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Podcast: Courageous hearts & curious minds

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32 – American or Dutch? Growing up in a dual culture home.
One parent from the Netherlands, one from America. One sister grew up overseas, one in the midwest. Today we compare our experiences and dig into our own personal coding. Are we American? Or Dutch? Or a unique blend? What do we resonate with? And is it related to culture or personality?  So many questions. Not […]
Nov 19, 2019
31 – YA is for Adults too.
Today we bring the playfulness back to our reading lists. Young Adult novels are for more than teens, we as adults have loved diving into the genera and discovering unique worlds. Join us as we try to share our favorites without spoiling the plot twists! What are you loving as an Adult reader? Let us […]
Oct 22, 2019
30 – Reading in High School Was Weird
The second episode in our series on books that influenced us, this is the high school years. Angsty. Curious. All over the board. And a little bit weird. We chat about falling out of love with reading, the pressures of expectations, eclectic tastes, and how a book needs to be read at the right time […]
Sep 18, 2019
29 – Books That Changed Us – Children’s Literature
How did the books we read in childhood influence us? What are the benefits of reading as a child? We chat over our favorite books as kids, the themes we notice now, and cool science facts including how reading changes growing brains and lowers blood pressure. What was your favorite childhood book??
Aug 23, 2019
028 – Anxiety, The Beast Below
Today we chat about how our anxiety has masked itself behind good behavior. Fears pushing us to be responsible, a desire to avoid pain rather than being good because we want to. What if we let go of the anxiety and put that energy into a joyful motivation instead? Both result in positive outcomes, but […]
Aug 01, 2019
027 – Moving: Stats, Stories, and Scandalous Situations
Today we’re talking all about moving!! Where we’ve moved. Why the average American moves and how it differs from the average European. Plus personal stories of how new places stretch our understanding of what is scandalous and what’s normal. Thanks for listening! As always share with your friends if you enjoyed! We’d also LOVE a […]
Jul 12, 2019
026 – The Practicality of Frivolity: Conversation Styles and How to Connect.
Does every conversation need to be productive? What is your conversation style? Does the Enneagram have anything to do with it? So many questions to this week’s topic! Join us as we discover the balance between diving deep and enjoying the tide pools. Also – we get a little bit hard on our own family […]
Jun 24, 2019
25 – Scarcity and Abundance in Faith, Dating, and Money.
How can Christians view scarcity or abundance mindsets in the framework of God’s goodness? Today we chat through our own places of vulnerability in faith, dating, and money. Learning to let go of limiting beliefs and trust a good God. Kris shares thoughts on singleness and the age old question, “Where are the good guys?” […]
May 29, 2019
024 – Curb Culture
A slightly different episode than normal. Today we chat about curb week, finding treasures in junk, how a good friend turned trash into a business, and upgrading our lives. A lighthearted, laughter filled episode just for the fun of it all. Stay curious friends, you never know what you’ll find! Also – These are the […]
May 08, 2019
023 – Family Origins
We share stories from our own family history to discover how family origins effect every day life moments. Why did mom and dad never hold hands? Why is leaving the house an event?How did WWII effect our relationship to Money? Join us as we explore our own family and encourage you to dive into your […]
Apr 18, 2019
022- Selfishness and Free Will
When we try so hard to be self-less that we lose our sense of identity and voice, we lose our God given free will. So where’s the balance? How do we navigate being a Christian and keeping our own voices? Join us as we discuss the idea that being too self-less may  actually be harmful. […]
Mar 28, 2019
021 – Teasing
What’s the difference between teasing and bullying? How do nicknames bond us? What’s the psychology behind teasing? Today we chat about all these and more! Also – Jesus was totally sassy and real with people. Hope you enjoy the banter! Kris & Anni   Article referenced in our podcast: In Defense of Teasing.
Mar 14, 2019
020 – Creativity in the Instagram Age
Ever wonder about the challenge of being a creative in the instant world of social media and Instagram? Where is the room for space to create? Or how do we keep the value of something given away for free? Join us for today’s discussion as we examine these questions and more!   Please rate our […]
Feb 28, 2019
019 – Responsibility and the Goldilocks Zone
Have you ever realized that you’ve taken on too much responsibility? Today we talk about finding the Goldilocks Zone, where life flourishes because the boundaries are “just right.” It’s all about respecting ourselves, and honoring the other person too. *Also Anni got a new job where this is really important.* ____ Share with your friends […]
Feb 13, 2019
018 – Psychology of Marie Kondo | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Marie Kondo’s methods of tidying are taking the world and social media by storm since her Netflix show came out this week. So we decided to do what we do best and ask, “Why?” What psychology tricks is she using to help not only move items out of a house, but move people forward […]
Jan 09, 2019
017 – Holiday Stress Relief Part Two | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Part two of our Holiday Stress Relief Podcast, where we talk about everything from touch and therapy pets to essential oils and the power of smell, walking in nature, weighted blankets and the power of letting go of anything outside of our control. Be sure to listen to part one if you haven’t already! We’ll […]
Dec 19, 2018
016 – Holiday Stress Relief Part One | Kandel Sisters Podcast
We had  a special request this week to talk about stress, and we decided it was perfect timing to talk about it with all the holiday stress coming up! In this episode we chat about: What is stress? Where do we hold stress in our bodies? Boundaries, saying NO, and prepping for the holidays. And […]
Dec 05, 2018
015 – Thankfulness | Kandel Sisters Podcast
With Thanksgiving week already here (how did that happen?!) we’re going to chat about gratitude! It’s our goal to discuss a potentially cliche topic in a way that isn’t. 😉 Today we talk about: The science of gratefulness and your brain’s power to improve your health through gratitude. Practical ways to practice thankfulness daily. Our […]
Nov 21, 2018
014 – Colors | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Every kid loves to ask “What’s your favorite color?”  – there is just something ingrained in the human psyche that is obsessed with color! In this episode: We share our favorite colors (spoiler: we both have similar favorites!). We chat about the psychology of colors on the wall and how to pick colors to meet […]
Nov 07, 2018
013 – Your Influence Matters | Kandel Sisters Podcast
In every heart lies a desire to know that our lives matter, that we touch those around us with influence. In this episode we chat about “Back to the Future” – how little moments change lives in years to come. We quote Gandalf in the Hobbit. We remember “Choose Your Own Ending” novels and the […]
Oct 24, 2018
012 – The Power of Words, Part 3 | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Our third and final installment of the mini series: The Power of Words. In this episode we discuss: Words of affirmation and other love languages. The importance of tone, not just the words themselves. And we chat about how finding a church that speaks life and freedom, rather than guilt and shame, is vital […]
Oct 09, 2018
011 – The Power of Words, Part 2 | Kandel Sisters Podcast
In this episode we continue to discuss of the power of words spoken over our lives. Blessing & Cursing: Are we setting a blessing over others with our words (or even the words we think to ourselves) or are we “cursing” with negativity?   We chat about the ways many people (specifically women or artists) […]
Sep 26, 2018
010 – The Power of Words, Part 1 | Kandel Sisters Podcast
The power of words is incredible! Changing the word you use can change everything! Today we chat about little things like describing children as “terrors” or “curious” to everyday things like the signs in the DMV. We also chat about scientific studies that show negative words actually influence and effect energy and cellular structure! […]
Sep 12, 2018
009 – The Power of Dreams | Kandel Sisters Podcast
In today’s episode we chat about dreams: The struggle I (Kris) have had with learning to dream. The power of dreams to push us forward, or hold us back when they become escapes. The way language changes the way we see our futures. And finally how REM dreams point us to what our subconscious minds […]
Aug 01, 2018
008 – Rest: The Golden Edge | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Rest. Regular, repeated rest. A Sabbath if you will. Today we talk about how rest is vital to humanity and mental health. It is a lost skill in the classic “Work hard, play hard” mentality of the American Dream. A few cultures in history tried changing the length of their work weeks. We discuss how […]
Jul 18, 2018
007 – The Internet: To Plug In or Unplug? | Kandel Sisters Podcast
About every 500 years a new technology arrives that changes the world by influencing the distribution of information. The printing press was one, and now the Internet! We are just starting to discover what the world wide web truly means for humanity. We wanted to talk about the positives of both unplugging and plugging in. […]
Jul 04, 2018
006 – Odd Jobs | Kandel Sisters Podcast
One of the first questions adults constantly ask kids is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So what happens when you don’t know? Today we discuss our MANY past job experiences, and how each one has led us to a discovery, a new connection, or a lesson, ultimately directing us […]
Jun 20, 2018
005 – Stay in Your Comfort Zone | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Comfort zones. A quick search on Pinterest or Google, and every quote you see is about leaving your zone. But what if our strength lies within our comfort? Tune in as we discuss embracing our comfort zones. Focusing on the things you are naturally good at instead of fighting to improve your weaknesses just might […]
Jun 06, 2018
004 – The Great Story | Kandel Sisters Podcast
Have you ever noticed how every story that touches our hearts reflects THE great story?  Why does every epic tale include something new being created, a fight between good and evil, a great sacrifice made by the hero, a love story about pursuing another’s heart? In this episode we point out how a few […]
May 22, 2018
003 – Sparkling Eyes | Kandel Sisters Podcast
In this episode we talk about sparkling eyes. What is it that makes someone’s eyes light up? Passion, fire, wholeness, curiosity, happiness, sassiness, sarcasm? Somehow when a person is healthy, it truly shows through their eyes. Having sparkling eyes requires letting your guard down, removing masks and letting your joy shine! Body language is so […]
Apr 16, 2018
002 – Curiosity | Kandel Sisters Podcast
In this episode we chat about our second foundation word: Curiosity. What makes us come alive? What keeps us young and vibrant? Why is curiosity so important to an interesting life? Comment below with a topic you’d like for us to get curious about and discuss  in an upcoming episode!!
Apr 16, 2018
001 – Courage | Kandel Sisters First Podcast!
After months of talking, planning, recording and figuring out all the technology/websites/hosting issues we are FINALLY posting our first podcast!! YAY!!! In this episode Anni & Kris talk about Courage. The courage to start, the courage to stay open, and how courage is different for every person. Enjoy!
Feb 16, 2018