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Rashemen is a land steeped in superstition, ruled by witches and entrenched in snow. Berserkers reign and spirits roam the frozen wastes. Yllairies, Keilah, and Mépris all have their own reasons for journeying north, but they soon find they have something in common—they are pawns in a divine plot. Join the broads as they unravel the mysteries of Rashemen.

Episode Date
Hearts of Wulin
We play the new game Hearts of Wulin with one of the designers, Agatha Cheng, as GM! Go back the kickstarter!
May 14, 2019
The Broadswords Live! Seattle
Recorded live at PodCon 2, the modern AU broads go to a Magic the Gathering tournament at their FLGS. We're joined by Celeste Conowitch of Venture Maidens!
Apr 27, 2019
S02E07 - Just Within Reach
The broads have been reunited at the temple of Chauntea. They seem to have arrived in the City of Splendours during a time of upheaval. There has been an explosion, and rumours are flying throughout Waterdeep. Will they be able to find Keilah's bagpipes? We're joined by special guests Chris Perkins, Adam Carnevale and Ross Rockafellow.
Apr 13, 2019
S02E06 - Lucid Dreaming
Yllairies steps into the plane of dreams and has to figure out how to get to Waterdeep from there. We're joined by Lauren Urban of D&D Beyond and Dungeon Drunks! She plays Jams, named after the artist who did our new logo!
Mar 30, 2019
Bonus Episode - Descent Into Doom with Dwarven Forge
We partnered up with Dwarven Forge for some dungeon delving! We fit two of the encounters from their Descent Into Doom adventure into the Broadswords universe. Join Loke, Farren and Kris as they descend into the Dungeon of DOOM!
Mar 26, 2019
S02E05 - The Bunny and the Rats
Yllairies has some unique visitors in Sigil.
Mar 15, 2019
S02E04 - Fireball
The party has split. While the rest of the broads made their way to Waterdeep, Yllairies stayed on in Sigil to learn some magic from her new tutor. Join us with special guest, BlueJay! This episode was brought to you by Kobold Press, The Elderwood Academy and our patrons.
Mar 02, 2019
Broadswords Live! Dayton
It's a live show! Due to events our of our control, we were unable to put up our scheduled programming, but here is a Modern Alternate Universe Rashemen adventure. Congratulations to @Canadian_Moose for winning the Dryad Gaming Co. giveaway!
Feb 16, 2019
S02E03 - Yllairies Says Goodbye
It's time. It's time for the broads to move.
Feb 02, 2019
S02E02 - Tea and Goats
Hiding from The Betrayer, the broads have been living in Sigil, the center of the multiverse, for the last two months. They have made their home in the market quarter along with Kenithar and Hanna, the Herald of Chauntea, waiting for a signal that it is safe to move on.
Jan 19, 2019
S02E01 - Session Zero
It's a new season! The broads sit down with guests Satine Pheonix and Ross Rockafellow for a Session Zero. They go over the social contract, house rules and do a lot of worldbuilding. This episode was brought to by Kobold Press, Elderwood Academy, and the Broad Squad patrons.
Jan 05, 2019
Feast of the Moon - Ready, Set, Feast!
We got together with four other podcasts to create family-friendly holiday themed episodes! Here is the final offering, where all the DMs from the previous three episodes get to play! DM: Jen Vaughn Players: Bianca Zelda, Celeste Conowitch and Renee Rhodes Editor: Lauren of Roll Like a Girl
Dec 30, 2018
Feast of the Moon - Yetiville
We got together with four other all-women and non-binary podcasts to create four family friendly holiday themed crossover episodes! Thank you to Venture Maidens, d20 Dames, Roll Like a Girl and Fate and the Fablemaidens for participating in this event with us! Three adventurers wake up to find themselves in a dwarven child's room. What should be a happy occasion in the rest of Faerun, seems to bring terror into this dwarven town's residents. Can these three strangers band together and save the Feast of the Moon? DM: Bianca Zelda Players: Laura Hutton, Becca Eckert, Livi Turnbull Theme Music: Victoria Rogers Other Music: "Arcadia" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Dec 29, 2018
Feast of the Moon is Here!
Happy Feast of the Moon! Five all-women and non-binary podcasts got together to make family friendly D&D one-shot adventures this holiday season. Wrangle the family ‘round the fire, sip that hot cocoa and join the Venture Maidens, d20 Dames, Fate and the Fablemaidens, Roll Like a Girl and The Broadswords for four episodes of cross-over holiday fun. The first episode drops December 16th on the Venture Maidens feed, then check out Fate and the Fablemaidens on December 24th! On the 29th the adventures will roll on over to The Broadswords and on the 30th you can find the DMs of the first three episodes play on either the Venture Maidens or The Broadswords’ feed. Happy holidays!
Dec 18, 2018
Bonus Episode - Season One Discussion
The broads talk about their emotions regarding Season One, and boy do they have a lot of them.
Dec 15, 2018
Listener Request Interlude - Beach Episode
The broads visit a Rashemi beach-side resort for some needed R&R.
Dec 01, 2018
Bonus Episode - Level Up!
The broads level up to five! Learn about their new feats, spells and bardic inspiration.
Nov 17, 2018
S01E28 - The Betrayer - Finale Part Three
War. The broads join the ranks of the Raven Queen's army, while their Rashemi friends battle the Red Wizards of Thay in the season one finale!
Nov 03, 2018
S01E27 - OOC Q&A
Victoria is sick and was unable to get the finale edited, so here is an older Q&A episode the broads recorded for Patreon.
Oct 20, 2018
S01E26 - Dreams - Season Finale Part Two
The broads are confronted with the enormity of the situation they have found themselves in, and are visited by a surprising stranger from their past.
Oct 06, 2018
S01E25 - The Portal - Season Finale Part One
The broads say farewell to Buckminster Eden and follow Kenithar and Bronlei through the portal to the Shadowfell.
Sep 22, 2018
Season 1 Finale Promo
War. It has come. The Portal - Part One of Season One Finale is this Saturday, with special guests Adal Rifai, Jeremy Oleksa, Kristine Chester, Ross Rockafellow and Travis McElroy!
Sep 20, 2018
S01E24 - Cloak and Swagger
The broads faced two foes that nearly brought them down. Cold, shaken and tired, they make their way back to the Vremyoni stronghold. Meanwhile, a small party makes their way through the mountain pass from Immilmar toward Storung's gates. . .
Sep 08, 2018
Bonus Episode 1 - Making Cawen
Originally released as Patreon content, we talk about Cawen and the creation of the Tethryn, a non-binary magic using class.  We are joined by Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way.
Sep 01, 2018
S01E23 - Cursed Howl
After the catastrophic events of the blood magic ritual, the Vremyoni and Hathran mourn their fellow brothers and sisters while others rejoice in their new found freedom.  Can Yllairies reconcile her feelings of guilt? Thank you to Ross Rockafellow, Jeremy Oleksa and Kristine Chester for joining us in this adventure.   Want to see more stuff by us?  Visit our Patreon page and pledge today!  [ ]( For CC Attribution, please visit: ‎
Aug 25, 2018
Announcement - Victoria Has Been Plotting
Exciting news!  Victoria has joined the communications and creative team of Dice for Brains, and she couldn't be more excited. Tune in for details! And don't forget!  The Patreon Live Stream of our Fate game set in the Mass Effect universe is open to all tiers levels.  For just a dollar a month, you get access!  Visit!
Aug 14, 2018
S01E22 - Blood Magic
In an act of desperation to save her father from possession, Yllairies does something she had sworn to never do: perform blood magic. Everything is going to be fine. . .   Special guests are Ross Rockafellow of Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of The Dice Unkind. Join us on the second Tuesday of every month for a patron-only live stream of a Fate game set in the Mass Effect universe.  Pledge only $1 a month and you get access.  Visit today!   For CC Attribution, please visit here:
Aug 11, 2018
S01E21 - What Did You Do?
The broads make it to Storung, the Vremyonni keep in the mountains.  It is time for Yllairies to meet her father.  Will he live up to her exacting expectations?   Meanwhile, Mépris and Keilah decide to take advantage of being around a bunch of magic item crafters. We are joined by special guests Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of the Dice Unkind. Victoria will be at GenCon!  Go see her at events with The RPG Academy, Hello From the Magic Tavern, Godsfall, The Dungeon Rats, Neo Scum and Travis McElroy! The Broadswords will be featured guests at PodCon!  Go support the Con and get registered early! For muic and SFX CC Attribution, visit here:
Jul 28, 2018
S01E20 - Breakfast?
After defeating the Banshee and learning some cool new moves, the broads head into the capital city of Rashemen.  Want really amazing dice accessories?  Head on over to with some shipping promo codes!  For U.S. customers, use the code 'broadsquad' for free shipping.  For those of us outside the U.S., get $10 off international shipping with the code 'broadsquad10' And want sweet dice to go with your sweet dice accessories?  Use the promo code 'BroadSquad' over at htttp:// for %15 off all your orders!  Music Attribution  "Firesong" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Fresh Air" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Jul 14, 2018
S01E19 - Ancestral Protection
The broads emerged from the tomb triumphant, only to find that the rest of the group had left them with Novik.  Awoken in the night to the shrieks of a banshee, the party tries to smooth talk the undead creature.  Mépris is confronted with something from her past. . . Adal Rifai of Hello From the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar continues with his guest role as Novik. Congratulations to Jammy Scribbler!  You won the Fan Art Contest! For music attribution, please go here. Want to join our Patreon?  You can! Thanks to our sponsor, eat-it-ology.
Jun 30, 2018
S01E18 - Cloth in the Trees
The broads have made it out of the dungeon!  They break out into the night and come across their old friend Novik, waiting for them. Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar joins us for the next two episodes as Novik, our second favourite barbarian.  ;) Congratulations to Kara F. and Mike M. for winning our dice and sticker giveaway!  They'll be receiving sweet dice from Tabletop Loot, a dice bag made by Victoria's mother-in-law, and stickers! If you want to vote for the winner of the Fan Art contest, just take a peek over at our Discord Server, our Facebook group or on Twitter and make your voice be heard!  There can be only one. And if you like arguing about food for no other reason than you get a kick out of it, check out! For music and SFX CC Attribution, please visithere.
Jun 16, 2018
S01E17 - Through the Gates
Last episode we left off with Keilah being attacked.  Will the broads make it out of this dungeon alive?  Let's find out! So much news!  We have guests coming up.  Lots and lots of guests!  Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar, Russ More from Dumbgeons and Dragons, Jeremy Oleksa from The Dice Unkind, Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains, Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way, and Travis McElroy of MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone! We are thrilled! We hit 25K downloads!  We've got a giveaway going on, you can check it out here. Exclamation marks everywhere! Because of all of you wonderful people, we've reached our third Patreon goal!  We'll be livestreaming a patron-only monthly Mass Effect game using the Fate Core system starting July 10.  That means we had to make a new goal!  When we hit this one, we'll release the audio from our stream to the public!  If you'd like to support us and gain access to session doodles, behind the scenes episodes and chances to play one shots with various broads as the DM, check out our Patreon Page. This episode is brought to you by eat-it-ology. For CC Attribution, please visit
Jun 02, 2018
S01E16 - Do Skeletons Eat?
The broads left Urling to meet Yllairies' long lost father in the northern Vremyonni stronghold.  On their way, they were dropped off at the Gates of Tethrys, an old tomb.  So far, they haven't had much luck learning its secrets. Victoria leads Kristin, Bianca, and Tracy through their first dungeon.
May 19, 2018
S01E15 - The Gates of Tethrys
The broads leave Urling and face their first dungeon!  Seriously, it's Kristin, Tracy and Bianca's first dungeon delve. Congrats to Izzy S., Catharine L., Nathan B., and Bethany B. for winning the patron one shot draw!  Expect an e-mail within the next week. For CC Attribution, please go here. Remember!  Podcasts of Foes starts on Monday, May 7th on the Dungeon Delve RSS feed.
May 05, 2018
S01E14 - OOC Q&A
Listen in while Victoria, Kristin, Bianca and Tracy answer questions asked by Patrons.  They cover everything from which fictional women Kristin wants to lift with, to how to promote inclusivity in your gaming community and what DnD means to each of them.  Bianca and Victoria soldiered on through a 3.6 magnitude earthquake, 'cos the show must go on and all that. We are thrilled to join up with Wizards of the Coast for Podcasts of Foes starting May 7th.  For more information about the event visit  Kristine Chester from Heroes of the Hydian Way will be joining us in that one-shot adventure. Upcoming guests include Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar, Russ More from Dumbgeons and Dragons, Jeremy Oleksa of The Dice Unkind, and Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains! Get access to session doodles, behind the scenes episodes, and chances to join us for one shots by become a Patreon supporter at
Apr 21, 2018
S01E13 - Roaring Spirits
Lady Yhelbruna has delved into the memories of our heroines. All three have been touched by the Draconic god Bahamut, and the Othlor of Rashemen wants to know why. Congratulations to Reanna K. for winning the Listener Appreciation Contest!  And more congrats to patron Kara F. for winning the Patreon Dungeonology draw! For music CC attribution please go to: What to be a patron and gain access to doodles by Bianca, special episodes, and the chance to play games with us?  You can!  Visit
Apr 07, 2018
S01E12 - Fire Bolts and Bath Tubs
Lady Yhelbruna, Othlor of Rashemen, has been peering into our heroines' pasts.  Next up: Yllairies. We have two guests in this episode!  Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way reprises her role as Lady Yhelbruna and Daniel from Bros and Dragons plays someone from Yllairies' past. Our Patreon is going strong.  Pledge today and gain access to behind the scenes episodes, session doodles, and a chance to play some one shots with Victoria as the DM!  You can become at a patron at: For Music and SFX CC Attribution, please go to:
Mar 24, 2018
S01E11 - Mulhorandi Dreams
Lady Yhelbruna peers into the past of our favourite tiefling barbarian. Our Patreon is live!  Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed.  We are flabbergasted and delighted at all of your support.  Haven't pledged, but would like to help us achieve our second goal so we can purchase new mics for Bianca and Tracy?  Visit For Music and SFX CC Attribution, please visit ‎
Mar 10, 2018
S01E10 - Beneath the Black Veil
Lady Yhelbruna gathers a Circle and peers into our heroines' pasts - Keilah's first.    Meanwhile, Victoria showcases her inconsistent regional Canadian accents. Next episode goes up March 9th, 2018! For SFX and Music CC attribution, please go to
Feb 24, 2018
S01E09 - The Circle
Our trio have all had visions under the watchful eyes of the Hathran of Urling, leaving them more confused than they were before they entered the witches' lairs.  Is anything in Rashemen ever straightforward? Listen in and find out what the Hathran have in store for our heroines. We welcome guest player Kristine Chester from Heroes of the Hydian Way as well as Victoria's husband, Kevin Patrick making an appearance as the Great Stag. Next episode will be up Saturday, February 24th. For music and SFX Creative Commons Attribution, please visit
Feb 10, 2018
S01E08 - The Great Stag
Mépris is summoned by the hathran, and as per usual, Bianca leads Victoria down unexpected paths. We’ve got a Patreon in the works!  Let us know what you’d like to see.  Tweet, post on our Facebook Discussion Group, or send us an e-mail at TheBroads (at) TheBroadswords (dot) com We have special guests lined up for you in the coming weeks.  Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way and Daniel from Bros and Dragons will be playing some important NPCs. Next episode is up February 10th. Please see CC Attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E07 - The Gazing Pool
Yllairies leaves her meeting with the hathran Nythra both bemused and shaken.  It is Keilah’s turn to meet with the Witches of Rashemen.  Will she be able to face her past? Meanwhile, Mépris makes an unexpected friend. Please see CC Attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E06 - Yllairies’ Dream
Yllairies is summoned by the hathran, but it doesn’t quite go as she expected.  Meanwhile, Keilah and Mépris bond and get up to some shenanigans. We now have a Facebook Group!  Go check it out! See CC Attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E05 - The Lover’s Noose
Can’t a woman get some sleep?  Apparently not, because these women have bloodshot eyes and tension headaches.  The Not So Merry Three learn that there is more to Borovic’s story than meets the eye. See CC Attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E04 - Into the Woods
After a night of prophetic dreams in the shadow of the Moss Stones, the caravan members awake to find interlopers in their midst. . . See CC Attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E03 - Repercussions
After the battle with the magmin, the caravan continues on its way, while Yllairies learns about consequences.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E02 - Animal Handling
Yllairies has a rude awakening from her perch on the main caravan wagon, while Mépris and Keilah join forces with the caravan guards. Please see CC attribution here.
Jan 29, 2018
S01E01 - Voice in the Mist
Jan 29, 2018