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Dynasty Fantasy Football analysis, focusing on SuperFlex and other alt-scoring systems.

Episode Date
SuperFlex SuperShow 52 - Best Practice Makes Best Perfect


Early preseason injuries and camp battles threaten to complicate the delicate existence of the fantasy football player, so the SuperFlex SuperFriends are here to write the handbook on preseason survival. Derrius Guice in dynasty, the Eagles’ passing game in redraft, the Packers’ running backs, Teddy Bridgewater… the guys have Best Management Practices for all of these complex situations! Plus, the gang explores some hypothetical situations in “What If…?” involving DeShaun Watson, Brandin Cooks and Case Keenum. All that and more on this week’s pragmatic episode!

The SuperFlex SuperShow (@SuperFlexShow) – one of many great podcasts from the Dynasty League Football (@DLFootball< [...]

Aug 15, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 51 - Whole New Ballgame


With the NFL season on the verge of kicking off and most dynasty startup drafts complete, the SuperFriends shift their focus to redraft and get ready to attack the 2018 season. James “The Brain” is in the basement, but Travis and John illustrate the difference between dynasty and redraft in their own player evaluations. Six players they like better in redraft than dynasty, and six players they like better in dynasty than redraft. Three quarterbacks on new teams enter into the discussion, along with the rookie class at three main positions. Plus, Julio Jones and David Njoku make appearances, and the elite group of running backs dominate in one-year increments! All that and more on this week’s transitional episode!

************LAST CHANCE LISTENER LEAGUE************ The Vampire dynasty league is filling up fast, so DM the show or any one of the hosts to secure your spot now! 36 teams, three in [...]

Aug 09, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 50b - One Year Later, Part II (w/ Addison Hayes & Jake Anderson)


One year and 50 episodes later, the O.G. SuperFlex SuperFriends join the new guard to celebrate the first year of the SuperShow! The original co-hosts – Jake Anderson (@NFLDraftTalker) and Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_ , @FFStatistics_ ) – reunite with John and team up with current SuperFlex crew, James and Travis, to answer listener questions in the communal celebration! A Question of the Week is crowned, and a SuperFlex/2QB Draft Guide finds a new home as the gang tackles listener questions on draft slot, player evaluation by position, the player value of 2019 1st round pic [...]

Aug 01, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 50a - One Year Later, Part I (w/ Addison Hayes & Jake Anderson)


One year, 50 episodes… the SuperFlex SuperFriends celebrate the first year of the SuperShow, from humble beginnings to the modern day weekly sessions of superflexion! The original co-hosts – Jake Anderson (@NFLDraftTalker) and Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_ , @FFStatistics_ ) – reunite with John and team up with current SuperFlex crew, James and Travis, to answer listener questions in the communal celebration! Listeners wonder aloud about superflex and 2QB startup draft strategy, starting with the very basics of when to draft a quarterback and how to navigate the first round [...]

Aug 01, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 49 - Pizza Box Wisdom (w/ Sal Stefanile)


He’s the Kombucha King, the Pizza Prince, the gatekeeper to the garden of Alex Smith acclamation, and the head honcho of all things 2QB (including the website he co-founded, Salvatore Stefanile (@2QBFFB) joins his superflex SuperFriends with some specific fantasy-related topics on his mind! The Superflex/2QB Draft Guide is on sale now, and Sal runs through the masterpiece that is the draft guide. Then the gang borrows a page out of Pizza Slingin’ Sal’s playbook by dispensing some “Advice By the Slice” fantasy nuggets for the 2018 season to send out with pizza slices. Like a true connoisseur, Sal matches these fantasy gems with the pizza slices they compliment best… and even serves up [...]

Jul 25, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 48 - Camping Trip


Two staples of the SuperFlex SuperShow return as the guys prepare for training camp in the NFL! First, in SuperSix, the SuperFriends share their Top 6 Top 6 preseason buys and sells! The running backs who showcase their abilities in training camp, the wide receivers about to break out, and the quarterbacks changing teams and capitalizing on their landing spots are all strong “buys,” so which players specifically should you target? And “sell” candidates could do their owners a favor and flash in the preseason before coming back down to earth, while some of them will simply remind their owners that they’ve been “sells” for months now. From overhyped pass-catchers to running backs destined for a timeshare, the guys prepare you to sell high! Plus, the return of “You’re Nuts!” with some bold preseason predictions! All that and more on this week’s preseason prep-isode!

******Send y [...]

Jul 18, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 47 - Late Round Superflex (w/ JJ Zachariason)


Mr. Late Round QB on the QB-focused podcast! The SuperFriends are joined by one of the greatest minds in all of fantasy sports, JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB), to discuss his NumberFire article, “How to Dominate Your Fantasy Football Superflex League.” As JJ lays out his “Late Round QB” strategy in single QB leagues and the application to superflex leagues, the guys quiz him on draft strategy in a dynasty superflex league, and discuss the four “buckets” of the LRQB strategy. From JJ’s feelings on value-over-replacement to the predictability of the three primary positions to supply and demand, the Editor-in-Chief of NumberFire has plenty of numbers to fire! But one of the SuperFriends finally finds a question about the future that JJ hasn’t considered… although this one ventures beyond the confines of the [...]

Jul 11, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 46 - TinderFlex, Barely Legal Edition


As in real life, the struggle is real in TinderFlex: it’s hard enough to find the perfect match when the information is accurate, but good luck navigating the sea of embellishments and falsehoods while trying to find a mate! In the “Barely Legal” edition of TinderFlex, the SuperFriends are swiping left, swiping right on NFL rookies based on generously-constructed information… and the occasional factual distortion. So take a leap of faith as the rookie class puts on a pair of high heels and a push-up bra, adds a couple zeroes and a comma to their monthly salary, and skip ahead a few birthdays and a high school graduation… all the way to the age of consent. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is… but what happens when the head says swipe left and the heart says swipe right? Find out on this week’s matchmaker episode!

******Also in this episode, a HUGE announcement… it’s the [...]

Jul 06, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 45 - Tres Mock-aritas

The SuperFlex SuperFriends are traveling at a speed of Mock 3 in this week’s episode, taking on not one… not two… but THREE superflex startup mock drafts! Each member of the trio starts a mock draft by drafting the entire first round, then pass to the right for the second round, then pass to the right again for the third round. The guys tip their hands on their top 12 overall rankings, and then try to correct the perceived mistakes of their cohosts. And as if that weren’t enough, sprinkle some nuts on top of this SuperFlex SuperSundae… every third round of these mock drafts includes a “You’re Nuts!” half-round reach! The gang is put to the test, as this exercise combines rankings, draft theory and strategy, and some bold predictions for the upcoming season and beyond. So buckle in as the SuperFriends mash the gas! All that and more on this week’s three-course mock draft episode!

The SuperF [...]

Jun 27, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 44 - Trade School

Listener trade polls are flooding into the @SuperFlexShow Twitter account, so the SuperFriends work their way through some of the superflex trades. DeAndre Hopkins commands a huge payday for his owners, but what can one expect to get in return for “Nuk?” Corey Davis and Mike Williams are making owners anxious, but is it the right time to sell? Plus, “Win-Now” vs. “Wait Till Next Year” trades are going down, but how do the guys feel about the youth movement? And a 12-player trade overloads the trade calculator, but the gang combs through the chaos! All that and more on this week’s “trade show” episode!

The SuperFlex SuperShow (@SuperFlexShow) – one of many great podcasts from the Dynasty League Football (

Jun 20, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 44 - Trade School
Jun 20, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 43b - ***Bonus Episode*** ADP Shooting Stars & Falling Grenades


The SuperFlex SuperShow SuperFriends get so excited when talking superflex ADP that they talk and talk and TALK! In Episode 43, they talked so much that they ran out of time before they even got to this gem of a segment. So here is the overflow from “Choose or Refuse,” predicting 3 big time ADP risers (“Shooting Stars”) and 3 major ADP fallers (“Falling Grenades”). The guys are looking for meteoric rises and catastrophic falls as they pick players who *could* see a 100 spot change in ADP over the next year. It’s not likely, but stranger things have happened! Check it out on this week’s special Bonus Episode!

The SuperFlex SuperShow (@SuperFlexShow) – one of many great podcasts from the Dynasty League Football ( [...]

Jun 16, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow 43 - Hack Yo’ Draft, Volume II: ADP Choose or Refuse


Average Draft Position (ADP) can be a useful tool in determining where players will be selected in a startup draft; there’s just one problem: ADP can be flawed! The SuperFriends explore superflex/2QB ADP in search of the flaws in each round of a startup draft. The guys find great value in each round with the players they would “choose” at current ADP, and the players to avoid – the long reaches – that they would “refuse” to take at current ADP. Quarterbacks dominate the “choose” half of this episode, so where can you find quarterback values in your startup draft? And the “refuse” players cover the full spectrum, from 2017 overachievers to aging veterans with name caché and little else, to injury concerns, usage concerns, and coaching concerns. Regardless of the defect, let the buyer beware! All that and more on this week’s ADP exploration episode (and watch for a bonus episode later in the week!).

Jun 13, 2018
SuperFlex SuperShow, Ep. 42: “I Like the Way You Move”


Rookie drafts are poppin’ all over the dynasty universe, so the SuperFlex SuperFriends are lending their recent superflex rookie draft experiences to the cause. Moving around the first round to capitalize on tier breaks, trading back for more assets and STILL getting “your guy,” and stealing sleepers in the later rounds can lead to a rookie draft win… which can lead to a 2018 championship! The guys discuss the cost – and payoff – of moving up in the first round, and the point in the first round where the tide shifts and it’s time to trade back. Plus, the gang’s favorite targets throughout the first round, players to avoid throughout the draft, and some of the top sleepers… including Travis’ love affair with a certain rookie wide receiver who will suit up in The Land of The Beard. But don’t call it homer-ism!!! All that and more on this week’s rookie draft navigation episode!

Jun 06, 2018
Ep. 41: “A Whole New World”


The SuperFriends, the artists formerly known as the cast of Super Flexible make a triumphant return, with a new name and a new network! The SuperFlex SuperShow debuts as a member of the Family of Podcasts, and the guys start the next chapter with a sampler platter for listeners old and new. First, in Trade Reflections, Christian McCaffery, Ronald Jones, Kerryon Johnson, Michael Thomas, Jerick McKinnon, Le’Veon Bell, Pat Mahomes and rookie pick 1.01 are all on the move, but Tyreek Hill hijacks the conversation when his value becomes a source of contention. Then, in TinderFlex, two quarterbacks battle through injuries to try to attract a suitor, and which SuperFriend will swipe right on the wide receiver with “daddy issues?” Matchmaking meets team-building in this SFSS original!

SuperSix reveals some deep, deep sleepers for 2018 and holds a mirror up to one SuperFrien [...]

May 30, 2018
Ep. 40b:“Hack Yo’ Draft, Volume I: SuperFlex Startup Mock (continued)”


After the whirlwind start to the 12-team superflex startup mock (check out episode 40a for the first three rounds if you haven’t already!), the gang completed the last 13 rounds… and lived to tell about it! Here are the final 12 rosters, their unique roster constructions, and the strategies that went into them. From the “Andrew Luck Contingency” to zero-RB, late-round QB to best player available… and an appearance by “That Guy” to rave about his all-hype roster! All that and more, in the second of two episodes this week, and check out the entire 16 round draft here!

***The 2018 Devy Watch is here! Order now and [...]

May 18, 2018
Ep. 40a: “Hack Yo’ Draft, Volume I: SuperFlex Startup Mock”


“If you start me up, I’ll never stop!” As startup season hits, the gang embarks on a mission to master the art of the startup in superflex leagues, starting with a simple superflex/PPR mock snake draft. In this twelve team mock, each of the SuperFlex SuperFriends is drafting for four different teams… and employing four different strategies that you’ll likely see in your own startup drafts! Here in the first three rounds of the draft, Travis and John have contrasting approaches to first round quarterbacks (surprise, surprise) while James turns into “that guy” and buys into pure hype. Plus, building around Andrew Luck, drafting Best Player Available, Zero-RB, and a RB heavy team waiting on quarterbacks. All that and more, in the first of two episodes this week; check back on Friday for the rest of the draft results and analysis! And check out the entire 16 round draft

May 16, 2018
Ep. 39: “Now What!?”


As a follow-up to last week’s superflex rookie mock draft, Travis “The Beard” and James “The Brain” tag team rounds 3 and 4, and even go above and beyond! From familiar names like James Washington, John Kelly and Mason Rudolph to deep cuts like Daurice Fountain and Ryan Nall, the Super Flex Super Friends navigate the later rounds of a superflex rookie draft when all of the competition would be in cruise control. Here are the names to know with those late picks… including some deep sleepers for the 5th round and beyond! All that and more on this week’s episode!

***The 2018 Devy Watch is here! Order now and receive 290+ Scouting profiles of the top skill position players in all of college football. Positional tier rankings, overal rankings, a [...]

May 09, 2018
Ep. 38: “Draft Capital”


The NFL Draft has come and gone, and left absolute fantasy devastation in its wake. Derrius Guice and Josh Rosen fall, Rashaad Penny and Sony Michel rise… right into questionable situations, and Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen get ready to play the long game with their respective new teams. After all the changes in dynasty values since the rookies got their NFL hats and jerseys, the SuperFlex SuperFriends are right back in the mock draft think tank, just like last week. This time, the gang is doing a two-round superflex mock draft armed with the knowledge of player landing spots… and this time, things get a little shaken up! How soon do quarterbacks get drafted? Where are the tier breaks at each position? Who is the RB2 and the WR1? All that and more on this week’s episode!

***The 2018 Devy W [...]

May 02, 2018
Ep. 37: “Beer Fueled and Super Flexible”


On the doorstep of the 2018 NFL Draft, the gang embarks on a superflex rookie mock draft… and they’re bringing in heavy artillery reinforcements! The three hosts of the Beer Fueled Fantasy podcast (@BeerFueledFF) – Nick Spartz (@NickSpartz), Dan Thury (@ThuryBFF) and Kristopher Hopper (@HoppBFF) – join Travis and James in a 12-team, two-round rookie mock with a superflex slant. How many quarterbacks will get drafted in the first two rounds? How do the ru [...]

Apr 25, 2018