Raising Arrows - Large Family Homeschooling

By Amy Roberts

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 Oct 20, 2019
Love this podcast!


Learn how to manage your home and homeschool with practical, simple, guilt-free ideas from a mom of 10!

Episode Date
How Much Time Should You Spend Playing with Your Kids?

How much time do you need to set aside to play with your children?  How do you find time to play in a day full of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, and just trying to keep up.  And do you really NEED to play with your kids or is this just a guilt trip made up by parenting "experts?"  LISTEN NOW!


So Many Littles, So Little Time

In this episode:

  • How to find time to play with your kids.
  • How to "play" while you work.
  • Tricks for managing your time to include your little ones all day long!
Jun 15, 2020
When a Sibling Feels Left Out

Everyone feels left out from time to time, but as a mom, seeing it happen in your own family can be heartbreaking.  Learn what you can do when one of your children feels left out.

4 Steps to a Better Homeschool Day

In this episode:

  • Why siblings shouldn't be required to play together all the time.
  • Why friendships between siblings ebb and flow.
  • How to encourage your kids to include each other.

Resources mentioned:

May 19, 2020
An Easy Morning Time Routine

Get your homeschool day started with a simple Morning Time that helps you set the tone for the entire day!  And guess what?!  It doesn't have to be long and full of lots of extra stuff!  Start simple and work your way up to a Morning Time that fits your family!

FREE CLASS - 4 Steps to a Better Homeschool Day


In this episode:

  • Why having a Morning Time is helpful to the rest of your homeschool day.
  • How to implement a simple Morning Time.
  • How to ease into more for your Morning Time.

Resources mentioned:

Apr 28, 2020
How I Deal with My Lack of Motivation

How do I overcome a lack of motivation when I feel lazy or like I can't accomplish anything? This podcast is full of ideas and insight based on my experiences as a mom, homeschooler, and homemaker.

Christian kids streaming video app
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In this episode:

  • Why your lack of motivation may be a need for rest.
  • How to use lists and challenges to motivate you.
  • Why your motivation personality type can make or break you.

Resources mentioned:

Apr 14, 2020
Am I Smart Enough to Homeschool?

Yes, you ARE smart enough to homeschool, plus learn how to play up your strengths and overcome your weaknesses!

Christian kids streaming video app!

In this episode:

  • How to strengthen your academic weaknesses.
  • How to find resources to teach your weak subjects.
  • How your strengths become the icing on your homeschool cake!

Resources mentioned:

Mar 31, 2020
How to Set Up a Simple Homeschool Schedule

Making a homeschool schedule doesn't have to be hard!  Learn how to make a simple schedule that helps you stay consistent and on track!

Get more homeschool scheduling help with my books:
Home Management for the Homeschool Mom
Flexible Homeschool Planning

In this episode:

  • How to find the "right" block of time for homeschooling.
  • How to order subjects to make your schedule simple!
  • New scheduling course from Raising Arrows coming soon!

Resources mentioned:

Mar 24, 2020
Dealing with The Dirty Dishes

Large family = Lots of dishes!  Learn how to stay on top of the dish washing with a busy household and lots of littles!

Go HERE to get your Laugh and Learn Bible today!

In this episode:

  • How to keep up with dishes when you only have little kids.
  • How to set up dish washing chores when the kids get older.
  • Resources to help large families manage all those dishes.
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned:

Mar 17, 2020
How to "Prove" Your Homeschooler is Learning

Is there a homeschooling skeptic in your midst?  Do you feel like every time your turn around you have to prove your kids are actually learning?  This podcast shares simple ways to "prove" your children are learning at home without making them regurgitate facts and figures on command!

Get the Laugh and Learn Bible for Easter this year!
(tell the grandparents!)

In this episode:

  • The real reason the skeptics closest to you quiz your kids.
  • How your phone can be a powerful tool for convincing (and including) the grandparents.
  • How to utilize the walls of your home to share your homeschooling experience.
  • How to use hospitality to invite skeptics to understand and engage in your homeschool.

Resources mentioned:

Mar 03, 2020
Mistakes We Made Parenting Our College Student Who Lived at Home

How much should you expect of the young adults living in your home?  What if they are going to college or have a job?  How do you set rules and boundaries that make sense for your adult child and the rest of your family?  Learn from our mistakes!

Read the post: Mistakes We Made Parenting Our Live-At-Home College Student

Resources mentioned: 

Feb 18, 2020
Homeschooling All Ages Together

Simplify your homeschool by teaching the same subject to all of your children at the same time!  Learn how in this episode!

Get your copy of Large Family Homeschooling HERE!

In this episode:

  • Subjects that easily lend themselves to being taught all together.
  • How to teach to varying ages.
  • How to choose curriculum that helps you teach everyone all together.
  • How to keep young ones engaged and older children challenged.

Resources mentioned (may contain affiliate links):

Helpful podcasts & posts:


Feb 04, 2020
Tips for Eating Healthy with a Large Family

Feeding a healthy diet to your large family takes coordination, time, and resources, but it's not as difficult as you may think.  With a little creativity and grace, you can easily feed your family healthy meals that don't take all your time, energy, and money!

>> BUY Home Management for the Homeschool Mom <<

In this episode:

  • How to avoid an "all or nothing" approach to healthy eating.
  • Ways to simplify your meal rotation so you don't end up with decision fatigue.
  • Stocking your pantry and refrigerator for easier meal planning.

Resources mentioned:

Jan 21, 2020
How to Anchor Your Homeschool Day

If your homeschool schedule feels chaotic and messy, you probably need to put some anchors in place to keep your homeschool day on track!  Learn how in this episode!

Get your 30 day FREE TRIAL of Reading Eggs here!

In this episode:

  • What are anchors?
  • How do they help you build a consistent homeschool schedule?
  • Why school needs to start (and end) the same way every day.
  • What happened when I didn't anchor my day!

Resources mentioned:

Jan 08, 2020
How to Keep Your Home Clean During the Holidays

Keep your home tidy and festive this Christmas season...even with a lot of kids...even with homeschooling...even with all the stuff you have to do!

Get the Christmas Holiday Homeschool Planner >>

Get your FREE Christmas Movie Themed Parties >>

Get your FREE Christmas Eve Candlelight Vigil >>

In this episode:

  • What we do for Advent & Christmas
  • Why you should focus on tidying up rather than cleaning
  • How and when to set up a "Tidy Up Time"
  • How to get kids involved in cleaning up
  • How to put your house "to bed" each night
  • How to keep Advent traditions simple

Resources mentioned:

Dec 10, 2019
Balancing Homeschooling & Self Care

Homeschool moms are busy with a lot of things, but in our busyness are we neglecting to take care of ourselves?  How do we balance all we have to do with our own needs, while avoiding the trap of selfishness?  This podcast might step on a few toes, but it's time we addressed self care as a homeschool mom!

Go to >> GoMinno.com - The streaming service for Christian kids has all the classic episodes of Veggie Tales + thousands more!

In this episode:

  • Why I don't like the term "self care" and what I prefer instead.
  • Why homeschool moms are so stressed and in such need of "self care."
  • How to create healthy "temple" habits.
  • How to hit the "reset" button on your day.
  • How to fit self care into your morning and evening schedule.

Resources mentioned:

Nov 26, 2019
Screen Time Limits in a Large Homeschooling Family

Between education and entertainment, our children spend a lot of time in front of screens.  How do we handle the balance of online and offline when there are a lot of kids in the house and a lot of school needing to be accomplished?  This podcast gives you tangible, practical ideas for setting limits on screen time! 

FREE 7 DAY TRIAL of Minno!

This streaming service for Christian kids has all the classic episodes of Veggie Tales + thousands more!

In this episode:

  • How much school work should be done on the computer by age.
  • Why I have a set time of day for screen time.
  • How we organize TV time.
  • Why Friday is "special!"
  • Why Sunday is "different!"
  • How long my kids get to play games.
  • How to handle screens when you have adult children in the home.

Resources mentioned:

Nov 12, 2019
Family Road Trips & Holiday Travel

Make your next day trip smooth sailing with these tips on what to pack, how to keep the kids calm, and much more!

Check out the new Jonathan Park audio adventures!
use code: arrows

In this episode:

  • How to make a family day trip enjoyable.
  • How we avoid having phones and a DVD player in the van.
  • How to make a van seating chart to avoid arguments.
  • What should go in your Day Trip Bag & Diaper Bag.

Resources mentioned:

(some links may be affiliate links - I make a small commission from purchases made through those links, including Amazon.)

Learn more about Jonathan Park Creation Science audios HERE >>
Don't forget the FREE SHIPPING code: arrows


Oct 29, 2019
Managing Meal Time Madness with Little Ones

Does meal time feel chaotic, loud, and full of picky eaters?  These tips will help you manage meal time with grace and calm when all you have are little ones sitting at your table!


There's a coupon code for my Holiday Homeschool Planner Pack inside!

In this podcast:

  • Why you need a meal reminder on your phone!
  • Why kid-friendly dinnerware keeps meals calm & teaches a valuable lesson.
  • The best thing to bring to the table to keep mom sane!
  • Why high chairs are your best friend.
  • Why the way you serve the meal is important.
  • How to teach your small children to converse at the table.
  • How to hand discipline at the table!
  • Managing picky eaters!
  • Why every meal time should be special!

Resources mentioned:

Oct 15, 2019
Why Family Traditions Matter

As Christians, the things we do as a family take on significance far beyond our earthly home.  Learn why family traditions matter and how to start your own simple traditions today!

>> FREE Fall Family Traditions Bundle <<

Mentioned in this podcast:

Useful timestamps:

1:59 - 1 BIG reason why family traditions matter so much!

4:51 - How we nurture the individuals of our family through family traditions.

6:01 - "What we do as a family defines us as a family."

8:19 - How traditions helped us through the death of our daughter.

11:05 - Traditions that don't require a lot of planning.

13:40 - Unique family traditions (my "pancake" experience!).

14:41 - Why family traditions don't always need to be over-spiritualized.

17:28 - Why Christians should enjoy life and share their family traditions with others!

Don't forget your FREE Fall Family Traditions Bundle!



Sep 24, 2019
How to Use Workbooks to Lighten Your Homeschool Load

Are you worn out and needing a break, but don't know how to get more margin in your homeschool day?  Have you ever felt guilty for using workbooks in your homeschool?  Do you wish you could ditch the workbooks, but you just can't figure out what you would do instead?  This podcast will help you use workbooks to your advantage without making your homeschool dry and boring!

Get your

Other resources mentioned:

Helpful Timestamps:

1:46 - What happened when I tried to completely ditch workbooks in our homeschool.

4:04 - The benefit of delegating your homeschool subjects to workbooks.

4:48 - What beautiful homeschooling memories are truly made of.

6:27 - Why workbooks aren't just for the subjects we detest teaching.

8:07 - How workbooks can help you homeschool through hardships.

8:39 - Addressing the "guilt" of using workbooks.

11:32 - Subjects that easily lend themselves to workbooks + my personal workbook choices!

13:02 - How to make workbooks fun!

14:04 - Why you don't have to do all the problems in a workbook.

16:13 - Math manipulative ideas.

17:40 - How to supplement workbooks without adding to your workload.

20:22 - Where to put workbooks in your homeschool schedule.

Sep 17, 2019
How to Be a Relaxed Homeschool Mom

Are you stressed out by homeschooling this year?  This podcast will give you the practical tools you need to become a relaxed homeschool mom!

Get my FREE Daily Homemaking Checklist HERE

Autopilot Homeschooling (podcast #50)

How to Put Your Homeschool on Autopilot (post)

The Easiest Homeschool Routine Ever! (video)

How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Family (podcast #37)

Helpful timestamps:

1:17 - How recognizing your unique family dynamic will help you relax.

6:08 - How to choose stress-free curriculum.

10:17 - How to "Delete & Delegate" things in your homeschool day.

14:53 - The #1 thing that causes stress in a homeschool mom's life!


Aug 20, 2019
Taking the Blah Out of Back-to-Homeschool

Are you feeling less than excited about getting back to homeschool?  Start your homeschool year off right with some new (and simple!) traditions!


Things you need to check out:



Aug 05, 2019
Organizing Your Spiritual Life

Is your Quiet Time lacking since you had children? It's time to organize your spiritual life!





1:03 - What Quiet Time used to be like for me.

2:21 - What "Quiet Time" should be.
READ >> How to Have Quiet Time All Day Long

4:22 - How to find time for Quiet Time

5:32 - Why you and your kids need "meaty" homeschool resources.

6:28 - Organizing your spiritual environment.

8:25 - Parenting with Scripture - GET THE BOOK >>

9:04 - Family Worship - GET THE FREE GUIDE >>

9:35 - Being purposeful about your faith.

10:24 - My favorite hymn that epitomizes Quiet Time for a busy mom.


Jul 23, 2019
Maximizing Space in Kids' Bedrooms

Got a lot of kids and not a lot of space? This podcast is all about managing and organizing your kids' bedrooms to make the most of the space you have!

Looking for help with managing your home and homeschool?
I wrote the book! >> Home Management for the Homeschool Mom

Posts you may want to read:

Helpful Podcast Timestamps:

1:01 - Why we only use 3 bedrooms no mater the size of our house.

3:27 - Using the Master Bedroom for children.

5:06 - Putting babies in with siblings.

6:34 - Our current boys bedroom setup.

7:02 - Clothing storage options

8:12 - Triple bunks & platform beds (READ MORE HERE)

9:19 - Spaces for babies (READ MORE HERE)

11:08 - Bunk Beds for older kids (THESE are the bunks I mentioned)

11:57 - Hanging vs. Folding clothes

15:17 - Toys in the bedrooms

16:23 - Family closet ideas (READ MORE HERE)

Jul 15, 2019
Creating a Mom Uniform

Every professional that helps them do their job well.  Moms need a uniform as much as anyone!  The great thing about our uniform is that we can personalize and customize to show our uniqueness, all the while reminding us of who we are in Christ and helping us serve those He puts in our path!  Creating a Mom Uniform will give you the tools you need to do your job well!

> Check out www.analuisa.com/RaisingArrows to see the earrings I mention in this episode! (and get $10 off!)

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Other resources mentioned:

Sensory Issues as a Mom (article)

Getting Dressed to the Shoes - FLYlady (article)

Jun 10, 2019
Why I Started Homeschooling

Everyone has a story about how they came to homeschooling.  This is mine! 

Subscribe to the blog for helpful tips and resources for homeschooling!


0:53 - How I learned about homeschooling
2:59 - The series of events that God placed in our lives that led to homeschooling
5:02 - My husband's homeschooling ultimatum 
7:15 - The point where I began to catch a vision for the spiritual side of homeschooling
9:26 - The 2 main reasons I started homeschooling & how God used my sinful pride to put me on His path.
10:35 - Why you have to homeschool according to God's plan for YOUR family.
11:26 - Where to start your own homeschooling journey!

May 21, 2019
Simple Summer Homeschooling Plans

Are you planning on "trying out" homeschooling this summer?  Perhaps you are considering homeschooling year round or you feel like you need to "catch up" a bit this summer.  Or maybe you just want to have a little educational fun during the summer months!  Whatever your reason, these summer homeschooling plans will help you plan without breaking a sweat!

Download a FREE Homeschooling Year Round Checklist >>

Read the post about Summer Homeschool Plans HERE >>

My books Flexible Homeschool Planning will help you make plans that stress you and your homeschool out!  GET IT HERE >>

Other Resources:

Peaceful Press

A Summer of Playing Skillfully

You ARE an Artist Clubhouse

50 States Songs Course

Kids Cook Real Food Class

Magic School Bus Science Kit

Wild Goose Science Books

Five in a Row Curriculum

How to create a Nature Table >>

Little House on the Prairie Homeschool Plans >>

Can You Homeschool an Entire Grade Over the Summer >>


May 08, 2019
Should You Homeschool Your Preschooler?

Are you considering homeschooling your preschooler?  Do you wonder how you will fit it in with all the other homeschooling and tasks you have to do in a day?  Are you overwhelmed by all the choices out there for preschool curriculum?  This podcast will help you decide if homeschooling preschool is a good idea for your family, how to choose a curriculum that won't overwhelm you, and how to fit it into your day.

GET YOUR FREE SONLIGHT TRIAL --> sonlight.com/invitation

Helpful resources:

Flexible Homeschool Planning book

Occupying a Busy Preschooler (podcast)

Occupying a Busy Preschooler (video)

Occupying a Busy Preschooler (post)

Points of interest:

2:10 - My super-simplified version of "preschool" with my older kids.

2:48 - Why I stopped doing preschool.

3:35 - The reason I changed my mind about preschool (hint: his name is Creed!)

7:16 - What I needed in a preschool curriculum.

8:23 - How I fit preschool into my day.

11:58 - What if you are in a busy season?

13:12 - Questions to ask yourself before deciding to homeschool preschool.

14:17 - How homeschooling preschool has changed our lives.

16:14 - What to look for in a preschool curriculum and how to make it work for you.

Apr 25, 2019
Organizing Your Kitchen with Stations

Get organized in your kitchen by making stations that group items you use often.  Learn how to create a Baking Station, a Juicing Station, a Breakfast Station & more!

Don't forget to grab your FREE LOTION BAR (available through the month of April 2019) at: hardlotion.com/raisingarrows
Use code: raisingarrows

Resources mentioned:

Bosch mixer - https://amzn.to/2UlZ2TZ (aff)

Mockmill grinder - https://mockmill.com/u/?a_aid=raisingarrows (aff)

Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Plan - http://www.sidetrackedsarah.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=102 (aff)

DIY Breakfast Station ebook - https://store.notconsumed.com/products/diy-breakfast-station

Apr 08, 2019
Large Family Laundry Solutions

Laundry is a part of our everyday existence, especially in a large family!  Learn the secrets of our daily laundry chores and how this routine has evolved over the years!


Large Family Daily Laundry Routine (blog post)

Huge List of Large Family Laundry Systems (blog post)

Teach Your Kids to Do Their Own Laundry (blog post)

XL Hamper with Mesh Bag (aff)

Mar 05, 2019
Managing the Medical in Your Life

Every family has medical needs, but this podcast deals with ongoing medical issues that require organization and planning to manage effectively.  From pregnancy to surgery, chronic illness and ongoing medical treatment, learn how to manage it all without confusion and added stress.

Flexible Homeschool Planning book

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom book

How to Make an Emergency Folder (blog post)

Mercy's Story (blog post)

Podcast #21 - Morning Sickness & Managing Your Home

Feb 19, 2019
The Curriculum of a Delight Directed Homeschool

A Delight Directed Homeschool isn't a method - it's an approach.  One that works with ANY curriculum!  Learn how to make your curriculum delight directed and spark passion in your children's lives!


Feb 05, 2019
Intro to Delight Directed Homeschooling

Learn how to incorporate your child's natural aptitudes and interests into their homeschooling using Delight Directed Learning!  Also includes a crash course in making homeschooling a lifestyle of learning!


Subscribe to the Raising Arrows Newsletter for more great content for the Large Family Home!

Jan 21, 2019
Girls & Their Attitudes

As your girls grow into their teenage years, you may begin to see attitudes that are so different from what you are used to seeing. Learn 3 secrets to help your daughter navigate her teen years and avoid attitude problems.


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Jan 07, 2019
Large Family Mom's Guide to Thanksgiving
Control the chaos and have a blessed Thanksgiving with this guide to a fantastic holiday from a large family mom's perspective!  Learn how to manage the kids, the crowds, the food, and the festivities in this idea-packed podcast!
Resources mentioned:
Blessing Tree - Fun family craft!
Nov 19, 2018
Boys & Their Attitudes
Are you seeing attitudes in your boys that seem disrespectful and rude?  Are you worried you won't know how to handle them as they get older?  This podcast shares the secret to dealing with boys and their attitudes!  You won't want to miss this!
Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson
Wild at Heart by James Eldredge
Nov 08, 2018
Homeschooling Through the Holidays
Homeschooling through the holidays can be so much fun!  Learn about great resources for homeschooling during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how to make memories along the way!
$7.99 each or $10 for the set
12 week Holiday Planner (we have used this planner for years starting October 1 every year)
Blessing Tree - something we do every year as a family!
Advent Nature Study (we love this one!)
HUGE list of Advent ideas!
When you subscribe to the blog, get a FREE Fall Movie Themed Party Guide to enjoy with your family!
Oct 15, 2018
Learning to Create a Mother Culture
Busy moms tend to forget to cultivate art and beauty in their own lives.  They are so busy pouring out, they don't realize how important it is to show their children what an abundant adult life looks like.  Learn how to inspire your children with your own creative life by building what the Charlotte Mason method calls "Mother Culture."
Resources mentioned:
#bookstagram on Instagram
You Are an Artist! Clubhouse & Chalk Pastel classes
Oct 02, 2018
My Morning Routine on a Homeschool Day
Have you ever wondered what a typical morning homeschool schedule looks like in our house?  Today, I share all the subjects we tackle, our Morning Basket or Table Time routine, how we manage lunch on homeschool days, and so much more!
Get FREE homeschooling & homemaking resources HERE!
Resources mentioned:
Reading Eggs (helped my struggling reader!)
CLE Science Readers
Sep 25, 2018
How to Put Your Homeschool on Autopilot

Homeschooling is a big job! Learn how to put some of your subjects on autopilot will give you more margin in your day and less stress in your life!

Resources mentioned:

Why Teaching Textbooks is great for a large family - BLOG POST

Does My Child Have to Do All of the Problems in the Book? - BLOG POST

How we do Apologia with multiple ages - BLOG POST & VIDEO

Compass Classroom - This is a fantastic video-based curriculum!

Making Morning Time Easy - BLOG POST

To learn more about planning a simple homeschool day that utilizes autopilot subjects and looping extras, get my book Flexible Homeschool Planning.  It will revolutionize your homeschool!

Sep 13, 2018
Weekly Cleaning When You Have Older Children

Now that I have a mix of big helpers, medium helpers, and little not-so-helpers, we can do a supercharged Weekly Home Blessing with decluttering and deep cleaning!  Learn how we do it in this podcast!

Sep 07, 2018
Weekly Chore Rotation

During busy seasons of life, a weekly chore rotation is super helpful!  This method works best when you have children who are beginning to be able to help out with cleaning chores, even though their standards may not be on par with your own.  I used this method when I had a mix of older and younger children.

Resources mentioned: 

  • My book - Home Management for the Homeschool Mom
  • Large Family Logistics
Aug 27, 2018
Creating a Cleaning Chore Board

When you have a lot of little ones, survival cleaning is often the best way to go.  Putting together a simple chore board can be a sanity saver because it doesn't require a lot of forethought and can be done anytime, anywhere!

Post & Video can be found here - https://www.raisingarrows.net/2016/08/chore-board/

Aug 06, 2018
Weekly House Cleaning Without Help

When I had 2 small children, I did the majority of the house cleaning every Monday morning, mostly by myself.  Learn how I organized the chores, how long it took me, and how I kept it clean the rest of the week.

In this episode:

  • How I got control of my messy house.
  • My Monday morning chores.
  • How I kept the house clean throughout the week.


FLYlady app

Jul 26, 2018
Life as a Mom with Sensory Issues

Are you a mom who is easily overwhelmed by noise, lights, touch or smells?  You might have sensory issues like I do.  Listen to learn how I deal with being a large family mom and having sensory issues.  Learn my tips and tactics for managing all the sensory input a mom comes in contact with during the day!

Life as a Mom with Sensory Issues (blog post)

Resources mentioned:

Jul 19, 2018
Preparing Your Homeschooled Child for College

The tools your children need for college are the same tools they need for life - so give them that college-prep homeschool education even if they don't go to college! Here's what we did!

Read the post here - https://www.raisingarrows.net/2018/05/preparing-homeschooler-college/

Mentioned in the podcast:

Fish dissection - https://www.instagram.com/p/BjnKRCBAWBM/?taken-by=amyraisingarrows

Helpful link for Graduation Requirements - https://uh315.isrefer.com/go/phsc/Amyarrows/

Transcript help from The HomeScholar - https://uh315.isrefer.com/go/tts/Amyarrows

James 1:2-4 
Proverbs 22:6

Jul 05, 2018
Making Major Changes to Your Homeschool

After years of doing the same thing in our homeschool, we are changing it up in a major way!  Come hear all our news, plus learn tips and tricks for making major changes in your own homeschool curriculum and schedule!

In this episode:

  • New curriculum reveal!
  • How we make the Charlotte Mason method work for our family.
  • Ideas for making the transition to a new curriculum and schedule easier.

Resources mentioned:

Occupying a Busy Preschooler (podcast)

A Year of Playing Skillfully Review (post)

A Year of Playing Skillfully (and A Summer of Playing Skillfully)

The Peaceful Press - home of The Peaceful Preschool & The Precious People

Ambleside Online Year 12

For the Children's Sake (book)

Morning Basket (book)

Nature Table (post)


Jul 01, 2018
Notebooking Made Easy

Does notebooking overwhelm you?  Do you feel like a notebooking flunkie?  Do you wish you figure out how to make time for it?  This podcast is for you!  Learn how to make notebooking easy for your family!

In this episode:

  • How to combine subjects for notebooking.
  • How to store (and not store) notebooks.
  • Tons of ideas to take the stress out of notebooking!

Resources mentioned:

Large Family Notebooking post

Teach Them Diligently Convention

Apologia Notebooking

Discount code = arrows25 and is good for 25% off anything at Notebooking Pages.  Expires 8/31/2018.

May 30, 2018
Making a Menu Plan Your Family Loves

Menu planning is one of those homemaking chores that can easily become drudgery.  You spend copious amounts of time putting together a list of meals you "hope" everyone will love, then you have to write out your grocery list, and then you have to actually make the meals you planned.  But, what if you had a list of meals you knew your family loved?  Trust me - it will revolutionize your menu planning process!  This podcast teaches you how to build a menu plan your entire family loves!

In this episode:

  • How to put together a meal list to choose from.
  • The family voting process.
  • Finalizing your meal list.
  • How to create a rotating menu plan from your list.

Resources mentioned:

May 07, 2018
Building Strong Family Traditions

What makes you strong as a family?  What makes your home a haven?  What makes you unique?  It's the things you do together as a family - the traditions your family has created over the years.  And often, the stronger the family, the more traditions you see that family celebrating.

If you find yourself lacking in these rich family traditions (or you want to build even more!), this podcast is for you!

In this episode:

  • 3 reasons why you can't seem to build solid family traditions
  • Easy tradition ideas you can start today!
  • How to put together a list of family traditions.

Resources mentioned:

End of Summer Picnic podcast

Emily's Story

Grieving Through the Holidays

Our Irish Supper Menu

12 Week Holiday Planner

12 Week Holiday Planner


Little House on the Prairie book set


Amazon Prime Music - look for Seeds Family Worship or Scripture Lullabies

Having a REAL Sabbath Rest podcast

Resurrection Garden

Jonathan Park audios

Beginning of School picnic

Advent Ideas for Kids

Huge list of FREE (and not free, but worth it!) Advent devotionals and resources to share with your children this Christmas season!

How to Make Birthdays Special without Breaking the Bank

Special Night

How to Play CHOPPED as a Family

Apr 18, 2018
How to Homeschool an Entire Grade Over the Summer

Is it possible to homeschool an entire grade over the summer or at least get a child caught up in a subject or two?  Absolutely!  With a little hard work and diligence it is doable and here's how!

In this episode:

  • What topics to cover to maximize your time.
  • Resources to make summer schooling easier (and cheaper!).
  • Reward ideas for you and your child working so hard!

You can find the full post here - https://www.raisingarrows.net/2016/06/can-you-homeschool-an-entire-grade-over-the-summer/

Resources mentioned:

Mar 28, 2018
Parenting High Maintenance Children

Some children take more energy to parent.  They are emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing, but we can learn how to parent them best if we just take the time to understand who they are and what makes them tick.

In this episode:

  • The one thing that will change how you parent your high maintenance child.
  • How to avoid making a diagnosis an excuse.
  • Finding new discipline methods and coping mechanisms that work.

Resources mentioned:

Homeschooling the Child with Aspergers Syndrome

Mar 15, 2018
How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Family

Are extracurricular activities overwhelming you? Learn a better way to choose activities for your family that put the entire family first and build strong relationships within your family rather than pulling you apart!

In this episode:

  • What activities work well for the entire family.
  • How to decide it the amount of time it is taking away from the family is worth it.
  • How to fight the "that's not fair" argument.
  • How to mesh your child's giftings with their extracurricular activities.
Mar 06, 2018
How to Have Enough of You to Go Around

Are you feeling stressed out and stretched thin?  Are you wondering how to better manage your day so you can be a better mom?  This podcast gives you tons of great tips on having enough of you to go around in your parenting, homemaking, and every day life!

In this episode:

  • How to delegate and who to delegate to.
  • How to spot time wasters.
  • When to let go of a schedule.
  • How to find peace with your day.

Resources mentioned:

So Many Littles, So Little Time ebook - coupon RAPODCAST 10% off here - https://www.raisingarrows.net/product/many-littles-little-time/

Age Appropriate Chore List

Don't want to listen?  Read the post!

Feb 26, 2018
Homeschooling During a Move

Moving creates a lot of upheaval for your family, and homeschooling often suffers in the move.  Our family has moved many times, so today I am sharing our tips and tricks for homeschooling during a move.

In this episode:

  • How to keep homeschooling and when to stop
  • How to pack and unpack while homeschooling
  • How to create a new schedule

Find more information in these blogs posts:

Homeschooling Year Round Series
Large Family Moving Series

Feb 17, 2018
Sleep Training Babies

Everyone has an opinion on the controversial topic of putting babies on a schedule.  Here's my take as a mom of 10!

In this episode:

  • Why babies don't sleep.
  • How to make the choice between scheduling and not scheduling.
  • My favorite ways to help babies sleep.

Resources mentioned:

Feb 04, 2018
Handling the Stomach Flu with a Large Family

Stomach flu with a house full of children is never fun, but as a mom of 10, I've learned a few tips and tricks to managing the sickness that will make the mess less and help you keep your sanity through it all!

In this episode:

  • What supplies you should always have on hand.
  • How to "contain" the sickness. (or not)
  • The best way to take care of a vomiting baby.
  • The #1 thing you MUST do while in the thick of it!
  • What the recovery phase looks like.

Resources mentioned:

Jan 08, 2018
Teaching Your Unique Child

Every child is unique, but how can a homeschool mom teach to so many different styles without wearing herself out?

This podcast is sponsored by Sweet Hairlooms Lilla Rose - this mom of many is also a missionary, so please take a look around her site and know that your purchase is going to help spread the Gospel!

Resources mentioned:
(some links are affiliate links)

Understanding My Child Worksheet

Practical Personality Portfolio - Get 20% off using code RaisingArrows

Delight Directed Homeschooling Series

Audio-Technica Headphones

Teaching Textbooks

Occupying Busy Preschoolers Podcast

Simplified Organization

How to Make Any Curriculum Work for Your Family ebooklet

Relaxed Homeschool Mom Podcast

Homeschool Planning Podcast

Tapestry of Grace

See the Light Art

A Year of Playing Skillfully Preschool Curriculum

Nov 06, 2017
Decluttering Room by Room Part 2

The follow-up podcast to how I declutter room by room, this episode gives you a detailed description of one of my decluttering sessions, as well as an overview of what I've been getting rid and how I'm organizing as I go.

In this episode:

  • My big declutter mistake!
  • How to organize as you declutter.
  • Why you shouldn't buy organizational tools {right away}.
  • How to organize so it stays organized!

Find all the podcast notes and resources HERE!

Oct 30, 2017
Halloween & Reformation Day

For the past month or more, Halloween decor, costumes, commercials, and more have been bombarding our lives.  While my response in the past has been to ignore the day completely, this year I'm taking a new look at Halloween.

In this episode:

  • How we used to celebrate Halloween.
  • Why I started rethinking what we should do on Halloween.
  • Plans and links for meaningful object lessons.

Resources can be found at https://www.raisingarrows.net/2017/10/halloween-reformation-protestant-lessons/


Oct 23, 2017
Decluttering Room by Room Part 1

Are you looking for a no nonsense approach to decluttering? Jump in right where you are and get started today with this easy quick start podcast!

In this episode:

  • How I dug out of my messy life.
  • Why I'm sick of {most} decluttering books and websites.
  • How much time it takes each day to declutter.

Resources mentioned:

Oct 17, 2017
Having a REAL Sabbath Rest

Are you tired of having a harried, crazy, unrestful Sunday? Can you truly have a day of rest? Yes, you can! This podcast shares how I began the search for a relaxing Sabbath and where it led me. 

In this episode:

  • Why Sunday never felt restful to me, and why I began searching for something better.
  • The resources that led me to where I am now.
  • How I have changed how I look at my weekend.
  • How our family spends the weekend.

Resources mentioned:

--> Balancing the Sword Bible Study (out of print, but you can get used at a good price)

--> Celebrating Biblical Feasts In Your Home or Church by Martha Zimmerman

--> A Child's Geography:  Explore the Holy Land (out of print)

--> Weekly Home Blessing post (our house cleaning routine on Fridays)

Oct 10, 2017
A Well-Ordered Day

When you homeschool, it is imperative you have some sense of order to your day because the flow and productivity of your day is entirely up to you.  However, having a well-ordered day isn't about a tight schedule and huge to-do lists.  It's more about structure and margin.

In this episode:

  • Learn how to begin ordering your day.
  • Learn how to make meals, school, and personal time more productive.
  • Learn how to put things in their proper order.
  • Learn how to plan for interruptions that don't derail your entire day.

Resources mentioned:

Home Management for the Homeschool
available in audio, paperback, ebook, and Kindle

Loop Scheduling

Tapestry of Grace

PictureSmart Bible

Mommy Morning Routine Podcast

Meal Planning Podcast

How Many Hours to Homeschool Podcast


Oct 02, 2017
How Many Hours a Day Does it Take to Homeschool?

Are you worried you aren't homeschooling enough hours?  Or perhaps your homeschool schedule has you stressed out.  Or maybe you need to know how to count homeschooling hours that aren't seatwork.  Everything you need to know is here!

Thanks to a partnership with JonathanPark.com, I have a coupon code for 20% off the Series Packs (ends up being 40% off the Original Adventures!)
Use this link - https://www.jonathanpark.com/pages/blogger-review-special-offer
Use this coupon code - arrows20

In this episode:

  • How many hours does homeschooling actually take?
  • How long should each subject take?
  • What can you count as school?

Get your FREE Home Management Training Checklist!

Post on How Many Hours it Takes to Homeschool
Post on How Long Certain Subjects Take to Homeschool

2017 Homeschool Curriculum Podcast

Large Family Homeschooling eBook - Offers tons of great tips for managing your time and getting the goodie out of your school day!

Homeschool Made Simple video - fantastic video from Compass Classroom on keeping things simple in your homeschool.

Sep 25, 2017
Creating a 30 Day Master Meal Plan

If you are looking for a way to pull together an easy meal plan that gives you tons of freedom and flexibility, a 30 Day Master Meal List is the way to go!  Don't miss the Trim Healthy Table GIVEAWAY!  

In this episode:

  • How I use a rotating list to make shopping easier.
  • Why the Miscellaneous/Sides category is so important.
  • Tons of great recipes!

Resources mentioned:

--> Once a Month Shopping Series

--> Master Meal List post

--> Large Family Recipe page

--> Trim Healthy Table from Trim Healthy Mama

--> Evernote

--> Cinnamon Roll recipe

--> Oven Pancake (aka Dutch Babies)

--> Banana Bread

--> 365:  One Year of Healthy Meals for Busy Families

Sep 18, 2017
Celebrating with an End of Summer Picnic

It's time to say goodbye to summer!  Whether you love Summer and are sorry to see it go, or you are more than ready for Fall and all the smells and sights it brings, start a new family tradition by having an End of Summer Picnic with your favorite summer treats as we usher in the new season!

In this episode:

  • Our picnic menu.
  • How we incorporated our back to school kick off.
  • Ideas for creating your own end of summer memories!

Resources mentioned:

Sep 11, 2017
How to Be a Rested and Relaxed Homeschool Mom

Go to https://www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts/ to find the show notes and resources mentioned in this podcast!

Are you overwhelmed by the task of homeschooling?  Are you stressed out by everything you have to do during the day?  Do you feel like homeschooling isn't at all what you had dreamed it would be.  This podcast will give you the tools you need to find rest and relaxation in your homeschool day and the margin you need to begin enjoying homeschooling once again!

 In this episode: 

  • How to get rest even when you aren't getting sleep.
  • How to find margin in your day.
  • How to choose extracurricular activities for your kids so you aren't run ragged.
  • PLUS!  Get a FREE BeeSilk Lotion Stick!
Sep 05, 2017
Potty Training Tip & Tricks

As a mother of 10, you'd think I'd be an expert at potty training, but it has been a lot of trial and error, and I still don't think I'm very good at it!  However, I have discovered one method and a lot of tips and tricks that work really well, even with my stubborn potty trainer!

In this episode:

  • Find out if my boys were easier to train than my girls!
  • Learn my potty training in 1 day method!
  • Get the low-down on how we reward our potty trainers!
Aug 28, 2017
Morning Sickness and Managing Your Home

This podcast is my very best advice for running your home and parenting your children during morning sickness!

In this episode:

  • The one thing you need more than a schedule!
  • How I managed to grocery shop with morning sickness!
  • How I meal planned while I was sick!

Show notes with resources can be found here - https://www.raisingarrows.net/2017/08/morning-sickness-managing-home-podcast/

Aug 20, 2017
My Laundry Methods

Over the years, how I do laundry has changed to accommodate many factors including how many kids I have, where my laundry room is located, and my current life circumstances.  This podcast goes through all of the methods I have used along with my current method.  Find inspiration and ideas for conquering your own Mt. Washmore!

Aug 14, 2017
Homeschooling with Purpose

It is my passion to provide encouragement for the homeschooling mom, so the first podcast of every month this school year will be a Homeschool Mom Support Group!  We'll call it the RAP session (Raising Arrows Podcast - get it?!), and this is the very first one!  Today's podcast will be all about finding your focus and purpose this year as a homeschooling mother!

Aug 07, 2017
Our Nature Bag

No homeschool science curriculum would be complete without learning about God's creation!  Keep your nature study tools all in one place with a Nature Bag!

In this episode:

  • What nature study tools are best to keep in your Nature Bag.
  • Where to keep your Nature Bag.
  • How to incorporate unit studies into your Nature Bag.
Jul 31, 2017
Our 2017 Homeschool Curriculum

It's that time of year again!  Check out our Preschool through High School homeschool curriculum choices!

Jul 24, 2017
Occupying a Busy Preschooler

I have a VERY busy preschooler.  In this podcast I share the resources we use to keep him occupied and how we structure his day so he stays out of trouble!

Jul 17, 2017
Clothing the Kids

How do you find quality clothing for all of the children in your family?  This podcast gives you tons of ideas and resources!  You will learn about my favorite baby clothes, how I find great deals online, and when I start requiring my children to help pay for their own clothing.

Jul 10, 2017
My ALDI Grocery Budget

What does a family of 11 buy?  What is my grocery budget each week?  Why will you never see me laying all my groceries out on the table and taking a photo of them?  Learn all of this and more!

Jul 03, 2017
How to Make Read Aloud Time More Peaceful

Does Read Aloud Time stress you out?  Has your vision of being surrounded by children who listen intently and sit still while you read beautiful picture books given way to the reality of kick fights, crying babies, and nonsensical questions from the toddler?  Have you vowed to never read aloud to your children again?  This podcast is for you! 

Jun 26, 2017
A Typical Day in My Life

Have you ever wondered what my day looks like?  Here's your chance to see how my routine works, and what an average day is like in the Raising Arrows household!

In this episode:  

  • Why I don't get up early.
  • How I manage my rowdy preschooler.
  • When I fit in blogging.
  • What a typical homeschool day looks like.
Jun 19, 2017
How I Organize the Baby's Things in my Bedroom

When you have a baby, their things are spread out all over the house.  You have diaper changes, feeding paraphernalia, bedding and clothing, and more!  Here's what I keep in my bedroom, and how I organize those things!  

In this episode:

  • My favorite organization tools.
  • Things I keep in my bedroom for my special needs baby.
  • How I keep baby's clothes organized + my favorite baby outfit!
  • How I keep my toddlers busy while my hands are busy with baby.

Show notes at: https://www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts

Jun 12, 2017
Schedules for Homeschooling Year Round

Are you considering homeschooling year round and wonder how that looks when it comes to scheduling?  In this episode we will talk about several different options for homeschool scheduling plus ideas for what to do during your time off, and why homeschooling year round might just make you a better homeschool mom!  Show notes at https://www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts

Jun 05, 2017
3 Essential Morning Homemaking Chores

What 3 things could you do to revolutionize your day and take it from chaos to calm(ish) in about 20 minutes each morning?  In this podcast, learn the answer PLUS:

  • How to get your home guest-ready first thing in the morning.
  • My secret weapon for keeping the bathroom clean!
  • How to guarantee meals won't be haphazard.
May 31, 2017
Mom's Summer Reading List

Summer reading lists don't have to be serious, and they certainly shouldn't feel like homework!  They should inspire! 

  • What's on my summer reading list?
  • Why fiction inspires me more than a method.
  • How a sappy book inspired me to find the perfect biscuit recipe!
May 20, 2017
Should You Homeschool Year Round?

Is homeschooling year round a good choice for your family?  Listen to this podcast and consider all the reasons why it might be a good fit!

In this episode:

  • The crisis that started our homeschooling year round story.
  • Learn why homeschooling year round saves you time.
  • Reasons why homeschooling year round is a good fit for many families.
  • Why homeschooling year round is not as exhausting as it sounds!

Find show notes at: https://www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts

May 13, 2017
Decluttering the Kitchen

Is your kitchen a mess?  Work alongside me as we go through the kitchen, cleaning and decluttering!

In this episode:

  • Why I have always struggled to keep my kitchen clean.
  • How many of each item I keep in my kitchen.
  • Appliances I can't live without.
  • A tour of my kitchen, including bulk purchases and stations I have set up.
May 06, 2017
Large Family Mealtime

Make family meal times with your little ones nourishing for body and soul!  This week's podcast is full of ideas for making meal time less stressful!

In this episode:

  • How to de-stress meal time.
  • Easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas!
  • Resources for managing little ones during meals.
  • Creating a pleasant mealtime atmosphere.

Find all resources mentioned at: https//www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts

Apr 29, 2017
Making Homeschool Planning Easy

Does homeschool planning stress you out?  If you’ve ever wondered if there is an easier way, this is the podcast for you!

In this episode:

  • Tons of easy homeschool planning ideas!
  • Resources for helping your kids be more independent.
  • What planners work best depending on what kind of homeschool mom you are.

Show Notes can be found at: https://www.raisingarrows.net/podcasts

Apr 22, 2017
Surviving Homeschool Convention Speaker Sessions

In this episode, I share:

  • How to choose speaker sessions to go to.
  • Why you should consider budgeting for convention audios.
  • The biggest problem with homeschool convention speakers.
  • Why even veteran homeschool moms need to hear homeschool convention speakers.

Resources mentioned:
FREE Homeschool Convention Survival Guide!

Apr 15, 2017
Surviving Homeschool Convention Vendor Halls

In this episode, I share:

  • How to make the vendor hall seem less scary.
  • Why changing your mind about curriculum at the convention is ok.
  • Why you shouldn't buy on the first day.
  • Pitfalls of the vendor hall and how to avoid them.

Resources mentioned:
FREE Homeschool Convention Survival Guide!
Wheely Cart (my made-up name for the cart on wheels that can hold all your conference finds!)

Apr 08, 2017
Creating a Simple Schedule or Mom Schedule

In this episode, I share:

  • The key to sticking to a schedule.
  • How to set up a simple schedule you can follow.
  • How to create more margin in your day.
  • How to get in the "extras" you always want to get in, but don't seem to have the time for.

Resources mentioned:
My At a Glance Schedule (circa 2015 - and seriously needing an overhaul!)
Margin by Richard Swenson, M.D.

Mar 28, 2017