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House of Highlights brings you the ultimate NBA fan podcast, hosted by four childhood friends talking all things NBA both on and off the court. Whether you're a casual fan or live and die for basketball, you won't want to miss Kenny, Pierre, Mike and Darrick bringing their hot takes to the mic, two times a week.

Episode Date
Does DeMarcus Cousins Make The Warriors Unstoppable?
... via Knit
Jan 20, 2019
Is This Real Life?
... via Knit
Jan 18, 2019
Bad Blood in Boston
... via Knit
Jan 16, 2019
NBA Contender or Pretender?
... via Knit
Jan 15, 2019
What Would You Change About The Past?
... via Knit
Jan 11, 2019
Life After Tom Thibodeau
... via Knit
Jan 09, 2019
Is James Harden The MVP?
After a historic run, we debate if James Harden is the MVP of the season, via Knit
Jan 06, 2019
Darrick's Anniversary
... via Knit
Jan 04, 2019
Giving our 2019 All Star Ballot
Lets talk about the all star game... via Knit
Jan 02, 2019
The Last Show Of 2018
The guys talk all things NBA. via Knit
Dec 30, 2018
It's Giving Time
Christmas Aftershow via Knit
Dec 28, 2018
Grading Every NBA Team so far
we back via Knit
Dec 23, 2018
How we got to where we are
After show is back via Knit
Dec 21, 2018
NBA Trade Deal or No Deal
In today's episode the guys talk about the word "bust", the intense Western Conference, Paul George, and play NBA Trade Deal or No Deal via Knit
Dec 19, 2018
The guys talk about the mayhem in the NBA community after the false trade, then react live to the real trade as it breaks. via Knit
Dec 16, 2018
The Return of the After Show
The guys sit back and talk about their trip to NYC via Knit
Dec 14, 2018
The Chicago Bulls Are A Mess
In the return to the podcast, the guys discuss the near mutiny in Chicago. They also discuss who's the second best player for the LA Lakers and much more. via Knit
Dec 12, 2018
Ranking Every NBA Team Right Now
Ranking every NBA team right now. via Knit
Nov 04, 2018
Klay's Big Night, Lakers Continue To Struggle, Wizards Suck
Klay's big night, Lakers continue to struggle, Wizards suck. via Knit
Oct 31, 2018
4 First Round Picks?
Four first round picks? via Knit
Oct 28, 2018
the Good, Bad, and Ugly of The NBA Season so Far
The good, bad and ugly of the NBA season so far. via Knit
Oct 21, 2018
Moving To New York?
Moving to New York? via Knit
Oct 20, 2018
The NBA is back! via Knit
Oct 17, 2018
Who's The X-Factor For Each NBA Team
Who's the X-factor for each NBA team? via Knit
Oct 14, 2018
NBA Award Prediction Show
NBA award prediction show via Knit
Oct 03, 2018
NBA Who Will Be The First To?
NBA: Who will be the first to...? via Knit
Sep 30, 2018
New York Stories, NFL Talk, Comedy
New York stories, NFL talk, comedy. via Knit
Sep 28, 2018
Biggest takeaways from NBA Media Day
Biggest takeaways from NBA media day. via Knit
Sep 26, 2018
Our Top 10 NBA Players at Each Position
Our Top 10 NBA players at each position. via Knit
Sep 16, 2018
TimberBulls in Full EFFECT
TimberBulls in full EFFECT! via Knit
Sep 12, 2018
The NBA Hall Of Fame
The NBA hall of fame. via Knit
Sep 09, 2018
NBA Players as Rappers
NBA players as rappers. via Knit
Sep 05, 2018
Giving NBA Players Goals For Next Season
Giving NBA players goals for next season. via Knit
Sep 02, 2018
Life, and near death experiences
Life, and near death, experiences. via Knit
Aug 31, 2018
What To Look Forward To For The NBA Season
What to look forward to for the NBA season. via Knit
Aug 29, 2018
Our All-Time Favorite Starting 5's
Our all-time favorite starting 5's. via Knit
Aug 26, 2018
Guess the NBA player. via Knit
Aug 22, 2018
Top 25 NBA Players Under 25 Years Old
Top 25 NBA players under 25 years old. via Knit
Aug 19, 2018
Who Are The Overrated NBA Players
Who are the overrated NBA players. via Knit
Aug 15, 2018
The John Wall v. Ben Simmons Debate
The John Wall v. Ben Simmons debate. via Knit
Aug 12, 2018
Brinks Trucks
Brinks Trucks. via Knit
Aug 10, 2018
One Thing That Curses Every NBA Team
One thing that curses every NBA team. via Knit
Aug 08, 2018
ESPN's Playoff Predictions Are Crazy
ESPN's playoff predictions are crazy. via Knit
Aug 05, 2018
Predicting The Eastern Conference Standings
Predicting the Eastern Conference standings. via Knit
Aug 01, 2018
Reacting to NBA Win Over/Under
Reacting to NBA win over/under. via Knit
Jul 29, 2018
2K, Best Chicken in Chicago, New Cars
2K, best chicken in Chicago, new cars. via Knit
Jul 27, 2018
Can Carmelo Anthony Revive His Career?
Can Carmelo Anthony revive his career? via Knit
Jul 25, 2018
The Kawhi Leonard Trade Breakdown
The Kawhi Leonard trade breakdown. via Knit
Jul 22, 2018
Drive Thru Movies and Darrick's Tweets
Drive thru movies and Darrick's tweets. via Knit
Jul 20, 2018
NBA Power Rankings
NBA power rankings. via Knit
Jul 18, 2018
Kevin Durant a Playmaker? Jabari Parker to Bulls & More
Kevin Durant a playmaker? Jabari Parker to Bulls and more... via Knit
Jul 15, 2018
After Show is Back
After show is back! via Knit
Jul 13, 2018
The Great NBA Debate
The great NBA debate. via Knit
Jul 11, 2018
Way Too Early NBA Predictions
Way too early NBA predictions. via Knit
Jul 08, 2018
Did Demarcus Cousins Ruin Basketball?
Did Demarcus Cousins ruin basketball? via Knit
Jul 04, 2018
Let's Talk Free Agency
Let's talk free agency. via Knit
Jul 01, 2018
The NBA Award Show is TRASH!
The NBA Award Show is TRASH! via Knit
Jun 27, 2018
NBA Draft Recap
NBA draft recap. via Knit
Jun 24, 2018
NBA Draft Preview
NBA draft preview. via Knit
Jun 20, 2018
Kawhi Leonard Wants OUT
Kawhi Leonard wants OUT. via Knit
Jun 17, 2018
Our Next Big Idea
Our next big idea. via Knit
Jun 13, 2018
The End Of The 2017-2018 NBA Season
The end of the 2017-2018 NBA season. via Knit
Jun 10, 2018
Emergency Podcast: KD Takes Over Game 3
Emergency podcast: KD takes over Game 3. via Knit
Jun 07, 2018
Is It Over For The Cavaliers?
Is it over for the Cavaliers? via Knit
Jun 06, 2018
The JR Smith Game
The JR Smith game. via Knit
Jun 03, 2018
Drake vs Pusha T
Drake vs. Pusha T! via Knit
Jun 01, 2018
Game 7 Recaps, NBA Finals Preview
Game 7 recaps, NBA finals preview. via Knit
May 30, 2018
The Unpredictability of the Conference Finals
The unpredictability of the Conference Finals. via Knit
May 26, 2018
The Future of Through The Wire
The future of Through the Wire. via Knit
May 25, 2018
The Conference Finals Have Been Bad
The Conference Finals have been bad. via Knit
May 23, 2018
NBA Draft Lottery, Who Will Win The Western Conference?
NBA draft lottery, who will win the Western Conference. via Knit
May 20, 2018
"You Dropped This"
"You dropped this." via Knit
May 18, 2018
Cavs lose big, Warriors Unfair, Starting a Franchise
Cavs lose big, Warriors unfair, starting a franchise. via Knit
May 16, 2018
NBA Conference Finals Preview Show
NBA Conference Finals preview show. via Knit
May 13, 2018
This Is America
This Is America. via Knit
May 11, 2018
Cavs Sweep Raptors, Philly Stays Alive, West Matchups Over?
Cavs sweep Raptors, Philly stays alive, West matchups over? via Knit
May 08, 2018
Rookies Struggle, LeBronto, Playoff Rondo
Rookies struggle, LeBronto, playoff Rondo. via Knit
May 06, 2018
TTWire Relationship Advice, Infinity War, Kanye West
TTWire relationship advice, Infinity War, Kanye West. via Knit
May 04, 2018
On To The Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs
On to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. via Knit
May 02, 2018
Jazz Close Out Against Thunder, Reviewing Round 1 Series
Jazz close out against Thunder, reviewing Round 1 series. via Knit
Apr 29, 2018
Our Weirdest Dreams
Our weirdest dreams. via Knit
Apr 27, 2018
OKC Down 3-1, Can The Cavs Win The Championship?, Playoff Talk
OKC down 3-1, can the Cavs win the championship? Playoff Talk! via Knit
Apr 25, 2018
The Playoffs Get Hotter!
The playoffs get hotter! via Knit
Apr 22, 2018
This Show Will Make You Laugh
This show will make you laugh. via Knit
Apr 20, 2018
Let's Talk About The Playoffs
Let's talk about the playoffs. via Knit
Apr 18, 2018
2018 NBA Playoff Preview
2018 NBA playoff preview. via Knit
Apr 14, 2018
Being Away From Pop Culture, Basketball Stories
Being away from pop culture, basketball stories. via Knit
Apr 13, 2018
2017-2018 NBA Award Show
2017-2018 NBA Award Show. via Knit
Apr 11, 2018
Kyrie Irving's injury, Cavs vs 76ers, Potential Playoff Matchups
Kyrie Irving's injury, Cavs vs. 76ers, potential playoff matchups. via Knit
Apr 08, 2018
Getting Fired From A Job, Being "Sleep", Funny Things About Relationships, Atlanta
Getting fired from a job, being "sleep," funny things about relationships, Atlanta. via Knit
Apr 06, 2018
Will Kawhi Get Traded? Waiting For The Playoffs, Hassan Whiteside Wants Out
Will Kawhi get traded? Waiting for the playoffs, Hassan Whiteside wants out. via Knit
Apr 04, 2018
Is The League Soft? Paul George's Next Team
Is the league soft? Paul George's next team. via Knit
Apr 01, 2018
Who Is The GOAT of Rap?
Who is the GOAT of rap? via Knit
Mar 30, 2018
Markelle Fultz Returns To The NBA, Trey Burke is the Next ALLEN IVERSON
Markelle Fultz returns to the NBA, Trey Burke is the next Allen Iverson. via Knit
Mar 28, 2018
Will Kawhi Leonard Play This Season? Stephen Curry Injury
Will Kawhi Leonard play this season? Plus, Steph Curry Injury. via Knit
Mar 25, 2018
Drake Games With Ninja, Life With Technology
Drake games with Ninja, life with technology. via Knit
Mar 23, 2018
What Teams Won't Make The Playoffs? Trae Young/Porter Jr Draft Stock
What teams won't make the playoffs? Trae Young/Porter Jr. draft stock. via Knit
Mar 21, 2018
March Is For College Basketball, Could Wiggins Become A #1 Option?
March is for college basketball, could Wiggins become a #1 option? via Knit
Mar 18, 2018
Through The Wire AAU Team, How To Really Listen To Music
Through the Wire AAU team, how to really listen to music. via Knit
Mar 16, 2018
Could The Spurs Miss The Playoffs? Larry Nance Ignores A Fan
Could the Spurs miss the playoffs? Larry Nance ignores a fan. via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Kanye West March Madness
Kanye West March Madness. via Knit
Mar 13, 2018
Does Lebron's Seeding Matter? Can Derrick Rose Help The Wolves? Ranking NBA PGs
Does LeBron's seeding matter? Can Derrick Rose help the Wolves? Ranking NBA PGs. via Knit
Mar 11, 2018
The After Show | Dear Basketball, Atlanta, The Feeling Of Nostalgia
The After Show | Dear Basketball, Atlanta, the feeling of Nostalgia via Knit
Mar 09, 2018
One & Done Be Gone, Kawhi Leonard Signature Shoes
One & Done be gone, Kawhi Leonard Signature Shoes. via Knit
Mar 07, 2018
No Soup For You, Ranking The Young Cores In The NBA, The Playoff Race
No soup for you, ranking the young cores in the NBA, the playoff race. via Knit
Mar 04, 2018
The After Show | What Happened To The Black House?
The After Show | What happened to the Black House? via Knit
Mar 02, 2018
Anthony Davis Believes The Pelicans Can Win A Title, Kawhi Coming Back, March Madness
Anthony Davis believes the Pelicans can win a title, Kawhi coming back, March Madness. via Knit
Feb 28, 2018
Kawhi Leonard Conspiracy, New Playoff Seedings, NCAA Players Getting Paid
Kawhi Leonard conspiracy, new playoff seedings, NCAA players getting paid. via Knit
Feb 25, 2018
The Not Much Basketball Show
The not much basketball show. via Knit
Feb 21, 2018
LeBron James vs Politics | All Star Weekend Special
LeBron James vs. Politics | All-Star Weekend Special. via Knit
Feb 18, 2018
Old Faces in New Places | Who Looks Good On Their New Team?
Old faces in new places | Who looks good on their new team? via Knit
Feb 14, 2018
NBA Trade Deadline Extravaganza
The NBA trade deadline extravaganza. via Knit
Feb 11, 2018
The Calm Before The Trade Deadline
The calm before the trade deadline. via Knit
Feb 07, 2018
Niko Mirotic On The Move, Kevin Love Out, All-Star Predictions
Niko Mirotic on the move, Kevin Love out, All-Star Predictions. via Knit
Feb 04, 2018
Blake Griffin To Detroit, Who Won The Trade?
Blake Griffin to Detroit, who won the trade? via Knit
Jan 31, 2018
Demarcus Cousins Out For Season, What Does It Mean For The Pelicans?
Demarcus Cousins out for season, what does it mean for the Pelicans? via Knit
Jan 28, 2018
Jason Kidd FIRED, Kevin Love to be Traded?
Jason Kidd FIRED, Kevin Love to be traded? via Knit
Jan 24, 2018
Our All-Star Voting Ballots, NBA Trade Rumors
Our All-Star voting ballots, NBA trade rumors. via Knit
Jan 21, 2018
Warriors Outgun Cavs, What's Going On With Markelle Fultz?
Warriors outgun Cavs, what's going on with Markelle Fultz? via Knit
Jan 17, 2018
Cavs Lose 3 Straight, Heat Streaking, Lakers to Fire Walton?
Cavs lose three straight, Heat streaking, Lakers to fire Walton. via Knit
Jan 14, 2018
Why Lavar Ball Should Shut His Mouth
Why Lavar Ball should shut his mouth. via Knit
Jan 10, 2018
Should The NBA Change All-Star Voting?
Should the NBA change All-Star voting? via Knit
Jan 07, 2018
The Return of Isaiah Thomas and The Injury of James Harden
The return of Isaiah Thomas and the injury of James Harden. via Knit
Jan 03, 2018
What's Wrong With NBA Officiating, OKC Thunder Rolling, Bulls = NBA Champions?
What's wrong with NBA officiating, OKC Thunder rolling, Bulls = NBA champions? via Knit
Dec 31, 2017
The Great Khris Middleton Debate
The great Khris Middleton debate. via Knit
Dec 27, 2017
Lavar Ball's League, The Raptors Success, Ranking Top NBA Players
Lavar Ball's league, The Raptors success, ranking top NBA players. via Knit
Dec 24, 2017
LeBron's Words To Lonzo, Portland Trail Blazers' Future
LeBron's Words to Lonzo, Portland Trail Blazers' Future. via Knit
Dec 17, 2017
Why the Thunder Suck, LeBron to the Rockets? Ball Brothers to Lithuania
Why the Thunder suck, LeBron to the Rockets, Ball Brothers to Lithuania. via Knit
Dec 13, 2017
Jahlil Okafor is FREE! LeBron buys a house in LA
Jahlil Okafor is FREE! LeBron buys a house in LA. via Knit
Dec 10, 2017
Rose to Return, The Lavar Rule, and LiAngelo Pulled From UCLA
Rose to return, the Lavar Rule, and LiAngelo pulled from UCLA. via Knit
Dec 06, 2017
LeBron Shooting Better Than Curry?, Should Melo Come Off The Bench?, #AskTheWire
LeBron shooting better than Curry?, should Melo come off the bench?, #AskTheWire via Knit
Dec 03, 2017
Was David Fizdale The Fall Guy
Was David Fizdale the fall guy? via Knit
Nov 29, 2017
Derrick Rose Might Retire Soon
Derrick Rose might retire soon. via Knit
Nov 26, 2017
Is Kevin Durant The Leader Of The Warriors? | NBA Thanksgiving
Is Kevin Durant the leader of the Warriors? | NBA Thanksgiving via Knit
Nov 22, 2017
Are The Celtics The Favorite In The East?
Are the Celtics the favorite in the East? via Knit
Nov 19, 2017
Is LeBron The KING of New York?
Is LeBron the KING of New York? via Knit
Nov 15, 2017
Is It Too Early To Panic About NBA Teams/Players?
Is it too early to panic about NBA teams/players? via Knit
Nov 12, 2017
Bledsoe In Milwaukee, LiAngelo Arrested, and The Perfect NBA player
Bledsoe in Milwaukee, LiAngelo arrested and the perfect NBA player. via Knit
Nov 08, 2017
#FreeOkafor, When Will LeBron Slow Down?
#FreeOkafor, when will LeBron slow down? via Knit
Nov 05, 2017
Are You Worried About The Cavaliers
Are you worried about the Cavaliers? via Knit
Nov 01, 2017
Week One NBA Awards
Week One NBA Awards. via Knit
Oct 29, 2017
"I Don't Want To Be Here"
On this episode of TTWire the guys talk about Eric Bledsoe wanting out of Phoenix, surprising teams and players so far this season, and plenty more. via Knit
Oct 25, 2017
Finally, The Season Is Here
On this episode of TTWire the guys talk about the first couple days of the NBA season. Are people overreacting to what has happened so far? How good could The Celtics be without Hayward? What rookie has been most impressive? and plenty more. Twitters @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @Hoop4life_Mills @Mike24heard @TheKOT4Q via Knit
Oct 22, 2017
Answering Your Questions #AskTheWire
On this episode of Through The Wire the guys ask questions sent to them by the listeners of the show using #AskTheWire. Twitter: @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills @TheKOT4Q via Knit
Oct 15, 2017
NBA Regular Season Award Predictions
The guys give their predictions on all the awards for this upcoming NBA season, they play a trivia game, and they talk about their future plans. via Knit
Oct 08, 2017
Dwyane Wade Isn't a Good Fit For The Cleveland Cavaliers
In this episode of TTWire the guys talk about Dwyane Wade being bought out and signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Russell Westbrook's new contract, and who is the best shooter in the group. via Knit
Sep 30, 2017
Carmelo Anthony Traded To The Oklahoma City Thunder
In this episode the boys talk about Carmelo Anthony being traded just minutes after it happens. They also talk about Kevin Durant's second social media account, and recall some basketball memories from their past.  Hosts @TheKOT4Q @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills via Knit
Sep 24, 2017
The ESPN and Sports Illustrated Top 100s Are INSANE
One this episode of TTW the guys talk about the early success of the podcasts, the top 100 rankings from Sports illustrated and ESPN, and the newly released NBA 2K18. via Knit
Sep 17, 2017
Can The NBA Stop Tanking?
On episode 2 of TTWire, the guys talk about whether or not the NBA can stop teams from tanking. They also talk about who is the best two way point guard in the league, Rudy Gobert vs Draymond Green, NBA 2K18, and Lamelo Ball. via Knit
Sep 10, 2017
Is Vegas' NBA Over/Under Right?
Through The Wire's big 4 give their opinions on Vegas' odds for each NBA team. Youtuber; King of the Fourth Quarter launches a podcast with three of his closest friends. via Knit
Sep 02, 2017