Broccoli and Ice Cream

By Myq Kaplan

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Category: Comedy

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Comedian and human Myq Kaplan (pronounced Mike Kaplan) has conversations with friends about the work of their lives (as represented by broccoli) and the joys of their lives (as represented by ice cream). Everyone has the best time and learns a lot forever. Enjoy!

Episode Date
Episode 27: Christian Finnegan and the Secret Pep Talk

Christian Finnegan is a comedian and actor and writer and all kinds of creator and human and friend. I've seen him on the Good Wife which I love, and Chappelle's Show which I love, and now on this podcast which I love. I'm the only one who SEES him on this podcast, because for you it is audio only. Enjoy! Thank you!

Aug 10, 2018
Episode 26: Alice Fraser and the Dominance of Weird Comedy

Alice Fraser is a comedian, podcaster, Australian, and (among many more things) a friend who is currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest right now (August 2018), as am I. This conversation was recorded there (here)! If you're anywhere near Scotland, come on by and see our shows. And wherever you are, thanks for listening. It will be just like you were/are there/here. (Space/time is complex to discuss/live in. We talk about it! Enjoy!)

Aug 04, 2018
Episode 25: Luke Null and the Four Ordained Ministers

Luke Null is a comedian, a musician, and a mystery. He's two parts known, one part unknown. At least that's what we know. Maybe there's even more parts that we don't know. Listen up, and head into parts unknown. And parts known. (In the episode, the conversation goes even farther than this nonsense. But there is a lot of fun nonsense. Please enjoy, as desired!)

Jul 27, 2018
Episode 24: Kate Willett and the Power of Uncertainty (Maybe!)

Kate Willett is a super funny comedian, super smart person, and super nice friend. She's super and nice and all those other things. Her debut comedy album is called "Glass Gutter" and I recommend it. I also recommend watching her later this year on Netflix's "The Comedy Lineup." Enjoy her then, enjoy her now, enjoy her forever. Also me, I'm here. Thanks!

Jul 21, 2018
Episode 23: Clark Jones and the Thirst Trap of God
Jul 09, 2018
Episode 22: Chemda and the Way to Accept a Compliment

Chemda has been a podcaster since before you've heard of podcasters. She is one half of Keith and The Girl, which enters the Podcasting Hall of Fame this month, and also is my nice funny smart good friend. Enjoy us talking! Now! Or soon. Whenever. Take your time. There. Good. Thanks! Bye.

Jul 08, 2018
Episode 21: Ben Seidman and All the Secrets of Magic Just Kidding Only Some or None of Them

Ben Seidman is a delight. A delight of a magician, a comedian, a human, and maybe more things that he keeps hidden because he is a magician. That's what magicians do. Hide things in all aspects of life. Listen and find out ALL OF THIS MAGICIAN'S REAL LIFE NON-MAGIC SECRETS. Or some at least. Or none. I forget. But it's fun, and I thank you!

Jul 02, 2018
Episode 20: Jaqi Furback and the Scenes of Sorkin

Jaqi Furback is a comedian, writer, friend, and more. She looks for light in the dark, and she finds it. She IS light. So put some of that light right in your ears. Enjoy the warmth. It's a warm ear light. Thanks and love!

Jun 28, 2018
Episode 19: Hari Kondabolu and the Starry-Eyed Way

Hari Kondabolu has a new Netflix special called "Warn Your Relatives" on, a documentary called "The Problem With Apu," several podcasts, and an old friendship with me. We talk about lots of things that we know and probably some things that we don't. Enjoy and thanks!

Jun 18, 2018
Episode 18: Gina Yashere and the Source of All the Coolest Things

Gina Yashere knows so many things. About Gina Yashere and the world. She lives in America, was born in England, and comes from a Nigerian family, not in that order chronologically. She does comedy and tells the truth. Thank you for listening!

Jun 12, 2018
Episode 17: Josh Gondelman and the Kingdom of Good Enough

Josh Gondelman is a delightful human, wonderful friend, hilarious comedian, thoughtful writer, and many more adjective noun combinations. We have a fun (and sometimes serious... content warning: some brief discussion of suicide and suicidal thoughts) discussion that I hope you enjoy as much as you want to and can. Thanks and love!

Jun 05, 2018
Episode 16: Caitlin Durante and the Chainsaw Atheists

Caitlin Durante is a co-host of the Bechdel Cast, a comedian, a wonderful friend, a writer, and someone who was raised by chainsaw atheists. What does that mean? You must listen to find out. I think. I'm pretty sure we talk about it. Thanks and love!

May 31, 2018
Episode 15: Sam Kusnetz and a Horse of a Different Coconut

Sam Kusnetz is one of my oldest friends. Without him, this podcast might not exist, because I might be a different person, and also he might not have taught me how to use my podcasting equipment. Sam knows sound, so thanks for listening to these sounds of Sam's knowledge. And my nodding. And also saying some things. You are appreciated!

May 28, 2018
Episode 14: Jasmine Pierce and the Bio Robots

Jasmine Pierce is super funny and great. She writes for the Tonight Show. She's written for Reductress. She's had a podcast where she wakes people up in the middle of the night and starts recording whatever they say. And here, she says things while wide awake. Please enjoy the waking things she and I both say. If you like. Nothing is mandatory. LIVE HOW YOU CHOOSE!

May 22, 2018
Episode 13: AJ Jacobs and the Danger of Nouns

AJ Jacobs has read the encyclopedia, the bible, and lots of other books I'm sure. He's also written several books, so he's probably read those too. But now, he's on MY turf... talking out loud! As a podcast. (He's also made podcasts.) We have a delightful chat. Thanks for listening, or even just thinking about it. Good thinking!

May 19, 2018
Episode 12: Kenice Mobley and the Church of Podcasting

Kenice Mobley is a delightful human, comedian, podcaster, and friend. On her podcast, "Person About Town," she meets people at their favorite places and chats with them there. And this conversation is one of MY favorite places. In a different, non-geographical way. You get it. Why still reading? Listen! Thanks and be well.

May 14, 2018
Episode 11: Jay Michaelson and the Rounds of the Night Table

Jay Michaelson has done rabbi things, poet things, meditation things, Jewish things, Buddhist things, lawyer things, writer things, and most notably right now, speaking to me on my podcast things. I like what he has to say, and I encourage you to put all these things into your brain through your ears. Thanks and bye for now!

May 07, 2018
Episode 10: My Grandmother and Her Love of Me

Today's guest is my grandmother. I love her. She loves me. We talk about laws she may allegedly have broken or not broken. We talk about statistical anomalies that have worked out for and against her. We talk in a conversation that after the fact she has assessed as "kind of fun," saying "are you sure people will want to listen to this?" It's her first podcast, and I love it. And I love you for listening. Thank you!

May 01, 2018
Episode 9: Todd Barry and the Nothing At All About Death

Todd Barry is a comedian, actor, writer, nice man, and more. He sits down to chat with me (while I am also seated) about many of those things and more, but definitely not death. Nothing here about death. Don't be afraid. Or do. Be whatever you want. No death though. Love!

Apr 24, 2018
Episode 8: Rebecca Vigil and a One and a Two and a...

Rebecca Vigil is a wonderful improvisor, and this podcast is entirely improvised. You know, like a conversation. We didn't plan almost any of it in advance. I had "Hi, Rebecca Vigil" ready to go at the top, but that's about it. Her live improvised musical comedy show "Your Love Our Musical" is always amazing, in large part because of Rebecca's own amazingness. So why are you still reading this and not listening? Because it's polite to read everything to the end? Thank you! As a reward for reading to the end here, these words shall end here (ish). Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

Apr 19, 2018
Episode 7: Ramin Nazer and the Pot of Brain Gold

Ramin Nazer makes music, comedy, pictures, words, thoughts, ideas, imaginations, magic, and science. He designed the logo for this very podcast! He is a wonderful friend and human and spirit and artist and talks to me, Myq Kaplan, as all of those things. Enjoy!

Apr 13, 2018
Episode 6: Sasheer Zamata and the Style of Fashion

Sasheer Zamata is a delightful friend and comedian. Check out her special "Pizza Mind" on iTunes and Amazon, and also check out her conversation with me, Myq Kaplan, here and now. Or here and later. Or somewhere else whenever. Love and thanks!

Apr 07, 2018
Episode 5: Michael Ian Black and My Grandmother's Greatest Pleasure

Michael Ian Black invites me into his lovely home to discuss his work, his joys, the NRA, my grandmother, flight, invisibility, breakfast, and more. A delightful conversation with a delightful man.

Mar 31, 2018
Episode 4: Sarah-Violet Bliss and the Perfect Average Day

Sarah-Violet Bliss, one of the creators of the television program Search Party (and friend of this podcast's creator Myq Kaplan), graciously shares words and thoughts and ideas about her perfect day, on average. And lots of other things. Probably. Who knows? (Answer: you, when you listen. Thanks for listening!)

Mar 20, 2018
Episode 3: Baratunde Thurston and the Knowledge of Nothingness

Myq Kaplan is joined by good friend, wise comedian, and loud laugher Baratunde Thurston, as they discuss that which they know and that which they don't. (Mostly what they do. Maybe? I don't know! Enjoy, and thanks!)

Mar 14, 2018
Episode 2: Liz Glazer and This Moment

Myq Kaplan visits his wonderful friend, Liz Glazer, for a discussion about the moment, in the moment. If you're into moments, this might just be the moment (or several moments) for you. And if you don't know whether you're into moments, oh, you're into moments.

Mar 08, 2018
Episode 1: Zach Sherwin and the Schedule of Peace

Comedian/human Myq Kaplan has a conversation with long-time friend and super-talented comedian/musician/rapper/human Zach Sherwin about how he does the wonderful work that he does. Lots of fun is had by them in the past and you in the future.

Mar 02, 2018