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Tactical Talk sounds like nothing else. Who hasn’t wanted the chance to hang out with the real life warriors who can do Jason Bourne and James Bond type stuff? And here’s the thing…how would you ever find these guys to buy them a beer and hopefully hear a story or two? They excel at all things covert and the most talented operators tend to be incredibly humble, true to the code of “quiet professionals” – so it will definitely not be obvious that they are, who they are...folks in the business of protecting the United States and impossibly good at it. Well, now you know where to find them. Every week, you’ve got a seat at the table. From Special Operations ultimate tactical professionals through to 4-Star Generals and Admirals, host Allison Barrie will introduce you to a line up of fascinating warriors who you need to meet. So what do these guys talk about when they hang out together? Download to pull up a bar stool and find out.

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HBO’s Generation Kill made this week’s guest and his team famous in households all across America. Back by listeners’ uproarious demand, Walt Hasser is hanging out with us just as he gets back from a major security summit. Hear what the professional tactical industry is worried about in terms of threats…and some of the mind-blowing (sometimes wacky) ideas folks were discussing there. If you’re not on BFF status with snakes, then this episode is definitely for you. You’re going to listen to real life snake stories – including a real-life giant snake pit seething with deadly serpents - that make Indiana Jones seem like child’s play. Brace For Impact…because snake pits are just the tip of the iceberg. You know you can rely on Walt to share some straight talk on what life is like downrange as part of these ultra-elite Marine teams …from the extreme danger through to the extreme laughs. This episode is loaded with more epic Walt war stories – told with that classic Southern-style that will keep you riveted and make you feel like you are there right along w/ Walt and the boys as it is all going down. Ever wonder what the real heroes we see portrayed by Hollywood A listers in movies and tv think about that stuff? Walt reveals what it has been like for humble warriors like him to find themselves portrayed on the big screen. You guys made it clear you’d love more on hunting from Walt so Allison makes sure he hooks you up. Find out what military snipers know to improve their hunting that you can leverage too. Plus Walt hooks you up with advice on his top pick must-have gear for hunting, survival and beyond.

Apr 24, 2019
Rocket Launch from your Shoulder + more w/ this Best Ranger

What does it take to be a Best Ranger? Strength, endurance, skill, physical and mental stamina tested to the maximum…60 continuous hours, 60 miles, no programmed sleep and that’s just for starters. Best Ranger 2019 just wrapped up yesterday. This week’s guest Mike competed in Best Ranger 2017 representing his regiment. Find out who won yesterday and how Rangers earn the right to represent their regiment in this ultimate warrior competition from this insider. For about three decades, Best Ranger has challenged two-buddy teams with multiple days of mind-blowingly tough events. Mike Prendergast joins Allison in the bad ass new TT HQ (check out social media for a peek at the killer view, sweet pool table and ginormous bar). For starters, you need to be a decathalon-level soldier-athlete and Airborne Ranger qualified…Mike explains how they prepare mentally and physically to achieve selection for the honor to represent your regiment and to tackle one of the world’s toughest competitions. Mike also shares his insider’s perspective on the staggeringly hard-core competition designed to find the best Rangers in the entire US Armed Forces. What can you expect? Rifle, pistol and machine gun marksmanship, day and night demolition, weapons assembly, rope climbing, rappelling, bayonet assault course, night land nav….to name a few. And yes, you force multipliers may recognize Mike from Men’s Health or his viral video out on the range blowing stuff up with precision targeting. You get to hear about that, but Allison also convinces Mike to share his top tips to overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. His approach has given him epic success, so hook yourself up with some tips to harness for your own goals.

Apr 15, 2019

Rescuing abandoned puppies in war zones…just one of the many stories that you will hear today that reveal the incredible compassion and kindness America’s most elite warriors possess. Amidst all the badassery, guns ablazin, bad guy stopping and impossible missions made possible by commandos in their covert world, there’s also a whole lot of stuff you never get to hear about in the movies, tv shows and books on them. Today, you get the privilege of hanging out with Command Chief Master Sergeant Bruce Dixon, 24th Special Operations Wing, Air Force Special Operations Command, Hurlburt Field Bruce Dixon - and he’s hooking you up with the real scoop on life in this intense, unseen covert world. Currently, he’s the Director of Training/ Assist. Director of Operations at the Special Tactics Training Squadron– that’s where the final training phases for Special Tactics operators happen before they get assigned to an operational squadron and start to deploy. Talk about an amazing opportunity to discover more about the CCT world! Bruce takes you inside what life is like for commandos in war -  like doing battle with an ugly, vicious, huge clawed critter while under attack from the human enemy. Tag along on a commando adventure rescuing puppies deep in enemy territory. Find out what happens when commandos are faced with an erupting volcano – make sure not to miss Bruce’s description where he paints a vivid picture of what it is like operating in biblical conditions with volcanic ash blocking out the light….day became darkness with lightning setting the ash ablaze in the sky above while Bruce and his buddies helped evacuate folks to safety. What is it like staying behind as the mission essential team while everyone else has fled to safety and more than 250 earthquakes hit? You’ll find out and much, much more. Each of Bruce’s anecdotes will inspire you and fire you up…through hearing how he and his buddies handled epic challenges, you’re getting a master class in how to handle any scary moments that may come your way. Bruce was close friends with the remarkable John Chapman who was recently – and more than well deservedly - given the Medal of Honor. In today’s episode, you also get the special privilege of hearing more about Chapman and the immense courage he showed on that mountain top. Bruce headed out to that same location and same area about 2 weeks later – just one of the many reasons it is important to hear his unique perspective. From intense, dangerous battles through to hilarious moments downrange, this is one jam-packed unmissable episode.

Apr 05, 2019

UBISOFT games fan? This week you’re hanging out with a Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) US Army who not only gets to see games well before they reach the public- but helps to shape them with expertise honed serving more than 13 years with the Green Berets. Emil Daubon is hooking you up w/ behind the scenes providing technical advice on Ubisoft’s awesome games. Shifting gears, Allison asks Emil to take you inside humanitarian rescue. Ever wonder what happens when luxury vacation spots become battle zones? Emil has seen firsthand the beauty of honeymoon hot spots and what happens when they erupt in violence. Find out from him what that is like and what you could do if danger struck during vaca. He’s been all over the globe and shares stories from places like Nepal, Thailand and the Philippines. One of his secret skills is acting – in fact, Emil has even trained as a professional actor – so you can definitely expect some riveting story delivery this week. From hilarious unexpected moments deep in war zones through to nail-biting daring rescues, Emil covers tons of ground with unforgettable stories that will at times have you laughing out loud and in other moments holding your breath in suspense. Make sure not to miss Emil’s family connection with a fascinating figure/time in history.

Mar 29, 2019
THIS NAVY SEAL IS UNSTOPPABLE – Hear Remi Adeleke’s Remarkable Story Firsthand

Raised as royalty when he was a kid, this incredible Navy SEAL found himself in a different country, having lost his father and stripped of his family fortune and starting a new life in the Bronx with his strong, single mother. Last time you got to hang out with this SEAL he took you inside his experiences on set as an actor in the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers as it was lighting up movie theatres all over America. Now fan favorite Remi Adeleke is back to hang out with you once again – this time he is hooking you up with a special sneak peek into his upcoming book Transformed before it becomes available to everyone on their local bookshelves. Hear first what to expect in this jam-packed soon-to-be bestseller and find out how to hook yourself up with some special access to Remi’s not-to-be-missed video library.  Listen to some more of Remi’s riveting stories from war downrange in James Bond-movie worthy real-life locations through to behind the scenes on set with one of this generation’s most outstanding directors Michael Bay. Not only is Remi starring in a new Bay film – which you get to hear the scoop on before it drops this summer on Netflix – he is also guest starring in the wildly popular CBS SEAL. Remi hooks you up taking you inside life on the tv set too. You’ll find this episode is packed with more unique Remi wisdom you can use to take your own goals and success to the next level. Make sure not to miss how a kid from the Bronx – who didn’t know how to swim – taught himself in order to become a SEAL. That’s just one of the unforgettable, powerful stories you’re going to hear today. After an hour with Remi, you’re going to be fired up to go out there and crush all things, anytime, anywhere. (And make sure to head over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc and pre-order his amazing, unput-downable book so you will be one of the first to get one!)

Mar 22, 2019
Turning the Tide of Battles: Inside Air Commandos Average Day at Work w/ Silver Star recipient Mike West

Today’s Air Commando guest recently was awarded the Silver Star for “extraordinary bravery, technical skill, and complete disregard for his own safety.” The citation explains that during two different battles, West repeatedly “exposed himself to direct and accurate enemy fire” while coordinating 88 fixed and rotary wing aircraft; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms; and medical evacuation assets. We get the privilege of hanging out with Mike West just as he’s left the military after more than 30 years defending our country. He takes you inside those battles and explains what it was like calling in 24,000 pounds of precision ordnance to protect his fellow Americans against “waves of enemy attacks.”  In fact, in just this situation alone cited he is credited with saving the lives of 51 Special Forces soldiers and 33 coalition partners. Mike also shares with you the incredibly inspiring story of his friend, fellow commando John Chapman who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor. Hear about how they would restore antique cars together and find out how one extremely covetable one made a guest appearance in a way that might surprise you. In this episode, you’ll learn heaps about the Special Tactics commando culture and find loads of ideas in it you can apply to crush it in your own life from facing seemingly insurmountable problems head on through to power of harnessing courage and wisdom. 

Mar 15, 2019

Bullets, RPGs, shrapnel, IEDs….just a few of the array of threats that US warriors regularly face. Today Bo Delacruz who served in Rangers comes into the studio to hang out with you. Bo explains how battlefields get bloody and breaks down how every Ranger is armed with skills to help keep their buddies alive. It’s a powerful thing being able to save a life. These skills are just as vital as the marksmanship, fitness, close quarter battle etc skills you’ve heard directly about on our show and seen in Hollywood blockbusters and tv shows. Bo hooks you up with some ideas on skills that commandos masters that you could too. Find out how commandos could be be an untapped resource on the homefront. The VA is often in the news – we’ve all heard stories of horrific and unacceptable VA service. We all agree that our warriors deserve the very best care. Today you’re going to hear some things about the VA that are definitely going to surprise you. Bo also shares some awesome tales of life as a young Ranger at work and at the best watering holes in Nashville and the Big Apple.

Mar 01, 2019

In Part 2 w/ legend Thomas Pecora, get hooked up with more unforgettable hard-hitting stories from what life is truly like on dangerous missions for the ultra-secretive CIA will blow your mind this week. From the attack on the CIA HQ, on the ground during the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu through to other riveting moments in Africa, Latin American, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East…our guest this week has firsthand, direct experience and you get the very rare special privilege to hear all about them. Thomas Pecora served 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) retiring as a GS 15 Senior Security Manager. Did you know that many US spies are protected by an elite cadre all over the world? Thomas was there right from the birth of this special group of brave Americans in the CIA. He has extensive experience in the best methods to protect the CIA’s personnel in the most harrowing places. This week, he shares some of his hard-earned wisdom, forged in the world’s most hostile environments with you. What serious threats do the nation’s clandestine operators face? How did Thomas and his colleagues protect them and their missions in the face of overwhelming odds? What’s it like being in an armored hammered by wave after wave of bullets? He covers all that ground and much, much more. Thomas is a fantastic storyteller and takes you along on his real-life Jason Bourne type adventures like escaping a car ambush through to more Bond/Indiana Jones type adventures like dining on what ancient Chinese emperors ate. Hear about an enemy that persistently infiltrated and sabotaged their unusual, covert barracks – it will definitely surprise you. Find out the remarkable way Thomas and his team stayed safe from enemy rocket bombardments – (hint: you get to hear what Saddam Hussein’s bunkers were like). Thomas hooks you up with a cheeky sneak peek inside his upcoming book – GUARDIAN: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA’s War on Terror - three months before publication. You get to hear some of the unforgettable stories way before the rest of the public has access. This episode is a double-header so make sure not to miss the second half where Pecora dives into “getting off the X,” how to escape attacks, the ultimate gear, must haves for a go bag and much, much more.

Feb 23, 2019
Inside the Dangerous Life of Vital CIA Missions

Hard-hitting stories from what life is truly like on dangerous missions for the ultra-secretive CIA will blow your mind this week. From the attack on the CIA HQ, on the ground during the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu through to other riveting moments in Africa, Latin American, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East…our guest this week has firsthand, direct experience and you get the very rare special privilege to hear all about them. Thomas Pecora served 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) retiring as a GS 15 Senior Security Manager. Did you know that many US spies are protected by an elite cadre all over the world? Thomas was there right from the birth of this special group of brave Americans in the CIA. He has extensive experience in the best methods to protect the CIA’s personnel in the most harrowing places. This week, he shares some of his hard-earned wisdom, forged in the world’s most hostile environments with you. What serious threats do the nation’s clandestine operators face? How did Thomas and his colleagues protect them and their missions in the face of overwhelming odds? What’s it like being in an armored vehicle hammered by wave after wave of bullets? He covers all that ground and much, much more. Thomas is a fantastic storyteller and takes you along on his real-life Jason Bourne type adventures like escaping a car ambush to more Bond/Indiana Jones type adventures like dining on what ancient Chinese emperors ate. Hear about an enemy that persistently infiltrated and sabotaged their unusual, covert barracks – it will definitely surprise you. Find out the remarkable way Thomas and his team stayed safe from enemy rocket bombardments – (hint: you get to hear what Saddam Hussein’s bunkers were like). Thomas hooks you up with a cheeky sneak peek inside his upcoming book – GUARDIAN: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA’s War on Terror - three months before publication. You get to hear some of the unforgettable stories way before the rest of the public has access. This episode is a double-header so make sure not to miss the second half where Pecora dives into “getting off the X,” how to escape attacks, the ultimate gear, must haves for a go bag and much, much more.

Feb 16, 2019

Valentine's Day is closing in....great time of year to check in on the art of being a man. In this second half hang out with CAG (DELTA Force) legend Pat McNamara, you're getting hooking up again with this rare look inside such a covert world - and one committed to surpassing excellence in all things. Expect more hard-hitting ground truth from Pat - you're getting him raw and unfiltered with more of his straight talk in this ride along. Patrick McNamara spent 22 years in the United States Army in many special operations units. In doing so, he became a remarkable marksman and an ultimate man's man. Allison throws Pat some more tough questions and he nails every single one. Pat breaks down what it truly takes to be a real man. He even hooks you up with advice not just on hitting your paper targets masterfully...but on scoring a date with that person you've had your eye on. Pat explains the gentlemanly side to being a warrior and arms you with top tips on how to execute dating like the nation's most elite warriors.  You'll get to hear more firsthand about everyday defense - including his advice on what you should carry every day on your person and in your vehicle. Don't miss more of his unforgettable stories and must-know insider knowledge. Pat retired from the Army's premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major and is the author of T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting) and Sentinel. Make sure to listen to the first half of this rare opportunity to hang out with such an elite commando hailing from this remarkable covert force.

Feb 09, 2019

DELTA Force is one of the most secretive elite military forces on the planet. And for good reason – they are regularly undertaking very dangerous work to help keep Americans safe. Today you have the very rare opportunity to spend time with a DELTA commando. Patrick McNamara spent 22 years in the United States Army in many special operations units. In doing so, he became a remarkable marksman. You have the special opportunity today to spend time with this legend and learn firsthand what it takes to shoot with accurate, lethal results and tactical effectiveness. McNamara’s military experience is extremely deep. The episode kicks off with the opportunity to hang out and learn more about the man behind the living legend. Find out the brass tacks of what life is like in such an elite unit from what they eat through to unseen personal sacrifices they make for all of us. Hear some unforgettable stories of life as an elite commando and get inspired by stories he shares of his teammates amazing courage. McNamara will explain why there is so much more to tactical marksmanship than just squeezing the trigger. While serving as his Unit's Marksmanship NCO, he developed his own marksmanship club with NRA, CMP, and USPSA affiliations.  Mac ran monthly IPSC matches and ran semi-annual military marksmanship championships to encourage marksmanship fundamentals and competitiveness throughout the Army. Pat retired from the Army's premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major and is the author of T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting) and Sentinel. Get special access to Pat’s own training methodology honed through years of hard-core experience. You’ll get hooked up with his top tips on how to stay safe at all times, how to choose targets and much more. This 2-parter is jam packed with ultimate insider top tips for all experience levels from beginners with no time behind the trigger through to military members, law enforcement and special operations. 

Jan 26, 2019

Join in on the insider combatives conversation for more ultimate Black Belt badassery in this Part 2 with Alan Shebaro. Alan gives you some straight talk on some of America’s favorite movies and tv shows. This remarkable Special Forces black belt reveals how real combatives are different to the Hollywood version. He shares 3 secrets to his epic success in fighting. Find out what the 4 key advantages that Mixed Martial Arts training provides for real life commandos. Learn what Judo adds to a warfighter's toolkit in a battlespace scenarios. Discover how juijitso is helpful to special operations operators. Alan has also had extraordinary success in is Olympic Weightlifting. Find out the inside story on why this remarkable fighter got into Olympic Weightlifting.  Alan also shares his deep expertise with the very best fighting for law enforcement. For terrorist attacks on the homeland, active shooters, hostage rescue and more…This highly sought after coach describes the best skills for law enforcement – and civilians- to master for crucial advantages. Many people are intimidated by this whole elite world of fighting at the highest level. Folks think you have to be Hercules or Thor to undertake any of the disciplines we discussed...and yet Alan has coached guys who have lost limbs and they train with you and crush it. This amazing veteran donates a huge amount of his time and expertise for working with wounded veterans. We Defy is an extraordinary initiative and Alan shares some powerful stories of some wounded veterans who he has worked with that will leave you massively motivated to hit the gym. Don’t miss the icebreakers with Alan in Part 1 too which are also unforgettable.

Jan 19, 2019
Up Close with Top Black Belt Expertise for Black Ops

Hand to hand fighting between the nation’s most elite warriors and enemy forces…what does it take? Our special guest this week has such a unique perspective.  Not only did Alan Shebaro serve in U.S. Army Special Forces as a Weapons Sergeant Alan and a formidable World Champion Black Belt…he has deep experience training a wide range of elite warriors: Special Forces, Rangers, SEALs, PJs, CCTs, and Marine Corps Force Recon. You are getting quite the Christmas treat having the rare privilege of spending time with this massively sought-after expert. This week you’ll find out how he trains these different types of most elite warriors. Learn how and why the training varies. Alan talks about the key advantages to Mixed Martial Arts training. He reveals how real combatives are different to the fight scenes in the Hollywood movies and reveals what is real in your favorite shows/movies too. Join us after Christmas for Part 2 and more very special, direct access to this extraordinary American warrior.

Jan 05, 2019

Dogs have saved countless lives in combat. How do the dogs save lives? How do they learn to work with the soldiers? Kit Sawyer was selected to become a dog handler while serving in the elite Army Rangers. He takes you on a journey from life growing up in Nashville, Alabama – and onto Afghanistan as an elite Army warrior. With several tours under his belt, he has loads of fantastic stories to share with you. On the firefight side of things, you’ll hear about his very first experience in combat and what it is like to be shot at for the first time. You’ll also hear what happens when teams are delivered and extracted by a damaged helo…ever been in a helicopter “rolling landing”? You’ll experience this and other dicey moments alongside Kit today since he is such an awesome storyteller. Find out what is it like learning how to be a dog handler for extremely tough ground missions. Discover how dogs learn to fast rope and jump out of helos. Learn how they stop bombs and attack enemies to protect their human teammates. Ever seen Will Farrell’s “Step Brothers”? Make sure not to miss Kit’s story about his first mission and how life was like the movie. 

Dec 03, 2018

Find out the 5 ways you can spot someone who may be a dangerous threat – before they reach a point where they bring a gun to school, the office, your local bar and beyond. Learn why nearly all schools have not become any safer- no better at protecting kids- from shooters… even though these mass shootings are clearly on the rise. Find out what tech many schools are dumping huge volumes of money into- that is a giant mistake. The guest this week is Michael Yorio. Michael reveals the biggest vulnerabilities at most schools in America? And shares what simple easy fixes could save children’s lives in the future. To hook you up today, he draws upon very deep experience in defense, security, kidnap & ransom and more. His team draws upon his Blackwater experience where they were called upon to protect US presidents and other huge VIPs. Michael and his team committed to investigating all the evidence and data available on shooter incidents, what works/what doesn’t and many more relevant factors. They’ve developed a best in class system to make schools much safer and the kids safer from shooters. Same thing goes for offices – their techniques could save your life someday. What sorts of gadgets should kids and adults always carry? And what highly advertised gadgets are a waste of your hard-earned money. Should teachers carry weapons? How about football coaches – should they carry weapons? Do you know what technique can make you and your colleagues at increased risk for hostage taking? You will after today. Download and arm yourself with insider knowledge that will change the way you keep yourself, your friends and family safe. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving from the Tac Talk team. We are all incredibly grateful to all of you who have served our country. Let’s all give a thought to our deployed troops and their families as well as our law enforcement and emergency services who are working this holiday and won’t be home with their families. 

Nov 23, 2018

Did you know that the US Army Rangers have been bravely fighting for American values as far back as battling the British to win our Independence? In fact, Rangers even fought to protect us BEFORE the Revolutionary war…before we became the United States of America. The 19 standing orders from back in the mid 1700s used in the French + Indian war…are still used today. This Veterans Day, 12 modern Rangers came to hang out with Allison. These amazing veterans honor the fallen by sharing their stories, to recognize their brothers in arms by sharing stories of remarkable derring-do and pay tribute to those before them by sharing stories of their inspiring missions and bravery. Very few get the privilege to spend an evening with one of our nation’s most elite warriors – let alone a pub full. But you are invited and always inner circle with us. In this special double-header episode, you are sitting right there with them and taking part in a good old-fashioned session fueled by beer, bourbon and tequila…with some Black Rifle Coffee thrown into the mix to keep everyone sharp. Have some drinks while honoring our veterans by listening to their voices, learning about their experiences and hearing their stories. You are going to hear proof that Rangers are so hardcore…even being struck by lightning bolts will not stop them. Find out why a fierce Ranger behind enemy lines and evading capture hunted by the adversary carried a ribbeting frog in his pocket the entire time. The Rangers reveal to you the most fascinating way that Rangers recognize each generation of Rangers before them and all the many, many places all over the world they have shed blood fighting for our country. Discover the very special and unique way that each Ranger recognizes a Ranger who gave his life for our country. Hear the chivalrous story of how a Ranger saved his sister from attack and many more inspiring stories.The “Black Hawk Down” event is widely known…but what people do not know is the impact it had inside the covert world of the Rangers afterwards – today, you’ll know too. This double-decker is bursting with unforgettable stories. And make sure not to miss the final minutes when you get to join in on a jungle mission where Rangers are attacked by swarms of Killer Bees…

Nov 17, 2018

Jaw-dropping courage. Extraordinary perseverance. Astonishing resilience. In the lead up to Veterans Day, we’re zeroing in on a WWII story that deserves to be just as well-known as Pearl Harbor…and yet few know it. Hook yourself up and pay tribute with us to those who gave everything for our freedom. Join Allison and veteran Jacob Dahl served in 2nd Ranger Battalion. He took on the Bataan Memorial Death March extreme marathon (Heavy Ruck Division) - a remarkable feat - to recognize the surviving veterans and those who we have lost from this time. Known as one of the most difficult marathons in the world, it honors those incredibly brave warriors who against overwhelming numbers and firepower, while starving and often suffering from crippling malaria and dysentery, cut off from the US military… they resisted the Japanese invasion to stop them from reaching the US west coast and invading our homeland. And then continued to suffer beyond imagination for another three years as POWs were subjected to staggering brutality at the hands of the captors in a merciless environment. They are truly a lesson to us all. Hear firsthand about this remarkable “Death March” event held in the desert terrain of the White Sands Missile Range (famous for nuke bomb testing and now missile tests). Between the sheer scale, the heat, the elevation making just breathing far more difficult, the scorpions and tarantulas, running on the terrain of sand and other threats, about 25 percent become casualties during the Bataan Memorial Death March. Find out about how Army Rangers compete for the honor of paying tribute to these brave souls. The Battalions, and other parts of the military, put forward their best men to participate. Go inside this unforgettable tale when Japanese forces invaded the Philippines – but the soldiers hung on and defended the crucial islands for seven more months starving, ill, wounded and isolated. The “Bataan Death March” followed when the Japanese marched about 75,000 soldiers across 65 miles of jungle, scorching heat – carrying the wounded and Japanese supplies. Too slow for the Japanese? Couldn’t keep up the crazy fast pace because of wounds? Soldiers were bayoneted, shot, decapitated, buried alive, sometimes tortured and beaten to death – to name a few of the ways lives were lost. By the time they reached the camp, more than 10,000 had been killed en route. Once there, the soldiers endured about three years of unspeakable, staggering brutality in the POW camps. Known as “the Great Raid,” US Army Rangers pulled off an amazing raid to liberate those brave souls. Don’t miss the chance to hear an inspiring Ranger from this generation provide his insights on this chapter of our military history, share his experiences with the veterans of the Bataan Death March and provide his secrets to conquering extreme challenges. Make sure not to miss Jacob’s MRE recipes and gladiatorial battle with a giant, ferocious camel spider in the middle of a dangerous mission.

Nov 10, 2018

Bears. Bows….and deploying cats as a crafty tactic in war. These are just a few of the many surprising twists and turns in today’s episode. If you’re curious what life for modern day gladiators in their downtime, then this episode is definitely for you. Hang out with Army Ranger Hayden Treu. He hails from Texas and takes us with him on missions in the Middle East through to the backcountry of Washington state for some wild hunting expeditions. This is a deep dive inside the world of the elite Rangers. Traditions, inside jokes, pranks – and the serious stuff too. Hayden had the privilege of serving in Ranger Recon so you’ll get to hear all about how those special skills and hardcore training has helped him as a hunter. Find out some of these techniques you can use to enhance your hunting too. Hayden takes you blow by blow through a face off with a giant bear – in fact nearly record breaking in size…just off by a smidgen. Learn about some awesome places he has come across in his adventures that would be next level for your next outdoor exploration – for mountain climbing, hiking, camping, hunting and just kicking back with a cold beer and enjoying a gorgeous spot. Get hooked up with his top tips for bowhunting and if you’re into elk hunting he has some special particular tips for that too. Hear about the Ranger advantage in tracking and borrow some of those ideas for yourself. Make sure you do not miss finding out how Taylor Swift pops up with the Rangers in the war zones. How is she on a ride along and why? You’ll have to download to find out.

Nov 02, 2018

Medal of Honor recognizes conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. This week you have the privilege of joining a certified bad ass as he takes part in a historic and very special weekend at USAF Special Operations. Hang out with Major Chief Master Sergeant Cal Markham who takes you behind the scenes of a phenomenal air show and more. You’ll hear the remarkable heroism behind this medal of honor – the courage and selflessness will inspire you and ignite you to be that best version of yourself. Cal inspires by example as well. After 9/11, he was the first Airman in Afghanistan as the CCT as the Army Special Forces Team – the famed “Triple Nickel.” Cal gives you very special access into what it was like for the first Americans infiltrating enemy territory to respond to 9/11. He also gives you a unique look into the life of USAF Special Operations guys. Go inside and experience the highs, the lows – not to mention the humor there. Blow by blow, hear about a very dangerous and daring rescue of a downed aircraft in impossibly hostile conditions. Find out about the brave dogs that serve alongside the elite forces. Hear about the real-life Mission Impossible type missions and skills USAF Special Operations guys train for and use. Don’t miss hearing Cal describe some of the creative pranks guys get up to and the incredibly creative things they McGyver to make their remote, primitive “homes” more homey out in war zones. Learn about how freshly baked bread can be a powerful force unleashed in war and much, much more.

Oct 26, 2018
Indiana Jones Style Adventures of Green Berets

Monkey brains served up as a delicacy. Elephant Tripe. Lion-sized ferocious pets. Just a few of the very colorful characters that appear in today's adventures. In this episode, you get to hang out with highly experienced Doug Kiesswetter who served in Special Forces for many years and undertook deployments and missions all over the world. You're going to hear a lot of unexpected - and often very surprising stuff- that happens in the life of Special Forces guys out in the far flung corners of the world. Special Forces guys tend to excel at contingency planning - ie something unexpected occurs during a mission that makes the plan no longer possible. They adapt in the moment and find a solution to still achieve the objective. Find out about how they go behind enemy lines and without any support find ways to survive in dangerous situations. Learn how they adapt and harvest their local environment to their advantage so far from home in unfamiliar places.Discover how operators take things people could perceive as disadvantages and turn them into key advantages that help them excel. How does heroism become a way of life - rather than a deliberate act? Hear Doug's perspective on that and much more in this double header episode. In the second half, Doug digs into the secrets to "Die Living" and shares many more unforgettable adventures with you. 

Oct 20, 2018
The Unseen Side of Jungle Warfare w/ Special Forces

Black mambas. Giant Soldier Ants. Bee swarms. This week’s episode is taking you inside jungle warfare in ways you’ve never seen before. Loads of unforgettable adventures in this hour. Hailing from Special Forces, Brian Hueske is a phenomenal storyteller so you will feel completely immersed alongside him on missions. Find out the sorts of missions that Special Forces bravely and nobly undertake in foreign jungles. The SF guys have to survive not just bullets, but dangerous animals seemingly around every corner. Learn how they were saving children from lives as child soldier slaves to stone cold, brutal warlords. Along the way, you hunters and outdoorsmen + women will particularly enjoy hearing about the interesting tracking techniques in the jungle that Brian learned from the exceptional native trackers. Find out about the mysterious church they found in the middle of the jungle without a human for miles. Shifting gears, Allison makes sure to ask Brian some of your questions and hook you up with insider tips on the art of max-ing your fitness and life, while doing less. Learn how SOFLETE builds unbreakable warriors. Part of the secret is training them as elite athletes – but they also need to be able to perform a range of skills in every imaginable terrain on Earth. Strength isn’t enough – they need endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, explosive power and more. Brian reveals two of the biggest mistakes people make. And find out the three things SOFLETES do that you can use too. They will help to improve your fitness, but also your performance in the things you love to do outside whether it is scuba diving or rock climbing or anything in between. And make sure not to miss the icebreaker about roadkill deer – it is a must hear. PS...check out Teddy Bear Nite Nite - you're going to need to add that to your arsenal. 

Oct 13, 2018
25th Anniversary "Black Hawk Down" - Legacy + Hulk Smashing Like a Commando
Hulk Smashing in real life. Mega Chainsaws. Winter Warfare. This episode covers a whole lot of ground taking you all around the world. You also get to dig deep into the art of blowing things up -Commando style - with guest Ed Priest. In fact, one of Ed’s expertise is in blowing things up on a level that is mind-boggling. Ed served as a CCT in an elite military unit. On the ground, he would work with fighter jets and helicopters armed with the world’s most powerful weapons. In dangerous firefights, Ed would direct the aircraft where to drop their bombs on the enemy. He takes you inside how it plays out while in the midst of a battle. Back by popular demand, Ed also answers some of your questions for you! He hooks you up with the ultimate gear lists for everyday survival, the 3 things to survive anywhere + more. On a serious note, this week is the 25th anniversary of events made famous in the “Black Hawk Down” movie. We have been deeply honored to have two perspectives – Brad who was a Ranger there, and Ishmael who was a PJ responding to save lives. [If you missed those episodes, please go back and download. Such a privilege to get to spend time with these guys. Humbling to hear their firsthand insights. You won’t have the privilege anywhere else.] Ed shares with us a third perspective. What happened after? What impact did the remarkable heroism + professionalism have on the guys to follow? What impact did the events + how the enemy behaved have on our training? How was it used to learn lessons that would save lives in the future and enhance the incredible capabilities of the elite military units? Ed shares his perspective and much, much more on today’s show. This is a two parter – Ed will be back w/ more bombs, bullets + explosions in the second half. Not to be missed.
Oct 05, 2018

Stronger. Faster. More Powerful. More Agile. Endless Endurance...what’s the secret formula to forging the absolute best warriors? The best athletes? The best version of your fitness self? Today’s episode reveals the secrets that take any regular human and transforms them into the extraordinary. Today we’re hanging out with Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols who served more than 10 years in the SEAL teams with many deployments around the world. He’s an expert in Human Performance – literally how to make the human body perform beyond what others think is possible. At a Naval Special Warfare Command, he was Human Performance Department and the operator delegate to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for Human Performance. Jeff’s going to reveal the solutions he figured out to ensure Navy SEALs outperform in missions – and not just SEALs but ALL the Special Operations guys…(Rangers, Special Forces, Raiders, PJs, CCTs and more). These are solutions anyone can use to achieve their goals. Here’s the best part –with his methods, you get to do way less –  but you still get the maximum results. He shares his top tips on preparing for selection for special operations. And he also reveals the biggest mistakes most people make that you should avoid, the 4 best things you should be doing and much, much more. Are you ready to defend your loved one? An innocent victim you come across? Are you confident you have the power and strength to do so? Jeff hooks you up with the one simple exercise anyone can do to ensure they are powerful enough to defend someone if you need to. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on discovering the adorable, cuddly little – utterly surprising – animal that decided to join a SEAL mission and how that mission suddenly became even more dangerous because of the new animal teammate.

Sep 28, 2018
Strike with the Force of a Navy SEAL

NASCAR. Today's guest is Sean Matson who served as a Navy SEAL for many years. He's now a very successful entrepreneur. We join Sean in his truck en route to a NASCAR race with a team in the truck who will be a surprise.  You're going to hear about a rattlesnake incident worthy of Indiana Jones. Find out why Sean was drinking tea from gold-plated tea cups and the reason you won't see coming. Today you also get to go inside dangerous missions, astonishingly brave moments on the battlefield and what it is truly like inside assault helicopters. Sean will have you laughing out loud when he takes you through the pitfalls of night vision goggles...when they can cause the most unexpected of things to happen. Its a shocker. Strike Force is an amazing energy drink - far better than Red Bull and Monster. Sean teamed up with his partner Bruce and they now help ensure that special operations guys around the world have the energy they need during their relentless training, deployment and missions tempos. Awesome news- it is available to the public now too...and Sean hooks you guys up with a special adult beverage recipe using it so head on over to our insta and FB to nab it. Allison asked Sean to be our first episode because of the amazing stuff he and his company has done to help with the hurricane aftermath in North Carolina- don't miss the story and his perspective as boots on the ground. It will inspire you to no end.

Sep 21, 2018
Never Forget

Arriving in the United States without any English within a few short years Guido Filippone had enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Have you seen Rocky? Guido will remind you a lot of that incredible Rocky spirit. As an infantryman, he served combat tours in Fallujah and Ramadi at times when fighting was ultra-intense – and before he was old enough to vote. In today’s show they dig into some tough topics – courage, bravery, fear and being smart about leveraging help. Find out what it is like being in a battle for the first time. Hear how combat is similar for WW2 veterans and the how it is different in ways that might surprise you. He still continues to serve in ways that are truly inspiring. His grandfather served in WWII and was a prisoner of war – but he passed away before Guido had a chance to learn from him…so Guido created a project to capture the voices and experiences of veterans from WWII and Vietnam to save them for generations to come. Find out the remarkable story behind how the project came about. Hear some of the most staggering war stories Guido has heard during his film projects from US veterans. A self-made success story, he has created the massively popular Zero Foxtrot that makes military humor apparel, must-have beer steins and more. 

Aug 06, 2018

Exclusive look inside the brave response by Californian first responders to the horrific terrorist strike on a Christmas office party in San Bernadino. This week's very inspiring guest Ryan Starling, SWAT and firefighter, takes you with him as his team is practicing active shooter response's in the morning through to blow by blow of how the heroic response to the crisis went down. Hear chilling details of the evil plot and find out the techniques these office workers used to save themselves from the shooter. Do you know the 3  things you must absolutely do to have the best chance of survival in an active shooter situation? Do you know the tricks that terrorists will use to defeat your barricades? And how to stop them? In today's episode, you'll learn all this and much much more. Learn the simple techniques civilians used that day to instantly become heroes that you can easily use too. Ryan also immerses you in what life is truly like for our nation's bravest ready around the clock to respond to crisis and save lives. What's the most embarrassing song these fearless warriors have on their playlist? How does music help Ryan crush it saving lives and slaying in Crossfit? When you see those armored vehicles roll by with fierce SWAT ready for action...what tunes are they listening too inside? And who gets to pick the tunes? You're going to hear about life for these American heroes in ways you've never heard before. And for you Crossfitters...do not miss out on Ryan's top tips for the ultimate workout and maximum results. He shares his secrets to becoming the fittest firefighter on the west coast, how he trained to reach #5 in the world and the secrets to his prep for crushing it at the upcoming Crossfit Games. Make sure not to miss Ryan being honored in the 5.11 series Quiet Warrior where you can hear more from this fascinating, humble hero who makes selflessness and commitment to excellence a daily way of life.

Jul 30, 2018

SWAT. What do SWAT guys know that you don't about saving saving lives when danger strikes? How do firefighters stay so fit that they can carry a Jolly Green Giant sized grown man, unconscious from smoke, down 50 flights of stairs in severely intense heat while a fire is raging around them? Ryan Starling recently ranked as the fittest firefighter on the west coast of the USA. He is also ranked #5 in Crossfit and you get to hang out with him at the firehouse right before he heads out to the global Crossfit Games Championship. Ryan is a highly skilled medic who serves both in SWAT and as a firefighter. SWAT and firefighting are two very tough jobs - and out in San Bernadino they have been really put to the test recently with extreme challenges - horrible wildfires, train derailments and the December 2 terrorist strike in an office Christmas office party. In this first part of the Starling double-header, Ryan hooks you up with his expert top tips on how to SELF-RESCUE.You'll walk away from this episode with a mental toolkit to save your life. You will also know how to build the ultimate kit to carry with you at all times, everywhere - the few things that could fit in something the size of a case for shades. Whether it is a boating, hunting, hiking or climbing accident in the great outdoors or an active shooter in a school or office, this episode will have you armed with insider tips that can safe your life and be a hero saving someone else's. Make sure you don't miss Ryan's story about when his SWAT team was raiding a house and the dangerous suspect joined the stack as they searched room to room for danger. Head on over to PART 2 - INSIDE THE SAN BERNADINO SWAT MISSION - DEC. 2, WHEN TERRORISTS STRUCK OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY ON US HOME SOIL

Jul 28, 2018

Dangerous missions…What’s it like in the helicopter 2 minutes out, 90 seconds out, 1 minute out…30 seconds from charging into enemy territory on a mission? Evan graduated #1 In BUD/S (Class Honorman) and completed 10 combat deployments. In this part 2, Allison zeroes in on cracking the code of how Evan has been so unstoppable. Arm yourself with the ways Evan overcomes the seemingly impossible. Evan cracked his skull. Didn’t stop him. Evan broke his spine. Didn’t stop him. And by didn’t stop him…wait until you hear Evan explains what that means. He was determined to continue to serve and he astonishingly overcame staggering physical challenges time and again to do so in one of the most physically demanding jobs on Earth. When Evan retired, he moved out to the mountains. Within a mere 2 years, he learned to ski and mastered it enough to make the cut for the uber elite Sun Valley Ski Patrol in 2016. He is also a very successful vetrepreneuer and talented artist. His company 30 Seconds Out Apparel makes hugely popular tees, patches, hats and more with the “in” crowd. In fact, you’ve probably seen his stuff on History Channel’s show “6” where SEAL Team 6 guys wear his stuff for authenticity. Hook yourself up with all of Evan's awesome top tips for success in everything from taking on a new job, overcoming injuries, tackling a challenge +  beyond.

Jul 16, 2018

After hanging out with this remarkable 20 Year Navy SEAL, you’ll feel like you just emerged from Man Camp – battle-hardened and ready to crush. The best part is all you gotta do is open a cold one, kick back and hang out – all the ultimate man-ifying without having to get off the couch. We’ve divided this years’ Man Camp into 2 parts. Snow gunfights  desert gunfights, jungle gunfights…this week’s doubleheader is loaded with unforgettable war stories.  In the first part, our guest Sean “Evan” Evangelista graduated #1 In BUD/S (Class Honorman) and completed 10 combat deployments. Evangelista takes you inside life as a SEAL in ways you will never have heard before. What’s it really like in fire fights as a SEAL? Find out the surprising way that SEALs find gear and apparel to wear in their extreme missions. Hear how a cobra joined a SEAL team and what one of the mostly poisonous snakes in the world’s venom tastes like. How are cows the nemesis of some SEALs – Evan explains all? BUDs is notoriously tough – Evan made it harder for himself (hint: don’t miss the boots story) and yet still graduated #1. These are just a few of the insider nuggets you’re going to hear in this awesome episode. Do not miss Evan’s ingenious way to use a walkie talkie against the enemy in a hardcore firefight.

Jul 13, 2018
Maximum Adventure in the Most Remote + Unseen Places: Here's How

Lethal venomous viper. Flip Flops. Romantic sunsets….not three words you would expect to go together. In today’s episode, Army Ranger Matthew Griffin reveals exceptional insider secrets to adventures in remote, off the beaten path places and potentially dangerous places. You can drop Griffin anywhere in the world and he will crush it….on that subject, strap in for one of the most harrowing war stories shared in Tactical Talk so far involving a shocking, unusual threat to his Stryker. Today’s show will help you master exploring remote – and often dangerous – places in the world safely. Hook yourself up with his outstanding advice on how to access notoriously tough places. Learn what this expert carries in his bag that you should too – and what you should definitely not carry. Discover some amazing tips on how to learn about the location before you arrive. Find out the best way to decide where to stay. Uncover how the pros protect themselves against local threats.  And hear how this tactical pro makes the most of these extraordinary places so you can too. A West Point grad, he did five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 75th Ranger Regiment. After the military, he became Director of Military Sales for Remote Medical International and Director of Special Operations for Protect the Force.  Griffin then founded Combat Flip Flops – a company he pitched on the popular show Shark Tank where he earned a deal with three of the sharks – including Mark Cuban.  This veteran has turned an idea into a million dollar retailer of shoes and accessories. Here’s the thing – he’s still making a difference with his company and you can too. Proceeds from his ultra-popular flip flops, shoes and accessories go to putting Afghan girls in schools and helping to clear mines in Laos. Definitely do not miss his icebreakers. Griffin shares some ground truth on sheep, vipers and goats. A fantastic storyteller, today you’ll get immersed in several dangerous missions. And he will have you laughing out loud with his apt details about daily life downrange.

Jul 03, 2018

Medusa. Overwhelming enemy numbers. Shocking setbacks. Facing extreme danger without fear. Victory in spite of the odds….just a few of the many tough topics you are getting ground truth on today. Operation Medusa was out in Afghanistan. Our guest this week, Green Beret Greg Stube, was there when the epic Battle of Sperwan Ghar went down. Imagine battling an enemy every second of every hour of every day…day after day after day for a week. Add into that the enemy doesn’t just outnumber you- they unleash overwhelming numbers at you. The Green Berets never yielded, they never gave up. They fought on. So much so, they ran out of ammo 4 times. Ammo had to be air dropped to them 4 times so this small number of Green Berets could carry on courageously stopping the Taliban. During this battle, Stube suffered wounds that are beyond imagining from a remotely detonated IED and enemy fire. The wounds were so serious, it could have been fatal. His leg was essentially entirely blown off and that is not all he has bravely endured and overcome. An unstoppable Green Beret, Stube serve the community in a valuable way. He now shares his expertise honed in 23 years of service with those who protect the homeland. Join Allison while she hangs out with Greg at a DEA facility. We grab him to give you some special direct access inside the Green Beret world during a break and before he heads off the next day to teach at the FBI. Discover some of the secrets to how Green Berets are so unstoppable. Greg’s new book, Conquer Anything, is now out. After today’s show, you’ll find that Greg doesn’t just talk the advice in the book – he walks it and has conquered a wide range of things. Don’t’ miss his icebreaker about fish soup on a mission…you’ll never look at fish soup the same way again.

Jun 22, 2018
Farm Boy to Fighter Pilot

Whatever your mission, whatever your battle, after today's show you will be armed with insider tactics to win - and win decisively. Our guest F-15 fighter pilot James Murphy has succeeded in bottling the warrior ethos. He's hooking you up with the formula for warrior style victory. His techniques work anywhere and everywhere...for example, he has worked closely with professional sports teams so Allison asks him to share what it was like working with the NFL team - New York Giants- on their path to winning the Super Bowl - using fighter pilot techniques. Lots of sports in this episode. Back in Kentucky, Murphy was a talented baseball player so you get to find out today what baseball and flying the world's most powerful jets have in common. He will blow your mind with his tales of life inside one of the world’s top fighter squadrons. Murphy takes you inside supersonic jet combat at 48,000 feet in a way that you will feel like you are there inside the cockpit. Find out the key to solving unexpected, seemingly impossible challenges when things go wrong. Murphy explains the system fighter pilots use - and use in extremely pressurized scenarios when traveling faster than sound. A highly sought-after expert in both business and combat strategy, he explains the key military techniques that have made the United States Air Force the most advanced air-combat force in the world...and how you can use them to dominate too. Learn how fighter pilots use focus, planning and more to execute their missions. Murphy offers advice that's practical and delivers results. He has created incredibly successful businesses so Allison asks him to hook you up with this tips for veterans looking for civilian jobs and those keen to launch businesses. This week's icebreakers are unforgettable - don't want to miss the giant toad invasion or you'll regret it!

Jun 08, 2018

Baseball time of year. A sport as American as apple pie. Memorial Day always falls during baseball season and many Americans find themselves playing catch with the family, hitting some balls and maybe a game with extended family after a BBQ over the long weekend. Our guest this week, Cory McQuilkin is a major league bad ass. He served in Green Berets for 12 years all over the world and in highly dangerous engagements. But Cory started out as a dedicated, talented baseball player practicing whenever he could growing up in Illinois. At 18, he chose to selflessly join the Army instead of pursuing playing Major League Baseball. Cory made the rare selection for the 18X program that meant jumping straight into the deep end and joining the renowned Green Berets, (Army Special Forces). Before leaving service, he was chosen to work on honing the next generation of top snipers for the Green Berets. Upon leaving, Cory scored one of the most coveted jobs for veterans…he works at Sig Sauer one of the most coveted places to work in the industry with an excellent track record of hiring veterans.  He generously shares his tips on how to win your dream job no matter how fierce the competition. In his spare time, he has returned to baseball and taken his battle honed commando skills, his deep experience in things like leadership and teamwork earned through many years of service - and applies them to coaching children’s baseball. Learn how he uses baseball to build future leaders, get them on the track to greatness, give them the skills to achieve their dreams. Today, you’re going to find out some of his powerful techniques to creating awesomeness. Cory builds great players and incredibly cohesive teams – no small feat, particularly with young kids. Discover how baseball is a microcosm of life and how you can harness his highly effective approach to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself too.  Make sure you don’t miss his icebreakers! Poo holes, poo fields, venomous snakes and plywood battles are just a few hints on some tales of life downrange that will have you laughing out loud.

May 25, 2018
From Georgia Cotton Fields to Hunting Terrorists + Flying Deadly Missions

Master Army Aviator. Ranger, Airborne and Air Assault qualified. Jimmy Blackmon has selflessly served our nation for 30 years, leading high-risk missions all over the world. He was the air mission commander on the famous operation that bagged #2 and #3 most wanted bad guys in the famous Iraqi deck of cards. Today, you get the unique privilege of hearing firsthand all about the dangerous mission to take down Saddam Hussein’s sons. Jimmy also served as the aviation commander during battles in the very valleys where the attacks of 9-11 were planned and rehearsed - in which four Medals of Honor were earned in Afghanistan – and Jimmy generously takes you inside what that was like. A masterful storyteller, Jimmy’s style is rooted in the rich, deep-rooted tradition of Southern storytelling. His book PALE HORSE – Hunting Terrorists and Commanding Heroes with the 101st Airborne Division rapidly became a must read. And this week, you get the special opportunity to hear Jimmy’s own personal story firsthand. You will find this week’s episode one of the most inspiring ever. He is a living example of the greatness of the American Dream. This highly decorated warrior takes you with him on his journey from growing up in rural Georgia through to commanding 3,500 of America’s finest in intense, important battles. And then, he takes you inside some of the most harrowing battles in that uniquely Southern-style. Find out what it is like to fly helicopters directly and deliberately into harm’s way to save men on the ground. Discover how dangerous it is for pilots in ways that will surprise you. Learn what it takes to fly incredibly dangerous missions day, after day, after day. Jimmy’s talents extend well beyond flying some of the most advanced helicopters in the world. Storytelling is just one of his many highly honed skills, he is even an IBO World Champion in archery…so you won’t want to miss his icebreakers where you’ll get to hear all sorts of things this Georgia-boy got up to beyond the battlefield.

May 18, 2018
Inside Grenade Exchanges + other Mind-blowing DELTA Adventures

If a grenade lands near you…is it like the movies? Should you throw it? Kick it? Run? Our guest this week reveals what really happens when a grenade gets chucked at you. Chris VanSant achieved selection for the legendary 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) and served in US Special Operations for more than 20 years. Today, you’ve got the very special opportunity to go inside not just one fascinating DELTA adventure – but several. And Chris is one helluva skilled communicator and storyteller.  Find out what life is truly like inside such a covert, hidden world. Hear how calm these elite operators are in the most dangerous places – so calm and capable that they maintain a great sense of humor while facing the most dangerous threats. Why are sewing machines as important as rifles? What’s the worst thing to do when struck by one of the most poisonous scorpions? For veterans and serving military, Chris also shares hugely helpful advice on how to handle transition to civilian space. Chris, himself, now continues to serve and support our forces by working at a top body armor and tactical nylon company. As Chief Operating Officer for TYR Tactical, he helps ensure the best designs possible are available for military and law enforcement.  

May 11, 2018
Mud, Muscle, Manliness: Navy Cross Marine Recon, Iron Man + Bravery

Guinness Book of World Records. Not something easy to get in - let alone for something involving superhuman feats. Today's guest Mike Mendoza has done just that. He has beat the world records....for most IRON MANs in one year. A super human feat he decided to do...just because. He had only run a couple before and didn't train for it. Par for course with our nation's bravest. Mike has been recognized for extraordinary courage many times. Today you're hanging out w/ a guy who was awarded a Navy Cross for extraordinary courage. We're going to hook you up with his 5 top tips for tapping into your bravery and making it a powerful force in your life and for others too. Brace for impact on some of the most powerful war stories you will ever hear. Mike takes you into the fight so much so you feel like you can taste the dirt and hear the .50 cal bullets whiz past.

Apr 27, 2018
Southern Hunter Turned Marine Recon, Sniper + Star of HBO’s “Generation Kill”

Turning your home into a fortress, dangerous duck eggs, hunting as a way of life, best expert's weapons revealed and more...This is one fully loaded show today that kicks off with riveting war stories – the unexpected twists will wallop you. These are ground truth stories from inside the elite Marine Recon unseen world that you’ve got to hear and you’ll never forget. Told Southern-style by a talented storyteller, you’re gonna find yourself feeling like you’re there with them in extreme danger – and bet you won’t be able to resist laughing out loud at times too. Walt Hasser is so good at protecting things that he advises on how to protect military forces, installations and even critical national infrastructure (that’s stuff Americans can't live without like power grids and dams.)  Walt is a classic Southern gent.  He grew up hunting in Virginia and achieved selection to the ultra-elite Recon Marine and Marine Scouts for our country. A highly-regarded sniper and weapons expert, he has taught recon, sniper, light infantry tactics and more to some of the world’s best. Walt’s worked all over the world including places as varied as Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Kenya and the Philippines. This mega bad ass has even been directly involved in developing state of the art weapons, optics, sniper equipment, body armor and more. Walt has been, and continues to be, instrumental in training special operations, military and law enforcement. In fact, Walt is so talented he is one of the Marines who inspired the best-selling book and HBO hit series “Generation Kill” – but he’s so humble he doesn’t mention it once in today’s show. Who better to give a master class in how to turn your home into a fortress? Allison asks Walt to hook you up. After today’s show, you’ll be able to protect your home and loved ones using the special advanced methods and tactics that Walt uses to protect high value targets.

Apr 20, 2018
FUEL TO FIGHT + WIN - From Mozambique to Brooklyn's Bakeries

Extreme. The US military works extremely hard in extreme environments, extreme weather – and often for extremely long times. A body’s ability to perform downrange can face extreme stakes. Warfighters need to be able to rely on their physical performance in life or death situations. And maximum performance requires maximum nutrition. Right now, warfighters downrange tend to eat MREs when they do not have the luxury of the big base KFCs and McDonalds. MREs have a shelf life of at least 3 years and the main operational food ration. Knowledge about food as fuel and nutrition has grown tremendously – yet MREs haven’t kept up and aren’t much better nutritionally than the rations back in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Enter a Marine in Mozambique putting his life in harm’s way to ensure food aid gets to families in need. Marine Matthew DeMaio had an idea there that he brought all the way back home to New York. He turned that idea into a business that rapidly began crushing it. After much baking in his kitchen with Marine buddies piling in to support Operation Bake Ideal Bar – and close consultation with a very talented nutrition specialist for Development Group, AKA SEAL TEAM 6….the ultimate fuel to fight was born. Clean, tasty, and irresistible. Find out how Matthew figured out how to help maximize physical performance for special operations tasks in a delicious way. Condition One founder Matthew reveals his top 5 secrets to turning a start up into a business that is crushing it. Hook yourself up with his advice on nutrition and mindset that will give you the foundation to take on any mission in war or in homeland life’s battlefields.

Apr 16, 2018
Build the Ultimate Escape + Evade Bag

Walking Dead finale this season is upon us...ever wonder what you would do if a zombie apocalypse struck in real life? We've got you covered. This week Marine Recon Danny Domin shares his deep expertise to show you how to build a bag that will help you survive anything from zombies to hurricanes and terrorist attacks. Find out what you could face and what you need to survive. 

Apr 09, 2018
WARRIOR MONK: Fighting with Faith alongside US Commandos with a Real Life Warrior Monk

Warrior Monks…not something you see every day. Back in the heyday, knights fighting for their faith and to protect their fellow man were a lot more common. Today, we’re introducing you to a real life Warrior Monk. He served the US in the elite units of the Marine Corps and then became a Christian monk. When 9/11 kicked off, he left his monastery and picked up his K-Bar knife and his rifle and headed back into the fight alongside some of the nation’s most elite forces right out on the front lines again. With Easter around the bend, Allison thought it would be an ideal time for you to have the opportunity to spend time with this remarkable guy. Mike shares his unique personal story and reveals how he became a modern day warrior monk. Do today’s warrior monks follow the same code of chivalry as the knights of the round table? How does faith play a role in combat? The knights of yore were renowned for being quite the ladies men…how does it work these days? Are women drawn to these brave men of faith in the same way? What does Mike carry around in his warrior monk go bag to smash any threat to civilians? In a frank sit down at Tactical Talk HQ in NYC, Mike shares these answers and more. Learn his easy top tips to becoming the best version of yourself and head into Easter fired up to achieve greatness at work, at home and everywhere.

Mar 29, 2018
Inside Elite Commando Combat Divers Deep Ocean Battles w/ Marine Force Recon Rudy Reyes

Rudy is back, on top form and in the house at Tactical Talk’s studio in NYC. This week is an extra big helping of Friday motivation with a double-header episode with Rudy. The Noreaster blew up Allison’s flight plans so she couldn’t get back last week. Marine Force Recon Rudy is stepping up to help make that up to you guys. Fasten your seatbelts for a freewheeling, hard-hitting and massive dose of motivation in ways that only Rudy can deliver. This episode is jampacked with one of a kind war stories as only Rudy could tell them. Rudy rolls with a lot of celebs so the episode kicks off with a surprise pop up from Divergent and Terminator Genysis star new Jai Courtenay starring in new marine corps Semper Fi. Rudy has swung by to hang out in NYC having just come back from working on that new movie with Jai. First half of this gigantic ep, Allison pins Rudy down on some new icebreakers – his answers may surprise you. Join Rudy and Allison for some tequila day drinking and real talk on a range of issues. See a side to Rudy you never got to see in Generation Kill. Second half, Rudy hooks you up on the latest about Force Blue as he promised. This half zeroes in on the world of combat divers. Infiltration. Drown proofing. Mind boggling extreme training. Fighting underwater. Imagine having to defuse a bomb that could kill hundreds of Sailors if you don’t succeed. Now imagine doing that in the dark. Combat divers take that to a whole other level having to do this in the dark, deep underwater in inhumanly cold conditions. Rudy takes you underwater, inside all sorts of these high stakes combat diver missions. The ep then switches gears to talk about how combat divers from around the world are coming together to fight for a new cause. Hear all about the new hardcore training these commandos master to take their amazing skills and apply them to literally saving humans again – this time by saving the ocean’s reefs. Reefs play a vital role in ensuring humans have oxygen – but already about a quarter of them have already been damaged beyond repair. The rest are at great risk. Enter Force Blue fighting for us all deep underwater. How do they rebuild reefs? How do these battle-hardened commando combat divers handle nursery duty. Hear about the extreme and dangerous conditions they battle to rebuild reefs. From sharks to ferocious currents and merciless, powerful wave beatings to endless hours of bone chilling conditions…all to deliver baby coral to their new homes and other missions.

Mar 23, 2018

Deep dive into the Navy SEAL world this week. Guest Navy SEAL Eli Crane is a phenomenal story teller so you will feel immersed in the action – like you’re there along with him on missions in far flung, deadly places. You have probably seen Eli on Shark Tank where his product was so amazing that rock star investors Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary invested. His company Bottle Breachers rapidly became a multi-million dollar company where they make things like military .50 cal ammo and turns then into unique bottle openers. What is the secret to Eli’s epic success in business? Find out today. Learn how you can use a failure to become a huge success. Eli was a recruiter for the SEAL teams. He shares the qualities it takes to be a SEAL and how veterans and civilians can use these same qualities to succeed in life as well as business. Find out how faith has played a key role in Eli’s life and in his remarkable success.  Allison also asks Eli to reveal what life is truly like in the SEAL teams. Eli tells it to you straight and doesn’t pull any punches. He breaks down for you what is not real in recent tv shows and war movies. Hook yourself up with authentic insider ground truth about firefights, missions and life in the war zone for SEALs. Seen American Sniper? Read the book? Today you will hear a side of Christ Kyle that you have never heard before. Eli served alongside the famous Navy SEAL sniper and shares stories that will blow your mind. Allison asks Eli to explain the special brotherhood found in military service and why he has launched a very cool and important initiative for Veterans.

Eli gives you an exclusive peek at the new line of Bottle Breacher bottle openers will be available the day after this show goes live. Definitely do not miss Eli’s icebreakers! You need to know how adorable hedgehogs joined SEAL missions in dangerous places.

Mar 09, 2018
Texan Hellraiser Turned Masterful Marine Combat Shooter

From rattlesnakes to one of the world's most venomous snakes- the carpet viper...our guest this week has faced off against nature's deadly threats and our nation's deadly enemies. Will Hiett is a Texan who grew up taking on rattlesnakes as a kid to protect his little brother and tearing up the neighborhood as the go to hellraiser. Then he joined the Marine Corps. And he grew up to become an extremely accomplished Marine, highly lethal combat shooter and thoughtful gentleman - who drives the truck in MAD MAX on his daily commute. Today, kick back, grab a bourbon and join in for some epic war stories. When he was an infantry squad leader, Will led more than 260 combat patrols in Iraq. Will successfully repelled more than 20 determined Taliban fighters trying to over-run a Combat Out Post... and that's just for starters. We're hooking you up with straight up ground truth stories you won't hear anywhere else. Allison also asks Will to hook you up not just with unique tales from life out in the war zones - but also share with you the insider's life in QUANTICO. What is it truly like inside the legendary QUANTICO? Find out from this bad ass Master Instructor. Will has instructed more than 1500 hours at more than 400 live fire ranges at installations all over the United States and the world. He teaches vital courses from basic to advanced firearms training ranging from small arms to heavy machine guns and shouldered fired rockets to military, law enforcement agencies, and foreign partnered forces domestic and abroad. Did we mention Will was recognized as TOP GUN, the high shooter, in an extremely advanced shooting course that is so elite that we can't even tell you the name of it. And these are just a few of his many, many feats. Will's life proves that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Hanging out with him today will leave inspired to go out and crush your own goals.

Mar 02, 2018
Concealed Carry, Weapon Handling + Cover Master Class w/ Marine Recon, Special Forces and DELTA Mike Pannone

Legendary titan Mike Pannone. He is a serious triple threat having been selected for and served in not just one elite team - but three of the best in the entire world. Mike served in Marine Recon, SF + DELTA!!! In this very special unique opportunity, Mike takes you inside what life was like in his remarkable career serving our country. Expect straight up ground truth. He shares his insight on everything from what actually happens on a helicopter as a team approaches a target through to real talk in the chow hall. In spite of being seriously wounded in a blast while serving in 1st SFOD-D, selfless Mike rejoined the fight taking on further vital roles to keep Americans safe. How is he so utterly unstoppable? Find out his top techniques so you can apply them to master any challenge you come across. With the recent horrific tragedy in Florida, headlines stressing the threat of school shootings has made it a concern across America. The Tac Talk community includes many, many thousands of high school and college listeners. Allison wanted to make sure every student, parent, family, teacher and concerned citizen had direct access to expertise from one of our nation's best. Mike is utterly masterful at analyzing cover - even using vehicles as cover during complex combat scenarios like ambushes and fire fights. Learn what you need to know about the art of taking cover to improve your chances of survival. Mike breaks it down into simple, easy to use steps.  For our military, law enforcement and citizen shooters, this episode is an amazing opportunity for a master class with one of the most highly regarded and highly sought after instructors. Allison asks Mike to share his expertise with you on not just one - but TEN of the hottest important topics in shooting. As you listen, your skills will be sharpening your skills each second. Mike explains everything from the best way to dress for concealed carry and the biggest concealed carry pitfalls to avoid, to reholstering and reloading while keeping your gaze on the target through to best flashlight techniques, shooting multiple targets at short range and much much more. In this ep, you even get a glimpse into Mike's range bag...he takes you through his favorites: pistols, carbines, suppressors, triggers, ammo and more.  Mike leads by example and as you hang out with him today you will find yourself more and more and more inspired by his example. Fired up and armed with his wisdom, you will leave this episode motivated to take on the world ready to crush anything and everything. And make sure not to miss his icebreakers - his stories provide utterly unique glimpses into life on the job in the US military's elite force that has remained the most secretive and covert - DELTA. Mike will often have you laughing out loud thanks to his fantastic way of telling stories that makes you feel like you are right there with him as humor happens in such an extremely dangerous job.

Feb 24, 2018

Are you a mouse or a man? It is that Valentine’s Day time of year…so what better time to help kit you out with ways to step up your game. There is no excuse to not to be the best version of yourself possible. One thing you will have noticed in all our special operations warrior guests each week is they are bad asses – but also chivalrous gentlemen. That’s what we are zeroing in on this week. Something every man should have in his arsenal… CHIVALRY. Rudy Reyes is a Certified Bad Ass. You get to hang out with him while he is on location in New Orlean for a new movie. Rudy made selection for the very elite and hard core Marine Force Recon and he saw action in some of the most intense areas. This is THE Rudy who was featured in the bestselling book Generation Kill and also starred as himself in the excellent HBO series Generation Kill. You will also have seen him recently in Nat Geo’s Ultimate Survival Alaska. Chivalry is not for wimps - Rudy has the physique of a Viking. But he is also a gentleman who epitomizes chivalry. You’ve seen firsthand his outstanding physical capabilities as a man –  as well as his determination, his drive, his courage, his fearlessness…everyone accepts those are manly qualities. But Rudy is manlier than that. He is both a true gentleman and a modern gladiator. For you doubters, Rudy explains why chivalry matters and should matter to you. He breaks down the key components to chivalry that any man can master. It is not all about how much you can bench press. Any man can wield chivalry and go from zero to hero. Women don’t find special operations guys so attractive just because they have big biceps – it is their chivalry and their gentlemanly qualities that can be irresistible. That's the difference between being manly - and manliest. So what’s the secret? What are those guys doing so well? Rudy explains the most important things every guy should do. He walks you through a chivalry playbook and equips you with practical tips will impress the woman in your life.  First dates are tough…not anymore. Rudy arms you with a master plan. For dating in general, Rudy takes you start to finish through the practical steps an honorable gentleman takes. What are the biggest unintentional blunders guys make letting themselves down? Allison also asks Rudy to warn you about those pitfalls too. Whether you have just spotted a woman you like or you’ve been married for 50 years, Rudy will have you fired up to go from manly to manliest using chivalry as your secret weapon.

Feb 14, 2018

Protect women. Protect children. Protect family. Protect friends. Are you a guardian? Are you ready to step in and protect the vulnerable? Do you know what to do if an attacker poses a threat? With the #metoo incidents dominating headlines, many men have grown increasingly concerned about how to help stop attacks. Today, he arms you with the right steps to take if you see a guy up to bad stuff. Steps anyone can do – steps you don’t have to be a professional warrior to do – and those steps will surprise you. Aaron Barruga earned selection to one of the nation’s most elite forces – Army Special Forces, the legendary Green Berets. He honed his expertise through years serving our nation all over the world. Now other incredibly talented warriors come to his company Guerilla Approach to sharpen their skills in high threat environments from vehicles in combat through to marksmanship on pistols and carbines. The episode kicks off focusing on a concern many men share an out of line man attacking a woman. Aaron gives you a master class in a number of scenarios you might run into - from a guy getting out of line in a bar with your girlfriend or wife through to spotting a women being attacked on a dark street. How about the active shooter who bursts out of nowhere in your daily life? How can you best help and save others? Aaron’s got some top tip for you.  Next, what about home defense? How can you best protect the women and children in their life if there is a home invasion?  Aaron explains why the one size fits all approach is dangerous. And takes you through the best principles and explains how you can adapt them to your exact home and your exact family.  Aaron is also a talented writer who slings wordsmithing like a pro. You’ve probably caught his popular column at Ballistic Magazine. So Allison challenges him to this double-decker episode with a blitz of questions on wide ranging topics. The result? Aaron hits them all effortlessly making this an ep brimming with insider insight and solutions.

Feb 10, 2018

Guns, guns and more guns. This year’s SHOT Show has revealed a huge crop of new guns and gear for 2018. Allison has been out there testing out the latest and greatest. Her reviews for FOX News have been trending #1 and ranking #1 on google. SHOT is mega restrictive for access, but if you couldn’t make it to the show we’ve got you covered. Allison has asked a guest you will love to hang out with you this week and share with you all the latest and greatest. Seen Generation Kill? Our guest saw it and walked into a recruiting office. He went on to win selection to that ultra-elite team featured in Generation Kill. But Danny Donin is that down to earth, fun, truly good guy in high school that everyone wants to hang out with. But a version that grew up to become a certified bad ass who is exceptional with a weapon and regularly put his life in harm’s way to keep all us Americans safe. Danny and Allison will give you direct access to what’s been hot on the floor in rifles, pistols, concealed carry, holsters, optics, apparel, bags and gun cleaning kits. For hunters, Danny shares his top picks in all sorts of hunting new options from bowhunting through to duck decoys. Kentucky Bourbon fueled, this is one rollickin jam packed episode that will hook you up with everything you need to know about what’s coming out this year.

Jan 26, 2018

Simple + Fast. How do SEALs and other special operations workout to be ready and crush the world’s toughest missions in the most extreme conditions? After today, you will know the key secrets to getting a mission ready body.  We're hooking you up with special direct access to former SEAL Squadron Commander and certified mega bad ass Randy Hetrick. While deployed on a Navy SEAL mission, Randy created the very best system for special operations teams to maintain mission ready fitness anytime and anywhere. This is an episode jam-packed with insider knowledge on how to maximize your body whether you are a special operations professional or working out for this first time this year. Today’s tips apply to every age, goal, and fitness level. Gaining size, strength, power, endurances, speed and agility does not need to take long with Randy’s approach. If you’ve got 20 minutes, he’s got the expertise to help you build mass and strength like an operator. Are you sabotaging your workout? Randy reveals the common ways your time and effort go to waste. Had a bit too much fun over the holidays? Use Randy’s top tips to torch calories quick. And Randy is a helluva story teller – so you definitely don’t want to miss what happened when a fast-moving, highly lethal venomous mamba snake decided to face off with SEALs on a mission.

Jan 19, 2018

Best-kept secrets on dealing with attackers. Today we’re zeroing in on disarming opponents.

We’re also going to talk about the most powerful weapon every single person has.  It’s free, doesn’t require a permit and it never runs out of ammo. In the movies and tv shows, it looks so easy to take a weapon out of an attackers hand…but how do the real life James Bond and Jason Bourne types do it? If they are not carrying a gun, how do they stop an attacker? We want every American to have access to the best skills to defend themselves and loved ones. So we’re hooking you up with one of the most sought after instructors in the world. Steve Tarani is an ultra- master of protection. He honed his craft in the CIA. Tarani has done it all –even been on President Trump’s protection detail. First half, Tarani shares what life is like in his rarely seen covert world. Second half – special access to some personalized instruction. Guns, knives, baseball bats, tire irons…they break down each one and explain the best way to protect yourself when you face an attacker carrying them. You don’t need to be super musclular to be safe. You don’t need a gun to fend off an attack. After this episode, no matter your size or gender you will know how to use the weapon you carry with you eveyday – one you didn’t know you have and that Tarani believes is the most powerful weapon available. What is it and how do you use it? Download and get empowered. And don’t miss Tarani’s “war story” when he encountered a threat to his stockpile clinging onto the side of a cliff. 

Jan 12, 2018
DOMINATE 2018 LIKE A TOP GUN – Master The Fighter Pilot Mindset

TOP GUN. Kick off the New Year with us by hanging out with a real life TOP GUN fighter pilot. Who hasn’t seen the movie right? Well, F-14A Tomcat fighter pilot Mike Maloney takes us inside the real life version of the incredibly elite, intense weapons school. Today you’ll find out what’s real about that movie and what’s not. Jump in right from the start as Mike takes you inside with several op stories – some hilarious – some so dangerous you’ll marvel at the courage and talent of US fighter pilots. Mike reveals how fighter pilots are knights of the sky. And he breaks down the code they live by that we can master to excel in our own lives. Find out a fighter pilot secret to having more fun in 2018 - it will surprise you. You may have caught Mike starring in the CNBC show The Profit. Mike’s created a very successful company called KOTA that gives folks a chance to surf on land. So Allison asks him to share some of his secrets to building a successful business too. Mike reveals how courage, honor and corps de esprit make the difference in combat – and in life. You’ll leave this episode armed with the keys to a fighter pilot mentality and ethos that you can use to dominate in 2018.

Jan 06, 2018
FAITH NOT FEAR – How to defeat the enemy using only your mind w/ this Navy SEAL

Terrorist attacks on home soil..this week a terrorist attacked in New York City so Allison invites one of your favorites who is a local Bronx boy to breaksway from his Hollywood exploits and grab a beer to discuss this tragic attack in their neighborhood. Terrorists want you to live in fear. We all have a duty to refuse to let them make us live in fear. But how do we do that? Remi reveals the ultimate secret weapon and how to use it to resist and survive. You may know Remi Adelake from starring in the recent hit Transformers Last Knight Remi - but he is also a Navy SEAL who served for more than 13 years. Remi draws from firsthand experience his downrange to break down the threat of home soil attacks for you. He shares what it takes to wake up day after day and bring the fight to terrorists. You'll find inspiration and ideas you can use to fortify yourself against fear and to face the threat bravely like this remarkable SEAL. Learn how Remi protects his family from terrorist attacks and master his 8 must-know insider top tips to keep yourself and your family safe. Remi and Allison also dig in to talk about faith in these situations. Hear why you should have faith in American law enforcement and our military. Use this insider knowledge as an antidote to the fear terrorists provoke. And don't miss finding out how Remi's Christian faith was crucial in combat.

Dec 15, 2017
The Deadliest: How to Survive Them Part 2

In the second half of this episode, join Allison and extremely experienced PJ Tony Negron and learn how to master more deadliest events. When you think of deadly threats, you’re probably thinking bears, poisonous snakes…well today we’re going to reveal more of the deadliest threats hiding in plain sight and those that can strike when you least expect it – and what you need to know survive. Along the way, Tony shares some harrowing war stories of close calls with these deadliest that you will never forget. We’re tackling surprising deadliest you could run into outdoors – it will surprise you and could kill you. How about active shooters? What is the deadliest thing that can kill you in that situation and how do you survive it? What’s one of the deadliest things that can happen at sea? Guarantee you – you will not see this coming. And it is not sharks – think pirates and Navy SEALs. Should you listen to your Spidy sense or ignore it? Will it kill you or will it help you survive? And do not miss the grenade story because it could save your life someday. We cover all this and more ground to equip you to survive against the odds today.

Dec 04, 2017
The Deadliest: How to Survive Them

Know how to survive some of the deadliest events a human can face? After this double-header episode you will.  And how to survive them. To maximize hooking you up with the know-how, this is a two part episode. We reveal some of the deadliest hidden in plain sight – and some the deadliest in the war zone – and all of them incredibly lethal. Joining us this week back by demand is fan favorite PJ Tony Negron. He has a ridiculous number of very close calls with death and has personal experience surviving many of the deadliest threats we’re discussing. For those of you who love war stories, these are bound to be some of the best narrow escapes you have ever heard. You wanted to hear more about Tony so in this week’s episode we kick off with some more fun ice breakers. Then we dig into our first four deadliest. For all your shooters, we’re going to expose a deadly threat that is lurking at every single range…and what to do about it. Weapons can be deadly in entirely surprising ways. So we also talk about how to stop your own weapon from killing you. How about a helicopter crash? Is there a way to survive that? In some scenarios, there are definitely ways you can walk away – or swim away- from that. Tony and I have done our time in that training – so we’re going to spare you the horrors of getting repeatedly crashed in training and just teach you what you need to know. Many of you wanted to know what to do if a bridge collapse and your car plunges into the water…chances are you would not survive. But Tony and Allison know how to. And after today you will too. Make sure to tune in Monday for the second half tackling unexpected deadliest you could run into outdoors, pirate deadliests, grenades , spidy sense, active shooters, man down and more.

Dec 01, 2017
How to Escape a Hostage Taking With This Special Forces Expert

Hostage Taking. Kidnap + Ransom. Escape any captor and defeat any and all predators you may face with today’s ultra insider know how. We’re going to reveal how to break out of handcuffs, zipties, duct tape, rope…Get hooked up with today's insider secrets to breaking out of basically any restraint using just what you have on you. Master how to avoid becoming captured in the first place. Discover the best way to successfully fight back against a hostage taker. Learn what to look out for in your neighborhood and in your daily life to avoid capture.  We’re going to cover Must Know insider tips on escape from hostage taking in war zones and terrorist incidents here in the US through to kidnappings for ransom at international vacation spots and the predator threat here at home in the states that we are hearing so much about with the #metoo campaign. Readyman Jeff Kirkham returns to Tactical Talk to share his deep expertise honed in nearly 30 years in Special Forces. Jeff and Allison tackle the full spectrum of escape in a jam packed episode. What are the signs to look out for so you can know if someone is planning on taking you hostage? How do you successfully fight back and stop a captor? How can knowing white, yellow, orange, yellow, red and black save your life? Get inner circle and find out. In the hostage taking process, the first few minutes tend to be your best chance to escape. Do you know what to do in that window? Master today’s military insider techniques. If you are taken hostage, what is the best way to handle the captor? Are you supposed to be nice? Angry? When does a bit of Sherlock Holmes-ing mean the difference between surviving capture – and not? And how do you do it? What is the biggest mistake a hostage can make? You’ll get armed with all these answers and much, much more need to know info in today’s show? For example…are you playing the Kim game? If not, why not? Because it could be the difference between being snatched off the streets and held in captivity subjected to the unthinkable– and avoiding capture, period. Hear harrowing and inspiring tales of real life escapes. Don’t miss Readyman’s adventure when he’s tearing it up w/ his souped up military ATV and hits moondust.

Nov 22, 2017
Battle Back With This Navy SEAL

Failure is not an option. As a child, today's guest battled a horrible crippling disease and was told he would never walk again. He didn't accept that. Not only did he walk again...he went on to pass one of the toughest selections in the world and join one of the most elite fighting forces- the Navy SEALs. Patrick was then hit by a devastating parachuting accident. It should have ended his career in the SEALS. But he didn't let it. Again he battled back and achieved an extraordinary recovery. He went on to serve in combat for our country. Allison introduces to you to Patrick in Michigan where they've just had their first snowfall. What is the key to the greatness in every Navy SEAL? Patrick reveals the qualities you can master to bring out your greatness too. He shares his incredibly inspiring story and arms you with his lessons learned on how to best battle back against any adversity you may face. For veterans, get his very helpful practical advice on how to find the right job and get the right job post-military - also super useful for anyone looking to change careers. Find out why veterans have an advantage in getting jobs and excelling at them. Discover what lessons Patrick learned out on the battlefield that give him an edge in civilian life - lessons that will give you an edge too. And definitely do not miss his ice breaker on the craziest thing he ever had to eat in service because it is the craziest we have heard all year! 

Nov 13, 2017
Navy SEAL Turned Transformers Movie Star – Hear the Powerfully Inspiring Story Firsthand

From dangerous enemies of the United States to Decepticons…this Navy SEAL has fearlessly crushed it throughout war zones and now on Hollywood Blockbuster sets. For this Veterans Day episode, Allison introduces you to a veteran with a powerfully inspiring personal story of overcoming great tragedy and seemingly impossible obstacles, who selflessly served and went on to achieve the “American dream” – and that even rarer classic American dream of becoming a star in movies. Our guest is Remi Adeleke served more than 10 years in the SEAL teams. We join him in the VIP first class lounge in California on his way to a glamorous red carpet type event in DC launching the new Bible Museum – but his was not always a life of a star…In fact, his journey has been one of much hardship along the way. Remi shares with you his story from an early luxurious childhood in Africa to losing his father, their fortune and moving with his brave mother to a whole new country. Learn - and arm yourself - with Remi’s methods he deployed to overcoming and mastering so many seemingly impossible obstacles and daunting challenges- not knowing how to swim as just one example – to eventually join the ranks of one of most elite military teams in the world, the SEALS. Find out how Remi went from SEAL serving at the highest levels to acting at the very highest levels. Remi reveals his insider tips on how to break into the Hollywood business. Today you also get hooked up with very special access and find out what it is really like behind the scenes of big shows like The Last Ship and giant movies like Transformers: The Last Knight. What is it like working with an utter legend like Michael Bay? What are movie stars like Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel like in real life? You’ll get the scoop today. Remi’s story is a lesson in perseverance, determination, resolve, honor, selflessness and a reminder of the great potential in every veteran. You’ll leave the episode fortified with his top tips on overcoming any obstacle in your way and achieving your dreams. From Allison and all the Tactical Talk team, we want to we salute the service of all veterans. We keep in our thoughts and prayers the fallen, the missing, and those who right now are serving in harm’s way. We believe it is important to recognize and honor our veterans - not just on a holiday - but every single day. And we know you do too because we create the space and introduce you to extraordinary veterans each week and every week you show up and to spend time with them and listen to their remarkable stories, their wisdom, their insight and the tales they share of their teammates courage and selflessness. Thank you for your support and spending time every week with us to recognize our veterans’ bravery, their badassery, their awesomeness and everything they’ve sacrificed for all of us – Allison + Tac Talk Team

Nov 07, 2017
Find Out The Truth About Military Drones With This Army Expert

Deadly, lethal drones. Unseen spying eyes in the sky. What’s the truth about drones?? This week we are going deep beneath the headlines to get to the ground truth. Allison introduces you to someone directly involved in the military drone programs to get you some answers to the toughest of questions. Is the military reckless about casualties? Should you be worried that drones are spying on you and collecting your personal, private information? Are children and women being killed by drones in war zones? Pull up a bar stool with Allison and Brett to find out what is really going on. Brett Velicovich served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Army special operations intelligence operative for nearly a decade. His life is so fascinating that it is being made into a movie by Michael Bay. Brett was involved in taking down some of world’s deadliest terrorists so Allison asked him to be your guide into this unseen, covert drone world. He stalked, captured, and eliminated high-value targets in Al Qaeda and ISIS. And he was one of the few people in the entire military with the authority to select targets and issue death orders. Allison gets Brett to hook you up and take you inside some classified drone missions cleared for public release by the US government. They went after some of Americas most dangerous enemies…What is that like? And exactly how dangerous are the bad guys? Find out so you can decide for yourself if lethal drones are justified. Discover how drones are being used for good in other ways that will surprise you. And do not miss hearing exclusively revealed on Tactical Talk about the funny things terrorists do when they do not know a drone is secretly watching them. 

Nov 03, 2017
Inside the Long Road Home Boot Camp + Behind the Scenes With This Expert Ranger
Hollywood stars. Epic battle and tale of outstanding American courage and heroism. Today's show takes you behind the scenes of the new series Long Road Home debuting on National Geographic. Your tour guide is an incredibly accomplished Ranger who served more than 20 years for our country - now military technical advisor in Hollywood - Jariko Denman. You get to explore with him the largest set operating in North America that was built to replicate Sadr City. The Long Road Home portrays "Black Sunday" when the First Cavalry Division came under surprise attack in Sadr City in 2004. Over 7,000 miles away, their families awaited the news for forty-eight hellish hours-expecting the worst. Jariko takes you inside the boot camp where he prepared the actors to play their roles. He reveals how he taught them to shoot and perform the duties of Soldiers. Hear how Jariko and the actors like Kate Bosworth were utterly committed to honor the sacrifices of the military and portray the Soldiers and their families back home as authentically as possible. Learn how he got such a cool job of military technical advisor in Hollywood and his advice on how others could too. 
Don't miss discovering where you will find the best recipe for fur stew. 
Oct 31, 2017
How to Spot + Defeat Danger Zones in Your Daily Life w/ This MARSOC Expert

Danger zones. Do you know where the daily life danger zones are and how to defeat them? You will after today’s episode. Nicholas Koumalatsos is 12 year Special Operations Marine Corps veteran with Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. Nick starred in Discovery channel’s Trailblazers, but today you’re getting direct access to him. He has deployed all over the world and trained foreign police, military, and militia in several countries – but today we’re hooking you up with his expert training too. Nick reveals how to spot the danger zones In your own life and equips you with the best ways to defeat them. He explains just what that special operations “situational awareness” is and why it could save your life someday. With the Weinstein allegations and the #metoo movement on social media, the safety of women and girls is very much on the minds of folks. So Allison asks Nick to share some particular tips on how women can better protect and defend themselves against threats. Overcoming adversity and challenges is another big topic in this show. Nick went from being a child of 12 who had already racked up felonies to reaching the most elite levels of the Marine Corps. How did he transform his life and triumph again and again over impossible challenges along the way? You will not want to miss this powerfully inspiring journey. Once you hear his story you will be fired up and motivated to get out there and conquer whatever challenges you personally face. And Nick is quite the storyteller. His icebreakers will have you laughing out loud. Find out why Hobbit foot bread is never a good idea. And should we move to Monday? 

Oct 20, 2017
How to Maximize Your Performance w/ this Expert PJ

Explosive power – what’s the very best way to build it? What are top professional athletes and elite SOF operators doing to enhance their strength and endurance – that you’re not? In today’s no holds barred show, you’ll discover those very best insider top tips all that and much, much more. PJ turned ultra successful business founder and expert physical therapist….Dr. Doug Kechijian joins Allison in the NYC studio and reveals the insider secrets that his clients use to take their game to the next level. Not only does Dr. Doug work with SOF and elite law enforcement tactical teams, he and his company Resilient Performance and Physical Therapy work with professional and top athletes from MLB, NBA, Mixed Martial Arts, X Games, Winter and Summer Olympics and the NCAA. Doug also warns you about the biggest common mistakes you could be making that are seriously undermining your potential and your performance. In addition to hooking you up with his highly sought after expertise for free today, Doug shares his advice on how to set up a successful business from scratch. He also takes you inside life as a PJ in ways you will never expect. In 2015, Doug was selected as one of the U.S. Air Force's 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year. He spent about a decade deployed throughout the world saving lives in extremely dangerous situations. Find out just how far this PJ will go –and in just what an extreme and shocking way – for a fellow PJ. And don’t miss his unique, unforgettable spin on Top Gun.

Oct 13, 2017
ARE YOU A TARGET? Learn The Threats + Ways To Protect Yourself With This PJ Expert

Cobras, nail polish and a cable. Today’s episode reveals these three things all have in common defying danger and retired PJ Matt Schrader who brings his 21 years of service experience and expertise to hook you up with insider advice. Opening the show, Matt shares a jaw-dropping icebreaker tale about a cobra encounter and right off the bat from there you know this PJ is going to deliver an unflinching look at life inside this elite force and arm you with essential tips honed through two decades of dangerous, vital missions.In the first half of the show, Matt takes us inside the unseen world of Air Force PJs. We’re talking advanced parachuting, weapons, combat diving, survival in all terrains expertise, ropes and mountaineering, tactical maneuvering, combat medic with surgical skills and more. We start in Alaska where Matt grew up and began serving and you’ll get to hear a harrowing tale- bursting with PJ bravery- when a tourist helo went down and a helo with a team to rescue them went down…find out how PJs triumphed against all odds in the most extreme terrain to rescue all of them out on the glacier. Matt and Allison shift gears and turn to what it takes to go behind enemy lines to rescue a US service member. Don’t miss the mind-blowing, extremely dangerous mission when Matt was on his way to rescue wounded men and what happened when the helicopter began to go down. With Russia frequently in the news and talk of Cold War 2.0, today’s show is also a very rare opportunity to find out what conducting rescue missions with Russian special forces is like. In the second half of the show, Allison asks Matt to hook you up with his expertise. Don’t be a target. What threats are real and what is hype? Learn the 5 things that insiders know about protecting themselves.  Discover the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid. Is your home a sitting duck? Or have you taken the right steps to protect your family from threats? Matt shares 3 must know simple tips that will transform your home into a fortress.

Oct 06, 2017
Learn How to Think Like a SEAL Team 6 Commander

Epic rescue mission of an American prisoner of war. The very first successful rescue since WWII. Today you get to meet and hang with Commander Dave Sears who led the ground assault in this dangerous, remarkable and historic mission.  Commander Sears served 20 years with the SEAL teams - and with the legendary SEAL Team 6 (Development Group). Missions on 5 continents in more than 40 countries. You are getting ultra-special access – Commander Sears himself takes you inside this epic, brave mission blow by blow. But that’s not all, this week Allison is also hooking you up with exclusive insider knowledge on how to think not just like a SEAL Commander – which is awesome - but like a SEAL Team 6 Commander! Commander Sears draws upon his deep experience leading SEAL Team 6 men and gives you advice on how to make better decisions and faster decisions in business and in life.  What if you get in a jam? A dangerous situation? With plenty of experience making split second decisions in highly pressurized, intense, dangerous situations with life and death stakes…Commander Sears equips you with must-know tips that you can apply to make the right decision if danger strikes you and your family. Allison and Sears also talk leadership. Find out what it takes to lead SEALS – some of the very best SOF operators in the world. Discover how you can learn to think like this remarkable SEAL commander. Hook yourself up with the sorts of ultimate insider details that you only hear at Tactical Talk like why pop tarts are necessary for covert missions. And do not miss which pop star’s single became a SEAL Team 6 deployment theme song and why - guarantee you will never be able to guess, you’ll just have to hear it straight from Commander Sears. 

Sep 30, 2017
Country Star Rae Lynn: Proud Military Wife + Sister
#1. That's right her album debuted at #1. 
Patriot. Proud military wife and sister. Not to mention a #girlboss running a successful business since her teens! Today you get to hang out with remarkably talented country singer, songwriter and performer… RaeLynn.
RaeLynn has a special relationship with US Special Forces. She regularly donates her time and talent to support them from a surprise appearance for wounded SF operators through to her recent 4th of July massively successful and popular concert at Fort Campbell for Special Forces and their families.
This show gives you special access to a star who truly supports our troops and their families. RaeLynn takes you behind the scenes of life as a celebrity- the glamorous awards shows, on the road touring with titans like Blake Shelton and much more. And she also takes you inside her life bravely manning the Homefront as a military wife and sister. 
You’ll find RaeLynn has a lot in common with our SOF guests…her strength, determination, drive, commitment to excellence, deep compassion for others, courage – not to mention she’s ultra talented, in lots of different ways, just like them.
RaeLynn reveals something deeply personal with you – a tough battle she wakes up to every single day – and she shares some of the ways she succeeds at battling back and making her dreams happen. This powerful story will leave you very fired up to tackle any challenge in your life whether you're a wounded veteran battling back or a civilian facing tough stuff. She also shares with you some ultra exclusive peeks into her life during icebreakers– and she’s an amazing storyteller who will have you laughing out loud. Don't miss the mermaid story or you'll regret it!
Sep 22, 2017
Defeat Danger With This Special Forces Survival Expert

Danger can hit you at home, in your car or when you’re on your own just going about your daily life. Today’s guest Jeff Kirkham served almost 29 years as a Green Beret doing multiple classified details for the US government.  Jeff has had more training and real life experience in survival and or tactical situations than just about anyone. He is also a trailblazing inventor creating ReadyMan survival tools to give folks an edge in survival and more. He is a helluva storyteller and his ice breaker stories are utterly unmissable. He takes you right with him into the war zone and you'll find yourself laughing at times and also struck speechless at the remarkable courage, selflessness and heroism in one story. In the second half of the show, Allison asks Jeff to hook you up with some ultimate insider techniques and tips to arm you up to survive anything thrown your way. Do you know the 5 things you absolutely should have in your car? How about the 3 things you should always carry on your person? Is your “bug out” bag ready or are you making a huge – and very common- mistake that could adversely impact your survival? You’ll know all that with tactical professional expert knowledge after today’s show. You also get to hear firsthand from the inventor himself about the extraordinary Readyman cards – something you can fit in your wallet that could save your life someday.  And don’t miss the story about the pack of massive Afghan attack dogs and how Jeff survived that unique encounter during an SF mission. 

Sep 18, 2017
Learn How This Special Forces Guy Built a Formidable Business From Nothing

Special Forces. CIA. Coffee. Today we are hanging out with the extraordinary entrepreneur Evan Hafer. A combat veteran with more than 17 years of SF experience, Evan has applied his skills, talent and leadership honed through service to our country in some of the most dangerous places in the world for both US Army Special Forces and the CIA... and applied it to starting up a business. He’s taken a passion and with lightening speed turned his start up into an ever expanding empire. Evan shares his fascinating journey from gun toting to coffee roasting. Find out how this operator has liberated coffee from hipsters to give conservatives the right to excellent coffee too. In fact earlier this year, Starbucks announced it would hire 10,000 refugees to protest President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. Hafer’s response? Fearlessly take on the conglomerate. This CEO of Black Rifle Coffee announced he would hire 10,000 veterans. Evan's an extraordinary entrepreneur so Allison asks him to hook you up with his ultimate insider tips on everything from taking an idea to a product, marketing, social media, scaling up, lessons learned, mistakes to avoid and much much more. Hafer grew up in Idaho. Find out how that Midwestern mindset - true American values and ethics - gives him and his business an advantage. Don’t miss his tips on leadership and a quote that will arm and inspire you to crush any challenge that comes your way. And of course with Hafer’s rapier wit you can expect some hilarious, utterly unique war stories right off the bat in today’s show  - and yes, there’s poo involved.

Sep 08, 2017
Learn to Make Your Body Powerful like a Tactical Pro

A top trainer and real life Wonder Woman is hanging out with you today and reveals some of the key secrets to the maximum fitness of tactical professionals. Alaina is a beautiful fitness model, but don’t let those looks fool you. A team leader of TacFit - a fitness system designed for elite special operations professionals to maximize their performance on missions and stay at maximum performance in high tempo relentless deployments - you are hanging out with her as she has just passed one of the most difficult fitness tests of this top tactical performance in the world - only about 50 men have achieved. She’s also a wilderness athlete as well as strength and conditioning coach. Learn the best way to build explosive power. Find out ultimate insider knowledge on the best way to gain strength. Alaina also shares inner circle know how on the secrets to the best stamina, endurance, agility and much more. Allison also asks Alaina to explain the science behind how they optimize humans and take special operations guys to a whole different advanced human level. You’ll leave this episode totally motivated, fired up and armed with insider guidance on how you can go next level too. And don't miss Alaina’s hilarious story to find out where tea is never, ever a good idea.

Sep 01, 2017
Extreme Exploration + Adventure - Learn How to Capture Your Adventures like this Marine Force Recon turned World Class Pro Photog + Videographer

Swinging axes through the air with enough force to crack rock solid ice knowing that axe, that swing, is the one thing is keeping you on the face of a treacherous wall of ice…and away from certain death…that’s the sort of thing our guest gets up to before he shows up for work in the morning. That’s right, while most of us wake up and it is an accomplishment to manage to get the coffee going before work – he’s out there on extreme adventures while we are literally eating our breakfast.  Host Allison Barrie loves looking at the instagram and facebook feeds of Tactical Talk listeners so she decided this week to hook you up with one of her favorite professional photographers and videographers and ask him to share some of his insider top tips to capturing and sharing your adventures. Jake Blick served 12 years with the Marines and earned the incredibly tough selection into Marine Force Recon. Now he gets to travel around the world documenting his extraordinary extreme adventures from Brazil, China and Costa Rica through to Namibia, New Zealand and Russia. He shares some of his fascinating moments of his epic adventures. Listen up for a modern day Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy/all things manly moment when gentleman Jake runs miles down a steep treacherous mountain  - carrying his injured girlfriend the whole way - to medical help. Jake reveals some of his insider tips on fitness and training for everything from ice climbing and ski mountaineering to surfing and ultra marathons. Get hooked up ultimate insider tips on how to document your adventures like a pro. Hear Jake’s advice on the best camera gear and his top tips on gear and packing right for lots of different types of adventures. Get ideas on how to take your own feeds to another level. Know the “bar of woe”? You’ll know that insider knowledge after today and know why you should know it. Find out what tastes like a pinecone and should be avoided at all costs. Jake shares with you one of the most epic icebreaker answers to craziest thing eaten – you will never see it coming. And absolutely do not miss Jake taking you firsthand into what happened when he was running alone through the wilderness and faced off against a brown bear and her cubs – find out how he lived to tell the tale. 

Aug 25, 2017
2 Brothers. 2 Motorcycles. 2 Continents.

Enduro Bros v. epic - to the literal end of the world- expedition…join them just back from conquering an extraordinary adventure riding their motor bikes from Chicago, USA all the way down to the southern most tip of South America in the extreme weather of Patagonia. They survived the most deadly road in the world and in spite of frequent dangerous challenges and unavoidable setbacks, they rode those bikes right on to the literal end of the road, at the end of the world. Aaron served in the Rangers so his experience and expertise as a US Army Combatives champion was certainly handy along the way. At every step of the journey, they were warned of danger up ahead..danger like heavily armed banditos and the risk of getting decapitated by marauding drug gangs. Armed with little more than their bikes, their smarts and skills, they relentlessly persevered danger after danger. And get this...these selfless motor biking bros not only raised funds for the awesome Task Force Dagger Foundation - there was no job too filthy for them in the name of helping out local folks along the way from using their bikes to rig fences to protect orphanages through to digging in a literal sewer. They take you inside everything from the most dangerous moments to sheer comedy along the way like hanging out with drunk Howler monkeys in the middle of the Amazon. Hear about the final most dangerous leg of the journey when they took on the roads of Patagonia – one of the most remote, extreme places on earth with some of the coldest temperatures and highest skin shredding winds –  and at the most deadly time of year. Find out how they survived, persevered and triumphed against all odds.  Hook yourself up with their top tips you can use to help crush any adventure you have in mind. And  you definitely do not miss Aaron’s war story when he single-handedly faced off against a terrifying creature that was sneaking up on his team’s position in Afghanistan.

Aug 18, 2017
FEARLESSS FREEDOM w/ Ranger, Special Forces Sniper Tim Kennedy

Unflinching, fearless look at freedom.  He’s back and he is not holding back. Get ready for a hard, charging episode this week with guest Tim Kennedy. You may know him from MMA and TV fame as the star of Hunting Hitler, but he’s also still serving his country with Special Forces. Tim just got back from a brutal adventure in the Arctic so Allison asks him to hook you up with what that was all about. For Hunting Hitler fans, you’ll get to hear what it is truly like behind the scenes on a hit show - and Tim reveals some key huge hints on what you could expect in the next season. You’ll get Tim’s insider’s perspective on Hollywood and hear just what he thinks of the Lena Dunhams of the world who criticize the military.  Lots of threatening news in the media these days like pronouncements North Korea can and will strike US soil with a nuclear bomb…Tim digs in and gives you advice on the best way to respond to that? Learn some of the secrets to how he trains folks to prepare for anything from defending your loved one in a dark alley to defending your town in a Red Dawn-style invasion. And for you hunters, Tim provides some awesome top tips for training that will take  your hunting to a whole other level.  Allison gets Tim to explain why enemies of the US should be very afraid of math + how snipers weaponize it.  And don’t miss finding out which sport is a fave of snipers and why.

Aug 04, 2017

Commandos rock. These commandos also rock, rock. Today you’re hanging out with two guys who achieved selection into three of the most elite SOF teams - CAG (Combat Applications Group aka Delta), MARSOC and Rangers which makes them operating rock stars....and these humble, fascinating guys are now on their way to becoming rock star, rock stars.This is a band with an important mission - and here at Tactical Talk we are very honored to have them reveal on today's show this very exciting mission here first. That's right - YOU - get to hear all about this very special, important project FIRST. Brad joins Allison in the NYC studio and Tyson calls in from the South to hang out too.In the first half of the show, they'll take you inside where they're coming from - life in two very covert, unseen places...CAG and MARSOC. Then they dig in for some very real and authentic talk about the toughest days they ever faced while serving our country. They also share some of the challenges they've tackled going from a high tempo SOF life and then transitioning to civilian life's lower tempo. You're going to leave this episode highly motivated and armed to the teeth with some great ideas and very useful tools that the guys share with you on how to cope with the very tough, tragic things life might throw your way.  And there are stories a plenty in this episode - some that will have you laughing out loud. Discover which terrifying creature had battle hardened commandos taking defensive positions and then on an epic hunt. And do not miss finding out which of America's most famous pop princesses played a role in fierce SOF missions - and why.

Jul 28, 2017
Inside Dangerous Firefights With a SOF CCT Who Called In Air Strikes to Save His Team

Blow things up today. We are super lucky to have an outstanding operator join us who served with the US Air Force Special Operations. From the middle of a firefight, CCTs get to call in aircraft – helicopters, fighter jets etc – and select what sort of bombs and missiles to unleash on the enemy. Airman Ed Priest in fact was so good at the job he was hand-selected to control all air assets for the protection and movement of the President of the United States on his visit to Afghanistan.  That is quite the coveted accolade being chosen to protect the US commander in chief in a war zone. CCTs get to go to the best cool schools and master some serious James Bond kind of stuff from firefights on skis to knife fights deep underwater. So Allison gets Ed to take you deep inside this unseen world of badasses. Ed is also an awesome storyteller so Allison asks him to share some mission tales that will truly knock your socks off. Find out why it was a bad day to be a donkey in Iraq.  Uncover the unexpected, dangerous threat targeting the wieners of SEAL team 6 guys. Don’t miss the best radio station in the whole wide world discovered by an NCO while on patrol. Think you’ve had a bad day? Hear about an epic bad day that will blow your mind and inspire you to fearlessly take on anything that comes your way in the future. And don’t miss the top tip on a South American special, unique beer that Ed stumbled upon by sheer chance.

Jul 21, 2017
Work Out like Special Operations Forces with Scott Sonnon

Could you get through selection to the nation’s elite Special Operations Forces? To become a SEAL, a Ranger, a Green Beret, a PJ, a Raider? Today’s episode zeroes in on the physicality required. To serve in the nation’s most elite units, operators need the physical fitness of a professional athlete.  Want to know how SOF operators can get peak performance out of their bodies? What is the best way for you to protect yourself in an unexpected attack? Today’s guest Scott Sonnon is a phenomenal expert and Senior Staff Scientist in charge of Operational Readiness for SOF elements in the Department of Defense. He’s an expert in martial arts (World Champion in fact) and fitness (Men’s Health Magazine “World’s Smartest Workout,” Top 25 Trainers in the World (Men’s Fitness Magazine, Top 7 Most Influential Instructors (Black Belt Magazine)). Today you’re getting hooked up with access to Scott’s unrivalled expertise who the most elite warriors turn to for advice. Find out if you are making the 3 biggest mistakes in strength training. Learn the 3 key things that can take anyone from zero to hero. Get the skinny about a style of martial arts popular with Russian special forces called Sambo.  Scott reveals the technique that will help you avoid blows. And the secret to absorbing blows without it affecting your ability to fight and win. And why is a chair one of your worst enemies? Find out the answer and much, much more insider knowledge today. Are you drinking coffee with heavy cream? No? Big mistake. Find out why. And don’t miss discovering which foreign special forces is going to serve you sea rat?

Jul 14, 2017
How Green Feet Save Lives in War Zones

From Jolly Green Giant hidden footprints through to the elusive Charlie, this week’s episode is a deep dive into the tight knit, special unseen world of Air Force Pararescue. Our guest Tony Negron is going to take you inside some extremely dangerous missions. He served 26 years and has been on some of the most epic PJ adventures of the past 50 years– including “Vega 31,” the first and only F-117 Stealth fighter jet shot down in combat. Tony and his team raced to rescue the pilot who was behind enemy lines – while the enemy flooded the area with troops searching for him determined to capture him. This is a front row seat to this mega thrilling mission and more. Like the time Tony was working with SEAL Team 6 guys and their helicopter went down during a compound raid. What happened? How on earth did they complete the mission? You’ll find out. Tony has a phenomenal success rate of helping guys train up to achieve the elite coveted status of pj…so you get to hear him reveal what it takes to become a PJ and some of his top tips. Today you'll also get to hear firsthand what it is like to save a life in the middle of combat. And definitely do not miss the Mission Impossible style missions undertake to liberate Charlie – tales from all over the world.

Jul 07, 2017
Explore The Secret WWI Underground City

Hear this astonishing discovery firsthand. WWI is often associated with trench warfare, but today’s guest has uncovered that beneath these trenches, hidden deep underground are cities that the soldiers created. While the horrors of trench warfare raged, these secret cities became refuges from the brutal trench fighting above. Dr. Jeff Gusky, a modern day explorer, uncovered these sites that have remained hidden, unseen, unknown for more than a century – until now. The coordinates remain a secret to protect the legacy of these soldiers, but today’s episode hooks you up with special direct access. Dr. Gusky is going to take you on a personal guided tour. Once quarries where stone was carved out of the ground to build the castles that dominated the landscape, these ancient sites were adopted and converted into hidden havens for soldiers on both sides. Don’t miss Gusky revealing some of the other secrets he unearthed down there. He explains how he learned the identities and stories of those who served down there and then tracked down the families still alive today to share. Don’t miss his discovery about Native Americans over in France and other unknown stories of heroism from the Great War. With the 4th of July around the corner and this being the WW1 centenary anniversary, this is a very fitting and fascinating episode honoring those who fought for the USA and the values it holds dear during the Great War.

Jun 30, 2017
Life Behind The SEAL Team 6 Headlines

Hang out at a SEAL base with one of your faves. Forget the hype, get the real skinny on life in the SEAL teams. Back by demand, guest Dave Meadows doesn't pull any punches and we talk to him as he finishes up crushing the new climbing wall. Dave served for many years and is now an actor - in fact he was in one of the most iconic SEAL films, Captain Philips with Tom Hanks - so he is exactly the right guy to set the record straight and explain what life is truly like for guys in this elite cadre - so you don't have to rely on tv and film interpretations some of which you've seen him acting in. We cover a whole lot of ground from Dave talking through the toughest parts of BUD/s selection through to key take aways from one of his toughest missions that you can apply to your daily life.  Any doubts you might have that SEALs are some of the funniest guys around - and not all serious, all the time like they are in books, movies and shows...guarantee they'll be squashed after this ep. Dave takes you inside an unforgettable tale of a mission with some hilarious twists and turns that will have you laughing out loud. Don't miss the "shark attack" during a mission and what happened the first time Dave was in charge of a map on the way to a target. What do Johnny Cash and SEALs have in common? Find out in today's episode. 

Jun 23, 2017
Explore The Best SOF World w/ Ranger, YouTube + Movie Star Mat Best
Special Operations world w/ the ultimate tour guide - Mat Best. Ranger. CIA. Veteran. Rock Star at Comedy. Movie Star. Youtube Sensation. Author. Empire builder. And surprisingly good rapper and singer…so what exactly is SOF? And how are these unseen, secret cultures different? Mat takes you through it with his insider knowledge and sharp satirical eye. For Mat Best fans, this is a special chance to get up close and personal with him. For soon to be fans, Mat skyrocketed to fame in the military world for his beyond hilarious videos – each with millions and millions of views. Now, this veteran entrepreneur is on the fast track to mogul with a number of successful businesses. He has become one of the biggest names in the pro military and 2nd amendment space in the world. This jam-packed episode covers a wide range of topics from what it takes to be a real man to the art of rock raking and MRE haggling. Get some exclusive sneak peeks about Mat’s book months before it is published, hook yourself up with some of Mat’s secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur mogul and go behind the scenes of his wildly popular movie Range 15. Hear fascinating tales like when Mat takes you inside when his team was ambushed – this is one story with a very unexpected twist and some serious firepower. And don’t miss the surprising things that Best did as a Ranger - and is now doing - with coffee.
Jun 16, 2017
Discover what SEAL Team 6 is truly like with this Sniper
What sort of mindset does it take to be a SEAL? What's the biggest mistake you could make in all of the world's most extreme terrains? What qualities do the very best operators share? What does it take to get through selection to become a SEAL? Today's episode is jam-packed with things that the very best SEALs know - that you can use in your life to crush it. Sean served in the legendary Development Group (SEAL Team 6 ) and he is back by popular demand. He takes you on some more of his adventures in Latin America. You'll find out how SEALs train for assaults and raids on terrorist compounds and why these raids are necessary for national security. You'll get to hear his unforgettable tale of something hilarious that happened during a firefight. You will never guess who turned up unexpectedly on a SEAL Team 6 mission and how they handled it. You get to hear the powerful piece of special advice Sean was given by one of the nation's original SEALs that he found helpful throughout his career. Don't miss finding out how Levi jeans became a huge advantage on covert missions in a way that will surprise you. And Allison reveals the winners of the very first YETI Giveaway contest.
Jun 09, 2017
What does it take to lead a Green Beret team into battle?
Part Robocop-part James Bond…this week’s guest served as a Special Forces Captain and has a story that you will never, ever forget and will hugely inspire you.. Ben Harrow has triumphed against impossible odds and his experience will motivate you to get out there and next level achieve. The episode opens with Ben explaining how the SOF world works, how SF guys are different to SEALs and the different missions that different parts of SOF take on. Ben reveals the key qualities Special Forces.operators possess. Ben and Allison discuss direct action, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare. Go inside missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and hear some amazing stories. Find out what happened when the crypto – that keeps communications secret from the enemy – went missing. Ben continues to lead by example.In spite of losing both legs to a vicious IED and being told he would never walk again, not only is he walking but this unstoppable natural athlete is working on winning gold medal for the USA in ice hockey! Find out his secrets to succeeding that you can use to overcome the tough challenges in your life. What if you only have bugs to eat in a survival situation? Learn the best bugs and worst to eat. And do you know James Bond’s drink of choice before martini shaken not stirred? You will after today.
Jun 02, 2017
How Armed "Angels of the Battlefield" Save Lives Against Impossible Odds
Lone Survivor + Black Hawk Down. Inside 2 big military movies based on 2 real world incidents this week...and that is just for starters in our jam-packed double episode this week in recognition of Memorial Day + PJs - our nation's "angels of the battlefield" - who put their own lives at risk to save the lives of our nation’s wounded. Go inside who saved the "Lone Survivor" (here's a clue they were PJs) and head behind the scenes of the movie w/ the guy who saved Mark Wahlberg's life. Hear about the Mogadishu battle in a way you’ve never heard anywhere else from an insider who was there on the ground - saving lives. Our guest. Ishmael Antonio served more than 20 years and is now a master instructor in PJ skills. When a mission does not go according to plan, PJs charge in to save lives often facing extremely, extreme danger all around the world. Hear about all the cool skills and brutal conditions that PJs master to do just that. Learn how to survive a helo crash over open ocean. This episode takes you from the highest point in North America to rescues underwater. Check out lots of fascinating rescues…like finding out why a PJ went into Tarzan mode against pirates. And not to be missed – hear Ishamel explain how he suddenly found himself staring down certain death underwater - and what happened next. Don’t miss the Yeti giveaway game for this Memorial Day weekend! Check out the rules on Facebook and Instagram @tacticaltalkhq + hook yourself up w/ some YETI! Be a Tactical Talk force multiplier. #tacticaldrinkingYETIgiveaway
May 26, 2017
Escape a Fighter Jet Crash in the Atlantic + Go Inside the Fighter Pilot World w/ this Remarkable Marine Corps Fighter Pilot
Fighter jet crashes in the Atlantic Ocean…imagine flying more than 1000 mph in a Hornet and having to eject. Go inside this extraordinary story of calm courage in the face of extreme danger. Our remarkable guest today, Duane Liptak, is both an original member of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command- now redubbed the Raiders- and a Marine Corps fighter pilot. He will take you inside moment by moment what it was like as both engines suddenly caught fire and failed. Then having to eject with a damaged parachute, far away from any coastline stranded out in the Atlantic with a storm coming in…Their emergency signaling devices and location beacons were smashed. How did they survive and escape? Duane also takes you inside the fighter pilot world. You’ll get insider knowledge on what it is truly like from inside the cockpit (like how they pass the time on long missions in ways that will surprise you) through to beers in bars and preparing for missions on the ground. Check out the story about a strike to a fighter jet landing that you will not see coming. Hear an unforgettable tale of bravery during a firefight on the ground. Duane reveals what it was like creating MARSOC and take advantage of this special access to an original member to learn about what missions were like at the very beginning. And don’t miss finding out what a more than 300 million years old meal tastes like!
May 19, 2017
Learn to Drive like James Bond
007 car chase scenes...In today's episode, you get access to the secrets of how the real life James Bond types pull off epic car stuff. Do you know how to use a vehicle to protect yourself? The surprising ways it is used as a powerful weapon when in the right hands? Our guest today is a master instructor of the world's top SOF operators. Green Beret Mike Evock has escaped certain death more than a dozen times...including sneaking into a palace on the edge of a cliff - doesn't get more Bond than that. He shares some - not to be missed- harrowing stories with us. Hear some big reveals on what is done in car chases - and is never done - in real life by the top covert operators. Uncover mind-blowing stuff they do with their cars you had no idea was possible. You know that classic scene in movies where the driver is killed...you're going to learn how to drive from the passenger seat. Kid you not. Think driving through a barricade is easy? Wrong. Very few know the secrets to RAMing through without any damage to your car. Now, you'll be one of the few. What is a PIT and why is it used? What’s the deal with J turns and Y turns? What if someone is trying to drive you off the road? What if your vehicle gets stuck? You're going to get armed up with some top tips. Find out how to recognize the warning signs of an attack. Discover what even top tactical professionals do not know about shooting at a car to stop it and shooting accurately from a car to stop bad guys. Evock is back by popular demand and he does not disappoint. You'll even get more of his gobsmacking real life MacGyver fixes in combat and more gems from his Grandpa. You'll walk away from this episode pumped to get behind the wheel, feeling like someone who drinks their adult beverages shaken and not stirred.
May 12, 2017
Are You Ready For Anything? Get Ready Like The World's Most Elite Covert Units
Great White Shark infested areas. What is it like conducting a secret mission with sharks on the prowl? Hear today's guest Jason Falla take you inside those dangerous areas what it was like when he faced off with a Great White to complete the covert mission. Find out how spec ops units protect their teams when they have to swim through aggressive, massive croc and shark regions. Do you know the 7 simple things you can do to fortify your home like a top special operations guy? Today you get exclusive access to that ultimate insider knowledge. You'll leave this episode with all the knowledge you need to keep your home seriously safe. What's in your Go Bag? Do you have what you need to survive? You will after today.Jason also reveals several things that elite military units have in their Range Bags and explains why. Learn the one thing that you need to have and the one thing you need to know to be that person, to be that hunter that saves lives. Find out the truth about Fosters beer for your tactical talk and what female country star is exclusively played at one covert base in Asia.
May 05, 2017
Trigger Time w/ Master Instructor for Special Operations
Guns, guns + more guns. NRA convention this week-even the President of the United States will be there. Big Second Amendment time of the year. Ever wonder who the most elite special operations forces – SEALS, Special Forces, Marine Raiders, Force Recon etc – go to when they want to hone their shooting? Figured this would be a great week to hook you up with exclusive access to one of their go-to guys. A Master Instructor w/ more than 20 years experience in the Special Operations units– a guy who is so good he instructs the instructors. We head out to a bad ass customized range to join Rick Henson while he is drilling special operations guys in combat shooting scenarios. Have an AR15 or a battle rifle with a magnified optic? A pistol? Hunting rifle? Want to push the limits of your weapon’s capability? You’ll leave this episode armed with ultimate insider tips to take your shooting to the next level. Get Special Forces inner circle know-how on self-defense, home defense, handgun shooting, rifle marksmanship + more. Find out how Rick and his Special Forces buddies escaped a helicopter crash...it will truly blow your mind. And after today, you'll never look at guinea pigs the same way again.
Apr 28, 2017
Survive. Must Know Tips from a SEAL Team 6 Bad Ass
Insider survival tips from top tactical professionals is something you need to know. And today, Allison is hooking you up with tips from Andy Stumpf, a Navy SEAL who served in the legendary SEAL Team 6. Jungle. Arctic. Desert. Mountains. Deep under water...natural disaster. You’ll get to learn what operators in SEAL Team 6 master in order to survive in this planet’s most extreme terrains - and if a natural disaster strikes back at home. Find out the 2 things SEAL Team 6 guys know that you should know to survive in those dangerous places. And if an epic threat hits your hometown....what then? Do you know the 2 things you should have in your car to survive bad stuff happening? Do you have the 3 top things at home ready in case something happens like the power goes out for weeks? What is the one major and easily mistake that can kill you in a threatening situation? You’ll leave this episode with this need to know information. Andy provides his advice so you'll be ready. This is also a jam-packed episode full of unforgettable tales that will take you inside the unseen SEAL world. Andy was a BUD/S instructor, so he reveals some more insider knowledge on what happens inside the SEAL selection process. Learn arguably the worst mistake a candidate or SEAL can make through a hilarious story. Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes so our bad ass veteran guests get to hear how you like hanging out with them, hearing their stories and using their ultimate insider tips!
Apr 21, 2017
Inside Sniper School - How To Be A Sniper w/ Caylen Wojcik
Snipers. Camouflage. Stalking. Skull Dragging. Spotting hidden enemies. Just a few of our fascinating topics in this ep. You'll get to explore the elite, unseen world of sniper school and snipers. And learn some ultimate insider tips and techniques to take your shooting and hunting to a whole other level. Snipers are a fascinating bunch. You’ve seen them in movies, tv shows, read books about them..but I bet a lot of today’s episode might surprise you. Earning the title of Marine Scout Sniper is one of the toughest things a human can do. This week, we’re hanging out w/ former Marine Caylen Wojcik. He served as a Scout Sniper and he is going to take you inside life at a top sniper school. You’ll get to hear about it from Caylen’s perspective who was not just once upon a time a student there, but he was so good he ultimately became an instructor at sniper school. Find out why there are PIGS and HOGS roaming around the Marine Corps and sniper schools. Listen to Caylen reveal the biggest mistakes a sniper can make. Master the 3 things you need to know with your rifle. Hear some insider tips on pistol use. Learn 5 top tips to taking your hunting to another level. DO NOT MISS this week’s moment of courage. Caylen shares a story from his time out in Iraq that you will never, ever forget.
Apr 14, 2017
Learn how to jump like the best in Special Operations
Drop Zone - Special Operations Military Free Fall. We’re going inside this world of elite military jumping – and you’re being given the tour by an ultimate insider. In fact, we’re going to hang out w/ Marty while he’s working at a drop zone coaching some of the world’s top special operators. We can’t disclose the location. Or who he is with. But you will hear the planes taking off and landing in the background. Here’s what you need to know about our guest today. He served as a Reconnaissance Marine and now he coaches only the very best special operations folks in the world. Today, we’re hooking you up with the very special and unique opportunity to learn from him too. He is a God of the Sky. Kid you not. He’s got more than 5000 jumps. And he recently broke a world record with some extreme and very dangerous jumping in the Himalayas. Seriously. Find out the three things you need to know about military jumping. Discover how elite forces use jumping in combat and covert missions. Hear the secret to how he survived an equipment malfunction and defeated certain death. Discover the top places to jump in the world and much more. Don’t miss the last 5 mins when he reveals the extraordinary epic jump he’s going for next. It will blow your mind.
Apr 07, 2017
Step Inside a fmr SEAL Team 6 Sniper’s Adventures
Vampire bats. Giant edible ants. Howling monkey battalions straight out of King Kong’s world. Hungry gator jaws ready to snap as you jump out of a helo and plunge into their waters…Sounds like an Indiana Jones adventure right? But for this week’s phenomenal guest it is just another day at work. Sean Rosario served in the legendary “SEAL TEAM 6” aka “Development Group.” Nearly everything they do is classified. This team is shrouded in secrecy working in a covert world. So this is a very special chance. Today, Sean is going to take you inside and around the world on some fascinating adventures. Learn the John Wayne quote you need to know. Join in a mission that takes you through 3 terrains: water, blazing desert and freezing mountains. Find out what is real and not real about SEAL Team 6 in the movies. What do SEALs do in their time off? What’s a typical day like for them? How do they train? What’s the secret to getting through BUD/S selection? You’ll learn all that and much more. For patriots, don’t miss those last 10 minutes because you’ll get direct need-to-know advice from someone selected for SEAL Team 6. For the advanced shooter, you’ll get the chance to hear this sniper’s advice on rifles and pistols. For beginners, must know tips and advice on choosing a first weapon. And where exactly does Garth Brooks fit into all this? That is one unforgettable insider’s tale you need to know.
Mar 31, 2017
Snowboard, Hunt, Climb + Crush It w/ this Marine Gunner + Olympic Contender Kirstie Ennis
Ever survived a helicopter crash + against all odds battled back to go on to extraordinary things? Ever conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro on one leg? Today’s guest Kirstie Ennis has. She’s not stopping there. She’s going to take down 6 more of the highest peaks in the world. That’s just for starters. Today we’re going to hang w/ Kirstie while she is out hunting. Don’t let Kirstie’s looks fool you. (Let’s face it she looks like she could be the starring model in Lululemon campaign). She is one of the bravest and toughest people you will ever meet in your life. Kirstie shares with you her remarkable story. You’re going to feel motivated to conquer the world after that. Learn some insider professional snowboarder tips to maximize your time outdoors Go inside her harrowing adventure overcoming the dangers and challenges of Africa’s highest peak - on one leg no less. How did she keep up with NFL players?? Even top cross fitters w/ all heir limbs would have trouble keeping up. Discover what it is like to hang out w/ Prince Harry. Seriously. And Kirstie’s got some seriously quotable icebreakers…Got a dipper in your life? Today’s the day you will learn the legend all dippers need to know involving a Marine Corps necklace. And don’t miss those last five minutes. Kirstie shares her 3 top tips for the outdoors that you need to know.
Mar 24, 2017
Bank Heist w/ this former Marine + Rock Star Hacker
Done a bank heist? Ever slept in Saddam Hussein’s Palace? Today’s guest has. Eaten prehistoric fish? Wonder what it tastes like and where you find it? Today’s guest has been there and done that. Strap in for some real life Mission Impossible adventures today. You think you know what a hacker is like from seeing TV and the news. Think again. The world’s very best hackers are blending in, living around you – and you may never know they are hacking rock stars. But today, you get to meet one of the American All Stars, David Kennedy. Did you know the US military recruits world-class hackers? Hang out w/ one of the Marines very first hacking recruits. When he was only 20 years old, he created a multi-million dollar system to find dangerous terrorists. In today’s show, David reveals the latest criminal hacks targeting kids through to grannies and explains the top tips on how to defeat them. He takes you behind the hacking headlines so you know what the insiders know. Find out the real deal on the recent wikileaks scandal. Find out the 5 things you need to know to protect yourself from getting hacked. And don’t miss the end of the show..because you get to tagalong on a bank heist and break into some bank vaults. Seriously. This hacker gets to physically break into banks, nuclear installations and the seemingly impossible for a living.
Mar 17, 2017
Submarines to TV Sets – Head Behind the Scenes w/ this fmr Navy SEAL from AMC’s tv show TURN, movie Captain Phillips + more
Hang out on the set of a new tv show about an apocalypse this week. Tom Hanks movie Captain Philips, AMC’s TURN: Washington Spies..what do they have in common? This week’s guest fmr SEAL, turned actor, Dave Meadows. Allison has Dave explain what it is like as a SEAL in the deepest depths of the ocean on submarines. Prepare to get your mind blown. Dave reveals the fascinating, mind-blowing way SEALS can get from the sub to a target. Think torpedo tubes. Hear first hand what it is like on these ultra-stealthy, secret missions. Discover some expert tips you need to master to protect your family and friends when driving. Learn some secrets to street fighting. How realistic are the SEALS and fight scenes in tv shows and movies? Find out from Dave. And he shares what it was like behind the scenes of Captain Philips and TURN – plus he gives you some big hints and inside scoop on two new shows before they hit your screens.
Mar 10, 2017
Conquer Kilimanjaro w/ former NFL + Special Forces Nate Boyer
Ready to take on the highest mountain in Africa? Former NFL and Special Forces Nate Boyer, his NFL friends and military veterans are more than ready to crush it. Hang out w/ Nate + Allison this week and learn about this extraordinary mission. Not only is this team conquering the legendary mountain, they are also out in Africa digging wells and changing lives. This ep covers a range of cool ground. Learn the secret to joining the NFL after never playing football growing up. Hear some of the amazing adventures Nate has had all over the world from Russia to Darfur. Discover how to sleep in the middle of a firefight. And in a face off between mouse on a stick and goat intestines, do you know what stacks up as best? You will after this ep. And head over to www.waterboys.org to learn more and pitch in to help this NFL/combat veterans team out in Africa change lives.
Mar 03, 2017
Go Deep Inside Sleeper Cells And Some Of The Most Secret Units In US Special Ops History
Curious about the most secret military units ever in US military history? Fan of tv shows like the Americans? Hunting Hitler? This is one episode you do not want to miss. We’re taking secret stuff, secret missions once highly classified that were only known to a handful of folks in the covert world - but now you can know it too. Cat and mouse games with KGB agents. Daring raids and sleeper cells. Our guest this week is Jack Murphy, editor in chief of the very popular SOFREP. He takes us deep inside the fascinating, unique research he has been doing into amazing early missions of Special Operations and the most secretive, covert units. Who are these extraordinary folks who undertook important, dangerous and mind-blowing missions? You’ll find out. Jack also reveals one of the best ways to infiltrate the enemy. Allison and Jack shift to current ops in the second half. Was the recent SEAL Team 6 raid a failure? Should the US recruit immigrants to Special Ops? Jack weighs in on this and much more. Don’t miss the final five minutes when Allison gets Jack to share a recent “military history” incident that involves a truck and a weapon – it is hilarious.
Feb 24, 2017
Fight Blind + Shoot Blind with this Green Beret
How unstoppable is this former Green Beret? This week’s guest Ivan Castro lost his sight in combat, but carried on serving as an officer – and the only blind officer - in Special Forces for many years. Ivan shares his astonishing story and his secrets to overcoming staggering adversity to go on to massive success. Discover where road kill rotting raccoon is a big treat and the tree that you need to avoid to survive in jungle warfare. Find out why Ivan was hanging out with Prince Harry at the South Pole. Learn how Ivan outshoots military professionals – while blind – precisely nailing the target again and again- while blind. From defeating tragedies to shooting targets precisely while blind, today’s episode going to learn some very unique takeaways you can apply to your life too.
Feb 17, 2017
Master Shooting + Defending Your Home w/ This SAS Veteran Who Stars In TV Show “Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week”
Shrouded in secrecy, go inside elite military force SAS world with guest Jason Falla this week. Falla stars in the BBC show" Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week" and Sportsman Channel’s "Tactical Arms" and "Tactical Impact." Falla served in Australian SAS and Barrie gets him to share some mind-blowing tales of life inside such a secretive formidable force and stories of their dangerous missions. Don’t miss the pig head feast. This guest is now one of the most sought after tactical and shooting instructors for military and law enforcement. In the second half of this episode, Barrie gets Falla to reveal some of his insider top tips to take your shooting to the next level. What’s the best first weapon to buy? What is the best way to defend your home? Which ammo is a big mistake everyone makes? How can three things transform your shooting? Holsters, hitting the target every time, how to select the right ammo and a whole lot more to hone your shooting with SAS know how in this episode.
Feb 10, 2017
Meet Spear 17 - More People Have Landed on the Moon than Conquered This
It was a race against time and would mean certain death if they couldn't make it to the last plane off this brutal, hostile world. We head back to the South Pole to join today’s courageous guests who have just managed to do what few have dared to even imagine…let alone achieve. They have travelled more than 1,100 miles to completely traverse the whole of Antarctica – a place where temperatures can reach less than -130F and winds can reach nearly 200 mph. You get to hang out with them as they have just become the first military team to ever complete a man-hauling crossing. Team leader Lou Rudd and Jamie Facer-Childs take you inside the final, extremely dangerous leg of their adventure. What is the secret to conquering the continent? How did they defeat a treacherous ice maze and find their way out? How did they survive those 66 days? What playlists do these explorers listen to while skiing a half marathon a day in this ultra remote, isolated corner of the Earth? What are some of the most dangerous moments they defeated? You’ll discover the best way to cross treacherous ice rivers, the ultimate South Pole drinking game and much more from this extraordinary team. Release Date - 02/03/17
Feb 03, 2017
Dive Deep Inside The Navy SEAL World w/ This Former Navy SEAL Starring in the CBS Show “Hunted”
Armed only with a wingsuit and a whole lot of courage, our former Navy SEAL guest this week jumped out of an aircraft above 37,265 feet to smash a world record in the longest distance travelled in a wingsuit. Guest Andy Stumpf is also starring in the new CBS show Hunted. In honor of a special occasion revealed in the show, Allison and Andy break out some Scotch so pull up bar stool as they talk shop. Seen any movies or tv shows about SEALs? Get the inside scoop. Andy is going to set the record straight on what is real - and what is not real - about the work SEALS do, what combat is like, what their lives are like, what the worst day at work is and more…in this free-ranging talk he reveals the real deal. Find out what it takes to break wingsuit world records plus Andy’s training secrets to becoming a SEAL, how to train like a SEAL, how to train to achieve extreme feats and to live your life to the max. Learn what it is like inside the notorious BUDs from an actual instructor and much, much more in this jam-packed episode. Release Date - 01/27/17
Jan 27, 2017
Learn to Shoot with One of the World's Top Military Snipers
SHOT Show is the largest gun show on Earth where professionals get the chance for first looks at all the new weapons for 2017. Today's guest is one of the top snipers in the world with one of the farthest confirmed kills in history. Join Rob Furlong with host Allison Barrie inside SHOT. Rob takes you firsthand inside how his famous record-breaking shot in combat went down in Afghanistan. In this episode, you also get advice from a top military marksman on how to choose and buy the right weapon. Learn how to take your shooting to the next level with his top tips. Find out what top snipers look for in their weapons and how he helped design the Kraken. Discover what it is like for snipers in overwatch sleeping next to the edge of a sheer mountain drop off and much more from inside the 12.5 miles of guns and gear at SHOT. Release Date - 01/20/17
Jan 20, 2017
Learn how to be a fighter pilot and fly fighter jets
Fighter pilots… we see them in movies and tv shows. But what are they like in real life? What does it take to win a dogfight – one aircraft versus another aircraft – battling it out in the air? What does it take to fly a machine at speeds faster than the speed of sound? Today’s special guest is a Native American warrior who flew aircraft like the F/A 18 Hornet– that’s both a fighter AND attack aircraft - for the US Marine Corps. Ever seen those iconic James Bond scenes where they fight it out on skis in the mountains? In this episode, you’ll hear some amazing war stories and find out how that James Bond snow stuff is done in real life. You’ll also have the chance to discover some ultimate survival tips from the Commander who has mastered the most extreme environments. Worst way to eat grasshoppers? The secrets to becoming a fighter pilot? How real is Top Gun? What do UFC fighters and Marine Corps fighter pilots have in common? Find out all that and much, much more in this jam-packed episode. Release Date - 01/12/17
Jan 12, 2017
Battle through the Ancient "House of War" Fortress with this Covert Unit
With odds of more than 600 hundred enemy fighters versus only 15 special forces men, the House of War battle is one you do not want to miss. Our guest is going to take you inside the battle blow by blow. From the remarkable way they scaled the ancient fortress walls (you will never believe what they used) to the unique, ingenious way they flushed out the final hidden fighters hidden in the fortress dungeons...find out all the fascinating details. We talk about homegrown terrorists and how he captured the very first American fighting for those responsible for 9/11. And our guest went on to advise the President of the United States on hostages so he also shares how hostage situations are handled at the White House and reveals why it is so tough for special operations teams to rescue Americans. He’s also going to give you some clues to other Indiana Jones type locations where Special Forces stuff went down. Can you crack the code and figure the places out? Release Date - 01/06/17
Jan 06, 2017
Ski to the South Pole with this Army Team
Dropped by ski plane on Antarctica’s coastline, this team has skied more than 1,100 miles to remarkably reach the South Pole in a mere 39 days!!! Spend time with the intrepid British Army team leader Lou Rudd as the team has literally just arrived at the South Pole on Christmas Day. Hear firsthand about the extraordinary, dangerous journey so far. Find out how they celebrate each degree crossed on the way (hint they ski hard and celebrate hard), the secret to reaching the South Pole in such rapid time and what it takes to ski 10 hours while dragging more than 300 pounds each day. Discover details like what it is like at night in such a hostile, isolated place and the playlists these adventurers listen to during the extreme endurance days. Rudd reveals the dangers they overcame on their journey so far and shares some stories of the perils they must defeat in the next phase to successfully cross the entire continent. Hear about their brave plan to now explore an unexplored, extremely hazardous corner of the Earth. Will they tackle the Titan dome and make it down the Shackleton Glacier in time to reach the last ski plane out from the Ross Ice Shelf before time runs out? Release Date - 12/30/16
Dec 30, 2016