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Hi Friends. The L Word Made Me Gay is going on an indefinite hiatus. Thank you so much for listening for the last two years, we love you so much! Please enjoy our finale episode, recorded at The Dinah in Palm Springs, California. Sarah G & EOB got to interview the queen herself, the founder of The Dinah, Mariah Hanson. Shout out to Michelle for making it all happen! We also talk to some fellow Dinah L Word pool party goers, our friend Celia, and so much more! Please excuse the audio quality, the bass from the pool party was getting crazy loud as we went on. It was the pool party calling us outside... Thanks again for listening, love you all! We are gonna go get tacos, STAY GAY!!!
Apr 14, 2019
Minisode #27 Below Her Mouth
Hello! By popular demand, we did a minisode on the Below Her Mouth, an unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever. Get ready because Sarah and Erin do not agree on this one haha, what do you think of this soapy sapphic Canadian lezzie movie?
Mar 17, 2019
Minisode #26 Trivia Night January 2019
Hey friends! So sorry we have been away. Sarah G has been super busy, so to tide you over, here is the audio from trivia night in January! Our next trivia night is tomorrow here in Chicago at Big Chicks in Uptown at 8pm. Hope we see you there, STAY GAY.
Mar 11, 2019
Minisode #25 But I'm A Cheerleader
Hey buddies! EOB and Sarah G finally got our shit together (not really) to recap one of our fav favs in modern lesbian canon. But I'm A Cheerleader, a 1999 American satirical romantic comedy film directed by Jamie Babbit and written by Brian Wayne Peterson. Natasha Lyonne (OITNB, Russian Doll, Slums of Beverly Hills fame, major dyke energy but not gay) stars as Megan Bloomfield, a high school cheerleader whose parents send her to a residential inpatient conversion therapy camp to cure her lesbianism(terrible/ cruel idea, what assholes). There Megan soon comes to embrace her sexual orientation, despite the therapy, and falls in love with Graham played by the fabulous Clea DuVall. The supporting cast includes Melanie Lynskey (The L Word, 2 & 1/2 Men, Heavenly Creatures), Dante Basco (RUFIO! RUFIO RU FI OOOH), Eddie Cibrian, Cathy Moriarty (Casper), Katrina Phillips, RuPaul(YAS QUEEN), Richard Moll, Mink Stole, Kip Pardue, Michelle Williams, and Bud Cort. OMG y'all this movie is so damn good. Everything from the monochromatic set design, to the perfect music selects (Glass Vase, Cello Case OMG) and a dynamo cast. TLWMMG gives it two gay thumbs up! Don't go to creepy conversion camps, go get tacos and STAY GAY!
Feb 24, 2019
Minisode #24 JENNY
HEYYYY friends! Sorry for the ep delay, Sarah G was on the road this weekend prepping for her new band, Grooveship! Check it out St. Louis, February 22nd &23rd ESCAPE at the Monocle STL, tickets available on FB. OK, enough plugs! We are here to talk about the notorious Jenny Schecter! You love her, you HATE her, she is complicated, complex, dark and stormy Jenny. Tim, Marina, Carmen, Max, Claude, Stacy Mirkin, Nikki, Debbie Oxnard murdering a dog, and all sorts of other drama. We love you Mia Kirshner, you're a genius. STAY GAY Y'ALL
Feb 18, 2019
All rise for the honorable Sarah G and EOB's Gay State of the Union of The United States of AmeriGAY. Today we are talking about the State of the Union from President CheetoFace WannaBe Dictator, the state of queer media (more specifically gay ladies, sorry we say that Sarah Paulson is a lesbian because she is bisexual), and the state of the L word reboot as we know it so far. STAY GAY AMERICA!
Feb 10, 2019
TLWMMG Minisode #23 HELENA
Hey pals! This week was crazy fun! We had The L Word Trivia night at Big Chicks and it was a blast. We all got news that Showtime officially ordered an 8 episode reboot of The L Word (hopefully to premiere in 2019). Today we are talking about one of our favorite women from the L Word, Helena Peabody AKA Rachel Shelley. So many memories, especially ones about Dylan. STAY GAY!
Feb 03, 2019
Minisode #22 TINA / #sorrylaurel
Are you ready for some TINAAAAA!? On today's not-so-mini, Sarah G and EOB talk about the infamous Tina Kenard. Tina is one of the main characters on The L Word and we go into her story-lines, lovers, pink ponchos, pregnancy, sadness, laughs, fucking Henry, flipping tables, and so much more! STAY GAY
Jan 27, 2019
Minisode #21 ALICE
It's time for ALICE! Today Sarah G & EOB are doing an entire ep all about Ms. Pieszecki, truly one of the best characters on The L Word. Brandy is our special guest and Alice (my dog). We reminisce about all our favorite moments with this funny and warm character from the Dinah, to Dana, to vampires and vivacious college chancellors, to Talaime and so much more. STAY GAY
Jan 21, 2019
Minisode #20 Fan Edit from @ScarySiouxsie!!!
Helloooo! Today is a very special treat: a fan edit from our friend Shawnee AKA @ScarySiouxsie. They whipped up this hilarious supercut of funny moments from our episodes about Season 4 of the L word! We are so grateful for such a wonderful gift. We love you Shawnee! You will be in tears by the end of this one because EOB and Sarah G are pretty damn funny gals and Shawnee's editing make for a hysterical ep we won't soon forget. STAY GAY!
Jan 13, 2019
Episode 71: "Last Word"
Well, we made it friends. We have finally reached the end of our journey recapping all the original episodes of The L Word. Today we have special guests Brandy, Brea, & Aly to help Sarah G and EOB make sense of this crazy ep. It’s season 6, episode 8 “Last Word.” Bette & Tina decide to move to NY, “Talaime” have the worst breakfast ever as Alice watches Tasha and Jaime squirm while she outs their feelings for each other, Shane bumps into Molly and finds out Jenny hid the letter, Helena can’t trust Dylan so Dylan decides to bring knives into their sexy time, Jenny is pissing everyone off and working feverishly on Bette & Tina’s goodbye video, we are all pretty sure Kit is still drunk, Shane starts to realize Jenny is a total asshole, we eventually get through a boring party for Bette and Tina’s going away where everyone mentions a railing (nothing ever comes out of that), Jenny is found dead (back to the first ep of the season) and Sgt Duffy (AKA Lucy Lawless) comes to crack the case but SURPRISE, we never find out who killed Jenny. In our desperation we also recapped the bonus police interrogation videos for Bette, Tina, Shane, Niki, Helena & Max and SO MUCH MORE. Hey y’all, we have had such an incredible time making this podcast and we truly appreciate your support. Please rate, review & subscribe! Pre-order shirts on our website We love you and we aren’t going anywhere so stay tuned and STAY GAY!
Jan 06, 2019
Minisode #19 BETTE
Happy Holigays everyone! Sarah G and EOB are here to talk all about the best character on The L Word, BETTE PORTER. This episode we dive into all things Bette, her shirts, her hookups, her faults, her triumphs, her humiliation, Tina, Jodi, Nadia, the Carpenter, and so much MORE! STAY GAY! Ho ho ho Merry Lezmas!!!
Dec 24, 2018
Minisode #18 DANA
Hey Hey Hey friends!! Sarah G and EOB are back to chat about another one of our favorite characters from The L Word. Today, it's DANA!!! We talk tennis, coming out and staying out, flashbacks, love interests, crispay, The Dinah (OMG ya'll we are going to the DINAH), and so much more!!!
Dec 16, 2018
Minisode #17 SHANE
You're looking very SHANE today friends... Sarah G & EOB are back again to talk about our fav show, the L word. Today we are talking all everything SHANE, her many lovers, our favs, Carmen, Cherie, Paige, Molly, Jenny (ew), Shane's Jeep, her jobs, her hair, and so much more! STAY GAY!
Dec 09, 2018
Episode 70: "Last Couple Standing"
Hello Everyone! Sarah G & EOB are here once again and we only have one more episode after this one!!! We are recapping our favorite show, The L Word: Season 6 Episode 7, “Last Couple Standing.” Jenny threatens Bette that she will tell Tina Bette cheated with Kelly (she didn’t), the whole gang (where is MAX) participates in a dance competition/ marathon for the LA LGBT Center, Talaime throuple drama gets more intense, Shane and Jenny are just the worst couple ever, Shane fucks Niki in the bathroom so Jenny buys Niki at auction (that’s not the most manipulative thing Jenny’s done), Bette and Tina might move to NY for Tina’s new job offer, Kit is drunk again?, All the couples and Talaime compete with choreographed dance numbers, Sunset Blvd AKA Sonny Benson confesses his love for Kit, Dylan returns to Helena, and so much more!
Nov 25, 2018
Episode 69: "Lactose Intolerant"
Hey friends! Sarah G & EOB are finally back to talk about our favorite show, The L Word! We have special guest today, it's Brandy(and Alice the dog)! Today we discuss Season 6, Episode 6 “Lactose Intolerant.” This one is a doozy…Jenny throws Max a crazy Willy Wonka themed baby shower and everyone treats Max like crap again, Jenny tells Dylan about the test and she leaves Helena in a rage, Bette & Kelly open their new gallery and throw a fancy opening party, Tina goes to NY to meet a bunch of movie people, Shane almost cheats on Jenny but gets sick (Did Jenny POISON HER?), Talaime heat intensifies and Alice feels left out, is Kit drinking again?, and so MUCH MORE!! Happy Thanksgiving, stay gay!
Nov 18, 2018
Minisode #16 Phone Call Catch Up
EOB and Sarah G catch up on the phone about being busy, how season 6 is rough, Halloween, moving, and all kinds of things. We will be back with another recap soon! STAY GAY!
Nov 04, 2018
Episode 68: "Litmus Test"
Oh man, friends...we are almost done with recapping OG the L word. Sarah G & EOB are working our way (slowly) through the final season of our fav Showtime show and today we recap Season 6, Episode 5 "Litmus Test." Alice finds out Jenny sold her treatment (based on Alice's life) for a half million bucks and takes her turn threatening Jenny's life, Alice & Tasha has a third wheel crush on Jaime, B & T are working from the Planet while their house is under construction, the gang comes up with a silly plan to test Dylan and see if she is still a piece of shit or not, Bette and Tina eat dinner with Kelly see Tina's boss and she realizes she is getting fired so she goes off on them, Shane is feeling super trapped and suffocated by Jenny, Dylan and Helena reunite, and MORE!
Oct 21, 2018
Episode 67: "Leaving Los Angeles"
Hey Friends, we’re back and we have some guests today! Brandy and Joy are joining us to talk about The L Word, Season 6 Episode 4, “Leaving Los Angeles.” We go on so many ramblings in this one, so hold on to your pants. Starts right off the bat with everyone being shitty to Max (why is it just getting worse?!), Kelly and Bette have lunch or dinner together (how fucking long is everyone at The Planet??), Dylan asks Tina to help her get Helena back (lesbian request denied), Tasha and Alice set up their new bestie Jaime with Helena of all people, Bette & Tina go to Nevada to meet they potential baby mama Marci, Max & Tom go to a traumatic straight person lamaze class, It’s the crazy Jenny show, and more!
Oct 07, 2018
Minisode #15 Jenny Schecter Vs Don Draper Autostraddle Article
Hey friends! This weeks’ mini is about sexism in tv antiheros with a specific look at Jenny Schecter. Sarah G and EOB read the article, “Don Draper vs Jenny Schecter: The Sexist Battle of the TV Anti-Heroes” by Heather Hogan (link below). Check out our opinions on this interesting piece. STAY GAY!
Sep 24, 2018
Minisode #14 Reeling Film Festival Shorts Curator Sharon Zurek
Hello friends, Big dyke energy alert! We've got Sharon Zurek (of Dyke Delicious at Chicago Filmmakers) on the phone, dishing about the 7 dyke centric collections of short films she has curated for Reeling Film Festival opening this Thursday!! Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival is the second longest-running film festival of its kind, and prides itself on showcasing the best LGBTQ+ films and videos each year.
Sep 18, 2018
Episode 66: "LMFAO"
Tina takes a turn threatening Jenny’s life, Shenny’s in bed (is it gross or sexy?), Alice discovers Shane and Jenny’s tryst and texts the whole gang at once in a classic Angela Robinson montage, Bette asks Jodi to resign and she refuses, Jenny reads Alice’s treatment to filth and tells her to do cartoon voice overs, Tina comes over to Jenny’s to ask her about the stolen negative (Jenny fiercely denies any involvement), Shane claims that she and Jenny only hooked up the “one time” and that everything is chill but Alice doesn’t buy it (plus a funny Yoplait commercial spoof), Phyllis takes Jodi’s side in the dyke drama between Jodi and Bette, Alice reads a heartfelt and tragic letter on The Look, Phillis asks Bette to resign and then tries to kiss her, Everyone laughs it up over Jenny & Shane and SO MUCH MORE!!!
Sep 17, 2018
Episode 65: "Least Likely"
Hi peeps! EOB and Sarah G are back at it again with The L Word. We are pushing forward into Season 6, Episode 2, “Least Likely.” Niki is pissed at Jenny for the revenge fuck and is the first of many people to threaten her life, Bette and Tina run into Bette’s college roomie Kelly Wentworth AKA “Juicy Freemont” (Elizabeth Berkley, we’re SO EXCITED), Jodi whips up the tension between her and Bette at a board meeting, Joyce proposes to Phyllis in the NUDE, Max is pregnant? (oh jesus christ why), Tasha and Alice go to see Dan Foxworthy (the only therapist in LA) and he tells them to break up so they fuck in Alice’s car, OMG Dylan is BACK (with the HAIR….and the DOCUMENTARIES…..and the….NOT....GAY!), Shane goes into the house to pack her shit, Jenny reveals that she is in love with Shane and THEY KISS (uggggghhhhhhhhh nooooooo), and MORE MORE MORE!
Sep 09, 2018
Minisode #13 Sharp Objects Finale (SPOILERS!)
Sharp Objects Finale SPOILER ALERT! Since Sarah and Erin can’t stop talking about Sharp Objects, we decided to do a minisode about the final episode. This HBO series was AMAZING, chock full of incredible acting from Patricia Clarkson, Amy Adams, Eliza Scanlen, Elizabeth Perkins and many others. It’s all about murder, alcoholism, coming back to ones hometown, repressed memories, weird family dynamics, and munchausen by proxy. Enjoy our rantings about this insane final ep!
Sep 03, 2018
Episode 64: "Long Night's Journey Into Day"
This is IT! The FINAL season of The L Word (OG series). Sarah G & EOB are here to dig into this doozy of a season. Today we are recapping Season 6, Episode 1 “Long Night’s Journey Into Day.” WHAT THE FUCK, Jenny is DEAD!?!?! Lucy Lawless joins the cast as a steamy detective investigating Jenny’s (death/murder?), then we jump back to 3 months ago and we are right back at the Yamashiro Lez Girls wrap part, Jenny catches Shane and Niki on the balcony and a high speed chase ensues, Niki goes to the Chateau and Shane wanders around with a Whole Foods bag, Bette and Tina take Angie to the ER because she has a fever, Tasha and Alice get into the same fight again (is scooting cheating??) they end up at Papi’s place (heyyyy Papi!) and she is getting it in with Alice’s Ex Gabby, T & A have a weird relationship chat while hearing Papi and Gabby making crazy sex noises, Jenny calls Niki back to her place to revenge fuck, Helena and Kit stupidly name their bar Hit Club, and so MUCH MORE! STAY GAY!
Sep 02, 2018
Minisode #12 Disobedience
Hi ya'll! Today we have a fresh mini for you about the film Disobedience. It's Rachel squared (Weiss & McAdams) in this sapphic forbidden love story. We give a fast and loose recap of the plot, question religion, critique the audio mix, give our detailed opinions about spitting, and MORE! STAY GAY!
Aug 27, 2018
Episode 63: "Loyal And True"
It's the season 5 FINALE! Holy shit, can you believe that we only have 8 legit episodes left in the original series of THE L WORD!??? It's getting down to the wire, and Sarah G & EOB don't know what to do with ourselves. Thankfully, today Brandy joins us in recapping Season 5, Episode 12, "Loyal and True." Bette introduces Jodi at the Hammer Museum opening and gets humiliated by Jodi's audio visual art piece "CORE," Tina gets kicked off the set just before they film the last scene, Tasha starts and quits a job, Alice scooter cheats on Tasha and almost kisses Clea, Helena comes back and buys Kit TWO nightclubs at Peggy's suggestion taking down Dawn Denbo and releasing Her Lover Cindy (It's Cindy TUCKER), the whole gang goes to the Lez Girls wrap party (even Jenny), Shane almost kills Niki by eating her out on a railing over a cliff, and SO MUCH MORE!!! OMG, next episode is Season 6. We are scared and might take off on a tangent for a bit doing some juicy minis for ya'll until we are ready to dive back in... STAY GAY!
Aug 19, 2018
Episode 62: "Lunar Cycle"
We’re back with SPECIAL GUESTS!!! Sarah G, EOB, Brandy, Brea & Aly are all hanging out recapping this amazing episode of The L Word Season 5, Episode 11, “Lunar Cycle.” Bette and Jodi break up across various locations in LA (why are they wearing the same outfit?), Adele blackmails Jenny with the Jenki sex tape (DVD) and hijacks Lez Girls taking her place as director, DD and Her Lover Cindy announce that they have bought out Ivan’s 51% of The Planet (those SHE BITCHES), Alice and Tasha look for an apartment and it doesn’t go well, Melanie Lynskey’s in town and flirting with Alice on The Look, Kit’s got her gun and she’s about to do something bad, and so much MORE!!!
Aug 13, 2018
Episode 61: "Lifecycle"
Hello! Sarah G and EOB are here with a SPECIAL GUEST! It’s Ian, photographer and the runner of the amazing instagram account: @artofthelword We are talking today about our fav show, The L Word Season 5 Episode 10, “Lifecycle.” Subaru Subaru SUBARU! It’s the Subaru Pink Ride! The whole gang goes to the Pacific Northwest to bike down the coast in support of great cancer research as Team Dana (awww). Nki and Jenny can’t seem to keep their relationship discrete, Molly chases after Shane (literally and figuratively). tension builds between Tasha and Alice when some of Tasha’s friends show up, Jenny and Niki make a sex tape and Adele steals the tape (they didn’t see that coming?), Bette and Tina are outed for their affair during a really stupid game of I Never, they all ride awkwardly back to LA and MORE!
Jul 29, 2018
Episode 60: "Liquid Heat"
Hello Friends! Sarah G and EOB here to recap your fav show ever, The L Word. Today’s episode is Season 5, Episode 8, “Liquid Heat.” Rolling black outs create trouble on the set of Lez Girls, Niki and Jenny have major drama when Jenny discovers Niki fucked Greg (gross), Bette’s in love with Tina, Tahsa enjoys her free time and gets some quality time with Alice, Max is treated like garbage once again (Max deserves better!), Jodi and Bette look like the cover of Barbra Streisand’s Wet album, Shane has it bad for Molly, Phyllis wants Joyce back, Dawn Denbo and Her Lover Cindy have a mafia style sit-down, everyone fucks in the LA heatwave and so much MORE!
Jul 22, 2018
Episode 59: "Lay Down The Law"
Hey fam! We have special guests today!! It’s Sarah G’s big sis, Kristen and her friend Summer! Kristen & Summer are on tour all over the midwest and Canada. Check out their websites below for details. Today all of us Bos are chatting about The L Word, Season 5 Episode 8, “Law Down the Law.” Niki previews her hot new action movie, Jodi gives Shane advise about spaghetti girls, Jodi decides to throw a nightmare lesbian dinner party with everyone’s exes, Jenny is causing more drama on set, Niki’s agents make her take a DUDE to her movie premiere, Tasha goes on trial, AND MORE!
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 58: "Lesbians Gone Wild"
Heyyy friends! EOB and Sarah G are BACK! Today we are chatting about the best show in the world, The L Word. This episode is Season 5, episode 7, “Lesbians Gone Wild!” Behind the scenes cameras catch some drama on the set and Niki tells Begonia to catch her outside, Colonel Davis catches Beech outside and basically tell him she is gonna kick his ass (and Tasha’s) in court, Alice gets the job on The Look under the condition that she outs people every episode, Niki and Jenny get it in the trailer every day at lunch, Bette gets stuck showing Molly around, Shane gets to work doing hair on the set and tries to crack Molly, Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling! Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling? Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling!!! Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy take on Jenny, Niki, Shane and Molly, everyone gets so oily and Kit calls the Police ANNNNNND MORE!
Jul 08, 2018
Minisode #11 Trivia Night!
Last week we had a blast at trivia! Re-live the questions & answers in this very special episode! Stay Gay!
Jul 01, 2018
Episode 57: "Lights! Camera! Action!"
Happy Pride Chicago! Sarah G and EOB have been super busy living gayly and so they did this recap over the phone! We chat about Season 5, Episode 6, “Lights, Camera, Action!” Jenny hates Vancouver (how could she, it’s amazing?), Adele gets a makeover, Bette and Tina make nice TWICE(Cue the Joan Armatrading/ Feist music), Dawn Denbo with her lover Cindy make threats, Tasha and Alice split up, Phyllis has a black bra party and her daughter Molly is appalled, Filming begins on Lez Girls and MORE!!! Come to Trivia Night at Big Chicks!
Jun 25, 2018
Episode 56: "Lookin' at You, kid"
Who would play you in a movie? That’s the theme of Jenny’s house party in this crazy episode of The L Word. Sarah G & EOB recap season 5 episode 5, “Lookin at you kid.” We meet the cast of Lez Girls, Alice’s “podcast” goes viral when she outs an NBA player, Shane can’t resist temptation and fucks lover Cindy behind DD’s back, Jenny gets closer to Niki, Shane makes weed brownies for the house party, Alice and Shane treat Max like crap (YOU GUYS WTF!), Jenny and Niki kiss and then fuck in a closet, Bette and Tina struggle with the aftermath of their kiss at SheBar, Tahsa and Alice get into a fight abut their morals again, AND MORE! Happy PRIDE MONTH! COME TO TRIVIA NIGHT June 26th at Big Chicks! Tickets at
Jun 18, 2018
Episode 55: "Let's Get This Party Started"
It’s PRIDE MONTH y’all! Get out and stay out, wear a lot of rainbow shit, eat tacos and STAY GAY. Sarah G and EOB (we recorded on her birthday! also- it’s Gemini Season, yowza) recapped The L Word Season 5 Episode 4, “Let’s Get this Party Started.” Jenny and Tina watch “Jesse” auditions, the whole gang goes to a self defense class to do some exposition on the rest of the episode, two military goons go to Alice’s apartment to intimidate her, Jenny fights back agains casting Niki (Nikki?) and spits her gum out on the conference table, Bette deals with a controversial art piece and butts heads with Jodie over it, Tasha’s lawyer comes around (sorta), Jenny gets dressed and spits her gum out again, Kit buys a GUN!? (Kit, NO!) Tasha and Alice go to a secret gays party (bad idea Alice-Big-Mouth-Pieszecki), Oh HI DAWN DENBO & HER LOVER CINDY, everyone goes to SHEBAR, lots of shit goes down, BETTE & TINA!!! AND MORE! FUCKING PRIDE MONTH WOOOOO! Stay Gay. We love you. Save the date Chicago: June 26th 7pm TRIVIA NIGHT at Big Chicks
Jun 10, 2018
Minisode #10: Interview with celesbian writer & editor TRISH BENDIX!!!
Hey Gays (LGBTQ+ and allies inclusive)! It's PRIDE MONTH 20-gayteen! Enjoy this interview with celesbian media icon, Trish Bendix! Brandy and Sarah G met up with Trish for lunch at Gracias Madre in LA to talk about The L Word, Blockbuster, tacos, queer women, reboot gossip and MORE! Get out there this month and be as GAY AS POSSIBLE ALL MONTH AND FOREVER. STAY GAY!
Jun 03, 2018
Episode 54: "Lady of the Lake"
HEYYYYY it’s Sarah G & EOB! We are here yet again, recapping the best show ever made in the history of television, The L Word. Today we are chatting about Season 5, Episode 3, “Lady of the Lake.” We start with an amazing Charlie’s Angels spoof, all the gang work out now(?) and are hanging at the gym together, Shane works out for hours to avoid/ resist having sex, Alice is rude to Max again and it’s getting really old, Jodi appears on Alice’s podcast, Tina goes on a hot date, Bette and Jodi go to Big Bear Lake for a horrible terrible no good very bad weekend, Tasha meets with her homophobe lawyer, Peggy springs Helena from the slammer, and much MORE! STAY GAY!
May 28, 2018
Episode 53: "Look Out, Here They Come!"
OMG Friends! We are finally back with our recap of The L Word Season 5, Episode 2, “Look Out, Here They Come!” Before diving into the episode, EOB and Sarah G fall into a rabbit hole of musicals and Turner Classic Movies. “Maybe just try HAIRSPRAY!?”- shouts EOB. But seriously, back to the L word… Tina and Jenny have a meeting where the studio demands more sex, fun black bra wars montage, Shane does a hair styling gig for wedding where all the women are thirsty for her, Tina can’t shut up about Bette even on a date, Tomater has a crush on Max, Jenny gets a new assistant named Adele (who is creepy obsessed with Jenny), Joyce and Phyllis are still breaking up, Helena’s still in the slammer, Bette and Jodi show too much PDA on a double date with Tasha and Alice, Shane fucks two sisters and their mom then gets chased out of the wedding reception, and so so much MORE!
May 15, 2018
Minisode #9 Fawzia Mirza talks Signature Move!
Hey friends! Sarah G and EOB are back with a special minisode about the film Signature Move. We interview the writer & star of the film, Fawzia Mirza. Signature Move is a new romance with Alma forces Zaynab to confront her relationship with her recently widowed mother who escapes to TV dramas and finding her daughter a husband. In this coming-of-age Muslim melodrama, Zaynab copes by taking up Lucha-style wrestling.
May 07, 2018
Episode 52: "LGBTease"
Finally, it’s Season FIVE!!! Sarah G and EOB have a very special guest, Jade Salazar from the Tagg Nation podcast! Jade joins us via phone from Washington DC! Today the three of us are recapping The L Word: Season 5, Episode 1 ”LGBTease.” Jenny’s writing the script for her movie after sailing from coast to coast on a poorly inflated raft, Paigne go to see an apartment and Shane decides randomly that she is going to fuck things up with Paige by fucking the realtor, Angus and Papi are GONE, Joyce & Phyllis are hot and heavy, Tina gets shut down by Jenny after suggesting some notes on Jenny’s script, Jodi takes control of Bette (don’t redecorate other people’s spaces), WAX is on FIRE? AND SO SO MUCH MORE!!!
Apr 29, 2018
Minisode #8 San Junipero
Ooh baby do you know what that's worth?! OMG it's EOB & Sarah G. We are here today talking about the Netflix hit series, Black Mirror. Season 3, Episode 4 "San Junipero." We follow the beautiful love story of Kelly and Yorkie in the fun party town of San Junipero. In this lesbian story, there is a happy ending, can you believe it?? Full of awesome 80s music and fashion, this quirky sapphic sci-fi will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye. I'm not crying YOUR crying! STAY GAY!
Apr 23, 2018
Episode 51 "Long Time Coming"
See ya Season 4! It’s the FINALE! Sarah G & EOB are recapping our fav show, The L Word Season 4, episode 12, “Long Time Coming.” Alice and Tasha fight over Tasha getting re-deployed, Tina writes an email to Jodi on Bette’s blackberry, Papi talks to Helena about her unhealthy relationship with Catherine, Bette plans an elaborate romantic gesture to get Jodi back, Phyllis and Joyce hook up, Jenny busts into her own firing and causes a scene, Bette drives a tractor and we all cry listening to Pink & the Indigo Girls’ song Mr. President…AND MORE! Stay fuckin gay!
Apr 16, 2018
Episode 50: "Literary License To Kill"
It’s our 50th episode!!! OMG can you believe that Sarah G and EOB have been talking about The L Word for over 50 HOURS?! We can. And here we go again, only this time we scraped the recap. Instead, it’s real-time commentary. Fire up your Netflix or you DVDs to Season 4, Episode 11, “Literary License to Kill” and follow along. Papi is fucking Kit and it’s not going well, EVERYONE is reading Jenny’s book and Bette is fucking pissed about it, Tasha has PTSD flashbacks from Iraq that are fucking with her relationship with Alice, Tina is so fucking over fucking Henry, Shane and Paige are still fucking, Helena isn’t fucking with Catherine’s bullshit anymore, Grace and Max are fucking, Jodi and Bette are no longer fucking, and so much fucking MORE WE’RE 50! STAY GAY!
Apr 08, 2018
Episode 49: "Little Boy Blue"
Hey Hey, Sarah & Brandy are back from LA to hang with EOB and chat about The L Word. Today’s episode is Season 4, Episode 10, “Little Boy Blue.” Bette plans a crazy dinner party for Jodi with a cook and a server?!, Jenny and Tina meet with Kate Arden (I think we found our director), Max goes back to Illinois for his mom’s funeral and revisits family issues with his Dad and sisters (they suck), Catherine gets Helena into a new gambling scene- horse racing and all the gang goes to the track, Tasha gets spotted by a homophobe douche guy she knows from the Army, Catherine and Helena fuck against a window in front of everyone then lose 100k dollars, Kit is back to drinking and done with Angus, Gay girls want monkeys and straight girls want horses?, Super intense dinner party turns Bette and Jodi super intense fight, and SO SO MUCH MORE! Stay Gay and Stay Tuned-in until the end to hear a teaser of Sarah G’s interview with writer and editor, Trish Bendix!!!
Apr 01, 2018
Episode 48: "Lacy Lilting Lyrics"
It’s Sunday Funday! Sarah G and EOB recap your fav show, The L Word. Today’s episode is Season 4, Episode 9, “Lacy Lilting Lyrics.” This episode is jam packed with crazy SHEnanigans: Jenny and Tina look for a director for Les Girls and fucking MARINA shows up, Alice/ Tasha/ Papi/ Helena have a party in bed all day until Leonard shows up and they have to teach him about lesbians, Bette and Jodi have the same fight again when Bette sees Jodi with Amy and gets jealous, Kit is so over Angus and his bullshit, Papi has it bad for that fierce Kitty too, Gabriel takes Shay back and another little piece of Shane’s heart and SO MUCH MORE!!! STAY GAY!
Mar 26, 2018
Episode 47: "Lexington & Concord"
Oh HI there! It's Sarah G and EOB back at it again with The L Word. Season 4, Episode 8 "Lexington & Concord." The whole gang gathers at the Planet for Kit's record release, Tina meets Jodi, Shane and Paige fuck in a car for three separate scenes, Alice and Tasha debate war and idealism and then make some hot hot sweet love, Jenny brings her douche-bag agents to Kit's show and Bette actually stands up for Tina, Kit explodes at Angus during her performance "Nanny fuckin mother fucker!", Papi takes Kit out to drink and dance not knowing she is an alcoholic, Helena gets in deeper with Catherine, and MORE!!!
Mar 19, 2018
Episode 46: "Lesson Number One"
It's your favorite day of the week and another fabulous episode of The L Word! Today, Sarah G and EOB are recapping Season 4, Episode 7, "Lesson Number One." Bette and Jodi are getting deep into each other, Phyllis is heartbroken and drunk over her breakup with Alice, Helena is torn over sleeping with Catherine for money, Jenny's "Lez Girls" New Yorker piece is suddenly an entire book and Tina wants the movie rights, Alice goes to the Army base to see Tasha and they go up in a big gay helicopter, Paige and Shane give the entire class a lesson on being GAY and not being and asshole like all these stupid parents (they do the TIME so they might as well do the CRIME), AND SO MUCH GODDAM MORE!!!! visit our website! Become a Patron for exclusive content!
Mar 11, 2018
Episode 45: "Luck Be A Lady"
You’re looking very Shane today! EOB & Sarah G here, to talk about The L Word: Season 4, Episode 6, “Luck Be a Lady.” This is a double Angela Robinson episode and it doesn’t disappoint. Shane is a hot model for Hugo Boss, Alice invites everyone to a movie premiere/poker extravaganza, Phone montage, Poker Montage, Gambling Montage, that’s THREE montages, Bette and Jodi fuck inside a sculpture, Papi throws a poker party at Alice’s, Tasha clocks Alice in the eye so they can have a scene alone together, Max comes out as trans in support of a female co-worker being treated unfairly, Jenny’s maniacal dog/girlfriend sabotage plan gets blown wide open, Helena makes a huge mistake, and SO MUCH MORE!!!
Mar 04, 2018
Episode 44: "Lez Girls"
Happy Sunday everyone! This week is our year anniversary! Thanks to all our listeners out there, we love you! Today Sarah G & EOB are recapping our fav show The L Word- Season 4, Episode 5, “Lez Girls.” Max has a contemplative look in the mirror, Jenny has a piece in the New Yorker about all the girls but not really about them because it’s “fiction”, Shane has a playdate for Shay and meets a sexy Mom named Paige, Helena has a job as a caterer for Phyllis and somehow Alice ends up bumping into Phyllis’s husband Leonard (awkward), Bette has got to cool it with Nadia so she can heat it up with Jodi, Tina has lunch with Bette to tell her she caught Angus cheating, Alice has a fabulous fight with Jenny and later meets a new lady (TASHA!!!), Bette has some fun and gets stoned with Jodi and Tom, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE!!! launches tonight! STAY GAY GET TACOS
Feb 25, 2018
Episode 43: "Layup"
What time is it? GAME TIME. Today we have 5 special guests because it's the long awaited basketball episode!!! Sarah G, EOB, Brandy, Brea, Aly, Erin, and Nicole recap our fav show The L Word: Season 4, Episode 4, "Layup." We played some 2 on 2 bball and then dove into this crazy fun episode. Alice gives tips while getting head, Bette finally meets Jodi and they bump heads over some controversial art piece, Papi invites Alice and her gang of bougie-ass girls to play basketball, Max comes out to Brooke and discovers she is a shitty person, Jenny goes batshit and pretends to be someone else to manipulate Stacey Mirkin's (the vagina wig) girlfriend, Kit refuses to wear shoes that fit, Angus gets hit on by some thirsty nanny (Ingrid? Gretel? Hazel.), the gang plays basketball and they are terrible but it's hilarious, Shay breaks his arm so Shane has to model for Hugo Boss to pay for his medical bills, and MORE!!!! STAY GAY!!!
Feb 18, 2018
Episode 42: "Lassoed"
Yeeeehaaaah! Get along little lezzies! Sarah G & EOB are recapping Season 4, Episode 3, "Lassoed." Tina has a Gays Vs Straights dinner party (it's the literal worst), The Planet hosts a western themed ladies party and Phyllis is foaming at the mouth, Shane and Papi have a fantasy showdown, Helena fails miserably at trying to be a receptionist at Wax, Angus' band gets signed but then they kick him out (ouch), Nadia persists in trying to get with Bette and it works... and so ..... much .....MORE! STAY GAY & Buy Ad space wit us! email us at
Feb 11, 2018
Episode 41: "Livin La Vida Loca"
Hey out there, remember Ricky Martin?! Sarah G and EOB are in rare form today recapping our favorite show, The L Word. It’s Super Bowl Sunday but we don’t care about football nearly as much as we love this show. Today we are retelling Season 3, Episode 2 “Livin La Vida Loca.” Alice finds Papi and loves circles, Dean Porter starts work at CU, Shane tries to find Gabriel and has no idea what to do with her 9yr old brother(just get him a fucking smoothy), Jenny is PISSED at Stacy Mirkin (Heather Matarazzo!), Phyllis (Cybill Shepherd!) comes out to Bette, Max goes out with the Boss’s daughter (careful Max!), Papi finds Helena, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! STAY GAY!
Feb 04, 2018
Episode 40: "Legend In The Making"
Hey GAYS! It’s Sarah G and EOB here chatting about The L Word Season 4, Episode 1 “Legend in the Making.” Bette steals Angelica, Shane goes on a Cherie and coke bowl binge, Alice teaches Helena about being poor, Jenny and Claude fuck again and throw creme fraiche, Max gets some real support, Kit has a scary abortion clinic experience, Shane crashes a car and then becomes a new parent, and MORE!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1
Jan 29, 2018
Minisode #7 Best Of The L Word Made Me GAYYY!
Enjoy our favorite clips from our first three seasons of The L Word Made Me Gay!!!
Jan 22, 2018
Episode 39: "Left Hand of the Goddess" Part 2 of 2!
Part 2 of 2: Season 3 finale extravaganza is here!!! SEVEN LESBIANS ALL TALKING AT ONCE!!! Are you tired of all female panels? IMPOSSIBLE! Brandy, Sam, Erin, Lauren, and Nicole join us in talking about some crazy shit on our fav show, The L Word. Shane's Zaddy Gabriel makes bad choices, Jenny champagne fucks a french Canadian, Alice ziplines, the whole gang has dinner for Shane's "bachelor" party, Peggy didn't realize they were such role-playing lesbians, God-des & She sing a lesbian square dance/ cupid shuffle style song about eating pussy, Carmen gets some very bad news while walking down the aisle, Helena gets cut off, AND MORE!!!!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Jan 14, 2018
Episode 38: "Left Hand of the Goddess" Part 1 of 2!
OH. MY. GOD. We have SEVEN women on the pod today! Sarah G and EOB recap your fav show, The L Word, Season three finale, "Left Hand of the Goddess." But this time, we have 5 special guests!!! Brandy, Sam, Erin, Lauren, and Nicole join us in talking about this insane episode. Part 1 of 2: Alice and Lara are grief-fucking, Helena plans Carmen & Shane's wedding at a fancy resort in Canada, Shane meets her Dad, Bette and Tina are exhausting, Peggy Peabody comes along on the wedding trip, Jenny and Max drift apart, We try to do Helena impressions (sorry Rachel!), and MORE!!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Jan 08, 2018
Episode 37: "Last Dance"
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Byeeeeee 2017. Today Sarah G and EOB are recapping our fav show, The L Word! Season 3, Episode 11, "Last Dance" is all about tears: Dana's funeral is bogus, Alice steals some ashes so the whole gang can take Dana to the beautiful mountains where she went to tennis camp, flash backs of Dana's life, Alice meeting Dana for the first time, Dana and Jenny almost hooking up, Dana doing acid at a Tegan & Sara concert with Shane, back in the now- Max gets a new job, Bette lawyers up (Jane Lynch is back!), Shane pops the question (WHYYYY SHANE NOOOO), Lara comes back from Paris, and MORE!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Dec 31, 2017
Minisode #6 Carol-Ing
No lesbians were harmed in the making of this film!!! WOW! Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara is a love story about lesbians who meet during Christmas and DON'T DIE! Listen to Sarah G and EOB talk about what we liked and loved about this movie. Stylized shots of Rooney Mara in a car, thick-with-context touches on the shoulder, santa hats, leather gloves, fur coats, Sarah Paulson, Carrie Brownstein, romance, sexy women driving, and MORE!
Dec 24, 2017
Episode 36: "Losing the Light"
Get the tissues ready! This recap of The L Word Season 3, Episode 10 "Losing the Light" is a tough one, but don't worry! We have Brea & Aly here as special guests to help us with our grief. Bette escapes the retreat to yell with abandon, Jenny and Max go to lunch with TIM! Tim.................tim.............tim............and his wife Becky, Carmen tells Shane that she also cheated, Helena goes to court and Peggy shows up to read everyone to filth, Kit thinks Angus might be cheating, Alice bumps into the Ton Ton, and then.....................Dana....................omg we are crying....I can't even.................and MORE! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Dec 24, 2017
Episode 35: "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"
Gays! It’s EOB & Sarah G, with specials guests: Laura & Brandy! We are chatting about the BEST show ever, The L Word. Today’s episode recap is Season 3 Episode 9, “Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way.” We relive the Dana and Alice break up AGAIN (crying), Bette walks in a circle A LOT, Tina brings a man into BETTE’S HOUSE and HER POOL, Dana meets Dr. Love (Yes a REAL Doctor) and starts to have a little hope, the whole gang goes to Wax for TRANS PROM, Dylan really fucks Helena, Carmen comes out, 80s hair, and MORE! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Dec 18, 2017
Episode 34: "Latecomer"
Hey there, folx! It's Sarah G & EOB back at it again with a recap of your fav show, The L Word. Today we are talking about a juicy one, Season 3, Episode 8, "Latecomer." Kit goes to a recording studio to make an album and have a Traaaaaaansformaton, Dana bites the bullet and shaves her head, Max decides to get a top surgery consult (dang! its expensive), Helena and Dylan finally GET IT ON (twice), Tina and Bette drift further apart but they still wanna be co-mommas, Shane's in the dog house, the gang all goes to a Basketball game in San Jose, AND...MORE! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Dec 10, 2017
Episode 33: "LoneStar"
Oh Hi Friends! EOB and Sarah G are here, queer, and we have a guest: it's Erin! Remember her from the minisode, "Let's Talk About Kit Baby." Today we are recapping Season 3, Episode 7 of The L Word, "LoneStar." Tina takes a helicopter to Vancouver to fuck Josh but he kills the vibe when he tries to mansplain Tina's sexuality, Dana takes out her anger on Lara, Max is taking testosterone with help from Jenny, Carmen and Shane get matching tattoos (great idea Sharmen, not a KOD at all...), Jenny flys to NYC to meet her editor (Eve Ensler!), Kit finally fires Billie cause he can't stop fucking and doing drugs at work, Bette leads Dana in a guided meditation (her voice is so sooooothing), Alice calls Dana on her bullshit, and MORE!!!! The winner of our review contest is "C Bee Bee." Email to claim your free tshirt! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 HAIR DONE:
Dec 03, 2017
Episode 32.2: "Lifesize" Part 2 of 2!
Part 2 of 2 of our MEGASODE TWO PART EXTRAVAGANZA! Sarah G, EOB, Kaleigh, and Justine are hanging out and finishing our recap of Season 3, Episode 6 “Lifesize.” Alice gets some info about Lezzie Vamps from Carmen (bats, bats, bats, bats, bats), Dylan and Helena take over 30 seconds to land a kiss, Dana at the Hospital (we are all crying and we can’t even), Carmen is shitty to Max (why?!), SLEATER KINNEY, Max and Billie get caught, and MORE MORE MORE! How do you like, it How do you like it? Please let us know by reviewing us on iTunes! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 RELATUS: Breanna-adams-530868476 – Relatus-episode-2 HAIR DONE:
Nov 27, 2017
Episode 32: "Lifesize" Part 1 of 2!
PART 1 of 2 MEGASODE with very special guests, Justine & Kaleigh! We are recapping Season 3 Episode 6 of The L Word, “Lifesize.” How appropriate, because Kaleigh is the proud winner of the Shane lifesize cutout from our Live Show at Barbara & Barbara! In today’s recap part 1 we discuss: Shane and Carmen try to work through Shane’s dip in the pool with Cherie Jaffe, Alice has a bite mark from her Vampire lover and is freed of her mortal coils, Billie takes advantage of Max and pushes him to buy street testosterone (not safe! not cool Billie!), Dylan and Helena have a hot make-out sesh, Dana goes to the hospital for her mastectomy, and MORE!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 RELATUS: Breanna-adams-530868476 – Relatus-episode-2 HAIR DONE:
Nov 19, 2017
Episode 31: "Lifeline"
HEY GAYS! We are back again to recap The L Word! Today we are talking about one of our fav episodes, Season 3 Episode 5, “Lifeline” with our good friends Brea & Aly! You know them from BTEC and Relatus. This episode has it all: Tina admits her dirty sex chat secrets, Bette meditates, Alice goes Bisexual speed dating and meets a sexy Vampire, Helena and Dylan get closer, Max goes out and is feeling himself, Dana deals with her Cancer, Shane acts like she has a girlfriend and fucks Cherie Jaffe by the pool, and so MUCH MORE!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 
Nov 13, 2017
Minisode #5 Interview with CAMERON ESPOSITO!!!
OH. MY. #@% it's CAMERON ESPOSITO! Sarah G and EOB had the amazing opportunity to do a phone interview with the brilliant comedian and host of the podcast Queery, Cameron Esposito. It was a fucking blast talking to Cameron about The L Word. We found out one of her favorite moments, how/when she discovered the show (Remember LimeWire!!?? Remember Blockbuster!?!), we play fuck/marry/kill, and so much MORE!! Thanks Again Cameron!! We love you. Check out one of Cameron's fabulous podcasts, Queery: Buy a shirt & stickers:…shop_home_active_1
Nov 05, 2017
Minisode #4: Reeling Film Festival (Plus Bob Fosse, Liza, & Musicals too)
Hello Again! We went to Reeling LGBTQ+ Film Festival and it was amazing! Listen to us talk all about it plus a musical tangent: Bob Fosse, Liza Minnelli, and MORE! Go see Hello Again in Theatres November 8th! Find out more about the Shorts: THANKS AGAIN REELING!
Nov 03, 2017
Episode 30: "Light My Fire"
OMG people! EOB and Sarah G are here yet again to reap your favorite show, The L Word. Today we are chatting about season 3 episode 4, "Light My Fire." Jenny and Moira meet some queer fam, Ms. Porter goes to Washington, Shane gets her own chair at WAX, Carmen DJs for Russel Simmons, Dana plays a high stakes tennis match, Tina and Bette fucking hate each other, Helena has a new crush, and so much more!
Oct 30, 2017
Episode 29: "Lobsters"
It’s Sunday Funday again! EOB & Sarah G are recapping Season 3 Episode 3 of The L Word, “Lobsters.” Bette & Tina struggle with money and getting along, Jenny & Moira arrive in LA, Kit & MAngus meet on the sidewalk and have a connection, Shane & Wax the skate shop might hookup, Helena & Tina team up at the movie studio, Carmen & Shane are being judgy about Moira, Dana & Her Boob go to the Dr, All the girls & Jenny have a fancy dinner where they act shitty to Moira cause they are bitches, and MORE! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1
Oct 22, 2017
Episode 28: "Lost Weekend"
WOW! We are back from riding the high of our amazing live show at Barbara & Barbara Salon! Today we are chatting about Season 3 Episode 2 of The L Word, “Lost Weekend.” Brandy and Alice (the dog) join Sarah G and EOB to talk about all the drama on this episode. Kit hires a new manager for the Planet (Alan Cumming!!!) but there's already some red flags, Jenny and Moira are cross-country road-trippin through America's small town gay bars and bigoted truck stop trash, Shane wears a dress AND EXTENSIONS to a quinceanera with Carmen (Don't worry Shane gets rewarded later if ya know what I mean), Kit's son is a douche, Bette and Tina start to unravel again, Angus gets hired as the new token male character on the show, Alice begins to let go of Dana, Dana and Lara take a bath, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT or a STICKER!…shop_home_active_1 RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE: FUCKIN GOOD FOOD: PHOTOGRAPHY:
Oct 15, 2017
Episode 27: "Labia Majora" LIVE at Barbara & Barbara Salon!
It's the LIVE SHOW!!! Wow, we had a fucking blast last night at Barbara & Barbara Salon doing The L Word Made Me Gay: LIVE! Thanks again to Chicago Diner for the food and beer. Sarah G and EOB are at it again, recapping Season 3 Episode 1 of The L Word, "Labia Majora." Alice lost Dana and then lost her mind, Mama T & Mama B are planning a 1/2 birthday party for Angelica (why?) and hire Angus to play some dumb music on guitar, Shane and Carmen play straight at a dinner with the Morales family, Helena is suddenly besties with Alice and she's going to buy a movie studio. Alice tries to run Dana off the road in a high speed car chase, Bette and Tina meet their adoption social worker and it doesn't go very well, Jenny meets a hot butch at a dyke bar in Skokie that's never existed, Kit's in menopause, TONS of Vagina slang terms and Much MUCH MORE!!!! Stay Gay! BUY A SHIRT!…shop_home_active_1 RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE: PHOTOGRAPHY:
Oct 01, 2017
Minisode #3: "Bound"
Hello!!! It's EOB and Sarah G, coming at you with a fabulous minisode about the 1996 movie, "Bound." This lesbian love story turned mafia thriller starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon is such a gem. Hot sex, plot twists, the mob, murders, and much much more!!! BUY A SHIRT!…shop_home_active_1 LGBT FILMS: RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE:
Sep 25, 2017
Minisode #2: "Let's Talk About Kit, Baby"
Sarah G and EOB are HUGE Kit Porter Fans, and we wanna talk all things Kit in this Not-So-Minisode #2, "Let's Talk About Kit, Baby." We have special guests on the show, our awesome friends Sam & Erin! That's right, we have not one, but TWO ERINS. Have fun listening to us ramble on and on while laughing a ton about Pam Grier- the amazing actress that plays Kit, Sam & Erin's top 5 fav Kit moments, Traaaaaaaansformation, a brilliant fan theory, and much much MORE! Have you seen Coots on Scoots? BUY A SHIRT!…shop_home_active_1 LGBT FILMS: RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE: "You Nanny Fucking Mother Fucker!!!!" -Kit Porter
Sep 18, 2017
Episode 26: "Lacuna" FINALE FAB FOUR
Season Two Finale!!! Get ready for a very special episode of The L Word Made Me Gay! It's Sarah G, EOB, Justine, AND Brandy recapping The L Word Season 2 finale, "Lacuna." Season two gave us two new saucy characters: Carmen and Helena. Lots went down so we talk endlessly about the episode and so many other things. RIP Melvin (Ossie Davis),Why the hell does Mark get a job at this event?, Bette is in the bathroom at a concert with Tina and a puddle of water, Jenny falls deep into self harm and Shane offers her support, Alice is getting clingy and jealous, Dana don't flirt with Lara at a wake!, Helena saves her Peabody drama for her Peabody mama, We all go to see Gloria Steinem, Kinnie Starr/Betty/ Heart, Shane and Carmen go all the way again, and so so so much more!!!! Have you seen Coots on Scoots? BUY A SHIRT!…shop_home_active_1 LGBT FILMS: RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE:
Sep 10, 2017
Episode 25: "L'Chaim"
Can you believe season two is almost over? It’s us, Sarah G and EOB, coming at you with a brand new re-cap of Season 2 Episode 12, “L’Chaim.” Jenny goes to the Howling Coyote, Dana goes out to dinner with Lara (no bueno), Melvin goes into hospice at Bette’s house, Mark goes out of his way to try and make up wit Jenny, Jenny goes deeper into her childhood trauma, Shane goes to the Planet to see Carmen, and soooo much more!!! BUY A SHIRT!…shop_home_active_1 LGBT FILMS: RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE:
Sep 03, 2017
Episode 24: "Loud & Proud" (Justine's Song)
Hello Again! OMG, that is the name of a movie playing at Reeling LGBT Film Festival in Chicago!!! Oh, and Sarah G + EOB are back again with a new episode of The L Word Made Me Gay, recapping your fav show, The L Word! Today’s Episode is “Loud & Proud,” Episode 11 of Season 2. Dana’s little bro crashes LA PRIDE weekend, Kit & Bette spend time with Melvin at the hospital and he is still mean even on his death bead, Tina and Helena are going to date other people but they are still chill, Jenny discovers a terrible recovered memory from her childhood, Shane opens up to Carmen, Dykes on Bikes, Seven Stations of the Cross S&M, floats, Mos, Bos, and MORE!!!! BUY A SHIRT DAMMIT! LGBT FILMS: RAD CHARITY: SMARTY PANTS: HAIR DONE:
Aug 27, 2017
Episode 23: "Land Ahoy"
We're all gettin down on the LEZ BOAT! Today Sarah G and EOB are recapping Season 2 Episode 10 of The L Word, "Land Ahoy." It's a lesbian cruise! Boat episodes are the best!!! Jenny confronts Mark and gets confronted by her past, Alice has Dana on her radio show and it doesn't go well, Bette and Kit deal with Daddy issues (stop calling him Daddy, you are grown women!), Jenny/Shane/Carmen/Dana/Alice set sail on an Olivia Cruise where hi jinx ensue, sexual tension boils over, Love Boat role-play, OMG it's special guest Shawn Colvin, and the fun all gets crushed at the end, FUCKING MARK, and MORE!!!! NO NAZIS, NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA White Supremacy is Terrorism RIP Heather Heyer Register for FREE TICKETS to our show: The L Word Made Me Gay: LIVE! Registration begins August 30th Check out these kick ass women doing kick ass things!
Aug 20, 2017
Episode 22: "Late, Later, Latent"
Yo yo yo! It's EOB and Sarah G, with a brand new recap of our fav show, The L Word. Today's episode is Season 2, Episode 9, "Late, Later, Latent." Jenny and Carmen get raunchy in the bathroom, Mark's documentary gets him fired (that's what you get- creepo), Jenny gets a second chance with Burr, Bette and Tina get it on, Kit gets stood up, Carmen and Shane get real (Mark gets it all on tape), Jenny gets a rude awakening when she discovers the tape, Dana gets brave, and MORE!! Check out these kick ass women doing kick ass things!
Aug 13, 2017
Episode 21: "Loyal"
Hello Hello Hello, Sarah G and EOB are here to recap another fabulous episode of The L Word! Today we are talking about Season 2 Episode 8, "Loyal." Dana and Alice finally emerge from a 5 day sex bender remembering that they have jobs and stuff, Bette and Tina make some parenting plans, Helena takes Tina house hunting and tries to get it on in public again (Helena, what is your deal!?), Winnie Mann asks Bette to testify against Helena in court (hard pass), Shane is all messed up and goes to confession, Jenny meets Burr Conner (homophobe? or closet mo?), fucking Mark is still being a creep, Alice gets a job on the radio, and MORE!
Aug 06, 2017
Episode 20: "Luminous"
Heyyy Gayyyys (and friends!), Sarah G and EOB are recapping The L Word Season 2 Episode 7, "Luminous." Shane gets into all kinds of trouble including: Oxy, twins, and getting roughed up by bouncers, Tina and Helena continue to have sex in public places, Helena’s ex and baby-mama comes to LA, Bette gets “meat tagged” and buys a glass mobile, SHARON ISBIN plays classical guitar, Jenny and Carmen get slap happy, Dana and Alice come out about their relationship (everyone knows already), fucking creepo Mark, and MORE! WATCH SHARON ISBIN play Asturias here: Save the date for our live show on September 30th at Barbara & Barbara in Chicago! STAY GAY & GO GET TACOS!
Jul 30, 2017
Episode 19: "Lagrimas de Oro"
Wow wow wow fellas, look at Sarah G and EOB now! We are recapping Season 2 Episode 6, "Lagrimas de Oro," what an episode! Helena hangs in LA to get closer to Tina/ fuck with Bette, Bette tells Tina that Helena is a Vampire and Dragon, fucking Mark hires a woman to sleep with Shane so he can film it (GROSS), Jenny does more circus writing about her gay faints, Dana finally calls it off with Tonya, Helena and Tina get down in the pool at the Chataeu Marmont, and MORE! Also- HOLY REBOOT BATMAN, The L Word is coming back! Stay Gay
Jul 23, 2017
Minisode # 1: EW "The L Word" Reunion
Hi guys! This week, Sarah G and EOB are recapping/ reviewing the EW (Entertainment Weekly) "The L Word" reunion. Your fav L Word stars, photoshoots, Chaiken's regrets, cast members #9 & #10, and MORE!
Jul 16, 2017
Episode 18: "Labyrinth"
Hi-yeee! We are at it again, EOB and Sarah G are recapping The L Word Season 2 Episode 5, "Labyrinth" for your listening pleasure. Helena Peabody comes to LA, Bette loses it when the CAC loses funding and blames Tina for everything, Alice and Dana FINALLY get it on, FUCKING Mark, Shane/Jenny/Carmen love triangle drama, Tonya and Dana celebrate their bachelorettes party (sorry Alice), Bette finds out Tina is pregnant (it's about time Bette, get your head out of your ass), and much much much MORE! Plus- we share a very special email! We are taking a week off for busy schedules, but we will have a special minisode for you all next Sunday in leu of a regular episode. STAY GAY and go get tacos!
Jul 10, 2017
Episode 17: "Lynch Pin"
It's that time again! Sarah G and EOB just watched "Lynch Pin," Episode 4 of Season 2 of The L Word, and we are gonna tell you all about it. Bette takes a bite out of the big apple, Tina get's Joyced, Jenny and Shane look for a roommate and find a douchebag named Mark, Kit raises the price of the pear polenta tart by five bucks cause it's worth it, Shane gets a new job with Veronica (Camryn Manheim)and MORE!
Jul 03, 2017
Episode 16: "Loneliest Number"
Hello friends! Sarah G and EOB here to re-cap Episode 3 of Season 2 of The L Word, "Loneliest Number." Jenny stalks her way into a writing class, Shane moves in with Jenny, Tina moves into Joyce's guest house, Is Tonya: Dana's fiance or her manager? She's BOTH, Alice: don't touch Dana's thighs, Carmen- Shane- Jenny love triangle, BETTY & Kit sing at the opening night of The Planet, Candice invents "caught Bae sleeping," Bette cries underwater....AND....MORE! It was Pride weekend in Chicago (and many other cites around the U.S.) and we were out repping the pod at CMSA Pride Bowl at Montrose Fields. Great job to all the women and men that played their hearts out on the football fields. Shout out to The Replacements! Sarah DJ'd on a Pride float on Sunday and it was a dream come true. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Pride Weekend. Check out Coots on Scoots: If you want a sticker, email us at Stay Gay!
Jun 26, 2017
Episode 15 "Lap Dance"
It's that time again! Sarah G and EOB are here re-capping our favorite show, The L Word. Today we are talking about Season 2 Episode 2, "Lap Dance." Tina lawyers up (Jane Lynch y'all), Bette is so sorry so very sorry, Shane can't help going for seconds with Carmen, Kit buys The Planet (get it girl), Jenny goes back to class (Sandra Bernhard BAMF), the girls all get down at the strip club (not Bette), and MORE. *This episode also known as: Robyn's terrible horrible no good very bad episode.
Jun 18, 2017
Episode 14 "Life, Loss, Leaving"
OMG We are BACK for season two of The L Word Made Me Gay! EOB and Sarah G are here to recap Episode 1 of Season 2 “Life, Loss, Leaving.” Carmen is in the building, Bette is still in the dog house, Tina is in her second trimester, Alice and Dana are in limbo, Shane is in trouble, Kit is into Ivan, Jenny is so gay she faints, we have a very special guest and much much more!!
Jun 12, 2017
Episode 13: "Limb from Limb"
Season One finale is here!!! Sarah G and EOB re-cap The L Word Season One, Episode 13 "Limb from Limb" (Ep. 14 on Netflix). Mother/daughter dyke drama, Ivan wants to be Kit's man, Jenny juggles dates, Bette is a bad bad girl, Provocations, FUCKING TRISH, Tina finds out, Alice kisses Dana, and so much more (like 20% MORE)!!! Thanks for listening, stay gay! Share this podcast with all your friends! Like us on Facebook: The L Word Made Me Gay- podcast Follow us on Instagram: thelwordmademegay Subscribe and review us on iTunes email us your thoughts: check out COOTS ON SCOOTS: Ride or Die Season Two starts June 11th
May 21, 2017
Episode 12: "Locked Up"
Here we are once again, Sarah & Erin, re-capping The L Word Season 1- Episode 12 "Locked Up" (Ep.13 on Netflix). Protests, Mr.Piddles & Tonya, Fucking Bye Trish, Manatees & Mistral, Bette's jailhouse tryst, and much much MORE!
May 15, 2017
Episode 11: "Looking Back"
Hey Hey Hey! Sarah G and EOB re-cap The L Word Season 1, Episode 11 "Looking Back" (Ep. 12 on Netflix). The girls go to Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, coming-out stories, bad-vibes Tonya, debauchery, pool parties, drinking so much tequila, while Tina is away-Bette will play, and MORE (STAY GAY!) Check Out Sarah's short film, Coots On Scoots: Ride or Die
May 07, 2017
Episode 10: "Liberally"
The wait is over! Sarah and Erin are back with a new episode, re-capping The L Word Season 1- Episode 10 "Liberally" (Ep.11 on Netflix). Faye Buckley has a dirty secret, Bette is a pervert (only a pervert would show this work), Tina volunteers, Shane gets in deep with the Jaffe's, Fucking Trish, Jenny and Dana???, Slim Daddy is back, and MORE! STAY GAY!!!!
Apr 30, 2017
Episode 9: "Luck, Next Time"
Hello! Sarah G and EOB are back yet again to talk about The L Word, Season 1- Episode 9 (Ep. 10 on Netflix) "Luck , Next Time." Bette is mad because Tina made a decision, Dana is out and staying out, Shane is finally fucking Cherie Jaffe, Alice is over Lisa, Jenny is having dinner with Marina and Francesca, Slim Daddy (SNOOP DOGG!!!) is in the house, and MORE!!! We also care about real life stuff! You too? Please visit: to help people, especially children in Syria. Thank You, Stay Gay!
Apr 16, 2017
Episode 8: "Listen Up"
Sarah G and EOB are back at it again, chatting about The L Word Season 1 Episode 8 (Ep.9 on Netflix)"Listen Up." Jenny has a friend, Dana gets out and stays out, Kit signs a contract, Bette fights with Yolanda, Twat- the night, and more!
Apr 09, 2017
Episode 7: "L'Ennui"
Hey you GayBos, GayMos, and Queer Steers! EOB and Sarah G are back to talk about The L Word season 1, episode 7 (Ep. 8 on Netflix) "L'Ennui." Jenny comes crawling back to LA and really needs a bath, Bette and Tina are boring, Shane throws a yacht party, who the fuck is Francesca? and MORE!
Apr 03, 2017
Episode 6: "Losing It"
We're back at it again! Sarah G and EOB re-cap "Losing It" (Ep.7 on Netflix) Ms. Porter goes to NYC, Jenny hitchhikes, does shrooms, and writes a creepy letter, Lisa the lesbian man is back, Tim is pissed, Tina is threatened, the girls have a sleepover, Lara and Dana get busted, and more!
Mar 26, 2017
Episode 5: "Lawfully"
Sarah G and EOB re-cap episode 5 "Lawfully"(Ep. 6 on Netflix) with special guest: Sarah's big gay sister Kristen!!! Lenore gets intimate (french), Dana is blowing it, Dinner with Milton, Fucking Trish, getting down and dirty in the write shack, TIM FINDS OUT, a Tahoe wedding, and more!
Mar 20, 2017
Episode 4: "Lies, Lies, Lies"
Sarah G and EOB re-cap Episode 4 of The L Word, "Lies, Lies, Lies" (Ep.5 on Netflix). Minor demons, bathroom hookups, sardines, Fucking Trish, college prof dinner, close calls, Jenny in the write-shack and more!
Mar 12, 2017
Episode 3: "Longing"
Here we are again, talking about The L Word and this week we re-cap "Longing" from Season 1(Episode 4 if you are watching on Netflix).
Mar 05, 2017
Episode 2: "Let's Do It"
Welcome back! enjoy Episode 2 of The L Word Made Me Gay! We are re-capping Season 1 Episode 2 of The L Word titled, "Let's Do It."
Mar 01, 2017
Episode 1: The Pilot
Welcome to "The L Word Made Me Gay," a podcast re-capping our favorite TV show, The L Word.
Feb 23, 2017