha We have the results from last weeks show.. we took some polls. Flaw tells us about his experience at the Ruff Ryders show Who was bigger in their prime, Eve or The Lox? Did DMX pre-game overdose before his performance. Fresco tells us about the time his car go towed Is it time For AMC to cancel The Walking Dead? The Kendrick Lamar debate.. Is his latest album a classic? Our thoughts on Arron Hernandez Top 5 Cereals Dope Or Nope: C.R.O.W.N. " I Know " The Melo/T.I. debate.... Just Because you don't see Melo and T.I. stressing doesn't mean they aren't. Right?
Apr 23, 2017
Episode 37
It's Episode 37 and we have a Goodie.... - Kalief Browder Law Change ( 10:52 min mark ) - Jordan game 6 finals game or Kobe 60 pt game finale? (15:43 min mark ) - Mariah Carey gives her boyfriend $25,000 to spend on her (23:04 mark ) - Who's dropping the better album this yr, Nas DMX or Jayz? (27:32 min mark ) - Dope or Nope - Breakfast Santana " Beg for You " (33:32 min mark ) - Pick your Poison ( 38:25 min Mark ) - The TaxStone/Suge Knight debate (43:33 min mark ) - Dig a Hole ( Tory Lanes ) (1:00.00 min Mark )
Apr 17, 2017
She said Yes but what if she said no? | Episode 36
The Podcast Brothers return for Episode 36 and in this Episode the Brothers Talk about How Flaw proposed to his fiancé .... Was he nervous or not? Fresco got into a Twitter debate with Stephon Marbury Flaw Thinks Henny is Trash. Our thoughts on Jay Z removing his catalog from Spotify and Apple Music Dope Or Nope - Ced Fred " My Life " Fresco Let's Go ( Tips on where to take your significant other ) Pick your Poison ( Big Sean is the King right now or Young Thug isn't as Bad as we thought ) One Gotta Go ( Beyonce , Mary J, Aaliyah, Rihanna or Monica )
Apr 10, 2017
Episode 35 W/Danny
And we're back.... like we never left. We are joined by Pod Squad member.. Half of The Danny & Cleo Show... our good friend Danny. Topics - How to ask your wife for a 3sum - Android or Apple? - What gender role pisses you off? - Ones Gotta Go ( sitcom couple edition ) - And So much more Subscribe to us on iTunes
Apr 02, 2017
Episode 34 W/Rain
Episode 34!!!! We're back with our Guest Rain... " Niggaz Cry Everyday B " In this episode we discuss Jim Jones vs Cam'Ron, Was George Lopez outta line? Kevin Durant and the Super Warriors... Scarface is getting a Re-Make but who should play Tony Montana? We talk to Rain about the things going on in his World... And Ones Gotta Go ( Lloyd Banks, JadaKiss, Fabolous or Juelz Santana ) Dig a Hole... And then we have Dope or Nope by @frescofamous #podcasts #Podernfamily #podsincolor #podbrosnj Https:// Instagram: Rainsreal FB: Terrell Watkins
Feb 11, 2017
Episode 33 W/ @mamayogawellnss & Donovan
SuperBowl Sunday Won't Stop us from Dropping. It's Episode 33 and We have A Special Guest here with us. Arthur, Wellness Coach and Energy Guru Sa Mut/Mama Yoga and Donovan McCleese In this episode we Discuss the path to - Becoming vegan - Benefits of Yoga - Do you consider yourself to be African American, Black or American? - Nas Docu series - Superbowl Predictions - Black Inventors and Their Inventions - One Gotta Go ( Music, Exercising, Healthy Meals or Books ) - The Discussion of sharing your last name with a Stranger - Dope or Nope ( Bout Slim - " Rollin By " )
Jan 31, 2017
Episode 32 W/ Sheed
The Comedic Edu-Tainment Podcast is back. Episode 32 " Social Media Luv " Why must we post are other half on Social Media? Our Guest Trenton NJ hip-hop artist Nasheed. We talk about New Edition and what Bio Picture you want to see next. Pick your Poison ( Trump or George Zimmerman ) Is LeBron James a Cry Baby? Scenario: You're able to select any two of these characteristics to add to your game for 20 yrs. A. Dunk like Carter B. Rebound like Rodman C. Shoot like Allen D. Guard like Payton E. Cross like Iverson For the rest of your life you can have one of these abilities 1. Read Minds 2. Invisible 3. Teleport 4. The ability to erase anyone from your memory Worldstar Debate One Gotta Go 1. Phone 2. Head 3.Car 4. Sports Main Topic: Social Media Attention Dream Job or Love of your Life? Twitter: sheed1616 IG: sheed16 Spotify: Nasheed Linton Latest project SoundCloud:
Jan 28, 2017
Episode 31 W/Justin
Welcome back Extended Family.... It's episode 31 and it's full of gems. Our guest is Rif RAF Inc. Justin Baratta ( On all social media.) He's a tattoo artist from Trenton NJ and on his mind is fake Tattoo artist and School systems failing our children. We also discuss the Inauguration.. Women's March... Ones Gotta Go ( 21 Jump Street, Step Brothers, Super Bad or The Hangover ) Best Rapper turned Actor ( 2Pac, Will Smith, 50 Cent, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Ice T or DMX ) The $10 Million Question. Merch:
Jan 20, 2017
Episode 30 W/ K-Ashanti
Episode 30 is packed full of Gems. We have K-ashanti as a guest. She's from Trenton NJ... She's an Author.. Make-up lover, The HENNY GAWDESS.. and NOVEMBER'S OWN... In this week's episode we discuss Why K-ashanti thinks men who drink Ciroc is soft... The Book " I wanna be with you.... A capital city love story " and Her upcoming books. Why are folks still leaking nudes in 2017?? Kodak Black interview with the breakfast club Which is the best storytelling Song? 1. The Lost Boys - Renee 2. The Notorious B.I.G. - I gotta story to tell 3. Tupac - Brenda's gotta baby 4. Ice Cube - Today was a good day Will Martin Luther King jr be relevant 100 years from now? Ones Gotta Go 1. Jay-Z 2. Michael Jordan 3. Tupac Shakur 4. Martin Luther King Jr Email of the week - My Ex won't leave... Guest Info Merch:
Jan 14, 2017
Episode 29 W/ @iamSunny_D &etrentongrewme
We're back with our 1st Episode of 2017 Feat. Trenton NJs own G.F.T. Radio co- host Sunny D and Clint. In this episode we discuss their Podcast, Grown Folks Talk Radio. Fresco talks about the experience he had over the holiday with the birth of his Son. Then we get into Soulja Boy and Chris Brown... Do we actually want to see this fight and we have winning. Meek Mill and Nikki Minaj had a week to talk about as well. The edition of ONE GOTTA GO we dedicate this to Denzel Washington. ( Training Day, John Q, Remember The Titans, Flight ) Who was sexist and best singer ( Mya, Ashanti or Christina Milian ) Who's better, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill or T-Mac? We also discuss a fans email. Is he gay if he allows a women to insert toys inside of him? Clint - @clintblaq on IG @etrentongrewme on Twitter his blog is Sunny D - @iamSunny_D (twitter/ig) blog site https:// Gft Get our app here: Merch: I make great money driving with Uber and I think you'd love it too. Get details:
Jan 04, 2017
Sibling Rivalry PT.2 Feat. Dean & Donovan McCleese EP.28
This is our end of the year episode and we are joined by our brothers Dean and Donovan McCleese and Kill Jones in the back. You'll hear in this episode how we are when we get together.. Childhood stories and jokes.. On a serious note we played One has to Stay ( Charlamagne Tha God, Ray Lewis, Kanye West, Stephen A. Smith and Charles Barkley ) Ones gotta go ( Martin, Fresh Prince, Cosby Show, It's a different World ) Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian convo. Our Top 5 Podcast Brothers episodes and Dig a Hole. Don't forget to checkout I make great money driving with Uber and I think you'd love it too. Get details:
Dec 13, 2016
Poly Relationships Feat. Alamaj EP.27
Welcome Back extended Family.. It's Episode 27 and we have a goodie.... WE have hip-hip artist and Author... Alamaj in the building. We talk about Poly Relationships... The Relationship Guidebook, and Hip Hip... also we discuss 3 The New Normal.... D. Wade or Iverson? One's Gotta Go ( Mike Tyson, Roy Jones jr, Floyd Mayweather Jr ) Uber Don't forget to checkout 3 The New Normal: The Relationship Guidebook:
Dec 09, 2016
When a Man is Fed Up feat. Kisha EP.26
We're back with another episode and this is featuring our Homie Kisha... In this Episode we talk about #JayZ top 5 albums in honor of Jay Z Birthday. #JCole sending Shots at #KanyeWest... Did Jay Z put the Battery in Cole back? One gotta go ( #Power, #Empire, #Atlanta or #Insecure) Is Terrence Howard the best actor out if all of those shows? One Gotta go ( #JaggedEdge, #BoysllMen, #DruHill, #112) #LLCoolJ or Drake, Double Standards, #Insecure, Lawrence from insecure is Fed up and Dig a Hole... Black owned business of the week iTunes:
Nov 30, 2016
Why Did I Get Married Feat. Mr & Mrs Stewart EP.25
Hello World.... ya boys are back again with Episode 25. Why Did I get married is the theme. But we also discuss these holidays we celebrate knowing damn well we shouldn't. How serious is the mental health in Black people? Should a man get on one knee to propose?? Would you fight for your marriage? Would you rather be deaf or blind? One gotta go ( Yams, Baked Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens or Sweet Potato Pie ) Dig a hole ( paying for porn ) The Proposal:
Nov 23, 2016
The Foe Hun'ed Episode Feat. Foe Hun'ed and Cyril
Oh you thought we wouldn't but we did. A bonus episode for the people. We have New Jersey's own.... Currently Residing in Cali. Hip Hop artist #FoeHuned in the building to chop it up with The Podcast Brothers. Foe Hun'ed discusses how the meeting with #BadBoyReords went..... What got him started and what keeps him going. Instagram: @foe_huned Twitter: @foe_huned
Nov 20, 2016
Young Black Entrepreneurs Feat. Mr. White EP.24
Hey everybody we're back with another episode... 24... In this episode we discuss The Young Black Entrepreneurs movement on social media.. Kanye West and his latest rant... Did Kanye cross the line when he mentioned Beyoncé name? Will Jay forgive him? This week we had two " One Must go ( movie edition and Michael Jackson ) We also discuss the Walking Dead. Is Rick soft and is Daryl being too tough?? Dig a hole... and we discuss how entertaining we are as a people but we aren't monetizing off of what we are doing. How can we fix this? iTunes:
Nov 17, 2016
Congrats Dems, You Played Yourself feat. Anthony Robeson EP.23
It's episode 23 and in this episode we discuss Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Obama, Max B, Freddy vs Jason, Pick your poison and Much More
Nov 11, 2016
Episode 22 - The Message feat. Mad Lights
-New President - Lil Wayne message to BLM - T.I. message to Lil Wayne - Ray Ray vs MJ - One Must Go ( Reasonable Doubt, iLLmatic, Ready To Die, The Infamous ) Meek Mill Interview with Tax Stone - Mad Lights Rep'n for Trenton - Pick Your Poison - Dig A Hole ( Lil Wayne ) GUEST INFO Snap Chat: ArmLegsArmHead IG: Shamgod Soundcloud/bubluv
Nov 02, 2016
Episode 21 - Blacks For Trump?? Feat. Joseph Mckinney
- Podcast Shoutouts - Mount Rushmore of NY - Kevin Gates - Trick Daddy - 50 Cent vs His Son - Slavery - Blacks For Trump - Started From the Bottom
Oct 26, 2016
Episode 20 - A Man's Worth feat. DJ Iron Mike and Tyree
Episode 20 - A Man's Worth -Podcast Shoutouts - Fresco's co-workers rant - Kanye vs Jay-Z - One must go ( No limit, Cashmoney, Rocafella, Death Row ) Chain Edition - Kendu Divorce demands - Tyree gems on marriage - Dj Iron Mike on exs getting along to benefit the children - Dig a Hole ( Nikki Minaj ) Guest Info: IG: DJIronMike81 Twitter: DJIRONMIKE NJ Booking:
Oct 23, 2016
Episode 19 - The Blac Market Feat. Donovan McCleese and Laquon Meyers
In episode 19 The Podcast Brothers along With Guest (Donovan McCleese and Laquon Meyers ) break down the importance of the Black Business and how to keep the Black Dollar in black hands Power season 4 Uber Story Walking Dead Debate One Gotta GO ( Kobe, Snoop, 2Pac, Magic) Rutgers Football Team OUR GUEST INFO: THEBLACMARKET.COM Let Laquan and Donovan help grow your black business by connecting with Black Businesses, Porfessionals and Communities!
Oct 16, 2016
Episode 18 - The Conversation feat - DJ Big Jae
Episode 18 - The Conversation feat DJ Big Jae Todays topics - Podcast Shoutouts - Pray for Haiti - Hip Hop Awards - Jay Z vs DMX vs Ja Rule - Clowns get shot everyday B - Donald Trump - The relationship conversation that needs to be had - Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Debate - Gemini vs Libra debate - Dig a Hole ( Odell Beckham
Oct 09, 2016
Episode 17 - Spread Love Not War feat. Ean Polke
- Luke Cage - Hillary vs Trump - Power season 3 finale recap - Shawty Lo - Males ego debate - Gun Violence - Problems/Solutions - Dig a Hole ( Meek Mill )
Oct 02, 2016
Episode 16 - Expectations of a Man Feat Caitlin Fair and K.C.
-Bad Boy Reunion Tour in Philly -Murderer Betty Shelby -Protesting in Philly -One Gotta Go (Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock ) -Samsung Exploding Phones -Expectations of a Man -Dig a Hole (Kevin Johnson)
Sep 20, 2016
Episode 14 - Definition of a Real Man Feat. Divine
The Podcast Brothers discuss -Stevie Wonder shooting free throws -9/11 -One Must Go ( Michael, Janet, Prince, Whitney ) -Football Season -Power -Real Man Conversation -College Story
Sep 08, 2016
Episode 15 - Cuffin Season Feat. Damonte
Cuffin Season - Rules during Cuffin Season - Drake is better then Pac and Big? - One got to go ( Aladdin, Space Jam, Lion King, Toy Story ) - Mc Hammer was a Thug - 5 yr old kid brings bags of Herion to school - Nelly needs our help lol - The Game vs Meek Mill - Narcos
Sep 08, 2016
Episode 13 - Take Em To Chruch
todays topics -The History behind big church hats - 3 Popular Historians you would want to met - Colin Kaepernick -The reactions from Kapernick's protest - You ever catch the Holy Ghost? And much more.... subscribe on youtube and souncloud by searching "Podcast Brothers"
Sep 04, 2016
The Podcast Brothers - Episode 12 - The Media
n this episode The Podcast Brothers debate on how much power The Media has. -Trump wants African Americans to vote Republican -Good Black Tv Shows vs Bad Black Tv Shows -Leslie Jones -Colin Kaepernick -actual books vs reading on your phone -young thug/Andre 3ooo and much more
Aug 23, 2016
Episode 11 - 3 The New Normal feat Will Foskey
" #Podcast Brothers" EpisodeEpisode 11 feat Will Fosky - 3 The New Normal? - Thriller album vs Bad Album - 3 ppl in a relationship normal? - what are different aspects of 3 ppl in one relationship? - is it good or bad? - Will's experience in the music industry - The 2016 Rio Olympics And much more #podcast #SoundCloud #youtube #itunes #googleplay
Aug 21, 2016
EP 10 - Life After Divorce feat DJ BigJae
Episode 10 of The Podcast Brothers feat DJ BigJae we go into depth about what life is like after a divorce. We also discuss - Olympics 2016 - Micheal Jordan - Jeff Harrison - should married people have single friends? - the divorce process - how does divorce effect the children - getting to know yourself better after a divorce
Aug 14, 2016
Episode 8 - Lost Generation feat Anthony Robeson and Anderson Louis - Jean
Episode 8 of The Podcast Brothers goes into a deep detail about the "Lost Generation" of the black youth today. How did it get this way? How do we fix it? How do we make it better?...... follow us on twitter @podcastbrothers @handsomebeast83 @frescobinFamous
Jul 31, 2016
Episode 9 - CHD AWARENESS Feat. Kendra
Topics Why Fresco is done with Rap #concerts Starz hit show #Power C.H.D Awareness Kendra's pregnancy scare with her son Flaw700's "pregnancy" scare with his son Fresco's daughter Riley and her medical situation. In honor of Fresco daughters birthday tomorrow ( 8/8 )we dedicate this show to her for her 1st birthday. #RileyStrong4ever FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AT @HANDSOMEBEAST83 @PODCASTBROTHERS @FRESCOBINFAMOUS
Jul 27, 2016
Episode 7 - Relationship Tips for Men feat Ron Cruz
Your favorite podcast brothers discussing relationship tips for men to help strengthen and improve our relationships. How do we get better and how do we continually improve????......
Jul 24, 2016
Episode 6 - Black Wealth
Back at it again with another Episode of The My Brother and Me Podcast. Fresco couldn't make it but Flaw 700 held it down with Boston Low. In this episode it's all about BLACK WEALTH. Listen closely because you will learn something new
Jul 17, 2016
Episode 5 - Police Brutality feat Ernie Lane and Cyril
Episode 5 takes us to a serious topic. " Police Brutality " We discuss the tragic events of The Dallas Sniper Shooting, The killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and much more.
Jul 10, 2016
Episode 4 - The School System feat Pastor Tajh
Episode 4 of "My brother and me" podcast feat Pastor Tajh going into details about student education, sports, politics, tidal, July 4th and more.
Jul 03, 2016
Episode 3 - Miami
Fresh of the plane from Miami, your favorite podcast brothers are back with Episode 3 of "My Brother and Me"
Jun 26, 2016
Episode 2 - Sibling Rivalry feat King Dean
"My brother and me" podcast Episode 2 with our 1st guest, the 3rd brother in line, King Dean. Child hood jokes mixed with topic debates.
Jun 19, 2016
Episode 1: Baby his Mom
The two brothers 1st podcast episode ranging from a variety of topics with a comical insight between two brothers
Jun 12, 2016