Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic

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A light-hearted podcast in which Brant explores topics that he doesn’t fully understand by interviewing the people who do.

Episode Date
Why I’m Not Hollywood A-List with McG - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Director McG joins the podcast to talk all things working in the inner Hollywood circles. In this episode Brant gets up close and personal with one of the industry's most prolific and talented directors, McG. Known for mega-hits like Charlie's Angels and The OC, McG shares personal and professional insight to the world of Hollywood A-list directing in a raw and unfiltered interview. Can't miss moments include McG turning the mic back on Brant, describing him as "a strange blend of arrogance and insecurity" and points out "Nobody buys your fake humility"
Jul 16, 2018
Why I’m Not A Teen Idol (2) With Cody Christian - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Cody Christian joins to talk about growing up as one of Hollywood's hottest young actors and social media influencers. In this episode Brant continues the exploration of the phenomenon of being 'teen famous'. Cody's raw and revealing interview is in stark contrast to some of the stereotypical perception of today's youth culture. It's a can't miss discussion.
Mar 29, 2018
Why I’m Not A Teen Idol – With Rob Lowe - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Legendary actor Rob Lowe joins to talk about the ups and downs of growing up as a young Hollywood heartthrob. In this episode Brant explores the phenomenon of being 'teen famous', as kids today grow up with social media fame (or infamy) just a few clicks away.
Feb 28, 2018
Why I’m Not Raising A Female Athlete – With Hope Solo - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
In a candid and revealing interview, the legendary Hope Solo sheds some shocking light on the culture and business of being a female professional athlete. In this episode, Brant takes a look at the glaring disparities between male and female athletics and discovers some surprising facts and dynamics you may not have thought about. The WNBA's first president and one of the most influential figures in women's sports Val Ackerman helps outline the opportunities and realities facing young girls growing up today in athletics. NOTE: Episode recorded BEFORE Hope announced her candidacy for President of US Soccer
Jan 05, 2018
Why I’m Not a Sex Addict with Eric Benet - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
In a riveting and raw interview, Halle Berry’s ex-husband Eric Benet speaks for the first time about the events that lead up to checking himself into a sexual addiction rehab facility. Brant also speaks with Dr. Chris Samuels, the founder of the Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Center. Have you ever wondered if sex addiction is actually a real thing? Brant explores the definitive differences between sex addicts and sex offenders. With the #metoo movement exposing horrible behavior at every turn, what’s compulsion and what’s just bad decisions and bad behavior?
Dec 20, 2017
Why I’m Not A Youtube Star – with Freddie Wong and Matthew Santoro - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Two of YouTube’s most prolific creators: Rocket Jump’s Freddie Wong and list master and vlogger Matthew Santoro discuss how YouTube has changed the creative world and allowed creators to distribute content straight to their fans. For YouTube personalities, that’s a full time job, and it’s much harder than it looks.
Jun 22, 2017
Why I’m Not: Losing Weight – with guests JD Roth and Paul McKenna - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry with the same dirty politics and false promises as any billion-dollar industry. As a producer of weight loss TV for more than a decade, Brant shares the ins and outs alongside his guests; the most prolific producer of weight loss TV and best-selling author JD Roth and weight loss guru and mentalist from “I Can Make You Thin” Paul McKenna.
Jun 15, 2017
Why I’m Not Getting High – with Jason Ellis and Jesse Stanley - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Smoke up America, weed is legal now… sort of. Do you know the laws, do you know the science, and do you know the truth? Brant’s 16-year-old son is on a collision course with weed so Brant is out to get the straight dope on marijuana and all that comes with it.
Jun 07, 2017
Why I’m Not A Pro Wrestler – with “Mankind” Mick Foley, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Lilian Garcia - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
How does professional wrestling still work after all these years? It works very, very well. Brant explores the phenomenon of the WWE and the many incarnations and adjustments the company has made to keep cranking out superstars and retain its rabid fan base.
May 30, 2017
Why I’m Not A Reality TV Star – with Spencer and Heidi Pratt, and Jonathan Murray - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Reality TV has produced some of the most famous and infamous celebrities in pop culture history, and the business of being famous, for being famous, is booming. But if you think being famous for being yourself is easy… you’re out of touch with reality. Brant knows this world intimately as he has created shows launching several reality TV stars, including special guests Heidi and Spencer Pratt.
May 16, 2017
Why I’m Not: A Good Parent with Todd Marinovich, Christine Chu, Maya Thiagarajan - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Ever wonder if the parents of today are raising kids that can hack it in the world of tomorrow? As a father of 3 Brant questions his ultra soft parenting style and compares it to the intense helicopter and sports parenting that exists today. Brant talks candidly with Ivywise consultant and former Yale admissions councilor Christie Chu, “Beyond the Tiger Mom” author Maya Thiagarajan, and former NFL prodigy and legend Todd Marinovich.
May 08, 2017
Why I’m Not A Politician Part 2 – The Lobbyist Jack Burkman - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
After an explosive first interview, controversial lobbyist Jack Burkman joins Brant in the studio to dig even deeper the business of lobbying and politics. In this more intimate and in-depth conversation Jack shares exclusive insights not meant for the general public. If you thought his first interview was revealing, you haven’t heard anything yet.
May 08, 2017
Why I’m Not A Politician with Ben Shapiro, Dennis Kucinich, & Jack Burkman - Why I'm Not - with Brant Pinvidic
Who said it was OK to talk politics everywhere with everyone? Brant explores the business of politics with guests including conservative heavyweight commentator Ben Shapiro, liberal icon and former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, and D.C.’s #1 lobbyist Jack Burkman.
May 04, 2017