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By Jessica McWilliams

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"Behind every planner, there is a person. Behind every person, there is a story", believes Jessica McWilliams, host of Planner Lifestyle Podcast. She presents weekly, hour-long episodes to bring a voice to the people behind the pretty planner pictures on Instagram. This planner podcast features conversations with people from around the planner community. Take a "look" into their planners and hear the stories they tell. Become a supporter of this podcast:

Episode Date
Living the Planner Life with Julie Garza

Julie Garza is on the show today! We talk about morning routines, Go Wild 2019, and Game of Thrones (no spoilers).

She also answers all the questions below:

Will Julie hop off the Hobonichi Train? What is life like after thyroid cancer? How she plans for major life decisions like her husband's military retirement? Which Erin Condren product is in her Everyday Carry lineup right now? 

What can you do when all the planners are TOO OVERWHELMING? (hint: the answer is easier than you think!)

Julie's Contacts:

Youtube: Julie's Plans 

Instagram: @Julies_plans

Website: Julie's Plans

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May 24, 2019
Random Word Generator with Jessica from Planner Lifestyle aka me

1st Solo Episode!

CALL TO ACTION: post a random word in my facebook group Planner Lifestyle and tell me how to relate it to planners! 

CALL TO ACTION: post a picture of you with your "perfect match" aka your planner that you are grooving with right now on my IG or Facebook -tag me.

CALL TO ACTION: what goals are you hoping to reverse engineer? 

Random Word segment:

My words were as follows:

Finish - What do you do when your strength lies in starting not finishing?

Behave- To follow rules or not follow rules, that is the question

Heave - *gag* is that a blue pen in your planner?

Pluck- use a tweezers for itty-bitty stickers

Match - matching your personality to your planner, yeh or ney? 

Reverse Engineer Goals segment:

inspired by Jenna Kutcher's blog 

I am trying to reverse engineer a life without bitterness.

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May 17, 2019
Cassie from Ella Bella Plans

Cassie is the best because she is my home-state planner homie! She helped me sub in for a sick guest without much notice. I'm so grateful for her words and impact in the planner community. I love Cassie's classy, subtle, soft functional beautiful planning style. Her Gillio is dreamy! 

She is a stay at home mom, Ravenclaw, and MN Planner Addict. 

She an expert printer and cutter of all things INSERT.

Check her out here --> SM Plans printing services from CASSIE herself. 

To purchase inserts from SMplans please use this link --> SM Plans

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May 10, 2019
Go Wild Prep with Diana from Sugary Gal Shop


My name is Diana and Im the owner of SugaryGalShop. We provide a sweet touch to your planning.  My shop has been opened for 4 years. I’ve been journaling since I’m 12 years old and into planning for the past 9 years. I’m the founder for SGS New York Planner Conference. I love iced lattes! My favorite colors are purple and teal. Love traveling and meeting people. 


Discount 20% off for your listeners PLPODCAST20 

IG @sugarygalshop

SGS New York Planner Conference 
IG @sgsnewyorkplannerconference

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May 03, 2019
Em from Compulsive Crafts

Em is offering us a code to their shop. Use TPL20 for 20% off any mental health inserts from Compulsive Crafts.  Offer good on website and ETSY




Instagram: @comulsivecrafts

Facebook Group:

Short Bio - 

My name is Em Salgado, though my Facebook still says Megan. I run a small online shop called Compulsive Crafts, which focuses on mental health and creativity. I spend my days with my psychiatric service dog named Jizo. And you can usually find me reading, writing, or gaming (when I'm not working of course).

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Apr 26, 2019
The Happy Planner Squad's According to Ali

According to Ali is on the show with a helpful and hilarious attitude toward creative and functional planning in The Happy Planner.

She shares tips and tricks and ups and downs of being a squad member. 


YouTube: according to ali

Bio in her words: 

I’ve been planning since early 2017. As a mom of 3 I craved a sense of control and creative outlet. My planning relieved symptoms of anxiety and depression by giving me a way to see the bigger picture and reflect on where my days went. Finding the planning community was a bonus I never expected. Now, I feel like I found my passion! I love learning, sharing ideas, and meeting planner babes. Planning has changed my life and I hope to give back some of what it has given me.


Google Home Mini Giveaway link: (April 19th-25th, 2019) Not affiliated with or Google

Celebrating the launch of an "after the cast" type of Facebook Community I started this week called Planner Lifestyle Come join us over there for more great planner content.

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Apr 19, 2019
Starting Up & Slowing Down with Mommy Lhey Bella Ralston

Lhey Bella Ralston is the owner and creative director at Mommy Lhey Designs.

She shares what led her to start her stamp, sticker, and "little bits" company and what it takes to slow down to be present in the moments of your life.

Use Code: PLSAVE20 for a one time discount with minimum purchase. Expires April 30th, 2019. 

Did you know she is a singer too? She sang me a bar of my favorite song in the podcast.

Here is a link to a video of her singing the complete song "How Great Thou Art" in Hawaiian. 

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Apr 12, 2019
The Sassy Mal on Planner Lifestyle Podcast

Heather Pigg from @thesassymal is on the show today. Come hear about her goals for the rest of 2019. She talks about the changes with her shop logo, plans for Plannerland Conferences, and her commitments to "keep going".   

While this is a well-rounded episode about Heather and I'd encourage you to listen to it in its entirety, I know some of you may want to know some time stamps for two specific topics. I've listed them below.   

The Sassy Mal logo: 17:05 

Plannerland conferences: 1:07:05  

Note: I expect comments to be written in such a way as you'd say them to my face. Thanks in advance.  

Contact info:

- Personal Bio:
My name is Heather and the owner of The Sassy Mal, a planner accessory shop that caters to 35+ different planner sizes and styles. I'm the mother to two sassy Malamutes, Deshka and Bandit - who are my shop dogs. My shop has been open for about 3 years and I've been planning since middle school. I work on the back end of the Plannerland branded events, involved in creating graphics, some website up-keep, and being a shop liaison. I'm a lover of books, hot beverages, bright colors, snow dogs, positive vibes, geeky things, video games, and making things with my hands. I tend to run on caffeine, chaos, cuss words, and totally not using my college degree. 

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Apr 05, 2019
Planner Couple Nycolle and Desmond (Freckled Planner and Planner.Bae)
Freckled Planner is your favorite crafter/planner with enough hot sauce to spare! She is by far the genuine person you will ever meet and paired with her other half Planner.Bae they are a force to be reckoned with. Her hobby turned into a lifestyle that she shares with anyone who will listen. Planner.Bae’s (aka Freckled Planner’s other half Desmond) page came about solely out of support for his wife and comes with a dash of humor. It also was a way to give the planner/crafting world a behind the scenes look into Freckled Planner from the perspective of Planner.Bae. As husband and wife, living the planner/crafting lifestyle has unknowingly brought them closer and has opened them up to each other’s worlds.  IG Contacts: @FreckledPlanner @Planner.Bae This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Mar 29, 2019
Socio-Economics of Different Planner Cultures (Brazil) with Doodle DaMari

Mari is a friend of mine from the planner group MN Planner Addicts. Being from Brazil originally, she tells us what it is like to be a planner enthusiast in a different social-economic culture where necessity is the mother of invention. Her mind is equal parts scientist (Vet researcher) and artist (Planner product designer). We get to see a sneak peek of both halves of her brain and heart! 

Contact Information:

Instagram: @doodlesdamari


Personal Bio:

Hello, my name is Mari (short for Mariana) and I started planning consistently around 2015 when I forgot about an important appointment related to my PhD and I realized I had too many things to keep up with to just rely on my memory. At that time I was mostly living for my PhD, working/studying day and night, and I felt like I needed a hobby that I could do anywhere and anytime. So I started doodling, mostly by following youtube tutorials, and I just loved it. I created my Instagram account and my youtube channel mostly to see my improvement over time on my planning and doodling style, but ended up finding a great community behind it and made lots of friends along the way.


I have some product designs in collaboration with a few Brazilian stores for any Brazilian listeners, such as planner stickers, page markers, shaker dashboards and more at Scraptrip (@scraptrip), vellums and TN notebooks at Planning Ideas (@planningideas), I actually have my own planner clear stamp collection at Scraplooving (@scraploovingbyfran), and a few more planner stickers over at MyStickers ( Most of these stores are not selling internationally as a standard option, but if there are anyone interested I would recommend messaging them and I’m sure they will be willing to find a way.

I am also at HelloKalon PR Team (@hellokalon), and for that you can use my code DOODLE15 for 15% off for selected items plus an exclusive freebie.

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Mar 22, 2019
Creativity for Hire with Cindy Guentert-Baldo

Cindy is well-known as the mastermind behind the Llama Letters empire. Her talented handwriting skills and stunning doodles have captivated us from the start. Dig a little deeper into Cindy's story on today's episode. You may think you know her, but do you know why she keeps all her receipts? Do you know what level she's on in World of Warcraft? or What she thinks it takes to be creative?

I'll be on her podcast Monday, March 18th 2019 so make sure to swing over to The Uncurated Life Podcast to here more of our conversation!

YouTube -

Patreon -

Instagram -

Facebook Group -

Pinterest -

Website -

The Uncurated Life Podcast (iTunes) -

The Uncurated Life Podcast  (Google Play) -

Bio -

Cindy Guentert-Baldo is a YouTuber, podcaster and freelance artist who is committed to showing the reality of her life on the internet. She has spoken on stages all over the United States about hand lettering and embracing your mistakes. She is known not only for her planner and lettering content, but also her trademark potty mouth and irreverent sense of humor. She currently lives in Napa, CA with her husband, two teenage children and a cat who is just as loud mouthed as she is.

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Mar 15, 2019
Money Management with Elaine Michelle Studio
Elaine Michelle is on the show today!  We got to talking about students loans, family memories, and morning routines. Not to mention the details on poo-pourri....LOL. Michelle is a hard-working proud planner and her voice meant to be shared! She's a social media content producer with the goal to help you live your best life by owning your money management and planning your time well. She's also a shop owner!! #teamglossy You can find her on Youtube and  Instagram  This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Mar 08, 2019
Killing the Comparison Monster with Planner Babe Brooke

Have you ever thought about who your biggest critic is? Chances are...its YOU! Brooke talks us through living a happier life by killing the Comparison Monster for good. 👺👺👺  

🏆🏆🏆   of her biggest mistakes in life was not loving herself. That's ALL changed, and she tells us steps to take to get self-love in our hearts and minds.  

😍😍😍 Not only will you start loving yourself a little more, you are sure to LOVE Brooke!!! It's her birthday month so give her some love on her page and on YouTube...she has something in store for her followers!  

Brooke's Contact Bio and Info:

Planner Babe Brooke Or Brooke Love 25 && Loving my makeup, styling, creating, YouTubing and loving all over my family. Entering into the planner community in 2017 And going full force from there on out while inspiring and showing my creations on a platform of women and men that have the same passion and love for creating and crafting like me! Makeup & Branding are my first loves and crafting has always been something I could just do lol it sounds big headed but it’s true it’s never really been hard I just love going with the flow and vibing out. Join me on my YouTube & IG to be inspired by glam jams & rainbow affairs ! 



Shop Group:

Shop Instagram:

Smoky Mountain Planner Land

Winter Planner Land

By: Leah @TheScrappyPlanner 


Youtube: Paschashepard 


 #plannerbabe #plannerbabebrooke #plannerlifestyle #plannerlifestylepodcast #plannerfriends #plannerpodcast #plannerlifestylepodcast @glamandaplan @plannerbabebrooke #etsyshop #plannerdigitals #selflove  

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Mar 01, 2019
Building a Supportive Community with Small Town Grace's Erin Day

Social Media Outlets:

Etsy Shop:

Facebook Group:

Instagram: @SmallTownGrace

Code for listeners: PODCASTFAM20 for 20% off $10 or more

Short Bio:

Born & raised in a small town in Texas, Erin has always been taught the value of hard work. This carried her through college, spending a few years teaching, & now an Etsy shop run out of her home. What started out as a hobby, quickly became a creative outlet for this stay at home mom of 2. Now 4 years later, Small Town Grace has become one of her jobs & something that helps give her a sense of purpose. Through her business, she not only has helped her family, but she has also built a community of “Grace Girls” (what her customers lovingly call themselves) within her shops Facebook group that has become one of her happy places and a place where she has formed meaningful friendships. 

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Feb 22, 2019
Mr. Planner Lifestyle Podcast - Valentine's Special

Special Episode with Peter aka Mr. Planner Lifestyle Podcast.

My husband is on the show today because he is my Valentine! We recorded this interview last night 2/14/19.

I discover something I never knew before - hint- it's about his EDC in the What's in your Bag segment.

He breaks down: setting up sinking funds in Simple, working with paper vs. digital apps, and tracking your favorite meals when backpacking in the wilderness.

He's a real honey that makes me laugh every day. Everyday people! It's no wonder I have so many laugh "lines".

#valentinesepisode #mrplannerlifestylepodcast #plannerpodcast #podcast #plannerhubby #plannercommunity #planners #plannerstories #behindtheplanner #podcastepidsode #spotify #itunes @anchorfm

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Feb 15, 2019
Another Rewind Episode 11-20 on Planner Lifestyle Podcast

clips and thoughts about episodes 11-20

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Feb 08, 2019
Rewind Episode of Planner Lifestyle Podcast Episodes 1-10

Hey guys!

I'll try to get show notes up tomorrow.



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Feb 01, 2019
Designing for a Living with KIT LIFE's Liz Allen

Instagram: @kitlifeplanners


Facebook Group: #kitgirls

Pinterest: kitlife planners

Liz Bio: 

Liz Allen is one of the creators of the Keeping it Together Planner and is a founder of the KITLIFE brand and speakers with a passion for personal development. She attended the University of Central Florida with a focus on Business. She also studied Graphic and Interior Design at Seminole State College, which is where her heart and passions shine. She is the team's designer with an eye for color, style and trend! Her perfectionist tendencies are put to use as she continually crafts the look the brand's products.

With one heck of a husband and two beautiful girls at home she’s an early riser who loves black coffee and #2 pencils! And if there is ever a Friends category on jeopardy – Liz is your gal!

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Jan 25, 2019
Planning to Live Well with Bipolar Disorder with Tarchelle B

❖ Website/Blog: 

     ❖ YouTube:

     ❖ Instagram:

     ❖ Facebook:

     ❖ Vinyl Name Decals:

     ❖ Amazon Shop:

I'm Tarchelle.  I'm a totally mature adult who loves playing with stickers.  I also love pretty stationary, great pens, and planners...  Definitely can't forget planners!!  It's how I manage my life, which is about as interesting as the spreads I create in my planners.

Besides using planners to manage my busy life, family, and job, I also use them to manage my Bipolar Disorder.  Whoa!  Don't hit the panic button or send your sympathy.  I've actually learned to manage it well and I'm living a very full and wonderful life.

I have a husband, 6 kids, a full-time job, side-hustles, friends, and so much more.  I love to travel, eat, and (of course) plan!  I decided to use my online platforms to share my full and happy life, managing my mental health using planners, as well as some of the things I've learned on my journey.  And what a journey it has been so far!

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Jan 18, 2019
Diversity of Products in the Planner Community with The PlanHer Company's Jen Jones

Jennifer Jones founder and creator of The PlanHer Company talks about diversity in the planner community, support for the sisterhood of planners, and her awesome new product line.

Find Jen here:


Instagram: ThePlanHerCo 

Facebook: The Planher Company 

Facebook Group:



Jennifer Jones is the founder of The PlanHer Company. By day she manages more than 10 million dollars for various projects for a local non-profit. It is a passion of hers to serve others while creating stickers, inserts and planners for The PlanHer Company. Seeing the need for more diversity within the planner community, Jennifer has set out to provide inclusion while delivering quality products. Jennifer resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband of 9 years and her two children who are 3 and 6 months old. 

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Jan 11, 2019
Building Positive Connections with Amber from Planning a Better Me

Amber from Planning a Better Me






Email: implanningabetterme@gmail.comHer Bio in her own words: 

I'm that person that can relate to anyone. I'm determined to make everyone my friend, although after 30 I learned the value of quantity over quality. I was that girl that was bullied by so many so I'm still always trying to fit in. 

The latest crowd I'm striving to be important in is the planner community. I want to do so by being of value and helping others. I really get a true of joy with helping others. I gain such a better version of myself with planning and I want others to share that experience. I started off making a local planner group to have more meaningful relationships with women. So we can talk about things other than me complimenting their jewelry or clothes. I really wanted to help them become better versions of themselves, have an artistic expression and girl time. 

They pushed me to share my creativity online and thats where planning a better me came from. when I finally got the courage to post and create an instagram account I knew I wanted to eventually turn it into a brand. So I studied user names and I saw that many were the persons name and plans and my name is too long for that. So I looked at ones where they had what they were planning like chaotic life or cancelled plans. I thought about what I'm planning and my purpose and I realized its a better me. We are always talking about being better versions of ourselves and without a plan how to we accomplish that. I did a  through search and found no one else was using it online and so I made it mine. Being active on social media helps keep me accountable and from not giving up. Being a PR girl also keeps me accountable. 

So I'm an Interior and Graphic Designer and one of the avenues of my business is branding design for small business. I love that I can help women to support their families and make their dreams come true. I love finding women I connect with and helping them improve and market their business image. This was a perfect transition to being a PR girl. I love these women! We talk about business ideas and personal life and I really want to help them get sales. I don't want to be a salesy page so I try to make my posts informative and more tutorials than showing off hauls. 

I told you I love connections and I wanted to build a positive and helpful brand so I started an Instagram talk show, which is on break right now and starting up again in January. I needed a break for me but I love chatting about useful topics and working on projects with phenomenal women. 

Others things big in my life worth talking about are my husband having a heart transplant which was an experience that never ends, my love of self care Sundays, being an on call nanny which helps my desire to have children since I cannot with whats going on with my husband and my constant reorganizing and decluttering my life and hope trying to achieve success at being a better me. 

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Jan 04, 2019
Therapeutic Effects of Creative Pursuits with Kim from KRO Designs

Kim from KRO Designs offers her thought provoking nature and a charming wit in today's episode. She shares with us how creative pursuits can provide a therapeutic effect. From unfinished quilts in her basement to unanswered questions in the planner community...she will delight and challenge you.

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Dec 21, 2018
Making Money Moves with Shay Budgets

Shop the Episode: Zebra Pen USA - Mildliners (affiliate link) The Happy Planner - Budget Extension Pack (affiliate link) 

CONNECT WITH Shay! Website: Etsy shop: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Amazon Shop: 


Hello, I’m Shay, and I’m a planner - a budget planner, mainly. I currently reside in Georgia with my husband. We met in my home state in November 2012, but he moved back home to GA after a year, and I later joined him in June 2015. I’d like to think it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve been able to finally focus on me, and I’ve grown so much. Our relationship has blossomed as well. We tied the knot in November 2016 and were eager to start our lives together. One of the goals that we wanted to accomplish within our first year of marriage was paying down debt. Challenged with this new goal, I started searching for budget systems and budget techniques. While I explored online tools, I knew I wanted something tangible. After all, I’ve always been a pen and paper girl. That is when I discovered The Happy Planner. We began our debt pay down journey in June 2017. We (well, I) started out with just a budget planner that I had created using bits from the HP. This new idea of budget planning was nothing short of amazing. I was having so much fun budget planning, and my husband was having so much success with budgeting because of it. I began to share our results with others via pictures, but they requested more. I finally caved and started my YouTube channel in August 2017. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve met so many amazing and positive people who have supported my husband and me as we paid down debt. It’s been a little over a year now, and we have paid off a little over $33,000 of debt (mainly our car loan and credit cards). I have since explored other planning systems, such as fitness planning and memory planning, and I’ve tried other planners (i.e., Traveler’s Notebook and Erin Condren). Currently, I use a few ECs & HPs, and I’m loving every minute of it.

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Dec 14, 2018
Ain't No Shame in Your Planner Game with Jodi Bergerson
Shop the Episode: Homecube - Big Capacity Pencil Case (affiliate link) B Bascolor Plaid Bow Tie and Bandana for Cat (affiliate link) Jodi Bergerson shares about Planner Meet-ups large and small. Ever wonder what life is really like as an admin of MN Planner Addicts? Is shame getting our goals scratched off or added to the lists of yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Jodi shares all this and more in today's conversational episode. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dec 07, 2018
Resilience in the Face of Adversity with Lisa Mack

Shop the Episode: DaySpring - Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Washi Tape (affiliate link) The Happy Planner - Faith Warrior sticker book (affiliate link) 

What do you do when life gets thrown upside down and overboard at the same time? Tears? Laughter? Some of each? Get ready to feel all the feels. Lisa Mack from Youtube's Planning & Praying and Instagram's Lisa Mack Plans will tell her story of resilience in the face of adversity. Her codes: Print, Pray, Slay - Alesia15 Live, Love, Inspire - Alesia10 ($10 off your first box)

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Nov 30, 2018
Life Tracking with Planner Adventures' Admin Kristin Ann Pickett

Shop the Episode: Tossware - 9 oz. Mimosa Glasses (affiliate link) Lookware - FRIENDS tv show tee (affiliate link) 

Kristin Ann Pickett opens up about mentoring students, cooking at Thanksgiving, and traveling around in the planner community. We reminisce about meeting each other at the MN Planner Addicts 2016 Summer Event - Planner Olympics. Her bio in her own words: I moved a lot when I was younger, but grew up in Northern Wisconsin, and then moved to Indiana for my last 2 years of high school and then undergraduate and graduate school. I moved to Iowa in 2014, to be closer to my family in Wisconsin. I am a college professor and teach criminal justice and criminology. Classes like victimology, mental health & crime, serial killers & cults and juvenile justice. I have degrees in criminal justice and criminology, political science and psychology. I live in with my fiancé and our two dogs, Maggie and Peach. If you follow my IG you have probably seen our little family. I love planners (of course), stickers, wine, music, makeup, Angry Birds, organization, art journaling, photography, cooking, and reading. I have been in the planner community since … forever. Really, since I could write I was making to-do lists and doodling in my planner. I used to it track my dreams and goals, as well as my classes, sports and all the clubs I was in. I’ve been in the actual online community since 2013. I currently admin Planner Adventures on FB with my best friends. When I am not in there, you can find me in the local planner groups, Planners Gone Wild, Design Pandemonium, and Kitlife groups. Codes and Links: 15% at Kids Accessorized with Kristin15 15% at River and Ink with Kristin15 15% at PaperHouse with PH18Kristin I have a Kitlife code. I am part of their launch team That sign up link $5 off an order

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Nov 16, 2018
Sticker Hobbyist to Professional Shop Owner with Lemon & Honey Studio's Pam Zais
Shop the Episode: UnderArmor - Duffle for the Y or Gym class (affiliate link) B&W Buffalo Plaid cotton throw for home (affiliate link) Grand Opening of a new Etsy planner sticker shop called Lemon and Honey Studio. Owner/ Operator Pam Zais shares what led up to opening a shop and whose house she wants to move into for the home decor. My guest says it all so well... Hi! I'm Pam. I live in Hastings, MN with my husband, two daughters, two rescue pups, and a beta fish named Timothy. I am a group fitness instructor at the YMCA in Hastings and teach HIIT, Strength, Stretch, Core, and Spin classes. You can often find me practicing new exercises in my kitchen. I love to go to the movies and concerts, listen to music way too loud, and binge watch TV. My husband, Sean, is a Marine Veteran. He was an active duty Marine for 8 years stationed in Yuma, AZ the whole time. During those 8 years, he deployed overseas 3 times. Our girls, Hannah and Hailey, are in 2nd grade and Kindergarten. They keep us running around with swimming lessons, skating lessons, daisies, and brownies, but really, they like staying home and playing together best. I have always loved doing crafty things, but often felt paralyzed while doing a project for fear of messing up. Planning has helped me get past that. You only look at your finished product for a few days, before you turn the page and get a chance to do something different. I started making stickers for my planner even before it arrived in the mail. (Remember when the EC ship times were excruciating?) For me, making stickers is almost as much fun as the actual planning. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Nov 09, 2018
Paving the Way for all Planners with Ryan Selock from A Man With The Plans
Shop the Episode: Twisted Whiskey Glasses (affiliate link) Dakine Laptop Bag (affiliate link) Ryan from YouTube's "A Man with the Plans" is a young professional from New York State, living in Minneapolis. And while he’s finally gotten used to a Minnesota winter, he’s still really missing the New York Style pizza. Ryan's channel is all about planning, budgeting and the occasional vlog, but when not sharing his life on the Internet, he can be found working in local government, cooking, snowboarding, running, judging dance teams as a side gig among other things. As a follower of Dave Ramsey, Ryan is moving through the baby steps, currently tackling those student loans one payment at a time. A recent member of the Minnesota Planner Addicts, Ryan loves to chat about all things planner related, law of attraction and personal development; Ryan has quickly fallen in love with the planner community and all it has to offer and will not miss a chance to connect with fellow planners in person or online! Platforms: Instagram: AManWithThePlans YouTube: AManWithThePlans Facebook: AManWithThe Plans Business Inquiries: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Nov 02, 2018
Learning the Hard Way with Cindy from The Queen Pea
Shop the Episode: Baby Blanket for your lil pup (affiliate link) Bath and Body Works - Toasted Marshmallow candle (affiliate link) Cindy is the owner and creator of, The Queen Pea, a stationary shop specializing in inserts, stickers and embellishments for planners. She started her company in 2016, with a focus on creating custom inserts that would expand the functions of a planner to include more than a calendar. She collaborated with business owners, social media influencers and planner enthusiasts to create custom inserts for their unique purposes. As she submersed herself in the creative environment fostered by the planner community her brand evolved to include stickers. Her brand now specializes in Weekly Planner Kits, "Calendar Corners" and the heartbeat of her brand, the “PEAmojis". The PEAmojis are kawaii characters in the shape of peas, that symbolize emotions and illustrate activities scheduled in your planner. The Queen Pea is a small business that builds its brand on promoting planner PEAce. Her mission is to help her customers use their planners as a tool that will help balance their schedules, achieve their goals and manage their projects. It is only fitting that her company mission statement is “Plan Everything And Succeed”. You can find The Queen Pea at, on IG @The_Queen_Pea and on FB at This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Oct 26, 2018
Creating for Yourself vs Others (and Chile Trip) with Jennie McGarvey
Shop the Episode: Korean Skin Care - Laneige (affiliate link) VersaFine- Onyx Black Ink (affiliate link) Jennie McGarvey tells about her life-changing experience in Chile, trends in the paper planning craft, and The Happy Planner Squad. The stamping videos I think are helpful! This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Oct 19, 2018
Professional Affiliations with Favorite Daughter Emily Part 2
Shop the Episode: The Battery Organizer - Storage case (affiliate link) Spendvelopes - Cash Organizer (affiliate link) Part 2 of an engaging interview with YouTuber and online content creator Emily from Favorite Daughter Emily. Cash Clips to Money Tips - Emily has us covered in helpful and insightful conversation about the realities of passive income streams and more on YouTube life. Erin Condren, Amazon, Etsy shops...she's a wealth of info. FDE IG- FDE Facebook- FDE SHOP- FDE YouTube - FDE Amazon Shop - This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Oct 05, 2018
Content Creator Struggles Favorite Daughter Emily Part 1
Shop the Episode: Erin Condren - Sticky Notes (affiliate link) Blue SnoBall Microphone Ice (affiliate link) PART 1: Meet the force behind Favorite Daughter Emily YouTube channel, EMILY! She lives in Minnesota, near the twin cities, with her judgmental little fuzz monster dog, Doyle. She has varied interests that she shares online including; budgeting, planning, vlogging, home decor, organization, travel & more. Emily has been publicly online for 4 years and she truly enjoys the internet friends and real-life friends she's made over the years because of this platform. Join us for PART 2 of the interview in Season 1 & Episode 7. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sep 28, 2018
Important Over Urgent with Monique Maldonado from Many Side to Me
Shop the Episode: Mario Badescu - Rose Water & Witch Hazel Spray (affiliate link) When I was a Puerto Rican: A Memoir by Esmeralda Santiago (affiliate link) Monique Maldonado is a planner enthusiast with a focus on functional layout and creative accents. From her quick meal tips to deep lifestyle philosophies, her posts, quotes, and comments are always uplifting! My most recent favorite quote of hers is important over urgent. Monique’s energy and creativity really show through to her readers from Many Sides to Me blog ( ). Her facebook group members from Women Planning with Purpose benefit from goal setting strategy printables, online support and community with other subscribers. Today she is sharing her 5 steps to Goal Setting, telling about her favorite recipes, and detailing her planner stack. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sep 21, 2018
Planning whilst in England (planner girl thoughts from a caravan) with Caitlin Harper
Shop the Episode: Kate Spade - Large Dome Umbrella (affiliate link) Bando Passport Holder "I'm Outta Here" (affiliate link) One hour episode jam-packed with international travel stories and how to plan for a summer away. How can a planner girl leave the country for 7 weeks? Caitlin answers our burning questions: What to bring? How to plan and/or document all the event? Tips for long flights? She also opens up about how the planner community has changed her for the better - it's more than just getting organized. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sep 14, 2018
Branding for Business with Lexi Dugo
Shop the Episode: Auxiwa - Ring Light for iPhone (affiliate link) Kingdom Hearts III - Play Station (affiliate link) Productivity Babe, Lexi Dugo, teaches us how to use her FREE Content Planner even when you are a spontaneous content creator. She tells us why motivation alone won't get you to your goals, why a brain dump soothes anxiety, and how to prevent college overwhelm. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sep 07, 2018
Happy Mail vs. Post-partum Depression with Chynna from The Foxicorn
Shop the Episode: Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee Voice Changer Mask Bagooe - Zippered Clutch/ Pen Pouch in Navy with Fox print (affiliate link) Chynna shares her perspective on the deep and not so deep world of planning. She learns how to accept herself and her "flaws". Instagram: @thefoxicorn Youtube: @thefoxicorn Pinterest: @thefoxicorn Email: #MNPLANNERADDICTS facebook group hosted The Great Minnesota Plan Together and a lettering class with Jessica Chung (Pretty Prints and Paper) Pocket Sugar Cotton-Candy from Foxy Fix (memory planning/wallet) Personal Rings Spice Salt from Foxy Fix (school) Leuchtturm1917 A5 (Bullet journal) FYI: Pink Cow Boutique on Etsy (a leather alternative) Danni Vee on YouTube: Chelsea (Shine Sticker Studio) Plan-it with Amy The Smushed Peach PROMO CODE: CHYNNA10 for 10% of $10+ Shine Sticker Studio PROMO CODE: CHYNNA15 for 15% off Haley’s Hand Made Co. PROMO CODE: CHYNNA15 for 15% off This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Aug 31, 2018
Planning a Life with Minimalism [pilot episode with my sister-in-law Lisa]
Shop the Episode: The Cozy Minimalist by MyQuillyn Smith (affiliate link) E Tronic Edge - Running Belts (affiliate link) Finding Freedom, Living with Less. An interview with the minimalism advocate, productivity powerhouse, and goal-getting queen, Lisa McWilliams. She may not love stickers, but she sticks to her convictions and plans a life she loves. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast:
Aug 04, 2018