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By Justin

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 Mar 27, 2019

sovery slowly
 Sep 20, 2018
just seriously great, respectfully treating all cases, some i never heard of and new facts to cases i thought i knew... sounds like sincere passionate& journalistic work

A Podcast Republic user
 Jul 16, 2018


Obscura: A True Crime Podcast is a podcast about shining a spotlight on the darker things in life. It's a podcast that takes a narrative approach to covering true stories. We cover murders, mysteries, missing persons, and more. We cover terrible acts in unflinching detail. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode Date
Episode 50: Gertrude Baniszewski - The Skeleton Lady

This is the case a senior Indianapolis investigator has described as the "most sadistic" case he ever investigated in the 35 years he served with the Indianapolis police. This is the story of Sylvia Likens and The Skeleton Lady.

TW: Child Abuse, Extreme Violence, Sexual Abuse

Writer: Josh Lami

Apr 18, 2019
Episode 49: Jeremy Steinke - The Canadian Werewolf

TW: Self-harm, Child-harm  

At twenty-three years old, Steinke was seemed to be adept at very little and was the antithesis of ‘cool’ to just about everyone who knew him. Steinke suffered physical and emotional abuse for most of his life. He dropped out of high school as a teenager, and at the time he murdered the Richardson family, was living in a trailer park with his mother. An unequivocal victim of circumstance, Steinke was dealt a bad hand from the get-go. Was it a pass to commit murder? Of course not. Is there any such pass?

Apr 11, 2019
Obscura: Black Label 05 Preview

This is a preview for the new episode of Black Label. To gain access to Black Label please visit the link below:


Mar 31, 2019
Episode 48: The Ann Arbor VA Hospital Murders

While not owned by the university directly, since being founded in 1953, the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System has had close ties to the University of Michigan, becoming part of the pipeline where many medical students would find themselves receiving hands-on experience caring for the men and women who had severed in the armed forces. It was likely the inexperience of many of the doctors and nurses on staff within the hospital, compounded with the poor health of many of the patients the hospital oversaw, that allowed an abnormally high influx of respiratory arrests and failures to go initially unnoticed in the summer of 1975. By the time the FBI became involved, over 35 patients had been afflicted and 10 had died as a result of mysterious poisonings.


See Website

Mar 28, 2019
Episode 47: Cabrini-Green Part 02

Little Hell was eventually demolished, and up from the soil of that community, grew a public housing project known as Cabrini-Green.

Mar 21, 2019
Episode 46: Cabrini-Green Part 01

The meditative and unapologetic first part of a deep dive into the history of the notoriously violent project complex. In this first part we lay the foundation while still giving you feel for what's to come.

Mar 14, 2019
Episode 45: The Murder of Linda Damm

In late January of 2007, Tess Damm told a friend that her mother, Linda, would be “going out of town.” Several weeks later, Damm and three accomplices were placed under arrest for murder.

Mar 07, 2019
Episode 44: The Murder of Shane Chartres-Abbott

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On a Moon - Estelle Mey

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Feb 28, 2019
Obscura: Black Label 04 Preview

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Feb 23, 2019
Episode 43: Russel Williams - An Evolution of Depravity


Feb 21, 2019
Episode 42: Jonathan Richardson - The Outbuilding

Sources: See Website


Feb 13, 2019
Episode 41: Corey Feldman's Controversial Fight Against Pedophilia


Feb 06, 2019
Episode 40: Michel Fourniret - The Ogre of the Ardennes

This is the story of a real-life boogeyman with an unquenchable hunger for human suffering: The Ogre of the Ardennes.

Jan 31, 2019
Obscura: Black Label 03 Preview

This is a preview for the newest Black Label. To hear the full thing, and get access to the rest of our bonus episodes, sign up on our Patreon. 



Jan 26, 2019
Episode 39: The Murder of Seath Jackson

This is a story involving different perspectives of every parent's worst nightmare. It's also the story of how one fly on the wall perceived that nightmare. Worst of all it's a love story, but not the heartwarming kind. It's about the darker side of love that people often avoid discussing. Sources: See Website 

Jan 24, 2019
Episode 38: William Melchert-Dinkel

William Melchert-Dinkel wasn't a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, desperately hoping he could find the right partner if only he could convince someone that he would be worth loving. Nor was he a career criminal hoping to get something for nothing. William set out in hopes of finding someone in pain, someone looking for a friend, and someone he could exploit for his own sadistic pleasure. Through William's predatory behavior we take a hard look at a new breed of predator. 

Jan 17, 2019
Episode 37: Blake Leibel

Blood draining and avulsion are just two elements that make up the story of what's been called the most horrific murder in Hollywood history. Listen and learn why Blake Leibel has earned the nickname "West Hollywood Vampire".

Jan 10, 2019
Episode 36: The Murder of Ennis Cosby

This story isn't about Bill Cosby, or at least, it's not about the Bill Cosby we know now. This story is about his son, Ennis, and the Bill Cosby our hearts bled for when we learned that he had experienced something that most parents fear more than anything – the loss of a child.


Jan 03, 2019
Obscura: Black Label 02 Preview

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Dec 21, 2018
Episode 35: Zack and Addie

For today’s show we cover a lot of ground. I figure I can only tell the story of Zach and Addie once…so…I better do the story justice.

To finish out the year on the main feed, I’ve chosen to go out with a bang. Get comfortable. Because you’re about to hear about one of what I consider to be one of the most interesting true crime stories. A long with the intertwining history surrounding the tragedy that created a tangled web of misery and devastation.

Now, let’s get on with it.

Dec 18, 2018
Episode 34: The Murder of Brandon Teena

The murder of Brandon Teena thrust the trans community into the forefront of public discussion. Before the early 1990s, transgender people were a silent minority within society. When the case we'll be discussing had originally received national coverage, the disregard of preferred pronouns and dead naming were not considered offensive and some of the audio clips, legal transcripts, and direct quotes used in creating this episode may reflect that. This episode will also include unedited audio of a police interview with a rape victim, which may be too distressing for some of our listeners. You've been warned.

Dec 13, 2018
Episode 33: The Mystery of the I-70 Killer

Today we cover a multi-state killer who may still be out there, somewhere, stalking the interstate in wait of his next victim.


Sources: See Website

Dec 06, 2018
Episode 32: Nick Stoutzenberger

Today we discuss person so disgusting he triggered my gag response. This is a first for the show. This episode skated on the edge of becoming a black label episode. There’s audio from a clip I’m going to play for you later… that made it difficult to eat dinner the evening after watching it.

It’s tough to decide exactly how to tell the story of Nick Stoutzenberger. The story is a horrifying one and a complex one at that. Many of the chapters of this story feature video documentation that’s hard to place in specific moments. So, I think the philosophy going forward in telling this story will be comparable to peeling a rotting onion. Let’s peel away the less offensive bits until we get to the rotten core of the story. If you think the early part of this story is too vanilla, or dull, well… just you wait. This is an episode that will have a slow incline right into the mouth of madness.

Nov 29, 2018
Obscura: Black Label 01 Preview

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Nov 27, 2018
Episode 31: Scott Beierle

The man we cover today is a putrid and hateful person. He’s a man who simultaneously complained about his loneliness but somehow, in his mind, positioned himself above those who succeeded where he failed many times over. Under this delusion, his life ultimately spiraled and the actions he would go on to take made him feel justified. In short, he was a person who was incapable of taking responsibility for his actions until the bitter end.

In this episode of Obscura: A True Crime Podcast we cover Scott Beierle.

Nov 22, 2018
Episode 30: The Cannibal Poet - Jose Luis Calva Zepeda

Jose Luis Calva Zepeda was a poet; beneath his desire to eat people lies a man who just wants to be heard. Where does Jeffrey Dahmer fit into this? Take a seat by the fire and find out.

Nov 15, 2018
Episode 29: Mark Foster - Voodoo Murders Part 02

In this week's episode of Obscura: A True Crime Podcast we shine a light on Mark Foster, Brent Thompson, and Greg Friesner. What does Santeria and the white Anglo-Saxon owner of a large tech company have in common? Take a seat by the fire. It's going to get dark...

Nov 08, 2018
Episode 28: Voodoo Murders Part 01

In this week's episode we shine a light on John Preston Rooks, Esteis Liberis, and Latarsha Sanders. All three killers who were influenced by Voodoo. Note: Voodoo and its branches are misunderstood and still practiced to this day. Obscura: A True Crime Podcast respects your right to practices any religion.

Nov 01, 2018
Episode 27: The Devil's Night Murder of Martha Moxley

In Martha Moxley's Greenwich, Connecticut neighborhood, they called the night before Halloween Mischief Night. It would be that night in 1975 that 15-year-old Martha Moxley would take her final breath and with it would begin a 43-year-long battle to bring her killer to justice. Writer: Heather Sutfin

Oct 24, 2018
Episode 26: The Horrors of Humboldt County

Buried beneath a blanket of fog that seeps into a canopy of redwood and sequoia trees sits California's Humboldt County. Humboldt is a county that likes keeping its secrets close to the vest. Anyone who gets too close to finding out just what those secrets are is libel to be swallowed up whole, leaving nothing behind except another face on a flier. In this episode of Obscura: A True Crime podcast we cover the dark histories that surround the county. Including Murder Mountain, the Emerald Triangle, Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson, Wayne Adam Ford, and more. Writer: Heather Sutfin

Oct 18, 2018
Episode 25: Fatal Insomnia

In today’s story we take a different approach. We’ve covered a multitude of killers. Some so awful they fill me with spite just recalling their name. But what if sleep were the killer… or the lack thereof? Insomnia? Could you literally be dying for sleep? Make sure that thermostat is low and envelop yourself in your favorite blanket. Today on Obscura we’re covering Fatal Insomnia.

Oct 11, 2018
Episode 24: Bryan Eugene Sweatt

Sitting in a lot, surrounded by grass is an unassuming mobile home. But this home holds a secret. A tragedy. one that’s on equal footing with the Ronald DeFeo Jr. killings in Amityville. This week on Obscura: A True Crime P{odcast we’re covering Bryan Eugene Sweatt.

Oct 04, 2018
Episode 23: Michael Vance's Week of Terror

This week on Obscura: A True Crime Podcast we cover the manhunt of Michael Dale Vance Jr. Recently, many listeners have requested a clip-based episode. You asked. We listened. Writer: Heather Sutfin

Sep 27, 2018
Episode 22: Sharon Lopatka

The story of Sharon Lopatka.

Sep 20, 2018
Episode 21: Mr. Anime is Planning Something

Today on Obscura we’re covering Trey Eric Sesler because back in 2012.... Mr. Anime was planning something.

Sep 13, 2018
Episode 20: The Chicago Sausage Factory Murder

Adolph Luetgert, Hans Muller, and the always present anxieties of a technology obsessed world that refuses to stay still. In this episode of Obscura: A True Crime Podcast we weave together true crime and folkore and find a common theme in both.

Writer: Heather Sutfin

Aug 30, 2018
Episode 19: Gallaudet's Silent Killer

It's the early 2000s. A silent killer stalks the halls of Gallaudet University; a school for the deaf. Will Gallaudet University remain a sanctuary of silence; or is the university's secure measures only an illusion? Writer: Heather Sutfin

Aug 23, 2018
Episode 18: Gable Tostee

Despite all of its potential tourist activities, 26-year-old New Zealand tourist, Warriena Wright, found herself seeking companionship instead. Tinder was her app of choice. It wasn’t long after swiping through photos and profiles the app when she found what she was looking for: Gable Tostee. The case we’re covering today dives into the world of Tinder dating, the murky world of hook up culture that surrounds tinder, and a case that is less cut and dried than usual. There are a lot of twists and turns and those in the true crime community have taken strong stances on both sides. I’d be interested to hear the consensus of my listeners. Feel free to reach out.

Aug 16, 2018
Episode 17: Jerad and Amanda Miller

Fake News. It's a term we've heard sprout up within recent years but what exactly is it? In the past we called this yellow journalism, a type of news based on little research in order to invoke emotions, sensationalise stories, and push propaganda through misleading and eye-catching headlines with the intent to sell newspapers. Over a hundred years later, we would witness the newspaper industry's steady decline as the ability to access news and other information through the internet became more prevalent. And while print tabloids may now be on the endangered species list, Yellow Journalism, or “Fake News” as we now call it, would see a second wave more widespread than Hearst or Pulitzer were likely to have ever imagined. In this episode of Obscura we cover Jerad and Amanda Miller. Two people who were hell bent on dying for a cause and willing to use fake news to do so.

Aug 09, 2018
Episode 16: Cary Stayner

In this episode we move on from Steven and cover his brother. Cary Stayner would not go on to be the net positive for society that his brother did. He would not pass on and have a funeral with 500 guests without a dry eye in the place. If Steven’s life was like a branch that grew beautifully, sprouting full but stopping short, then Cary’s branch grew long and trunk like. Twisting and disfigured. His legacy casts a shadow over Yosemite National forest.

Aug 02, 2018
Episode 15: Steven Stayner

For this two-part series, consider me your tour guide, as I’ll be guiding you through the wide range of wilderness that is Yosemite, the history and background of a sadistic killer, and, as always, we’ll take a moment to celebrate the lives of the victims.

Writer: Aaron Arlotti

Jul 26, 2018
Episode 14: Leopold and Loeb Part 03


Jul 19, 2018
Episode 13: Leopold and Loeb Part 02

In this episode we’ll cover the plan in action. Once hailed as the crime of the century, this is the story of Leopold and Loeb, as well as their victim Bobby Franks.

Jul 12, 2018
Episode 12: Leopold and Loeb Part 01

Welcome listener. I have a special two-part series in store for you. For this episode we cover the players. Those involved. It’s an older story, with it’s murder taking place in 1924. At the time it was called The Crime of the Century, with a trial the likes the world had never seen; it was a full-blown media spectacle. This is the story of the “perfect crime” of the unfortunate victim caught up in a senseless scheme. This is the story of Leopold and Loeb.   

Jul 05, 2018
Episode 11: This Dark Chest of Dreams

Part One: The Case of the Extended Nightmare One night, shortly before or after the October Fourth, 1980 Steven Linscott awoke, drenched in cold sweat. He had just had a vivid nightmare. This nightmare would have real world consequences. Part 2: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon 1933 marked the birth of a terrifying figure. A figure that hid in the shadows, attacking victims with an invisible weapon. This figure made the news and caused mass panic. Some believe that the figure was the cause of mass hysteria. Others feel that there is too much evidence to dismiss his or her existence. Part 3: The Phantom Barber of Pascagoula Two young girls, Mary Evelyn Briggs and Edna Marie Hydel, are sleeping at the convent of Our Lady of Victories. They wake to find a man climbing out of their bedroom window. The girls were not harmed but both were missing locks of their hair. One of the girls described the man as short, overweight, and wearing a white sweatshirt. The culprit would go on to be known as The Phantom Barber of Pascagoula. Part 4: The Sleep Intruder A strange recording heard on a sleep app leaves a woman and mother in distress. The audio recording is enough to send chills down your spine.

Jun 28, 2018
Episode 10: Shawn Grate

For the tenth episode I extensively cover serial killer Shawn Grate. I'll be up front that this episode can be intense. Listener discretion is advised. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Jun 21, 2018
Episode 09: Oba Chandler Part 03

In the final part of our three episode series on Oba Chandler we cover his downfall and the aftermath of his legacy of violence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Jun 14, 2018
Episode 08: Oba Chandler Part 02

For part two in our Oba Chandler series we explore his life and mind. We also continue the tragic story of the Rogers family. Special Guest: Psychotherapist/Actor/Writer Jason Eric Ross http://jasonericross.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Jun 07, 2018
Episode 07: Oba Chandler Part 01

 The first part of a multi-episode series on Oba chandler. Special Guest: Elizabeth from Ohio Valley True Crime Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 31, 2018
Episode 06: Deverrie Schiller - Henry McCabe

If you're reading this please consider sharing Deverrie Schiller's story on social media. Three Billboards stand outside of California City. Alongside one of those scratched out desert roads, imposed against a background of the Mojave Mountains, they’re impossible to miss Henry McCabe is survived by two children and one wife. The key to his death may be understanding his final voicemail. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 26, 2018
Episode 05: Gary Ridgway "Green River Killer" Part 03

In the the final part of our three part Gary Ridgway series we cover the relationship that slowed him down, the media circus, and his eventual arrest. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 17, 2018
Episode 04: Gary Ridgway "Green River Killer" Part 02

In the the second part of our three part Gary Ridway series we cover his adulthood and the period of which he went on his rampage. We also cover the heroic actions of Rebecca Garde Guay. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 10, 2018
Episode 03: Gary Ridgway "Green River Killer" Part 01

Part one of a three part series on Gary Ridgway. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 03, 2018
Episode 02: Amber Tuccaro - Brandon Lawson

On September 1, 2012 horseback riders find the remains of Amber Tuccaro. The RCMP release audio of her potential killer. Do you recognize his voice? August 8, 2013 is the last time that Brendon is seen in San Angelo, Texas. His phone call to 911 only deepens the mystery. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 03, 2018
Episode 01: Mona Biddy

A missing girl, the city that bands together to find her, and the ensuing trial. In this episode we go to Jackson, Mississippi and unfold a decades old mystery. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

May 03, 2018
Episode 00: Title Sequence
Obscura: A True Crime Podcast is a podcast about shining a spotlight on the darker things in life. It's a podcast that takes a narrative approach to covering true stories. We cover murders, mysteries, missing persons, and more. We cover terrible acts in unflinching detail. Listener discretion is advised. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Apr 29, 2018