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By Hosted by Matt Stine

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Welcome to the first podcast dedicated solely to the practice of software architecture! In the episodes to come, we’ll discuss modern software architecture patterns and practices with the practitioners getting their hands dirty doing the work.

Episode Date
Episode @007: WebAssembly with Brian Sletten
Brian Sletten: @bsletten | 00:30 - Brian Sletten Introduction 02:01 - What is WebAssembly? Search=webassembly Google Native Client (NaCl) NaCl and PNaCl asm.js 11:58 - The Popularity and Attraction of WebAssembly 21:44 - Will WebAssembly kill the desktop? 33:00 - The Synergy Between Rust and WebAssembly Mozilla 40:38 - Getting Started with WebAssembly, Additional Resources, and Advice Twitter: #WebAssembly Learn WebAssembly | PACKT Books The Pragmatic Programmer: Programming WebAssembly with Rust “Lin Clark WebAssembly” Google Search @WasmWeekly
Mar 27, 2019
Episode @006: Modular Monoliths with Simon Brown
Simon Brown: | @simonbrown | Software Architecture for Developers | Simon blogs at Coding the Architecture This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ThoughtWorks. 02:13 - Simon’s Background and Career Path Thus Far 04:20 - Structurizr and Software Tooling The C4 Software Architecture Model 08:44 - Architecture Concepts in Programming Languages and an Architecturally Evident Coding Style 12:24 - Organization of Code and Software Systems; Microservices The Moose Technology Platform 23:32 - Lack of Design Thinking Distributed Big Balls of Mud Simon's Modular Monoliths @ Devoxx Belgium 2016 This episode is sponsored by The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference and ArchConf 2017. 29:08 - Cargo Culting Ideas and Testing Strategies Martin Fowler’s PresentationDomainDataLayering 39:36 - Problems with Terminology 44:37 - Tooling “for the right thing” 52:59 - Advice for an Aspiring Software Architect
Oct 31, 2017
Episode @005: Evolutionary Architecture with Neal Ford
Neal Ford: @neal4d | This episode is sponsored by Pivotal and ArchConf 2017 01:36 - Neal’s Background and Career Path Thus Far Clipper Development Delphi Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) 11:52 - Evolutionary Architecture and Evolvability Neal and Rebecca Parsons on Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture Neal’s Evolutionary Architecture Podcast Episode on Software Engineering Daily Neal and Rebecca Parsons Discuss Evolutionary Architecture on the Thoughtworks Tech Leaders Podcast Neal’s Webinar on Evolutionary Architectures Docker - Dynamic Equilibrium Arrival of the Fittest: How Nature Innovates by Andreas Wagner 26:56 - Fitness Functions; Ensuring Resiliency 31:19 - Microservice Architecture and Complexity 40:57 - Data Ownership: Who owns customer? Logical Cohesion 50:44 - -ilities: Tradeoffs
Oct 03, 2017