It's A Hockey Night

By Brenton And Mike

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NHL discussion; Nice guys, Try hard, Love the game. Also, one of us is Australian! We're Pittsburgh Penguins fans but please don't hold that against us. An irreverent look at all things Hockey, life, food, media & pop-culture.

Episode Date
Guess Who's Back!

Guess who's back, guess who's back, danana

Season two kicks off with the first week of summer previews and reviews. This week we're diving into the Winnipeg Jets, Washington Capitals, and Vegas Golden Knights. We're also taking a look at the Cliff Pu trade (and that Jeff Skinner guy).

Don't Call It A Comeback! 





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Aug 06, 2018

We've got your NHL news and notes covered for the past 'Fortnite'. The Signings, the trades in limbo etc etc

Thank you for hanging with us this season! Through all the yelling, and the sighing, and the technical difficulties! As you'll find out in this episode, we're not really going anywhere (or maybe we are) but we'll be back with regular episodes in mid-August as we begin our 2018-19 Team previews! Thanks again, we love yinz!

In the meantime, check us out at:




Jul 17, 2018
NHL Free Agency

Happy 4th of July to our American listeners! 

Brenton is a wittle sickies this week, and so is his internet so our interview with Laura (@HildyMac) will be up later after we iron out the kinks.

But we're pushing through Brenton's plague, because he's a real character guy, to talk about John Tavares' Maple Leafs PJ's and how that affects the Leafs. We're also going team by team, for ALL 31 teams in the NHL to give an overview of what they did on Free Agency Day and how much they'll regret it going forward. On a scale of John Tavares to Jay Beagle, this episode is a real Calvin DeHaan!

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Jul 05, 2018
Banana Pancakes

In this Quit Hits episode we're going over the week before Free Agency.

  • Gary Bettman puts himself into the Hall of Fame
  • #TavaresWatch2018
  • Pasty Canadians in LA parking lots
  • We have a trade to announce!
    • Connor Sheary for Conor Sharey & Matt Hunwick for a 4th round pick
  • Look at all that Cap space!
    • ....oh, there it goes...
  • Sheahan re-signs
  • Sprong vs Simon

Ok, yeah, and we have to get to it...the whole point of us being here today: Jack Johnson. *Jerry Seinfeld voice* What's the deal with Jack Johnson!? This one doesn't even play the guitar!

Thanks for listening! We'll be back next week to cover the Free Agency Frenzy that was or wasn't.

Jun 28, 2018
NHL Draft 2018

We take a look at this weekend's festivities, including the Awards, trades, and the draft.

  • The Orpik trade?
  • Day 1 of the draft: How did the top 10 go?
  • Steals and reaches of the draft
  • Trying to read John Tavares' mind
  • Kovalchuk
  • Drew Dought-he-leaves
  • Panarin: the Bread Man gone stale?
  • Revisiting the Ottawa situation
  • NHL19

Plus! - We STRONGLY disagree about the Calgary/Carolina trade, talk Pens 2018 draft class and get into your mailbag questions! - Don't miss out on your chance to win an autographed Hornqvist puck this month by getting your questions to




You can also find us at

Jun 24, 2018
Are We Having Fun??

Fair warning, if you're sick of Slava Voynov, Cyber-Harassing, Randy Lee, and all the Ottawa nonsense, skip to the 48 minute mark.

We do get the offseason going on the right foot with

  • Baseball v Cricket
  • Gary Bettman announces a trade!
  • Marc'd in Montreal
  • Les Canadiens draft debate
  • Mailbag!
  • We get invited to the Pirates' Junior Achievement lunch
  • We learn what an Eagle Drop is
  • Boxers or Briefs (or commando?)
  • Bad Team Branding

Stay tuned to the end for an exciting announcement about the draft next week!





Jun 17, 2018
The Stanley Cup, Final?

This Week:

  • Australia Storytime
  • Wheel. Of. Misfortune!
  • Housekeeping Stuff
  • NHL Scouting Combine
  • NHL Entry Draft
  • We're have all the forwards gone? (who's taking which defenseman, where?)
  • Max Domi rumors 
  • Is the SCF over already?
  • EA Sports NHL, "It's not in the game"
Jun 06, 2018
Let's Get Ready To Rumble

We’ve got another great guest to ease us into the offseason as Matt O’Leary @MattOLearyNY joins us from Big Apple Banter and the Eyes on Isles blog to talk all things NY Islanders. We’ve got Game one of the SCF covered and Brenton likes bad music is a reoccurring theme.

May 30, 2018
Captain America

This is a big one, folks! Michael Morrissey joins us this week to talk about working in the CHL, the CFL, and Hockey in Australia. We're also covering all the news & notes from this week (including USA Hockey and you-know-what) so skip from 1:34:00 to 1:54:22 if you'd like to avoid all that.

Otherwise, thanks for listening! Please help us out by rating and reviewing the show on iTunes and the Google Play store, leave a 5-star review and Brenton will legally be yours to command for the next episode!

May 28, 2018
Raw: Quick Hits 2

Unprepared, Unedited; We're back for a quick hits episode on:

  • The Eastern Conference Final
  • Caps passing the Lightning a baton
  • Sweet Golden Fairy Tale
  • Three's Company Lou
  • Evander Kane, 7 & 7
  • OEL
  • Sponsored Player of the Week
May 24, 2018

Let's dive right in!

This week:

  • Thoughts & Prayers to Mike's face
  • WTF is a McRib?
  • WCF is the McRib to the ECF's Crystal Pepsi
  • Pittsburgh Media of Sports (P.M.S)
  • Penguins Fantasy GM mode
  • Kyle Dubas and the computer-boy-Leafs
  • Do we have to talk about Carolina? (narrator: yes)
  • The NHL Australia Classic
  • Plus! Mailbag & Fun With Stats!




May 17, 2018
Sad Penguin

For a couple of depressed Pens fans, we're keepin' it sunny.

But first, stuff happened this week, then...

  • Fire Kris Letang into the Sun? No.
  • Can you defend the defense?
  • Injury reports
  • Forward-thinking
  • Simon Says, ''goodbye''? who else?
  • Summer outlook
  • Coffee, who does it better? We finally solve this debate.
  • Australian Monopoly money
  • Fun With Stats
  • Mailbag!




May 10, 2018
Leaving Leaf Vegas

We needed some therapy after game 3 of the Pens/Caps series so we had Ian Tulloch @regressIan from The Athletic Toronto and Leafs Geeks Podcast come on to say our goodbyes and look forward to the T'ranna Maple Leafs of next year. We're also talking Hurricanes; Tom Dundon asks Ron Francis if he EVEN lifts. We've got the sponsored player of the week and of course, your mailbag Q's, complete with an Aussie/Canadian translator.





May 03, 2018

We've got the tissues for your postseason issues.

  • Talkin' Oilers (for some reason)
  • Who's next in Minnesota?
  • Game 7: Toronto v Boston *sigh*
  • The first 4 games of Round 2
  • Fun With Stats
  • Mailbag: Aluminum Edition

Plus! we're live streaming the draft-lottery! (woo?)




Apr 29, 2018
Go Home Flyers

The Professional Answering Crew TM are here and we're talking playoffs! (as well as way too much Calgary Flames)

  • Brenton doesn't do the English language
  • Calgary, meet the Peters
  • Bill's Beer selection better be high quality
  • Pens v Flyers
  • Sidney Crosby is playing on Rookie Mode
  • Leafs v Bruins: Let's do the Timewarp again!
  • WSH v CBJ
  • Speaking of Timewarps, Caps/Pens agains 
  • 2nd Round Predictions
  • Venom trailer (this fits right?)
  • Fun With Stats
  • Hot Take Mailbag!




Apr 25, 2018

Just like Bryan Rust and Justin Williams before him, we disappear then show up for the playoffs!

We're talkin'

  • Firesale on Coaches
  • So Long Ken Hitchcock (we won't miss you)
  • Is Mike Babcock overrated? 
  • Western Conference Playoffs
  • Eastern Conference Playoffs
  • Sedin Twins Kang & Kodos Leave Earth
  • Fun With Stats!




Mike is donating $5 for every Daniel Sprong goal scored in the AHL playoffs to the victims & families of the Humbolt Broncos bus crash, if you want to join in, go to :


Apr 21, 2018
Afternoon Australia

Brenton's awake! And we're back again to pick up the pieces of the leftover news from the week. (things we got sidetracked and forgot the last episode)

  • Ovi joins the 600 club
  • Is Gr8 the best goal-scorer of all-time?
  • Blue Jackets rolling
  • The Jersey Devil
  • Penguins atrocious PK
  • Fun With Stats!
  • Featured Player of the Week

And of course, your mailbag Q's




Mar 25, 2018
A League With No Depth

A lot's happened since last time, but all anyone is talking about is goaltender interference.

We're here to talk about all the good stuff.

  • Goaltender Interference...yes, I know what I just wrote.
  • Teams Playing Shoots and Ladders Heading Into the Playoffs
  • Atlantic Positioning
  • Close Race in the Metro
  • Wtf Is Going On Out West?
  • Who wants to be a Hundred-Thousandaire: Carolina Edition

Fun With Stats, Games from the Past, Plus! Your Mailbag Q's!




Mar 22, 2018
The Realest Anna

Mike is live from Carnegie Hall (yes there's an echo, get over it) with the REAL Anna Webb!

We dive down a rabbit hole and (re)celebrate the US Women's Hockey Gold. Oh no! We suck again: Penguins Edition. Project Runway: Addidas Hockey Jersey Edition. "What's in a name", and of course "Fun With Stats", Our Sponsored Player of the Week, Billy Burch, and of course we answer your burning questions!




Mar 03, 2018
Trade Deadline in Review

An American, Canadian, and an Australian walk into a bar...

Mike from Scuttlepuck hangs out with us in this episode to go over what happened over the past week around the NHL trade deadline.

We also got into Andy Reid, the sponsored player of the week. Find out what he was the first at in the NHL. We also get into Australian Ice Hockey, JT & the Isles in the mailbag. Mike tells us about his latest trip and ridiculous seats at the Leafs vs Isles last week.




Feb 27, 2018
GOLD Redemption


Of course, we're talking the huge win for the US Women over Canada. The silly season has begun, and we try to break down the NASA-Space-Science-Math of the Brassard trade as it comes in. Speculation on what will and won't happen on Monday's Trade Deadline, Fun With Stats, and of course, your Mailbag Questions answered!

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Feb 24, 2018

We're Free!

Brenton gets up from his nap to talk with Mike about some of the happenings around the hockey world including:

  • Penguins TradeCenter(re)
  • Hart predictions
  • Vezina predictions
  • Trades & Suspensions
  • Why goal reviews are terrible this week
  • Fun With Stats
  • Sponsored player of the week
  • Your Mailbag Q's!

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Feb 20, 2018
WWE Niagra Fantasy Hockey

Hey, we're back on schedule! 

We talked about some hockey stuff:

  • All-Star Game (sigh)
  • Penguins
  • Team USA
  • Fun With Stats
  • Shawinigan Cataractes (translated by everyone's favorite search engine, Bing)
  • Your Mailbag Q's

Please love us more and give us a review on iTunes. Leave a comment and Brenton will do WHATEVER you tell him to. (except give you money...unless it's a good offer)




Feb 01, 2018

After a brief hiatus, Mike and Brenton are back together to go over all the hockey-ish news since the new year in this week's packed episode. 

Started at the Bottom, now we're the NHL All-Star game, it's gotten worse.

  • Straight out the trailer to the All-Star Game
  • NHL Hospital
  • Marchand Suspended (that time of year)
  • Paul Coffey - the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round
  • Penguins who?
  • NHL playoff picture
  • Atlantic preview-review
  • Metro preview-review
  • Fun with Stats
  • Sponsored player of the week
  • Bing Translate
  • Mailbag




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Jan 26, 2018
Kid Rock w/ Ian

Some a little different today from the usual. We are trailing having a guest on the bring one more podcast a week. this week Ian comes to us from the offensive zone to talk about the following

Kid rock


More Blackhawks

Trade talk for the black hawks

Hmmmmm Blackhawks again maybe

and touch base on the going ons of the league.


@cranky13aker for me

@sober_stevens for Mike

Ian can be reached with leggy and the queen @theoffesivez

iahnpodcast@gmail for questions

and patreon

Jan 17, 2018

It's been a busy week in the Hockeys and Brenton & Mike are here to punt the important stuff...sort of.

Gary Bettman stops by to talk about (half) a trade! plus:

  • Canadian Olympics
  • Well wishes for Pierre
  • All-Star Game Roster Consternation
  • Your Mailbag Questions Kansas tourism board advertisements

We go back in time to review our preseason predictions for the Pacific and Central Oh the hot takes! - we may be dumb, and also brilliant!




Jan 11, 2018
Parking Chair

Brenton's dogs join the boys to share their thoughts on an insane fan theory that quite literally breaks Mike. 

We talk about Hockey too:

  • We have a trade to announce
  • Marchessault gets PAID
  • Scott Mayfield gets paid?
  • Marc Bergevin, why?
  • WJC
  • Silver Medals are too hot to handle
  • Canada & the internet get mad online
  • Penguins
  • That Sprong-Spra-Spra-Sprong-Sprong-Sprong
  • Your Mailbag Q's




Jan 07, 2018

Well 2017, we'd say it's been fun but...

Mike & Brenton close out the year with a bang (bang Kris Letang)

  • RIP Johnny Bower

  • Department of PLOLayer Safety

  • Why is there a #Letangate? why!?

  • Stupid fan-tasy trades

  • Penguins

  • Random Player Feature

  • Your Mailbag Questions

  • Fun With Stats





Dec 29, 2017
It's A Holiday Night

The holiday trade-freeze is here and the boys go over everything 'interesting' around the NHL. 

  • Penguins trades
  • Penguins Slump
  • Leafs slump
  • What's the cure for their current ails?
  • Fun with stats
  • Translating the Shawinigan Cataractes 
  • Fun with Stats

And your mailbag questions!




Dec 24, 2017
Star wars
Dec 21, 2017
Star Wars

Brenton and Mike are back after a move a tech problems to talk about star wars and the game of hockey

Dec 20, 2017
Seattle Needles

Mike and Brenton are here to run through the happens of the week in the NHL. Been a very big week.

Topics include

Russia banned from the winter games

Will the KHL go

Seattle gets an NHL team

Carolina bought out

Pens talk

November wrap up

and Mail bag




Dec 08, 2017
Spider OverLord

The ultimate Overlord and Spiders and Mike are here to talk puck for the week

Topic include

Spiders have taken over man kind.

Flies.....Super tasty?

How to make a web while in the rain.

Venom winter fashion?

Dec 03, 2017

This week Brenton and robot Mike how has replaced Mike to keep labor costs down talk about the following topics

Cole trade

Flyers losing streak


Fun with Stats 

Mail Bag


Nov 29, 2017

Mike and Brenton lose their minds over the pens and then are joined by mike from scuttlepuck who give us an update on all things oilers


Topics include:

Pens talk and swearing

Oilers talk and swearing

Justice league......don't watch it

russia going to the winter games?

Mail bag

French into english twitter

Fun with stats






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Nov 23, 2017

Mike and Brenton talk all things puck over the weekend, topics include

Carolina relocation

Carolina prizes for season tickets

Houston getting a new team?

Atkinson Contract

Pens talk

Blue jackets talk

JR is crazy with snakes





Nov 20, 2017
Third Wheel

This Episode Brenton and Mike are invaded by one half of the ms underestimated podcast Laura. We are also join by robyn to talk kings for a spot from

The topics include


Trade between kings and Oilers

Pens talk

Kings talk and update from Robyn

Mail bag

Brenton does wrestling.

Questions for Laura and host of other random comments.

@gobrenturself for brenton

@sober_stevens for Mike

Laura can be found at @hockeychickchat

@hockeynightpod for questions or email


Nov 15, 2017

Mike and Brenton talk more puck and cover all the news from the weekend.


Topics include



Olympic Talk....will Russia go

KHL over the games

Mail bag


Patreon us you know you want to


Shout to to



@hockeynightpod for emails

Nov 13, 2017

Brenton and Mike go over the weeks happening in the world of puck

Topics include

The three way trade






Boston injuries 


Florida talk

Mail bag


if you have a question?




for Colin Cudmore you can reach him at


Blog can be found at

Nov 08, 2017

Brenton and Mike take a change of pace on a slow news day and bring on Sarah Hall or Sarah Howling to the podcast to talk all thing desert


Topic otherwise include

translate twitter

the best fan mail ever!!!!

mail bag

three way trade

little bits of hockey news


@gobrenturself for brenton

@sarahhowling for Sarah

@sober_stevens for mike

Nov 04, 2017

Join the patreon

Featured on


Brenton and Mike touch base on



Rangers:Coach fire

Attack on NY

Vegas Goalies on IR

Backes out

Mario tremblay on rehab for gal

Stlouis talk

devils talk

Shipachyov going back to the KHL





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Nov 02, 2017
Stranger Things!!!

Mike and Brenton are here talking all things puck and pop culture. Topics include:




Vegas winning lots

Devils winning lots

Yotes not winning lots or at all

Stranger things season 2


Getting a dog

and much much more

Oct 29, 2017
Bye Niemi

The boys are back and talk about 


Niemi Down
Sheahan Trade Athanasiou signs
Jagr IR
Niemi waiver pick up.....florida talk on why
vegas both goalies on IR
montreal in the worst start in 73 years
Vegas best start in 8 games from a new team.
quick concussion was allowed to come back
carter on does that hurt the kings
boyle back to practice yay
Patrick Eaves, one of the Ducks’ top-line forwards, was diagnosed with what is suspected to be Guillain-Barre syndrome, the team announced Monday.
and mail bag
get your questions in @hockeynightpod
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Oct 25, 2017

Brenton and Mike are back for the 11th episode of the it's a hockey night podcatse

Topics include

  • Calgary Mayor
  • Fraud
  • Lightning team talk
  • Jets team talk
  • Penguins update
  • Coyotes team talk
  • Point leaders
  • Random AFL trade during the podcast

Chat after the podcast @gobrenturself @sober_stevens @Hockeynightpod

Oct 19, 2017
Pink Eye

Mike and Brenton are back for episode 10 of the it's a hockey night podcast

Topics include

  • Draisaitl Injury
  • Oilers team update
  • Islander talk....Will they relocate?
  • Islanders talk....Will Tavares stay?
  • Penguins after to Florida win
  • Daniel Sprong
  • +- leaders of the week
  • Wild injuries team update
  • Whats wrong with Montreal
  • Flower is hurt
  • Vegas Twitter account
  • Pink EYE TALK


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Oct 17, 2017
9 Lives

Today we have Todd little from the who gave us a great update on the panthers.


Mike and I talk about butt cameras, anthems in sport, penguins after a bad loss and talk about back to back games.


Also mailbag!!!


please give us a 5 star review if you get a moment




Oct 13, 2017
Ep#8 Nathan Walker

Australia have made it to the NHL in a big we send one of our countrymen naaa hero into the NHL of which he scores in his 1st game


Also cover Eichel's Contract, Vegas starts, and a break down of buffalo and the penguins plus the other news league wide.


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Oct 11, 2017
Ep#8 Walker

Australia have made it to the NHL in a big we send one of our countrymen naaa hero into the NHL of which he scores in his 1st game


Also cover Eichel's Contract, Vegas starts, and a break down of buffalo and the penguins plus the other news league wide.


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Oct 11, 2017
Ep#7 St Louis game time

So tech problems have struck the poor boys at the hockey night podcast however we were able to save an interview thankfully with Laura who is the site manager of

Oct 03, 2017
EP#6 -- Trump Card

it's a Hockey night podcast talks all things trump to start off the episode so if you wish to skip it head to around the 20 minute mark.


After that we hit on a penguins previews and small news around the league plus injury updates


Please leave us a 5 star review on itunes and tell your friends


@gobrenturself for twitter


Sep 27, 2017
It's a Hockey Night Ep#5 -- Fantasy Preview

Mike and Brenton are back for episode 5. Hitting all the news beats of the week in the NHL, followed by some Vegas over under and a wrap up of fantasy and some tips for everyone for fantasy draft day.

Remember to leave the podcast a 5 star review to help us out!!!!!!



Sep 21, 2017
It's a Hockey Night Ep#4 -- Lupul Lou

Camps and preseason NHL is under way for the season and there was lots to talk about

Lupul IR?

Koivu Contract

Central Div wrap up

Penguins Update

Demers Mcginn trade

and much much more




Sep 19, 2017
It's a Hockey Night Ep#3 -- Atlantic Hot Takes

More NHL goodness this week as we going over 1st day of training camps and the signings around the league.


Ovi no olypmics and much much more

Sep 15, 2017
It's a Hockey Night Podcast Ep 2 -- Doughty actually stays

Another it's a hockey night podcast going over all the news over the last fews days.


We cover 



Pacific division run down

parros in head office

Offside rules

Sep 11, 2017
It's A Hockey Night Podcast ep 1 --Winter is Coming!!!

Gearing up for the 2017 season running through a few of the teams but mostly the penguins. We also talk about Vancouver/flames/coyotes, Doan and Jagr plus all the small off season stories


@goBrenturself is Brentons twitter 

Mike's is Sober_stevens for our patreon to support the show

Sep 06, 2017