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The nuclear science podcast

Episode Date
RNE16: Nuclear Power: Our Cold Weather Workhorse – Ed McGinnis Guests
Thank you for joining us on Episode 16 of RadioNuclear! In this episode, we discuss why most young people displaced by Fukushima do not want to return to the region. We also discuss why Lithuania wants Belarus to convert its already-under construction nuclear plant to natural gas as well as how Finland is one step...
Mar 12, 2019
RNE15: The Importance of LWRs- Bob Carritte Guests!
Welcome back for another great episode of RadioNuclear! Today, I am happy to announce that RadioNuclear is now brought to you by the American Nuclear Society, in the hopes to bring you even more of the podcast you know and love! In this episode, we cover a range of news topics, including how anti-nuclear policy...
Feb 27, 2019
RNE14: Wes Deason Talks Nuclear in Space
Welcome to the New Year! This episode of RadioNuclear, we take a look at a lot of the exciting legislative and policy for advanced nuclear. This includes the recent passages of the NEIMA and NEICA bills, and what the Idaho National Laboratory may look like in the coming years. We also discuss the NRC’s recent...
Feb 25, 2019
RNE13: Nuclear in Space?! Dr. Chris Morrison Guests!
Welcome back for another great episode of RadioNuclear! Today, I want to take some time to discuss the events happening at Hanford, including the history and what the DOE is trying to do with its nuclear waste policy, and talk about some cool things NASA is doing with nuclear technology! Our guest this week is...
Feb 25, 2019
RNE12: Navigating Nuclear with Bob Fine & Dr. Eric Loewen
Despite all of the rumors, I am not, in fact, dead. Just working full time. But this week I am happy to bring you another episode of RadioNuclear. This week we discuss how fear-mongering stories about nuclear power plants in the path of a hurricane are irrelevant, the Oyster Creek Shutdown, how nuclear power should...
Oct 02, 2018
RNE11: NRC Special! Dr. Steven Arndt and Dr. Chuck Casto Guest!
While I was hoping this could simply be an episode featuring our two guests from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), I wanted to discuss some recent nuclear fearmongering and intellectual inconsistency of many environmentalists.  While this is something we have known for a long time, recent developments with a Russian floating nuclear power plant and...
May 11, 2018
RNE10: Is Nuclear Doomed? Georg Steinhauser Guests!
RNE10: Is Nuclear Doomed? Georg Steinhauser Guests! In this episode, we discuss the future of nuclear advocacy. How does the news out of Ohio change the strategy of advocacy? We try to elaborate on this and much more in the 10th episode of radio nuclear. We also talk about Tom Steyer’s new ballot measure in...
Apr 27, 2018
RNE09: Science and Free Speech and Science Victory! Sam Belcher and Donald Moul (First Energy) Guest!
RNE09: Science and Free Speech Victory! Sam Belcher and Donald Moul (First Energy) Guest! There’s been a ton of news since our last episode! We picked out three that had a lot to unpack, so hopefully you will enjoy an extended news segment! The first item we discuss is the new MOU signed between the...
Mar 05, 2018
RNE08: What happened at Pilgrim? Dr. Todd Allen Guests!
After a long break, we return with a brand-new episode! We discuss developments with one of our favorite companies, Lightbridge, what happened at pilgrim during the massive New England snowstorm, and NuScale’s newest developments. This week, we are fortunate enough to be joined by Dr. Todd Allen, Senior Fellow at ThirdWay, and current professor at...
Jan 28, 2018
RNE07: Year End Special! Harsh Desai and Bob Coward Guest!
RNE07: End of Year Special! Harsh Desai and Bob Coward Guest!   After kicking off in September, and the tremendous support I have received from all of you, here is RadioNuclear’s end of year special! This episode, we talk about some nutty Greenpeace activists in France, how living in London is just as dangerous as...
Dec 08, 2017