Minds and Machines with Andrew McAfee

By Andrew McAfee

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Category: Technology

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Andrew McAfee talks with the innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, writers, scientists, executives, and other "alpha geeks" at the forefront of the Second Machine Age.

Episode Date
Tom Friedman - On Speaking Truth To Power

How to fake fight news when you're "fake news," the dangers of having a bully in a big bully pulpit, whether pundits should make testable predictions, why he still believes deeply in America, and much more...

Aug 04, 2018
Carl Bass - A Leader Looks Back, and ahead

Why he retired to a metal shop instead of a yacht, how to train an autonomous car just by showing it YouTube videos, why the Maker movement is such a big deal, what it's like as a CEO to get targeted by activist investors, why so business leaders have spoken out against Trump, and much more.

Jul 19, 2018
Patrick Collison - The Craft of Disruption

Where he and his brother got the chutzpah to take on the worldwide payments industry, why there isn't more entrepreneurship these days, what Bitcoin and the Blockchain teach us, what it means for a business to "take the squishy stuff seriously," and much more.

Jul 04, 2018
Mary Lou Jepsen - Scanning for a Better Life

How she's building handheld devices for scanning the body that put science fiction to shame, a quick tutorial on holograms, how to harness massive global supply chains to make cool things, why her own experiences make her so passionate about improving health care, and much more...

Jun 21, 2018
Eric Schmidt: Running a Rocket Ship

When he realized how big a deal Google was going to be, the subtle art of "adult supervision" with brilliant founders, how to navigate constant disruption, the future impact of machine learning, why he goes to Burning Man, and much more.

Jun 05, 2018
Alex Rodriguez: Slugger as Geek

How an ex-jock wound up on stage moderating a panel discussion on American politics, why a slugger thinks that slugging is overrated today, what it was like to play baseball as Ivy League geeks invaded front offices, the blindspots of Sabermetrics, why baseball needs to "have a little more fun," reflections on a career of extraordinary highs and lows, and why I am NOT like David Ortiz.

May 14, 2018
Reid Hoffman: The Sage of Silicon Valley

What the real secret of Silicon Valley today is, when it's smart to "spend capital massively inefficiently," what one extremely wealthy person thinks about extreme wealth inequalities, why even within capitalism it's not "my dollar;" it's "our dollar," whether or not finance has hijacked our economy, how a business leader decides to speak out against a politician, what it means to be a "six-person introvert," why holiday parties are like deli counters, and so much more.


May 14, 2018