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By Jago M. & J. Smooth

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Category: Sports & Recreation

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Description We are a podcast featuring Jago M. and J. Smooth. Bringing you our take on Sports and Entertainment. Our conversation consists of NBA, NFL, college sports, music, and movie reviews. New pods drop every Monday & Friday! Always safe for work!

Episode Date
Are You Ready For Some Football? (Ep.109)
Welcome to Friday!!! Today we are talking about the upcoming NFL season. Hear our preview of the first week of games. And...are you ready for some football? Links:
Aug 10, 2018
They Call Him Melo Yellow (Ep.108)
Happy Friday y'all! We're talking NBA today. Throw in a little Usher and Fortnite and you got a pretty good show! Links:
Aug 03, 2018
The Ultimate Warrior In Gaming (Ep.107)
Jago M. and J. Smooth chat with the Young Warrior about Gaming. From Playstation 4 to Xbox One we talk about it all. Links:
Jul 28, 2018
Carmelo Anthony Sucks!!! (Ep.106)
Hoodie Melo is gone! Hear us give you the rundown on why Carmelo Anthony is done in the NBA. Links:
Jul 24, 2018
Get It Off Your Chest Friday (Ep. 105)
We air some of the grievances that we've had throughout the week. This was a really fun show to do and we think it might be back every week. We're good at complaining...who knew?!? Links:
Jul 20, 2018
Random Monday Craziness (Ep.104)
Let's us take you on a journey through our crazy brains. It will make your Monday better for sure!!! Links:
Jul 16, 2018
Let's Go To The Movies! (Ep. 103)
Hear our reviews of Sicario: Day of the Soldado and Ant Man and The Wasp! Links:
Jul 13, 2018
Free Agents Of The NBA (Ep.102)
Join us as we discuss the rest of the players left free agency this Summer in the NBA. Not that it matters though. Golden State has got this in the bag. Links:
Jul 09, 2018
Boogie To The Warriors? No Seriously! (Ep.101)
You might as well not watch this NBA this upcoming year. The Warriors already had it in the bag, but then they added Demarcus Cousins. What a joke! Adam Silver is a snake, but hey, it's FRIDAY! Links:
Jul 06, 2018
We Made It To Triple Digits!!! (Ep.100)
Celebrate 100 episodes with us and make Monday just a little bit better. A big thank you to all of the fans!!! Links:
Jul 02, 2018
LeBron James Got Straight Robbed! (Ep.99)
For the most part the KIA NBA Awards are HOT GARBAGE! Listen and you'll hear why. It's Friday, LET'S PARTY! Links:
Jun 29, 2018
Who Cares About The NBA Draft? (Ep.98)
Hear our "expert" analysis of the NBA draft. Well, at least the top ten. We know we're late, but we don't really care. Happy Tuesday! Links:
Jun 26, 2018
901 Reasons To Love Memphis (Ep.97)
Join us for some history on the Memphis Grizzlies and the future of the Memphis Tigers. Happy Friday!!! Links:
Jun 22, 2018
Greatest Moments In Sports History? (Ep.96)
These are the greatest moments in sports history...well, from our perspective. I'm sure we're missing some, let us know what they are. Links:
Jun 18, 2018
LeBron James! LeBron James? (Ep.95)
The question we all want to know the answer to, "Where will LeBron play next year?". We don't have the answer, but we will have fun speculating like everyone else. Links:
Jun 15, 2018
Athletes Shouldn't Act, Should They? (Ep.94)
Should athletes just stick to what they know, or can they cross over to being a musician or actor? Probably not, but it is fun to watch and we love talking about it. Monday sucks!!! Links:
Jun 11, 2018
Can We Fix The NBA? (Ep.93)
Y'all know J. Smooth is a conspiracy theorist, especially when it comes to the NBA. So today we have Big Mike in the building to give Jago M. a little help to talk Mr. Smooth off the ledge. Enjoy! Links:
Jun 08, 2018
The NBA Finals: Game 2 Preview (Ep.92)
Will the Cavs actually get a fair shake this time? How pivotal was game one and has the NBA already picked a winner? Join us for this and much more. Links:
Jun 03, 2018
The 2018 NBA Finals Preview (Ep.91)
The Cleveland Cavs take on the Golden State Warriors for the 4th year in a row. Who's it gonna be? Hopefully it's going to be a good series. Links:
May 31, 2018
It's Time For Some Netflicking? (Ep.90)
Is it Netflicking or Netflixing? We're talking about all the great shows and movies all over the web. Netflix, Hulu, Prime we got it all. Links:
May 28, 2018
Cold Blooded Royalty (Ep.89)
Playoffs, playoffs and more playoffs! Would you eat a dog steak? Did you watch the royal wedding? All this and more, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Links:
May 25, 2018
A Podcast You Can Bet On (Ep.88)
Legalized gambling in sports. Are you for it or against it? Hear us talk about the pros and the cons and get your Monday off to a great start! Are You Hearing This!!! Links:
May 21, 2018
What Do LeBron, Durant and Fortnite Have In Common? (Ep. 87)
The NBA playoffs got us going crazy! Sit through this episode with us and look at it as therapy to get you through these tough times, especially if you're a Cavs fan. Happy Friday! Links:
May 18, 2018
Trash It Or Keep It: Double Take Edition (Ep.86)
Well, first of all it's episode 86 not 84, so we're off to a good start. Today you'll here about movies we've seen in the theater more than once. Enjoy! Links:
May 14, 2018
NBA Conference Finals Preview (Ep.85)
From Golden State to Houston, and from Cleveland to Boston. The NBA conference finals are set to be LIT!!! Happy Friday mothertruckers!!! Links:
May 11, 2018
Do You Got The Stones?: Part 2 (Ep. 84)
This is our review of the blockbuster Marvel film "Avengers: Infinity War". This is the only one you need to hear, the best on the internet. Links:
May 07, 2018
Do You Got The Stones?: Part 1 (Ep. 83)
This is our review of the blockbuster Marvel film "Avengers: Infinity War". This is the only one you need to hear, the best on the internet. Stayed tuned for Part 2, coming this Monday! Links:
May 04, 2018
The Mock NFL Super-Draft! (Ep.82)
Welcome to Monday! Hear us battle it out as we pick our NFL super teams. From quarterback to coach, it's promises to a "wild" ride. Good luck!!! Links:
Apr 30, 2018
Let The Infinity War Begin! (Ep.81)
Tonight Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War comes out. Join us as we go over the entire Marvel universe leading up to this epic battle. Happy Friday!!! Links:
Apr 27, 2018
Ok, Ok, It's The NBA (Ep.80)
Listen to us debate all of the NBA awards for this year. Harden or James for MVP? The 2018 playoffs are on fire, but this episode breaks down the best of the regular season. Links:
Apr 23, 2018
NCAA Champions Of The World! (Ep.79)
Big Mike joins us in the studio as we talk about the NCAA Men's and Women's basketball champions. What a great year for March Madness, relive the championships with us!!! Links:
Apr 20, 2018
WAYHT Radio With Smooth Jago M. (Ep.78)
Today is all about the MUSIC! We welcome our friend "Big Mike" to the studio as we talk about all of our favorite music from days gone by. It's a blast from the past and the perfect way to start your Monday!!! Links:
Apr 16, 2018
2018 NBA Playoffs Preview (Ep.77)
The 2018 Playoffs are set! It's gonna be a great year!!! Check out our predictions and all the shenanigans that will ensue. Links:
Apr 13, 2018
Ready Player Two (Ep.76)
Check out our 2 part episode on the new movie "Ready Player One". There are many **SPOILERS** ahead. You have been warned! Links:
Apr 09, 2018
Ready Player One (Ep.75)
Check out our 2 part episode on the new movie "Ready Player One". There are many **SPOILERS** ahead. You have been warned! Links:
Apr 06, 2018
What's Your Top Five? (Ep.74)
We are talking all about our TOP 5. TOP 5 what you ask? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out! Links:
Apr 02, 2018
It's Always Madness In Our Studio (Ep.73)
Big Mike is joining in the studio today to talk March Madness. It's been a crazy one this year. The final games will be EPIC!!! Links:
Mar 30, 2018
Trash It Or Keep It: Re-Make It (Ep.72)
Today we are talking about Movies we think should be re-made, in this edition of "Trash It Or Keep It". We'd love to hear from y'all about what you think should be re-made too! Send us an email Links:
Mar 26, 2018
Do You Think Kevin Love's Video Games? (Ep.71)
Hey y'all Happy Friday! Today's show has a little bit of spill over from our video game shows and we talk about the return of Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA playoffs are gonna be awesome this year and we give you our picks for how we think it will go down!!! Links:
Mar 23, 2018
It's Game Time: Part 2 (Ep.70)
We're at it again with the video games. More electronic deliciousness for your Monday blues. Who's out there playing FortNite? Hit us up.
Mar 19, 2018
It's Game Time: Part 1 (Ep.69)
We love us some video games! This is a two part show exploring video games from back in the day until now. Make sure you come back for part 2. Links:
Mar 17, 2018
Referees Rule The World (Ep.68)
Are referees controlling all the sports games we watch? Think about it, they could if they wanted to. On today's show we discuss the possibility of this happening in the NFL and the NBA. Links: http://www,
Mar 12, 2018
Something Smells Corrupt (Ep. 67)
Back after a week absence in the podcast world. Hope y'all didn't miss us too much. If you did...this show will not disappoint! Today we talk about corruption in the NCAA and give you our thoughts on all the crap that's going in the world of college sports. Links:
Mar 09, 2018
You Can't Beat A Good Super Villain (Ep. 66)
Listen as we go over the best super villains we've ever encountered in pop culture. What do you think of our list? Stay tuned to the whole show as we give you a sample of Underoath's new track "On My Teeth". Links:
Feb 26, 2018
Wakanda Forever! (Ep. 65)
Black Panther has been in theaters for over a week now and we wanted to give y'all our review and some thoughts we had about the movie **Spoilers Ahead**. We may also talk about the NBA All-Star game...but who cares? Right? Links:
Feb 23, 2018
It's The End...(Ep. 64)
Jago M. and J. Smooth take you through the new Netflix hit "End of the F***ing World. Be aware tons of spoilers ahead, but don't worry we warn you before we start the spoilers. Enjoy!!!
Feb 19, 2018
Taking The NBA To New Heights (Ep. 63)
Happy All-Star weekend everyone!!! Jago M. and J.Smooth take you through the "NEW LOOK" Cavs. The Cavs are back and look great. Isaiah Thomas is now in LA and that's cool... I guess.
Feb 16, 2018
Chatting With Big Mike: Part 2 (Ep. 62)
Great to have Big Mike back in the studio. Today we are talking all things NBA. Trade deadline is gone and not much happened with anyone, except for the CAVS!!! Enjoy the show!!! Links:
Feb 12, 2018
Chatting With Big Mike: Part 1 (Ep. 61)
This is more of therapy session for Jago M., Big Mike Joins us and helps Jago through his Super Bowl pain. And stay tuned we are bringing Big Mike next episode too so we can talk some NBA. Links:
Feb 09, 2018
The NBA Doesn't Stand A Chance (Ep.60)
Super teams are about to get more SUPER! It's getting kind of stupid and if LeBron goes go to Golden State...GAME OVER!!! What do y'all think? Check out the show and then hit us up with your thoughts. Links:
Feb 05, 2018
Kevin Has No Love For Defense(Ep. 59)
The NBA is crumbling this year due to injuries. So many good players going down, GET WELL SOON!!! We're getting close to the ALL-STAR game and the trade deadline, OH THE DRAMA!!! Happy Friday! Links:
Feb 02, 2018
Nickelback Meets Milli Vanilli (Ep.58)
Jago M. and J. Smooth talk about the sad state that music is in. Everything sounds the same. So the guys reminisce about the good ol' days of music. Make sure you stick around to hear J. Smooth karaoke to Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". Links:
Jan 29, 2018
Super Bowl Of Soup For Your Soul (Ep.57)
Today the guys are talking football. Super Bowl LII is set and of course the Patriots are headed to the big game...again. They will face the Philadelphia Eagles. Probably won't be much of a game. You might even hear some NBA talk today. You'll have to listen to find out!!! Links:
Jan 26, 2018
Bleepin Movies is BACK!!! (Ep.56)
Jago M. and J. Smooth have a fun one for you today. We're talking movies of all kind, we bring back BLEEPIN MOVIES, and we even talk a little NBA. Hopefully this will brighten your Monday! Links:
Jan 22, 2018
Can a Patriot Kill a Viking? (Ep.55)
Some great NFL games are coming up this Sunday! Jago M. & J. Smooth take you through the games and give their "amazing" predictions. Jago is convinced the Patriots will take it all again, but J. Smooth thinks it's the year of the Viking!!! Only time will tell.
Jan 19, 2018
I Can See Your Destiny In The Mirror (Ep.54)
Jago M. & J. Smooth talk about a great show from Netflix, that you need to check out! The guys let you inside some of the video games that they love to play and love to hate. It's gonna be a fun one! Links:
Jan 17, 2018
Alabama Clotheslines Georgia In The Neck! (Ep.53)
The College Football National Championship was AMAZING! J.Smooth is pumped because Alabama took home the trophy. Jago M. enjoyed the game too. Maybe Texas will make it next year...not likely. We're also talking NBA and how it's getting physical this year. Links:
Jan 12, 2018
Kevin Durant Loves Nickelback! (Ep.52)
It's true, Kevin Durant is a huge Nickelback fan and so is Jago M., but J. Smooth is clearly not a fan. Were talking NBA today and going through the first part of the season, speculating what will happen as the year goes on. Links:
Jan 08, 2018
This Week On The Grid Iron (Ep. 51)
NFL Playoffs and the College Football championship, it's enough to make any football fan happy regardless of who your team is....right? Jago M. and J. Smooth bring in the new year with a ton of football. Links:
Jan 05, 2018
A Look Back At The First Fifty! (Ep. 50)
We can't believe we made it to fifty episodes! Thank you to everyone who gave us support over the first fifty episodes. It's been a great year and we are excited to see what the new year holds. HAPPY NEW YEAR from JAGO M. & J. SMOOTH!!! Links:
Dec 29, 2017
"Great Sub-Par" Teams of the NBA (Ep. 49)
"Great Sub-Par" is an oxymoron, but apparently Jago M. doesn't see it that way. J. Smooth does not agree. Things may get a little bit heated. Everyone left the studio alive, so it's all good.
Dec 22, 2017
Trash It or Keep It: Action Movie Edition (Ep. 48)
Buckle Up! Jago M. and J. Smooth take you on an adventure and it's going to be a bumpy ride through the world of ACTION MOVIES!!! What's your favorite? Links:
Dec 18, 2017
If Football Is Bad Send It Overseas (Ep. 47)
The NFL season is coming to a close and now the real games begin. Jago M. and J. Smooth go over the season how it stands now and make a few predictions for the future. The guys also discuss the Ball family, WOW what a train wreck. Links:
Dec 15, 2017
Robots Vs. Alligators! (Ep. 46)
Jago M. and J. Smooth bring you an exclusive new game called "VS." From NBA to boxing to swimming, we pit our favorite in each category against each other in a big battle of WHAT IF? It's a knock down drag out battle of the never was. Links: Check out the Tobacco Road Podcast
Dec 11, 2017
Trash It or Keep It: Holiday Edition (Ep. 45)
Don't worry Jago M. doesn't die. Although I think we could all agree he loses to J. Smooth in this edition of "Trash It or Keep It". We are talking all Holiday movies and don't worry we will keep it interesting!!! Links:
Dec 09, 2017
The Greatest: Jordan or Lebron? (Ep. 44)
Is Jordan Clearly better? Can LeBron surpass Jordan? It's always fun when we debate, but who's the winner? You decide! Let us know on social media or shoot us an email. Jago M. and J. Smooth will be sure to respond and let you know what's up! Links:
Dec 04, 2017
My Stomach Is College Football Upset (Ep. 43)
Jago M. and J. Smooth give their predictions on this weekend's college football matchups. It's blast from the past when the guys give you some R&B flavor from the 90's. Happy Friday Y'all!
Dec 01, 2017
Movies Are Your Destiny!!! (Ep. 42)
Yep, everyone is back to work today. While you're getting over your Thanksgiving hangover listen to us talk about movies and a bunch of other stuff. It will help you get through the day, sort of... Links:
Nov 27, 2017
Gobble Gobble, Football Football! (Ep. 41)
Happy Early Thanksgiving to everyone! This early edition of "Are You Hearing This!" focuses on Football and Food. Thursday is going to be a great one on the gridiron. Jago M. and J. Smooth make their picks for the turkey day games and fight about music. What's new?
Nov 22, 2017
The NBA Revival! (Ep. 40)
Can you believe it?!? 40 Episodes and still going...well...sort of strong. We are talking all NBA today. It's been a good season so far, but it's not what anyone thought it would be. Opinions will fly but don't worry no one get's hurt.
Nov 20, 2017
I'd Take A Hammer To That Song (Ep.39)
Jago M. and J.Smooth break down the hit movie, "Thor: Ragnarok". The debate gets heated but we keep it civil...sort of. We also go head to head on Joe's new R&B hit "So that I can have you back". Really Joe? Links:
Nov 17, 2017
Stranger Things 2: Chapters 5-9 (Ep. 38)
Jago M. and J. Smooth love Stranger Things, so they decided to dedicated two episodes to the show. This second episode will take you through our review of Chapters 5-9 of Stranger Things 2. Before you listen be warned, there are tons of spoilers ahead!!! Links:
Nov 13, 2017
Something Stinks In Cleveland (Ep. 37)
J. Smooth might be possessed and Jago is getting ready to call 911. Today we talk about NBA, NFL, and maybe even a little college football. Hopefully this will get you through at least part of your Monday!!! MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis…GNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
Nov 06, 2017
Stranger Things 2: Chapters 1-4 (Ep. 36)
Jago M. and J. Smooth love Stranger Things, so they decided to dedicated two episodes to the show. This first episode will take you through our review of Chapters 1-4 of Stranger Things 2. Before you listen be warned, there are tons of spoilers ahead!!! Make sure you come back next Friday for Chapters 5-9. Links: MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis…GNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
Nov 03, 2017
Been Caught Stealing Free Lunch (Ep. 35)
The perfect episode for a Monday morning. Jago M. and J. Smooth are all over the place from NFL to NBA to Stranger Things to Doritos. Don't worry about following up just sit back and enjoy. Links: MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis…GNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
Oct 30, 2017
Big Mike Returns To The Stuzizio (Ep.34)
Big Mike is back, Jago and J. Smooth couldn't be happier. We all talk about J. Smooth's trip to Alabama, more college football, NFL, and even some NBA. Check it out! Links: MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis…GNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
Oct 27, 2017
Don't Waste Your Ear Breath on Barstool (Ep. 33)
NBA is in the air and it's contagious. Jago and J.Smooth continue there amazing commentaries on what's going on in the association. They also shine a light on the amazing track that SHAQ put out destroying Lavar ball, it's epic. Links & Sponsors MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis…GNd7ZgqdRLk/1/ Are You Hearing This
Oct 23, 2017
This NBA Is Back And It's Lit! (Ep. 32)
Thank God the NBA is back! This season is going to be epic and we are going be with you all season long. We also talk some NFL and take you back in time with some tunes from MC Hammer. You can't touch this? Links & Sponsors MyBookie - Use Code: HearingThis Are You Hearing This
Oct 20, 2017
Sports In Movies Part Two (Ep. 31)
Talking about some great sports movies on this episode! Hopefully we didn't miss anything this time. If we did, just drop us a line and we will make sure we get it on part 3. Links:
Oct 16, 2017
Whale Riding With Jago (Ep. 30)
$1500 for a whale? That's a good deal! Look out for Jago M. riding a whale all over the USA. Colin Kaepernick is our focus this week. What's with this dude and why aren't teams in the NFL picking this guy up? Links:
Oct 13, 2017
Trash It Or Keep It: Superhero Edition (Ep.29)
This is how we do it! We're talking about our favorite and not so favorite superhero movies. Ben Affleck probably hates our show but who cares. Joke of the day makes its premiere. Links:
Oct 09, 2017
Dark Lightning & The White Ghost Ride Again! (Ep. 28)
Looks like Jago M. and J.Smooth are getting into the wrestling business, should be interesting. Were talking about the new NBA all-star game rules and NFL power rankings. We've got something for everyone on this episode. Enjoy!!! Links:
Oct 06, 2017
Basketball Talk In The Stuzizio! (Ep. 27)
J. Smooth is breaking new ground with more of his patented slang like "Stuzizio" and "Shiny Shiny". Jago M. still isn't sure about it. More basketball talk; super teams are popping up everywhere and the NBA is changing. This season will be one for the ages. Who will come out on top?
Oct 02, 2017
The Rich Get Richer (Ep. 26)
Dwayne Wade goes to Cleveland and Melo goes to Oklahoma City. It's gonna be a crazy season in the NBA and we give you our picks for 1-8 in the East and the West. By the way, New Orleans in now in the East, because we said so. Go Pelicans....NOT!!! Links:
Sep 29, 2017
I'm Going Back To Cali (Ep. 25)
Spoiler Alert: Today we review the Netflix series "Narcos". Join us on our journey through Cali as we witness the fall of the cartel. Pablo Escobar would be proud!!! J. Smooth's grandfather is at it again pissing off Jago M., can't we all just get along? Links:
Sep 25, 2017
The No Flag League (Ep.24)
Rap battles, 90's music, and white people slang all on today's episode! Jago M. and J. Smooth take you through the NFL power rankings and some other junk. Hang in there for "The Word of the Day", its a good one. Links:
Sep 22, 2017
What If Jago M. Never Met J. Smooth? (Ep. 23)
Wow, this one was obviously recorded a while ago, it's still a good one though. The new game "What If" debuts. Jago M. and J. Smooth explore some interesting what ifs. Links:
Sep 18, 2017
This Podcast Floats! (Ep.22)
Jago M. survives his UBER and the show goes on! This week we tell you everything you need to know about the hit horror flick "IT". Be careful many SPOILERS ahead. As always cool music and "The Word of the Day!!! Links:
Sep 15, 2017
Luke I Am Your Fantasy Football (Ep. 21)
Fantasy football is in full swing and Jago M. couldn't be happier, J. Smooth couldn't care less. The dark side gets even darker when we reveal an original clip from "The Empire Strikes Back". Who knew George Lucas was such a bad boy. Links:
Sep 11, 2017
Football Is In The Air Waves (Ep. 20)
Sounds like Jago M. and his Longhorns are gonna have a rough season, and it's gonna be smooth sailing for J.Smooth and his Crimson Tide! By the way...Happy happy joy joy NFL has arrived! Links:
Sep 08, 2017
Random White Guy Saves The Day! (Ep.19)
Random White Guy strikes again! Jago M. lets him co-host for a few minutes and it's a train wreck worth listening too! We talk about the upcoming NFL season and give you our picks for who will win the Super Bowl this year. Links:
Sep 04, 2017
Lions & Celtics & Cavs Oh My! (Ep. 18)
Jago M. gets his car stolen. Meanwhile J. Smooth is still learning about the NFL. We introduce a new segment called "This Just In" and we even meet a new friend and his name is Random White Guy. Seriously, that's on his birth certificate. Links:
Sep 01, 2017
How to Lose a Podcast in Ten Days (Ep. 17)
It's time for "Trash It or Keep It: Chick Flick Edition". We talk about all of our favorite and not so favorite Chick Flix. You'll also get to hear an uncensored clip of The Notebook. Links:
Aug 28, 2017
Sports Talk With BIg Mike (Ep. 16)
Big Mike joins us for the first time, and it won't be the last. We talk about everything from the Kyrie Irving trade to College Football. It's a good time and we know you're going to enjoy it! Links:
Aug 25, 2017
As Good As Gone (Ep. 15)
The drama in Cleveland just won't quit and we love talking about it! Will LeBron leave or won't he? Where will he go? We also get an exclusive interview with "Kyrie Irving". Links:
Aug 21, 2017
Guaranteed Greatness with Robert O'Kelley (Ep. 14)
ACC Legend and ACC Rookie of the Year Robert O'Kelley joins us for some great conversation. Robert's career in basketball took him all over the world and his story is truly unique. Enjoy! Links:
Aug 18, 2017
Smooth Don't Know Football (Ep. 12)
On this episode we take Jay Cutler to the cleaners and trust us he needs it! J. Smooth is a football rookie so it's Jago M. to the rescue! Follow us this upcoming NFL season to find out if J. Smooth can become a football genius and take over the world, or at least the airwaves. Links: (stranger things)
Aug 11, 2017
Sports in Movies (Ep. 11)
Today we talk about some of our favorite movies that feature sports. It's a trip down memory lane and this won't be the last time we do it! Our new game "Music To My Ears" premieres, who do you think wins?
Aug 07, 2017
Burn Your Skinny Jeans (Ep. 10)
Should college players get paid to play? We dive into this subject and go over all of the pros and cons. Are You Hearing This gets into the karaoke business. You don't want to miss Jago M. giving you his rendition of Numb by Linking Park.
Aug 04, 2017
Mrs. Cloudy Brings The Rain (Ep. 9)
Mrs. Cloudy joins us for the first time and schools us on all things Memphis. She also gives us her take on super teams, and possible trades the Grizzles could make. Kyrie? Porziņģis? Hey, you never know. Links:
Jul 31, 2017
The Return of Father Smooth (Ep. 8)
Father Smooth checks in and gives us his take on the situation with Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. We send out a tribute to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. And this week we have a new game for you. You don't want to miss it! Links:
Jul 28, 2017
Smooth: From The Womb To The Tomb (Ep. 7)
Boxing again? Yep, we work it out a little and talk through the upcoming fight more. We also play another round of "Trash it or Keep it". As always we brings some tunes and learn y'all some new words! Bonus: find out the real reason "J. Smooth" is called "J. Smooth". Links: Ayo & Teo: Google:
Jul 21, 2017
Warning: May Contain Pork (Ep. 6)
Hear our review of Okja on Netflix. Find out why Jago gives it 3.5 megaphones and J.Smooth gives it 4. Don’t worry, we warn you before we give spoilers. We even get into a boxing match of sorts. Plus so much more. Links: Okja - Mayweather vs Mcgregor Fight Paramore - Google -
Jul 18, 2017
Trash It or Keep It? (Ep. 5)
We know movies...well sort of. Check us out as we reveal our new game "Trash It or Keep It?". You can also find out why Jago M. is scared of Spiderman. Links:
Jul 15, 2017
Lavar, BEAT IT! (Ep. 4)
Today we get introduced to the smooth vocal styling of J. Smooth as he and Jago M. explore some of their favorite Michael Jackson tracks. We give our take on how to build a championship team and even hear about Jago M.'s blind date!
Jul 14, 2017
Diagnosis: Super Team (Ep. 3)
Super Teams love em hate em? We talk about the history of super teams and how they have changed throughout the years. We also hear a track from one of J. Smooth's favorite bands of all time "New Found Glory". Links:
Jul 10, 2017
From New York to Cleveland (Ep. 2)
Today we talk about Phil Jackson, formerly of the New York Knicks and we bring on special Guest Father Smooth. As always we bring you some new tunes and talk movies!
Jul 05, 2017
The First Take...(Ep. 1)
Welcome to "Are You Hearing This!" and our first episode! We are excited to begin this journey with you, as we explore the world of sports and entertainment from our crazy upside down point of view. In this episode we talk about all kinds of stuff. Stay tuned for more!!!
Jul 04, 2017