Star Trek The Next Conversation

By Matt Mira and Andrew Secunda

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Laura R
 Jan 28, 2020
I listen to all Matt's pos. and have love Star Trek scents I was a kid watching with my dad. it was our bonding time.

 Nov 24, 2019
best trek pod by matt and andy

 Feb 6, 2019
The best podcast hosted by Matt and Andy

Vince Rose
 Dec 4, 2018
Best podcast that stars Matt & Andu

 Nov 21, 2018
One of the funniest Star trek podcasts to feature Adam and Matt. this is such a beautiful mess.


Podcast… the final frontier! "Star Trek: The Next Generation" devotee and authority Matt Mira leads Next Gen skeptic Andrew Secunda into the deepest reaches of the series episode by episode. Listen as they discuss, debate, and enjoy all the legendary show's strengths, failings, and innovations. Email us! Twitter: @StarTrekTNC Web:

Episode Date
TNC: Power Play (S5 E15)

Matt and Andy return to good old fashioned TNG. Chief O'Brien and Ensign Ro also came along for the ride.

We also wrap up Picard discussions in the hails. So if you don't want that spoiled, skip from 10:00 to 39:30. Otherwise enjoy the ride.

Episode discussion begins at 39:30

Mar 31, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 10: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2

So many loose ends to tie up neatly in a bow. Can it happen? Find out along with Matt and Andy.

Episode discussion begins at the 30 minute mark.

Mar 27, 2020
TNC: "Conundrum" (TNG S5, E14)

Matt and Andy watch the Enterprise crew have their minds erased. Not their whole minds, just the parts needed to stop the plot in its tracks. This also makes Riker seemingly irresistible to everyone and Data become a bartender.

episode discussion begins around the 27 minute mark.

Mar 23, 2020
TNC: PICARD Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1

Matt and Andy get to planet full of androids. But they still don't know who to root for.

Episode discussion begins around 25:00

Mar 20, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 8: Broken Pieces

Matt and Andy are quarantined. And luckily they have some Picard to discuss.

Episode discussion begins at 41:30

Mar 17, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 7: Nepenthe

Riker and Troi are back to bring some much needed warmth. Its like snuggling under a warm emotion reading, bearded blanket. Not too much happening plot wise though.

Episode discussion begins around the 30:00 mark

Mar 08, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 6: The Impossible Box

Matt and Andy spend time on a Borg Cube. Picard deals with his past assimilation and a lot of characters discover the same thing many times.

Episode discussion begins around 36:00

Feb 27, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 5: Stardust City Rag

Matt and Andy find a McGuffin. It's Bruce Maddox. There's a lot of Arguing but agreeing on this one. Plot happens. But what's the plot?

Episode discussion begins at 33:00

Feb 21, 2020
113 "Masterpiece Society" (TNG S5E13)

Matt and Andy have some questions bout a "perfect" society. It's a mess. We're sorry.

Episode discussion begins around the 30:00 mark

Feb 17, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 4: Absolute Candor

Matt and Andy wade even deeper into the mystery box that is Picard. Lots to discuss on this one!

Episode discussion begins at 27:00

Feb 14, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 3: The End is The Beginning

Matt and Andy discuss episode 3 of Picard. Is everyone a spy? Will Picard ever leave earth?

Episode discussion begins at 23:00

Feb 07, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 2: Map and Legends

Matt and Andy need a legend to the map that is the first 2 episodes of Star Trek Picard.

Jan 31, 2020
112 "Violations" (TNG S5E12)

Matt and Andy almost fall into a coma while covering this episode in which three members of the senior staff also fall into comas.

episode discussion begins at 24:00

Jan 27, 2020
TNC: Picard Episode 1: Remembrance

Matt and Andy break down episode 1 of Star Trek : Picard. Does Jean Luc only take milk and sugar in his tea because its a dream sequence? Why is Data wearing a First contact era uniform on the Enterprise D? Does D now stand for Dream? Spoilers ahead!

Episode discussion begins around the 16:00 mark.

Jan 24, 2020
111 "Hero Worship" (TNG S5E11)

Why would they put so two episodes about children right next to each other in the season? We don't know. We still had to talk about it.

Episode discussion begins around 33:00

Dec 23, 2019
Bonus Spoiler-Cast: Rise of Skywalker

Matt and Andy saw talked about the new Star Wars movie for so long they decided to make it its own bonus episode! SPOILERS!

Dec 23, 2019
110 "New Ground" (TNG S5E9)

Matt and Andy break new ground by trying to figure out what makes this character heavy episode of TNG so hard to watch.

Episode discussion begins around 34:00

Dec 01, 2019
109 "A Matter Of Time" (TNG S5 E9)

Matt and Andy return from the 26th century to be bad con-men. We're back and less professional than ever!

Episode discussion begins around 40:00

Oct 28, 2019
108. "Unification Part 2" (TNG S5E8)

Matt and Andy finally get to see what Spock is doing on Vulcan. But not before they try to remember how much morphin is involved in Power Ranger-ing.

Episode discussion begins around the 36:00 mark.

Sep 16, 2019
107 "Unification Part 1" (TNG S5 E7)

Matt and Andy attempt to reunify the podcast but realize they are still bad at it. Spock shows up too! But not till it's totally pretty much over and everyone talks to walls.

Episode discussion begins in earnest around the 42:00 minute mark... A calamity of errors precedes it. We try to start talking about it around 29:00 but, well. You know.

Aug 26, 2019
106 "The Game" (TNG S5 E6)

Riker comes back from vacation even more Riker than usual. Matt and Andy find the Game the crew is playing about as exciting as the episode.

Jul 29, 2019
RED ALERT! PICARD Trailer breakdown

Matt and Andy beam up to breakdown the SDCC trailer for Picard. The Captain has returned, this time with a dog!

Jul 22, 2019
105 "Disaster" (TNG S5 E5)

Matt and Andy kick the rust off. Will this episode be a disaster? Probably. But hey, we're back!

Episode Discussion begins at 31:00

Jun 28, 2019
104 "Silicon Avatar" (TNG S5E4)

Matt and Andy return, but so does the Crystalline Entity! Oh and does Riker always beam down to planets with bottles of wine?

Jun 05, 2019
103 "Ensign Ro" (TNG S5 E3)

Andy is back! Matt's there too. And it really seems like everyone on the Enterprise has an attitude problem. Also Andy is very excited to have Ro Laren at the helm.

Episode discussion probably begins around 33:00 (I'm just guessing cause I'm a new dad and my brain is mush)

May 23, 2019
102 "Darmok" (TNG S5 E2)

Matt and Andy when the pod starts. Matt his ears open. Andy his acting, specific.

Episode discussion begins around 48:00

Apr 22, 2019
101: "Redemption Part 2" (TNG S5E1)

Matt and Andy watch the Klingon Civil war reach a fever pitch but Worf still can't find anyone to listen to him.

Episode discussion starts around 27:00 in full disclosure there is about 10 minutes discussion/rant about the pluralization of the Klingon Bird of Prey. That goes till about 45:00 then its clean sailing.

Apr 08, 2019
100. "Redemption Part 1" (TNG S4 E26)

Andy and Matt prevent their own Civil War when they mostly agree bat also disagree a lot on this episode. And Worf finally gets people around him who will say "yes."

Episode Discussion begins around the 21:00 minute mark

Apr 01, 2019
99. "In Theory" (TNG S4 E 25)

Andy finally gets to see what it's like to date someone on the Enterprise D. Matt remembers Frank Sinatra but forgets how the rest of the show goes.

Mar 25, 2019
98. "Mind's Eye" (TNG S4 E24)

Matt and Andy are brainwashed to find that even though the plot of this episode makes perfect sense, they are still unfulfilled.

Episode discussion at 30:-00

Mar 11, 2019
97. "The Host" (TNG S4 E23)

Matt and Andy form a symbiotic relationship when it comes to Beverly Crushers love life. Andy also invites us all to the Andy Secunda School of Specific Acting.

-Episode discussion at 24:00

Mar 04, 2019
96 "Half a Life" ((TNG S4 E22)

This week Matt and Andy get real sad about getting old. Mostly cause this episode makes us feel useless already.

Episode Discussion begins at 28:00

Feb 25, 2019
95 "The Drumhead" (TNG S4 E21)

Matt and Andy liked this episode so much, they decided to call the Director to gush about it. That's right, it's the second installment of Ask Frakes with Jonathan Frakes.

Episode Discussion 35:00

Ask Frakes 1:36:00

Feb 18, 2019
94 "Q Pid" (TNG S4 E20)

Matt and Andy desperately search for a plot while being trapped in Nottingham. Andy achieves his goal of getting our instagram up to date and Data is put to no use.

Episode discussion begins at 30:00

Feb 11, 2019
93 "Nth Degree" (TNG S4 E19)

Barclay get's super intelligence from a probe. Geordi gets jealous and Andy tells us all that he wouldn't even bother with other humans if he became as smart as Barclay.

Episode Discussion at 25:00

Feb 04, 2019
92 "Identity Crisis" (TNG S4 E18)

Matt and Andy can't believe how much better at being a doctor Beverly Crusher is this season. Geordi loses his identity but gains his sight and Data has a hard time admitting he has feelings.

Episode discussion begins at 44:00

Jan 28, 2019
91 "Night Terrors" (TNG S4 E17)

There is something threatening the Enterprise this week. And that something is a lack of quality sleep.

Episode discussion begins at 41:00

A spoiler-y discussion of Season 1 of Discovery happens at the end of the show at 2:14:00

Jan 21, 2019
90 "Galaxy's Child" (TNG S4 E16)

Matt and Andy dive right in to the awkwardness of Geordi meeting the real version of the Holodeck creation he fell in love with last season. In a script by penned by the great Coo Coo Bird of trek, Maurice Hurley there is much to discuss!

Episode discussion at 21:55

Jan 14, 2019
89 "First Contact" (TNG S4 E15)

Matt and Andy make first contact with an episode they generally agree on!?!

Episode discussion at 36:00

Jan 07, 2019
88: "Clues" (TNG S4 E14)

Matt and Andy have something of a mystery on their hands... Join them as they search for clues that will help them figure out if they like this episode.

Dec 24, 2018
87: "Devil's Due" (TNGS S4 E13)

Matt and Andy watch as Captain Picard fights the devil in an epic space battle. Or ya know, an arbitration hearing.

Episode discussion begins around 30:00

Dec 17, 2018
86: "The Wounded" (TNG S4 E12)

Matt and Andy get to know Chief O'brien a little better. The Cardassians make their first appearance and we order a pizza.

Episode Discussion at 31:00

Dec 10, 2018
85 "Data's Day" (TNG S4 E 11)

Matt and Andy finally get the answer to the age old question.. What does Worf get people for wedding presents?

Episode Discussion starts at the 38:00 mark

Dec 03, 2018
84: "The Loss" (TNG S4 E10)

Andy and Matt have some feelings about Counselor Troi being able to sense feelings but then not being able to sense feelings.

Episode Discussion starts at 32:00

Nov 26, 2018
Thanksgiving Break!

Hi! We are off this week, ya know galavanting around the country, seeing family, eating turkey. Andy is going to try to do too much and Matt is going to try to do too little!

We will be back next week as per usual!

in the meantime if you really miss us you can sign up for our Patreon page and get bonus content there!

Nov 19, 2018
83 "Final Mission" (TNG S4 E9)

Matt can't wait for this mission to be over. But Andy seems to enjoy it for some reason.

Episode discussion starts around the 33 minute mark.

Nov 12, 2018
82 "Future Imperfect" (TNG S4 E8)

Matt and Andy wake up in a simulation set sixteen years in the future. Oh, wait. They don't. It's all a ruse! But don't worry! the resolution to this episode won't be satisfying to Andy either.

Episode Discussion starts at 34:00

Nov 05, 2018
81 "Reunion" (TNG S4 E8)

Matt and Andy get reunited with Susan Plakson. The klingons finally deliver an episode Matt likes and Andy has some questions about spoilers.

Episode discussion at 29:06

Oct 29, 2018
80 "Legacy" (TNG S4 E7)

Matt and Andy meet Tasha Yar's sister. Data pretends to not have emotions and we get some really cool phaser fights.

Episode Discussion starts at 1:01:20

Oct 22, 2018
79 "Remember Me" (TNG S4 E6)

Buckle up, Beverlovers! Dr. Crusher gets caught in a warp bubble, Matt & Andy slap on the helmets of the Star Wars Destroyers, and... you know where to send the hails 🖖

Episode Discussion begins at 1:03.

Update from eagle eared listener Josh Munro 9:41pm Oct 14

ATTN Matt Mira - with the spoiler stuff you added, the ep discussion actually starts at 1:13:31

sorry I messed up everyone. Enjoy the remaining hour and 45 minutes.

Oct 15, 2018
78: "Suddenly Human" (TNG S4 E5)

Matt and Andy do their best to get through an episode that poses the questions that no-one asked. Like, "What would Picard be like if he were roommates with a teenager?" Or "Where does Data store his memory of "Slapstick" Comedy?"

Episode Discussion begins at the 40:00 minute mark.

Oct 08, 2018
77: "Brothers" (TNG S4 E4)

Matt and Andy find out what an Android can do once a homing beacon is activated. They also watch Brent Spiner play three people in the same scene and take a special trip to Andy Secunda's School of Specific Acting.

Oct 01, 2018
Saucer Section 1 - (BROTHERS TNG S4 E4)

We've heard you! So whenever time allows we will be posting the first part of the pod (before episode discussion as its own episode) Admirals Club, Hails, Facegroup, Presidents, and random thoughts from both Andy and Matt.

For those who didn't like the idea of having to scrub forward!

Sep 28, 2018
76: "Family" (TNG S4. E2)

Matt and Andy agree that Worf's parents seem nice but Picard's brother is a 24th century Amish wine maker.

Episode discussion begins at the 45 minute mark.

Sep 24, 2018
75 "The Best Of Both Worlds Part 2" (TNG S4, E1)

Andy is excited about epic space battles and Matt is mostly excited about Riker's temporary promotion.

Sep 17, 2018
74. "Trekkies" (1997 Documentary)

Matt and Andy take a break from TNG to watch the 1997 Documentary Trekkies. And quickly discover that they are also Trekkies.

Sep 10, 2018
73: "The Best of Both Worlds Part 1" (TNG S3 E26)

Matt and Andy have finally engaged the Borg. It's the episode we have been waiting for since we started this show. Does it live up to the hype? Does Andy have any theories? Does Shelby know how to use a communicator?

Episode Discussion starts at 28:00

Sep 03, 2018
72: "Transfigurations" (TNG S3, E25)

The Enterprise picks up a John. No, really. There's lots of Andy's theories floating around this one and we think he might be onto something.

Episode Discussion begins at the 46:00 mark.

Aug 27, 2018
71 "Menagé A Troi" (TNG S3 E24)

Matt and Andy exchange gifts and then spend a lot of time debating who is the best at being a Ferengi and also whether or not this episode is good.

Episode Discussion begins at the 51 Minute mark.

Aug 20, 2018
70 "Sarek" (TNG S3 E23)

Matt and Andy return from Star Trek Las Vegas to discuss the convention, the new Picard series and of course the uncontrollable emotion of SAREK.

Episode discussion begins at the 53 minute mark.

Aug 13, 2018
69 "The Most Toys" (TNG S3 E22)

Matt and Andy talk a lot about toys, and about Andy's theory that Data has emotion... He's just not telling anyone.

Episode discussion begins at 55:45 (sorry/notsorry)

Aug 06, 2018
68 "Hollow Pursuits" (TNG S3, E21)

Matt and Andy spend a lot of time on the Holodeck with their new best friend Reginald Barclay. Only Guinan "gets" them.

Episode discussion begins at the 35(isn) minute mark.

Jul 30, 2018
67 "Tin Man" "(TNG S3, E20)

Matt and Andy finally meet a real Betazoid from Betazed. Turns out he is annoying and has no social tact. Just like our hosts!

Episode discussion starts at 46:00

Jul 23, 2018
66 "Captain's Holiday" (TNG S3, E19)

Matt and Andy go on vacation to Risa but when they run into Captain Picard, they realize there isn't enough story to go around.

Episode discussion begins at 40:00

Jul 16, 2018
65 "Allegiance" (TNG S3, E18)

Matt and Andy react very differently to authority. But not different enough for either of them to be replaced by an alien replica that acts much friendlier. Captain Picard on the other hand...

Episode Discussion starts at 47:00

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Jul 09, 2018
64 "Sins of the Father" (TNG S3, E17)

Andy and Matt get to know Worf's brother and quite frankly they think he is better at Klingon-ing than Worf.

Episode Discussion starts at the 46:00 mark! (We know it's a little crazy. We'll try to be shorter in the future.)

Oh and our Patreon is finally up! Support us if you want?

Jul 02, 2018
63. "The Offspring" (TNG S3, E16)

Andy and Matt watch Data make a baby. Oh, and Jonathan Frakes swings by(!!?!) for the first installment of ASK FRAKES!

Episode discussion begins at 31:00

Jun 25, 2018
62. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (TNG S3, E15)

Andy finally lays his eyes on one of the GREAT episodes of TNG. But what is is reaction?! Well, we talk about it for a full two hours.

Episode discussion begins at 33:00

Jun 18, 2018
61. "A Matter Of Perspective" (TNG S3, E14)

Andy and Matt each recount the same episode from different perspectives but arrive at the same conclusion. Riker is kind of a creep and this episode is not good.

Episode discussion begins around the 42:00 mark.

Jun 11, 2018
60. "Deja Q" (TNG S3, E13)

Andy wishes he was omnipotent and Matt wishes there was more to talk about.

Episode Discussion begins around the 32:00 mark.

Jun 04, 2018
59 "The High Ground" (TNG S3 E, 12)

Matt and Andy find themselves sympathizing with no one in an episode that helped us discover how people should use inter-dimensional transporters.

Episode Discussion starts at 24:00

May 28, 2018
58 "The Hunted" (TNG S3, E11)

Andy and Matt disagree on a lot about this episode. But they both agree that the idea that you can just will a transporter beam to not work, causing an explosion that blinds 4 officers on the Enterprise, is pretty much the dumbest thing yet.

Episode Discussion begins around 34:00

May 21, 2018
57 "The Defector" (TNG S3 E10)

Andy and Matt once again enter the Neutral Zone. But this time they find a plot.

Episode Discussion begins at the 28:00 mark

May 14, 2018
56 "The Vengeance Factor" (TNG S3 E09)

Andy and Matt are getting tired of warring planets with rogue factions. But when Riker gets a little too close, things still don't get interesting.

Episode discussion starts at the 00:31:00 mark

May 07, 2018
55 "The Price" (TNG S3, E8)

Matt and Andy almost get lost in the Delta quadrant. Which would be a better outcome than having to watch this episode again. Even though we get a lot of Troi and a man who is supposed to be wooing her but is just negotiating for a useless wormhole.

Episode Discussion begins at 46:00... yes it took that long.

Apr 30, 2018
54 "The Enemy" (TNG S3, E7)

Matt and Andy cross into federation space as Geordi finds Galorndon Core to be less than enjoyable.

Apr 23, 2018
53 "Booby Trap" (TNG S3, E6)

It's one of Matt's favorite episodes and It proves one of Andy's oldest theories!

Apr 16, 2018
52 "The Bonding" (TNG S3, E5)

Matt and Andy do their own bonding over the competent character development and incompetent story.

Episode discussion starts around the 20:00 mark.

Apr 09, 2018
51. "Who Watches the Watchers" (TNG S3, E4)

Matt violates the Prime Directive and Andy has some very specific acting advice for the guest stars of tonight's episode.

Apr 02, 2018
50 "The Survivors" (TNG S3,E3)

Andy and Matt do theater best to survive this episode that was shot mostly in Malibu. (It's better than it sounds)

Mar 26, 2018
49 "The Ensigns of Command" (TNG S3, E2)

Matt and Andy discover a strange new part of TNG... Character development.

Mar 19, 2018
48 "Evolution" (TNG S3 E1)

Andy and Matt drop out of warp and wind up in SEASON 3! But, can their podcast evolve like Wesley's nano-bots? Probably not.

Mar 12, 2018
47 - A. The Minisode "Shades Of Gray" MVC and Andys

Matt and Andy forgot how their podcast goes. So despite our better judgement we decided to do a mini-sode where we give the MVC and Andys to Shades of Gray!

Mar 06, 2018
47. "Shades of Gray" (TNG S2, E22)

Matt and Andy return!!! With a clip show. Well they're talking about a clip show. And not a good one at that.

Mar 05, 2018
46 "Peak Performance" (TNG S2 E21)

Picard and Riker face off in a battle simulation, Andy's FX board goes down and he switches to manual and Matt plays a pointless game of Strategama.

Dec 11, 2017
45 "The Emissary" (TNG S2, E20)

Andy and Matt discover a rare galactic anomaly... A good season 2 episode of TNG. Also Andy likes klingons.

Episode discussion at the 23:00 mark

Dec 04, 2017
44 "Manhunt" (TNG S2, E19)

Andy and Matt go on a "Manhunt" for a plot... They come up empty handed.

Episode discussion begins around the 25:00 mark.

Nov 27, 2017
43 "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG S2, E18)

Andy and Matt discover that the luck of the Irish has no bearing on how good an episode of Star Trek will be. Its a doozy.

Episode discussion at 16:00

Nov 20, 2017
42 "Samaritan Snare" (TNG S2 E17)

Andy and Matt look for things. Things to make season two go... by faster. We answer hails and dive into the episode at the 19:00 mark.

Nov 15, 2017
41 "Q Who" (TNG S2 E16)

Andy and Matt have engaged the Borg.

Nov 06, 2017
40 "Pen Pals" (TNG S2 E15)

Andy and Matt ask the age old question... why is Data breaking the Prime Directive?

Oct 30, 2017
39 "The Icarus Factor" - (TNG S2 E14)

Riker has daddy issues and Matt and Andy have issues with this episode.

Oct 23, 2017
38 "Time Squared" (TNG S2 E13)

Matt and Andy drive themselves slowly insane as they begin to breakdown what does and doesn't happen in Time Squared.

Episode discussion at the 24 minute mark.

Oct 16, 2017
37 "The Royale" (TNG S2 E12)

The away team is trapped in a bad casino set based on a bad casino novel. Similarly, Matt and Andy can find no escape from this bad casino episode. 

Oct 09, 2017
36 "Contagion" (TNG S2 E11)

Matt and Andy perform a check of the Deuterium conduits then dive headfirst into a computer virus and the space age solution of rebooting.

Episode Discussion starts at 27:18

Oct 02, 2017
35 "The Dauphin" (TNG S2 E10)

Wesley makes out with a werewolf, Matt and Andy get jobs on 1701-D, the hails dig deep into legal analysis of "Measure of a Man," and Matt obsesses over a little-known historical scream.

Episode discussion at 38:00

Sep 18, 2017
34 - "Measure of a Man" (TNG S2 E9)

Is Data a sentient being with rights, or a toaster from ANCIENT TIMES? Andy questions the legality of the verdict, while Matt casts him as Maddox's evil grandfather. 

Sep 11, 2017
33 - "A Matter of Honor" (TNG S2 E8)

Riker and his beard kick some ass, Klingon-style! Mendon acts like a total Mordock! In an unexpected turn of events, Matt begins to feel that Andy is TOO quick with his sound cues. 

Sep 04, 2017
32 - "Unnatural Selection" - (TNG S2 E7)

Matt and Andy get age rapidly through this episode. But are very excited to see Chief O'Brien do something. They also hear from Larry Nemecek regarding Dr. Selar.

Episode discussion at the 23 minute mark!

Aug 28, 2017
31 "The Schizoid Man" (TNG S2, E6)

Andy feels left out. Matt Feels left in. And Data feels like another person.

Episode Discussion at 30:30

This episode is sponsored by the Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditoruim in Hollywood, CA. Mention Riker's sexy new beard to get admission for away team of 10 for 100 bucks!

Aug 21, 2017
31 "Loud as a Whisper" (TNG S2 E5)

Matt and Andy learn the important lesson that a Deaf person can be as much of a dick as everyone else while Troi once again SORT OF uses her empathic abilities. 

Episode discussion starts at the 45 minute mark! (insane)

If you'd like to help Matt help host the ST:Discovery after show, be sure to let CBS and Embassy Row TV know on twitter using the hashtag #LiveLongAndMira

Aug 14, 2017
30 "The Outrageous Okona" (TNG S2, E4)

Andy and Matt watch Data destroy the Comedy on the holodeck and are charmed by the Rocketeer.

Episode discussion starts around the 25 minute mark.

Aug 07, 2017
28 "Elementary Dear Data" (TNG S2E3)

Technically, it should be "Elementary, Dear Geordi" because Geordi is Watson and Data is Sherlock, but whatevs. Plus: Matt tortures Andy with Britney Spears.

Episode discussion at the 32 minute mark.

This episode was brought to you by The Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum: Hollywood

Jul 31, 2017
27 "Where Silence Has Lease" TNG (S2,E2)

Matt and Andy wade deeper into Season 2. Where Silence Has Lease and plot has no meaning.

Jul 24, 2017
26 "The Child" (TNG S2 E1)

Andy and Matt drop out of warp and enter a standard orbit of TNG Season 2.

Jul 17, 2017
25 "Chaos on the Bridge" (TNG Documentary)

Matt and Andy are back, and this time they're bringing a doc! The boys take a look at William Shatner's joyful turning over of the the rock of the first season of Next Generation to discuss all the creepy-crawly characters who played a part like Gene Rodenberry's hilarious scheming lawyer.

Jul 10, 2017
25 - "The Neutral Zone" (TNG S1, E26)

We've done it! Andy has made it through the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation!!!! Listen to us bask in the glory of a few 20th century passengers and an encounter with the Romulans!

Episode discussion starts at the 7 minute mark.

Jun 26, 2017
24 - "Conspiracy" (TNG S1,E25)
Something dark is going on in Starfleet as Matt and Andy uncover the most surprising twist of all - a really great first season TNG episode! Episode discussion begins around 21:00
Jun 19, 2017
23 - "We'll Always Have Paris" (TNG S1, E24)
Picard gets a visit from an old flame in an episode which seems to Matt and Andy like it was written through a game of telephone - which it turns out, it was.
Jun 12, 2017
22 - "Skin of Evil" (TNG S1, E23)
Andy and Matt say goodbye to Tasha Yar and hello to Armus the sludge monster. Email talk till 12:30
Jun 05, 2017
21 - "Symbiosis" (TNG S1 E22) and Discovery Trailer
Andy and Matt break dow the Star Trek Discovery trailer and find out that even space drugs are bad. Episode discussion starts at 38:00 Discovery discussion at about the 6:00 mark
May 29, 2017
20 - "The Arsenal of Freedom" (TNG S1 E21)
Picard crushes Crusher! Geordi gets a view from the Captain's chair! @mattmira and @secunda wonder where the credit card slot on a doomsday vending machine would be. Episode discussion at 16:00
May 22, 2017
19 - "Heart of Glory" (TNG S1, E20)
It's a race against time for Worf to save Klingon comrades and for @mattmira to rush @secunda through the podcast to avoid getting into "The Neutral Zone" with his wife/Captain! R'oiario! (No translation) Episode Discussion begins at 20:00
May 15, 2017
18 - "Coming of Age" (TNG S1, E19)
Matt and Andy disagree wildly about "Coming of Age." Why wasn't Mordock the test? Why is Riker such a baby? We come to no real conclusions! Emails 00:45 - 38:00 mark, Episode discussion from there on out.
May 08, 2017
17 - "Home Soil" (TNG S1, E18)
Andrew and Matt act like a couple of ugly giant bags of mostly water, before becoming ugly giant bags of mostly pizza while in NY. Emails up top "Home Soil" discussion at 36:00
May 01, 2017
16 - "When The Bough Breaks" (TNG S1, E17)
The Enterprise demonstrates why you shouldn't bring kids on a starship. Andy's theories about Wesley gain more credence and Matt wishes there was a Star Trek theme park.
Apr 24, 2017
15 - "Too Short A Season" ( TNG S1, E16)
When you get old, does someone just throw oatmeal on your face? Mira and Secunda wade through the mushy oatmeal of a plot that can best be summarized thusly: “The Enterprise is dispatched to deliver overacting to a planet experiencing 40 years civil war peace”
Apr 17, 2017
14 - "11001001" (TNG S1, E15)
A binary race called the Bynars (!) visits, Andy ships "Rikard," and a fan puts Matt in his head about using "guys" too much.
Apr 10, 2017
13 "Angel One" (TNG S1, E14)
The crew visits Angel One. A planet where men have no say in political or social occurrences. Somehow Andy doesn't have any theories, so Matt steps in. Because he's the best.
Apr 03, 2017
12 - "Datalore" (TNG S1, E13)
Andy and Matt deconstruct the introduction of Data's brother Lore. Meanwhile, Andy has a theory and Matt wants to know if you can draw.
Mar 27, 2017
11- "The Big Goodbye" (TNG S1, E12)
Picard loses his freakin' mind over standard holodeck technology while visiting the 1930s. Matt denied he wrote last week's episode description in an obvious attempt to get his own theme song, but his efforts were pretty transparent, in my opinion. Hey, it's not my fault I'm a dynamic podcast personality who inspires musical brilliance.
Mar 20, 2017
10 - "Haven" (TNG S1, E11)
Troi almost gets married and a tractor beam saves the day. Matt has an "Andy's theory" but no theme music of his own. I tried hard to write this description to save Andy the trouble, though he thinks I wrote this description just to have someone make me a theme song.
Mar 13, 2017
9 - "Hide and Q" (TNG S1, E10)
The boys are a little punchy and Riker's a little omnipotent.
Mar 06, 2017
8- The Battle (TNG S1, E9)
"The Battle" (TNG S1, E8) Secunda's echo is cured, Mira delves into Wesley's wardrobe, and TNC chaos reigns as TNG finally displays some sense.
Feb 27, 2017
7 - "Justice" (TNG S1, E8)
Secunda's brain starts to break as he realizes how many bad episodes of TNG he has to go before the, "Eh, fine" ones. Mira advances a theory about alien genitalia.
Feb 20, 2017
6 - "Lonely Among Us" (TNG S1,E7)
A new batch of segment theme songs as Secunda offers a terrifying theory about Wesley and Mira wonders where the sensor maintenance room is.
Feb 13, 2017
5 - "Where No One Has Gone Before" (S1, E6)
A new "Andy's Theories" theme is introduced, bad tech jargon is explored, and two children win a contest to visit the Enterprise (not Matt).
Feb 06, 2017
4 - "The Last Outpost" (S1, E5)
Mira goes sound effects crazy as Secunda asks the age old question, "Are those supposed to be Space Jews?" about the TNG episode which gave us the Ferengi.
Jan 30, 2017
3 - "Code of Honor" (S1, E4)
Stardate 41235.25. Mira and Secunda kick around the bizarre racism and crazy characterizations of the third episode, while trying to answer the question, "Why is Dr. Crusher wearing an old-timey analog watch?"
Jan 23, 2017
2 - "The Naked Now" (Season 1 Episode 3)
Podcast Log, Stardate 41209.2. Matt and Andy discuss the merits and weirdness of the third Next Generation episode, covering such topics as Tasha's confusing seduction strategies, who plays drunk best, and the POSSIBLE pedophilic urges of Geordi LaForge.
Jan 16, 2017
1 - “Encounter at Farpoint” (Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2)
Podcast Log, Stardate 41153.7. In this premiere episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT CONVERSATION, Next Gen devotee Matt Mira and Next Gen skeptic Andrew Secunda discuss the pilot episode of the venerable Star Trek series and examine such topics as Data’s secret sarcasm, Troi’s inappropriate workplace telepathy, and whether Q is an omnipotent space delight or an omnipotent waste of space.
Jan 09, 2017