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#GetSome is a weekly podcast published in audio and video (YouTube) formats, hosted by comedian-actor Gary Owen. Each episode Gary serves up a hefty dose of ADHD, barbershop-style storytelling focused on his most recent experiences on the road as a stand-up. Owen is sometimes joined by special celebrity guests to discuss the latest in popular culture, sports, and live entertainment.

Episode Date
EP99: Gary Is A Comedy Jedi Master

This week, Gary shares why he believes his latest comedy special on Showtime is "the greatest comedy special of all time." Also on this episode, G.O. gives his opinion on a number of football related issues.

1. Tour schedule
2. Comedy Jedi Master
3. #DoinWhatIDo comedy special
4. Antonio Brown and the Patriots
5. NFL talk
6. My high school's football team

Sep 11, 2019
EP98: Fame, Haters, Power, and Money

Queen Kenya returns for another seriously funny episode. Today, the Owen duo discuss everything from Gary's new Showtime special and Diana Ross, to people hating on other peoples' success.

1. New Showtime special
2. Diana Ross concert
3. Stomp Down Mexicans
4. Why haters hate
5. Fame, Power, or Money
6. Deep tissue massages
7. Knocked Out vs Choked Out
8. Wendy Williams
9. Going hiking
10. Who is THEY
11. Do you want me to date if you die?

Sep 03, 2019
EP97: When Comedians Clash

This week, Gary talks about drawing the ire from other comics for things he says on his podcast, why he loves podcasting despite any drama, and being a white comic in a black world.

1. Tour schedule
2. When comedians clash and burn bridges
3. Why don't more comics have podcasts
4. I love Mo'Nique but dang!
5. Charlamagne is just honest
6. Not getting acting roles I want

Aug 27, 2019
EP96: Money Problems With Kenya

Kenya returns to the show for another hilarious episode of back-and-forth banter with Gary over the functionally dysfunctional moments in their relationship.

1. Lending money to comedians
2. Bailing a friend outta jail
3. Poor, poor aka welfare
4. Bengals credit card cancelled
5. Rebuilding credit
6. Lending friends money
7. Billionaire sex
8. Business investments

Aug 20, 2019
EP95: Comedy Tour Horror Stories

Things get shaky on the show as Mother Nature invites herself as a guest onto the podcast while Gary shares hilarious horror stories from the road.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Earthquake
3. Comedy tour horror stories:

- Bad sound in Bahamas
- Road trippin' to Lake Havasu (AZ)
- 55 tickets in Kansas City (MO)
- Rednecks in Evansville (IN)
- Banned in Indianapolis (IN)
- No club jokes in Shreveport (LA)
- Gangsta shit in Louisville (KY)
- Bed birds in Mississippi

Aug 13, 2019
EP94: I Got Daddy Issues

This week Gary addresses recent drama with his dad stemming from comments GO made while guest hosting on the Maury show.

1. Delayed flight experience on JetSuite X
2. Why 'Backfire' on Netflix is bad
3. Reconciling daddy issues
4. Arm wrestling race riot
5. Another crazy step-dad story
6. What trailer park life taught me

Aug 07, 2019
EP93: Ribs, Republicans, Football, and Philly

This week, Gary wants to give away his tickets to the football Hall of Fame ceremony. In the process, he shares several funny stories from Cleveland, Cincy, and Philly.

1. Funny stories from Cleveland
2. Frustration with the Bengals
3. Remembering a friend's son
4. Funny eating healthy stories
5. Jevon Pearson from Philly

Jul 31, 2019
EP92: Dina Hashem Jokes About XXXTentacion Murder

It's Gary's birthday episode and, while filming the show, he gets a hefty dose of interruptions from his son Austin. Despite the distractions, he discusses everything from celebrities born on the same day (July 26th), to Dina Hashem joke about XXXTentacion.

1. Tour Schedule
2. Getting overlooked by celeb b-day lists
3. When other comics don't get me
4. The First Day on ESPN
5. Comedian Dina Hashem's joke about XXXTentacion
6. Losing to Brad Pitt

Jul 26, 2019
EP91: Gary Does Vegas: From Palms Casino To NBA Summer League

This episode, Gary discusses his time in Vegas; covering everything from performing at the Palms Casino to attending the NBA Summer League -- and a whole lot of other stuff.

1. Tour Schedule
2. Vegas show at the Palms
3. Pernell Whitaker
4. Tory Lanez' catchphrase
5. Jo Koy
6. Why I don't watch standup much anymore
7. NBA Summer League
8. Big Brother on CBS

Jul 16, 2019
EP90: MMA Awards and Celebrity Parties

This episode of the podcast, Gary discusses everything from overtly expensive swimming pools and top MMA moments, to attending red carpet events and hanging with other celebs.


1. Tour Schedule
2. The $750 Million pool renovation
3. MMA Awards
4. Bad guys get paid
5. Puberty
6. Hanging with Michael Ealy
7. #Menopause
8. Podcasting
9. NBA trades
10. Jaxson Hayes NBA Summer League dunk

Jul 11, 2019
EP89: Hilarious Katt Williams Stories

Gary is back with another hilarious ADHD episode about everything from NBA trades to funny Katt Williams stories.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Ty Law
3. A country wedding in Florida
4. Katt Williams stories
5. Doing Theo Von's podcast
6. Doing Jo Koy's podcast
7. NBA Free Agency
8. Jaxson Hayes drafted by the Pelicans
9. Kennedy's birthday
10. Working at Americana amusement park in high school

Jul 02, 2019
EP88: Internet Critics and Crooked Promoters

Queen Kenya joins Gary for another hilarious episode of personal reflection, and addressing everything from internet haters to negotiating with hookers.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Addressing online critics
3. Kenya critiques Gary's live shows
4. Aretha Franklin
5. A crooked promoter in Guam
6. Transgender athletes
7. Wendy Williams is happy
8. Warren Sapp negotiates with hookers

Jun 25, 2019
EP87: Irrational Behavior - Mad White Dudes and Food Fights

This is the Irrational Behavior episode of the podcast where Gary discusses everything from dealing with angry white dudes, stepdad drama, and other insane moments from his life.

1. White dude gets mad over my jokes
2. Tour schedule
3. My son wants to play football
4. KKK march in Oxford, Ohio
5. Family drama
6. Arguing with friends
7. Firing managers and agents

Jun 18, 2019
EP86: Black Wall Street, David Ortiz, and NBA Finals Predictions

This week, Gary discusses his recent comedy special taping in Texas and gives his NBA Finals Game 5 predictions between Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors.

1. Comedy tour schedule
2. Recap from filming Showtime special in San Antonio
3. Visiting the Dallas Cowboys facility
4. Visiting Black Wall Street in Tulsa 
5. David Ortiz
6. Game 5 NBA Finals
7. Going to my buddies wedding
8. Auditioning for Kevin Hart's next movie

Jun 10, 2019
EP85: Senior Citizen STD Outbreak

On perhaps one of the most bizarre episodes of the #GetSome podcast Gary and Kenya discuss everything from one night stands to old people catching syphilis.

1. Filming a new Showtime comedy special
2. When comedians start to hit
3. Comedians I'd pay to see
4. Game of Thrones names
5. One night stands and anal sex
6. Watching porn
7. Nursing home syphilis outbreak
8. Strawberries and yogurt
9. Bologna and cheese sandwiches
10. Denzel Washington and Richard Pryor

Jun 04, 2019
EP84: Rap Beefs and Fishing With Randy Moss

This week on #GetSome Podcast, Gary Owen offers his usual funny, yet honest, take on a bunch of different topics and personal experiences.

1. Temperature control issues in the Owen household
2. Tour schedule
3. Dad health issues
4. Hanging with Randy Moss in Charlotte
5. Rap beef between Da Baby vs Cam Coldheart

May 28, 2019
EP83: Is The LOQUEESHA Movie Racist?

Kenya returns for another hilarious peek into the conversations that take place in the Owen household. The couple goes full-blown ADHD, touching on everything from Kenya using the internet to medically diagnose herself, to thoughts on a controversial new movie.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Gary's emotional previous episode
3. Kenya WebMD's herself
4. Crying
5. Crappy T-shirts
6. LOQUEESHA the movie
7. Would you love me if I got alzheimer's

May 21, 2019
EP82: Gary Hates Mother's Day?

This week, Gary has an emotional moment while discussing why Mother's Day isn't that special to him. The reason is very relatable and will strike a chord with you.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Game of Thrones
3. Why Mother's Day sucks
4. Crazy stepdad issues

May 14, 2019
EP81: Mother's Day, Semen Facials, and Game of Thrones

The queen of the Owen household returns for another reality show style, ADHD comedy podcast, where the topics are random and the laughter is nonstop.

1. Tour dates
2. Mother's Day gifts
3. Semen facials and funky pu**y
4. NBA Playoffs
5. Bad Jamie Foxx movies
6. Game of Thrones
7. Filming next to a porn studio
8. Why did Kenya do the "N-Word" sketch?
9. People are too sensitive

May 07, 2019
EP80: Remembering John Singleton + When Twitter Trolls Hate

This week, Gary brings his usual funny takes on daily life; covering everything from the sudden passing of Oscar nominated Boyz In The Hood filmmaker and legend, John Singleton, to issues with internet trolls.

1. Kennedy gets into a car wreck
2. Reflecting on John Singleton's life-changing film career
3. When Twitter trolls say I'm racist
4. The fastest white kid in America 
5. Bengals NFL Draft picks
6. Funny high school story
7. I was on Maury Povich

May 01, 2019
EP79: When Jokes Upset Fans + NYC Press Tour

Gary Owen discusses the various happenings from his recent trip to New York City, covering everything from turning conversations he had on Wendy Williams Show and The Breakfast Club into comedy bits, to meeting his fans' expectations when it comes to telling new jokes.

Apr 23, 2019
EP78: Tiger Woods, Boogie Comedy Special, and Free Shit

This week Gary covers all of the latest happenings in the sports and entertainment worlds; from Tiger Woods going bald, to getting free shit at events.

1. Tiger Woods wins his 5th Masters
2. The return of Game of Thrones, Season 8
3. Tour schedule
4. Filming Boogie Comedy Special in Oakland
5. Raiders fans vs. 49ers fans
6. Free shit in the gifting suite
7. Driving through Napa
8. Jackson Hayes declares for NBA draft
9. YouTube fans make fun of my hairline

Apr 16, 2019
EP77: Kodak Black Beefing With TI and Other Rappers

This week, Gary is riding solo for another round of ADHD podcasting, covering everything from his favorite TV series to rappers sparking beefs to Kevin Hart joke controversy.

1. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead
2. DeMarcus Cousins Comedy Special
3. Meeting E-40
4. Club dress codes targeting black people
5. Kodak Black drama
6. Club fights
7. Fighter and the Kid Podcast
8. Watching other stand ups
9. Kevin Hart didn't steal my joke
10. Auditioning for movies

Apr 09, 2019
EP76: Reacting To The Nipsey Hussle Tragedy

On this episode of the #GetSome Podcast, Gary and Kenya get into a serious discussion about the untimely death of hip-hop icon and Los Angeles legend, Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle
Wendy Williams

Apr 03, 2019
EP75: Delta Racial Profiles Kenya Owen

Things get a little heavy this week as Gary is joined by his wife Kenya who addresses being racially profiled by a Delta Airlines customer service agent in Cincinnati. The couple try to make sense of the incident, while discussing Delta's generic response to Gary's social media video post calling the company out.

Mar 28, 2019
EP74: Ugly Babies and Celeb College Cheating Scandal

This week, Gary and Kenya are back in Cincinnati discussing everything from die-hard fans to racism in comedy.

1. Gary Owen fans
2. Are babies ugly or no?
3. Going to strip clubs
4. Shit stained drawls
5. Sitcoms are dead
6. Inconsiderate flyers
7. Celebrity cheating colleges
8. Hair issues

Mar 19, 2019
EP73: Horny Goat Weed

Kenya joins Gary for another super funny episode of highlights from their personal life drama, celebrity dishing, and light-hearted on-air married couple ribbing.

1. Apologies
2. Unappreciative kids
3. The best age to be alive
4. Horny goat weed
5. Famous podcast guests
6. Snitchin and bitchin
7. Bringin up old shit
8. Michael Jackson story
9. Meeting famous people

Mar 13, 2019
EP72: Why Jussie Smollett Faked His Attack

After a brief, no fault of his own, hiatus from the show, Gary Sr. is back with his Bill Clinton voice to give us more laughter. This week, the Garys discuss everything from prostitution to fake attacks.

1. Catching a brick in Miami
2. Robert Craft prostitution drama
3. Antonio Brown on "The Shop" TV show
4. Hanging with Ken Griffey Jr's family
5. Why Jussie Smollett faked his own attack
6. Poker and weed
7. Advice to hoes

Mar 05, 2019
EP71: Is Ja Rule A Crook?

This episode, Gary and Kenya Owen do the Netflix and Chill thing and discuss the shadiness of Ja Rule, social media influencers, and Liam Neeson's comments about wanting to killing a black man.

1. White Boy Rick shirt
2. Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix
3. Getting ripped off
4. Haircuts
5. Harlots on Hulu
6. Liam Neeson
7. Crappy amenities in Cincy

Feb 26, 2019
EP70: Gary & Kenya Predict 2019 OSCARS Winners

This episode, Gary and Kenya Owen host their own hilarious takes on the 2019 Oscars and how it's not "so white" this year. You'll discover who they believe should win each category and why.

1. Kevin Hart not hosting Oscars
2. Best Supporting Actress
3. Why Oscars should get rid of foreign films
4. Best Supporting Actor
5. Actress In A Leading Role
6. Gary admits to having audition anxiety
7. Actor In A Leading Role
8. Lady Gaga wants Bradley Cooper
9. All the other categories

Feb 21, 2019
EP69: Thoughts On Gucci Using Blackface

This week Gary Owen discusses some of the latest happenings in his personal life, the comedy business, and pop culture. He covers everything from Asian basketball players to his recent day at Kevin Hart's office.

1. Brutal work schedule
2. Hanging w/ the Atlanta Hawks
3. Jeremy Lin and racial jokes
4. Gucci blackface drama
5. I'm a Cardi B fan
6. A day with Kevin Hart
7. Instagram roast of Jeremy Hill

Feb 14, 2019
EP68: Bow Wow Fight and 21 Savage Deportation

This episode Gary Owen gives his thoughts and opinions on everything from football and Adam Levine, to Bow Wow's arrest and 21 Savage immigration issues. 

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. Bengals new coach
3. How boring was the Super Bowl LIII?
4. Bow Wow fight with girlfriend
5. Celebs hitting on your lady
6. 21 Savage getting deported
7. Kristoff St. John

Feb 07, 2019
EP67: Empire Actor Jussie Smollett Hate Crime

Today on #GetSome, Gary Owen discusses everything from hate crimes and getting jumped, to Super Bowl LIII and insane WWE wrestling fans. 

1. Empire actor Jussie Smollett attack
2. Getting jumped in at a frat house
3. Trump needs to condemn the Jussie attack
4. Sports talk - Super Bowl and boxing
5. Wrestling fans in Phoenix

Jan 31, 2019
EP66: Comedy Beef With Corey Holcomb

This week on #GetSome, Gary Owen addresses a recent beef that a fellow standup (comedian) expressed toward him on another podcast; as well as a few sports related thoughts.

1. Explaining Corey Holcomb's outburst (1:40)
2. My Super Bowl pick (13:14)
3. Adrien Broner v. Manny Pacquiao (22:20)

Jan 24, 2019
EP65: Is It Nasty To Sit On Public Toilets

This week on #GetSome, Gary and Kenya Owen discuss everything from books to big penis stories. The laughter and insanity never stops with these two as they openly share their thoughts with the world.

1. A Surprise For Kenya
2. About last week
3. Moments of rage
4. Public toilets & nasty people
5. YMCA basketball dudes
6. Bo Outlaw

Jan 17, 2019
EP64: Gary & Kenya Discuss R Kelly Drama

This episode, Kenya Owen joins Gary to share the insanity that took place on their Hawaiian family vacation.

1. Gary's frustration with the Northeastern US
2. R Kelly vs Catholic Priests
3. 10 Pump Gary
4. Roaches at Hilton Hawaiian Village In Honolulu
5. Alaska airlines bad customer service
6. Kevin Hart and Ellen
7. Women In The Navy

Jan 10, 2019
EP63: Gary Owen's Best Of 2018

This episode you get to experience some of the funniest #GetSome Podcast moments from 2018. Everything from Gary's first time having his wife and dad on the show, to stories about his road manager Brad getting robbed and knocked out.

Jan 04, 2019
EP62: Lies and Laughter With Dad & Brad

This episode, Gary is joined by his road manager Brad and Gary Owen Sr. to discuss a lot of different things from janky promoters to getting knocked out in street fights.

1. The promoter who lost his business
2. How Gary met Brad - his road manager
3. Being knocked out at restaurants and bars
4. Brad stories from the road
5. On-air gift exchange

Dec 27, 2018
EP61: Drama with Post Office Thieves

This episode, Gary is back in Cincinnati and reunites with his dad - Gary Owen Sr. - to share some personal stealing, sports, comedy, and more. Gary Sr. shares his brush with being podcast famous.

1. Thieves at the post office
2. Love-hate relationships
3. Sports stories
4. Taft theater and the comedy biz
5. The pressure of being famous
6. Fake baller telling steakhouse jokes

Dec 20, 2018
EP60: Funny Sex Stories with Kenya Owen

This episode, Kenya Owen joins Gary live from their backyard (aka Iraq) to discuss a bunch of funny stories. From Gary being cheap, to some of Kenya's pre-Gary sexual encounters.

1. Fixing the Iraqi backyard
2. Cheap vs. Frugal
3. Backwash
4. Public Displays of Affection
5. Uncircumcised sex
6. Presidential condom stuffer

Dec 13, 2018
EP59: LIVE from Iraq - I Refuse To Fight People

This week Gary covers some of the crazy things that took place since last episode, and shares a number of reasons he loves watching pro fights, but will not actually engage in a physical altercation himself.


1. My own personal Iraq
2. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder
3. Rooting for underdogs
4. My son is playing 7-on-7 football
5. Still frustrated with the Bengals
6. Taping my next comedy special
7. Kareem Hunt fighting a female

Dec 06, 2018
EP58: Thanksgiving With Black Family

Coming back from a short holiday break, Gary broadcasts from the in-laws suite of his new house in the Bay Area. You'll hear all of Gary's experiences getting settled into his family's new life in Cali, and a whole lot more.

1. Pros & cons of my new house
2. Thanksgiving with my wife's family
3. A rough day at the masseuse
4. Bengals gripes & Golden State Warriors drama
5. Bad news & Good news from Hollywood

Nov 29, 2018
EP57: Nudists, Swingers, and Fighting Crazy People

This week, the two Garys swap stories with one another about a whole slew of mind blowing encounters. You'll hear things the average person may have never experienced, but this father and son duo have.

1. Hang gliding with Gary's dad
2. Nudist colony delivery boy
3. The white boy penis myth
4. Swinger stories
5. Fighting crazy people

Nov 15, 2018
EP56: How I Lost My Virginity

This week, Gary shares a few teenage sex stories from his military days, as well as the insanity that followed; and offers apologies to the ladies who let him have clueless 19 year old sex with them. 

1. Podcast confession
2. Tour dates
3. How I lost my virginity
4. First time having sex with a black girl
5. Clueless Red Roof Inn sex

Nov 08, 2018
EP55: Addressing Internet Trolls

Gary Owen and his dad, Gary Owen Sr., have a deep discussion about the NFL, trolls, and daddy-son issues.

1. Upcoming tour dates
2. The Great Bengals Debate
3. Gary Sr.'s discovers internet trolls
4. The Garys discuss Gary Sr. not being in his life
5. Saying things the wrong way
6. Bar fights

Nov 01, 2018
EP54: Gary Cries (w/ Kenya Owen & Gary Owen Sr.)

This week, Gary Owen is joined by his wife Kenya Owen, and his father Gary Owen Sr., to discuss a number of hilarious family moments, opinions, and personal interests.

1. Upcoming Tour Dates
2. Kenya's first impression of Gary's family
3. Gary Sr's first impression of Kenya
4. Kenya says Gary and his dad cry a lot
5. Breaking down Gary's family dynamics
6. Stars you'd like to meet

Oct 25, 2018
EP53: Addressing My Beef With The Bengals

While driving cross-country in a U-Haul truck, Gary Owen airs his beef with the Cincinnati Bengals organization's front office staff for not giving him passes to get into the home games.

1. Driving cross-country in a U-Haul truck with his road manager Brad 2. The Bengals

Oct 19, 2018
EP52: Trump White vs Gary Owen White

This week on #GetSome, Gary runs through a smorgasbord of topics in his usual ADHD style, covering everything from unnecessary lies and crazy street names in Richmond (VA), to movies, sports and family drama.

1. Lying for no reason when you're running late
2. Schedule
3. The NFL rundown
4. Trump white vs Gary Owen white
5. "A Star Is Born" the movie
6. Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov
7. Family issues and $1000 worth of weed

Oct 11, 2018
EP51: Response To Lies Being Spread By Gossip Blogs

Due to overwhelming requests from fans, Gary Owen's dad returns to the show for another hilarious discussion about comedy, football, weddings, and getting high.

1. Response to gossip sites twisting his words from #GetSome Episode 49 about Tiffany Haddish.
2. Gary's dad's favorite comedians
3. Excited about the Bengals
4. Details from Gary's sister's wedding last weekend
5. Gary's dad recalls doing speed and driving 35 hours

Oct 04, 2018
EP50: A Big Cup of Fuck With Gary's Dad

Gary Owen sits down with his father for a hilarious discussion about everything from bad tasting restaurant milk, to wedding drama between Gary's stepdad and real dad.

1. A big cup of fuck
2. Doing autopsies
3. Making babies
4. Wedding fight
5. Bengals fan talk
6. Gary as a baby


Sep 27, 2018
EP49: Katt Williams Snaps On Atlanta Radio

Today, Gary Owen discusses several topics, from having self-conscious moments about using filler phrases, to whether or not he agrees with Kat Williams' assessments of other comedians.

1. Upcoming tour schedule
2. Bengals are undefeated
3. Ataendadaday Adrien Broner
4. George Zimmerman is a piece of shit
5. Katt Williams snaps on Atlanta radio
6. Why TV sitcoms don't work anymore

Sep 20, 2018
EP48: Gary and Tiffany Haddish In Girls Trip 2

In another ADHD style episode, Gary Owen covers a variety of topics while lobbying and encouraging his fans to help him get a role in a possible sequel to the hit 2017 film Girls Trip. 

1. Funny story about R&B singer Lloyd
2. Lil Duval hit song
3. Being Tiffany Haddish boyfriend
4. Binge watching Ozark Season 2
5. Crazy Rich Asians
6. Fantasy football
7. ESPN story about Miami of Ohio

Sep 13, 2018
EP47: Nike Versus Angry White People

From 7-hour funerals to drama with a shoe company's commercials, Gary Owen shares his funny, but serious, take on some of the latest happenings in popular culture.

1. Aretha Franklin and John McCain funerals
2. Actor Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show) job shamed online
3. 2018-19 NFL season starts
4. Angry white people made at Nike's Colin Kaepernick commercial
5. Giving to charities and the homeless
6. Appearing on Breakfast Club

Sep 06, 2018
EP46: Twitter Fan Calls Gary Rude

This week, Gary Owen shares how he made amends for a recent run in he had with a fan who works at an airport and called him out on Twitter. 

1. Upcoming schedule
2. Madden tournament shooting in Jacksonville, FL
3. Asian massage parlors
4. Twitter fan called me rude
5. Diffusing arguments
6. NFL talk
7. The power of social media

Aug 30, 2018
EP45: Hosting SWAY In The Morning and Podcasts I Like

Gary Owen talks about podcasts he likes, appreciating musicians who are no longer alive, healthy living tips, and more. 

1. Filling in as the host of SWAY's show
2. Excited about NFL season
3. Healthy lifestyle habits
4. Aretha Franklin and other great musicians
5. Podcasts I like and want to be on
6. David Goggins and Jocko Willink
7. Taped my Netflix hour in Cleveland

Aug 23, 2018
EP44: Visiting Prisons and Advice To Rappers

Gary Owen offers some funny insight on rappers, prisons, equality in the military, comedians bombing out, and more. What you'll hear from Gary this week.

1. My advice to aspiring rappers
2. Netflix FINALLY wants to see me
3. My summer TV guilty pleasures
4. Visiting friends in prison
5. Women in the military
6. I love Jamie Foxx's show "Off Script"
7. Being a fan of celebs who are fans of my work
8. Instagram/YouTube comic bombs Montreal Comedy Fest

Aug 16, 2018
EP43: Thoughts On LeBron James School

Gary Owen discusses a variety of seriously funny events in his personal and professional life. He also asks his listening audience their opinion on a decision he made.

1. LeBron opens his own school
2. Shaq validating my story
3. Should I have gone to the Heat game?
4. Filming the casino scene in Think Like A Man
5. Watch BET's Trayvon Martin series "Rest In Power"
6. Excited about the upcoming NFL season
7. Getting into fights

Aug 09, 2018
EP42: Fame, Drugs, and Depression

Gary Owen gets serious about the gift and curse of fame, drugs, selling your soul, depression, and more.

1. Authentic Mexican food
2. Sports Hall of Fame
3. Boonk Gang shooting himself for internet fame
4. Demi Lovato overdose and other celebrity drug use
5. Depression and De'Angelo Wilson
6. How the Antoine Fisher movie led me back to Cincinnati

Aug 02, 2018
EP41: JOE MIXON Cincinnati Bengals Running Back

Cincinnati Bengals Running Back JOE MIXON joins Gary to discuss being drafted, the upcoming NFL season, and more.

1. Who did Joe Mixon model his game after?
2. Playing college football in Oklahoma
3. Getting drafted into the NFL
4. The difference between college football and the NFL
5. When did Joe start playing football?
6. Story time with Gary and Joe
7. Celebrity Flag Football League
8. Favorite restaurants
9. 2018-19 NFL season predictions
10. Playing other sports

Jul 26, 2018
EP40: Oakland Raiders Lineman FROSTEE RUCKER

Raiders D-Lineman FROSTEE RUCKER joins Gary to discuss funny never told before stories about USC, Kevin Hart, upcoming NFL season, and more.

1. Upcoming Tour Dates
2. How Gary and Frostee met
3. Kevin Hart gets heckled by USC players
4. Coach Pete Carroll loves Gary Owen
5. Why Frostee lives in Cincinnati instead of California
6. Nightmares getting free NFL tickets
7. 2018-19 NFL season predictions
8. Advice to rookies

Jul 19, 2018
Episode 39: Is Mike Epps Really Hating On Kevin Hart?

Gary Owen offers his thoughts on the latest drama the surrounding the sports and entertainment worlds, with a little self-reflection sprinkled in for good measure.

1. Upcoming standup dates
2. Is UFC turning into WWE?
3. Uncle Willy's food truck in Alexandria, Louisiana
4. Mike Eps & Kevin Hart Beef

Jul 12, 2018
Episode 38: Dame Dash and Lee Daniels Drama

This episode, Gary goes full-blown ADHD and covers a bunch of stuff that has taken place since his wife Kenya joined him on Episode 37.

1. Happy 16th Birthday Kennedy
2. In-depth breakdown of how his kids were born
3. True stories about the day Michael Jackson died
4. Dame Dash - Lee Daniels Drama and how Mo'Nique differs
5. Loaning people money
6. LeBron goes to the Lakers, Boogie joins the Warriors

Jul 06, 2018
Episode 37: Gary and Kenya Owen Openly Discuss Marriage Drama

Gary is joined by his first ever podcast guest / his wife, Kenya Duke-Owen. A hilarious back and forth banter filled with honest attempts at conflict resolution.

1. Kenya's private podcast that nobody has heard
2. How we met
3. Wedding day nightmares
4. Hating each other's gifts
5. Our worst sports moments together
6. Kenya gives sex advice to men
7. Cool or Not Cool: Will Smith vacations with his ex-wife, without Jada

Jun 29, 2018
Episode 36: XXXTentacion Murder and Social Media Beefs

Gary Owen shares his thoughts on recent events in pop culture, sports, and family.

1. 2 rappers murdered in 1 day - XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo
2. Austin Owen makes his standup comedy debut
3. Will the Lakers snag Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Paul George
4. Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr
5. Getting older helps you appreciate life

Jun 21, 2018
Episode 35: Thoughts On LeBron's Future and Anthony Bourdain Suicide

Gary Owen discusses everything from depression, NBA Finals, juggling multiple TV acting gigs, and more.

1. Why Northern California mornings are the best
2. In-depth thoughts on LeBron's next move
3. Anthony Bordaine suicide
4. Mental Health & Depressed
5. How a high school football coach saved my life (sort of)
6. Crazy stepdad story
7. Is Undercover Boss TV show real?
8. Movie Review: Upgraded
9. Should I take the movie or TV pilot offer?

Jun 15, 2018
Episode 34: Gary On Rosanne Barr's Racist Tweet

Today, Gary Owen talks about expanding his podcast, haters, NBA playoffs, when stars are racist, and more.


1. #GetSome video podcasts
2. Standup dates
3. Going on BJ Armstrong's podcast
4. Why music bits in stand-up comedy never hit
5. Evil Genius docu-series on Netflix
6. JR Smith's Game 1 NBA Playoffs blunder
7. Evaluating how good LeBron really is
8. Tracy Morgan angry response about Tiffany Haddish
9. Rosanne being cancelled for racist tweets

Jun 08, 2018
Episode 33: Gary Talks Retirement and Teen Pregnancy

On this episode Gary Owen asks #GetSome listeners for feedback on a serious question, while still trying to keep the show light and fun.

Topics include:
1. Upcoming travel dates
2. Hanging with your dad when he retires
3. Cities with more fans of other teams
4. Boxers who talk smack
5. "Evil Genius" Netflix docuseries
6. Getting turned down by girls in school
7. Teen pregnancy
8. White girl at Kendrick Lamar concert says N-word
9. NBA Playoffs

May 28, 2018
Episode 32: Gary Wants To Write His Brother In Prison?

On this episode Gary Owen asks listeners a serious question, while still trying to keep the show light and fun.

Topics Include:
1. Remembering comedians Spanky Brown and Sediki Fuller
2. Being healthy on the road
3. Gag gifts
4. Who'll win the NBA title?
5. Is Dez Bryant trippin?
6. Why 'Hard Knocks' is good for Cleveland Browns
7. Writing My Brother
8. Peter Ellis' parents
9. Still using flip phones
10. Tracy Morgan in Canada

May 25, 2018
Episode 31: Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

This time around, Gary Owen gives his honest comedic perspective on some of the most recent breaking news in pop culture, sports, and his family life. Topics covered include:

1. Cities on his tour schedule
2. Kevin Hart - Las Vegas extortion scandal 
3. My coke head moment on VladTV
4. NBA East & West Conference Finals
5. Eric Reid files a greivance against the Bengals
6. YouTube comments and family issues

May 15, 2018
Episode 30: The Walking Dead, LeBron, and a Drunk Iverson

In typical Gary Owen fashion, he finds the lighter side in some of life's not-so-funny moments. This episode, Gary offers his serious, but funny take on the following topics:

1. Upcoming Standup Comedy Dates
2. The Walking Dead Season Finale
3. 2018 NFL schedule and draft
4. Acting: The Struggle Is Real
5. NBA Playoffs so far
6. LeBron and other players who make others better
7. Crazy stepdad story

May 08, 2018
Episode 29: Racially Speaking and Joke Thieves

This episode, Gary Owen shares insight on these drama filled moments from his daily life.

1. A blizzard in Minnesota
2. Having to let employees go is hard
3. Being released from Shaq's show
4. Starbucks & LA Fitness racial profiling
5. Treating people with decency
6. Being trolled online by "Pro Black" racists
7. When comedians steal my jokes
8. Have you heard my son's first joke?
9. Crazy step-dad story

Apr 26, 2018
Episode 28: Pissy Bathroom Hands and Angry Trolls

This episode Gary Owen goes in on some of the latest insane moments and social conflicts he has experienced, including:

1. Taking a dump before podcasting
2. Dudes who don't wash their hands
3. Meek Mill, Robert Kraft, and NFL Draft talk
4. When Kevin Garnett played video games with my son
5. Who Is The NBA Rookie of the Year?
6. Guy passes out at my comedy show
7. People getting mad at anything that's not black
8. My brother's pending sentencing

Apr 26, 2018
Episode 27: Beefin with Michael Blackson

As always, Gary brings the funny, but this week he also offers a boatload of inspiration and insight on how to be successful when things are not quite where you'd like them to be. Topics covered include:

1. How Gangs and the Military are similar.
2. How my Takashi 6ix9ine impersonation has helped me so far.
3. Michael Blackson Beef
4. Villanova in NCAA tournament
5. NFL Draft
6. The police clearly murdered Alton Sterling
7. Mesa, Arizon police killed Daniel Shaver

Apr 13, 2018
Episode 26: Police Shootings and Media Bias

In an effort to understand the truth behind a number of real life situations facing Americans this week, Gary offers his experiences and thoughts on the following topics:

1. Parody of Takashi 6ix9ine on Breakfast Club
2. Vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Maui
3. Police shooting black men, and media exploitation of the situations.
4. NFL draft forecast

Apr 07, 2018
Episode 25: Fighting Friends and Humpin In Hawaii

Be prepared to laugh, agree to disagree, and relate to one of the funniest men alive, Gary Owen, as he discusses some of the crazy encounters from his daily life since the last episode of #GetSome.

Topics include:

  1. Crazy step-dad story
  2. Meeting Ryan Shazier in Pittsburgh
  3. People online can't take a joke
  4. NFL trade talk
  5. Brawl at LAX airport
  6. Brian, aka Smooth
  7. My struggles as an actor
  8. Humpin in Hawaii
  9. NCAA tourney talk
  10. Comedians don't give real apologies
Mar 30, 2018
Episode 24: Boozhee Water & $2500 Prayer

In what is likely one of his most interestingly random episodes, Gary Owen offers a look into his quirkiest thoughts and opinions including:

1. Boozhee Water Drinkers
2. The Gary Owen Aroma
3. Crazy Step-Dad Story aka Guilty Eater
4. Haters At A Funeral
5. Starbucks Love
6. Prayer for $2500
7. Vacationing in Hawaii
8. Crazy people on planes
9. The Genius of Tiffany Haddish

Mar 19, 2018
Episode 23: Gary Owen vs. Dave Chappelle

The Differences Between Black Famous & White Famous

This week, our resident ADHD comedian shares his thoughts on being black famous, and these other not-so-important issues:

1. Sideline skits at a high school game
2. Comedians - Black Famous vs. White Famous
3. Using the internet to stay relevant
4. Getting fired from your own TV show pilot
5. Brushing off Diddy's compliments
6. Another crazy step-dad story
7. How The Walking Dead is silently helping race relations
8. Never take a girl you're unsure about to Hawaii

Mar 08, 2018
Episode 22: TMZ Lied On Me and Black Twitter Got Mad

Gary Owen talks about a number of insane things that took place to close out February, including:
1. Fergie destroys the National Anthem
2. Kevin Hart cracking on NBA Allstars
3. Black Panther movie was great!
4. TMZ lied and Black Twitter attacked me
5. Fan explains why black women got mad at me over Mo'Nique
6. School shootings and gun laws
7. Offending people with comedy
8. Crazy stepdad story

Mar 08, 2018
Episode 21: Quaaludes, Bisexuals, and Quincy Jones

Gary will send you through a range of emotions this week with some of the things he says. You'll laugh, think, get mad, agree, disagree, and then accept the fact that the mind of a comedic is not normal.

  1. Who's the NFL G.O.A.T. Brady or Montana
  2. Who's the NBA G.O.A.T. LeBron or Jordan
  3. Richard Pryor, quaaludes, bisexuality, and prison
  4. Failure in Montreal leads to a TV deal with Quincy Jones
  5. Quincy Jones talks strip clubs in France
  6. Flying on Tom Joyner's private jet
  7. Crazy step-dad story
Feb 19, 2018
Episode 20: Kevin Hart Drunken Super Bowl Diss

So much has happened in his life since the release of Episode 19 of #GetSome that Gary can hardly stay on subject. Some of the various ADHD moments you'll here include:

  1. Thoughts on the Super Bowl
  2. Drunk Kevin Hart gets denied at Super Bowl
  3. Holding out hope for 2019 Bengals
  4. Rasul Butler death
  5. Blake Griffin trade and standup comedy
  6. DeMarcus Cousins injured
  7. Stealing FedEx packages
  8. Dinner with my mom
  9. Shuckin and Jivin To Purple Rain
Feb 08, 2018
Episode 19: Opinions On Mo'Nique vs Netflix

This episode, Gary Owen dives head first into the Mo'Nique vs. Netflix sitution, but not before he discusses:

  1. Why aspiring comics should never do shows on Superbowl Sunday.
  2. Making the case for Tom Brady as the greatest NFL QB ever.
  3. Why I'm pulling for Philly, but still don't think they'll win it.
  4. Issues with Mo'Nique's rant:
    • Throwing Will Packer under the bus.
    • She's not a hot comedian who is selling tickets right now.
    • Why she should've taken the Netflix deal, and more.
Feb 01, 2018
Episode 18: In Trouble After Tiffany Haddish Critique

With NFL season coming to a close, Gary Owen has more time on his hands to get into more drama, which in-turn means more laughs for his listeners. This episode, Gary shares:

  1. Why he would do Dancing With The Stars
  2. Will Packer's NAACP Awards speech
  3. ADHD BREAK: The problem with Donald Trump calling black countries shitholes
  4. ADHD CONT'D: Longwinded preachers at funerals
  5. How his critique of Tiffany Haddish's performance in Girl's Trip led to drama
  6. Twerking For Jesus with Tiffany Haddish
  7. Sports Talk: Trey Young + NBA rivalries and fake tough guys
  8. Crazy Stepdad Story: He thinks I'm Gay
Jan 24, 2018
Episode 17: H&M Racist Ad and Oprah For President 2020

Gary Owen offers his opinion on a number important issues and other things, including:

1. Racism in advertising - H&M "Coolest Monkey" fiasco
2. When white people don't know they're being racist
3. #MeToo - my experience with Hollywood harassment
4. Oprah for President 2020
5. Louis Farrakhan made me feel black
6. Movies I discovered during the Golden Globes
7. Why I loved the college football National Championship game
8. My Crazy Stepdad Story

Jan 18, 2018
Episode 16: Hookers, Gambling, and Brainfood

This week, Gary Owen shares what happens when he takes time off work. In true #GetSome fashion he shares stories about:

1. Why he took the wrong week off work.
2. How pimps & hookers helped him win money in Vegas.
3. Why you should never gamble with boxers Vegas.
4. What he expects this week in the NFL
5. How him and Cavs guard Isaiah Thomas are alike
6. Discovering that blueberries are brain food
7. What to watch on Netflix
8. Keeping family secrets and yelling at his kids

Jan 08, 2018
Episode 15: Crazy Stuff White People Do In Snow

On this first episode of 2018, Gary Owen kicks off the New Year with a bag full of funny, sharing stories from his holiday tour and more. Subjects include:

  1. Chicago is fu__ing cold
  2. Crazy stuff white people do in the winter
  3. Grown people Christmas gifts
  4. Too old for Jordans
  5. The struggles of up-and-coming comics
  6. Food petty
  7. Crazy stepdad story
  8. Sports rants
  9. Free Super Bowl tickets
Jan 02, 2018
Episode 14: Gary Ruins Christmas & Bullies A Bully On Facebook

Gary Owen gives #GetSome listeners the gift of laughter this Christmas 2017 by sharing exclusive stories about...

  • INTRO (Standup Skit): When my wife met my mom.
  • Being in Houston for 2 weeks at The Improv
  • Why Whole Foods & FuddRuckers makes him feel safe
  • Issues with a janky Section 8 promoter
  • The shows on Netflix right now
  • Ruining the "Family Name"
  • Bullying and racism
  • How Facebook helps Gary clap back at old high school bully
  • NFL: the Bengals and Week 16 Super Bowl picks
  • Upcoming tour dates
Dec 24, 2017
Episode 13: Losing Weight In Your 40's + My Beef w/ LaVar Ball

Gary gets a bit ADHD this week, covering a myriad of topics, including...

  1. Dealing with snow in Houston
  2. Weight loss tips in your 40's
  3. Shaq gets me into his 24hr Fitness in Orlando
  4. Crazy Sports Dads
    1. LaVar Ball is screwing his kids up
    2. My father snaps over a girls' soccer game
  5. D1 high school basketball recruits vs other kids
  6. Crazy Step-dad Story
  7. This week's Super Bowl picks
  8. Bengals - Steelers rants
  9. Subliminal racism in the NFL
Dec 10, 2017
Episode 12: Fighting Family Drug Addictions

Gary goes over the good and bad from his Thanksgiving 2017 break.

  1. Selling out my Cincinnati show at the Taft Theater Dec 2nd
  2. I'm writing a book about my life
  3. My brother got arrested for drug possession
  4. My goal for helping stop addiction among future generations
  5. Excited that the Bengals won and it's Steelers week in Cinci
  6. My friend/ex-NFL player who drank Crown Royal before games
  7. My sports predictions, thoughts, and rants
  8. Upcoming weekend excitement
Dec 01, 2017
Episode 11: Masterbation and Bland Thanksgiving Food

This episode, Gary Owen discusses:

1. Drunk guy in Atlanta's airport
2. The Wendy Williams Show
3. Why I like Hip-Hop beefs
4. Terry Crews gets threatened and fights back
5. Jacking off: Louis CK scandal and why I don't watch myself do it
6. Why I love being in the entertainment business
7. My NFL rants and ravings
8. My "Cazy Step-Dad Story"
9. NBA predictions
10. Trump helps UCLA players avoid Chinese prison
11. Good Tip, Bad Tip
12. Bland Thanksgiving Food
13. Janky stand-up promoter

Nov 22, 2017
Episode 10: Tyrese Instagram Meltdown

This week, Gary Owen discusses...

- Nick Cannon before the fame

- Wild N Out freestyle battle

- Tyrese Instagram meltdown

- People thought I died

- My limits on social media

- Overpriced NFL stadium food

- NFL Fight Night in Jacksonville @ Bengals-Jags

- My upcoming weekend- Superbowl Picks

- Kyrie Irving ... I get why he left Cleveland- Crazy Step Dad Story

Nov 10, 2017
Episode 9: Hangin w/ LeBron James, Savannah, Gabrielle Union, and D Wade

This week, Gary goes hard and talks about...

- Teenagers Trick-or-Treating
- Gabrielle Union's B-Day Party
- Real Power: LeBron's Wife Savannah
- The Angry, Impatient Starbucks Guy
- Nike's weak NBA jerseys
- My Bengals won
- Why NFL players respect my loyalty
- Adoption, addiction, and drama
- Crazy Step Dad Story of the Week
- Week 9 Superbowl Picks

Nov 03, 2017
Episode 8: I Lost My House

This week, Gary shares an emotional, honest, and sobering truth about going broke and losing his home. PLUS...

Gary offers advice to aspiring comedians
How a highway blow job made him a fan of Australia
How NOT having a "Plan B" led to his success 
Why college isn't necessary for everyone
Gary shares how he got the BET Comic View gig
That time Utah Jazz PG John Stockton told Gary he couldn't play
Instagram rants about Week 7's Bengals-Steelers game
Week 8 Superbowl predictions

Oct 26, 2017
Episode 7: Jamie Foxx, Meet The Blacks 2, and Bum Knees

Gary Owen talks about a variety of reasons that this week was a very good week for him, including:

  1. Why Def Comedy Jam has been a bucket list opportunity for him, and how a chance encounter with Tony Rock landed Gary the 1st episode of the hit show's upcoming return to TV.
  2. Filming "Meet The Blacks 2" this week, and other movies he's done
  3. Watching Gordon Hayward break his ankle in the 1st Quarter of his first game with the Celtics.
  4. Gary's Great White NBA Hope - Luke Kennard
  5. Bad knee surgery - how the Navy messed up Gary's knees for life
  6. Forcasting this week's Bengals - Steelers game
  7. When Kansas City Police suspected Gary of domestic violence
  8. Aaron Rodgers and religion
  9. How Chris Rock and Gary are alike
  10. Jamie Foxx doesn't really laugh at other comedians' jokes
  11. Selling tickets on Groupon
  12. Superbowl picks
Oct 20, 2017
Episode 6: I Smoked Weed With Snoop Dogg

This time, Gary talks about the things that happened to him this week while in San Francisco, and some other funny stories, including:

1. How G became the "Wife Whisperer" while visiting NBA radio host, Ric Bucher
2. How G nearly got kicked out of the Raiders game this week
3. Getting kicked out of a Bengals game
4. His take on latest NFL news
5. Miami Dolphins coke head coach
6. That time G smoked weed w/ Snoop Dogg
7. Best & Worst of 80s & 90s NBA
8. Vince Carter's house
9. Gary's ESPN red carpet woes

Oct 13, 2017
Episode 5: Pre-Pubescent Baldness = No Showers

This episode Gary Owen discusses:

  1. Being In San Francisco
  2. His daughter's 6'-7", 250 lbs homecoming date
  3. How pre-pubescent baldness led to his fear of high school showers
  4. Remembering Ralphie May
  5. Las Vegas and Gun Control
  6. His relief that the Bengals finally won a game in Week 4
  7. Cam Newton's poor word choice and delivery
  8. Tom Petty - Free Fallin'
Oct 08, 2017
Episode 4: White Fear vs Black Pain

This episode Gary Owen gets racial:

(1:32) Hotel Drama - Weed, Cigarettes, and Credit Card Fraud
(5:28) Fight at my last show in New York
(8:40) Homecoming chaperone
(9:50) I'm Doing Def Comedy Jam
(11:04) Why I'm excited about D. Wade going to Cavs
(15:16) NFL Talk: Bengals-Packers, Romo, and Super Bowl Picks
(21:18) Trump vs NFL: it's about race, not the flag.
(23:30) Why I love black people
(29:25) Private school kids
(31:55) True disrespect to the US Flag is...
(36:38) What Trump really needs

Sep 29, 2017
Episode 3: Kevin Hart Cheated But...

On this episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary Owen talks about:

  1. (2:00) Kevin Hart's infidelity drama
  2. (7:28) His own close calls with women on the road
  3. (15:46) Real Dad vs Step-Dad: Who's Worse? Gary shares a traumatic childhood abuse memory with his step-dad, and his biological father's cheating ways.
  4. (22:07) Colin Kaepernick, Week 2 drama with the Bengals, and why he feels Cincinnati has a strong chance of beating the Packers this week.
  5. (28:41) That time he coached his son's basketball game
  6. (31:18) Gives his Superbowl predictions based on Week 2
  7. (34:11) His thoughts on GGG vs Canelo
Sep 21, 2017
Episode 2: Portland Was Crazy

Gary recounts the wild things he got into recently while in Portland, Oregon, like:

  1. Using his celebrity to cut in line at a doughnut shop to buy $6 worth of donuts with a credit card
  2. Being strong-armed into buying donuts for young homeless white dudes
  3. Movie theater drama with teenagers
  4. Watching the Bengals-Ravens game at a sports bar. This is an inside look at what a true football fan really sounds like when their team is not meeting expectations.

Also this episode:

  1. Gary offers his comedic prediction of what will happen in the GGG vs. Canelo fight on Sept 16th
  2. Tailgating parties in Cincinnati
  3. Gary expresses his disdain for people screaming "I told you..." after the obvious has already happened, and more.
Sep 15, 2017
Episode 1: N-Word Lover

Gary Owen addresses being called a "N-Word lover" by a heckler at a recent show in Florida, and shares his hilarious take on the Mayweather-McGregor fight, why he doesn't give money to homeless white people, his love-hate relationship with the Cincinnati Bengals, and more.

Sep 07, 2017