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NEW MODELS is a media outlet for the critical analysis of art, tech, politics, and pop culture. We exist across platforms with all channels running through our aggregator, For access to our Discord and weekly talkcore cast, join our Patreon:

Episode Date
Episode 21: ELLIOT RODGER PLAYS HIMSELF (Mike Crumplar, Busta, Keller, LILINETERNET)
Featuring Washington D.C.-based writer/editor MIKE CRUMPLAR, whose work focuses on radicalization in America and the systemic drivers of incel culture. This January, Mike published the first segment of a project that looks at the autobiographical writings of Isla Vista spree shooter Elliot Rodger. His Framework takes Elliot not as author, but as subject—a protagonist trapped in his own novel as an unwitting byproduct of American late-capitalism. For more: Key texts: &
Feb 10, 2020
Episode 20: GUEST LIST (Natasha Stagg, Busta, Keller, LILINTERNET)
Featuring New York-based writer NATASHA STAGG who, on the occasion of her new book "Sleeveless: Fashion, Image, Media, New York 2011-2019" (Semiotext(e)/Native Agents), speaks to us about the myths and metadata of NYC's culture sector and the protocol for creative production in the 2010s. (w/ Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, @LILINTERNET) For more:
Dec 12, 2019
UNLOCKED // NM TopSoil EP 20: COLLECTIVE PARANOIA (w/ Bjarne Melgaard)
TopSoil is New Models' informal talk-core cast, which we create specifically for our Patreon community. For all NM TopSoil episodes & to join our Discord: ----- Norwegian artist BJARNE MELGAARD speaks to New Models about CULTURAL PRODUCTION, DESIRE, and the CHANGING THRESHOLDS of VICTIMHOOD and TRANSGRESSION. Also: BJARNE's ANTIVIVISECTION '80s, CARLY as KERN MODEL, and whether CRYSTAL METH is still the number one DRUG of CHOICE. Plus: PORNHUB, CHIHUAHUAS, DRUGS, ANTINATALISM, MILITANT CLIMATE ACTIVISM, ANDREA DWORKEN, EMPATHY.
Nov 19, 2019
The Berlin-based British artist (ex-Heatsick)talks to New Models about the release of his 2019 album "MOI" ( For full post (incl. video by Dacio Pinheiro): Note: this is the first episode of New Models GREENROOM, a series of short interviews featuring people in the NM sphere discussing their new and forthcoming work.
Nov 04, 2019
Episode 19: THE FLOURISHING (How to Dress Well, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Featuring LA-based musician and scholar TOM KRELL (aka @howtodresswell) who talks with us about the aesthetics of climate activism, the roll of the critic today, music as carrier signal for identity, the threshold for authenticity, the value of negativity, extraction and power -- let's just say it's a rich and sweeping conversation that offers tools for thinking through some of the big questions of our day and insight into the mind behind one of the past year's best albums "The Anteroom" ( For more:
Oct 27, 2019
TopSoil is New Models' talk-core cast, which we create for our Patreon community. For all NM TopSoil episodes & to join our Discord: MASS QUEERING, CONCEPTRONICA, and TALES from the REAL LASCAUX. Plus DAN revisits BILL CLINTON's CIRCA-2000 statement on CHINA & the INTERNET. CARLY reports on KITSCH & CASTLES in the FRENCH DORDOGNE, and LILNET reads from his BABYBELT POLYCULE HUMYN FANFIC. Also: EUROPEAN ANTISEMITISM as AMERICAN EXPORT, WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION through CARBON CREDITS, MAKING FOIS GRAS out of BOOMERS, and ODESSA MAFIA RAVE. (w/ Carly Busta, Daniel Keller, Theme music: Alfred English, "NPC Valley," 2018 First published 16 Oct. 2019, Errata: 1. Lascaux is thought to have been painted between 18,000 - 15,000 BC (not 25,000 BC) and was discovered in 1940 (not 1930s) 2. Baltimore schools need an estimated $2.6 billion for basic repairs. 2. There are 10s of millions (not 100s of millions) in funding that have been earmarked for the school system and then misallocated.
Oct 16, 2019
Episode 18: YUNG MATRIX (Trevor McFedries, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Featuring TREVOR McFEDRIES, co-founder of Brud, the LA-based transmedia studio behind a crew of digital-native influencer-avatars, including Lil Miquela, Blawko, and Bermuda. Also known as Yung Skeeter or DJ Skeet Skeet, Trevor came up via the music world, producing, directing, and DJ-ing for Katy Perry and other A-list acts. On this episode, we talk to Trevor about the fantasy of contemporary LA and marketing's ability to shape public consciousness in a highly polarized public sphere. For more:
Oct 08, 2019
Episode 17: NONFOOD (Lucy Chinen, Sean Raspet, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Founders of nonfood, Lucy Chinen & Sean Raspet discuss contemporary food supply chains and sustainable food futures, including the R&D of their own algae-based nonbar. Along the way, we address: monocultures, fear, skeuomorphic flavor, cellular agriculture, and the real cost of "all-natural." (w/ Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, @LILINTERNET) Visit nonfood: For more: &
Aug 29, 2019
New Models speaks with Z, founder of Black Socialists of America (BSA) about the organization's recently launched DUAL POWER MAP: a critical tool for building a new economic order in America within the existing capitalist structure, starting with black worker-owned businesses and co-ops. (w/ @LILINTERNET & Caroline Busta) For more: Follow BSA: @blacksocialists
Jul 28, 2019
Episode 16: E PLURIBUS ZUCK (Mat Dryhurst, Kei Kreutler, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
New Models speaks with MAT DRYHURST & KEI KREUTLER, two figures central to Berlin's diverse crypto scene, to unpack the possible impact of Facebook's Libra coin (provided it succeeds). From the Bitcoin villages of Switzerland to Libra as an arm of US foreign policy, this episode takes the coin's tagline at face value asking, _were_ everyone to be invited the the global economy... what would that look like, how would that actually be achieved, and what would the fall out be? (w/ Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, @LILINTERNET) For more, check: &
Jul 15, 2019
TopSoil is New Models' loose, talk-core cast, which we create specifically for our Patreon community. For all NM TopSoil episodes & to join our Discord: Featuring the New York-based writer DEAN KISSICK, this episode delivers: PISS KINGPINS, BASEMENT DWELLER KANYE, and the POST-HIPPIE lineage of BEZOS’s THATCHERITE-EXPANSION into SPACE. Plus: DEAN speaks to the ridiculous extent of ART WORLD-ADJACENT CRIMINALITY, LILINTERNET cites GABBANA’s LAW, DAN goes long on GAUNO FUTURES, and CARLY considers the practice of REFORMING-THE-ARTWORLD-AS-SPORT. Also: ZARA-SPONSORED BASEL, ROTTING McMANSIONS, SWISS SUFFRAGE, GREEN GUNS. Dean is also the New York editor of Spike Art Magazine for whom he pens the monthly column "The Downward Spiral." Check out his piece "The Art we Deserve" in Spike's Summer 2019 print issue. Theme music: Alfred English, "NPC Valley," 2018
Jul 05, 2019
Episode 15: REMOTE PORT (Benjamin Bratton, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Feat. theorist and philosopher BENJAMIN H. BRATTON, this episode offers a high-gear, macroscopic mapping of Earth and its systems circa 2019 — incl. how notions of “the artificial” and “intelligence” differ across cultures; hemispheric zones of citizenship and exclusion in the age of AR; and a view of human consciousness as a geological phenomenon, a layer through which Earth's planetary system is coming to know itself. Plus much, much more. Bratton, whose work spans philosophy, art, design, and computer science, is currently preparing (alongside 5 other books) a much anticipated follow up to his 2016 volume The Stack: On Software & Sovereignty. For more: WARNING: EXOGENOUS STIMULANTS MAY BE NECESSARY FOR ABSORBING DISCUSSION AT FULL RESOLUTION.
Jun 18, 2019
Episode 14: SHIFT ALT RIGHT CLIQUE (Joshua Citarella, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Feat. artist and social theorist JOSHUA CITARELLA who has been exploring how deep online spaces have evolved over the past few years, shaping popular politics in turn — especially among younger people. Last fall when we spoke to Joshua (ep. 6), he had just published a long-form piece on Politigram and the Post-Left. In this ep, we talk to him about his most recent essay, "Irony Politics & Gen Z" (published on New Models this spring), discussing the funnel of online radicalization and what tactics the left needs to consider for more effective off-ramping. For more: Joshua Citarella, "Irony Politics & Gen-Z" (April, 2019)
May 24, 2019
TopSoil is New Models' loose, talk-core cast, which we share in full with our Patreon community. For complete episode: NM TopSoil™ Ep 7 (MAY 2019): MONOCULTURES & FILTRATION, HUMANITY's PLAN B, and the HBO series CHERNOBYL as climate collapse allegory. Plus: DAN taste-tests BEYOND MEAT, RAPPERS & SHELLFISH, LIL NET's refresher on BIDEN's RAVE ACT, and CARLY's take on artist Christoph BÜCHEL installing a shipwrecked migrant boat dockside at the VENICE BIENNALE. Also: CANCELLING the CENTER, the RELATIVE VALUE of a DOLLAR, and the 8 billion year old, DEEP SPACE CTHULHU that just might be richer than JEFF BEZOS. Theme music (intro): @alfredenglish "NPC Valley," 2018
May 20, 2019
Episode 13: JE REFUSE (Jenny Odell, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Featuring artist and lecturer of Internet Art at Stanford University, JENNY ODELL who is the author of a new field book for the attention economy "How to Do Nothing" (Melville House, 2019). Odell speaks to NM about disorientation in the current online space, the value of physical context and community, and the practical tactics of refusal. Plus: bioregionalism, Silicon Valley Ayahuasca, the origins of the commodification of time, lucid dreaming -- and bird watching. For more: Jenny Odell, "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy" (Melville House, 2019) Jenny Odell, "A Business With No End" (New York Times, 2018)
Apr 17, 2019
TopSoil is New Models' loose, talk-core cast, which we share in full with our Patreon community. For complete episode: NM TopSoil™ Ep 6 (APR 2019): NIHILISM, MORALISM, and the historical persistence of MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. Plus: LIL NET addresses NIPSEY HUSSEL CONSPIRACIES and locates a LOST GRIMES PERFORMANCE deep on the CHINESE INTERNET; DAN talks UKRAINIAN POLITICS and that time he met KAWS; CARLY weighs the ART WORLD'S BIGGEST THREATS; and "MUSH" gets added to the NM GLOSSARY. Also: BALENCIAGA camouflage, OCTOPUS SETTLEMENTS, and even more KAWS - this time as GREY GOO. RIP APRIL FOOLS. Theme music: @alfredenglish "NPC Valley," 2018
Apr 06, 2019
Episode 12: BLACK SOCIALISTS (Z, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
New Models speaks with Z, founder of the BLACK SOCIALISTS of AMERICA (BSA), an online channel turned IRL organization providing a forum and voice for black American leftists as well as education around the values of socialism (per Marx). In this episode, we discuss the inherent racism of the "American Dream" (i.e., capitalism), the promise of worker co-ops, identity politics' tactical deficiencies in big stack activism, and how to leverage online traction to effect real world political change. For more check: &
Mar 28, 2019
TopSoil is New Models' loose, talk-core cast, which we share in full with our Patreon community only. For complete episode: NM TopSoil™ Ep 5 (MAR 2019): BERLIN/BANGKOK with special guest NIK KOSMAS. MALLS, MANPOWER, and POST-COLLAPSE MORALITY. PLUS: DEEP ADAPTATION, BEEF SHAMING, and DAILY LIFE in PRESENT-DAY SHANGHAI. ALSO: DAN offers a narrative for CLIMATE-INDUCED SOCIETAL BREAKDOWN, LIL NET imagines 1000 of the world's greatest SCIENTISTS CRYING on stage, NIK reveals why he left GERMANY for CHINA [spoiler: it's zippers], and CARLY asks what it is to be HUMAN in 2019. Finally, some words about NINA POWER, the SHRINKING GALLERY network, and WACKO-JACKO. Theme music: Alfred English, "NPC Valley," 2018 Check out Nik's label:
Mar 21, 2019
Episode 11: DOWNSTREAM (Liz Pelly, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
When Spotify was founded in 2006, it aimed to solve the problem of online music distribution, remunerating artists for plays. 13 years on, it is a massive data node that is having a profound effect on how artists and audiences connect. In this cast, New Models speaks with music journalist Liz Pelly, who has written extensively on Spotify, particularly its impact on independent music. She talks to us, here, about Spotify's structure, how it nudges artists to optimize their acts through metrics, and what it understands "music" (let alone "independent") culture to be. Liz also gives an update on community organizing in NYC's IRL music/nightlife sphere. For more, check:
Mar 02, 2019
LIVE: Panel on Art & Blockchain, Dec 2018(BREKKE, CATLOW, KREUTLER; mod. BUSTA)
The discussion was recorded December 15, 2018 at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin for the closing event of "PROOF of WORK," an exhibition curated by artist Simon Denny. The panel features three individuals working at the intersection of art & blockchain tech: scholar and creative producer Jaya-Klara BREKKE; artist and director of @furtherfield, Ruth CATLOW; and researcher and Gnosis strategist Kei KREUTLER. This recording has been made possible by the Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, facilitated by Annina Herzer, Annika Kuhlmann, and Nina Pohl. It has been edited by New Models for the at-home pod-listener's ease. The panel was moderated by New Models' Caroline Busta.
Feb 13, 2019
Episode 10: LOOSE CLIMATE CHANGE (Christine Lariviere, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Christine Lariviere works at the intersection of climate change and media. In this ep., she helps us render a massive map of the anthropocene (and humanity's fate therein)while exploring why the word "systems" belies the incomprehensibly vast matrix of networks our changing climate is set to effect. If you make it past the hour mark, stay locked for some hot local foraging tips. (with Busta, Keller, & @LILINTERNET). More from Christine here:
Jan 11, 2019
Episode 9: STACK ATTACK (@helveticade, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Berlin-based designer Cade, a specialist in weaponized design, discusses the collateral (human) damage platforms cause as they scale; questions big tech's G-rated ideation of the average subject; considers the functionality of personal mobile devices within precarious communities, and remarks on the actual inefficiency of the cloud. (With Busta, Keller, & @LILINTERNET) See more of Cade's work:
Dec 08, 2018
Episode 8: MANPLAY (Ed Fornieles, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Artist ED FORNIELES discusses diving headfirst into the toxic, hierarchal fantasy of masculinity, and the present difficulties of finding an alternative. His recent work "The Cell," which is featured in the 6th Athens Biennale, documents a LARP Fornieles staged earlier this year around the narrative of an all-male, alt-right gamer group. (With Busta, Keller, and @LILINTERNET) This podcast is part of New Models' series for the "ANTI-" Athens Biennale 6.
Nov 23, 2018
Cultural analyst TOBY SHORIN takes us into the Hellmouth of "authenticity" and "originality" production, discussing how the Cthulhu of platform capitalism and distributed networks is evacuating the value of creative work. See Shorin's essay:
Nov 09, 2018
Episode 6: TEENAGE RADICALS (Joshua Citarella, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Teenagers rule memetic warfare, producing some of its most viral and also radical content. In this ep. New Models speaks with artist JOSHUA CITARELLA (prev. of thejogging.tumblr)who, after lurking the more radical political spaces of social media from 2012-18, is out with a new (soon to be) book, "Politigram & the Post-Left." This podcast is part of New Models' series for the "ANTI-" Athens Biennale 6.
Oct 31, 2018
Episode 5: UNREALESTATE (Dryhurst, Kalliala, Lhooq, Busta, Keller, @LILINTERNET)
Mat Dryhurst, Martti Kalliala, and Michelle Lhooq talk to New Models about #gangcrafting in the age of crypto-raves and ownership in a rent-everything world. //// FAST CO. PREMIER:
Oct 26, 2018
Episode 4: PSY-TRANS SYNTH & BASELINES (Busta, Dyes, Keller, @LILINTERNET, Warwick, Ziúr)
Discussing the discussion of gender, transitioning, transgenderism, transhumanism, and trying to find structures in a liquid world... Also ants. /// Caroline Busta, Anke Dyes, Daniel Keller, @LILINTERNET, Steven Warwick, and Ziúr.
Aug 21, 2018
NM SPECIAL REPORT: Revolution in the US Democratic ranks (Mike Pepi)
NYC-based writer and DSA volunteer Mike Pepi speaks to New Models about the emergence and future of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the shift toward socialist values within the US Democratic base. (Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, Lil Internet, and Masha Tian)
Jul 03, 2018
Trump Lies, XXXTentacion dies, and truth seems always just out of reach. Lil Internet, Caroline Busta, and Daniel Keller on lying, trust, and tribalism today, from blockchain to grifting, rap fan outrage to art.
Jun 26, 2018
More significant than how spree-shooting incels kill... is how they desire. For the second New Models podcast, @LilInternet, Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, and Masha Tian discuss the ‘supreme gentleman’ as a systemic phenomenon -- one wherein society's not-uncommon transactional model of "acquiring" women is taken to metric-obsessed and violent extremes.
Jun 06, 2018
Just before May 1, @LilInternet sat down with Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, and Masha Tian to discuss New Models and the current media ecology — from e-flux to cyber-hitler, Alec Monopoly to MMORPGs.
Apr 28, 2018