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Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield takes a look at the daily stories of mystery and justice, and examines some of America's most shocking crimes that we just can't forget. Mon - Thu 6p - 8p on HLN.

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Traffic stop turns nearly fatal after man pulled over opens fire. School facing backlash after officer's rough takedown of autistic child. Pig farmer takes polygraph test in missing college student's disappearance.
In Pennsylvania, dozens of drivers passed by a simple traffic stop that would turn into a full-on shootout, though the people driving by probably didn't think much of it because at first, everything was under control. Two state troopers pulled over a young man for speeding and just as they were about to send him on his way, they noticed signs of drug use. That's when they busted out the handcuffs and the driver busted out of their grip. 22-year-old Daniel Clary opened fire and left those officers for dead so he could drive himself to the hospital where he was treated for multiple gunshot wounds and eventually, put in handcuffs for good. During the dramatic shootout caught on camera, Corporal Seth Kelly was shot in the neck, should and thigh. He managed to apply his own tourniquet to his bleeding leg before he was rushed to the hospital. That's where he was declared dead for ten minutes before spending 12 days in a coma, and finally waking up. Corporal Kelly reportedly has no memory of the traffic stop, though he wants to go back to work with his partner. A School Resource Officer in Texas gets to keep his job after handling a special needs student who was reportedly poking and pinching his classmates, eventually kicking and spitting on the school cop. Not to mention, slamming his own head into the ground. Officer Eric Coulston was called to a classroom at Alexander Elementary School, in the hope of calming him down. But when the 10-year-old autistic student climbed into a cubby and Officer Coulston offered to assist, the child's parents say he did just the opposite. In fact, they say he abused him. That young boy's parents say their son is covered with scratches and bruises and that he is suffering emotionally after the experience. But the school district is backing Officer Coulston, saying he made the right call because the student was a "detriment to his own safety." Tonight, we're tracking the search for Mollie Tibbetts-the 20-year-old Iowa college student and camp counselor who vanished while she was dog-sitting for her boyfriend in a town of just fifteen hundred people. Mollie was last spotted by a local while she was on her evening run, but that was nearly a month ago. Police say they've looked into her Fitbit data as well as her social media. They say they've searched every property in the region talking to speak with Wayne Cheney, the local pig farmer who says he was questioned through he reportedly refused to take a polygraph test at the time. But apparently, Cheney had a change of heart because tonight we know that he took that lie detector test. The question is what investigators learned from it and whether it could help lead to Mollie. via Knit
Aug 14, 2018
Woman found dead after boating trip w/friend. Boys slaughter family of 5 to be famous? Boy dies, mistakes dad's meth for cereal? Man who last saw missing coed speaks out?
Louisiana authorities have more questions than answers as they continue to search for 32-year-old Sadie Thibodeaux, who disappeared while sailing on Sunday, PEOPLE confirms. On Tuesday, while sweeping Lake Pontchartrain, where Thibodeaux went missing, a woman's body was found. A judge ruled one of the brothers convicted of murdering five members of his Broken Arrow family will serve his five life sentences consecutively. Michael Bever was convicted of killing his parents and three siblings and trying to kill another sibling. An Indiana father is accused of allowing his 8-year-old son to get into a stash of methamphetamine and ingesting some, and then refusing to call 911 as the young boy lay dying - screaming and talking to people who were not there, witnesses told police. An Iowa man said police officers searched his home in connection to the case of Mollie Tibbetts, the University of Iowa student who vanished last month after going for an evening jog. In an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America" on Thursday, Devin Riley said he contacted the Powoshiek County Sheriff's Office in Central Iowa after Tibbetts was reported missing, telling officers that he may have been "the last person to see her." via Knit
Aug 09, 2018
Pig farmer questioned in coed's disappearance. Deputy shot dead, cops now eyeing his wife. Brad & Angelina's divorce battle gets nasty. Woman's outrageous excuse to avoid DUI arrest?
Smiling and laughing Mollie Tibbetts is caught on video the day before she vanished, as her father appeals directly to her 'kidnapper' to 'turn yourself in'. Mollie Tibbetts was last seen on an evening jog in Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18. A woman accused of killing her husband, a Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputy, will remain in custody unless she can post bond. Shantel Wagner, the wife of slain Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Sgt. Troy Smith, returned to court Tuesday for another hearing in her case. Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of not paying enough child support as divorce and custody battle rages on - two years after shock split. Bitter split is back in court after Angelina Jolie's team accused her heartthrob ex of failing to pay child support. Drunk South Carolina real estate agent, 32, tries to talk her way out of a DUI arrest telling police she's a 'very clean, thoroughbred, white girl' Lauren Cutshaw was pulled over in Bluffton, South Carolina, on Saturday for going 30mph over speed limit and blowing past a stop sign. via Knit
Aug 08, 2018
Cops: Teacher kills high school sweetheart. Cops: Mom drives car into river, kills girl. Cops: Teens hammer mom to death, bury body. Teen rescued from alleged sex traffickers.
A Georgia preschool assistant has been accused of shooting dead her high school sweetheart in their home. Mary Katherine Higdon, 24, was charged with murder after her 23-year-old boyfriend Steven Freeman was shot at their Griffin home last Wednesday. A woman pulled from the Kansas River on Friday intentionally drove a vehicle into the water to kill her two children, criminal charges filed Monday allege. One of the children in the car, her 5-year-old daughter, did die. The other, her 1-year-old son, was rescued from the river in critical condition, and remained in intensive care Monday. Two teen brothers are behind bars after they told police they beat their mother to death with a hammer and then buried her in the desert. Michael Wilson and Dakota Saldivar, both 17, confessed to the crime and said they murdered their mother Dawn Liebig because they didn't like her parenting style. A California girl who claims she was trapped in a world of sex trafficking until recently credits a South Sacramento postal worker with her rescue. via Knit
Aug 07, 2018
Gone Before The Storm
A mother vanishes just hours before Hurricane Harvey is due to hit her Texas town. But those searching for Crystal McDowell uncover dark secrets which lead them to believe the storm had nothing to do with her disappearance. via Knit
Aug 06, 2018
Jilted lover kills woman for texting ex? 2 toddlers die, cops doubt teen mom's story. Lice-infested kids in house of horrors? Where is missing Mollie Tibbetts?
Kristen Elizabeth Jones of Oklahoma was arrested for the murder of her roommate after police responded to a house fire and found the roommate's body dead inside the home. Investigators say that Jones had just ended her two-year relationship with her then-fiancé, and a fight allegedly broke out between Jones and her roommate, Miranda Pederson, over text messages Jones discovered between Pederson and Jones' ex-fiance. Investigators are now trying to determine exactly how Pederson was murdered. Amanda Hawkins, 19, brought her two daughters to a nearby hospital in grave condition, saying that they had collapsed while smelling flowers in the park. Police are now saying Hawkins' story doesn't add up, and that she actually left them in her SUV while she was visiting friends overnight. Hawkins is now being held in Burnet County Jail on two counts of endangering/abandoning a child. Mom Sara Resko is now facing six counts of child neglect after police found two of her children wandering the street-one of them without pants. When police searched the home and found the other four children, they discovered all six were infested with lice and covered in sores. Resko was nowhere to be found when police entered the home, and when she returned, she told them she had only been gone a few minutes. Police soon found out that the children had actually been left home alone while she was at work in a house with no running water, electricity, or food. The family of missing Mollie Tibbetts is still searching for answers in her mysterious disappearance. More than two weeks have passed since she was last seen going on an evening jog, and the reward for information on her disappearance has now risen to $172,000. In a press conference today, the family stated they believe she is still alive and are pleading for information from the public. via Knit
Aug 02, 2018
Man strangles missing mom w/ bare hands? Woman forced to eat dead mom's ashes? Cops: Missing mom choked to death by ex. Man kills wife, blows up home as cover-up?
Cassandra Robinson has been missing since February, last seen at her daughter's first birthday party. Now, her body has been found in a cargo trailer, and her boyfriend, Henry Steiger is accused of murdering her. When investigators asked Steiger about the missing woman's whereabouts, he said she had gone on a "well-deserved vacation" and might be in Bermuda, but police did not buy his story and found her body decomposing in a green steel drum within the trailer. Five people have now been arrested for allegedly abusing a woman with autism. Investigators say these five family members were beating the woman, sexually abusing her, and forcing her to eat her mother's cremated remains. The indictment filed last week contains graphic details of the alleged abuse, which began when the woman moved into a mobile home with the accused individuals after the death of her mother. The boyfriend of Bellamy Gamboa, who has been missing since the beginning of July, has now been charged with second-degree murder in connection with her disappearance. He allegedly told investigators that after a disagreement, he pushed Gamboa down a flight of stairs and choked her. Her remains have still not been recovered and there now may be evidence that Gamboa was afraid of her boyfriend when she called 911 in 2017 saying that she was worried he might kill her or harm their twins. Steven Pirus has now been sentenced to life behind bars after he pleaded guilty to first-degree homicide in the death of his wife. Investigators say Pirus blew up his home to cover up evidence of the shooting death of his wife that occurred months earlier. via Knit
Aug 01, 2018
Accused killer preying on dating apps? Family mysteriously turns up missing & dead. Mystery deepens in coed's disappearance. Governor's grandson walks free in rape case.
Not only has 27-year-old Danueal Drayton been charged with sexually assaulting and attempting to kill a woman in Los Angeles County, he has also been accused of the murder of Samantha Stewart in Queens, and is now connected to an unsolved rape case in Brooklyn. Police are working to investigate whether he was involved in up to seven murder cases nationwide. Drayton currently faces charges of attempted murder, forcible rape, false imprisonment by violence, and sexual penetration by foreign object. Attorneys for Nathan Carman's aunts are now attempting to confirm if a deleted Facebook account which bears the quote "my fam is only alive cuz I allow it" belongs to Carman. Nathan's aunts allege that he killed his grandfather in December 2013 and that he was responsible for the death of his mother who was lost at sea while on a fishing trip with Carman in 2016. Police held a press conference this afternoon in the case of still-missing Mollie Tibbetts, a young woman from Iowa who mysteriously vanished almost two weeks ago. Investigators are continuing to pursue hundreds of leads they've received since her disappearance. The Grandson of a former Virginia governor will face no prison time after being accused of raping a fellow University of Virginia student earlier this year. Stephen Dalton Baril had his charges reduced from felony rape and felony sodomy to misdemeanor sexual battery and felony unlawful wounding after entering an Alford plea, which acknowledges the presence of sufficient evidence without admitting guilt. via Knit
Jul 31, 2018
Man shoots ex-girlfriend dead, then texts her? Woman found dismembered after online date. Was coed abducted on nighttime jog? Wife shoots hubby dead over porn stash?
New evidence in the case of Markeith Loyd, accused of fatally shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. According to recently released documents, text messages were found on Loyd's phone that he sent approximately 10 minutes after shooting Sade Dixon, telling her he hoped she wouldn't "make it". The attorney for Aubrey Trail, one of two murder suspects in the death of Sydney Loofe, filed a motion to inspect Trail's apartment and the belongings he and Bailey Boswell left behind. Upon inspection, several bizarre items were found including about 56 beanie babies, several toy trucks, a lion rug, a meat grinder, and "shackles". Boswell and Trail are both being charged with murder after Loofe's body was found dismembered and disposed of in garbage bags last fall. New details are beginning to emerge about the evening 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts went missing. Family members claim evidence has been found on her computer showing she was doing homework late into the evening, and a snapchat to her boyfriend, which appears to be taken indoors at around 10pm that night, may help offer more clues about that evening's timeline. Patricia Hill, a 69-year-old Arkansas woman, has now been charged with capital murder after admitting to fatally shooting her husband. After calling 911 to report that she shot her husband, Hill told investigators the two had recently gotten into an argument when she realized he had been purchasing pornographic videos through their cable provider. via Knit
Jul 30, 2018
Mom Of "Abducted" Baby Charged In His Murder. Missing Man Killed, Cops Eyeing Ex-Girlfriend. Is FitBit Key To Finding Missing CoEd? Naked Woman Steals Police Truck, Then Flees.
A mother is arrested for the death of her 6 month old son. Police charged 22 year old Hanna Barker after her son was found burning near train tracks and subsequently died from the injuries. A woman is charged with murder of her ex-boyfriend, police collect blood of the victim from a treehouse near the suspect's home. Police hope data from missing Mollie Tibbitts's Fitbit can lead to her whereabouts. 20 year old college student has been missing for over a week. Caught on tape, naked woman steal police vehicle, dragging a deputy who was holding onto the door. via Knit
Jul 26, 2018
Did Son Kill Parents Or Was It An Intruder? Married Politician Has Sex Affair With Teen Girl. Bride To Be Kills Groom Over Wedding Guest? Caught on tape, road rage and a knife.
Defense attorneys for a son of a former NFL player who is accused of killing his parents, has filed a motion to have his murder charges dismissed. Police investigating a married politician for having a six affair with a young girl since she was twelve years old. Woman accused of killing her fiancé who she claims wanted to invite his ex to the wedding. via Knit
Jul 25, 2018
Nail Salon Owner Sets Fire, Kills 2 Firemen. Jilted Lover "Accidently" Kills Coworker? "Real Houswives Star" Attacks Cop, Walks Free?
Woman who set her nail salon on fire for insurance money kills two firemen who helped put out the fire. Man wanted to break into a woman's house to "scare" her and then "come to her rescue". Instead he is charged for killing her. Real Housewife star may avoid prison time for assaulting a police officer. via Knit
Jul 25, 2018
Accused Killer Stages 911 Call As Cover-Up? COPS: Teen Lovers Plan To Kill Girl's Family. COPS: Bikini Model Mom Faked Girl's Abduction. Beautiful CoEd Vanishes While Jogging. Missing Mom's Remains Found Inside Suitecase.
After two years after police found 3 year old buried in a shallow grave, the boyfriend of the mother's child goes to trial for his death. Teenage daughter and her boyfriend plotted to kill her family while they slept. Bikini model fakes her daughter's attempted kidnapping to frame her business partner. Police search for a missing college student who went for a jog. Human remains found belonging to missing 27 year old. via Knit
Jul 23, 2018
Cops: Killer on TV, pretends lover is missing. Girl found dead, cops eyeing mom's boyfriend. Young nurse strangled to death inside home, suspect at large. Brutal attack: Two men jump out of car, beat victim with baseball bats.
Lauren Wallen, 31, was four months pregnant and missing for nine days before police found her body buried in a wooded area of Damascus, Maryland. But before the high school teacher was found dead, police had suspicions that Laura's boyfriend Tyler Tessier may have had something to do with it. They held a press conference to announce they were investigating Laura's disappearance as a missing persons case and appealed to the public for information. But the press conference was really a set up to see what Tessier had to say. Now, the state has agreed not to play a tape of Tessier's voluntary police interview in court. But the jury will likely see clips from the press conference where Tessier shed his crocodile tears. A newly released autopsy report describes the brutal condition in which three-year-old Mariah Woods was discovered days after she was reported missing by her mother. According to police, the girl was wrapped inside three plastic trash bags and a zippered couch cushion cover, weighted down by a chunk of cement tucked inside. The report also confirmed that Woods was killed by chloroform poisoning but mentioned there was no evidence that the North Carolina girl was sexually assaulted. Adolphus Earl Kimrey II has been accused of Woods' murder and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. A Queens woman was found strangled to death inside her Queens apartment, according to local police. 29-year-old nurse Samantha Stewart was found wrapped in a white sheet on the floor of her bedroom - with her teeth knocked out and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She had trauma to her neck and head when she was discovered by her brothers, who were concerned when she was not returning their phone calls. Tonight, the hunt for two men who attacked a pedestrian with baseball bats - and the whole thing was caught on camera. The attack began when two men got out of a Range Rover in the Bronx. In the video, both men are seen swinging at the 32-year-old victim, who is now in stable condition. via Knit
Jul 19, 2018
Dismembered remains of at least 8 men found buried in planters. Cops: 15-yr-old with 'death list' fatally stabs woman at apartment, plans to use acne meds as murder defense? Driver arrested after 1100-lb boulder rolls off his truck, kills family. New fran
Toronto police found additional human remains almost every day after resuming a search of a property linked to suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur, according to police. "We did recover human remains virtually every day we were there," said police spokesperson Meaghan Gray, about the search that spanned from July 4 to Friday. Officers had been examining a property in Toronto's Mallory Crescent neighborhood, which was linked to McArthur, who faces eight counts of murder. Police said McArthur, who was arrested in January, buried his victims' body parts in potted plants on properties where he worked as a self-employed landscaper. McArthur had some sort of relationship with each of his victims, some of which were sexual, according to police. A teen accused of stabbing a Colorado woman to death and planning to kill others on his "death list" pleaded not guilty, although that plea may change to not guilty by reason of insanity following mental examinations. Aiden von Grabow, 16, is accused of killing 20-year-old Makayla Grote at her apartment last November. Police believe he intended to kill Grote's younger sister, whose name appeared on von Grabow's "death list." The teen's attorneys have hinted that an acne-treatment drug may be cited by the defense in explaining his alleged actions. A 33-year-old Minnesota man faces multiple felony charges after a half-ton boulder he was transporting fell out of his landscape truck and killed a mother and her daughter, according to the Dakota County Attorney's Office. Police say the boulder came off the truck as it went over a railroad crossing because it wasn't secured properly. Driver Joe Czeck did not stop at the scene of the accident. The medical examiner's office says both women died at the scene from blunt force head trauma. An urgent search tonight for a 23-year-old Minnesota woman who has had no activity on social media since mid-June. Police are now releasing new photos, showing what Jermain Charlo was wearing before she disappeared in Missoula. There is also concern that she is being held against her will. Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Guy Baker at 406-396-3217 or Det. Dean Chrestenson at 406-396-3261. via Knit
Jul 18, 2018
Family eyed in dad's mysterious boating death. DNA on used condoms leads to the arrest of alleged child killer. New questions after toddler & newborn found dead outside home. Candy-stealing bear caught on video.
An Idaho woman, who is wanted for grand theft, went missing after her husband died with lethal levels of allergy medication in his system. 68-year-old Larry Isenberg was reported missing in Lake Coeur de'Alene in February. His body was found 16 days later and now, a medical examiner has revealed that there were no 'visible' signs of stroke or drowning, despite his wife's claims. Lori Isenberg, 64, told investigators that her husband was not feeling well and fell off their boat into the lake. She has been missing since failing to appear at her arraignment last month. For three decades, the abduction, rape and murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley in April 1988 had frustrated Indiana investigators. The mysterious killer's taunting messages admitting to the crime, scrawled on a barn door and on paper notes threatening to kill again, only added to the desire to solve the cold case. Still, no suspect could be found. But thanks to advances in genealogy and DNA technology, the suspected killer was arrested and then confessed to the crime on Sunday-more than 30 years after April's death. John D. Miller, 59, was preliminarily charged with murder, child molesting and criminal confinement of a victim under 14, according to Allen County Court's website. Newly released court records chronicle what a mother of two young girls who died on July 4th told investigators about the death of her children. 29-year-old Jenna Boedecker-Ribando, who is also accused of assaulting her husband a day earlier, told police she fell asleep in a running car and found her daughters unresponsive when she woke up. The cause of their deaths has not yet been determined and no one has been formally charged in the case. A bear is caught on video breaking into the car of a family vacationing in Tennessee. When the bear was gone, the family discovered the bear got away with candy from another vehicle. via Knit
Jul 17, 2018
Heroin: America's Nightmare
Crime and Justice travels to a West Virginia city where the heroin crisis is taking hold, testing families and challenging a community. via Knit
Jul 16, 2018
Travis County Sheriff's deputies arrested a third suspect connected to the murder-for-hire death of an Austin, Texas, jeweler. : The former aspiring model who captivated a courtroom with her eye-catching outfits and sultry behavior - grabbing internationa
Teen & new bride hire hitman to kill dad? Model hires 'hitman' to kill hubby's ex Mom of 10 kills, buries son in backyard via Knit
Jul 13, 2018
Police arrested three babysitting teens after a Snapchat video surfaced showing one of the teens pretending to poke the toddler with a taser. An 80-year-old woman in Las Vegas was nearly killed after a man who was wearing nothing but a baseball cap allege
Cops: Teen babysitters taunt baby with taser Cops: Woman beaten, shot in face by intruder Fatal fall in shower or did doctor kill wife? via Knit
Jul 12, 2018
A woman found dead hidden in the brush at a community garden in Florida had dreams of becoming a model and actress. Two girls found dead outside of their Missouri home.
Mystery after model's decomposing body found 2 babies mysteriously found dead near home Son murders mom, buries her under porch? Disturbing developments via Knit
Jul 11, 2018
COPS: At Least 5 Dead In Newspaper Shooting COPS: Drunk Attorney Plows Down, Kills Woman. Picture Perfect Love, Becomes A Nightmare.
One person is in custody, after killing five people in the newsroom the Capital Gazette. A lawyer was captured on camera stumbling to pay for his parking at a garage pay station just moments before he allegedly ran over a woman. CNN's Chris Cuomo delves into the psychology of murder and mayhem in the bold series - Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo. via Knit
Jun 28, 2018
Camper Dad Killed AT M*A*S*H Film Site. Judge denies Sheriff's office to force feed a convicted murderer on a hunger strike. Woman Locked IN Box, Made Into Sex Slave?
Mysterious shooting Monday at the same California park where father was shot while camping with his 2 young daughters on Friday. Wisconsin man sentenced only 13 years for locking a woman in a wooden box in his basement and sexually assaulting her. Judge denies Sheriff's office to force feed a convicted murderer on a hunger strike. via Knit
Jun 28, 2018
Woman goes berserk, has meltdown on plane? Cop threatens daughter's boyfriend with jail. K-9 sniffs out $10 million worth of pot.
A woman was caught on video throwing an angry tantrum aboard a Spirit Airlines flight after the aircraft was diverted due to a medical emergency. After it was announced that the flight from Houston to Minneapolis would change course to accommodate the emergency, the woman frantically began to scream and sprint towards the front of the plane. A police officer in Ohio was fired after he puller over his daughter's boyfriend with her in the car- briefly detaining the boyfriend without cause- and driving off with his daughter locked in his squad car. Lorain officer John Kovach Jr. pulled over his daughter's boyfriend, Makai Coleman, 18, on April 18, without cause, and tells him he is 'going to jail.' Meanwhile his daughter, Katlyn Kovach, 18, is in the back seat of Coleman's car. Chicago police on Saturday found more than 1,500 pounds of marijuana totaling $10million in street value during a routine traffic stop on Saturday. The police department's narcotics unit enlisted the help of a K-9 named Jayda who inspected the vehicle, CPD wrote on its Facebook page. via Knit
Jun 26, 2018
Actress Heather Locklear Arrested Again. Dad Mysteriously Killed On Camping Trip. "Call Girl Killer" Wanted For A Second Death.
Actress Heather Locklear was arrested Sunday on two misdemeanor counts of battery on emergency personnel. Locklear kicked one of the deputies. She was cuffed and arrested. She was "extremely intoxicated and very uncooperative," according to the police. A 35-year-old man camping with his young daughters was found fatally shot in a Southern California state park, authorities said. Alix Tichelman, nicknamed by national media as the "Call Girl Killer" and "Harbor Hooker" of Santa Cruz, is finally telling her side of the story. via Knit
Jun 25, 2018
Cops: Beaten Woman Escapes Kidnapper. Did Man Kill Wife or was it Really an Owl?
A Florida man has been accused of threatening and attacking his girlfriend after a trip to the veterinarian, where the woman secretly passed a note to a worker pleading for help. The note read "call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don't let him know." A worker at DeLand Animal Hospital immediately called 911 and the boyfriend, Jeremy Floyd, was arrested on site. Police say Floyd did not obey no-contact orders while in jail, and the victim says he attempted to contact her by phone 47 times. In 2001, Kathleen Peterson was found covered in blood at the bottom of a staircase in her home. Though her husband claimed she fell down the stairs, he was soon accused of murdering her and was convicted of the murder in 2003, but was granted a new trial in 2017, which reduced the charge, and he now walks free. With the growing popularity of the Netflix series, "The Staircase" a theory is beginning to reemerge regarding the mysterious death of Kathleen Peterson, wife of author Michael Peterson. The "owl theory," developed by a member of Michael Peterson's defense team, posits that Kathleen may not have been attacked by her husband, but rather that a barred owl attacked her and became caught in her hair, ripping out parts of her scalp. via Knit
Jun 21, 2018
Teen Mom Found Shot Dead in Crashed Car. Cops Hypnotize Girl to Find Her Attacker. Man Keeps Fighting Cops After He's Shot.
Police are still attempting to identify a suspect in the death of Kayla Huerta, a 17-year-old mom found shot to death early Monday morning. Police were responding to what they thought was a traffic accident when they found Huerta in a crashed car with multiple gunshot wounds. Family members now say Huerta's 3-year-old daughter refused to change her clothes because her mother put them on her. The victim's grandmother says, "she sees everybody struggling and she's like 'what's going on?' but we can't tell her, she's too small." Brittani Marcell was left with brain damage after being attacked with a shovel in 2008. After being unable to remember who her attacker was, Marcell went under hypnosis in 2014 and began to remember details of the incident. During the treatment, she remembered the name Justin Hansen, a contact she had on her phone. Hansen, now a father, was arrested and faces 18 years behind bars, but still denies his involvement. Police bodycam video shows the moment an East Cleveland man is shot in the stomach by police and stands up immediately to fight back. After police were called regarding reports of a man beating up a woman, they encountered Ramir Bell, who approached the police, throwing a t-shirt at the vehicle and running towards them. When an officer shot and hit Bell, he quickly picked himself up off the ground and continued running towards the officers. Bell has now been arrested on charges of assault and kidnapping and is awaiting formal charges. via Knit
Jun 20, 2018
Manhunt for dangerous escaped inmates. Woman held captive in dirt pit under shed. Family's accused killer wheeled into court. Teen's traffic stop goes from bad to worse. Baby scales closed pool ladder like spiderman.
Deputies in southeastern Illinois have captured one of three inmates who escaped from the White County jail early Saturday, but the other two -- including a murder suspect -- remain on the run. Jennifer Elliot told prosecutors she thought she was going to die in the hole, WCPO reported.She hadn't been able to speak when police pulled her from the three-and-a-half-foot dirt pit under a shed in the backyard of a home in Blanchester, Ohio. Jury selection begins Tuesday for Daniel Greis, 58, charged with five counts of wanton murder. Greis, of Independence, is accused of killing a family of five in a crash in October. A bad day for one Minnesota teenager is going viral after the West St. Paul Police Department posted dashboard camera video from a traffic stop online showing the woman racking up violation after violation. via Knit
Jun 20, 2018
Mom Falls from Cliff: Was it Murder? Clingy Coed Sabotages Boyfriend's Dream. Live TV Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong?
An Oregon man accused of pushing his girlfriend off a cliff in 2009 is now admitting to having sex with her underage sister. In an interview with Investigation Discovery's Maria Elena Salinas, Stephen Nichols confirmed the relationship he was having with Rhonda Casto's younger sister, despite having denied it in the past. This confession could lead to new charges for Nichols. Eric Abramovitz, a clarinetist from Canada, was accepted to Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles with a full scholarship back in 2014, but he never received his acceptance letter as it was intercepted by his girlfriend, Jennifer Lee. Lee hacked Abramovitz's account to delete the acceptance email and falsified a rejection email to prevent her boyfriend from going to the school. Abramovitz has now been awarded $266,500 in damages after discovering his ex-girlfriend's sabotage. An axe-throwing stunt went wrong on live TV in 2015 and now a Fox & Friends host is being sued by Jeff Prosperie, the man who was hit by the axe during the taping. via Knit
Jun 18, 2018
Woman speaking out, shares chilling details & video of escape from abductor's trunk. Teens say boy died from 'Russian Roulette,' cops call it murder. 'Psycho-Style' Attack: Police say wife stabbed approximately 22 times in couple's mansion shower.
Jennifer Asbenson was 19 when she was abducted by Andrew Urdiales in the California desert and 25 years later, she's telling the world her story. In September 1992, Asbenson was walking to a bus stop near Palm Springs when she was offered a ride by a stranger. Gagged and bound, she spent hours in the trunk of Urdiales' car before she was able to escape. In an emotional video posted on YouTube, Asbenson returns to the spot of her abduction and demonstrates her struggle. Now, a jury in Orange County is recommending the death penalty for Asbenson, who has since been convicted of killing five women in California and three in Illinois. Outrage tonight after a Las Vegas 17-year-old is shot to death. Jaiden Caruso, 16, and Kody Harlan, 17, are in custody and they say they were playing Russian Roulette when the gun went off into Matthew Minkler's jaw. But the victim's family thinks he was flat out murdered by people he thought were his friends. According to police, Caruso and Harlan ran out of the abandoned home they were in and left Minkler to bleed out on the kitchen floor. The two teens showed up back at the house shortly after to clean up the scene and they never called 911. A brutal New York death is said to be very similar to the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Psycho." Former finance executive Jules Reich, 64, has pleaded guilty to stabbing his prominent pediatrician wife to death 20 times in the shower. The frenzied attack took place inside the couple's $2.8 million suburban home in 2016. Shortly after, Reich called police to report Dr. Robin Goldman's death and told them he was "grieving, but in a joking mood." Now, he's pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter and facing up to 25 years behind bars. via Knit
Jun 14, 2018
Woman vanishes after online date, later found dead in trash bags. Cops: Mom's coworker now a prime suspect in her disappearance. Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart blasts plans to release abductor. Lawsuit: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader made 4x less than ma
A Nebraska couple appeared in court yesterday after being suspected in the murder of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe. Prosecutors say Aubrey Trail, 51, and Bailey Boswell, 23, strangled Loofe to death with an extension cord and dismembered her body after their Tinder date. Surveillance video from a local Home Depot shows the couple buying the tools they used, prosecutors allege, in newly unsealed court documents. Both Trail and Boswell face charges of first-degree murder and the improper disposal of human skeletal remains. Kimberly Kessler, the suspect in the case of missing mother Joleen Cummings, has been moved to Duval County, according to the Nassau County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff says Kessler last ate on June 2 and was moved jails due to the hunger strike. Authorities say Kessler stopped eating after she discovered investigators knew how many identities she had. She will be moved back to Nassau County once she starts eating again. One of the kidnappers who held Elizabeth Smart captive for nine months will be freed in six years and Smart has something to say about it. In a candid Instagram post, Smart called captor Wanda Barzee's release "troubling." Barzee was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping the then-14-year-old girl in 2002. via Knit
Jun 13, 2018
Did graphic novelist write girlfriend's own murder, mutilation? Grisly discovery after passerby discovers mom in makeshift coffin. Man brutally beats girlfriend to pulp, thinks she's cheating via Snapchat. Shocking video: Officer hears gunfire, snaps into
A Canadian graphic novelist is on trial for allegedly torturing and killing his girlfriend in their West Hollywood apartment. The DA says Blake Leibel, then 36, murdered 30-year-old Iana Kasian, who was the mother of his newborn daughter. Kasian was found dead on May 26, 2016, lying on a blood-stained mattress. According to local reports, there were bite marks on her face, defensive wound on her arms and wrist and all the blood had been drained from her body. The mother of a San Bernardino woman is looking for answers after her 34-year-old daughter was found dead on Sunday morning. The partly decomposed body of Marlene Santellan was discovered wrapped in blue plastic tarp in a makeshift wooden box in a California parking lot. CNN affiliate KTLA says neighbors saw a U-Haul truck dropping off suspicious items earlier that day. A Texas man has pleaded guilty to beating his teenage girlfriend to a pulp after she downloaded the Snapchat app and he accused her of cheating on him. Dameon Marmolejo, 21, appeared in Lubbock County court on Monday morning on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection to the horrific attack. The victim, 18-year-old Solidad Torres, says Marmolejo slammed her head into the tub and continued to beat her, causing her to get 15 staples across her head, three stitches and bruises all over her body from his shoes. Shocking footage shows the moment a police officer captures a suspect after he shot and killed a man on the street in Baltimore. The officer is dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute when he hears gunfire around the corner and springs into action. He can be heard saying, 'Put the gun down, put it down. Get on the ground, now!' as he points his own gun at him before arresting him. via Knit
Jun 12, 2018
Mom accused of killing newborns claims 'they were both dead.' Phone seized in murder investigation leads to a shocking arrest. Children allegedly locked up like animals in the back of hot car.
New evidence has been released in the case of a Brevard County mother accused of killing her twin newborns. Rachael Thomas, 30, has been locked up in the Brevard County Jail since April. On Thursday, News 6 obtained police body camera video, audio interviews, crime scene photographs and an analysis of Thomas' internet search history. "We didn't know -- I swear to you," Thomas is heard saying to an officer in the video recording. Aliquippa's police department is dealing with more turmoil after Beaver County detectives arrested its Assistant Police Chief on Friday on charges he sent lewd text messages to a group that included a 17-year-old girl. Joseph Perciavalle III, 43, is charged with disseminating explicit sexual material to a minor and unlawful contact with a minor, both felonies, as well as a misdemeanor charge of corruption of minors, court records show. This comes as the police department is investigating the murder of 33-year-old teacher Rachael DelTondo. Cell phone video taken by a concerned citizen in southwest Tennessee shows a woman releasing her two grandchildren from dog kennels in the back of her trunk. Leimome Cheeks, 62, has been arrested and charged on two counts of child endangerment for the disturbing incident that took place in Memphis on Saturday evening. The children, ages seven and eight, were questioned by police following their grandmother's arrest. Casey Anthony's former lawyer sentenced to 15 years. "Affluenza boy'' mom arrested again. Vince Vaughn charged with DUI. Farrah Fawcett's son faces attempted murder charges. Fake mom sentenced for kidnapping baby from hospital. Accused killer marries jail pal behind bars. via Knit
Jun 12, 2018
Dancing doctor's license just suspended. New chilling images of home 3 bodies found. Kate spade's husband: We are "devastated by her loss" "Beefcake Bandit" romance novel model headed to jail
An Atlanta-area dermatologist is defending her appearance singing and dancing in videos during surgical procedures, saying the videos were recorded with her patients' permission to chronicle and celebrate their physical transformations. Now her license has been suspended. Chilling photos reveal the shallow graves outside the House of Horrors where three missing women were found. The husband of fashion designer Kate Spade, who took her own life Tuesday, says his wife was getting help for anxiety and depression. via Knit
Jun 08, 2018
'Dancing doctor' now breaking her silence. New fears after 3 bodies found at home. Aunt kills nephew over their secret affair? Police chase after stolen armored personnel carrier.
A woman's body was found in a creek in Pennsylvania. Police released suspected Springfield serial killer from their custody in December, seven months before the bodies of three women were found on his property, after arresting him for beating a woman in the street, it has been revealed. A woman is on trial in Texas for stabbing to death her 25-year-old nephew with whom she was involved in a romantic relationship. via Knit
Jun 07, 2018
New fears after 3 bodies found at home. Casey Anthony headed to trial again? TV doctor's wife mysteriously found dead. TX police find woman passed out on the side of the road
Police released suspected Springfield serial killer from their custody in December, seven months before the bodies of three women were found on his property, after arresting him for beating a woman in the street, it has been revealed. Casey Anthony may face a civil trial over a defamation suit from the meter reader her lawyers tried to implicated in the death of two-year-old Caylee. Lawyers for an embattled doctor are recognizing his efforts at a recent car accident. via Knit
Jun 06, 2018
Cops: Tip led to suspect in at least 6 killings. Cops: 3 bodies found at kidnapper's home. Married senator caught in motel with boy.
Fears are mounting of a serial spree shooter in the Phoenix suburbs, after cops linked the killings of two women to the murder of a high-profile forensic psychiatrist who consulted on the JonBenet Ramsey case, and investigate whether a fourth murder is linked. Sen. Ralph Shortey had sex twice with a teenage boy at his coffee shop in the year before police found the two together at a Moore hotel, prosecutors have revealed. A child has been rescued from a grisly Massachusetts 'house of horrors' where three bodies has been discovered. FBI agent accidentally shoots bar patron, Denver, Colorado via Knit
Jun 05, 2018
Manhunt Underway: Mom dead in house fire, boyfriend missing Teacher Murdered: Search warrants cast doubt on ex's alibi Teen & new bride hire hitman to kill dad?
Biloxi native Amber Marie Holliman was loving life in Atlanta. The single mom just saw her daughter, Payton, graduate from high school. Payton also had started work with her mom at The Rusty Nail, a family restaurant, The Sun Herald reported.Holliman's friends at The Rusty Nail say she was planning to leave her longtime boyfriend, Patrick Joseph "P.J." Nolan. He was a recovering alcoholic who had brought her to Atlanta in the first place. But Nolan was drinking again, say The Rusty Nail's proprietors, and Holliman was ready to move on.She never got the chance. Police in Sandy Springs, Georgia, say Nolan killed Holliman on Saturday, shooting her in the head, then setting their bedroom on fire.Police are searching for Nolan, who is considered armed and dangerous. He faces charges of murder, arson and aggravated assault with intent to commit murder.Authorities say he could be in Mississippi, but he also has ties to Alabama, New York and Colorado. The mother of a 33-year-old former teacher who was fatally shot multiple times in Pennsylvania earlier this month said there is "no way" a local police department should be involved in the investigation into her death. Lisa DelTondo, the mother of Rachael DelTondo, is calling for an external agency to investigate her daughter's killing, the Beaver Countian reports.Lisa DelTondo fears the Aliquippa Police Department's involvement in the probe will provide ample fodder for the defense team if an arrest is made in the case, according to the Beaver Countian. The son of an Austin jeweler and the teenager's girlfriend have been arrested for hiring someone to murder his father so he could get his hands on a lucrative multi-million dollar life insurance payout. Nicolas Shaughnessy and Jaclyn Edison, both 19, were charged on Tuesday over the violent home invasion that saw his father Theodore Shaughnessy shot dead.Police say Shaughnessy had approached multiple people in the months before the shooting asking if they were willing to kill his parents for payment. via Knit
May 31, 2018
Killer Jodi Arias now a tattoo artist? Teacher rapist gives shocking new interview.
Jodi Arias' former cellmate is revealing what it was to be confined behind bars with Jodi Arias, the Arizona woman who killed her boyfriend in a bloody rampage 10 years ago, calling her "a sociopath" who gave her several tattoos while they were imprisoned together. Arias is serving a life sentence in the death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, who she stabbed 27 times and then shot back in 2008. Tracy Brown was Arias' cellmate for five months but has a permanent reminder of the killer in the form of six tattoos, all personally inked by Arias. One of the tattoos even has Arias' name on it. She admitted that having Arias' name scrawled on her ankle is "the biggest mistake I ever made." Their story shocked the world 22 years ago when she, then a 34-year-old teacher, admitted to having sex with him, her 12-year-old student. But despite going on to marry and have children with Vili Fualaau, the schoolboy she took as a lover in 1996, Mary Kay Letourneau is still emotional about the harsh and widespread criticism she received when the story broke. In a new interview with A&E for its docuseries Biography, Letourneau, now 56, breaks down in to sobs as she recalls the 'media carnage' their relationship triggered. 'It's shock value. That's what it was all about. Shock. I call it media carnage. Road kill. Blood. 'Everybody wants to hear the story. Whether it's because they want to analyze it or criticize it. It's been 20 years but it's still there,' she wept in a preview for the episode. Letourneau went on to claim the media's portrayal of their relationship was incorrect, claiming that Fualauu was 'eighth grade, age wise' when they started having relations. via Knit
May 30, 2018
Roseanne's show canceled after racist tweet. Casey Anthony's parents shocking interview. Body of boy who vanished from home found.
ABC canceled its hit sitcom "Roseanne" on Tuesday after the show's biggest star, Roseanne Barr, went on a racist Twitter rant. The parents of Casey Anthony are once again sitting down for an interview about the death of their granddaughter Caylee, this time appearing on an A&E special that will air Monday at 8pm. The hunt for a missing five-year-old boy has finally ended as investigators said they found his remains Thursday in Kansas. via Knit
May 29, 2018
Valuable Info Surfaces in Teacher Murder? Dancing, Singing Doctor Disfigures Patients? Woman Caught Lying About Sex Assault.
Though police have executed several search warrants, including one on the wife of an Aliquippa Police Sergeant in connection with the death of Rachael DelTondo, the teacher who was mysteriously murdered in her driveway, they are still working to determine who is responsible for her death. DelTondo's mother is now speaking out, saying that the teenage boy her daughter was caught in a steamed up car with back in 2016 had an "obsession" with Rachael and told her he wanted to marry her. Dr. Windell Boutte is facing seven malpractice lawsuits for botched cosmetic surgeries as videos she recorded of herself dancing and singing over exposed patients during cosmetic procedures continue to surface. These videos have been posted on Boutte's various social media platforms for marketing purposes, and include Boutte singing the lyric "I'm 'bout to cut it" from an O.T. Genasis rap song right before cutting into a patient. Sherita Dixon-Cole's story went viral after she accused a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper of sexual assault, but after police dashcam video was released of the night of the incident showing no sign of an assault, the officer's name has been cleared. Now, it could mean charges for Dixon-Cole. via Knit
May 24, 2018
Dancing, Singing Doctor Disfigures Patients? Mom Vanishes, Cops now Eyeing Coworker
Dr. Windell Boutte, a cosmetic surgeon is facing malpractice lawsuits after posting videos of herself singing and dancing during procedures. In one video, she sings the lyric, "I'm 'bout to cut it" from an O.T. Genasis rap song before making an incision in one of her patients. Multiple patients are now coming forward claiming Boutte botched their surgeries. There is a new person of interest in the case of missing mom Joleen Cummings, a Florida hairstylist who was reported missing when she didn't show up to pick up her kids on Mother's Day. The suspect is Cummings' coworker, Jennifer Sybert, who was reported missing in 2004 under her legal name, Kimberly Kessler, and had been using a fake social security number and address to work at the salon. Police say that security camera footage from the parking lot where Cummings' SUV was found showed the suspect emerging from Cumming's car - and Cummings was nowhere to be found. Police now say they have reason to believe that the missing mom may no longer be alive. via Knit
May 24, 2018
Defiant Driver Attacked by Police K9. Cops Close to Finding Teacher's Killer? Cops: Caretaker Scammed Lonely Man
An Ohio man was arrested on May 13th after a traffic stop by an Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper. The officer forcibly removed the man from his car, which had handmade plates on it, with the help of a K9 after Ronald Wagner, 45, refused to exit the vehicle, or provide any information or identification to the officer. On Monday, Wagner entered not guilty pleas to four different misdemeanor charges: not displaying license plates, not having an operator's license, obstructing official business, and resisting arrest. Details are continuing to emerge in the case of Rachel DelTondo, the Pennsylvania teacher who was shot to death in her driveway. A search warrant has revealed details about DelTondo's relationship with 31 year old Rashawn Bolton, the brother of Tyrie Jeter, who was on a trip to buy ice cream with the victim the night of the incident, and Sheldon Jeter, Jr. who was caught with DelTondo in a steamed-up car back in 2016. Shelly Streck, a caregiver for an 82-year-old bedridden woman, was charged with 2 counts of abuse by a caretaker on Friday after it was discovered that she had been planning to exploit the woman and her husband. Streck, who was being paid in cash after being fired from a home care company, performed and recorded a strip-tease video for the 85-year-old man, and convinced him to sign over family heirlooms and add her name to his joint bank account. via Knit
May 23, 2018
Cops Questioning Murdered Teacher's Lovers. Cops: Married Dad Runs Off with Teen Girl. Boy Describes Slaughtering Family of 5
New details are now emerging in the case of gunned-down teacher Rachael DelTondo, as a search warrant reveals she had been seeing 31-year-old Rashawn Bolton for around six months. DelTondo, who was shot in her driveway after returning from a trip to buy ice cream with one of Bolton's brothers - Tyrie Jeter - had been caught in a steamed-up car back in 2016 with his 17 year-old brother, Sheldon Jeter, Jr. After Stacey Esterly's husband, Kevin Esterly, ran away to Mexico with 16-year-old Amy Yu and was arrested for interfering with the custody of a child, she appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the relationship between her husband and Yu, saying that she didn't think the relationship was sexual. In the interview, Stacey Esterly stated that her husband "never once apologized" for the incident, and said that "when he gets out he'll explain the whole story". New evidence has been released in the case of Michael Bever, including a 911 call, evidence photos, and Michael Bever's interrogation video. Bever was convicted by a jury on five counts of first-degree murder after killing his parents and three siblings. His brother Robert was also arrested, pleaded guilty, and is serving life without parole. via Knit
May 22, 2018
Hunt for killer intensifies: Was teacher's killer someone she knew? New Bombshell developments: Mom mysteriously disappears in woods Outrage Tonight: Woman smiles after deadly DUI crash
Channel 11 is talking with the ex-fiance of Rachael DelTondo, the former teacher who was shot to death in her mother's driveway in Aliquippa late Sunday night. DelTondo and Frank Catroppa broke up over a year ago. They were together for eight years. Catroppa said he voluntarily went to the police department when investigators wanted to question him about DelTondo's murder. With the search for Murray woman Samantha Sperry gaining national attention on Dateline NBC, investigators told Local 6 new details about what may have led up to her disappearance. She was last seen in Graves County, and Chief Deputy Davant Ramage with the Graves County Sheriff's Office said the last people who saw the 25-year-old mother of two alive were her boyfriend, Rhen Hendrickson, and his father, Dusty Holder. An Ocala woman smiled ear-to-ear in her mugshot after causing a crash while driving drunk that killed a 60-year-old woman, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Troopers said Angenette Marie Welk was driving her 2011 Chevrolet Avalon east on U.S. Highway 27 around 11:54 a.m. Thursday when she failed to brake in time to avoid hitting the vehicles that were stopped in front of her. via Knit
May 18, 2018
COPS: Pro Golfer Attacked By His Wife. High Security, Drama Surround Royal Wedding. COPS: Smiling Mom Stabs Child Up To 70 Times
After a golf champion loses a tournament, his wife attacks him. US Open Champion golfer Lucas Glover is attacked by his wife, Krista Glover after losing this weekend's Players Championship. Windsor Castle prepares for the Royal Wedding. Armed police, bomb sniffing dogs, sealed manholes just part of the security for this weekend's wedding. Woman smiles at cameras after being arrested for allegedly stabbing her child more than sixty times. After an Amber Alert was issued for Taheerah Ahmad who was on the run with another child, two good samaritans called police after spotting them at a parking area. via Knit
May 17, 2018
Woman Kills Ex, "Performs" For TV News? COPS: Bus Driver Violently Abuses Girl. COPS: Mom Stabs Girl, Sets Home On Fire, Flees.
Woman who shot her on and off boyfriend to death and called 911 telling them so, wants to marry another inmate. Shayna Hubers filed for a marriage license to wed a fellow transgender inmate while waiting for her retrial. School bus driver caught on tape allegedly violently abusing autistic girl. School bus driver is facing criminal prosecution while the parents or preparing for a lawsuit. Mother arrested while on the run with her 8 year old daughter after accused of stabbing her 11 year old daughter. According to police, Taheerah Ahmad duct taped the children's hands, put socks in their mouths and began stabbing the 11 year old. via Knit
May 15, 2018
Accused Killer To Get Married Behind Bars. Could Killer Hatchet-Wielding Wife Go Free? Mystery After Missing Girl's Body Found.
Woman who shot and killed a man who she dated off and on for two years, files a marriage license to marry a fellow transgender inmate. Shayna Hubers who is waiting for her retrial after her first trial was overturned on appeal. Woman who admitted to striking her husband 20 times with a hatchet is being helped to gain her freedom from jail. Nancy Seaman, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband, is being helped by a group which includes the judge who over saw the trial. Remains of a missing 10 year old girl who disappeared in 2009, is found. Lindsey Baum went missing on her way home from a friend's house a mere four blocks away. via Knit
May 14, 2018
Woman helps dismember her lover, admits to killing her husband. Cops: Woman stalks date, sends him 65,000 texts. 'Iron Man' suit worth $325,000 stolen.
A South Carolina surgeon is facing charges after his wife was found dead in their home. The charges aren't related to his wife's death at all, though... it's another death. Cops say Dr. Adam Lazzarini shot a medical salesman in his house while drinking. The salesman, William Holland, was killed in October of 2017. As of now, there's still a ton of questions surrounding the death of Dr. Lazzarini's wife, Vanessa Brooke Biery. A Phoenix woman has been arrested for stalking and threatening a man she met online through a dating website. The couple went on one date in 2017. But Jacqueline Ades, 31, couldn't let go-at one point breaking into the man's home and taking a bath there, and sending him approximately 65,000 texts, many of them threatening. Ades also went to the man's place of employment, and pretended to be his wife. Arrested on Tuesday, Ades faces charges of threatening and intimidating, stalking, harassing and criminal trespassing. Someone call the Avengers, there's been a theft. The Los Angeles Police Department tells CNN it is investigating a burglary during which it believes the costume from the first "Iron Man" film was taken. Detectives from LAPD's Foothill division are leading the investigation into the burglary, which took place on Weidner Street in Pacoima, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, the suit, featured in the 2008 film, is valued at $325,000. via Knit
May 10, 2018
Authorities now digging for remains of up to six missing girls in Michigan. Cops: Dad believed to be eaten by alligators was murdered by wife. Disabled veteran steps up, trips suspect fleeing police.
Police in Michigan are searching a remote location in the hopes of discovering the bodies of up to six young girls missing from as long ago as the 1970s. Ten years ago, police were directed to the same area and found the body of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki. Cindy had disappeared in 1986; in 2008, Arthur Ream was convicted of her murder. Already serving a life sentence for Cindy's murder, Ream is now also suspected of killing up to half a dozen other girls who have been missing for decades, and burying them in the same "grave site." A seventeen-year cold case may have finally been solved. 31-year-old Mike Williams disappeared in December of 2000 after leaving for a fishing trip. He was presumed to have been eaten by alligators-until his body was found in 2017 in Leon County, Florida. Once his body had been found, the missing persons case quickly turned into a homicide case. Yesterday, his wife, Denise Williams, was arrested and charged with his murder. via Knit
May 09, 2018
Football star convicted in murder of cheerleader ex-girlfriend. Married teacher's class sexcapades revealed? Police race into gator-infested lake to rescue woman trapped in sinking SUV.
Former college football player William 'Riley' Gaul says his cheerleader ex-girlfriend's death was an accident but tonight, the jury convicted him of first-degree murder. In November 2016, 16-year-old Emma Jane Walker was shot dead through her bedroom wall while she slept. Gaul-who had been broken up with just two weeks before-admitted to the killing, but claims he shot into the home to frighten his ex and then swoop in as her hero. Tonight, Gaul was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. New details are emerging in the case of Brittany Zamora, who is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student. Over a month before Zamora was arrested by police, students reportedly voiced concerns that he "doesn't do any work and gets straight A's" and "gets warnings and is let off the hook." The school's interim superintendent says administrators investigated the allegations but were unable to find proof that Zamora was dating a student. Texas police officers raced into a gator-infested lake to rescue a woman trapped in a sinking SUV. The SUV sank shortly after the driver was pulled free. Local reports say she had fallen asleep at the wheel after a long overnight shift. via Knit
May 08, 2018
Fatal obsession: Cheerleader shot dead by football star? Abducted at birth: Woman kidnaps baby from hospital at birth, raises her for 18 years.
A former Maryville College football player has admitted to shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend, but did he kill her on purpose? In 2016, William Riley Gaul, 19, stood outside 16-year-old Emma Jane Walker's home and fired twice into her bedroom. One bullet got caught inside the wall but the other entered Walker's room and fatally struck her while she was asleep in bed. Now, Gaul is in court facing charges of first-degree murder. His defense attorney says, "Mr. Gaul committed the offense of reckless endangerment with the hope of coming to her rescue, of being her hero." At a sentencing hearing last week, Gloria Williams apologized for stealing little Kamiyah Mobley nearly 20 years ago, when the baby was only eight hours old. Williams pleaded guilty to kidnapping and interference with child custody. She faces a prison sentence of up to 22 years. Kamiyah has said that she hopes that Williams will receive a lenient sentence. But Shanara Mobley, Kamiyah's birth mother, said on the stand that she hoped the judge would give Williams a death sentence-even though she is not eligible. via Knit
May 07, 2018
Dangerous sex offender escapes motor home. Teen cheerleader shot dead by stalker? Cops focus on accused serial killer's anatomy. Mom accused of killing son gives birth again. Money grab after armored truck spills its load.
Stephen Houk is presumed to be armed and, as of Wednesday, still on the loose. His children, whom he is accused of kidnapping, are safe, and were last photographed playing at a police precinct, moments away from being reunited with their mother. Prosecutors say text messages were the key element in a ruse by William Riley Gaul to lure his ex-girlfriend outside the house where she was gathered with friends. Two nights later, Walker was found dead - shot once by a bullet fired through her bedroom wall. The 72-year-old former police officer who authorities say is the Golden State Killer appeared in court Wednesday while lawyers tried to limit evidence that could be admitted, including photos of his genitals that prosecutors say could link him to the killer's alleged string of rapes. A Cleveland mother accused of killing her 5-year-old disabled son and burying him in the backyard of her home gave birth to her tenth child while in jail awaiting trial on murder charges. via Knit
May 04, 2018
Manhunt for 'dangerous' sex offender on the run. Accused killer teen begs judge to go on cruise. Was baby boy beaten at daycare? .
California police are hunting a paroled sex offender who led them on an hours-long chase in a motor home with his two young children inside. A teenager who faces a felony vehicular homicide in the death of her best friend wants the judge not to take her passport since she had a cruise scheduled next month. A local mother is outraged after learning her son was beaten at the hands of someone at his Indianapolis day care. Now that 1-year-old is in the hospital as doctors work to see just how severe his injuries are. via Knit
May 03, 2018
Teen cheerleader shot dead by stalker? Jealous wife murders husband's mistress. Accused killer granny living it up after. Armed suspect robs same liquor store again.
A jury has been selected in the trial for the former Maryville College football player accused of killing a Central High School cheerleader. Emma Walker, 16, was fatally shot through her bedroom wall while she was asleep . New details have emerged about a grisly murder-suicide that rocked a quiet Pennsylvania town on Monday and resulted in the deaths of two women who were locked in a sordid love triangle. A new timeline of events released by investigators reveals where accused killer Lois Riess went and what she did during her time on Fort Myers Beach. Pamela Hutchinson's body was found inside a FMB hotel room earlier this month, and Riess was arrested and now faces charges of killing her. One more thing: armed suspect robs same liquor store twice in 5 months. via Knit
May 02, 2018
Did bad breakup lead Golden State Killer to killing spree? Cops: Drunk 'Real Housewives' star arrested. Sarasota officer signs off after 30 years of service.
The Golden State Killer repeatedly called out "I hate you, Bonnie" during one of his terrifying sexual assaults - and that critical clue ultimately helped lead investigators to Joseph DeAngelo, a man with a Bonnie in his past, as well as provide a possible motive for his horrific killing and raping spree, an investigator says, New video shows the moment a star of The Real Housewives of New York City is handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police cruiser. Authorities arrested Luann De Lesseps on Christmas Eve last year on charges of disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer. A Sarasota police officer makes an emotional and heartfelt farewell on his last day on the job, as he retires after 30 years of service. via Knit
May 01, 2018
Bombshell arrest! Cops: Golden State Serial Killer Caught
Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested by Sacramento police Wednesday as the suspected Golden State Killer, accused of a series of rapes and murders that terrorized California communities in the 1970s and 1980s. The break came after FBI and California officials last year renewed their investigation and offered a $50,000 reward for an arrest and conviction. A task force was set up to crack one of the state's coldest cases. "For over 40 years, countless victims have waited for justice," Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said at the news conference Wednesday. ""We found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in Sacramento. The answer was always going to be in the DNA." via Knit
Apr 26, 2018
Cops: Golden State Serial Killer Caught
(CNN) A former California police officer has been identified as the so-called Golden State Killer believed to have committed 12 killings and at least 50 rapes across California from 1976 to 1986, authorities said Wednesday. Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested after investigators matched discarded DNA from his home to evidence from some of the crimes, Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten told reporters. The suspect seemed surprised when he was arrested without incident this week in connection with a crime spree that spanned 10 years and at least 10 counties throughout California, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said. "We all knew that we were looking for a needle in a haystack but we all knew that the needle was there," Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said at a news conference outside the crime lab where the big break in the case came. "It is fitting that today is National DNA Day. We found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in Sacramento." The suspect, who faces capital murder charges, is being held without bail in Sacramento. via Knit
Apr 25, 2018
Explosive New Claims: More troubles for famed magician? Shocking Video: Unruly passenger tased 10 times on plane Outrage Tonight: Accused killer cheerleader walking free
Celebrated magician David Copperfield will be back on the stand in a Las Vegas courtroom today. He's being sued by a British tourist, Gavin Cox, who said he was seriously injured while participating in one of Copperfield's famous tricks in 2013. Now the plaintiff's attorney tells CBS News that two other women have come forward, saying they were also hurt during the same illusion. Copperfield denies he is at fault. An unruly passenger was repeatedly Tasered on board an aircraft after allegedly fondling a female passenger in front of her boyfriend and making racial slurs. The incident happened on an American Airlines flight travelling from Miami to Chicago. A Warren County Judge has modified the house arrest order for the Warren County teen accused in the death of her baby by imposing a curfew. Attorneys for 19-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson filed a motion on April 17 in Warren County after a judge postponed her murder trial while a state appeals court rules on a dispute between her attorneys and prosecutors over medical testimony. via Knit
Apr 24, 2018
Waffle House Massacre: More arrests imminent after deadly rampage? Chilling New Details: Accused killer granny targeted other women? Outrage Tonight: Judge berates frail woman who later dies
The gunman accused of killing four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House was arrested Monday after a frantic manhunt, police said. Suspected killer Lois Riess is waiting in jail for a scheduled extradition hearing on Monday. Investigators say they believe Lois Riess let her guard down when she walked into a sea side restaurant in Texas. She had a calm, confident demeanor, never once raising suspicion. A South Florida judge resigned on Friday after being recorded berating a woman in a wheelchair who was having trouble breathing due to multiple medical conditions, and died just three days later. via Knit
Apr 23, 2018
Magician David Copperfield Takes the Stand. Mom Mysteriously Disappears in Woods
Magician David Copperfield took the stand yesterday for the first time and refused to take responsibility for the injuries sustained by Gavin Cox, a British tourist who is suing the magician and the MGM Grand casino-resort for negligence. The search continues for Samantha Sperry, a Kentucky woman who went missing in the woods on March 28th while going after her suicidal ex-boyfriend, Rhen Hendrickson. Hendrickson turned up two days later, and was treated for injuries and hypothermia, but Sperry is still unaccounted for. Now, a friend is telling investigators that Sperry told him she was going to walk to a relative's house nearby, but she never arrived. via Knit
Apr 20, 2018
Mystery After Boy Crushed to Death in Van. Magician Forced to Reveal Secrets in Court. Marine Wanted for Girlfriend's Murder.
Last week, 16-year-old Kyle Plush suffocated after being trapped under a collapsed seat in his minivan despite having called 911 twice to plead for help. On Tuesday, his family went to City Hall to discuss what the city of Cincinnati had done wrong, but after being told by a city councilman that officials had done the best they could, the family stormed out, one of the relatives shouting, "This is the most insensitive thing I've ever heard." A British tourist who claims he was injured during magician David Copperfield's Las Vegas show is now suing the magician and the MGM Grand Casino-Resort. During testimony of the executive producer for Copperfield's show, secrets behind one of Copperfield's most famous illusions were revealed, and Copperfield is expected to be the next to take the stand. Authorities are now offering an $11,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Raymond McLeod, a Marine who is accused of murdering his girlfriend in 2016. McLeod has been on the run and authorities believe he may have fled to Mexico or Central America. via Knit
Apr 19, 2018
Cops: Killer Gambling Granny on the Run. Magician's Secrets Revealed in Court. Man Accidentally Records Murder Confession?
The manhunt is still on for a Minnesota grandmother who has been accused of killing her husband and murdering a Florida woman who looked like her so that she could steal her identity. A British tourist who claims he was injured during magician David Copperfield's Las Vegas show is now suing the magician and the MGM Grand Casino-Resort. During the civil trial, which began Friday, the secrets behind one of Copperfield's most famous illusions were revealed. David Jungerman has been charged with first-degree murder after accidentally recording himself admitting to killing Tom Pickert, a personal injury attorney who represented a homeless man that Jungerman shot back in 2012. via Knit
Apr 17, 2018
Mystery After Boy Crushed to Death in Van. Cops: Killer Gambling Granny on the Run. Did TV Producer Try to Cover Up Murder?
A 16-year-old trapped for over six hours under the bench seat of his minivan was found dead Tuesday evening after suffocating, despite calling 911 twice to plead for help. Lois Riess is already wanted in connection with her husband's death, and she is now charged in the death of a Florida woman who resembled her. Police believe Riess shot the woman in an attempt to steal her identity. Jill Blackstone, a former producer for Jerry Springer was arrested on Wednesday for murdering her sister, who was deaf and partially blind. Police originally believed the death to be a suicide, after her sister was found dead with her three dogs in her garage from inhaling carbon monoxide fumes, but now suspect that Blackstone was responsible for her death. via Knit
Apr 16, 2018
Drunk Bikini Clad Coed Kills Baby and Dad. Deadly Raid On Waco Religious Compound.
22 year old who took a sobriety test in her bikini finds out how long she put in prison after killing a man and an unborn child while driving under the influence. Coming up to the 25th anniversary of the Waco a former follower of David Koresh speaks out and tells of her loyalty towards him. via Knit
Apr 12, 2018
Woman's Body Stuffed In Suitcase After Sex. Cops: Jealous Woman Stabs Boyfriend With Samurai Sword. COED Burned and Dismembered After Date.
Trial begins for a man who is accused of stuffing a coworker in a suitcase. Prosecutors alleges that Joshua Palmer videotaped himself doing "unspeakable things" to 21 year old Shauna Haynes after he killed her. Police release photos of a woman covered in blood after she stabbed her boyfriend with a samurai sword. Emily Javier has allegedly tried to kill him for cheating. New surveillance video released in court of man on trial for murdering a coed. Charles Bryant is seen in a Walmart at around 4:30am buying a shovel that he wanted to use to bury 24 year old Jacqueline Vandagriff. via Knit
Apr 11, 2018
Accused Killer Babysitter Out Free On Bond. COED's Body Found Burned And Dismembered. Married Teacher's Sexcapades Revealed?
Babysitter accused of killing a 3 year old is free on bond. 36 year old Lindsay Partin was given a stern warning by the judge not to miss any meetings with pre-trial officer after posting a $75,000 bond. Man charged with murder claims that he and the co-ed had consensual sex that went wrong. Charles Bryant claims he panicked after accidently killed 24 year old Jacqueline Vandagriff during rough sex. Sixth grade teacher accused of having sex with 13 year old student has pleaded not guilty. 27 year old Brittany Zamora is accused of having sex multiple times along with performing oral sex to the 13 year old in the classroom. via Knit
Apr 10, 2018
Mystery After Children Vanish in SUV Crash. Dismembered Body In Padlocked Freezer. COPS: Dad Kills Boy, Reports Him Missing.
A body is recovered where an SUV plunged off the cliff in California last month where a family of eight were killed. Authorities believe it may have been intentional. Man charged with aggravated murder for the death of a woman found in a freezer, while the co-defendant cut a deal such that the murder charge was dismissed. Police alleges a father killed his autistic five year old son, hid the body then reported him missing. After he called the police, authorities conducted a three day search but eventually the father allegedly confessed to the police. via Knit
Apr 09, 2018
Could cell phone hold answers behind family's deadly SUV crash? Boyfriend tearfully pleads for teacher's return-was it all an act? Mom allegedly kills her 2 kids, then tries to pin it on babysitter. Golden State serial killer: Could 'trophies' killer coll
The mystery of what happened in the Hart family's fatal crash off a California cliffside remains under investigation. But much of the family's troubled history leading up to that point is known, and it provides vital clues to understanding why Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said he is investigating the case as a crime. The bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, were found inside their SUV on March 26. The bodies of children Markis, 19, and Jeremiah and Abigail, both 14, were found nearby. But there was no trace of Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Sierra, 12. Court documents reveal new details in the case of a Maryland teacher found dead in a field. Laura Wallen's boyfriend, Tyler Tessier, cried in front of cameras last September. After his arrest, police say he told vastly differing stories as to what happened to Wallen. In one, Tessier actually paints Wallen as the aggressor-coming at him with a pair of scissors. 20-year-old Brittany Velasquez is accused of killing her two children after they were found dead in a car, strapped into their car seats last week. Newly released search warrants reveal the disturbing plot Velasquez allegedly came up with to blame the deaths on her own grandparents. Investigators say the evidence they found does not match up with Velasquez's story. The preliminary cause of death for Christopher, 2, and Brooklyn, 10 months, are dehydration and exposure. HLN intensifies the manhunt for one of the nation's most prolific uncaught serial killers with a new true crime original series 'Unmasking A Killer' premiering Sunday, March 18 at 9pm ET/PT, only on HLN. The five-part docuseries profiles the terrifying real-life story of the Golden State Killer-a man responsible for a staggering 51 attacks and 12 murders in California. Investigators have searched for the sadistic criminal for forty years and with recent evidence suggesting he may still be alive. In 2016, the FBI Sacramento announced a national campaign and $50,000 reward to identify the perpetrator-making the investigation hotter than ever. via Knit
Apr 05, 2018
Active search now underway for 3 children missing from SUV crash. Son linked to mom's disappearance & wealthy granddad's killing. Young mom found shot to death, body dumped along busy road. Jury finds brother of woman's boyfriend responsible for her death
We may never know why Jennifer and Sarah Hart's SUV plummeted 100 feet over a cliff, killing the couple and three teens. Or whether their three other children are dead or alive. But new details about the mysterious family reveal a troubled history. Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman gives Ashleigh the latest on the case. "I'm to the point where I no longer am calling this an accident, I'm calling it a crime," he said. The sheriff also said investigators are looking at a cell phone found near the scene on the Northern California coast. A mom's disappearance at sea and her father's shooting death years earlier remain unsolved. 24-year-old Nathan Carman is the son of Linda Carman who disappeared on a fishing trip. Nathan's grandfather was shot to death back in 2013-police say he is still a suspect. Now, Nathan's own family members are pursuing a "slayer" action against him which, if successful, would keep him from receiving a high-dollar inheritance. An arrest has been made in the death of 20-year-old Texas mom Brianna De La Cruz. Police arrested Kedreen Marque Pugh, 30, yesterday without incident. He has been charged with murder and faces additional charges of felony possession of a firearm and two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. De La Cruz's body was found on the side of the road last week with multiple gunshot wounds. The jury reached a verdict today in the civil case of Rebecca Zahau, finding Adam Shacknai-the brother of Zahau's boyfriend-responsible for her death. via Knit
Apr 05, 2018
Were donations used to support famous TV pastor's lavish lifestyle? Man says wife disappeared from Walmart, then changes his story. Newlywed accused of stabbing wife 123 times, then blames cold medicine. New shocking video shows firefight between deputies
A famous televangelist is on trial-accused of failing to pay his taxes and filing false returns. 51-year-old Todd Coontz is said to reach 90 million homes, preaching to a global audience. Most ironic is the emphasis Coontz's ministry places on faith and finance. Prosecutors lay out a lifestyle for the preacher that can be described as lavish and excessive. Opening statements were heard yesterday in the case of Luc Tieman, who is accused of killing his wife and burying her in a shallow grave with, among other things, a bag of potato chips. 34-year-old Valerie Tieman was last seen by her parents in June 2016. Prosecutors say Luc Tieman, then 32, told police the last time he saw Valerie was when she left him in the parking lot of the Walmart in Skowhegan, Maine. If convicted on the murder charge, Tieman could get 25 years to life in prison. Newly-released search warrants reveal new insights into the case of a North Carolina would-be pastor who's charged with murdering his wife by stabbing her 123 times. Matthew Phelps told cops he consumed Coricidin cold medicine to help him sleep, then woke up to find himself covered in blood and his wife's lifeless body on the bedroom floor. Search warrants now reveal that Phelps seemed obsessed with the horror movie 'American Psycho,' and even told a friend he'd like to know what it felt like to kill someone. An intense firefight between a suspect and authorities last year was captured on various law enforcement dash cameras and the suspect's home surveillance camera. The suspect, 44-year-old Nathaniel Fritz Macalevy of Boring, Oregon, was found dead outside a barn after being shot and killed by deputies. via Knit
Apr 04, 2018
Mystery after SUV plunges off cliff, police say deadly crash may have been intentional. Newlywed kills wife, confesses to priest? Young mom of 4 found shot to death near road, suspect still on the run. "Afflluenza" teen released after 720 days in jail.
A family's SUV found at the bottom of a California cliff last week may have been deliberately driven off the road, police told media Sunday. The bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, both 38, were discovered inside their overturned SUV near a remote stretch of Highway 1 in Northern California last Monday. Emergency responders found the bodies of three of their six children outside the car, which landed upside down on the rocky shoreline below the cliff. Their other children remain missing. New details are emerging in the case of a Pennsylvania man accused of killing his new wife. 44-year-old John Paul Grazioli allegedly confessed his crime to a local priest. We still don't know a motive in 31-year-old Amanda Grazioli's death. Court documents suggest John Grazioli may have been seeking extra-marital affairs. Grazioli also allegedly told his ex-wife that he planned on divorcing his current wife. Brianna ("Mariah") De La Cruz, 20 was found dead on the side of a busy road with multiple gunshot wounds. The mother of four was discovered by a driver on the southeast side of San Antonio with several shell casings nearby. The driver called 911 and now, the victim's family wants answers. Ethan Couch, known for his "affluenza" defense in his deadly drunk driving case, was released from a Texas jail today after serving nearly two years behind bars for violating his probation. Couch, 20, first made headlines as a teenager when he was sentenced to probation for a drunken driving crash that killed four people and seriously injured two others. via Knit
Apr 02, 2018
Mystery After Children Vanish in Car Crash. Drunk Rich Teen Kills 4, Set to Walk Free. Manhunt for Golden State Serial Killer
Two Washington women and their children were involved in a deadly crash off the Mendocino coast in California. The family car was discovered on the rocky shore Monday afternoon, where police recovered the bodies of the two women and three of their six children. The whereabouts of the other three children remain unknown as concerned neighbors report they suspected there was potential abuse or neglect occurring in the home. Tonya Couch, mother of "Affluenza Teen" Ethan Couch, who was apprehended with her son in Mexico in 2015 is now under arrest again after she failed a urine test. Her son, who killed four people while drunk driving in 2013 set to be released from jail in April. "The Golden State Killer", one of the nation's most infamous uncaught serial killers, is believed to have committed 51 attacks and 12 murders during the 1970's and 80's across California. HLN's 5-part docuseries, Unmasking a Killer (new episode Sunday 9pm ET/PT) follows the decades-long manhunt for the perpetrator as it intensifies after FBI Sacramento announced a national campaign and $50,000 reward to identify the criminal. via Knit
Mar 29, 2018
Mom Shoots Client Dead in Front of Son. Girl Beaten for Refusing Arranged Marriage? Cops: Killer Babysitter Stabs 2 Kids to Death. Jury to Hear Victim's Testimony at Murder Trial?
A bail bondsman who shot and killed one of her clients was found not guilty of murder charges. She is now speaking out for the first time since the incident, telling Inside Edition, "It was me or him". Parents of a 16-year-old girl are being accused of beating their daughter after she refused an arranged marriage. An outraged neighbor testifies in the case of a nanny who murdered two children in her care and pleaded insanity in court, saying, "this is not a case of mental illness, so I'm angry!" Judy Malinowski died in June 2017 after being doused in gasoline and set on fire. Before her death, she filmed a testimony in the hospital. A judge is still deciding whether to allow the testimony to be played for the jury in the trial of her accused killer. via Knit
Mar 28, 2018
NFL Cheerleader Fired Over Bodysuit Pic? Lotto Winner Molests Girl, Avoids Prison. Scorned Lover Terrorizes Coed After Breakup
A former cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints is now filing a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission after being fired for posting a picture of herself in a bodysuit on Instagram. She claims that female cheerleaders and male players are held to different standards and alleges gender discrimination by the Saints and the NFL. An Iowa man pleads guilty to molesting his 6-year-old granddaughter, but has his sentence reduced and is allowed to claim a $100,000 lottery prize. The victim's mother is now filing a $1 million lawsuit. After a bad breakup, a Long Island man pleads guilty to harassing his ex-girlfriend by posting her information on prostitution sites and sending drugs to her address. via Knit
Mar 27, 2018
Aspiring Actress Vanishes in Hollywood. Missing Teen Girl Found With Married Man. Teen to Use Acne Meds as Murder Defense? Tractor-Trailer Slams into Bus Carrying Kids.
The search for a missing 25-year-old aspiring actress and model continues as a suspect who may have been her boyfriend shoots and kills himself after a police chase. Kevin Esterly, who fled the country with a teenage girl, is facing felony charges of interference with the custody of a child. His wife is now speaking out. Colorado teen with a "death list" accused of fatally stabbing a woman last year appeared in court for the first time since a judge ruled he would be tried as an adult. A semitrailer crashes into a South Carolina school bus carrying four special needs students. via Knit
Mar 26, 2018
Mom Shoots Client Dead In Front Of Son. Cops Confront Man Accused Of Killing Teacher. Did Missing Girl Write Message On $1 Bill?
Family of man who was shot and killed by bail bondsman speak out. Chasity Carey was found not guilty of the murder of Brandon Williams, the shooting was caught on video in the bail bond office. Police release body cam video of man accused of killing a kindergarten teacher. Cathryn Gorospe was killed only after a few days she bailed out her boyfriend Charlie Malzahn. Does a dollar bill give a clue about an 11 year old girl who went missing 19 years ago? A dollar bill was found that has a hand written note that says "My name is Mikel Biggs kidnapped from Mesa AZ, I'm alive" via Knit
Mar 21, 2018
Naked Woman Found Bound, Hanging At Mansion. Mom Falls From Cliff, Family Says It's Murder. Millionaire Accused Of Sex Abuse Out Of Jail
Man takes stand being accused of the wrongful death of his girlfriend. Adam Shacknai was asked by his own attorney whether he had anything to do with the death of his girlfriend Rebecca Zahau. In an unusual interview with CBS 48 Hours, man accused of pushing fiancée off a cliff tells of what happened that fateful day. Stephen Nichols says, "Either I pushed her, she jumped on her own, or she slipped". Millionaire faces a judge's decision whether to use disturbing audio recordings in his trial. Louis Bianculli admits to drugging and assaulting his step-daughter however, can secret recordings be used as evidence. via Knit
Mar 20, 2018
Mom Kills Kids After Husband Files For Divorce. Missing Girl Found With Married Man. Dad Killed After Boulder Dropped Onto Car.
Woman who calmly called 911 and confessed to stabbing her two young children is sentenced today. Brandi Worley used to use a combat knife to kill her children a few hours after her husband filed for divorce. 45 Year old father of four young children who ran off with a 16 year old girl is arrested in Mexico. Kevin Esterly met Amy Yu in church who is also a friend of one of Esterly's daughters. Father who just learned his wife is pregnant, is killed when a boulder that was thrown over an overpass and struck him as he was driving. Christopher Lopez's wife, Guadelupe pleads to the public to help find the perpetrators. via Knit
Mar 19, 2018
Father of two allegedly kills his new bride and confesses to priest. Woman found decapitated near hidden bunker. Detective now revealing new leads in the manhunt for Golden State serial killer.
A Pennsylvania man is behind bars, accused of shooting his new wife in the head and killing her. 44-year-old John Paul Grazioli allegedly confessed his crime to a local priest. Cops say they found the gun used in the killing inside Grazioli's coat at the church. They found Amanda Grazioli's body in the master bedroom of the newlywed couple's home, along with a mysterious note that read, ""I killed Amanda Schmitt Grazioli... I killed myself I am profoundly sorry... sorry for all of this, John Grazioli." A manhunt is underway after a woman's body was found decapitated and her car found hundreds of miles away. 26-year-old Katherine Cunningham body was found at a site in Camano Island, Washington, on March 3. Since then, they have been looking for Jacob Gonzales, 33, who they say stole her car and has been on the run ever since. On Monday, police found Cunningham's Honda Civic abandoned near Yreka, California, some 560 miles from where her corpse was found. The new HLN series "Unmasking a Killer" is renewing the search for a California serial rapist/murderer most commonly known as the "Golden State Killer." The five-part series (which premieres on Sunday, March 18 at 9 pm ET/PT) chronicles the decades-long hunt for a man believed to have committed 12 murders and dozens of sexual assaults from 1976 through 1986. Since authorities released a new composite sketch a few weeks ago of a 1973 burglary suspect that might possibly be the same man, they've received over 50 tips. via Knit
Mar 15, 2018
Pro baseball player caught on camera repeatedly hitting girlfriend. New clues surface about missing teen and middle-aged man's reported movements. Newborn buried in backyard, teen allegedly gave birth after prom.
Surveillance video was released showing a former minor league baseball player hitting his girlfriend in a stairwell in Corpus Christi, Texas. Danry Vasquez, now 24, was arrested following the assault in 2016 and charged with causing bodily injury to a family member. He has since been suspended by Major League Baseball and released by the Houston Astros organization. Information has surfaced about the whereabouts of 16-year-old Amy Yu and 45-year-old Kevin Esterly. The couple was spotted at Philadelphia International Airport on March 5, boarding a plane to Dallas. Yu disappeared last Monday at her school bus stop. Before her disappearance, Esterly had signed Yu out of school ten times, claiming that he was her "step dad." An Ohio cheerleader accused of killing and burying her baby after prom was due in court today. The hearing was about police station conversations 18-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson's defense team wanted suppressed. Richardson is charged with aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and child endangerment. via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Mom shoots client dead in front of son. Naked woman found bound, hanging at mansion. Cops: Jealous woman stabs boyfriend with samurai sword. Family doctor allegedly guns down couple helping his mother move.
A jury has found an Oklahoma bail bond agent not guilty of first-degree murder. 42-year-old Chasity Carey shot and killed one of her clients at her office last August. Her 19-year-old son happened to be recording everything on his new GoPro camera. She says she was acting in self-defense and that the suspect had the gun. Several months after Rebecca Zahau's body was found bound and hanging at a Coronado mansion, a well-known forensic pathologist said his findings during a second autopsy raised serious questions about the death. While testifying in Zahau's wrongful death lawsuit yesterday, Dr. Cyril Wecht said, "In my opinion, Rebecca Zahau's death was a homicide. She was manually strangled and it was set up to look like a suicidal hanging." A woman is accused of slashing her boyfriend with a samurai sword in a jealous rage because she found a Tinder dating app on his phone. Emily Javier, 30, immediately called 911 after the March 3 attack asking for help, thinking her boyfriend was dead. Her arraignment was today where she entered a not guilty plea. A Texas doctor who was arrested on murder charges for shooting dead a couple in front of their three children told police he believed the victims were Russian mobsters who were planning to kill his mother as payback for his financial sleuthing. Dr Robert Fadal II, 56, was arrested on February 25 at his gated family compound Seguin after reportedly declaring to emergency responders that 'he had killed two innocent people,' identified as 27-year-old Anthony and his wife, 30-year-old Tiffany Strait. via Knit
Mar 14, 2018
Teen girl missing with married older man? Nursing coed found dead in apartment. Drunk bikini-clad coed kills baby & dad.
Police say a 45-year-old man and the 16-year-old girl he signed out of her Pennsylvania school 10 times in the last few months are now missing. Authorities issued a missing person alert for Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu of Allentown, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Police say the pair may be travelling in a 1999 Red Honda Accord. A Binghamton University co-ed was found dead Friday in her apartment and police are investigating the death as a homicide. Haley Anderson, 22, was a nursing student set to graduate in May. Police would like to speak to Orlando Tercero, whom they describe as Anderson's friend. However, they say Tercero left the country before the body was discovered and flew to Nicaragua. A college girl, Shana Elliott, who killed a man and his unborn baby, could spend just seven years in prison. The Texas jury's sentence was read by the judge on Friday afternoon. After sentencing, the surviving victim, Kristian Guerrero, addressed Elliott. It was an emotional seven-minute victim impact statement where she called Elliott a murderer. via Knit
Mar 12, 2018
Cops: Mom of 9 kills, buries son in backyard. Drunk bikini-clad coed kills baby & dad. Cops: Robber in shootout with mom & daughter.
Police video shows the first time Cleveland investigators went to question a mother about her child, who was later found murdered and buried in the backyard, according to WJW. In December, a man called with a tip, saying 5-year-old Jordan had been buried behind a house on West 80th Street in Cleveland. When Shana Elliott took the stand Thursday morning, she admitted: "I'm guilty." Elliott, 22, says she was intoxicated and should not have been driving the evening of Aug. 2, 2016 after a day of tubing on the San Marcos River. On that day, Elliott, who was 21 years old at the time, allegedly drove drunk and ran head-on into a car on State Highway 21 killing 23-year-old Fabian Guerrero Moreno and injuring his pregnant wife, Kristian Nicole Guerrero. A man who was shot multiple times while trying to rob a liquor store is now speaking about the alleged crime for the first time. Last month, Tulsa police say 36-year-old Tyrone Lee walked into the Forest Acres Liquor store and pointed a sawed-off shotgun at the mother and daughter who were working. Surveillance video shows that Lee immediately goes to the register and grabs the cash. via Knit
Mar 09, 2018
Drunk bikini-clad coed kills baby & dad. Elderly man's alleged abuse caught on video. Mom moonlighting on adult website killed. Cops: Mom goes to work after son shoots sister.
Emotional testimony unfolded in a courtroom where a former Texas State University student waited to hear her sentence from a 2016 drunk driving crash that killed a man and his unborn baby. Shana Elliott entered a plea of guilty for two counts of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault March 5. There are disturbing allegations of abuse in a Livonia nursing home, with some of it caught on a hidden camera. The family of the patient is suing; saying the abuse to their elderly father was partially motivated by race. The allegations are hard to hear and even harder to see, a caretaker at Autumnwood telling her then 87-year-old patient to "shut up", calling him derogatory names, and throwing him in and out of his wheelchair. The Calera Police Department arrested and charged Jeff West with murder in the death of his wife, Calera mother Kathleen "Kat" West. Jeff West is maintaining his innocence, according to his attorney John Robbins. Robbins joined us on the CBS 42 Morning News with Art Franklin to further discuss the case that has gained national attention. An Ohio boy, 8, allegedly repeatedly shot his sister, 4, with a small caliber rifle at their home while their mother was at work. Alyssa Edwards, 27, apparently left work to attend to her daughter's injuries, cleaned up a bloody bed cover and then returned to work, leaving the children alone again. via Knit
Mar 08, 2018
Did teen cheerleader kill, bury baby? Mom found dead after discovering hubby's affair. Naked woman found bound, hanging at mansion.
A state appeals court lifted the gag order in the case of Brooke Skylar Richardson, the 18-year-old accused of killing, burning and burying her newborn, according to the Warren County Clerk of Courts. A husband whose wife died under suspicious circumstances is behind bars, after a Tinder tipster came forward to reveal that she'd alerted his wife to his two-timing ways the very day of her death. A Coronado Police officer who was among the first to arrive at the Spreckels Mansion after the death of Rebecca Zahau testified Monday in the wrongful death civil case. via Knit
Mar 07, 2018
Naked woman found bound, hanging at mansion. Suicide or Murder? Did cops beat woman in retaliation? Shocking Video.
The mother of a woman who was found hanging from the balcony of her millionaire boyfriend's mansion in 2011 broke down in tears during her testimony against the man she believes killed her daughter for revenge. Rebecca Zahau, 32, was found naked hanging from a second-story balcony at a mansion owned by her boyfriend, Jonah Shacknai, in July 2011. Her hands were tied behind her back, her feet were bound and a T-shirt was wrapped around her lower face. Law enforcement officials concluded that her death was a suicide, but her mother and sister believe that Shacknai's brother, Adam Shacknai, is to blame. A Florida woman claims she was brutally beaten by police just days after she testified against a cop who assaulted a homeless man. Jessica Mooney, 26, was waiting at a bus terminal in Fort Lauderdale in 2015 when she witnessed officer Victor Ramirez slapping a homeless man in the face in an incident that was caught on a viral video shot by her fiancé.Officer Ramirez, was who has a long history of reports of excessive force, was charged with misdemeanor battery and arrested the following year. He was found not guilty despite the video evidence of him slapping Bruce LaClare. via Knit
Mar 06, 2018
Missing mom's body found hidden off road. Arrest in cheerleader's mysterious death. Cops: Killer babysitter stabs two kids to death.
The person in custody in connection to the disappearance and death of missing Middlesex mother TerriLynn St. John knew both the mother and the father of her children. On Thursday at 9 a.m. St. John's body was discovered about one miles from her home on Mill Wharf Road. Her body was found covered with leaves along Barricks Mill Road in Pine Top, Virginia. The suspect was identified as Alvin B. Keyser, age 23. Keyser is an acquaintance of St. John. He showed authorities where St. John's body was located. A man has turned himself in for the death of a 19-year-old Texas cheerleader last year. Cayley Mandadi, of Trinity University in San Antonio, died on Halloween 2017 after falling unconscious in a car while traveling to Houston. Mark Phillip Howerton, 22, was charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault and criminal mischief on Wednesday. Nearly six years after Yoselyn Ortega was arrested and charged with murdering two Upper West Side children in her care the prosecution and defense will present their opening arguments in trial, a representative for the Manhattan district attorney's office said. Opening arguments in Ortega's trial are scheduled to begin Thursday after a lengthy jury selection process and years of pre-trial hearings, according to the district attorney's office. Ortega - accused of stabbing 6-year-old Lulu Krim and 2-year-old Leo Krim to death on October 25, 2o12 - is facing two counts of murder. via Knit
Mar 02, 2018
Mom vanishes from home: was she abducted? Doctor allegedly kills couple in front of kids. Dentist accused of torturing kids, fraud.
A local affiliate reports that Middlesex County deputies are searching for a Virginia mother who mysteriously disappeared from her home Tuesday morning. TerriLynn St. John, 23, was last heard from around 7:30 a.m., when she went to her car in her front yard, preparing to take her children to daycare, according to family members. The door of the home was found open and her small children were found alone inside her home. A family doctor in Texas allegedly gunned down a couple of neighbors who were helping his mother move furniture - as the victims' children watched in horror. Robert Edward Fadal II, a family practice physician in Seguin, is accused of using a rifle to fatally shoot Tiffany Leann Strait, 30, and her husband, Anthony Ray Strait, 27, as they were helping Fadal's mother move furniture early Sunday at the doctor's gated residence, the Seguin Gazette reports. Charges have been dropped against an embattled Jacksonville pediatric dentist. Howard Schneider was facing 11 counts of Medicaid fraud and one count of schemes to defraud. Last year, a trial judge ruled Schneider not competent for prosecution. via Knit
Mar 01, 2018
Deputy, K9 take down 2 car theft suspects. Hunt intensifies for Golden State serial killer. Man livestreams his own murder on Facebook.
Body camera video released by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office shows a deputy and his K9 partner capturing two men accused of stealing and crashing a SUV. Saturday, Sheriff Chris Nocco says, Jacob Montgomery drove off with David Brunton in the passenger's seat inside a stolen Ford Explorer. The two are accused of leading Dep. Nick Carmack on a chase that ended when the two crashed into a pole on a road in Hudson, Florida. HLN intensifies the manhunt for one of the nation's most prolific uncaught serial killers with a new true crime original series, Unmasking A Killer premiering Sunday, March 18 at 9pm ET/PT, only on HLN. The five-part docuseries profiles the terrifying real-life story of the Golden State Killer - a man responsible for a staggering 51 attacks and 12 murders in California. A man suspected of shooting and killing another man who was streaming live on Facebook in North Carolina was arrested Tuesday morning, authorities said. Douglas Colson, 65, was arrested on suspicion of shooting Prentis Robinson as Robinson was recording himself walking in the town of Wingate, North Carolina on Monday. via Knit
Feb 28, 2018
Mom moonlighting on adult website killed. 8-year-old abducted from Walmart, killed. Cops: Mom left 4 kids home alone to take trip.
A suburban Alabama mother living a double life as an adult model was allegedly beaten to death with a bottle of absinthe by her husband during a night of drinking. The stunning revelation came after court records pertaining to William 'Jeff' West's arrest were made public on Friday. The jury's guilty verdict was quick and its recommendation of death for Donald Smith was clear. "I can't say it is closure until I know he is dead," said Rayne Perrywinkle, the mother of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Smith in 2013. "He never gave Cherish a chance." The plea hearing of a Johnston mother accused of leaving her children home alone while she went on vacation has been delayed. Erin Macke is charged with four counts of child endangerment. She allegedly went to Germany, leaving two 12-year-olds, a seven-year-old, and a six-year-old home alone. via Knit
Feb 27, 2018
Mom Moonlighting On Adult Website Killed. 8 Year Old Abducted From Walmart, Killed. Boy Vanishes From Home, Stepmom Arrested.
The husband of a Calera wife and mother has been charged in the blunt-force killing. After more than a month-long investigation that has brought national interest to the small Alabama town, authorities charged 44-year-old William "Jeff" West with murder. The jury that convicted Smith must now decide whether to recommend the death penalty or life in prison for Smith. The stepmother of a Kansas boy missing since Saturday has been arrested on two counts of child endangerment, Wichita police have announced. Emily Glass, 26, was arrested as police continued their search for Lucas Hernandez who she said was last seen in his bedroom on Saturday afternoon. via Knit
Feb 23, 2018
Walmart Child Killer Laughs In Court. Did The Dentist To The Stars Kill His Mom? Mom Boyfriend And Estranged Husband MIssing.
: A resident of Syracuse, New York and a mother of four, she was initially reluctant to testify. She didn't think she could bear reliving a day that haunts her still. Kerri-Anne Buck took the stand in court Tuesday and faced her worst fear. A grandmother was killed in her Beverly Hills mansion, and her own son, a prominent dentist to the stars - has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Rockford Police investigators were seen Tuesday afternoon moving in and out of a home on 10th Avenue. Detectives inside hoped to find clues as to what happened to three missing people via Knit
Feb 22, 2018
8 Year Old Girl Lured From Walmart And Killed. Boy Mysteriously Vanishes From Home. Body Stolen From Funeral Home Still Missing
The jury that took only 12 minutes to confirm that Donald Smith is a child rapist and killer will be tasked this week with deciding whether those crimes should cost him his life. The hunt for a missing five-year-old boy turned desperate on Monday as the search entered its third day. Lucas Hernandez was reported missing from him home in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday by his 26-year-old stepmother. : "Really, the end goal is to have her body back," said Robert D. Tips, CEO of the Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries. He's the man one family is pointing the finger at after a body goes missing, and he's now speaking out. via Knit
Feb 21, 2018
Married Senator Caught In Motel With Teen Boy. 8 Year Old Girl Lured from Walmart and Killed. Brain Eating Amoeba Kills Girl On Church Trip. Preacher Found With Bound Naked Man?
We're learning more about the case against a former state senator who pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking charges last year. In March, the Moore Police Department released a redacted report containing details of an incident at a motel between then-Sen. Ralph Shortey and a 17-year-old. The jury in the murder case of Cherish Perrywinkle will be back in the courtroom Tuesday -- this time listening from witnesses and determining the punishment for her killer, Donald Smith. The jury took 12 minutes to find Smith guilty on Wednesday for the kidnapping, rape and murder of the 8-year-old back in 2013. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is denying allegations that it is responsible for the death of a teenager who contracted a brain-eating amoeba after rafting at the park. According to federal court documents filed last week, the Whitewater Center rejected claims from a lawsuit accusing the park of "conscious disregard for the safety of visitors." via Knit
Feb 20, 2018
17 dead, at least 14 injured in school massacre
(CNN) -- The FBI was warned in September about a possible school shooting threat from a YouTube user with the same name as the suspect in Wednesday's campus massacre in Parkland, Florida, according to a video blogger. Ben Bennight, the 36-year-old YouTube video blogger from Mississippi, noticed in September an alarming comment on a video he'd posted. He told CNN he immediately contacted the FBI. "Im going to be a professional school shooter," read the comment, left by a user with the name Nikolas Cruz, the same name of the suspected shooter who opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people. It was one of at least two alleged threat reports about the suspected shooter that the FBI received, according to a law enforcement official. In both cases, the FBI did not share the information with local law enforcement, the official said. Bennight emailed a screenshot of the comment, which he shared with CNN, to what he thought was an FBI tip line, but the email address was invalid, he said. Bennight said he followed up with a phone call to the FBI. The comment on YouTube has since been pulled down. According to Bennight, agents from the FBI's field office in Mississippi contacted him and came to his office to conduct an in-person interview the next morning. Bennight told the agents he didn't know anything about the user, he told CNN. That was the last contact he had with the FBI until Wednesday, he said. The FBI special agent in charge of the Miami division, Robert Lasky, confirmed Thursday morning that the bureau received a tip last year about the YouTube comment. "No other information was included with that comment which would indicate a time, location or the true identity of the person who made the comment," Lasky said during a news conference. "The FBI conducted database reviews, checks but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment." It's not clear whether the FBI ever identified the suspect in the other alleged threat report. On Wednesday afternoon, after Cruz was arrested, Bennight got a call from an agent in the FBI's Miami field office, who wanted to follow up on the September incident, he said. A few hours later, FBI agents from the Mississippi office paid Bennight another visit. "I saw the story kind of go across my newsfeed, but I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it," he recalled Thursday in a phone interview with CNN. "But when the FBI said it was the same name, the first thing that went through my mind was, 'Wow, I hope you were at least watching this guy that I alerted you to months ago." "I think in today's online world, it is very difficult to narrow down who does what without more information," Bennight told CNN's Jake Tapper later Thursday, "and unfortunately, I wasn't able to provide them with much." Noting that he doesn't know exactly what it takes for the FBI to investigate these sorts of tips, Bennight acknowledged that "had more time and effort been put into finding out who the username belongs to, ... they may have been able to find out who this person was and put him on their radar." via Knit
Feb 16, 2018
BREAKING NEWS: At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting
At least 17 people were killed Wednesday in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolaus Cruz, is in custody, the sheriff said. The sheriff said he was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons. Police are investigating his digital profile, he said. So far, what they've found is "very, very disturbing." We cover the shooting live and speak with eye witnesses and victims. via Knit
Feb 15, 2018
Cops: Girl, 8, lured from Walmart & killed. Model Hires 'Hitman' to Kill hubby's ex? Body stolen from funeral home still missing. Cops: Man brutally punches grandma in face.
During the second day of the Donald Smith trial, the medical examiner took the stand in a Duval County Courthouse. Smith is accused of kidnapping Cherish Perrywinkle from the Walmart store on Lem Turner Road, raping her and then eventually killing her. The Pickaway County Prosecutor's Office has indicted a Circleville woman again after an error in paperwork led to her conviction being thrown out. Tara Lambert is accused of trying to hire someone to kill a couple. Lambert is scheduled to be arraigned next week on two charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. A Bexar County jury took less than three hours to award $8 million in damages to the parents of a woman whose body disappeared from a casket at a San Antonio funeral home. A casket identical to the one containing the body of the missing woman was displayed in court Thursday. Police are searching for a man who savagely attacked an 85-year-old grandmother leaving her eyes swollen shut and her skull cracked. Mi Reum was walking to Hannam Market in Los Angeles on Saturday around 2pm when the incident occurred. According to her family, the suspect approached the senior and punched Reum in the face, which 'caused her to fall and split her head open'. via Knit
Feb 14, 2018
Did Sheriff order killing to protect cars? Cops: Girl, 8, lured from Walmart & killed. Girl found dead after filing restraining order. Clerk, son pistol whipped in front of 4-year-old.
A Tennessee sheriff has been caught on camera ordering his officers to shoot dead a fleeing suspect instead of trying to ram him, seemingly because he didn't want his cars to get damaged. Last April, Michael Dial, 33, led police on a long pursuit over county lines before an officer shot him in the head, killing him. A panel of 12 jurors and four alternates was seated Friday to hear the first-degree murder trial of Donald Smith. The panel of eight black women, one Hispanic woman, four white men and three white women were told they would see and hear explicit evidence in the death of Cherish Periwinkle, who was abducted, raped and murdered in June 2013. Joseph Lopez, 22, arrested on first-degree murder charge in December death. The Adams County Sheriff's Office announced late Thursday night that a suspect had been arrested in the death of Broomfield teen Natalie Bollinger - who, coroner's records reveal, was fatally shot in the head. Police have arrested the man accused of pistol-whipping a clerk and pointing a gun at a 4-year-old boy during a violent robbery at Lowell Mini Mart. via Knit
Feb 13, 2018
Did millionaire murder wife in mansion? Missing teen girl found murdered in woods. Cops: Woman kidnaps baby, pretends to be mom.
Opening statements in the State of Florida v. James Robert Ward took more about two hours Wednesday morning. "Ladies and gentlemen, what the evidence is going to show in this case is, that on the night of September 21, 2009, the defendant, Mr. Ward, pointed a gun in the direction of his wife's face and pulled the 12-pound trigger on a .357 magnum and it went off," said prosecutor Will Jay. The 16-year-old from Grand Rapids who was found murdered in Kalamazoo was also the victim in a sexual assault case scheduled to go to trial within months, the Kent County prosecutor said. Mujey Dumbuya was last seen alive Jan. 24 as she left her home to catch the bus to East Kentwood High School. Her body was found four days later about 50 miles away in a wooded area in Kalamazoo. Hours of emotional video has been released by police to First Coast News of alleged kidnapper Gloria Williams' police interrogation. Williams was arrested for kidnapping and interfering with custody, after she allegedly kidnapped Kamiyah Mobley 18 years ago from a Jacksonville hospital and raised her as Alexis Manigo. via Knit
Feb 09, 2018
Mom-to-be killed, baby cut from womb. Ex brutally beats mayor wife, avoids jail. Did teen kill girl for fear she was pregnant?
An infant who was ripped from her mother's womb by a neighbor last summer is being raised by her father, as her closest relatives still grapple with the fact that the child will never know her mother. Baby Haisley Jo is in the care of Ashton Matheny, in North Dakota. The man who beat and strangled then Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki will not go to prison. Only NBC2 was in court as former firefighter Ken Retzer pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Miami courtroom. In court, Sawicki played a violent 10-minute recording showing pieces of what she endured at the hands of her ex-husband. The mother of a murdered 13-year-old stared down her accused killer in court on Tuesday. Nicole Lovell's mother Tammy Weeks sat forward in the public gallery of Montgomery County Circuit Court in Christiansburg, Virginia, as student David Eisenhauer appeared. via Knit
Feb 08, 2018
Aspiring funeral home director found dead. Mom poisons toddler son, goes on shopping spree. Young waitress found dead after strange texts.
A Cobb County jury has found an Austell mother guilty of poisoning her disabled toddler and taking out credit cards in his name. Erica White was found guilty as indicted - on 16 counts that range from malice murder to financial fraud - on Monday, said Kim Isaza, spokeswoman for the Cobb district attorney's office. Evidence gathered in the death of 21-year-old Savannah Gold shows that police divers found her burned body in a Westside pond in August, just hours after her ex-boyfriend, Lee Rodarte finished a lengthy interview with detectives. A young woman in Ohio has been found murdered in her Columbus apartment just one day after her 24th birthday. Rachel Anderson, 24, of Warren, Ohio, was found dead on January 29. Following the discovery of her body, an autopsy was performed, but the results haven't been released yet. via Knit
Feb 07, 2018
Cops: Woman snaps, calmly says she killed mom. Preacher with secret double life kills wife. Cops: Son kills wealthy parents, hides bodies.
A Chandler woman can be heard calmly admitting strangling her mother to death in a 911 call released by the Chandler Police Department on Friday. Elizabeth Ramirez, 59, called police on Jan. 16requesting assistance at the home of her mother, 80-year-old Bertha Hermosillo Gutierrez. The Washington County jury deliberated for about eight hours after getting the case earlier in the day following six days of testimony. Stephen Carl Allwine was found guilty Wednesday night of fatally shooting his wife and staging her death as a suicide. After 26 court appearances and the rejection of a plea deal, jury selection began Thursday in Kyle Navin's double-murder trial. Within minutes, the first juror, a nurse at a local hospital, was chosen. via Knit
Feb 06, 2018
Missing Girl's Body Found in Shallow Grave. Preacher With Secret Double Life Kills Wife. Mom's Dismembered Body Found in Suitcases? Cops: Mom of 9 Kills, Buries Son in Backyard.
Officials with the FBI confirmed Tuesday afternoon that a body found in rural Wayne County last month is that of Megan Nichols, a Fairfield, Illinois, teen missing since July 3, 2014. Stephen Carl Allwine was found guilty Wednesday night of fatally shooting his wife and staging her death as a suicide. The man suspected of killing a 28-year-old Aloha mother, whose body was found inside the trunk of a car last week, has been charged and booked into Washington County Jail. Officials on Wednesday announced additional charges and crimes connected to the death of 5-year-old Jordan Rodriguez. via Knit
Feb 02, 2018
Accused Killer Twin Pretended To Be Sister? Body Stolen From Funeral Home Still Missing. Billionaire Couple Killed in Mansion. Two Court Appearances In One Day for "Serial Stowaway"
A woman accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her identical twin had dressed up in her dead sister's clothes and flirted with her boyfriend shortly after the fatal crash, a court has heard. Ashleigh interviews the ex-boyfriend of Julie Mott, whose body went missing after her funeral. via Knit
Feb 01, 2018
Chase suspect speaks out from jail, teacher bashes military in classroom rant, twin accused of killing sister
The man behind the wheel in a high-speed chase claims he's on the right side of the law. A teacher is caught on camera slamming the military, and Ashleigh slams him right back. And the twin accused of driving her sister off a Hawaiian cliff is headed to trial, saying her death was an accident. via Knit
Jan 31, 2018
A Mom's Double Life Death; Bitcoin Hitman?; Murderer Arrested in Oregon Ditch
A married mother who was killed while leading a double life on an adult website was spotted in a liquor store buying absinthe and whiskey eight hours before she died. A man suspected of decapitating and dismembering a 28-year-old Oregon mother was found hiding in a ravine and screaming for help minutes before he was arrested by police. A Minnesota preacher in a failing marriage, who failed in his attempt to hire a hitman using bitcoin on the dark web, also failed to convincingly stage his wife's murder as a suicide -- a final misstep that ultimately led to his arrest, officials said. via Knit
Jan 30, 2018