All Our Favorite People

By Ashley and Hunter

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The All Our Favorite People podcast is a place for longtime friends and Nashville-based media personalities Ashley Eicher and Hunter Kelly to share with you all about the music, movies, books, TV and whatever else they’re loving that week. Drawing on their respective backgrounds at ABC News and Rolling Stone, the show also features in-depth conversations with Ashley and Hunter’s favorite artists and celebrities where you will hear things you aren’t going to hear anywhere else. They also know how to have fun, and you can expect a lot of laughs in every episode.

Episode Date
Brandon Heath Part Two

Big things going down in Part Two with Brandon Heath! He became a first-time father last December, and now he’s moving forward in his music career as an independent artist! Brandon tells us about the musical legacy he’s leaving behind for his baby girl, Palmer, and how he’s dealing with the trap of comparing yourself to other people via social media. Don’t miss part one of this episode, too!

Aug 15, 2018
Brandon Heath Part One

Grammy nominee and good pal Brandon Heath is here! He and his wife, Siebe, just welcomed a baby girl named Palmer, and Brandon is giving us the scoop on being a good dad while on a detox from sugar and carbs! We also talk about the song Palmer inspired Brandon to write, “Faith Hope Love Repeat,” which is the title track of his latest album. Plenty of details on his 40th birthday celebration as well as Brandon’s bathroom run-in with Sting! 

Aug 14, 2018
Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes explains why he’s baring his soul on his new single, “Dear God,” which he tells us he was uneasy about releasing because of the sheer honesty of the lyrics. Hunter also takes questions from a few of his biggest fans — a.k.a the Hayniacs — before revealing what he took away from his performances with Stevie Wonder and giving us the scoop on when to expect new music and videos from his upcoming project! 

Aug 07, 2018
Cassadee Pope Part Two

We’ve got your first listen to Cassadee’s new single, “One More Red Light!” She’s playing a snippet of the track for us and opening up on the origins of these sweet new love songs. Cassadee also explains what she loves about the early stages of love and how she and her beau, Sam Palladio, have been integrating their respective dogs, Cuppy and River. Don’t miss Cassadee talking about being the boss of her own business towards the end! 

Aug 03, 2018
Cassadee Pope Part One

In part one of our conversation with Cassadee Pope, she gives us the scoop on her recent hang with Shania Twain and singing with her pals Maren Morris, RaeLynn and Lindsay Ell during Maren’s show with Niall Horan. She also explains how performing with her former band Hey Monday on the Warped Tour prepared her to face anything life on the road can throw at her!

Jul 31, 2018
Kelleigh Bannen's Nashville Life

Country singer/songwriter and fellow podcast host Kelleigh Bannen joins Ashley and Hunter to talk about her new three-song EP, “The Joneses!” She also reveals details on the revamped format for season three of her podcast, “This Nashville Life,” and opens up about making music after making some big changes in her career. There are also plenty of laughs since Kelleigh has been a friend to both Ashley and Hunter for several years now! 

At the top of the show, Ashley and Hunter also talk about meeting the one and only Shania Twain! 

Jul 24, 2018
Lucie Silvas's E.G.O.

Lucie Silvas has a new album, E.G.O., coming out August 24, and she’s sitting down with Ashley and Hunter to talk about the inspiration for her new album, including a few musical nods to Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles as well as her own musical community in Nashville. Lucie grew up in New Zealand and England, and scored a platinum-selling album in the U.K. before moving to the U.S.

She is now making music on her own terms, and you’ll get to hear how Lucie maintains her creative identity while sometimes working with her husband John Osborne of country duo Brothers Osborne. There’s also a cameo from Lucie and John’s dog, Barley, as well as a few moments of Lucie answering all of Hunter’s very British questions. 

Jul 17, 2018
Catch Up: European and Californian Adventures!

Hunter and Ashely give travel updates on their recent, respective trips to Europe and San Francisco. Hunter goes in-depth on the inspiration he took from seeing the new Tina Turner Musical in London’s West End and opens up about traveling with his family in honor of his late brother, David. Ashley looks back on some of her favorite European travel spots and shares highlights from her recent trip to California’s Wine Country and also shares a few nuggets she picked up from Oprah Winfrey’s new “Super Soul” interview with Maria Shriver. 

Jul 03, 2018
The Dave Barnes Situation -- Part Two

Singer/songwriter Dave Barnes, a dear and treasured friend of the show, is back for part two of his two-part interview. After discussing Dave’s bonkers Instagram account and his 2010 cameo on the classic ABC soap “All My Children,” Dave, Ashley and Hunter raise their voices in a tribute to the ‘80s and ‘90s with their a cappella interpretations of hits from Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston and the criminally underrated Brenda Russell of “Piano in the Dark” fame. There’s also a reanalysis of Dave Matthews Band’s musical legacy in there, too. It’s getting weird, y’all! 

Jun 26, 2018
The Dave Barnes Situation -- Part One

Singer/songwriter Dave Barnes, a longtime friend of Ashley and Hunter’s, stops by for a hilarious chat about the non-cheesy way he’s writing about his kids on new album, “Who Knew It Would Be So Hard to Be Myself,” the mysterious way he found out that Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris recorded his song, “Craving You,” and the huge way Blake Shelton recording his song, “God Gave Me You,” continues to impact his  life. There’s also some big love for Amy Grant and Naomi Judd in this episode. Part Two coming next week! 

Jun 19, 2018
Celebrity Stylist Amanda Craig

This week, Ashley and Hunter catch up with celebrity hair and makeup artist Amanda Craig. Before launching her own salon in Nashville, Amanda spent eight years on the set of “The Voice” making sure Blake Shelton was camera-ready. She also counts Kelly Clarkson, RaeLynn, Cassadee Pope and others among her clients. Ashley and Hunter also get their hair done at Amanda’s salon, Leigh, Edwards and Co., which she co-owns with friend of the show, Derek Reynolds.

In this conversation, Amanda gives an in-depth look into her journey to becoming one of Nashville’s most in-demand stylists while also building the team at her salon which is a story that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will identify with. And since Amanda is Ashley's stylist, they also share a few of their most hilarious moments from the chair (aka Ashley getting her hair cut and colored). Apologies in advance!

Amanda also shares great summer hair tips for men and women. 

Plus, Ashley and Hunter check in about their CMA Music Festival experience with updates on Little Big Town, Naomi Judd, Dustin Lynch, Scotty McCreery and more!

Jun 12, 2018
Jordan Davis’s Home State

Ashley and Hunter sit down with country music hitmaker Jordan Davis, who is burning up the road after his #1 hit “Singles You Up” kickstarted his career. it’s a wide-ranging conversation covering Jordan’s current video game obsession, his approach to songwriting AND his evolving attitude towards cardio in his workouts. Ashley and Hunter look forward to CMA Music Festival in Nashville and give an update on Ashley’s big move into her new condo. 

Jun 05, 2018
Catch Up: Light Fixtures, Shania Twain and Flirting

On the second episode of All Our Favorite People, Ashley and Hunter catch up on Memorial Day to talk about the incredible response they’ve received on the debut episode featuring Jackie Lee and his journey over the last two years facing two bouts with cancer as told in his new song, “Long Year.”

Ashley also opens up about buying her first condo this past week and (at Hunter’s encouragement) reaches out to the folks in podcast land for help in picking out light fixtures. Hunter talks about his trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville to see the Shania Twain exhibit as well as the new Armadillos and Outlaws: Country’s Roaring ‘70s exhibit. There’s further talk of Ashley’s first Silent Disco experience and regaining her ability to flirt after the stress of buying a home.

New interview coming next week!

May 29, 2018
Jackie Lee's Long Year

On our first episode of All Our Favorite People, we welcome country singer Jackie Lee. We’ve known Jackie Lee for several years through red carpet and sit-down interviews as well as hilarious exchanges on Twitter. Ashley and Jackie were actually featured side-by-side in Nashville Lifestyles magazine’s Single in the City issue a few years back, and you can hear their hilarious stories about that experience later in the episode.

Up front, we’re talking in-depth about Jackie’s recent revelation that he’s now a cancer survivor. Not long after losing his beloved mother, Ladonna, to ovarian cancer in 2016, Jackie himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery in December 2016 to remove the testicle, but the cancer returned.

Around this time, Jackie wrote his new song, “Long Year,” which is a letter to his mother, Ladonna, just wishing she was with him as he faced his own cancer battle. As he faced chemotherapy in late 2017, Jackie bought a camera and shot footage during his treatment, and that footage is included in his powerful new video for “Long Year.” His hope is that in sharing his story, it will give someone else the hope they need to get through whatever they are facing. You can see it here:

Jackie received a clean bill of health after his treatment ended in January 2018, but the emotional healing process is ongoing. We are honored to have Jackie as our first guest to share this incredible and emotionally raw story with us. Here are some key moments from our conversation:

On finding the right doctor, Dr. Lawrence Einhorn in Indiana, after the cancer returned:

“It really changed the whole process for me…He’s the guy that cured Lance Armstrong and several astronauts and the coach for the Colts. He’s an 85-year-old man that’s cute as a button. Just perfect…My mom’s two sisters and my dad, we got in the car and we drove up to Indianapolis. It’s just so much emotion, because we didn’t know what we were getting into at the time. This is September. We drive up there, and we’re all sitting in the doctor’s office, because we do everything as a team in my family. Nobody goes alone, and we’re sitting in there and Dr. Einhorn walks in. He just has this warm smile, and he’s like, ‘Jackie, first off, I don’t know what you do for a living, but I bet you’re a musician ‘cause you’ve got holes in your jeans and you’ve got great hair.’ I said, ‘You got it!’

He asked me about my doctor’s and what do they want to do? I told him what they were wanting to do about the port and all this stuff. He goes, ‘Nope, none of that.’ He says, ‘You’re 26 years old. You’ve got your health.’ At this point, the cancer — I never felt any sickness from the cancer. We’re talking really small seeds of cancer that are — obviously if you don’t fix it, it turns into something really bad. But at the time, it’s very small seeds in my abdomen area.

He said, ‘You have your health. You’re very young. Your veins are great.’ You can see the bruises on my arm still from where we did all the injections, but he said, ‘You’re going to get a  needle in the arm every time. That’s how you’re going to get your treatment.’ He goes, ‘You’re going to live as normal as you can through this next nine weeks.’ It ended up by being 12 weeks when it was all said and done, or 11 weeks.

He said, ‘You’re going to feel fatigue and you’re going to lose your hair, but you’re not going to lose your spirit.’ And that absolutely wrecked me in that doctor’s office. It kind of still wrecks me now. I felt like it was my mom talking to me for a second. It was just one of those moments. I was really hurt at that time. I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand why it was going on. I never thought I was gonna die. I never had those moments, but I did know that there was a really long road ahead of me. I just really wanted my mom to be there with me. I felt like she was in the room with me that day.”

On watching his mother go through chemotherapy versus experiencing it firsthand:

“First off, food. Everything tastes like sand. The consistency. The taste. Everything is just bland. Even water. To this day — ‘cause I had to go to the hospital last week to get a checkup. Everything’s great. We’re still all clear. — They have a brand of water at [the hospital], and I look at that bottle — it tastes just like this water [I’m drinking now], but because I associate that brand and that water [with chemotherapy], it legit makes my stomach hurt. Everything was so different. I didn’t understand that sitting with my mom through all of this. I had no idea.

My dad had been through it. He never left my mom’s side all day long for three-and-a-half years. Now, he’s being put through another helpless situation for him. He was saying, ‘Jackie, I will drive anywhere if there’s anything your tastebuds remotely want. I will make it. I will go get it. I’ll call it in.’ There was nothing. He would force me to drink, in a very loving way, Pedialyte, just so I could have something inside of me that would hydrate me. It’s a sucky, sucky thing.”

On finding inspiration to go forward from his mother’s own words:

At the end of the video [for ‘Long Year’] is where we start talking about those Post-It notes. What was so crazy — my mom wrote hundreds of Post-It notes all over the house, and my brother took a handful of ‘em , and put ‘em in a shadowbox picture frame. This was all the time it was just coming together. This is one of those things I do believe God one-hundred percent, He showed up. [My brother] Kinsey took a picture [of the Post-Its] and said, ‘Hey, zoom into the middle.’ That’s when we talked about ‘Comeback,’ and it being a song we were going to record. So now, [another new song] ’Comeback’ will come out on May 25th. The artwork for ‘Comeback’ is going to be her handwriting. The Post-It says, ‘Your setback is a setup for a comeback.’”

May 22, 2018
Introducing All Our Favorite People

Welcome to the All Our Favorite People Podcast!

The All Our Favorite People podcast is a place for longtime friends and Nashville-based media personalities Ashley Eicher and Hunter Kelly to share with you all about the music, movies, books, TV and whatever else they’re loving that week.

Drawing on their respective backgrounds at Rolling Stone Country and ABC News, the show also features in-depth interviews with Ashley and Hunter’s favorite creative friends and heroes where you will hear things you aren’t going to hear anywhere else.

They also know how to have fun, and you can expect a lot of laughs in every episode.

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May 17, 2018