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A comedic look at the world of sports and pop culture! Hosted by Dave Dabbah. The Show covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and the world of entertainment. We could say more but trust us the show is funny...

Episode Date
How bad is Baker Mayfield as Hue Jackson benches him after just 1 day of practice!

The Cleveland Browns organization continues to be a complete disaster as  Hue Jackson, you know the coach that led the #Browns to a 0-16 season decides to bench Baker Mayfield after just one day of practice. Plus, the Golden State Warriors season might have been saved by a Chris Paul hamstring injury, and why has Kevin Durrant forgot how to pass the ball? 

May 26, 2018
Terrell Owens rips on Jason Garrett: how can he still be the Cowboys head-coach?

Terrel Owens is absolutely correct when it comes to Jason Garrett. Jr. Smith points out the obvious as he agrees that LeBron James needs help from the rest of the team. Plus rumors from the NBA: 1) Big Kat wants out of Minnesota. 2) Phoenix is willing to trade its 1# draft pick. 3) All the Lakers players are up for sale…

May 19, 2018
Don’t Be a Fool and Count LeBron Out

LeBron isn’t worried about the 25 point loss to the Celtics in Game 1 of the eastern conference finals. Do you think someone can please come up with a better nickname for the Golden State Warriors starting 5 than the Hampton 5. NBC must be loving the fact that Tiger Woods played well enough on Sunday, the ratings must have gone through the roof. Plus, can you believe Adrian Peterson and Sean Peyton are dating each other in the media about the possible return of AP to the New Orleans Saints…ridiculous!

May 14, 2018
Even Barney is mad about the Toronto Raptors

What a disgraceful display of basketball that the Toronto Raptors displayed against Cleveland. Plus, Vlade Divac hires an assistant GM. I can’t wait to see Vlade train the new assistant GM on the art of losing…year after year…

May 10, 2018
Big Ben Roethlisberger is acting like a big baby

Big Ben Roethlisberger complains about the Steelers picking a QB. Becky Hammon should be the new head coach of the Bucks. Plus Jordan vs LeBron…who would you draft? 

May 06, 2018
What is wrong with the execs at ESPN that think Jason Witten belongs on Monday Night Football

Jason Witten retires to star on Monday Night Football -  what is wrong with the executives at ESPN? Monday Night Football should be fun not boring. Plus what the heck is wrong with Charles Barkley?

May 04, 2018
The Cleveland Browns Take the NFL Draft to a Whole New Level of Stupidity

How bad are the Browns for picking Baker Mayfield with the first pick in the NFL draft. Plus, never pick against LeBron James and Jose Rosen claims 9 teams made a mistake…

Apr 30, 2018
NFL Draft Predictions & Trust Me Cleveland Will Screw This Up

Can’t wait to see how bad the Cleveland Browns screw up their draft picks. Plus I told you the 76ers are for real and shocking news out of New England…Gronk is coming back the Pats.

Apr 25, 2018
The Dez Bryant & OBJ New York Giants Extortion Tape

Plus the Cavs thought wearing the same suits to a game would help them beat the Pacers…ridiculous LeBron. I’ve also got Aaron Rodgers buying a piece of the Bucks and he scores a new girlfriend.

Apr 21, 2018
Kawhi Leonard is going to make Gregg Popovich retire.

Kawhi Leanoard is going to make Popovich ride off into the sunset with a case of cab. Plus, can you believe how bad the Trailblazers are playing and Joel Embiid is tired of being treated like a baby.

Apr 18, 2018

Plus Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones end up in Divorce Court and did you know that Mark Sanchez is still in the NFL? 

Apr 14, 2018
OMG The T-Wolves Have Made the Playoffs& Phil Jackson Gets a Coach Fired

Plus we have a Russell Westbrook story and Pregnant Khloe goes blastic on Tristen Thompson.

Apr 12, 2018
I’m Jumping on the Philadelphia 76ers Bandwagon

I’ll tell you why I’m absolutely jumping on the Philadelphia 76ers bandwagon. I’ve got Captain America winning The Masters and guess which band Nick Faldo quoted after Patrick Reed’s win.

Plus Johnny Manziel actually throws a touchdown in a professional football league game…well it’s called Spring League and can you believe Cardi B is pregnant, and David Letterman looks more the like Unabomber every day…

Apr 09, 2018
Rich People Problems - LeBron James vs Nick Saban

I’ve got the great NBA tank race of 2018. I’ve got the coach of the year award - let’s just say you should trust the process. Plus the Patriots not acting like Patriots. The Rams are serious about winning now. Tiger not performing well at the Masters and rich people problems - LeBron James vs Nick Saban.

Apr 07, 2018
Thumbs up to Johnny Manziel for telling the truth even though it was stupid…

Johnny Manziel in the news for actually being honest….reveals that if Cleveland did any of their homework they would have known that he was lazy. Then he went on to say he did not know his X’s & O’s! Plus RG3 signs with an actual NFL team.


Apr 06, 2018
The NFL finally understands what a catch is - it only took 4 years for the NFL to admit that Dez Bryant caught that ball!

Plus Sam Bradford actually signs a contract, Ndamukong Suh signs with two teams in one week, Liangelo Ball declares for the NBA draft and then plays a fake pickup basketball game someplace in Europe, and Johnny Manziel pulls a groundhog day, as out of now where he shows up to throw at the Texas A&M Pro Day.

Apr 02, 2018
James Harden is a fraud if the Rockets don’t make it to the Western Conference finals!

James Harden is a fraud until he actually makes it to Western Conference finals. Mike D’Antonio is not a better coach than Steve Kerr. Plus pop culture news - which includes Elon Musk, Facebook, Crypto and Zoo animals at Game Developer Conference… 

Mar 25, 2018
Isaiah Thomas is like a fan of the Grateful Dead…wondering from one NBA Team to another.

An entire episode dedicated to the grateful dead like journey Isaiah Thomas has been on since leaving the Celtics. 

Mar 19, 2018
March Madness in the NBA

March Madness has come to the Western Conference in the NBA + the NFL is starting to look like a pirate ship which is leaking water.

Mar 19, 2018

The latest NFL power rankings are in. 

Sep 21, 2017