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Meet the mythbusters of the social media marketing ecosystem! We’re conducting interesting experiments to provide you with data driven best practices and insights. Join us as we crack the code to building social ROI.

Episode Date
A quick study on User Generated Content - is there value in it?

How does user generated content affect each aspect of your engagement metrics? 

Aug 14, 2018
Is Twitter Promote Worth a Benjamin?

Twitter claims it can get you 30 new followers and reach 30,000 more people for a hundred dollar bill. But, can they? 

Jul 31, 2018
Do Instagram Carousels Raise Engagement? (Rebroadcast)

Instagram carousels are a cool feature with lots of possible uses but, how well do they perform? WE conducted rigorous tests to find out. 

Jul 25, 2018
30 Hashtags on Instagram Posts - Yes or No?

Is there a magic number of Hashtags we can put in our posts to get maximum performance on Instagram? We found 2 and we have proof!

Jul 09, 2018
Will Negative Facebook Ad Comments Hurt Ad Performance?

Will users leaving positive and negative comments on our Facebook ads increase the amount of clicks and conversions? We have data you'll want to see!

Jun 27, 2018
Should Instagram Hashtags be in the Post or Comments?

Hashtags are crucial to your Instagram content strategy, but should you include them in the post, or bury them in the comments? 

Jun 12, 2018
Scientific Proof on the Follow/Unfollow Strategy: Instagram & Twitter

It's an old tactic. Following other Twitter or Instagram users in order to get a follow back then, unfollowing them. We tried and the results were NOT what we expected.

May 28, 2018
Surprise! Your Facebook Live videos aren't performing as well as you think

Are people really watching your Facebook Live and uploaded videos? Today's results might surprise you and sting a little.

May 14, 2018
Facebook Video Ads Perform Better Than YouTube Ads. Or Do They?

Facebook ads are becoming more expensive and YouTube's popularity is on the decline. Is this an opportunity for advertisers? You may be surprised by our results as Scott compares Facebook and YouTube ad performance.

Apr 30, 2018
Madalyn Sklar - Are Twitter chats worth the effort in 2018?

Are Twitter chats worth the effort in 2018?  Madalyn Sklar joins us to find out!

Apr 25, 2018
Comparing Engagement on Facebook Live vs Uploaded Videos

Does Facebook Live really live up to all the hype? We're comparing data to find out on this Social Media Lab episode.

Apr 18, 2018
Facebook Photos w/links or Formatted Links? An interview with Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich joins us in this experiment to discover the best way to drive organic traffic from the Facebook newsfeed to your website. 

Apr 03, 2018
Does Visitor Time On Your Website Make for Better Ad Traffic?

Are visitors who spend more time browsing your website more likely to click on your Facebook ads and convert?  If so, at what cost?  Jason How joins us for another paid ads experiment.

Mar 27, 2018
Is Evergreen Content Dead on Twitter?

Evergreen content is all the controversy these days. Will repeated tweets really benefit your business? What about the risk of losing followers? Let's find out!

Mar 13, 2018
Melonie Dodaro on LinkedIn Post Types: Which One Performs Best?

Melonie Dodaro, the world's most sought after LinkedIn consultant joins us to find out which type of content performs the best on the professional network LinkedIn.

Mar 06, 2018
Instagram Stories vs Feed ads. Which is more effective at driving traffic?

Have you tried running Instagram ads in the Stories format? We did! Jason How helped us compare their performance against ads in the feed and the results were pretty drastic!

Feb 27, 2018
Do Facebook Posts Following a Boosted Post Have More Organic Reach?

Despite much criticism, the Facebook boost button is widely used, and the topic of many rumors. Who should use the boost button and how will it affect your reach? Let's find out together.

Feb 15, 2018
Will Sending a Facebook Ad to a Blog or Landing Page Get More Trials?

Jason How joins us to see which option is better for our Facebook ads traffic.

Feb 12, 2018
Will Republishing Evergreen Content on Facebook Hurt Reach?

Today we're reviewing an experiment from Mike Alton's Social Media Hat to discover if republishing evergreen content on Facebook is still a viable strategy.

Feb 06, 2018
Snippet - What's the business value of emojis on Instagram?

Do emojis have a tangible business value on Instagram?  In this short episode, we analyze over 5.5 million posts with our friends at Quintly to find out.

Jan 30, 2018
Ian Anderson Gray - Is Twitter penalizing 3rd party apps?

Will 3rd party publishing tools have a negative impact on your Twitter impressions? Ian Anderson Gray joins us to find out!

Jan 23, 2018
Jeff Bullas case study

We tore through 3 months of data from one of the most successful Twitter business profiles in the world to find out if evergreen content is still useful.

Jan 19, 2018
Social Media Lab 2017 Wrap-up & Review

Today we're going behind the scenes to discuss why we started the Social Media Lab, the challenges along they way and our results so far.

Dec 19, 2017
Are Facebook video ads really superior to photo ads?

A lot of influencers certainly think so. Jason How joins us to find out, on today’s social media lab.

Dec 04, 2017
Rebroadcast - Do 3rd party tools have a negative effect on your Facebook reach?

Will 3rd party publishers like Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Buffer and Agorapulse have a negative impact on your Facebook reach? Everyone has an opinion. We have facts, and we used the scientific method to find them.

Nov 29, 2017
Should you direct Facebook ads traffic to a site you don't own?

You have a great product that customers love and one day, someone influential writes about it. The result- lots of visibility that you can't track or retarget. Jason How joins us to test replicating an influencer's article on our site, then driving traffic from a Facebook Ad to it.

Nov 15, 2017
Should you join an Instagram Pod?

Jenn Herman, award winning blogger and renown Instagram expert asked us to test Instagram pods to see if they really boosted impressions. Should you join an Instagram pod? Let's find out!

Nov 07, 2017
How many hashtags will get you the most engagement on Instagram?

We all know that posting with hashtags can boost your reach and engagement on Instagram. We even conducted a test to prove it. But, how many hashtags should you post? Is there a magic number? Let's find out!

Oct 30, 2017
Should you switch to an Instagram business account?

Instagram business accounts provide you with some additional tools and benefits, but is there a downside and how will it affect you? Let's find out!

Oct 25, 2017
Facebook vs Google Re-targeting, which one Converts Better?

Facebook and Google have the largest advertising networks available, but which one converts better? Let's find out on today's social media lab.

Oct 17, 2017
Facebook Live vs Recorded Video vs Photos vs Links: Which one has higher Reach and potential?

Facebook Live is all the rage these days, but will it perform as well as other types of content on Facebook? Let's find out!

Oct 10, 2017
Better To Send Quora Ads Traffic To A Blog Post Or A Landing Page?

Quora Ads can lead to massive ROI. But should you send that traffic to a blog post or a landing page? We'll dig into the numbers and tell you.

Oct 03, 2017
Will Cross-posting from IG to FB = more engagement?

Have you heard some influencers have theorize that cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook will improve Facebook engagement? We have too, and we conducted tests to find out.

Sep 26, 2017
Do Instagram Carousels = higher reach?

Instagram carousels are a cool feature with lots of possible uses but, how well do they perform? We conducted rigorous tests to find out.

Sep 12, 2017
Can You Really Get 100 Instagram Followers (for Free) in 24 Hours?

We sought out to test a strategy we found that claimed to get us 100 Instagram followers in 24 hours, for free. Were they right or wrong?

Sep 06, 2017
Twitter Cards vs. Images

Twitter is one of the most difficult networks to get engagement on and everyone has an opinion on the best way to it. We're using the scientific method to pitch Twitter Cards against Tweets with images and analyzing the engagement results.

Aug 10, 2017
Will posting with hashtags = more engagement?

Will posting with hashtags really increase your reach and engagement? If so, by how much? We're using the scientific method to find out.

Aug 10, 2017
Do 3rd party tools have a negative effect on your Facebook reach?

Will 3rd party publishers like Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Buffer and Agorapulse have a negative impact on your Facebook reach? Everyone has an opinion. We have facts, and we're using the scientific method to find out. For real.

Aug 10, 2017