Productivity Paradox

By Tonya Dalton of inkWELL Press

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We all have 168 hours in a week, so why is it we feel we don’t have the time to focus on the things that matter most? It’s not you - it’s the systems that are failing. Productivity Paradox is a weekly podcast specifically designed to give you ACTIONABLE strategies and exercises to help you create a life centered around YOUR own personal PRIORITIES. Tonya Dalton is a leading expert in harnessing your productivity and streamlining systems to help you discover the strategies that work for YOUR life. Through time proven tactics, you can discover your own customized productivity system and achieve life changing results in business, relationships and personal growth.

Episode Date
163: How to Be Unapologetically You

People-pleasing at the expense of yourself can be so destructive. As women, a lot of us fall victim to the collective issues of chronically apologizing, and this affects us in all areas of our lives. It’s time we start taking note from powerful women in the world who are doing their thing, on their own terms, without apologizing for it. In this episode, I’m going to talk about honing in on the confidence to be boldly and unapologetically you. I discuss being more direct, using the five-second rule to help yourself overcome chronic apologies, and starting to embrace your true self. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Moving on from your people-pleasing ways
  • Doing your own thing, on your own terms, without apologizing for it
  • Learning to be confidently and boldly you
  • Experimenting with being more direct and swapping out your verbiage
  • Giving yourself space to really think before you speak by employing the five-second rule
Feb 25, 2020
162: How To Rewrite Your Narrative & Reveal the True You

The ways you tell your own story becomes your truth. Don’t allow others that power over you. Your life is your story to tell, and if you’ve been living in a way that doesn’t fit who you really are and who you’re capable of becoming, it’s time to change that narrative. Today I am talking about taking control over who you desire to be by aligning your narrative with a positive lens and writing your own story. I talk about overcoming the stories you’ve told yourself, the impact of having a positive outlook, and how to become more comfortable with the titles you claim. I also share stories about my own self-discovery and bringing my own light to the darkness that I faced.

What's In This Episode:

  • Owning the titles that you claim
  • Recognizing that you're more than the story you tell yourself
  • Aligning your narrative with a positive lens
  • Leaving room for growth by not building your narrative on a single story
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone and away from the negative stories you've been telling yourself
Feb 18, 2020
161: Managing Your Mood

Have you ever had one of those days where you've woken up in a bad mood, or where you were having a good day until life presented you with a curveball that completely threw your good mood off course? Today I am sharing how to start to embrace the changes that life throws at you and how to use them for growth. Because learning to embrace change, no matter if it comes from the outside world or the inside, is crucial. We'll be discussing how to rise above negative mood shifts, how to acknowledge the choices you make, especially when it pertains to your mood. And later, we'll tap into some practices you can use to overcome internal emotional battles.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Rethinking your mindset and how you deal with setbacks
  • Taking control over your moods and learning to manage them more effectively
  • Developing your emotional intelligence and mood management muscles
  • Pinpointing shifts in your mood to get to the root cause of what you’re feeling
Feb 11, 2020
160: How to Discover Your Superpowers

Superpowers are often confused as something that's reserved for our favorite superhero characters in comic books or on the big screen. But what if I told you that you can harness your own superpowers, but it's up to you to discover them and use them for good? In this episode, I am sharing how to figure out what superpowers you have by looking at your strengths, passions, and focus, and how to use them (and why it's essential). I also dive into reasons why you should hone in on your own strengths and skills rather than looking at what other successful people are doing. Your journey is unique, and if you understand what superpowers you possess, your path to success will be filled with more ease and joy. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Making use of your superpowers
  • Blazing your own trail on the path to success
  • Stopping yourself from comparing your journey to the journey of others
  • Examining your strengths, passions and focus to determine your superpowers
Feb 04, 2020
159: Living a Fully Charged Life with Meaghan Murphy

Are you ready to embrace a life filled with more positivity? Then you’ll love today’s conversation with guest Meagan B. Murphy who believes that you should search for the yay every day. Meagan is a multi-platform media junkie with a 20-plus year magazine career at places like Teen People, Cosmopolitan, and Self. She is also the current executive editor for Good Housekeeping and is working on her debut novel, The Fully Charged Life, which will make its debut in 2021. We talked about how learning to be grateful and practice gratitude has changed her life for the better after tragically losing her father to cancer. She shares her practice for being more present and how learning to say “no” has helped her tremendously in her life and career. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • How Meaghan forced herself to look for the good in her every day
  • How learning to say “no” has impacted Meagan’s life in a positive way
  • Chasing what excites you in life and trusting your gut
  • The 3 F’s Meagan uses before making any decisions
  • Meagan’s practice of ‘stay in your day’ and how this helps her be present
Jan 28, 2020
158: Looking Backwards to Move Forwards

Becoming the person you dream of takes a lot of self-reflection and diving into the past to figure out who you wish to be in the future. Your history holds so many pearls of wisdom that can help you map out where you want to go and what direction to take. Today I am talking all about using your past as a springboard and motivator to help you move forward. I'll be sharing the importance of sitting in discomfort and reflecting on who you've been and giving yourself permission to let go of the past.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Using your past as a springboard to move forward
  • Accepting and reframing the way that you look at your past
  • Reflecting on who you used to be and how you feel about who you want to become
  • Deciding where you want to be and mapping out the direction you’ll take to get there
Jan 21, 2020
157: New Ways to Look at Goal Setting

With a new year (and even a new decade) upon us, it’s only natural to be thinking about our goals and what we hope to accomplish in this season of life. There are so many ways to approach goals, but sometimes looking at them from a new lens can make them feel less daunting and more attainable. As we begin a new season of this podcast, I really want to focus on creating You 2.0 and making small tweaks to get ourselves on track to who we ultimately want to be. That’s why today’s episode is all about goal setting and finding joy in the experience of the journey toward your goals.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Setting goals to make sure you’re on the path to your ideal life
  • Paying attention to lessons learned and resources gathered 
  • Focusing less on what you want to do and more on how you want to feel
  • Using the SMART goal method as a framework to help you achieve what you want
  • Finding joy in the experience and journey toward the goal
Jan 14, 2020
156: Why You Don’t Need as Much Time as You Think

What if I told you that you don't need as much time as you think you do? That you actually have all the time you truly need, right now. Today I am going to be talking about prioritizing you and saying no to others so you can say yes to yourself. We're diving into the 5 ways you can intentionally make time for your goals by rethinking the pockets of time you have, cutting out time-wasters, and letting go of distractions that hinder your success. If you've ever felt like you were in a crunch for time, you'll want to hear today's episode.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Rethinking what it means to be "busy"
  • Living by your own rules and not worrying about what other people think
  • Feeling okay with where you choose to spend your time
  • Letting go of projects that are potential distractions to your success
  • 5 ways to intentionally make time for your goals
Jan 07, 2020
155: The Art of Knowing Where to Focus

Knowing where to focus can be a huge barrier that, if faced successfully, can have a profound impact on our lives. Today I was joined by Taska, an entrepreneur who is facing a curveball in her personal life that has her feeling off track and unsure about where to focus so she can continue to grow her business. Recently, she's stepped up as the personal caregiver to her mom facing health issues, which is causing her to feel out of touch with running her business. We talk about prioritizing tasks that will get you closer to your goals and honing in on the vital few rather than the trivial many. I share how to use themed days to focus on specific tasks and how the 80/20 rule can help you make a more significant impact.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Supporting your work life when your personal life has thrown you a curveball
  • Prioritizing what you need to do to get closer to your goals
  • Designating themes to specific days to help drive yourself forward and focus
  • Using the 80/20 rule to help design your life
Dec 31, 2019
154: Create More Joy in Your Everyday

Too often, we let our days pass by in a blur, with each one scrambled together with countless tasks and events. Today I want you to take the time to slow down and savor moments throughout your day. It’s up to us to create more joy in our everyday lives. By carving just a few minutes into your day to do what you enjoy, you could be setting the foundation down to create a memorable, joy-filled day that you’ll cherish and think back on for years to come. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Taking the time to slow down and savor the moment
  • Creating memories for every day of your life
  • Stopping and making time for yourself so you can do your best work
  • Finding the joy in missing out
Dec 24, 2019
153: When Habits Just Aren’t Working

Creating and sticking to new habits is always a challenge within itself, but it's definitely doable. If you're looking to start some new healthy habits, then you'll want to hear this episode with today's guest, Brenda. If you're a member of our Facebook group, then you likely know Brenda because she's always quick to lend support and encouragement on different posts. Plus, she's hilarious. Right now, Brenda's in a transitional period in life. She's decided to step away from her day job to pursue her passion for ministry. We discuss how she can use her current habits as a springboard for creating new ones and using cues as triggers for developing them. We also touch on how to determine the bigger "why" behind the habits you wish to create. 

What’s In This Episode:

  • The 4 Steps to Creating a Habit
  • Using habits that you’ve already established as springboards for new ones
  • Examining cues that you can use as triggers for new habits
  • Thinking about the excuses that you give yourself and working to eliminate them
  • Creating ways to record your successes and giving yourself grace when you stumble off track
Dec 17, 2019
152: Getting Back on Track

Oftentimes, we’re way too hard on ourselves when it comes to our habits and discipline. We spend so much time feeling down about veering off track that we forget that nobody is perfect. It’s okay to have off days. Today I talked with Stacy, a busy career woman who has a two-hour commute to work and on top of that, manages income rental properties out of state. We dive into how she can use the 4 A’s to overcome the hurdles she faces and the tiny steps she can take to get back on track. I touch on discipline, how to acknowledge that you’re doing a lot better than you give yourself credit for, and why you should find an accountability partner to support you on your journey toward your goals. 

What’s In This Episode:

  • Veering back on track when you realize you aren’t quite where you want to be
  • Realizing that what you see in other people’s lives isn’t always accurate
  • Acknowledging that you’re doing better than you give yourself credit for
  • The 4 A’s to overcoming an obstacle
  • Finding an accountability partner to support you
  • Considering what tiny steps you can take to get back on track
Dec 10, 2019
151: Making Your Systems Work For You

Have you ever wondered how to focus on your passions and priorities when you feel stuck doing mundane tasks like laundry, buying groceries, and paying bills? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there, but I’ll let you in on a secret - systems. Today I had a conversation with Laura, a wife, and mother of two sons, ages 10 and 12. She has a Ph.D. and works at a university with faculty, students, and staff to support the use of technology in the curriculum. We dive into how she can make systems work for her so she can live a life that’s more centered around her priorities. We discuss embracing yourself and the imperfections we all have, zoning in on areas that need a system in place, and making others responsible for their own productivity systems. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Zoning in on specific areas that need a system in place
  • Giving people responsibility for their own productivity systems
  • Getting systems up and running to put your tasks on autopilot
  • Using a springboard to help you overcome obstacles
  • Embracing your imperfect self
Dec 03, 2019
150: Building a Team Mentality

Whether we know it or not, we're all managing a team. It could be a work team or our family; the concept is still the same. We have to continually work to build our team mentality and to have everyone contributing to the greater good of the group. Today I was joined by Kristi, a busy career woman with three teenagers and a husband who is feeling like she needs to take some things off of her plate. She shares how her family's hectic schedule poses a problem for outsourcing tasks. Together we create a plan for empowering her family members to take ownership of their assigned responsibilities. I discuss how outsourcing gives others the gift of being able to uplift us and the role communication plays in building a team mentality.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Understanding that you really can’t “do it all”
  • Empowering our team to feel like they have ownership over their choices and days
  • Tackling outsourcing one chore at a time
  • Allowing others to lift us up from time to time
  • Using communication to help team members learn their roles and the values they bring
Nov 26, 2019
149: Guilt-Free Delegating

Some people tend to think of delegating tasks as a way to free up some of their time. While it certainly does achieve this, it also empowers those around you to take ownership of their responsibilities while strengthening the camaraderie of the team. In today’s episode, I talk with Susan, an overwhelmed mom of four, teacher and caregiver of her ill mother. We chat about the steps she’s already taken to start delegating and how she can continue to delegate even further without feeling like she’s nagging. I emphasized the importance of creating a shared vision, setting expectations, and mapping out exactly what those expectations look like to those around us. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Getting comfortable with the idea of delegating tasks to others
  • Carving out space for yourself, no matter how busy you feel
  • Setting expectations and mapping them out to others
  • Letting people take ownership over their assigned tasks and creating a shared vision
  • How to successfully delegate tasks to others
Nov 19, 2019
148: Waiting to Start Our Dreams

When we have a big dream, it can be a challenge to have to wait before having the chance to pursue it actively. But sometimes, it’s necessary. Maybe the timing isn’t right; maybe you aren’t financially ready. Whatever the reason, there’s a silver lining to waiting. That’s what I discussed with today’s guest, Tyanna. Tyanna is a wife to a retired army infantry soldier who is currently going back to school, and she is working to support him in his big dream while raising their two-year-old daughter. She also has a dream of her own that she has put on hold for the time being. Tyanna wants to take the leap into entrepreneurship. We discuss how to choose a timeframe for when you’ll be ready to leap and how to find hidden pockets in your day to work on tasks that will help you reach your bigger goal. I also dive into the concept of reframing it from waiting time into preparation time and using that time to start building the foundation for success.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Recognizing that you play several roles well: a mom and a successful business owner
  • Reframing how you look at the goals that you’re pursuing
  • Choosing a timeframe for when you want to take the leap
  • Looking for hidden pockets of time to focus on tasks that help you reach your bigger goal
  • Deciding what your “time-wasters” are and cutting them out
Nov 12, 2019
147: Chasing the Bright Side with Jess Ekstrom

Optimism permits you to dream big. Today I am joined by Jess Ekstrom, founder and CEO of Headbands of Hope, an expert in optimism and the author of Chasing the Bright Side. Jess came on to share her realization that bad things can happen to anyone, and why, despite knowing this, she chooses to look at the bright side of life. She shares how you can choose to live in the fear of the unknown or live in the excitement of the possibilities of what could happen. She also dives into why she’d rather try and fail than to regret never trying, and why you should give yourself permission to take small steps toward your dreams. 

What’s In This Episode:


  • Why Jess came to the realization that anything can happen
  • Deciding between the fear of the unknown or living in the excitement of possibility
  • Jess’s thoughts on why she’d rather fail than never try
  • Giving yourself permission to make the small steps toward your goals
  • Staying optimistic and Jess’s belief of what could happen if everything worked out
Nov 05, 2019
146: How Boundaries Will Set You Free

Do you want freedom over your days and time? If you do, you’ll need to learn how to set boundaries with those around you. If you’ve been craving the ability to have ownership over these two things then I know today’s episode will resonate with you. Today I had a chat with Donna, an entrepreneur, wife and mother to two high school boys. She has been feeling tugged in way too many directions and overwhelmed with not having enough hours in her day to accomplish all she needs to. We took a look at how she’s saying “yes” to everyone but herself and how she could change that. We discuss a strategy that will allow her to sit down with her family to determine where she can provide the most value which will ultimately align her to be able to say “no” to others so she can begin to say “yes” to herself.  

What’s In This Episode:

  • Struggling to have ownership over your day and time
  • Realizing that sometimes, less is more
  • Figuring out what is most valuable so you can determine where to say “yes”
  • Learning how to separate a request from the relationship
  • Using the sandwich strategy to say “no” with ease
Oct 29, 2019
145: Defining Your North Star: How Your Past Can Lead to Your Future

Do you have a North Star? Sometimes understanding and defining your North Star can be a challenge. For most, it’s easier to define your professional North Star but in reality, your North Star should be an extension of who you are and should embody the person you are at work AND at home. That’s what today’s guest, Amy, has been struggling with. She was feeling a disconnect between her mission statement for her work and home life. We dove into her life and had her reflect back on her childhood because often times we have to look back on the past fondly to move us forward optimistically. We discuss how to move from what she calls having a “north-ish light bulb” to a true North Star and how to dig deeper into the breadcrumbs to discover your North Star.

What’s In This Episode:


  • How Amy hit a professional development crisis and wanted to discover her North Star
  • Creating a personal mission statement that feels more intimate to you
  • Doing a life map exercise and reflecting on high points in your life
  • Digging deeper into the breadcrumbs to discover your North Star
  • Shifting, evolving and changing your North Star to fit who you are
Oct 22, 2019
144: Let Go of FOMO & Embrace the JOMO

I am truly ecstatic for this season of the podcast, which goes along with my book, The Joy of Missing Out. In season 12, we’ll be doing something that we’ve never done before: a call-in style episode where you’ll get to hear from women from all walks of life about finding their JOMO. Today, I preface the season by diving into the word “joy” and what it truly means. I chat about letting go of two of life’s biggest hurdles: busy and worry. I dive into savoring the moments in life that bring you joy, taking the time to find yourself and exploring who you are and what you love to do. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Choosing to create a life where joy and happiness can flourish
  • Learning the differences of being busy and being productive
  • Savoring the moments and maximizing our time for what brings us joy
  • Falling victim to the false belief that we should be doing more
  • Allowing yourself space and time to explore who you are and what you love
Oct 15, 2019
143: How To (Realistically) Make The Leap

Taking the leap toward your biggest dreams can feel scary or even downright terrifying. There’s a reason they call it “taking a leap” because we often are unsure of what the outcome will be. While there are risks that come with going after what you want, there are also a lot of risks that come from avoiding opportunity. Today, I’m sharing how to strategically make the leap so you can feel like you have a plan and know the risks involved. I’ll dive into how to reverse engineer a plan with the end goal in mind, how to determine which risks are worth taking and how to assess the positive outcomes that could come with taking risks. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Starting with the end in mind so you can reverse engineer a plan
  • Recognizing that you’ll have to trudge through the highs and lows
  • Assessing positive outcomes that come with taking risks
  • How to know which risks are worth taking
  • 4 things to consider as you are assessing risks and creating a plan
Oct 08, 2019
142: Blast Radius: Looking Beyond Yourself

The question that we often truly need to ask ourselves is not, “Will I make an impact on the world?” but rather, “What kind of impact will I make?” In today’s episode, we’re discussing your blast radius and how what you say and do can have far-reaching effects on the world and those around you. We’re not as small as we often tend to think we are and we have the power to choose to see the world from a positive point of view. I will share tips for making a difference in the world, being a catalyst for change and how to reframe your life to focus on your impact.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Realizing the far-reaching effects of chain reaction
  • Recognizing that we’re not as small as we think
  • Making sure you’re having a positive effect on the world and those around you
  • Reframing your life to focus on the impact of what you do
  • Taking a step back and recognizing that you can be a catalyst for change
Oct 01, 2019
141: Saying No So You Can Find Your Yes

This week, I’m giving you an exclusive sneak peek into a chapter of my book, The Joy of Missing Out, that’s all about finding your yes. Oftentimes, the pledge of doing #allofthethings can lead us into spending our time doing things that we don’t necessarily love or that doesn’t actually matter to us. This chapter teaches you how to sort through the noise in life and uncommit to the things that don’t bring you joy. I share what your yes should feel like, why quitting doesn’t equate to failure and how to prioritize ourselves by learning to say no. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • A sneak peek into chapter 11 of The Joy of Missing Out
  • The art of learning when your answer should be yes or no
  • My favorite yes, and the sacrifices my family and I made to get there
  • Being pulled in too many directions and how this hinders us from making the impact we want
  • Making a commitment to your schedule and what’s important to you
  • Having a go-to phrase ready to give yourself space to consider opportunities
Sep 24, 2019
140: Why Not Now with Amy Jo Martin

We have to start challenging ourselves and asking those tough questions if we truly want to make an impact. Today’s guest is Amy Jo Martin, the author of NY Times best-seller Renegades Write the Rules and host of the Why Not Now Podcast. We discuss exploring questions with yourself such as, “why can’t I make an impact?”, “why not now?” “if not me, then who?”. She shares how she started her first business, Digital Royalty before exiting it in 2016 to pursue Renegade Brand Bootcamp, a mastermind for female founders and entrepreneurs. We chat about slowing down, unglorifying busy and living at a sustainable pace. She shares her experience of being a millionaire while feeling physically and emotionally bankrupt and why you need to take action on moments of bravery. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Amy Jo’s approach to slowing down and taking a sustainable pace
  • When Amy Jo recognized it was time to walk away from the chaos
  • Amy Jo’s mantra “play full out”
  • How our life’s experiences are meant to help others
  • Amy Jo’s advice on putting mechanisms in place to hold yourself accountable
  • Taking action on moments of bravery
Sep 17, 2019
139: Having Confidence in Your Choices

A boost in your confidence can be one small change that makes a huge impact on your life. Being confident can be the difference between jumping into something that you’re passionate about or sitting on the sidelines, wishing and dreaming about it -- but not doing anything to make it happen. Today, I’m sharing the 4 confidence killers that are hindering you from making an impact and the 5 Rs to battle those confidence killers. I’ll share how to go from self-conscious to self-confident and why you should only focus on things that are within your control. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • The 4 factors that are getting in the way of your confidence
  • Learning to stand tall and hold true to yourself
  • Getting up and dusting yourself off after staying knocked down
  • The 5 Rs to battle confidence killers
  • Realizing you have the ability to do more than you think possible
Sep 10, 2019
138: Creating a Support System

When you’re going through things in life, it’s so valuable to have a good support system there to cheer you on and even roll up their sleeves to get in the trenches alongside you. Today, we’re talking about the value and importance of having support systems in your life. We’ll discuss how support systems can be diverse and the four different types of support that people seek. I share why you may want to look outside of your regular social circles when seeking a support group. Lastly, I also give you some real-world examples of support systems that I’ve designed in my own life.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Recognizing that support systems can be diverse - and why they should be
  • The four different types of support that people seek
  • Diversifying your support groups and looking outside of your regular social circles
  • Being able to decipher when someone is sabotaging your potential
  • Real-world examples of the support systems I designed for myself
Sep 03, 2019
137: Chris Winfield on Leading with H.O.P.E

The world will be a much happier place if everyone did their part in helping one person every day. Today's guest, Chris Winfield, strives to do just that. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Super Connector Media, which he successfully built on the concept of helping one person every day, H-O-P-E. We discuss how small changes can have life-altering impacts, why you need to share your gifts with the world, and why he believes in calling himself out when necessary. He also discusses what led him to decide on this concept for his business and what he has noticed that all humans struggle with after working with many entrepreneurs, leaders and celebrities.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Two monumental changes that altered Chris’ life
  • Why Chris believes in calling himself out
  • How feeling like his own daughter couldn’t count on him motivated him to make a change
  • Why Chris decided to help one person every day and why that matters
  • How sharing your passion can create big impact for others
Aug 27, 2019
136: Why Productivity Has Failed You

With hundreds of productivity hacks and methods out there, it’s pretty safe to say that not everything works for everybody. I know we’ve all been there, trying a productivity hack that others swear by and thinking, “this doesn’t work for me!” Today, I am going to be talking about why productivity has failed you and how to actually make time for your priorities. I will share how to figure out what works for you and why you need to be flexible when finding your own systems. I’ll also chat about the importance of taking breaks to recharge and how to customize your own productivity systems to align with your priorities. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Understanding that all there isn’t one magical productivity system 
  • Keeping flexibility at the forefront when finding a system that works for you
  • Taking breaks to help our brains recharge and refresh
  • Customizing your own productivity method that aligns with your goals and priorities
  • Scrapping the to-do list for the priority list and how this can change the way you work
Aug 20, 2019
135: Finding Your Purpose Within Pain

Did you know that sometimes it’s through life’s most pivotal, and oftentimes painful moments that we can find our true purpose? All it takes is some flexibility and resiliency to get us back on track toward our mission when we’re facing life-altering obstacles and curveballs. Today, I’m talking about using pain to find your purpose. I share why you need to be resilient and get yourself back up after you’ve been knocked down. I also discuss the 4 A’s that I used when I was faced with a challenging roadblock. I even share some inspiring stories about some of my friends and past guests who’ve used their pain to find their purpose.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Being resilient when life throws you unexpected curveballs
  • The 4 A’s that will help you to overcome life’s obstacles
  • Reaching out to your support system when you need help
  • How I applied the 4 A’s to bounce back from a difficult situation
  • Using the pivots and roadblocks to become resilient and find your purpose 
Aug 13, 2019
134: Taking Passion to the Next Level

Are you taking the necessary steps to find and pursue your passion and purpose? Today I’m talking about the differences between hobbies, passions and true purpose. Finding and pursuing your passion can be the first small step toward something big like finding true happiness and fulfillment. It can be the thing that helps to propel you out of bed on Monday mornings and get you excited to start the week. We’ll also be discussing how to uncover what’s important to you, my 4 tips to help you discover your passion and how to carve out time in your schedule to do what you love.  


What’s In This Episode:


  • Uncovering your passion and purpose in life (and how this is different than a hobby!)
  • 4 categories we want to overlap when taking our passion to the next level
  • Pinpointing which passions are most valuable to you
  • How to get started working toward your passion even if you feel stuck
Aug 06, 2019
133: Boss Up! with Lindsay Teague Moreno

Business and motherhood can coexist. Today I have momtrepreneur, Lindsay Teague Moreno, author of the best-selling book, Getting Noticed and upcoming book, Boss Up! on the show to share how she’s built several million-dollar producing companies and empowered thousands of women to say YES to building the business of their dreams. She shares how she got started as an entrepreneur and how she discovered her passion for teaching women about social media, branding, sales and storytelling. We discuss what it’s like working with our husbands in our businesses, teaching children the value of a dollar and working for what they deserve, and why you should find comfort in disrupting the world. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Lindsay discovering that she was more passionate about teaching women business than she was selling products
  • Finding comfort in disrupting the status quo and ruffling a few feathers
  • Doubling down on what makes you and your business different
  • How Lindsay learned to start charging her worth
  • Changing your mindset around money
Jul 30, 2019
132: Using Failure as Fuel

Are you afraid to fail? Failure doesn’t need to be something that you fear. In fact, when you embrace failure, you’re that much closer to becoming successful. Today I’m going to be talking about reframing failure and facing our fear of failing. I share a few stories about some of the most successful people in the world and how they failed but got back up again and pushed past their failures to success. I also share a story about how I almost let a $45,000 mistake cause me to give up and how this failure led me to successfully grow a seven-figure business. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Getting back up again after a failure 
  • Coming to grips with the fact that experiencing failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure
  • Embracing failure as it occurs
  • Becoming fearless and overcoming obstacles in your life
  • Examples of people (including me!)  who turned their failure into fuel for the life they wanted 
Jul 23, 2019
131: Reclaiming Your Lost Dreams

One of the biggest regrets people have in life is of the things they didn’t do or accomplish. It’s not the silly mistakes they’ve made, it’s about those dreams they wish they would have chased after. On today’s episode, I talk about how to stop making excuses for going after your goals and scheduling a date to accomplish your “someday” dreams. I share a personal story about my “someday” goal that I have finally accomplished with my new book, The Joy of Missing Out, and offer some encouragement to get you to reclaim your long lost dreams. Today we start Season 11: Small Changes For Big Impact, and I can’t wait to share all of the fabulous episodes we have in store for you.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Letting go of excuses to chase after your dream
  • Putting a firm date for “someday”
  • Choosing how we want to live each day
  • How I turned my “someday” dream into reality
  • Taking the bull by the horns and living a life of no regrets
Jul 16, 2019
130: How to Get the Most Out of a Day Off & Not Feel Guilty

You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a day off. But let’s be honest, a lot of times we do feel bad about taking that time for ourselves. Today’s episode is all about taking that time for yourself and feeling really good about it. Sometimes all we really need is a one-day break or personal day to feel recharged. I’ll share how setting intentions for your day will lead you to a productive (or relaxing) day off. I discuss why you should be mindful about how you want to feel at the end of your day and share 10 suggestions for how to spend a day off guilt-free. 


What’s In This Episode:


  • Learning to take a day off without feeling guilty
  • Setting intentions for your day off
  • Being mindful of your feelings to help you design your day
  • Focusing on which buckets you want to fill up
  • 10 suggestions for how to spend a day off guilt-free and to feel really good about it
Jul 09, 2019
129: Fully Enjoy Your Vacation & Come Back Refreshed

When was the last time you took a vacation? Taking care of yourself and finding time for vacation is one of the keys to achieving a higher sense of happiness and fulfillment. Vacations are about filling your days with intention and the activities that you’re passionate about and surrounding yourself with people that are the most important to you. Today, I’m sharing why we need to take vacations to make ourselves more productive and to avoid burnout from our work. I will also chat about why vacations are so beneficial to our lives and how you can best prepare for your vacations.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Getting ready for vacation mode and reducing stress before and during the vacation
  • Disconnecting from work to avoid burnout
  • 3 ways that vacation time is beneficial to us
  • Learning to say YES to your own priorities - even when it feels difficult 
  • Scheduling downtime to relax while on vacation
Jul 02, 2019
128: Pursue Your Passion (And Still Get Work Done!) with Tiffany Sorya

Rather than wandering around aimlessly, doing tasks that we don’t necessarily love we should instead be embracing what we do love and finding more ways to do exactly that. Today’s guest on the podcast is Tiffany Sorya, the founder of Novel Education Group, where she shows families how to make education work for them. Tiffany works with many high-profile clients including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the family of Dr. Dre. Tiffany’s approach is about creating a life that works for you, even if you have an unconventional lifestyle. Today, Tiffany and I are chatting about the importance of honing in on your passion and purpose, along with why you need to lean into your strengths and focus on them when building a life you love.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Scheduling downtime into your calendar - even when you think you don’t have time
  • How to hone in on your passion and purpose
  • Tiffany’s advice on figuring out where your strengths lie and how to focus on them
  • Where Tiffany's passion for a mission-driven life and business comes from
  • Creating a curriculum around students’ strengths
Jun 25, 2019
127: How to Work From Anywhere

Life happens outside of the normal nine to five, far from the hustle and bustle of the office. Many people are even working in a non-traditional office space. On today’s episode, I’ll share how to work more effectively away from the fluorescent lights and cubicles of an office. We’ll chat about being productive no matter where you’re working whether that’s at a hotel, at home with the kids at your feet, or at your favorite cafe. If you want to become more productive while working remotely, then this episode is for you.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Using time more effectively by working away from the office
  • 6 things to keep in mind to make sure you’re being productive when working remotely
  • Eliminating distractions and setting your own boundaries
  • Putting the proper communication channels in place
  • Working productively while traveling or with children at home
Jun 18, 2019
126: How to Make the Most of Boredom

Did you know that time has the ability to stretch and bend like taffy? Think about a time where you’ve felt rushed and 60 minutes seems to zoom by as you hurry to beat the clock. Now think of a time where you spent your day lying on the beach, soaking up the sun. Didn’t that same hour seem to linger? Today’s episode is all about how to make the most out of your time, how to savor the moment and make the most of boredom. I will share the 3 conditions that cause boredom and how you can start embracing boredom as a way to spark creativity.  


What’s In This Episode:


  • How to fill your days with substance rather than passing the time
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of boredom
  • Learning to use boredom to spark creativity
  • Allowing space for our brain to play and explore
  • Embracing boredom rather than moving away from it
Jun 11, 2019
125: Feeling Fulfilled in a Job You Love with Ken Coleman

Do you dread Monday mornings and feel like you’re always waiting for the weekend ahead? This episode is for you… today, I have a special guest on the show to talk about how you can find passion and fulfillment in your job. Ken Coleman is an author and host of the Ken Coleman Show and the top-rated EntreLeadership Podcast. This season, we have discussed the idea of bending time and it's no secret that we spend the majority of our time at our jobs. Ken will share how you can take ownership over how you feel about your work so you can go after the career you want… and leave behind the Sunday Scaries.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learning why you might be feeling unhappy at work (and the shocking statistic of how many others feel the same way!)
  • Changing your mindset to take charge of your career, and Ken’s story on how he came to this realization
  • Ken’s two questions you can ask yourself right now to take action toward the career you want
  • How you can put Ken’s Proximity Principle strategy into practice to build a life you love
Jun 04, 2019
124: Finding Happiness: How to Fill Your Days with Substance

The constant pressure of people-pleasing is a recipe for disaster. It's vital to learn how to fill your days with substance, allowing you to feel happier and more content in your daily life. In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of self-care and taking time out of your day to do things that fill up your cup. I’ll share some research about life satisfaction and give you actionable strategies to make yourself a priority again. It’s time to curb your people-pleasing patterns for good.


What’s In This Episode:


  • 5 things to remember when scheduling your days
  • Learning to treat yourself as a priority
  • Creating time buffers to bank up time for yourself
  • Listening to your heart and doing what makes you happy
  • Being flexible and open to curveballs in life
May 28, 2019
123: Spend Less Time on Email: Don't Let Your Inbox Own You

With the constant, non-stop pings that we get throughout the day, it’s no wonder we spend so much time on our emails. Email can be a big time thief, taking valuable hours out of our days. Today, I’m sharing how to become intentional about your email management through several strategies, including batching, simple ways to categorize your emails to take action on them quickly. After this episode, you’ll have the tools to manage your email more effectively, the permission to set boundaries and finally unplug from your inbox.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Setting expectations and boundaries for your email response time
  • Putting time aside in your calendar for managing emails
  • Creating an email management system that works for you and your work
  • 5 categories to quickly take action in your inbox, instead of spending hours on email
May 21, 2019
122: Take Control of Your Calendar

Have you ever fallen victim to your own calendar? Today, we’ll talk about managing your calendar and how to take control of your schedule and your time... so it doesn’t control you. I’ll share how to get in the driver’s seat when it comes to scheduling your time AND your personal priorities. We need to rethink busy and focus on what’s important to you, so you can structure your days to be more effective and rewarding.


What’s In This Episode:


  • The 5 P’s of planning and why it will help you take back control of your calendar (plus a FREE download  to help!)
  • Creating a weekly habit of looking at your week ahead
  • Setting yourself up for success by allowing for flexibility for life’s curveballs
  • Keeping your priorities straight and not letting others impose on your day
  • Protecting your calendar by time blocking key productive times
May 14, 2019
121: Making the Most of Your Mornings

What time do you start your day? Today, we’re talking about our mornings and some of the benefits of utilizing those wee hours before the household is fully awake. I’ll share some of the research about mornings and how your brain functions, along with ideas on how you can wake up refreshed, and how you can establish night time routines and morning rituals to get you into the habit of getting up earlier. We’ll focus on bending time so you can set your days up for success in a way that feels good to you.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Maximizing your brainpower in the morning in a way that works best for you
  • 5 tips on how you can wake up earlier - even if you’re not a morning person
  • How to wake up feeling refreshed & make sure your mornings feel good to you
  • How to turn your busy mornings into peaceful, unhurried ones
  • A new Blueprint Download to help you set up your mornings for success
May 07, 2019
120: How to Know Where to Focus Your Time with Pete Mockaitis

Today, I have a special guest on the show! Pete Mockaitis is here to talk about how to know where to focus your time. He is the host of the How to be Awesome at Your Job podcast and is an award-winning coach who helps professionals perform optimally at work. On this episode, Pete shares some ideas and tips on how you can really clarify where you want to invest your time, even if you feel like you don’t have enough of it!

What’s In This Episode:


  • Start feeling good about how you're spending your time
  • How to decide what is most important to tackle in your day
  • The 80/20 rule you need to know to make a bigger impact with your time
  • What it means to identifying your ‘vital few’
  • Utilizing Pete’s "one thing question" to bend time
Apr 30, 2019
119: Why Working Long Hours Isn't Productive

You might be surprised to learn that working more hours doesn't always mean you're getting more done. Today, talking about how many hours you're working each week and how working too many hours can actually decrease your productivity. I’ll share some of the history on the 8-hour work day and how other countries and even some companies are experimenting with alternative models and finding a lot of success. We're also diving into the importance of taking breaks, not skipping lunch, and finding ways to be mindful so we're not just churning and burning through our work days, so we can pursue what makes us happy and fulfilled.


What’s In This Episode:


  • The interesting history facts behind the 40-hour work week
  • How technology has impacted the number of hours you're working each week
  • Why it's important for you to take breaks and examples you can use today
  • What is “wholistic” living? Learn how you can implement it right away + increase happiness.
Apr 23, 2019
118: Are You Really Being Productive?

Season 10 is all about bending time to make sure you’re being productive and filling those hours with what's most important to you. Are you really being productive? We tend to think that the more items that we check off our to-do list, the more productive with are, so we feel obligated to try to do everything and to do it well in order to be "productive". In today’s episode, we're talking about shifting your mindset so you can embrace the idea of being enough, changing how we think about being busy & having an abundant mindset when you approach your time. It can sometimes feel like we're a victim to time, but what we need to realize is that we actually have the power over time.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Rethinking busy and focusing on spending our time where it matters most
  • How you can start being mindful about gifting your time
  • Giving yourself permission to pursue what's important
  • Start defining your own success right away
  • The big difference between being effective versus being efficient
Apr 16, 2019
117: How To Have Confidence to Get What You Want

Do you have the confidence to get what you really want? Today, we're talking about having the confidence to bring out the true you so you can pursue your goals and your dreams. In this episode, we'll be chatting about getting out of your comfort zone, vulnerability, and stopping the constant apologizing. It's not about changing who you are and becoming a totally different person. It's about shifting your mindset, pushing your limits and finding ways to allow your best self to come forward and shine.


What’s In This Episode:


  • The benefits of being uncomfortable & how discomfort leads to action
  • Using your optimal anxiety as a momentum builder
  • Shifting your mindset when stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Giving yourself permission to be vulnerable
  • How to transform your "sorrys" into "thank yous"
Apr 09, 2019
116: Embracing Your Perfectly Imperfect Self with Sarah Herron

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Sarah Herron, the Executive Director of SheLift, a female-focused community encouraging women to cultivate confidence and self-acceptance through adventure and authenticity. A Colorado native, Sarah first gained notoriety on ABC's The Bachelor for being the first contestant with a physical disability. With nearly 10 years experience in marketing and advertising, and five years as a social influencer, it's Sarah's personal mission today to ensure SheLift is the platform women turn to for inclusive, body positivity visibility, and inspiration. Today, Sarah shares her story and her experiences in finding courage and power through her differences.


What’s In This Episode:

  • How to find courage and conviction in the pursuit of goals
  • Not letting other people’s perceptions shape us
  • Finding power in standing out and stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Sarah on using her platform to help women and girls through SheLift and her Confidence Courses
Apr 02, 2019
115: Finding the Courage to Go After What You Really Want

Today, we’re diving into how to manage our fear so we can get the courage to pursue something we’re truly passionate about. I’ll share the two different kinds of fear we have, and why the second one is probably the most common for you. Learn the differences between courage and fearlessness, and start managing your fear in a healthy way, and push forward to go after anything you’re dreaming of.

What’s In This Episode:

  • The difference between survival fear and perception fear
  • What you need to know about being fearless vs. having courage
  • Why fear can be healthy for you and how to use it to your advantage
  • 5 steps for managing fear in any situation + a FREE Download to help!
Mar 26, 2019
114: Knowing Your Enneagram & How It Can Change Your Life with Jenn Jett

Today I’m sitting down with author, speaker and entrepreneur, Jenn Jett, to talk all about knowing your Enneagram type and how it can change your life. We're going to dive deep into this because it really is about understanding and getting to the heart of who you are in this season about new year, true you. Jenn will explain what the Enneagram test is and how knowing your number can really help you in moving forward to becoming that best version of yourself.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Discussion on Jenn Jett’s work and how she came to merge her passion for helping doers and dreamers the Enneagram.
  • How the Enneagram differs from a personality test
  • 9 ways that we may think, feel, or behave and how that is reflected in our Enneagram number
  • Becoming more compassionate through understanding the Enneagram tool
  • Jenn shares her evolution in using and applying the enneagram tool
  • How knowing our Enneagram number can help us to be more productive and effective
  • How our environment and learning play into our Enneagram number
  • The value of knowing the enneagram number of others
Mar 19, 2019
113: Improve Your Sleep & Increase Productivity

A good night’s sleep can be the difference between a highly productive day and a draggy, unproductive one.  Today I’m going to highlight some of the negative effects of not getting the right amount of sleep. I’ll talk about boosting your productivity with a nap and share some tips and routines that can help you to fall asleep faster and make your environment more sleep friendly.


What’s In This Episode:


  • The negative ways that lack of sleep affects decision making and other important functions
  • How sleep impacts human growth and aging
  • The role of inadequate sleep in depression
  • Strategies for determining how much sleep you need to be your best self
  • How to nap for maximum productivity
  • The Relax and Win method to fall asleep quickly
  • 7 tips to achieving a better night’s sleep
Mar 12, 2019
112: Finding Your Financial Freedom

Today we’re taking a look at how to organize and streamline paperwork, bills, and expenses as well as how to set up systems to downsize debt and grow savings. We’ll talk about tools to make finances and saving easy and pain-free. These steps toward finding financial freedom can offer a big boost to your confidence and go far to help you to feel like more like the true you.


What’s In This Episode:


  • How to best sort and organize paperwork
  • Using smart techniques to automate and simplify financial responsibilities
  • Creating systems that make saving simple and pain-free
  • Tools for avoiding the Diderot effect as income increases
  • Strategies to downsizing your debt
Mar 05, 2019
111: How to Organize Anything (Without Stress)

Today, our focus is figuring out how to organize ALL the “stuff” in our lives, why it's important to organize, and how clutter can actually affect our mental health and even our happiness. I'll share some strategies to help you organize your home and I'll share one of my very favorite techniques called the Mount Vernon Method. All the ideas I'm sharing today will help you tackle any project around the house and allow you to get organized.

What’s In This Episode:


  • The connection between clutter and your health, productivity, and emotional wellbeing
  • How you can get more organized with the Mount Vernon Method
  • Getting rid of your guilt while you clear out the clutter
  • 4 steps to getting your project organized without all the stress
Feb 26, 2019
110: Dorothy Beal on the Power of Self Love

Dorothy Beal is a runner, a writer, and a body-positive activist who believes runners come in all shapes and sizes, and that if you run, you have a runner's body. She is the founder and creator of the I Have a Runner's Body and I Run This Body movement. As a marathon runner, Dorothy believes that movement has the power to transform your life and that one of the biggest barriers that can hold us back is our own mind. Today, we talk about when she first became a runner, digging in on the harder days, changing the way we approach health goals, and what prompted her to start her campaigns. Today, you’ll get motivated to start your self-love journey - whatever that may look like for you - whether it’s going for a run or getting started on another goal you’ve been wanting to accomplish.

What’s In This Episode:


  • The benefits of discovering your new passion or hobby
  • How Dorothy pushes through the low points to get to the high points
  • Dorothy’s secret to dealing with the days when you don't feel like showing up
  • Shifting our mindset to focus on health goals instead of getting caught up in numbers
  • Dorothy's inspiration to start her “I Run This Body” & “I Have A Runner's Body” campaigns
Feb 19, 2019
109: How to Make Yourself Work, Even When You Don’t Want To

How do you make yourself work even when you don't want to? Today, our focus is all about getting motivated. We're talking about the basics of motivation and procrastination, how to jump-start yourself when you're not in the mood to do much of anything at all, and I'll be sharing six ways to stop procrastinating and get moving.


What’s In This Episode:


  • 3 reasons we tend to procrastinate & how you can work around them
  • Using fear as motivation instead of letting it paralyze you
  • 6 strategies to help you overcome procrastination
  • What internal focus of control is and how it will help you become more motivated
Feb 12, 2019
108: Why You Need to Stop Asking For Permission

What do you do if those around you aren't bought into your new goal or dream? Are you constantly looking for permission from others? Today, we're focusing on what to do when you're looking for support and there isn't really anyone around you buying in. We'll also talk about making good choices and feeling confident in those decisions.

What’s In This Episode:


  • How to get support from the important people around us
  • 6 steps to take when you're trying to get someone to buy-in on something you believe in
  • Learning to persevere even when others don't support you
  • Dealing with analysis paralysis when making decisions
  • 3 tips to feel more confident in your decision making
Feb 05, 2019
107: Defining Who You Want to Be

Who do you want to be? It's a big & necessary question for us to think through as we spend this season uncovering the true you. On today's episode, we're talking about defining who you want to be and how envisioning your future self can help you to define who you are and where you want to go in life. I’ll also share how your virtues play a big role in determining your future self.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Thinking about your future self to help identify your path
  • Setting yourself up for success in the future with the decisions you’re making today
  • Keeping your virtues & values in mind when imagining your future self
  • 2 types of virtues and how they can help you determine who you want to be
Jan 29, 2019
106: The Art of Knowing What You Want

What do you want to do in life? What drives you? What are you truly passionate about? Today, we are talking about the art of knowing what you want and how to prioritize your passions. We'll be uncovering what you're really passionate about, the benefits of pursuing your passions, and how you can actually make time for them in the midst of your everyday life.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Why you should uncover your passion and pursue it
  • How to know if you’re truly passionate about something
  • 5 things to consider when you're discovering your passion
  • Making space & prioritizing the things that are most important to you
Jan 22, 2019
105: Becoming the Best You

Today, we're kicking off season nine, New Year True You, by talking about how you can set ongoing goals to help you improve your life. We're also going to dive into the difference between goals versus habits and how habits can actually be good for helping you achieve your goals. I'll be sharing some tips on how to establish some of those good habits and how to make a plan so that you'll be incredibly successful in 2019.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Why New year resolutions don’t work, and what you can do instead
  • The differences between long-term goals and ongoing goals and how they often intersect
  • How habits can help us become the best versions of ourselves
  • 4 steps to help you set up good habits for yourself
  • The 3 Rs for making a plan & helping yourself stick to it
Jan 15, 2019
104: Ready. Reflect. Refresh.

What would life be like if you didn't just set your goals, but you actually achieved them? Today, in our last episode of season 8, we're going to recap some of the highlights from the season, add in some new info, and get you motivated to tackle your goals, projects and dreams. Your goals are not outside of reach… that thing you’ve been thinking about in your head for so long? It’s time to get started, make a plan that will work for you and achieve your goal.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Mapping out your goals based on the different categories in your life to ensure success
  • How to focus on one goal at a time to avoid feeling overextended
  • Evaluating your goals (and WHY you set them in the first place)
  • 5 powerful reminders you’ll need to help you refresh and embrace change
Jan 08, 2019
103: Overcome Your Obstacles: The Power of the Pivot

How do you handle obstacles when they pop up? Do you let them derail you or do you view them as an opportunity? Today, we’re focusing on how you can overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. I'm going to highlight some important goal-setting strategies for you to use, the different kinds of obstacles, and how they impact us. I’ll also share a few simple steps to help you move forward past your roadblocks.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Utilizing the right framework for goal setting and dealing with obstacles
  • 2 types of obstacles we are most likely to face
  • 4 simple steps to help you overcome your obstacles
  • Looking at obstacles as opportunities & the power of the pivot
Jan 01, 2019
102: How Mandy Harvey Turns Tragedy into Triumph

Even the best-laid plans hit snags from time to time. What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost control of your plans? Today we’re talking with Mandy Harvey, an award-winning singer and songwriter, who lost her residual hearing at the age of 19. Even after her hearing loss, Mandy pursued an incredibly successful career in music. She performs around the United States, has released four albums, and was recently featured on America’s Got Talent. Her story looks different than what she had planned for herself, and it is such an inspiring and powerful example of what it looks like to overcome obstacles and pivot so that you can still chase after your why.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Mandy’s story and the journey she’s been on to get to where she is now
  • How losing her hearing has allowed her to communicate more & feel more connected
  • Dealing with having to change your plans while still staying true to your why
  • What to do if your dream gives up on you
  • Getting over fear by giving yourself permission to fail
Dec 25, 2018
101: Ask Tonya: Aligning Goals with Your Unique Priorities

Learn how to plan for success and achieve your goals in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering your questions on how to create a successful accountability partnership, dealing with a family member who refuses to buy in, how to plan and maximize your downtime with your kids, and preparing your business for long-term growth from the very beginning.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Want to be the best accountability partner? I’m sharing how you can ensure you’re providing value to your partner
  • What to do if a family member isn’t on board with your goals or systems
  • How to get the most out of your downtime with your family
  • The most important thing you can do in the early stages of your business to help you grow and expand
Dec 18, 2018
100: How to Build a Support System & Reach Your Goals

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This week, we’re talking all about accountability and support systems. We’ll dive into why it’s so important to have someone hold you accountable, how accountability partners help foster success in your life, and how to find & build a successful partnership. We’ll also discuss the different types of accountability partnerships and groups and the benefits of each.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Why even self-starters need someone to hold them accountable
  • How an accountability partner can help foster success in your life
  • The questions you should ask to find the right accountability partner for you
  • Five things to keep in mind to ensure that your partnership is successful
Dec 11, 2018
099: How To Make Time For Your Personal Goals

All season long our focus has been on planning for success, but the best-laid plans don't do us any good if we don't take the time to make them happen. Today, we’re discussing how to create space for your goals. I’ll share how creating habits allows you to make daily progress towards your goals, my four tips on how you can intentionally carve out time, and the importance of getting rid of the things that don’t line up with your priorities in order to get you closer to the life that you want to lead.


What’s In This Episode:


  • How to make our goals more achievable by breaking them down into milestones
  • Creating habits for yourself that allow you to make progress on any goal you set
  • 4 tips on how you can intentionally make time for your goals
  • Cut down on time wasters and give yourself time to focus on your priorities
Dec 04, 2018
098: Deciding Your Destination: Start With the End in Mind

Goals are an integral part of creating plans for success, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to know where to begin when it comes to setting a goal. Your goal may be a project, a habit, or a task, but whatever it is, all goals start with you considering the final destination, and that's what I want to focus on today. We will discuss the idea of starting with the end in mind, creating counterbalance in order to achieve certain goals, the importance of visualization, and creating milestones to ensure that you meet the big goals and dreams you have set for yourself.


What’s In This Episode:


  • 3 different categories of goals
  • Leaning into an area of focus in order to achieve a specific goal
  • Beginning with the end in mind through the power of visualization
  • How to create & utilize milestones to attain your goals
  • Assessing your milestones in order to identify when you need to readjust
Nov 27, 2018
097: Don’t Delay Happiness: Someday Syndrome

How many times have you said that you'd do whatever it is you want to do “someday”? In reality, someday is this indefinite time in the future that never really comes. Today, I want to focus on your someday. We’ll discuss the roadblocks that keep us from pursuing the things that we say matter most to us & how we can take actionable steps towards prioritizing and achieving those dreams. We have to stop delaying our happiness and give ourselves permission to change, to start, to do the things we need to do, and to move towards the lives we really want.

What’s In This Episode:


  • 3 roadblocks of Someday Syndrome and how you can address them
  • Giving yourself permission to pursue what matters most to you
  • How you can make someday a reality through intention and planning
  • Evaluating your somedays in order to determine how they fit into your life
Nov 20, 2018
096: Overcoming Your Distractions with Chris Bailey

Why is mindfulness so important when it comes to productivity? Today, Chris Bailey & I will be discussing productivity, mindfulness, and his books, The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus. Chris is a productivity expert who speaks to organizations around the globe on how to become more productive without hating the process. We will also be sharing about the importance of taking time to let our minds wander and the benefits that come from that time.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Why mindfulness is so important for leading productive lives
  • How we create meaning for our lives through what we focus on
  • Recognizing the impact the information that we consume has on our happiness
  • Controlling our attention and eliminating distractions
  • Being intentional in taking timeouts to deliberately let our attention scatter
Nov 13, 2018
095: Stop Being Busy & Start Being Productive

Which is better, to fill our day with 40 insignificant tasks that we can check off our list? Or five momentum building, goal setting tasks? Five important tasks will trump any number of insignificant ones any day of the week. Today, we’re talking about shifting our mindset from busyness to productivity. I’ll share why it’s important to be intentional with our time and how to be sure our ‘yeses’ matter.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Focusing on what we’re doing best rather than worrying about whether we are doing enough
  • Willful focus vs. automatic focus
  • How to eliminate distractions, specifically technology and social media
  • Stop using busyness and distractions to cover uncertainty in our lives
  • Making choices about how you spend your time & making your yeses matter
Nov 06, 2018
094: Using Routines to Limit Distractions and Promote Productivity

Time blocking and routines are two solid ways to focus on doing things that really matter the most to us. We all function in many different roles and if we don’t intentionally plan our time, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and overstressed. Today, we're going to be talking about creating routines and utilizing time blocking to help move you closer to achieving your goals and your dreams.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Cultivating and creating intentional habits so you can focus on what’s most important
  • Using time blocking to organize your day instead of just organizing our tasks
  • Overcoming the planning fallacy
  • Adding structure to your life with routines
Oct 30, 2018
093: How Journaling Can Change Your Life

Today, we're talking all about the power of paper and how journaling can change your life. Paper is a permanent space in an all too temporary world. The words we write don't disappear in 24 hours unless we want them to. Paper's a break from the consumption of technology.  In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the benefits of journaling, how writing awakens our creativity, and five ways that you can use a journal.

Oct 23, 2018
092: Creating a Planning System

Season 8 is all about planning for success. As we move towards the end of the year and into the next, this is the ideal time to lay down the groundwork and focus on how planning for success can help lead us into happier, more productive lives. Today, we are going to talk about creating a planning system that works for you. I’ll share how having a system in place enables us to focus on our goals every day, the importance of writing our goals down, and my 5 P’s for how to plan.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Having a system for planning to enable us to get to our goals each day
  • Simplifying our lives by creating a process for ourselves
  • Taking ownership of our goals by writing them down
  • The 5 P’s for how to make plans and achieve goals
Oct 16, 2018
091: Take Time to Savor the Moment

We all feel so busy, rushing and hurrying... Our days feel like they're chock-full to the brim with every minute filled with tasks and activities. It feels difficult to stop and really savor the moments, and that's what I want to focus on today - savoring our time so we can feel less stressed. We’ll talk about the how savoring increases our happiness and five ways to create savored moments.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Increasing happiness through savoring moments
  • How to stop rushing to begin savoring
  • Five ways to create savored moments
  • Take a daily vacation! I’ll share a quick and easy exercise you can use right away.
Oct 09, 2018
090: Disconnecting When It’s Time to Connect

Over the second half of the season on cultivating happiness we've been talking quite a bit about connection and the need for one another in order to increase our happiness. Today, I want to talk about why we need to disconnect from our smartphones and choose instead to connect with others to really intentionally carve out time to deepen up those connections. We’ll talk about setting aside tech free time & making routines to enrich our connection with others.

What’s In This Episode:

  • The benefits of deep social connections
  • Feeding our dopamine addiction with smartphones
  • Deciding what we really want to use our phones for
  • Setting aside tech free time for ourselves and our families
  • Creating your own routines for connecting
Oct 02, 2018
089: Living a Purposeful Life with John O’Leary

Sometimes we might feel as though happiness is not a choice. When John O’Leary was nine years old, he suffered burns over 100% of his body and he was expected to die. He's now an inspirational speaker, podcaster and bestselling author, teaching more than 50,000 people around the world each year how to live inspired. John encourages people to wake up from accidental living and lead an inspired life. Today on the podcast, he’s sharing why cultivating happiness is a choice and how you can choose happiness in the little things, along with the importance of having the right people in our lives to give us guidance.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Leading a more intentional, inspired life by seeking joy and contentment
  • How to find happiness in the little things
  • Choosing the lens with which we see the world
  • Needing the right people in our lives to provide guidance at the right time
  • Dealing with trauma or difficult life experiences
  • The three questions you should ask yourself daily
Sep 25, 2018
088: The Beauty of Traditions

Traditions have a way of weaving time together. They allow us to retain and pass down our cultural beliefs, our spiritual beliefs, and even our family moral values. A tradition is any activity that is purposely repeated, and today we’re talking about how they help us create stronger bonds and connections, which is a key to happiness. We’ll also discuss the benefits of creating traditions and the three different types.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Conserving energy and alleviating stress through traditions
  • Strengthening family bonds over traditions
  • Creating comfort and security by practicing traditions with your family
  • Three types of traditions you’ll want to implement
  • FREEBIE: the Creating Traditions download will help you brainstorm ideas and schedule in new traditions to try out weekly, monthly and yearly!
Sep 18, 2018
087: Cultivating Partnerships

Relationships are one of those things that are at the top of our priority list, but in the busyness of our days, we sometimes forget to pay attention to that as a priority. Our connections with others are what builds into our overall happiness and improve our productivity. This week, we are talking about building and cultivating your partnerships, dealing with issues and conflicts, and letting go of unrealistic expectations in your relationship. We’ll also discuss the three keys to creating strong partnerships.


What’s In This Episode:


  • The connection between our relationships and productivity
  • Creating new experiences to feed your relationship
  • Dealing with issues in a partnership as they come up & allowing yourself the space to constructively resolve conflict
  • Letting go of unrealistic expectations in a relationship
  • Three keys to creating strong partnerships
Sep 11, 2018
086: Creating Connections: Importance of Others

We’ve been talking about happiness all season long, and today we’re discussing the importance of connections and how that impacts your happiness. It’s important that we treat our friendships as the priority that they truly are because as humans, our need for love and belonging are the foundation for who we are. In this episode, we’ll discuss how important friendships and connections are, the way that connection impacts your health, and why it is important to build a friendship on a variety of different interests on multiple levels.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Choosing connection in order to nurture relationships as an important part of our holistic selves
  • Building true connection through quality time
  • The impact connection and loneliness have on your health
  • Showing up for collective moments of joy and pain to bear witness to human connection
  • Creating relationships on common interests on multiple levels
Sep 04, 2018
085: Eliminating Stress by Bending Time

Do some hours seem long and enjoyable while others feel fleeting and full of stress? Today, we are going to be talking about eliminating stress by bending time. We’ll talk about the impact planning fallacy has on our perception of time and how to make our important tasks more manageable and our days more enjoyable by using time buffers. We’ll also discuss the importance of lingering and six ideas that reinforce the idea of not rushing on to the very next thing.

What’s In This Episode:


  • The concept and benefits of bending time
  • Reclaiming our time by intentionally scheduling for action, thought and conversation
  • The impact planning fallacy has on our future planning
  • Making our important tasks manageable by using time buffers
  • Six ideas to reinforce the idea of lingering
Aug 28, 2018
084: Ask Tonya: Being Intentional & Cultivating Happiness

Learn how to be intentional with your family in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering listener’s questions about how to create & maximize time with family, the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks, getting your family on board with new systems, and how changing your perspective on others’ successes can lead to your own accomplishments.

What’s In This Episode:


  • My favorite tips on how to carve out whitespace & recharge so that we can work effectively & feel successful
  • Distinguishing between what is important and what is urgent in our daily lives
  • Planning and maximizing your downtime with your family
  • What is frequency illusion? And how to use it as a springboard for success
Aug 21, 2018
083: Scheduling the Unschedulable

There are some things in our lives that feel like they shouldn’t be scheduled, but when we make time for them, they truly increase our happiness. Today we're talking about scheduling the unschedulable to allow yourself the space to be able to do what you want to do. We will talk about the importance of planning your free time and prioritizing your tasks, your loved ones, and yourself.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Prioritizing your tasks & investing your time consciously
  • Setting boundaries to allow yourself to dedicate your time intentionally
  • The consequences of deprioritizing yourself and your loved ones
  • Planning your free time in order to truly enjoy it
Aug 14, 2018
082: The Importance of Breaks

Are you good at taking breaks? Do you feel guilty taking breaks? Do you feel like they are a waste of time? Many of us skip breaks, just trying to push through and be as efficient as possible. Skipping out on breaks isn’t good for your productivity or overall happiness at work & at home. Today, we’re talking about the importance of taking breaks and the types of breaks that will make us feel happier each day.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Increasing your productivity with breaks
  • Scheduling well-timed breaks for mental clarity
  • Understanding the types of breaks you really want to take
  • Five categories of breaks you’ll want to implement into your day
  • Ways to have a greener workspace to incorporate nature into your day
Aug 07, 2018
081: The Joy of Missing Out

We've all heard of FOMO, the fear of missing out, but what we need to do is to work to cultivate the joy of missing out. We’ll find the happiness in not following along what everybody else is doing, purposely not following the crowd, and doing your own thing. On today’s episode we are talking about where our FOMO comes from and the things that exacerbate it. We’ll also learn practices that will help us cultivate solitude and help us discover what we truly love.

What’s In This Episode:


  • FOMO: where the fear of missing out comes from
  • Exacerbating our comparison issue with technology & social media
  • Forming an internal understanding of ourselves and our mission in this world
  • Top 5 practices to cultivating solitude
Jul 31, 2018
080: Shifting Your Perspective

Today we’re shifting our perspectives to cultivate a happier, more satisfying life. We’ll focus on mindset, the importance of identifying negative self-talk and thoughts, and the five practices that will allow you to shift your perspective. Learn to finally stop finding the negative in situations, and instead choose to become more aware of the positives and create your happiest life.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Lazy vs. Intentional: How your actions and emotions make all the difference
  • Choosing positive, intentional thoughts
  • Identifying negative loops & consciously shifting your mindset to optimistic
  • Top 5 practices to help you finally shift your perspective
Jul 24, 2018
079: Choosing Happiness

What does happiness have to do with productivity? Everything. The goal of productivity is to find ways to create space, to focus our time, our energy, and our effort into what really matters most, the result of which is happiness. Today we start season 7, on cultivating happiness through productivity. We’ll start with discussing the idea of choosing happiness. I’ll talk about what it looks like to choose happiness, how to handle our negative emotions and inner critic and four mindset shifts that you can start making today.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Choosing happiness & the realistic choices you can start making to cultivate happiness
  • Showing up to your emotions so that you can bring happiness into your everyday life
  • Being happy and being comfortable: What’s the difference?
  • Four mindset shifts you can start making today
Jul 17, 2018
078: Manifesting & Visualizing Your Success

All season long, we've uncovered several of the stumbling blocks many of us deal with and turned them into starting blocks. We're really only limited by our visions of who we are and what we're capable of doing & the stumbling blocks we experience are merely small obstacles to overcome. Today, I’m building on that idea and the importance of visualizing success. Visualization is the deliberate creation of images in one's mind and when done correctly, visualization is an effective way to overcome your obstacles and achieve success.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Utilizing detailed visualization to break down stumbling blocks & plan our actions
  • The relationship between visualization and success
  • Four benefits of visualization
  • Starting the practice of realistic visualization
  • Expecting results from your visualization practice
Jul 10, 2018
077: Taking Risks With Intention

Risk taking involves testing our boundaries in a safe environment, which helps us cultivate what we value and define who we are. However, it is a skill that is often under practiced because many fear stepping out on a limb and failing. Today, I am going to be sharing why it is important to practice the skill of taking risks, practical tips for assessing whether a risk is meaningful, and how to accurately define success when stepping outside of your comfort zone.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Practicing the skill of taking risks
  • Deciphering between fear and intuition
  • Assessing if the risk has intention or not + a FREE download
  • Actionable ways to take intentional & meaningful risks
  • Defining success when taking risks
Jul 03, 2018
076: How to Be Present

Do you ever get to the end of the day and have a dissatisfaction with your day even though you were constantly getting things done? We are constantly hearing the buzz words “busy” & “hustle” in our day to day lives, but those words are meaningless if you’re not getting meaningful or important things done. Today on the podcast, I’m sharing what it means to be present & how when productivity is combined with presence, it leads to accomplishments that are worthwhile and meaningful.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Accomplishing meaningful goals through combining productivity and presence
  • What it really means to be present
  • Recognizing stumbling blocks through being present
  • Be deliberate with your time: How to check in with yourself + a FREE Download
  • Actionable ways you can be more present and cultivate a happier life
Jun 26, 2018
075: Combat Fear of Commitment & Self Doubt

We all have that voice inside of our head that makes us doubt ourselves. When left to fester and grow, this self doubt turns into a paralyzing fear of commitment. Today, I’m sharing a strategy that will help you battle your inner critic before it even speaks up. I’ll also share about a mindset that will keep you from letting a fear of commitment drive your decisions.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Two combating voices in our heads: the inner critic and the voice of realistic thinking
  • Battling your inner critic before it speaks up with the “Fake It Til You Make It” strategy
  • What happens when we let self doubt grow into fear of commitment
  • The “Complete It or Kill It” mindset
  • Commit to show up and do something
Jun 19, 2018
074: How To Fight Procrastination

When we think of procrastination, it’s easy to believe that it is simply about poor time management, but in reality it has nothing to do with time management and everything to do with our emotions. Today, I’m sharing the most common excuses we use to justify our procrastination & tips on how to combat each of those excuses. It is so important to press into the excuses we give, to recognize the harm that procrastination is doing to your work and to commit to change.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Fight Procrastination: Why it’s not about time management
  • Letting go of the shame & guilt associated with procrastination
  • Questions to ask yourself when you can’t get started on a task
  • 6 excuses you’re using to justify procrastination & tips on how to combat each
  • Commit to tackle your procrastination mindset
Jun 12, 2018
073: Stop Overthinking & Take Action

We often think planning out each detail will bring us success, but overthinking your next move really just leads to analysis paralysis and extra stress. Today, I’m sharing my favorite quick tips with you that will allow you stop overthinking and propel you forward to take action. The ‘perfect’ time will never come… now is the time to get started and move forward with your projects, goals and dreams.

What’s In This Episode:

• How overthinking and overplanning is actually procrastination
• Letting go of your uncertainty and embrace ‘good enough’
• Become a Satisficer: make decisions when your criteria is met, not waiting for perfect conditions
• 4 quick tips to help you stop overthinking and start taking action

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Jun 05, 2018
TWE: Rediscovering Your Fire

Have you ever had a passion or hobby, but somehow felt you lacked the time to put effort into it? When life happens, we sometimes put off the little things that make us happy. In today’s mini episode, I’m sharing one of my favorite passions with you, and how I carved out time to rediscover this activity by redirecting it from a stumbling block to a starting block.

Jun 01, 2018
072: From Spending Time to Savoring Time with Laura Vanderkam

Feeling like you don’t have enough time is a common stumbling block, but today we’re flipping that on its head. It’s not about having time - it’s how we spend it. I’m so excited to have author and time tracking expert Laura Vanderkam back on the show to discuss time discipline versus time freedom and how to change your perspective of the time in your day. By the end of our interview, you’ll be asking yourself, “What makes today memorable?” and understand how to create intentional days going forward.

What’s In This Episode:

• Look at how you spend your time: The Paradox of time discipline and time freedom
• Being a self interrupter: Learn how to open up time and space for yourself
• Savoring time: Why it’s not MORE that you need
• Stretching the experience of your time through intentional days
• Feeling ‘off the clock’ by putting time into perspective

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May 29, 2018
TWE: From Interrupting to Enriching

In this week’s podcast episode, we talked about being a self interrupter. What do you think one of the biggest sources of interruption and distraction might for us? I would guess that social media and technology instantly came to mind. Today, I’ll share a few simple ways we can be mindful when engaging with others using technology so that it is enriching our lives instead of interrupting.

May 25, 2018
071: Are You a Self Interrupter?

We’re surrounded by technology, notifications, alarms, calls and the misconception that multitasking is a good thing, making it increasingly difficult to focus on real work. We often blame others for distracting us, but consider what you can actionably do to prevent interruptions from others - and yourself. Listen today and find out if you’re a self interrupter, why we distract ourselves and the 5 habits to cultivate that will increase your attention span, allowing you to hone in on any task you want to complete.

What’s In This Episode:

• Discover how ‘distractable’ you are - what do we do when nothing is occupying our attention?
• How multitasking is hurting your productivity, and how to fix it with monotasking
• Changing your brain and your behavior to diminish interruptions
• 5 good habits that will boost your attention span and increase focus

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May 22, 2018
TWE: Shipwrecks of Sri Lanka

From tragedy comes intense beauty. For thousands of years, Sri Lanka was a key trade and shipping port for silk from China to Europe…but the route was not an easy one. In today’s mini episode, I’ll share what hundreds of shipwrecks from Sri Lanka can teach us about our failures and unfinished journeys.  

May 18, 2018
070: Don’t Wait For Inspiration

Feeling uninspired can keep us from going after our goals and dreams, leaving us dreading our work, and worse - keeping us from taking a single step to begin. I want to share a secret with you, though… it’s not about finding inspiration, it’s about being motivated. I’ll explain how those two feelings are different and the surprising way boundaries can set you free. We’ll use 5 different methods to create motivation so that you begin to make real progress and feel challenged and energized to keep going forward.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Working within boundaries to increase freedom & inspiration
  • Why it’s more about your need for motivation, not inspiration
  • Measuring your progress to create awareness and challenge yourself
  • Decrease your risk of burnout with 5 ways you can boost motivation
  • Shifting your uninspired, unmotivated mindset with small steps


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May 15, 2018
TWE: FEAR Method

We can allow Fear to dominate or dictate our lives, or we can take charge. In today’s mini episode, I’ll give you a little trick for looking fear in the face - the FEAR Method. Each letter stands for something different you can do each time you feel that beating in your chest and the need to run from your situation.

May 11, 2018
069: The Comparison Trap

Do you often look around and feel that the grass is always greener on the other side as you compare your journey to others? I’ll share how we can move past the Grass is Greener Syndrome, which causes perfectionism, FOMO and lack of motivation. Today, we’ll turn this stumbling block into a starting block so your time and energy is focused on you, not the fantasies of the other side of the fence.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to overcome constant comparisons and the idea that the grass is always greener
  • The truth behind social media and how to shift your misconceptions
  • How social media plays into our need to compare and how you can shift your mindset
  • Learn how to stop trying to build success on top of insecurity  
  • Taking 3 actionable steps to quit comparing your journey to others

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May 08, 2018
TWE: Receive What You Achieve

Too often we are so busy trying to get all our work done that we forget to stop and celebrate the wins. Today I’m sharing a recent experience I had while chatting at a conference where I realized that I’m not alone in feeling this way. In this mini episode, I’m talking about why compliments and celebrations are so hard for us to receive.

May 04, 2018
068: From Failure to Fulfillment with Jeff Goins

Writer, speaker and entrepreneur, Jeff Goins, is on the show today discussing the stumbling blocks he, and others who work creatively, have personally experienced. He shares why the ‘starving artist’ is a myth and how we can use obstacles and setbacks to help us accomplish our goals, not suffer through them. After listening to our interview, you’ll gain the insight and mindset that will allow you to shift your path and goals in the right direction.   

What’s In This Episode:


  • How to pivot, or move forward after you’ve failed or hit a stumbling block
  • Using your obstacles as resources to guide you down the right path
  • Why it’s important to be stubborn about your vision and flexible with details
  • Building bridges towards taking opportunities and creating change
  • The Starving Artist Myth: How to stop disqualifying yourself before you try


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May 01, 2018
TWE: Who Do You Think You Are?

Earlier this week on the podcast, we talked about Imposter Syndrome… something everyone deals with when we don't fully comprehend our accomplishments and feel good enough. For today’s mini episode, I’ll share a helpful anecdote from author Neil Gaiman about his interaction with a famous person and their mutual feeling of Imposter Syndrome. Learn how striving to do our best is exactly what we should be aiming for in our lives.

Apr 27, 2018
067:Imposter Syndrome: Stop Holding Yourself Back

Have you ever felt that you didn’t deserve your achievements or earn your success? It’s common to devalue our worth and feel that we don’t fit in - this is called Imposter Syndrome. Today, I’m sharing how this ties into perfectionism and procrastination, and how it may be holding you back from living your most productive and happy life. Learn the 5 strategies you can use right away to beat Imposter Syndrome so you can move forward and appreciate your journey and accomplishments.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Understand what Imposter Syndrome is and how it ties into perfectionism
  • How good feedback from others can help you feel more secure in your accomplishments
  • Actionable tips for shifting your mindset and combating your negative feelings about yourself
  • Learn 5 quick strategies to defeat Imposter Syndrome for good


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Apr 24, 2018
TWE: Perfection’s High Price

Perfectionism stops people from completing their work - yes, but even worse… it often stops people from beginning their work. Today, I’m sharing an insightful excerpt on the perfectionist attitude from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. In today’s mini episode, you’ll learn how perfectionism disguises itself as a good thing and why it’s actually a waste of time and could be the culprit in holding you back.

Apr 20, 2018
066: The Pursuit of Perfection

We’re starting season 6 off by discussing one of our biggest stumbling blocks that can get in the way of living a productive, happy life: Perfectionism. I’ll share the two types of perfectionists with you and how perfectionism is a learned habit… which is good news because that means we can unlearn it! Discover the 5 things you can start doing right now so you change your perfectionist mindset for good.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why seeking perfection is keeping you from the life you want
  • Find out which of the two types of perfectionists you may be
  • Realize how perfectionism is a learned habit (and how to unlearn it!)
  • Understand how the words you use to define yourself can affect your daily life
  • Learn 5 steps to transform your perfectionism stumbling block into a starting block


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Apr 17, 2018
TWE: How to Live 100 Years

Just last November, John and I celebrated his grandfather’s 100th birthday. Clifford lives a very active life - even at 100, so I’m sharing tips from his own life about how he invested in himself. From being active mentally and physically, to his daily routines and social habits… this is how you live a healthy 100 years. As we end season 5 today, I encourage you to keep investing in yourself so you too can live life to your fullest.

Apr 13, 2018
065: Investing Your Energy in You

We need to manage our energy, not our time, and that starts with understanding where our energy sources come from. Today, I’m sharing actionable tips for how you can focus in on these different areas, from physical to spiritual, so that you are your biggest priority. As we end season 5 today, I know you’ll walk away feeling prepared and ready to be more invested in yourself than ever before.  

What’s In This Episode:

  • The importance of shifting your focus so you can use energy wisely.
  • Actionable tips for maximizing energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • How to invest in yourself and prioritize YOU when someone else is managing the tasks and schedule.
  • The best way to invest in yourself by creating an intentional mindset.


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Apr 10, 2018
TWE: Finding Intention

Intentional thoughts can easily be forgotten in the hecticness of our days. Because of this, it’s often important that we find a way to remind ourselves to be intentional with our time and focus. How? I’ll let my husband, John, be the example for this one. I’m sharing a quick story of the small Jade Dragon he brought home with him from a Chinese market years ago and how you can find your own personal talisman, too.

Apr 06, 2018
064: Transform Your Productivity Through Mindfulness

Mentally and physically investing in yourself means decreased overwhelm and increased productivity and overall happiness. When others push their priorities onto us, though, we’re not focusing on what matters most. Today, I’m sharing the 5 simple steps you can take to start intentionally investing in you, the importance of being mindful and how meditation will have a big, positive impact on your daily life.

What’s In This Episode:

  • 5 easy ways you can start investing in yourself right away
  • The importance of whitespace to boost productivity and your mental wellbeing
  • How mindfulness will create space between what is happening and your reaction to it.
  • Actionable tips to help you get started with meditations (plus a FREE download to help!)

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Apr 03, 2018
TWE: You Can't Plan Everything

Tough times are often just parts of life... it’s not something we can plan for. Recently, a friend asked me a question that brought up a time in my life when I simply couldn’t plan for what I really wanted with my family. Listen and learn why it’s important not to stress too much about the plan so we can keep moving forward - one step in front of the other.

Mar 30, 2018
063: When Plans Get Derailed

We often have this idea of the path we're meant to be on, but sometimes our hopes and dreams get off track and plans are derailed. Today’s episode is focused on how you can deal with hardships and negative situations, and I’ll share with you exactly how to turn it all around. Learn the the 5 ways you can begin to move forward if you’re feeling like everything is going wrong... Sometimes it’s all about the grace we give ourselves.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Impact Bias: How we naturally think about our experiences - good or bad.
  • Choosing a positive outlook in the face of hardship so you can move forward.
  • 5 ways we can move forward when everything seems to be going wrong.
  • How to give yourself grace instead of beating yourself down.


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Mar 27, 2018
TWE: Are You Prioritizing Right?

Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks when you realize you’ve been prioritizing certain tasks and events all wrong? I have… and today I’m sharing a quick story with you that involves my love for baking, a family tradition and creating unnecessary (and even unrealistic!) expectations for ourselves.

Mar 23, 2018
062: Prioritizing the Right Things

When you prioritize yourself, your time and the tasks that are important to you, you are investing in your future self. Today, I’m talking sharing how to prioritize the right things which will allow you to spend more time on what matters most. Through practicing self-compassion and defining what success means to you, you’ll be able to reflect on mistakes and begin to take action to cultivate change.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why we caught up in the idea of efficiency, and how to change your mindset towards being effective.
  • Defining what success means to you. What does it look like to accomplish a goal with a specific endpoint?
  • Examples of tying important goals and values to your mission so that your priorities are not mismatched.
  • 5 reasons why we have a hard time mismatching our priorities, and solutions for each.
  • Practicing self-compassion: How to quit sacrificing your own needs and interests just for the sake of being ‘busy.’


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Mar 20, 2018
TWE: Nothing Worth Doing is Ever Easy

Why is it that one negative remark or comment can tear us down? How should we deal with these people who want to knock us down, and what can we do instead of questioning ourselves? I want to share my recent experience with you on this, and remind you why it’s so important for us to invest in our future selves right now.

Mar 16, 2018
061: Investing in Yourself with Marshawn Evans Daniels

In Part 2 of our interview, Marshawn Evans Daniels shares the struggles and stories of investing in our future selves. We discuss the 5 Success Mountains - the areas of our lives we choose to identify with so much, that we may often lose ourselves in them. We’re digging deep in this episode on the importance of showing up for ourselves, and living ‘bigger so we can live bolder.’

What’s In This Episode:

  • Marshawn’s 5 Success Mountains: Areas we choose to dedicate our lives to, and sometimes can lose ourselves to in the process.
  • The difference in gifts and talents, and how you can recognize yours to use it to your advantage.
  • Learning the importance of investing in you and your purpose, instead of always playing it safe.
  • How to be there and show up for yourself, not just others, so that you are a priority in your life.

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Mar 13, 2018
TWE: Why Investing in Yourself is Hard

After talking to my guest, Marshawn, earlier this week, I wanted to point out something powerful she said. “We have two voices we hear in our heads - little me and future me.” If you’ve ever felt those voices pulling you in different directions, making you wonder if you’re worth the investment and opportunity in front of you, today’s episode will help.

Mar 09, 2018
060: Find Purpose & Change Your Life with Marshawn Evans Daniels

Today, I’m so excited to be talking with reinvention strategist, Marshawn Evans Daniels. Marshawn is a life coach, author and speaker whose goal is to empower women to find their true purpose, even when they don’t think they deserve it. She’s sharing her own personal struggles of shame, embarrassment and finding her true calling in her new book, Believe Bigger. After listening to Part 1 of our interview, I’ll know you’ll inspired and prepared to take risks and go after the opportunities you deserve.  

What’s In This Episode:

  • A major event in Marshawn’s life that shifted her path, and how she gained control of her situation.
  • How she dealt with shame and embarrassment through the process of personal development.
  • The Purpose Map: the 5 Mountains, or stages, we climb as women that are barriers to confidence and our calling.
  • Why it’s so hard for us to ask for what we want and what we deserve.

Head over to my personal Instagram and enter the giveaway to win Marshawn’s new book, Believe Bigger. I would love for you to gain as much inspiration and insight as I did from it!

Mar 06, 2018
TWE: Parkinson's Law

Earlier this week, we talked about being protective of your time, and I want to expand on that with Parkinson’s Law. This is the idea that work expands to fill the time you’ve allotted for completion. If you give yourself a week to complete a two hour task…  psychologically, you’ll be sure it fills up that week. In reality, it’s stress and tension that fills up our time, so I’ll share a mental trick you can do to make this law work for your advantage.

Mar 02, 2018
059: Being Protective of Your Time

Time is best spent on the things that are important to you and your goals. Today, I’m discussing the importance of protecting your time and how you can track where you spend yours. After today’s episode, you’ll have the tips and tools needed to go from multitasking and feeling distracted to monotasking, understanding your peak productivity blocks and owning your time.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Activity + Rest: The difference and importance of your circadian rhythm and ultradian rhythm.
  • Why we need to stop taking pride in our multitasking, and how to start monotasking instead.
  • What ‘attention residue’ is, and how to eliminate it distracting you from beginning a new, focused task.
  • Learn how to easily track your time throughout the week with tips, examples and a free download.


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Feb 27, 2018
TWE: Living to Your Core Values

In this week’s mini episode, I want to share a story about the person in my life who always embodied his core values - my Grandpa. He taught me that you don’t have to shout what you believe from the rooftops when you live your life exemplifying it. After listening to this story, a great question for us to ask is, “Am I living a life where my priorities and values are clear, or do I get caught up in the day-to-day?”

Feb 23, 2018
058: Defining Your Core Values

Your core values are an important part of investing in yourself as it helps you define the actions and behaviors you want to hold central to your life. In today’s episode  I’ll give you my easy 3-step process in getting to the heart of your values in your personal life and in your work. I’ll walk you through how you can define, modify and use your core values on a daily basis. After today’s episode, you’ll have the tools you need to be able to clearly state your core values and consistently live your life with them steering you.

What’s In This Episode:

  • What really are core values and why you need to definitively state or write them out.
  • Examples of big and small choices you can make that will align with your core values.
  • The easy 3-step process for defining your core values and a free download to help you get started.
  • The 2 types of core values you may need to define to allow yourself feel fulfilled & satisfied.
  • Using breadcrumbs, or patterns, to understand and cultivate your core values.


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Feb 20, 2018
TWE: Whitespace Vacation

Do you use the word ‘busy’ as an excuse for not going after your goals or as badge of pride in your daily life? It’s important to intentionally reflect on your ‘busy’ life and schedule in a whitespace retreat. In today’s mini episode, I’ll share how I plan mine, and how you can enjoy a quick whitespace retreat right now, allowing you to feel a bit more recharged (and ready to plan a full-length one).

Feb 16, 2018
057: Using Your Personality Type to Your Advantage

Knowing your personality type can help you to understand yourself better and improve how you interact with others. Today, I’m focusing on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and how that introspective questionnaire will help you to set goals, eliminate procrastination, grow your creativity and work more effectively. I’ll share my own personality type and how it’s helped me to appreciate others, and how you too can work with everyone’s strengths as a team at home, work or in personal life.

What’s In This Episode:

• 5 ways knowing your personality can help you understand yourself and others better.
• How to appreciate different personality types and work with others’ strengths instead of having conflicts.
• Using your personality type to find your career and passions.
• About the MBTI test and how it can help you set goals, stop your procrastination, understand how you interact with others and more.

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Feb 13, 2018
TWE: Tonya's Simple Truths

We’ve been talking all about investing in you this season, so in this week’s mini episode, I’m sharing my simple truths with you. These are little, personal things I’ve noticed about myself throughout my life that I wanted to be mindful of and write down. Over time, I’ve found that they center me and remind me of who I am at my core. I hope after listening today, you’ll be inspired to start a note of your own simple truths and use them to know yourself a little better.

Feb 09, 2018
056: Ask Tonya: Creating Harmony Now For Your Future S

Learn how your actions today will affect your future self in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering listener’s questions about how to stop your patterns of procrastination and analysis paralysis so that your ideas and goals are in reach. We’ll focus on intentionally taking action and working with our families to create routines now and maintaining harmony going forward.

What’s In This Episode:

  • My best advice on how to stop your pattern of procrastination, allowing you to put important tasks at the top of your priority list instead of immediate or urgent items.
  • A 5-minute rule and more tips on how to banish analysis paralysis, organize your lifestyle and go after your ideas or passions.
  • How to instill productivity and mindful living into your kids… and that includes allowing them to understand their options and deal with ‘failure.’
  • Intentionally transitioning between your roles at work and at home by creating harmony and focusing on each

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Feb 06, 2018
TWE: The Accidental Entrepreneur

Earlier this week in episode 055, I discussed following our breadcrumbs to find our true passions. So today, I’m sharing my story of how my breadcrumbs led me to “accidentally” become an entrepreneur. Sometimes it takes a surprising conversation with a friend about your past experiences to recognize the pattern that’s been in front of you all along. Listen to my story, and then I encourage you to look at your breadcrumbs and see what path you’re on and where it may be leading you.  

Feb 02, 2018
055: Look At Your Breadcrumbs

We all have stories that we tell ourselves about our life that leads us into patterns of behavior and beliefs. The key here is which patterns or cycles you feed. Today’s episode is focused around understanding your breadcrumbs so you can breakthrough and discover your passions. I know it’s not as easy as that, so I’ll share the best ways you can start getting motivated, along with tips on using your Fridays to work on your long-term goals.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to recognize your patterns and reflect on those cycles in the three areas of your life.
  • Taking patterns of stress and negativity and turning them into positive routines instead… even if you’ve been doing it subconsciously.
  • An activity to help you connect the four main categories of patterns to their sources, like familial cycles.
  • Ways you can actively carve out time so that you’re investing in yourself on a weekly basis.
  • A free Reflection Worksheet download to help you assess which patterns you can keep, and which you should transform into positive ones.  

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Jan 30, 2018
TWE: Are You Too Comfortable?

We all have things in our lives that make us feel comfortable… sometimes too comfortable. When we don’t get out of our comfort zone we begin to stop pushing ourselves to live our best lives. In this week’s mini episode, I’m going to share a quick story about how we all get used to the things in our world that are “okay.” And, while it’s good to be comfortable, we want to make sure that’s it’s not holding us back from the fulfilling life we want.

Jan 26, 2018
054: Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone

This season is all about investing in yourself, and that includes making sure you’re not stuck in the comfort zone. I’ll share signs to look for so you’ll know if you’re getting too comfortable, why we let ourselves feel stuck, and solutions to each of the issues you may be experiencing. After listening, you’ll have the tips and advice to be more prepared and inspired to take the plunge out of your comfort zone.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How it feels to be in your comfort zone and why it’s not the best place for us to live long term.
  • Signs you should look out for to see if you’re stuck in the comfort zone.
  • The main reasons why it’s so hard to get out of our comfort zone, and solutions to each issue you may be having.
  • How to make yourself take the plunge by sculpting uncomfortable situations to make them a bit more comfortable.  
  • What optimal controlled anxiety is, and how it pushes us in the direction of the life we want to live.

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Jan 23, 2018
TWE: A Letter to You

What would you say to the future you? I have a little exercise to go along with episode 053 from earlier this week where we talked about becoming your future self and defining what that means. This activity will set in motion plans, good habits, and small wins in order for you to become who you want to be a year from now and beyond.

Jan 19, 2018
053: Become Your Future Self

My goal for season 5 is for you to invest in YOU. Today’s episode is focused on why it’s so important to devote our time and energy on actively working towards bettering ourselves for the future. I’ll share how our brain perceives ourselves differently in the present versus the future and give you advice on how you can take real steps to implement change through small actions that lead to who you want to be.

What’s In This Episode:

• Why it’s so important to invest in yourself and examples of what it means.
• Research on how we perceive our futures selves as someone we don’t actually know.
• How we place higher value on immediate rewards, rather than future ones.
• Actionable steps you can take to implement change for your future self.

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Jan 16, 2018
TWE: Ask So You Can Receive

Recently, I saw Dr. Christine Darden, a woman who began her 40-year career as a NASA engineer in the 1960s, speak at a Woman Up event. Dr. Darden broke through barriers one afternoon when she decided to take a risk and speak up… even if it felt uncomfortable and scary. By asking her superior a single question, she propelled herself forward to where she wanted to be. See what lessons we can learn from Dr. Darden about asking the right questions, breaking through social constraints for women and why we shouldn’t give up on dreams.

Jan 12, 2018
052: Choose How You Spend Your Day

I want to challenge you to make some choices as we end season 4. Rethink what it means to be ‘busy’ and how you may be allowing insignificant tasks to run your time. I’m sharing how you can start making choices to live life how you want, from little wins and small habits to changing your mindset and maintaining routines. After this episode, you’ll be more prepared to take control and own your time, at work, home and in your personal life.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to rethink busy: ways you can own your day, not the other way around,  
  • Why it’s important to take charge of your time and tasks.
  • My favorite tips for how you can focus in on one task and your top priorities.
  • Take the thinking out of it: how to think about routines and habits in a new way and why they’re important to create & maintain.
  • Examples of little tasks you can do to give yourself little wins throughout your day
Jan 09, 2018
TWE: The Grace We Give

After recently reading a short article by Carl Richards in the New York Times, I wanted to share it with you because of how powerful it was for me. It’s more than an article, it’s also a quick exercise that will change your perspective and mindset about failure. I’ve talked about failure a lot this season, and this activity will push you to move forward in a positive and optimistic way when you feel like you’ve failed.

Jan 05, 2018
051: How to Get Motivated to Start Your Passion Project

Getting started on your passion project and staying motivated can feel difficult. Today, I’m discussing how our mindset plays a big role in how we work, and ways you can shift your thinking so that actionable steps are taken towards your passion project. I’ll give you examples of how you can better prioritize what’s important so you consistently feel motivated, your deadlines are met, and goals are achieved.

What’s In This Episode:

• Three key reasons why you’re procrastinating getting started on your big goals.
• Why we need to eliminate the word “lazy” from our vocabulary.
• Actionable tips for creating and maintaining a motivational mindset that will change the way you think about your work.
• How to create a motivation plan for yourself so you can tackle your passion project.
• Examples of how you can set up penalties and hold yourself accountable so that you can make deadlines work for you.

Jan 02, 2018
TWE: When Is the Last Time...

Today, I want to share a powerful poem with you by Sadhguru, an Indian mystic and humanitarian. I listen to this poem at least once per month during my meditations, and at this time of year, I think everyone could benefit from reading or hearing it as well. The poem asks several questions throughout that will make you think and reflect on how you spend your time. At the end, I have a little challenge for you to think about as you head into a new year.

Dec 29, 2017
50: Pursuing & Achieving Big Dreams with Niki Nakayama

Overcoming naysayers and pushing herself to do her best work, world famous chef, Niki Nakayama, opened up her own highly acclaimed restaurant, n/naka. Niki discusses how she broke through personal and cultural expectations to go after her big dream. Learn about an inspiring woman who is pursuing her goals in spite of limitations, rules and criticism. After today’s episode, you’ll be motivated to take action on your own big dreams and goals.

What’s In This Episode:

• What we can learn from the Japanese term, kuyashii, and how Niki overcame the expectation that she was to be a supporting character to the men in her life.
• How Niki broke through personal and social barriers in her different environments.
• The process of how Niki let go of her old dream and idea and started a new creative endeavor.
• How limitations or rules can actually allow more creativity, instead of containing you.
• How Niki chooses to represent herself in her kaiseki restaurant and in a male dominated industry
• Using criticism to motivate you, instead of having a negative experience and quitting.

Dec 26, 2017
TWE: The Importance of Passion

Today, I want to share a quick story with you about my first bite of Jeni’s Ice Cream, and how that led me to learn more about her story, buy her cookbook and set a small culinary goal for myself. After this mini-episode, I think you’ll feel more inspired to figure out and follow your passions and set small goals to work towards them. Is there something you can’t stop dreaming about? What can you do today or this week to make it happen?

Dec 22, 2017
049: How To Boost Your Creativity & Work Effectively

It’s time to weed through our ideas and look at them with a fresh perspective. Learn how you can let go of old, stale ideas in order to pursue your new, tweaked ones. I’ll share ways you can boost and foster your creativity, as well as tips for getting past your creative roadblocks. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll be able to embrace the whitespace and allow yourself to work effectively and creatively going forward.

What’s In This Episode:

• Examples of how you may be living in idea debt, causing you to stand still instead of move forward.
• Actionable tips on ways you can increase and foster your creativity right now.
• What to do with your stale ideas so you allow yourself to work effectively towards what really matters most.
• Three ideas for how you can get past roadblocks and allow yourself to think freely and creatively.
• Why boredom is actually a good thing, and how to start embracing your whitespace.

Dec 19, 2017
TWE: What’s Holding You Back?

When I go to speaking events and conferences, I usually talk with people about their personal goals and dreams. The question, “What’s holding you back?” often comes up. They say they’re just waiting for the perfect time or opportunity, but that never actually happens. I’ll share how this relates to why I started my podcast and where I record my episodes… and here’s a hint - it’s not in a glamorous recording studio that I dreamed up.

Dec 15, 2017
048: Fight Overwhelm: How To Narrow In On Your Ideas

Today, I’m talking about the reasons why we allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by our ideas, and how that can keep us from working toward our goals. I’ll share solutions for your overwhelm and tips for narrowing in on your ideas. We’ll discuss the importance of being a beginner and how to embrace the whitespace in life so you can actually work more effectively.

What’s In This Episode:

• How to stop your feelings of overwhelm and push through barriers that are holding you back.
• The top six reasons why we allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed with our ideas.
• Solutions for overwhelm and how to narrow in on your ideas and tasks so you can accomplish your goal.
• Why being a beginner is a good thing that you can use to your advantage.
• Ways to embrace the silence and whitespace in your life that will allow you to work more effectively.

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Dec 12, 2017
TWE: Everything is Copy

Recently, I came across a documentary about writer, director and producer, Nora Ephron, with the same title as this mini-episode. Nora said, “Why would anyone write fiction when what actually happens is so amazing.” Learn how Nora thinks we can all ‘win’ when we own our stories… the good and the bad. In turn, we can be heroes in the midst of struggle and tragedy.

Dec 08, 2017
047: No Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer Pt. 2

I’m continuing my conversation with blind adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer, in part two of his interview. Today we’re discussing failure, how trauma affects us and being confronted with setbacks. Erik has kayaked through rapids and climbed numerous mountains around the world including Mt Everest. He uses his experiences to inspire others through his No Barriers mission. His mindset and advice  will inspire you in your own life.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Erik’s advice for jumping back in after a setback or when you feel like you’ve failed.
  • Why being brave is stronger and better than being fearless.
  • Stories of Erik’s expeditions and teammates of overcoming traumas to achieve big dreams.
  • How sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to retrain our brains and rework our processes in order to move forward.
  • What ‘invisible barriers’ are, who has the obstacles and how to use that in that a positive way.
Dec 05, 2017
TWE: How to Motivate Yourself & Others

Throughout season 4 of the podcast, I’ve talked a lot about making choices, and how our attitudes and mindset directly correlate to decisions we make. Today, I’m sharing what we can learn from an study on choices to help understand what motivates us. I’ll also share one of my favorite quotes from my guest this week, Erik Weihenmayer, about how we are more likely to push ourselves and choose challenges when we have choices and focus on priorities.

Dec 01, 2017
046: No Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer Pt. 1

Erik Weihenmayer is a blind adventurer who has climbed Mt. Everest, tackled the Seven Summits and kayaked the Grand Canyon. Today he’s sharing his journey, struggles and traumas. After listening to our conversation today, I know you’ll walk away feeling inspired to overcome your own obstacles, big or small. This interview was so powerful, I’ve split it into 2 episodes so part two will follow next week.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How Erik achieved one of his big goals of climbing Mount Everest while blind.
  • While being blind is an obstacle for Erik and others, he explains other challenges we all face and how strength can outweigh those hardships.
  • Erik’s three categories we fall into when facing a challenge: Quitter, Camper and Climber.
  • Why it’s important to grow our “muscle of suffering”
  • The importance of giving and receiving help and seeing that as an advantage when dealing with challenges.

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Nov 28, 2017
TWE: Instilling a Locus of Control in Kids

This week on the podcast, I talked about the power of choices and our internal locus of control - the belief that we have control over the outcomes of situations and decisions throughout life. Today, I want to share with you how to instill a locus of control in your own kids. Learn how giving your kids more choices  will prepare them for success in  the future.

Nov 24, 2017
045: The Power of Choice

Today, I’m talking about how we all have the power to make our own choices and decide which opportunities we want to take on. I’m sharing 5 actionable steps you can take to change your attitude from “I can’t” to motivated and driven. After today’s episode, you’ll feel more inspired and ready to begin making purposeful choices that lead you towards big dreams.

What’s In This Episode:

• How ‘learned helplessness’ may be a major factor getting in the way of working towards and accomplishing your dreams.
• What internal locus of control is, and how it will help you be more successful and make improvements for the future.
• Examples of people who have little to no choices, and how they deal and develop.
• 5 steps for strengthening your internal locus of control and creating motivation for yourself.

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Nov 21, 2017
TWE44: There's a First Time for Everything

This season, we’ve been discussing our big dreams, fear of failing, how to take action, and more. Now, I want to tell you about an episode of The Great British Baking Show that actually has an insightful lesson hidden in there. Listen and learn how someone’s first time baking Dampfnudel (with no instructions!) leads to adopting a good attitude about opportunities we encounter throughout life.

Nov 17, 2017
044: Ask Tonya: Making Time For Goals

Today I’m hosting an Ask Tonya episode, where I’ll be answering listener questions. I talk through actionable strategies to create order when you feel inundated by all that you have to do on the path to your dreams. I’ll be giving advice on  how to keep yourself moving forward when you feel like you are juggling too many projects and tasks in order to push through those stumbling blocks to get to your goals.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Tips to make progress with a big, daunting goal when you feel like you don’t have time.
  • How to let go of guilt, cushion your time, and fill your ‘personal’ bucket so that your life has harmony.
  • Steps to combat analysis paralysis so you can make your big dream a reality.
  • The key to managing your many projects, deadlines, tasks, and goals so that they are achievable and not overwhelming.
Nov 14, 2017
TWE: Big Goals, Small Actions

Let’s DO, not just THINK, when it comes to our dreams and goals. In episode 043, I talked about Analysis Paralysis… and that’s all about being a doer, not just a thinker. I know it feels difficult, but learning to build momentum with a series of small actions will always beat intentions. I’ll give you the single question you should ask yourself so that you can start taking action today.

Nov 10, 2017
043: Analysis Paralysis: Stop Overthinking Your Goals

Today, I’m discussing analysis paralysis. Overthinking our goals and our progress towards them can actually get in the way of success. I’m giving you 5 different tips for how you can overcome analysis paralysis… instead of letting it keep you stuck and acting as a roadblock between you and your big goals. I know it can be hard to take the first step (and even the next one after that!) but after today’s episode, you’ll feel more comfortable and ready to take real action.

What’s In This Episode:

• Why we overanalyze and overthink our situations, causing us to feel confused and waste time.
• How your working memory impacts your performance and creativity during work.
• Find out which of the two types of decision-makers you are and how it affects you.
• 5 ways you can stop the analysis paralysis cycle right away.
• Learn how to become comfortable with taking action - big or small - so you can accomplish your goals.

Nov 07, 2017
TWE: No Stress November

I know it’s hard to let go of our expectations of a ‘perfect’ holiday. Today, I’m sharing a personal story from Thanksgiving years ago when I was struggling. We all have times when we need to call in the reinforcements and give ourselves the grace to do so. That’s one of the reasons I created the ‘No-Stress November’ challenge... full of tips, advice and planning for the month of November so that you can spend your Thanksgiving feeling a little more thankful

Nov 03, 2017
042: How to Fail Successfully

Fear of failure can feel overwhelming and scary, so today I want to share with you how we can ‘fail’ successfully. As you’re navigating the path towards your dreams and goals, you may hit some bumps along the way. It’s important to know how to shift your mindset and pick yourself back up when you’ve fallen down. I’m giving you my best advice & tips on how we can do this, along with examples of how other big names and companies have taken action… instead of staying stuck.

What’s In This Episode:

• Navigating your path toward a goal and understanding the opportunities it gives.
• Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of how success can be just as blinding as failure.
• How to let your North Star guide you to where you truly want to go.
• Examples of how other people and companies have failed and picked themselves back up.
• Ways you can reflect & learn from failures, and take action instead of staying stuck.

Oct 31, 2017
TWE: Being Fearless vs Being Brave

Today I want to talk with you about being fearless vs. being brave. I’m sharing why fear is a necessary feeling, even though it can be an issue we struggle with. It’s often about how we think about fear and deal with it from there. When setting our goals and looking forward, we need to live bravely and overcome fear so those goals can become reality.

Oct 27, 2017
041: How Is Fear Holding You Back?

Fear… we’ve all had to face that feeling of uncertainty and insecurity throughout our lives. But I’m talking with you today about how we can understand fear, deal with it and then use it as a motivational tool to propel us toward that goal or dream we want most. When you’re aware of which type of fear you’re experiencing, and the steps to take next, you’ll be able to achieve great things.


What’s In This Episode:

  • What fear really is in today’s society and how to understand & accept it.
  • Two types of fears to be aware of and how to deal with them in daily life.
  • Steps and examples for overcoming your fears and easing anxiety.
  • How to use fear as a motivator to push you forward.
Oct 24, 2017
TWE: How to Accomplish Big Goals - My Story

This season is about big goals, so I want to share quick story of how I accomplished a big dream myself. In October of 2013, I had lost all the passion and drive for my business. While it put food on the table and a roof over our family’s head, the business wasn’t fulfilling. I didn’t let that get in the way and, in fact, let it inspire me to open up my dream business. I hope this mini-episode is a reminder of where many of us have been (or may currently be) and instill a bit of motivation that you can always start again.

Oct 20, 2017
040: Working Towards Big Goals & Dreams

Today we start season 4, and I’m discussing BIG Goals & Dreams. Your dreams and goals can bring feelings of motivation and excitement, along with thoughts of fear and failure.I’ll guide you through the questions you should ask yourself before and during your journey toward whatever it is you want most. Learn why your mindset is a powerful tool when shifting your path and plans toward your big dream.

What’s In This Episode:

  • The important question to ask yourself to help propel you toward your big dream.
  • Why negative experiences are pertinent to finding & achieving your passion.
  • The key to changing your mindset for the journey ahead as you work for your end result.
  • Examples of how others have shifted their paths and plans to make the journey more ideal for their lifestyle.  
Oct 17, 2017
TWE: Keeping Track of Multiple Projects

In this week’s mini-episode, I’m sharing a question from listener, Annie in Minnesota. She asks for ways to keep multiple work projects and little tasks organized so that she can work on them at the right times. I’m giving multiple tips for how you can map out your goals and projects using systems, and how to manage the time you allocate to those tasks.

Oct 13, 2017
039: Ask Tonya: Keeping Systems Running During Busy Seasons

Through these listener questions, you’ll learn how to reduce the stress that comes when you’re constantly trying to keep our personal, family and work lives organized. Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain our productivity systems or to delegate to our kids or coworkers - especially during the busier seasons in our lives. I’m sharing my favorite strategies, productivity tools and how to assess what system you need in your environment.

What’s In This Episode:

• How to keep up with your productivity systems and routines… even during your busiest times.
• The key to consistently delegating tasks to your family (even young kids!) and your team at work.
• Examples of how you can customize your productivity tools to help keep the different compartments of your life organized.
• Tips for creating family meetings that will run smoothly, and leave you feeling satisfied instead of burnt out at the end of your day.

Oct 10, 2017
TWE: My Favorite Phone App

In this week's episode of The Week Ender, I wanted to build off of episode 38 and share one more app that I don’t think many know about. Learn about the app you can use just like a walkie-talkie to chat with friends or discuss tasks with coworkers…. No matter where they are.

Oct 06, 2017
038: Technology Apps That Streamline Your Productivity Systems

Become more organized and get your customized systems in place by using technology. Even if you love paper products, like we do, these tech strategies and tips will help boost your productivity at work and at home. I share several app recommendations and ideas you can start using today to manage your time and systems more effectively.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Creating and sharing a system within Google Drive and which tools are most helpful.
  • Examples of how to use technology systems for home and personal life - not just work.
  • Automating with Asana, allowing your teams (at home or work!) to collaborate, communicate and be accountable for tasks.
  • How to manage your time wisely and bookmark resources using Pocket
  • Why you should start using Reminders on your phone for time-based or location-based tasks.
Oct 03, 2017
TWE: What to Do When Delegating Goes Wrong

In this mini-episode, I’m talking about delegation and what to do when a delegated task doesn’t go the way you hoped. The solution isn’t to just delegate the task back to yourself. Instead, I’ll give you the three keys to turn the situation around and get the task completed in a positive way.

Sep 29, 2017
037: Delegating at Work & Home: How to Empower Your Team

Learn why delegating to your team at work or home is an integral part of being productive and keeping up with your customized systems. I’m discussing the various barriers that keep people from delegating and how to persevere through those perceptions and assumptions. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand the steps you can take to easily delegate to your team, allowing yourself to work more effectively on what matters most.

What’s In This Episode:
• How to empower and lead your team to work together and complete tasks.
• Four main reasons why people don’t delegate tasks and how to move past those perceptions.
• Solutions for combating situations when you feel like you can’t delegate.
• Six kinds of tasks that are great to delegate to your team.
• Strategizing the steps from start to finish for your delegations so you will see them through to the end.

Sep 26, 2017
036: Adding Springboards to Your Productivity Systems

It’s common to feel overwhelmed or unsure where to begin when setting goals and trying to get started on tasks. Set yourself up for success by creating springboards for your personalized systems. The best part? There are many different kinds of springboards that you can learn about and implement today. Your processes will now work more effectively and you’ll stay on track with your priorities, goals and projects.

What’s In This Episode:

• Learn which areas in your life you should create springsboards for.
• How the domino effect can work for your springboards and lifestyle.
• How to find ‘bottlenecks’ in your systems and ways to move forward from them.
• Examples of springboards in your business, work and home that will allow you to work more effectively.

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Sep 19, 2017
035: Automations: A System that Works FOR You

Learn how to use automations as a system that will help you with tasks that need to be done very week or every month. We’re continuing our topic for this season all about personalized systems by discussing how automations can help you take the thinking out of it, as you break down and easily manage tasks, allowing you to complete any goal and project on time and without stress.

What’s In This Episode:

• Eliminate decision fatigue by implementing automations into your lifestyle.
• How to make sure automating tasks works for you at home and at work so that you always complete your tasks and projects.
• Everyday examples of how I automate my chores, projects and tasks, and you can too.
• Actionable tips and how to use your free download to help you create your own automation systems.

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Sep 12, 2017
034: Ask Tonya: Customizing Systems to Your Lifestyle

How do we create and implement systems so that they are personalized and actually work for our environment? I’m answering listener questions about keeping up with systems when life happens or urgent items get in the way. In today’s episode, you’ll be able to relate to these real-life questions and examples of how you can maintain your customized systems with good habits through using actionable strategies.

What’s In This Episode:

• How to maintain customized systems when your schedule is inconsistent or hectic.
• Using your mission statement for daily planning to push you to your overall goals.
• How productivity is about making time for yourself and hobbies, not just getting more done.
• Ways to talk to your employer/manager about a monotasking system in the workplace with boundaries and without distractions.
• How to implement organizing, cleaning and productivity into your household with spouses and children.

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Sep 05, 2017
033: Why To Do Lists Don't Work: The Priority List

Learn why the traditional to-do list is working against you. I’m showing you how to use a new system - the Priority List. This will allow to actually work toward the important items on your list, like your personal goals, instead of getting bogged down by Insignificant tasks. After this episode, you’ll be inspired and ready to start tomorrow morning off with your new and personalized list that propels you forward toward goals and big projects.

What’s In This Episode:
• Why to-do lists don’t really work in today’s society and workplaces.
• Understand and combat that feeling that tasks are always eating away at you.
• How to work more effectively by using the three priority levels that keep your tasks organized.
• Everyday examples of how you can respond to Insignificant tasks so that you can focus on the Important ones.
• Tips on how to begin using this new system in any area of your life.

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Aug 29, 2017
032: Habits: The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

Author and speaker, Gretchen Rubin discusses how we can live happier lives by creating good habits through knowing ourselves. We often think it’s too difficult not only to create good habits, but to keep up with them as well. By using Gretchen’s quiz on The Four Tendencies and being aware of loopholes you may use, you’ll be able to cultivate systems and habits that work for you and your lifestyle.

What’s In This Episode:

• Learn the Four Tendencies Framework: Figure out if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger or Rebel so that you can learn how to best create good habits
• Discover ten different loopholes you may be using to get out of your good habits.
• Hear the Story of the Growing Heap - How ‘one coin’ can affect your consistency of good or bad habits.
• How to create habits for tasks that aren’t always easy or black and white.
• One action item from Gretchen that you can do today to successfully create YOUR good habits.

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Aug 22, 2017
031: Creating Habits: The Formula for Success

Cultivating good habits doesn’t happen magically or right away. It’s not about disciplining yourself so that you’re forcing routines into your life, and that’s what so many of us try to do. Today, you’ll learn the easy but effective formula for creating habits AND sticking to them. I’m also giving you steps to changing those bad habits you’ve been wanting to break for so long so that you have more room to focus on your personalized systems and good habits.

What’s In This Episode:

• How your brain works differently with discipline versus habits.
• The easy formula for creating habits.  
• Real-life examples of how you can get started on creating habits by starting small.
• Top tips for cultivating good habits into great routines.
• Learn how to get rid of those bad habits you’ve always wanted to change.

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Aug 15, 2017
030: Why Eating the Frog Doesn't Work

Discover why “eating the frog,” or getting your most dreaded or biggest task done first thing in the morning, is actually a bad idea and a device for procrastination. Instead, I’m sharing ways you can keep moving forward on goals you set, no matter how big. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll feel empowered to create a plan for yourself, instead of mindlessly completing insignificant tasks or procrastinating your progress to the finish line.

What’s In This Episode:

• Why the system of ‘eating the frog’ doesn’t work for productivity.
• The formula you need instead of discipline in order to get tasks done and goals accomplished.
• Big benefits to making plans and celebrating your wins.
• How to make sure you don’t become burnt out at the end of the day or week.
• Creating successful days full of momentum and progress.

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Aug 08, 2017
029: Batching Tasks: Your Best Work in Less Time

Start saving yourself time and work smarter through batching your tasks. Today, I’m discussing how you can categorize tasks so you can implement a simple strategy
to help you stay focused and work with intention. After today’s episode, you’ll be ready to begin producing higher quality work in less time.


What’s In This Episode:

• Why you need to work with intention - the natural way your brain WANTS to work.
• The two categories you can use to easily batch tasks.
• Actionable steps to creating a plan for batching task so that your goal is completed.
• Think you don’t have enough time to focus on batching tasks? I’m giving real-life examples and tips for how you can minimize or stop distractions.
• Examples of tasks you can batch starting today.

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Aug 01, 2017
028: Walking Away from Perfection

Perfectionism can take over when we’re trying complete tasks - from small projects to our biggest goals. Today I’m discussing the signs we should look out for to know whether or not we really may be perfectionists and how that cycle can be broken. With these 5 actionable strategies, you’ll be able to let go and walk away from your perfectionist mindset once and for all.

What’s In This Episode:

• Why we go after perfectionism in the different areas of our lives and the cycle of it.
• How learning from your mistakes creates a better system for yourself.
• Signs and examples of how you can know if you’re a perfectionist.
• Why we need to “stop smashing our marble jar.”
• Tips to creating a healthier mindset instead of keeping the cycle of a perfectionist one.
• How high-stress perfectionism can affect your mental health

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Jul 25, 2017
027: Eating the Elephant: Creating Personalized Systems

How do you accomplish your big goals and tasks? Start by eating the elephant! Using systems, like this and others will positively affect productivity, relationships and overall goals. In today’s episode, learn exactly what systems are and how to personalize them for you and your environment.

What’s In This Episode:

• Discover how to be more proactive instead of reactive with your systems.
• How to customize your system to work for you and your environment.
• Why you should Eat the Elephant: take bite-sized steps toward goals.
• Actionable tactics you can use to break down big tasks, projects and events.

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Jul 18, 2017
026: Making the Most of Your Weekend

Do you get to Sunday night and wonder where the weekend went? We just need to streamline your Saturdays and Sundays for success so you can actually enjoy your time. We often feel the need to work throughout our weekend, but in today’s episode I’m giving 5 tips on how to combat working on the weekend. I’ll also share research on why it’s important to take this time off so you can maximize your productivity for the week ahead.

What’s In This Episode:

• How to cut back on weekend work, emails, texts, to-dos and more using my 5 easy and actionable strategies
• Learn to consistently make the most of your weekends by streamlining Saturday and Sunday for success.
• See what the newest research and studies say about how our brain, health and productivity are affected by working weekends.
• Steps to creating good habits on the weekend so that you work less and spend more time on the right tasks and people.
• Why you need to create hours of availability and hours of business (and the big difference between the two!)

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Jul 11, 2017
025: Taking Back Your Fridays

Eliminate end-of-the-week burnout and make every Friday your most successful and rewarding day of the week. Using streamlining strategies for planning your tasks, obligations and projects will allow you to ease into the weekend. Friday no longer has to be the most unproductive day of the week - let’s make it successful, productive AND relaxing!

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn how to set up Friday for the ultimate day of success.
  • How to streamline tasks, projects and more to avoid the Friday burnout.  
  • Discover top trends to look out for at the office that contribute to Friday burnout and how to combat them
  • Begin to implement clear boundaries between work and life

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Jul 04, 2017
024: Schedule the Things That Matter: The New Priority System

Many times our priorities and the tasks that are truly important to us get pushed aside. The urgent tasks call out to us and we end up prioritizing those instead of our goals. By using my priority levels system, you will achieve more because you’ll schedule in those personal priorities - both big and small.

What’s In This Episode:
• Learn how Calee Lee used two unplanned hours in her day to create a 7 figure business.

• How to attain the mindset that will move you towards real success & productivity.

• Implementing an easy priority system that allows you to schedule the tasks and events that are important to YOU.
• How I schedule my business around stages of life that works for my family and me.


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Jun 27, 2017
023: Use Time Tracking to Live Your Best Life with Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It, shares her strategies from her research on how women who have a career and family make time for both. We’re discussing how tracking your time and managing it is key to living the best, healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. Learn about the "scripts" we tell ourselves when it comes to how we manage time.


What’s In This Episode:

  • Laura discusses the idea behind her book “I Know How She Does it.”
  • Take a look inside how women allocate their time to both careers and family.
  • See how time tracking can help you live the best life possible.
  • Start viewing the week as a whole can help you look at the bigger picture & find harmony.
  • Create sustainable patterns toward small wins.


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Jun 20, 2017
022: Banking Time: 5 Tactics for Focusing on Your Priorities

We spend time like it's endless, when really it's a finite commodity. If you start treating your time, like you do your bank account, you'll find that there are ways we can find pockets of time in our daily schedules. Use these 5 actionable tactics to banking up your time and start getting more time for yourself and your priorities. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Understand banking your time is just as important as saving money.
  • Learn the negative effects of always thinking you’re too busy.
  • Discover the banking time formula you need to use & evaluate.
  • Implement the 5 tactics to bank up time that you can use today.


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Jun 13, 2017
021: Keys to Getting Your Best Sleep Ever

Should you streamline the amount of sleep you get each night. How much sleep do you really require? There are a few factors that go into answering this question and today’s episode is all about sleep and how it will help you to reach peak productivity. Through researching the brain and sleep myths & facts, I’ll give you the best strategies to help you understand and create good sleep habits. 


What's In this Episode: 

• Understand why sleep is so important to repair & restore our bodies.

• Hear the story of Peter Trip and the repercussions of staying awake for 201 hours.

• Learn how the different parts of your brain are affected when you lack sleep.

• Discover the factors that help tell you how much sleep you need.

• Check the seven signs that let you know if you’re really sleep deprived.


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Jun 06, 2017
020: Is the Four Hour Work Week Real?

What’s the ideal amount of time to work each week? Is Elon Musk right that we should be working 80+ hour weeks or is Tim Ferriss correct in thinking you only should work four? I’m discussing these questions along with some streamlining and time management tips so you can figure out the amount of hours that work for you. Learn how people see their work differently and how that will affect the way you work.


What’s In This Episode:


• Learn the health costs of being overworked.

• Understand why working more than 40 hours a week may be costing you more than you think.

• Find out why using automations is a major key to success at work.

• Apply Tim Ferriss' suggestions for productivity & time management to empower yourself and coworkers using 

• Discover how people view “work” differently and the importance in streamlining so you can work more effectively.


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May 30, 2017
019: Ask Tonya

The first Productivity Paradox listener Q&A is here! I'm answering your questions on finding your peak productivity through time management, beating the feeling of overwhelm and more. Sometimes your career responsibilities, home life and personal needs can be a lot to handle, and I want to help you find harmony with every compartment of your life by answering these real-life questions.

What’s In This Episode:
• The best listener questions and my answers on being more productive, managing your time and beating overwhelm at work, home and personally.
• Saying No vs. saying Yes in workplace situations.
• How to simplify and streamline your planning so that you actually accomplish your goal.
• The best way to minimize kid distractions when working at home
• How to mono task when everyone else tells you to multitask
• Avoiding procrastination and feeling positive
• The three key things to do when starting a business to ensure success

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May 23, 2017
018: Cushioning Your Time: Build Buffers Into Your Life

Sometimes life can be unexpected, and the only way we can prepare for that is by creating and building in cushions to our time so that we can slow down and do our best. In today’s episode, I’ll go over how and why we need to stop underestimating our time and instead adjust to it. Once we have these cushions, or buffers, in place we will stop wasting time and money and start giving ourselves the space to plan.


What’s In This Episode:

• How to build in buffers to your life.
• Real-life examples of how buffers allow you to adjust to unexpected events.
• Why sometimes it’s not the best idea to be overly optimistic.
• How to calculate the time it will actually take you to complete a task.

Go to to access the free download included in this episode.

May 16, 2017
017: Removing Obstacles: The Lost Art of Quitting

There’s a lot of guilt that comes with the idea of quitting something. But in today’s modern world, it’s actually imperative that we quit certain things that don’t align with our goals and priorities. I’m giving an overview of why quitting something huge in my life was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and how you can apply those lessons learned in your own life. You’ll also get a free download in helping you decide if you need to quit something and how to plan and cope in that process. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Why quitting was an important part of starting inkWELL Press.
  • How quitting is no longer applicable for the modern world.
  • The difference in the right and the wrong ways to quit something.
  • Solutions to things you want to quit, but still need to be done.

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May 09, 2017
016: How to Make Better Decisions: Sunk Cost Bias

We sometimes invest so much time, money, energy and more into something. Whether it be a project, a person or a simple task, it can be hard to admit that it’s just not working out and producing the results you want and need. This is called sunk cost bias, and in this episode I’ll be explaining how it creates a vicious cycle and what questions you need to ask yourself to know whether to keep going in your investments or to start over.  

What’s In This Episode:

  • How sunk cost bias influences bad decisions.
  • How fear of failing and being wasteful makes you lose sight of your goals.
  • The easy mindset shift to reverse sunk cost bias.
  • An accounting technique that will help you justify and allocate your time.

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May 02, 2017
015: Compartmentalize Your Life

Today I’m sharing my personal favorite strategies to compartmentalize your life for work, home and personal. Learn about these three main categories and how compartmentalizing can help us gage the importance and urgency of various tasks. By the end, you’ll be able to implement these strategies so that you feel less stressed and more focused on one category at a time.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How one compartment of your life affects the rest.
  • The mistakes you might be making when compartmentalizing.
  • Real strategies to apply focus in different areas of your life.
  • The key to compartmentalizing effectively.

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Apr 25, 2017
014: Get Over FOMO: Focus on What’s Important

Discover how you can hone in and focus on your priorities without getting FOMO about missing other opportunities. For today’s episode, I’m talking about how FOMO is a major factor to developing trends and to how we perceive the many situations around us. I’ll discuss a few of my favorite tips to start breaking that feeling many of us get when we have to choose between what to do. 

What’s In This Episode:


  • Learn what the focus is for season 2 and why.
  • How Steve Jobs got over the Fear of Missing Out.
  • The history of the word priority.
  • How and why we experience FOMO.
  • The number one regret of people on their deathbeds.

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Apr 18, 2017
013: Gain the Life You Love: Interview with Alex Mandossian

While Alex Mandossian is a man known by many titles - productivity expert, entrepreneur, business coach and, in his opinion, his most important role of being a dad. In today's show, we're talking about why you need to focus on your priorities over your productivity. Alex gives some of his best productivity secrets including a rundown of his daily ritual, tips for controlling your inbox and more.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn how productivity has helped Alex build a multimillion dollar empire.
  • Find out how to take back control of your agenda without being controlling.
  • Simple but effective email tips and strategies for the office to help make communication easier.
  • How to alleviate travel stress so you can come back actually feeling refreshed and not frazzled.
  • Discover how to set your weekly goals so that they are attainable.
  • Learn about what daily rituals Alex attributes to his success.

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Apr 11, 2017
012: Creating Your Ideal Planning System

My most frequently asked question is what system of planning I use, so today I’m talking about everything I do to plan my days and week both at work and at home with my family. You’ll learn why the system I use works for me and gain some ideas as to how you might be able to use some of the same systems to incorporate both paper planning and technology.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why I advocate for using both technology and paper planning.
  • The most important pieces of making your own planning system.
  • How planning one day at a time sets you up for success.
  • What to do each night to jump start your mornings.

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Apr 04, 2017
011: The Paperless Myth

Let’s talk about technology and planning. Is it helping or hindering you? We’ll take a look at how our brains work, what type of learner you are, and how that changes the effectiveness of technology. We’ll also talk about the choices we need to make when incorporating technology into our personal planning systems.

Show Notes:

What’s In This Episode:

Why technology might be failing you as a productivity tool.
Find out what kind of learner you are and how that impacts your planning.
The mental difference between typing and writing.
Why the human attention span is ⅓ of what it used to be.
Why you actually do need to sleep.

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Mar 28, 2017
010: The Magic of Monotasking

Today we’re talking all about monotasking. Practicing monotasking puts the focus on one task at a time. When you shift your mindset from being efficient to being effective, you will truly begin to feel more productive. You’ll learn some real ways you can implement monotasking in your daily life and start being more productive with your time.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why we should focus on being effective, not efficient.
  • How working on one task at a time is actually faster than multitasking.
  • Why monotasking will help build solid relationships with others.
  • How monotasking is a practice of mindfulness and can contribute to daily happiness.
  • Learn the 5 Keys to Monotasking.

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Mar 21, 2017
009: Why Multitasking is Killing Your Productivity

As a recovered multitasker myself, I understand the pride many people feel about their multitasking abilities, but you might be surprised to learn that multitasking is the ONE biggest mistake you can make with productivity. Today we’re learn how the brain handles multitasking, or rather, how it really can’t handle multitasking. The true cost of multitasking might scare you a little but it’s something we need to talk about to get past it and start being truly productive.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How the brain actually works when you multitask.
    Why doing 2 tasks at once actually takes you longer than you think.
    How I got over being a “busy” person.
    What multitasking actually is and why it doesn’t work.
    Learn how the movie “Inside Out” got it right.
    What the cost of multitasking is on your productivity.

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Mar 14, 2017
008: Finding YOUR Yes

When opportunities pop up, it’s sometimes hard to know when to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes.’ Since everyone’s priorities are different, everyone’s ‘yes’ is different too. In this episode we will go in-depth, walking through an easy strategy that will help you find your own ‘yes.’ It’s not always about saying no - sometimes yes can be the best answer.

What’s In This Episode:


  • Learn why you’re not a yes person or a no person.
  • Why balance is bogus and it’s really about harmony.
  • Why it’s not all about saying yes to everything.
  • The key to saying yes to the right things.
  • Your “Finding Your Yes” download.


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Mar 07, 2017
007: The Surprising Way ‘No’ Can Really Mean Yes

Today’s episode is all about the power of the word “no” and how to cut through the clutter in our daily to-do list. There’s a lot of guilt associated with saying no to tasks so I’m going to be walking you through how to filter out the lowest priority tasks, what saying no really means for your happiness and easy ways can say no guilt-free.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to filter out most of your lowest priority tasks.
  • Why delegating will help you focus on your priorities.
  • Why we have guilt about saying no to things and how to overcome it.
  • Getting rid of the busy mindset and being more productive.
  • The way saying No really means Yes, and vice versa.
  • Good excuses and ways to say no.

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Feb 28, 2017
006: The Power of Priorities

Let’s rethink the to-do list. Today’s episode is about finding a method to prioritize your daily tasks to help you focus on the tasks that are truly important to you and your goals. I’ll be sharing my method to help sort your daily tasks and helping you take real steps toward achieving your goals by working on your priorities. 


What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn the definition of overwhelm and how to tackle it.
  • Understand the two questions you can ask to help you focus on priorities.
  • How a technique developed in WWI can apply to our daily lives.
  • Discover how the Eisenhower Matrix can streamline your days.
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important tasks

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Feb 21, 2017
005: How a Mission Statement Can Create Household Harmony

In this episode we will be talking about shared mission statements. Mission statements aren’t just for individuals or companies, they can also help add clarity to families. And, just to be clear, families look many different ways - not just people with children - it includes people in committed relationships, single people who live or work closely with others - even our teams at work. The strategies we are covering will help any group of people to work stronger together.


Listen now and discover:

Why you should have a family mission statement even if you don’t have kids.

How a family mission statement can help you cut through the clutter and direct your decisions.

What are the secret ground rules to a winning family mission.

Exercises to do together as a couple before you bring in the kids.

The ten questions you need to answer.



Key Quote: ““Loving and supportive families don’t just happen, they take intention and they take work.”


Recommended Books: The Three Questions by Tolstoy

Where the Mountain Meets The Moon, by Grace Lunn


To get her Tonya’s checklist, Five Minutes to Peak Productivity, simply register at


Feb 14, 2017
004: Find Your North Star: How To Create A Personal Mission Statement

In this episode we will be talking about the importance of mission statements. Having a mission statement is the key element in focusing on your priorities and will help you find your purpose. Having a personal mission statement gives you permission to get rid of the distractions and go for the goals that are important to you

Listen now and discover:

What is a personal mission statement?

How having a mission statement is going to help give you direction, gain insight into your life and will create more focus on your priorities.

How the incorrect reporting of Alfred Nobel’s death lead to the Nobel Prize.

Why every decision we make for our business must first pass our mission test.

Three steps to crafting a personalized mission statement that will transform your life, your business, and your relationships.


Key Quote: ““When you integrate your personal mission statement into your weekly planning it gives you a way to keep that vision constantly before you.”


To get her Tonya’s checklist, Five Minutes to Peak Productivity, simply register at

Feb 07, 2017
003: Creating an Action Plan for Goal Success

In this episode, we will create an action plan for our goal setting.  We will be building off the Reflection and Projection exercises we completed as part of episodes 1 and 2 in order to create a road map for reaching those goals. Using the free downloadable Action worksheet, we will work together to break down big goals into easy to manage mini goals.


What’s in this episode:


  • The 3-step process in creating a custom goal achievement map.
  • How to bank time to achieve your goals
  • Marshall Goldsmith's $250,000 secret.
  • The two most important questions to ask yourself.
  • Your Action Worksheet.

Key quote from Tonya: “Just like a bank account, I budget my time.”

Jan 31, 2017
002: Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve
 In this episode we continue the focus on achievable goal setting with implementing the second step of the goal setting process. Using the reflections as your foundation, I’ll help you get started projecting what you want your goals to be. I will go in-depth and help you customize those goals for yourself. I’ll talk about setting SMART goals and how wording your goals makes a difference. 

What’s in this episode:
• The 3-step process in creating a custom goal achievement map.
• How to bank time to make your goals a priority
• Marshall Goldsmith's $250,000 secret.
• The two most important questions to ask yourself.

Key quote: “Overwhelm is not having too much to do, it’s not really knowing where to start”
Jan 21, 2017
001: Why Resolutions Don’t Work

In this episode, we focus on goal setting. This is part one of a three-part series where I will break down how to set your goals and make them achievable. We’ll discuss why New Year’s Resolutions tend to fail and how you can change your mindset to create goals that work. I’ll share my three step process that helps insure goal setting success.

What's in this episode:

• The anatomy of goal setting that results in success.
• How to avoid the guilt and shame of January 7th.
• How a 90-day sprint can help you run a marathon.
• The 15-question goal setting template that will revolutionize your results.

Key quote: “Balance is bogus. It’s really about finding harmony in different areas of your life.”

Jan 21, 2017
000: The Story Behind Productivity Paradox

Productivity strategist and coach Tonya Dalton welcomes you to “Productivity Paradox,” lets you know what she brings to the podcast, and what you can expect to learn.

Tonya’s personal goal is to help you live the best life you can. She believes productivity needs to be customized and personalized to you, your personal goals, and the way you want to live. In this podcast, she’ll help you find and design systems that are customized to you, and she’ll do it in bite-sized episodes that are easy to listen to and easy to implement.


What’s in this episode:


• Discover why this podcast is called “Productivity Paradox,” and what it has to do with a Nobel Prize winning economist.

• Learn how designing your productive life makes your personal priorities the focus.

• Hear Tonya’s story: how an epiphany took her from wife and mother to businesswoman and led her to create systems and grow her business to the point where her husband was able to leave the corporate world to work with her.

• Find out how Tonya helps people like you find their passion and chase their dreams.


Key quote from Tonya:

“I believe that when you tailor design a customized system, this is going to free up your time in ways that you never imagined. It will allow you to do more, to chase your dreams, and to feel happier and the end of your days.”

Jan 21, 2017