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By Audra Haney

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{Real Life. Real Faith. Real Quick.} Listen to five minute encouraging monologues with host Audra Haney as well as guest interviews under 30 minutes. Audra's passion is to help moms claim truth, gain confidence, and walk in freedom--all before the kids wake up from nap time. For show notes, to book Audra as a speaker, or sign up for free Monday Mom Devotionals, visit

Episode Date
Episode 81- Prayer: Spritiual Disciplines Series, Part 2

How different could your outlook be today if you prayed?

How different could your circumstance look next year if you prayed?

How different would your home, your community, your world, your eternity be....if you prayed?

Join me today as we dive into the spiritual discipline of prayer. I'll give you 3 reminders about prayer as a busy mom, 3 practical ways to pursue it, and 3 of my favorite resources recommendations!

Sep 18, 2019
Episode 80- Powerful Bible Study and Purposeful Motherhood with Jen Wilkin

I couldn't possibly think of a better heart and mind to come and pour into us as we explore spiritual disciplines and Bible study! Jen is a powerful teacher and a faithful scholar of the Bible and today she's going to challenge us, encourage us, and remind us of life-giving truth.

We talk about how to study the Bible during this busy season of motherhood, how to study God's Word in a way that will truly transform our hearts, and where to start if you are overwhelmed.

Sep 13, 2019
Episode 79- Bible Reading and Study- Spiritual Disciplines Series Part 1

Do you wish you read your Bible more or knew how to study it more effectively? Do you feel too busy as mom? Too discouraged by all your failures to start again? 

In the spiritual disciplines series--I'll give you three encouraging reminders as a busy mom, three creative ideas for implementing more of that discipline, and three resource recommendations!



Sep 11, 2019
Episode 78- Jess Connolly On Calling Over Capacity And Why You Are The Girl For The Job

If you've ever felt less than, underqualified for your calling, or frustrated with your weakness do not miss this interview with speaker, author, and entreprenuer Jess Connolly.

We talk about our ideal self vs our true self, why we need to "quit" in a lot of areas of life, and why calling trumps capacity. She also encourages moms to stay present and faithful to the ministry within their own homes.

Sep 06, 2019
Episode 77- Spiritual Disciplines Series- Kick Off!

Today, we are going to kick off our NEW series on spiritual disciplines. We'll explore what they are, how and why we should pursue them in the craziness of motherhood, and why they REALLY are better than Netflix and cake ;)


Sep 03, 2019
Episode 76- Raising Kingdom Men

I promised and it's finally here--an episode for all the mamas out there raising those amazing boys into mighty, KINGDOM men!

I couldn't be MORE excited to share this interview with the lovely, wise, real, and inspiring Monica Swanson. We chatted about what your son needs most from you, why adventure and awesome role models are a must, and how to challenge them to be men of character.

(And a side note--there's a LOT for you in here too girl moms! So much of this applied to my own parenting and you don't have boys-- these boy moms are raising our future sons-in-law so let's learn how to cheer them, support them, and pray for them!)

Aug 30, 2019
Episode 75- Never Say Never: Our Journey Into Foster Care

Have you ever said, "I could never..."?

I used to say "I could NEVER foster." But today, I want to share the sweet ways God invited me in...despite my doubt. I'll share some encouragement for those who feel like God is calling them into something deeper and harder than they ever expected.

Aug 28, 2019
Episode 74- Back To School Prayer

Whether you are sending your kid to daycare for the first time, opening up your homeschool curriculum, watching your kid walk into Kindergarten or High School...or watch your baby drive off to college....this prayer is for you. 



Aug 05, 2019
Episode 73- How to Bravely Disciple Other Women with Kandi Gallaty

One of the last commandments Jesus gave us on this earth was to go and make disciplines. But, if we are honest, it can sometimes seem like an intimdating task. How can we truly help other women grow and walk closer with Jesus and know His word in a way that makes a lasting impact?


I’m so thankful for today’s guest today’s guest Kandi Gallaty. Kandi is author of the new book Disciple Her and She is going to break down what discipleship is really all about, how we can practically invest in other and our own spiritual walk, and why leading a discipleship group isn’t as intimidating as you think.


We’ll also talk about discipling other women can have a lasting impact on our children and our parenting.


Jul 19, 2019
Episode 72- Getting Crafty and Creative with Your Kids with Lynn Lilly

In a summer rut as a mom? Has the screen become your child's summer babysitter? Do you feel like the least crafty mom in the world?

Today, the founder and CEO of Craft Box Girls Lynn Lilly empowers moms of every craftiness level to tap into their inner creativity. She'll teach us how to use affordable, everyday items to keep our kids happy, busy, and developing healthy minds.

Jul 11, 2019
Episode 71- Self-Care vs Self-Control

Today's listener question is "What does the Bible say about self-care" and today...The 5 Minute Mom Podcast is actually 6 minutes long because it's a topic I'm so passionate about. :)

Mama friends, God wants us to live in abundance but we can't drink salt water to quench our thirst.

Join me today as I share my heart, break down this topic, and introduce our new fall series!

Jul 10, 2019
Episode 70- Praying For Your Marriage with Nina Schmidgall

Today, Nina Schmidgall joins us to talk about the book she recently co-authored with her husband Joel called "Praying Circles Around Your Marriage"

Jul 05, 2019
Episode 69- Keeping Your Marriage a Priority

On today's episode, Audra answers the listener question: "How can I keep my marriage a priority in the chaos of motherhood?"



Jul 02, 2019
Episode 68- Why Moms Should Have More Fun with Mandy Arioto

As a busy mom, does fun feel frivolous? Have you forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life?

Today, our amazing guest Mandy Arioto (mom to teens and CEO of MOPS International) shares the inspirational story of how she rediscovered fun as a parent and how it revolutionized her family. She'll also share the fascinating reasons why having fun helps us live more productive, charismatic, and God-honoring lives.

Jun 28, 2019
Episode 67- When You Are Worried About The Future

I had something totally different planned today but God has a reminder about the future for someone out there. I don't know who you are, but God does, and this one is for you!

Jun 25, 2019
Episode 66- Teaching Your Kids About Homelessness, Refugees, and Grace with Dorena Williamson

I'm so excited to have Dorena Williamson back as my first repeat guest. 

Today, we are specifically going to talk about her 3rd book GraceFull and cover some hard topics like homelessness, refugee ministry, and how to teach your kids to boldly love those in hard places.

Dorena is so full of wisdom, so full of the heart of God, and she has SUCH a graceful and impactful way of teaching truth and you'll be immensely blessed.


Jun 21, 2019
Episode 65- Discipleship Tools For Young Kids

On this episode, Audra answers the question: "What are some of your favorite discipleship tools for young kids?"



Jun 18, 2019
Episode 63- Raising World Changers In A Changing World with Kristen Welch

It's finally time for PART 2 of this amazing interview with Kristen Welch and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Kristen talks about what it truly means to be a world changer, why the concept shouldn't intimidate us, and how to invite our children into mighty kingdom work. Kristen's heart is breathtakingly beautiful and I know this episode will be an inspiration!


For today's show notes, visit

Jun 14, 2019
Episode 64- Fighting Discouragement

Today on the podcast, Audra answers the question: "How do you fight discouragement as a mom?"



Jun 11, 2019
Episode 62- A Prayer For Mom Friends

Today on the podcast, Audra answers the question: "How do you find and keep mom friends?"



Jun 04, 2019
Episode 61- Kristen Welch And Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World

Kristen Welch has an international ministry called The Mercy House, is a blogger at We are THAT family, a fellow podcaster at and the author of four books. Two of her books are some of my favorite parenting books—Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World and Raising World Changers in a Changing World.  

Today, we are going to talk about raising grateful kids in an entitled world first. We are going to talk about how to go against the cultural grain to give our kids everything that is good—and instead choose to give them what's BEST.

May 30, 2019
Episode 60- When You Feel Overwhelmed

Today on the podcast, Audra answers a listener's question: "How do you balance motherhood, marriage, work, working out, etc? It all feels overwhelming at times."



May 28, 2019
Episode 59- Thriving in Motherhood with Kara-Kae James

Motherhood can be hard and it’s easy to slip into survival mode in our parenting.  So, how can we start thriving instead of surviving? Today’s guest Kara-Kae James points us back to the strength and abundance we have in Christ.

Kara-Kae is the author of Mom Up and through her own testimony, she offers so much grace and the reminder that Christ came to give us the abundant life in every season.



May 24, 2019
Episode 58- Thank you!

Today, I'm so excited to share some recent podcast news and express my gratitude for listening. Also, I'll share my heart about staying in your gifts and using them for God's glory.

May 21, 2019
Episode 57- The Holy Art of Placemaking with Christi Purifoy

On this episode, the lovely Christi Purifoy is going to give us her beautiful and unique perspective on our homes and explain the heart behind her newest book Placemaker.

Christi invites us to notice our soul's desire for beauty, our God-given need to create, and the spiritually rich lessons to be found in the process.

For today's show notes, visit

May 07, 2019
Episode 56- Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams with Tiffany Bluhm

Tiffany’s personal story of overcoming hardship and feelings of rejection is so powerful and she’s going to share how what you "thought was going to break you can actually make you." On this episode, we are going to talk Tiffany’s book She Dreams and what it looks like to pursue God-given dreams in a way that builds the Kingdom. Whether you are still in the dreaming phase, just starting to pursue it---whether you are stuck in the middle or if you feel like your dream has actually died—Tiffany is going to bring some powerful, life-giving truth today to inspire you and help you grow closer to the "Dream Giver" today.



Apr 30, 2019
Episode 55- Emily P. Freeman and Doing The Next Right Thing

On this episode of The 5 Minute Mom Podcast, I am joined by one of my favorite authors and podcasters Emily P. Freeman. I'm so excited to talk about her newest book The Next Right Thing!

We discuss how to overcome "decision fatigue", seek God in when making hard choices, what it means to be a soul minimalist, and how to manage our time a little more like Jesus.

Emily is such a gracious and insightful guest and I know you are going to love her.


Apr 19, 2019
Episode 54- Spring Cleaning

It's the perfect season for some spring cleaning!

When the weather gets beautiful, we tend to start spring sprucing up our homes. But, if I'm honest, it's always a little shocking to see what I've let linger during the winter months. The popcorn, dust balls, and legos behind the couch. The dirt on the baseboards. The cobwebs in the corners.

It reminded me so much of own spirit and soul. The Bible says that if we have God’s Holy Spirit inside of us, we are the temple of God. But how often do I neglect to take inventory of my spirit house?

Today, I'm going to give some pratical tips to help us all do some spiritual spring cleaning!

Apr 16, 2019
Episode 53- Whitney Capps And Believing For More

On this episode, we are joined by the truly inspirational Whitney Capps. Whitney is a Proverbs 31 speaker and teacher and today, she is going to share about her new book Sick Of Me. Whitney challenges us to move past the traps of false "transparency" and exhausting self-help, to embrace the true transformation and power of Jesus in EVERY circumstance. We'll chat about the problem with hustle over holiness, what it means to look a little more like Jesus every day, and how we can spur one another on as moms and friends to not settle for anything less.

Apr 05, 2019
Episode 52- Both Sides Of The Coin

There always seems to be two sides to motherhood--constantly running parallel--the happy and the hard. Today, I share a visual that God gave me to explain why He designed motherhood this way and how we can embrace the hard without feeling guilt.



Apr 02, 2019
Episode 51- Becky Thompson and Hearing God In The Midst Of Motherhood

Motherhood has taught me so much about God and my relationship with Him. But motherhood can also be messy, chaotic, and LOUD. So, how can we make space to hear and connect with God in the midst of motherhood?

If you are hungry for spiritual nourishment, I'm offering you up a SUPER FOOD buffet with my our dynamite guest Becky Thompson.

Becky is a blogger, best selling author, podcaster and busy mom of 3. She is a powerful woman of God and has some beautiful truth to drive home for us today.

We chat about:
-How God wants to still speak intimately to us today
-Inviting God in the everyday, mundane moments
-How to recognize our spiritual check engine lights

DON'T MISS THIS ONE! It's only 27 minutes and worth every second.

Mar 29, 2019
Episode 50- The Power of Words

How mindful are we being of our words lately? What are we speaking over our children? The Bible has a lot to say and reveal about the power of our words. Today, I share a recent story that reminded me to be careful about what I speak over my children on a daily basis.

For today's show notes, visit

Mar 26, 2019
Episode 49- Meredith Andrews on Faith, Wonder, and Real Motherhood

Earlier this month, one of my favorite worship leaders Meredith Andrews released her new album “Faith And Wonder”. I had so much fun chatting with Meredith about her new music, recorded live at her home church The Belonging Co. in Nashville, TN. In addition to writing and leading worship, Meredith is also the busy mom to 3 kids so I’d loved hearing her wisdom on modeling a life of repentance for your children, what God has taught her about discipline, embracing the tension of motherhood, and what her trips to the grocery store look like with 3 kids.

Mar 19, 2019
Episode 48- Raising The Warrior Generation

Did you know that many pastors and leaders believe we are raising the "Warrior Generation"? Today, in light of that, I share some truths to encourage you as the mom of a future spiritual warrior.

Mar 12, 2019
Episode 47- London Gatch and Embracing New Sesasons

London Gatch has been a worship leader for over a decade and served 8 of those years as a worship leader for Elevation Church. She is also the mom to 2 girls. I loved this talk with London because we covered a lot of ground including:

-Her incredible testimony of being a Jewish believer
-What God taught her during her time at Elevation
-Her story of God asking her to lay that leadership role down and move back to her hometown of Charleston.
-We’ll talk about what it means to trust and obey when God calls you to a new season and how that journey has influenced her first solo album “New Stories”

For today's show notes visit

Mar 08, 2019
Episode 46- How To Deal With Mom-Shaming

Today on the podcast we are going to tackle "Mom-Shaming." It's an ugly word and a hateful practice that I wish didn't exist. But the truth is, it's a reality for almost every mom in the trenches today.
Even though it's inevitable, I'll give you three Biblical truths to remember when it comes your way. 

Mar 07, 2019
Episode 45- Christi Straub and Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

Do you have an emotionally safe home? Have you intentionally taught your children how to recognize and manage their own feelings? How well do you model emotional intelligence for your children?

Today, our guest Christie Straub will discuss the new children’s book she wrote with her husband Dr. Josh Straub called, “What am I feeling?”. We'll talk about how we can teach our children about their emotions, how to recognize and manage them. Christi will also share some easy and practical ways you can implement emotional intelligence at home.


For today's show notes, visit

Mar 01, 2019
Episode 44- Darlene Brock and Raising Great Girls

Today on The 5 Minute Mom Podcast our guest is Darlene Brock, the author of “Raising Great Girls”. She has such encouraging advice for both moms and dads today—about how we can influence our girls through many different roles and plant seeds that endure. I know you are going to love her heart and wisdom as a seasoned mom of two girls.

Feb 15, 2019
Episode 43- Karen Ehman and Staying Crazy In Love

I really believe that a healthy, thriving marriage is a huge part of parenting well and on this episdoe, we have an awesome guest today to remind us of truth and encourage us in our covenants. Today, we are joined by Karen Ehman who is a Proverbs 31 speaker and the author of 13 books—including her newest book called “Keep Showing Up: How To Stay Crazy In Love When Your Love Drives You Crazy” Karen is a seasoned wife and mom and has some amazing advice for us today including how to stay crazy in love with little kids underfoot, how to find magic in the mundane moments, and creative ways for how to keep learning about your spouse.

Feb 13, 2019
Episode 42- Scarlet Hiltibidal and How She Stopped Being "Afraid Of All The Things"

Today on The 5 Minute Mom Podcast, Scarlet is going to share with us about her incredibly interesting life—from being raised in the green room of SNL to adopting a special needs child from China.

She’s also going to share how she has struggled with fear and anxiety for most of her life. But in her new book “Afraid of All The Things”, Scarlet walks with us through her journey of holding the gospel up to her fears and learning see life in light of the cross.

Scarlet will definitely inspire you to live more courageously for Jesus.

Feb 07, 2019
Episode 41- Michelle Myers and Working God's Way

On this episode, Michelle is the founder of She Works His Way (swHw), a business training hub where working women can support one another, take business training courses and gain the tools as women of faith.

Michelle’s heart and business are rooted in scripture and today we are going to talk about how to keep Godly perspectives on work, why we should keep our families as a priority, and how you can thrive at home and the workplace.

For today' show notes, visit

Feb 05, 2019
Episode 40- Jesus Questions

My pastor uses a phrase that I love. He reminds us that God is sovereign and already knows all. He says, "when God asks a question, it's for our benefit--not His." Today, I pull out some of the questions Jesus asked in the gospels so that we can reflect on what God might be asking us today.


For today's show notes, visit

Feb 05, 2019
Episode 39- JJ Heller and Finding a New Metric For Success

JJ Heller is a heartfelt singer and songwriter, whose success in the music industry was unplanned and unexpected.

On this episode, JJ shares:

-The amazing testimony of how God took her from the basketball court to the radio and millions of listeners all over the globe
-Her battle with anxiety and panic attacks and how she overcomes
-How motherhood has shaped her faith and music
-How she measures true success today

We'll also chat about her new album "I Dream Of You, Volume II" which is now a beautiful and refreshing staple here in the Haney house.

For today's show notes visit

Feb 01, 2019
Episode 38- The Best Spiritual Parenting Advice We Were Given

The snow day delay allowed me to grab my sweet husband for a few quick minutes so he could join me on today's episode. Together, we share some of the spiritual parenting advice that we were given early on--that are SO grateful now that our oldest daughter is almost 5 years old.

This handsome husband of mine is the best dad in the world and you'll love hearing his heart today.



Jan 29, 2019
Episode 37- Bringing Jesus Our Lack

Today, I share some encouragement from the story of when Jesus fed the hungry crowd of 5,000--with just two fish and 5 loaves of bread.

We'll examine why it is important to thank God and bask in His abundance- especially in the areas where we feel like we are lacking.

For today's show notes or to get free Monday Mom Devotionals, visit


Jan 22, 2019
Episode 36- Alli Worthington and The Year of Living Happy

My heart could explode today because I get the great joy and honor of introducing you to my friend, my business coach, true supermom, and boss lady Alli Worthington. Alli is the author of 3 books, an amazing podcaster, a teaching pastor, business coach to so many, and the founder and CEO of Blissdom Conference. We cover a lot of ground in this one:

  • Alli's brave journey of starting her own company
  • Her advice for mom's balancing home and career
  • Her newest book The Year of Living Happy
    And why embracing happiness is so crucial for moms

For today's show notes, visit


Jan 18, 2019
Episode 35- Reminders For A Hard Season

There really is a season for everything. Motherhood can be one of the most beautiful and one of the most challenging. Today, I share a visual God used to teach me about embracing seasons--and some reminders about what to do you find yourself in a, particularly cold season spiritually.


Jan 15, 2019
Episode 34- Jen Wise and Living The Bright Life (Part 2)

Today, we dive back into our amazing conversation with Jen Wise and The Bright Life. Jen shares some practical ways of how her family started to slow down, break down the lie of busyness, and reclaim their health & energy to live and love well. For today's show notes, visit



Jan 11, 2019
Episode 33- Calling, Obedience, and Orange Trees

What do you do when God's calling feels too hard? How in the world can we give it all up for Him? Today, I share one of my favorite true stories about how God met one couple in the most beautiful way when they stepped out in faith to follow Him. You'll be blown away by the detailed and intimate way God showed up for them in one of the hardest season of life.


For today's show notes, visit

Jan 08, 2019
Episode 32- Jen Wise and Living The Bright Life (Part 1)

We live in a "do more", "try harder", "go faster", and "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" kind of world. But, today on the podcast, author Jen Wise shares her powerful testimony behind her book The Bright Life: 40 Invitations to Reclaim The Energy For A Full Life.

On this episode she shares:

  • Her family's journey out of a deep pit of busyness and striving
  • How holistic faith—that reaches into every facet of life—can bring grace and renewal
  • How her family transformed their hearts, minds, and health &
  • How to reclaim your energy for a full life

For more information about Jen or today's show notes, visit

Jan 04, 2019
Episode 31- How To Set Goals Without Striving

HAPPY 2019! I love the new year, new starts, setting goals, and resets. But, it's also the time of year where I can tend to start striving and trying to force things to happen in my own effort. But today, I share five reminders to keep you out of a striving mindset and keep you in the unforced rhythms of God's amazing grace.

Jan 02, 2019
Episode 30- When Christmas Feels Hard

Everyone around you may be singing "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" but what do you do when Christmas feels hard? If we are honest, the holidays can remind us of recent loss, brokenness, and just how much our lives don't look like a Hallmark movie. If you are feeling emotionally, and spiritually stressed--I have a few reminders for you in this episode to help you get to the New Year feeling strong and healthy.

Dec 11, 2018
Episode 29- Francesca Battistelli and Owning It

It’s been 10 years since we fell in love with Francesca Battistelli’s first album Paper Heart. And since all those dents in her fender and rips in her jeans—and all the albums we’ve adored in between—Francesca has married and is now the mom of 4 kids! And, in addition to being a busy mom, she just released her latest album Own It.

Today, we talk about how motherhood has shaped her latest music, how she deals with mommy guilt, what God has taught her about overcoming fear in parenthood, and how weary moms can boldly claim their identity in Christ.

Nov 23, 2018
Episode 28- Thanksgiving and Thailand

Happy Thanksgiving week! This episode, I just wanted to share some exciting podcast news and say thank you.

Also, I'll be sharing about my trip to Thailand next week, the ministry and rescue home I'll be working with, and how you can pray!

For more information, you can also visit


Nov 20, 2018
Episode 27- Cherie Lowe and Financial Foreplay

Are you and your spouse practicing "financial foreplay"?

We all know that honesty in marriage is so important. But today, Cherie Lowe is helping us take what we know intuitively one step further as we talk about the book she co-authored with her husband titled "Your Money, Your Marriage".

Cherie and I explore how money, intimacy, and sex are all connected and how unity in our finances can lead to what she calls “financial foreplay”.  I think you’ll love her advice for writing financial vows, solving financial conflict quickly, and how to, as she puts it, take care of bank business so you can get down to business in the bedroom.

Nov 16, 2018
Episode 26- Cultivating Christ-Centered Community

It's so important to have a tribe, women of substance who can build you up and a support system in this stretching time of life. But, how can moms avoid feeling isolated and get much needed adult time? When there's so much to juggle, how can young moms be intentional about seeking out meaningful relationships?

Today, I share a few tips to help moms move forward in finding friends and Christ-honoring support groups.




Nov 13, 2018
Episode 25- Becky Kiser and Seeking Sacred Holidays

It’s the beginning of November and whether you are thinking about and protecting Thanksgiving—or your Christmas tree is already up--the holidays are officially coming. Today, I’m so honored to chat with my guest Becky Kiser about her book “Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos. More Jesus.”


We have a wonderful talk about how we can keep the Christ at the center, incorporate Advent, and keep the season so meaningful…while still having a lot of fun! You’ll love Becky’s heart and her amazing ideas!

Nov 02, 2018
Episode 24- Go Be The Light

As a Christian parent, do you struggle with the idea of Halloween? Wonder how your family can participate or if you even should? Today, I share four reasons why my family has decided to go out in our neighborhood, the parameters we set around costumes, and why we've decided to be light on a dark holiday.

For more information or to get free Monday Mom Devotionals, visit



Oct 30, 2018
Episode 23- Katie Farrell and Easy Ways to Nourish Your Family

Looking for practical and applicable help for meal time? Today, the beautiful Katie Farrell from Dash Dish joins us with advice on how to nourish our families both physically and spiritually--even in the busyness of daily life. There's so many tips in this one including how to simplify grocery shopping and meal planning, organic on a budget, clean eating for your picky eaters, easy ways to fuel our bodies as busy moms, and why spiritual health is so important. If you struggle with meal time, like me--you'll love this episode.

Find out more about Katie and Dashing Dish by visit

Oct 26, 2018
Episode 22- Finding Our Identity

Do you feel like you are drowning in changes now that baby has arrived? Ever felt like you are losing your identity in the throws of motherhood. Today, we tackle the topic of identity with a strong reminder of who you are in every season of life.


Oct 23, 2018
Episode 21- Lisa Harper and The Faithfulness of Daddy God

No one can feed me solid, life-giving theology in one breath and make me belly laugh the next like the Jesus-bearing Lisa Harper! She's written more books and Bible studies than I can count on my fingers and toes..but today we are talking about her newest release "Who's Your Daddy"--written with the world's cutest co-author, her daughter Missy! We cover so much ground in this one--including her beautiful adoption journey, Christ's amazing sufficiency for single parents, and the importance of community, and the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

For more information about Lisa and to get today's show notes, visit

Oct 18, 2018
Episode 20- Flipping The Script

Have you taken inventory of your self-talk lately? What lies have you been believing and repeating in your head over and over? The hard elements of motherhood can create negative thought loops unlike anything else. Today, we are going to talk about how to flip the script on those lies and start to walk in freedom in those areas.

Oct 16, 2018
Episode 19- Hayley Morgan and Renewing Your Mind

We may all be familiar with the Biblical teaching to "renew our minds" but it's so easy to get stuck in mental ruts or negative thought loops-- especially in motherhood. Today, author Hayley Morgan talks about her powerful new book "Preach To Yourself" and shares theology, science, and practical advice that can help us all renew our minds, close our head to heart gaps, and live in freedom in our thought life.

For more information about Hayley, her new book, or to get today's show notes--visit

Oct 11, 2018
Episode 18- When You Are Waiting

Waiting can be so hard! The Bible actually says that it can make the "heart sick". But, what do we do when we know we have a promise from God but have to wait for it? Today, we talk about how can we shift our attitudes and perspectives to make sure we honor God, use the timely wisely, and let waiting refine us in a beautiful way.

For show notes and free Monday Mom Devotionals visit

Oct 10, 2018
Episode 17- Ellie Holcomb and God's Creation Song

Don't kids ask the best questions? Today, award-winning singer and songwriter Ellie Holcomb joins us on the podcast to talk about her latest projects--inspired by her daughter's question of "Who Sang The First Song?". We explore overcoming mommy guilt, what to do when your kids ask hard questions, why we all have a song, and more!


For today's show notes, visit



Sep 28, 2018
Episode 16- Spiritual Burnout

Are you feeling spiritually dry and bitter? Feeling weary because you are working for God? Today, we are going to explore the difference between working FOR God and FROM God--the flesh vs. the Spirit. We'll explore the prodigal son's older brother and the outcomes of working from God's Holy Spirit instead.


For today's show notes visit

Sep 28, 2018
Episode 15- Jen Schmidt and Biblical Hospitality

Does the word "hospitality" seem overwhelming or impossible as a busy mom? Don't feel like you have the time, talent, or resources to host others? Today, our guest Jen Schmidt, author of the book and Bible Study "Just Open the Door" gently and passionately points us to the possibility and power of hospitality and how allowing others in can literally change the world.

For today's show notes, visit

Sep 26, 2018
Episode 14- Being A Mom On Mission

Think that the only real missionaries are only the people on the international field? Think that motherhood limits what you can do for God? Today, we are going to talk about what we can learn from long term missionaries and how we can apply them to our calling as a busy mom too.



Sep 24, 2018
Episode 13- Jessica Turner and Encouragement for Working Moms

{Interview with Jessica Turner, author of Stretched Too Thin} There's a lot to juggle as busy moms and working moms face a lot of unique challenges. Today, we are going to talk with the amazing Jessica Turner about her new book Stretched Too Thin and the lessons she has learned as a full-time working mom of 3 kids. In this interview, we cover a lot of ground--including losing the mommy guilt, self-care, setting boundaries, identifying what matters most to you as a working mom, and how to make the most of your time with your children.


For today's show notes and to learn more about Jessica, visit my website at

Sep 19, 2018
Episode 12- When You Blow It As A Mom

Ever snapped? Ever feel like you've failed your family with your temper? Had a moment where you felt like you set an awful example with your behavior? Today, I share a story from one of my own "fails" and what the Holy Spirit taught me about moments where we feel like we've blown it in front of our kids. For today's show notes or free Monday Mom Devotionals, visit



Sep 19, 2018
Episode 11- April Graney and Teaching Your Kids About Gratitude

Any other mamas fight the stuff battle in their home? It seems my kids have a talent for accumulation and an aversion to picking it up or appreciating it.

Today, we get to hear the beautiful story of how one mission trip changed the trajectory of one family’s stuff battle. April Graney is the author of the children’s book The Marvelous Mud House—and the true story behind this message is one that’s sure to inspire you and help you rethink what prosperity and blessings are made of.

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Sep 18, 2018
Episode 10- Power Of A Faithful Mom

Have you ever felt uncelebrated and unseen as a mom? Today, we are going to visit the biography of Susanna Wesley to draw from her story, faithfulness, and passion for the discipleship. Susanna's life is proof that when we are dedicated to this beautiful calling--God can literally change the world.

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Sep 18, 2018
Episode 09- Dorena Williamson and Teaching Kids About Diversity

{Interview with Dorena Williamson} God designed our world to be full of color, diversity, and beautiful culture and it can be fun to teach our kids about his design from the earliest age. Today, children's book author Dorena Williamson will share about her book Colorfull and her passion to teach children about diversity and that all God's people are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Sep 15, 2018
Episode 08- Mommy Guilt

Becoming a mom can bring lots of new challenges and circumstances--and with it, the dreaded "mommy guilt". So how can you wade through your thoughts and emotions to see what is truly false guilt and what is conviction from the Holy Spirit? Today, host Audra Haney talks about the differences between condemnation and conviction, and how to take inventory in order to experience freedom in your parenting journey.

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Sep 15, 2018
Episode 07- Kim Walker Smith and Battling Postpartum Depression

{Interview with Kim Walker Smith- worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist for Jesus Culture} In this episode, Kim talks about battling postpartum depression with her second child and how God encouraged her during one of the most difficult seasons in her life. She also shares about worshiping with Jesus Culture for almost 20 years, juggling her role as a working mom, how her quiet times have changed, and what inspired the songs on her solo album "On My Side".

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Sep 11, 2018
Episode 06- Rethinking "Quiet Times"

Most moms I've chatted with say they miss their "quiet times" with God the most. Nothing will throw a wrench in elaborate spiritual disciplines--like little people. Today, we are going to talk about what I learned from the Crayola stains in my Bible and how we can spend time with God minus the guilt.

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Sep 11, 2018
Episode 04-Nicki Koziarz and Conquering Comparison

{Interview with Nicki Koziarz- Proverbs 31 Speaker and Author of "Why Her: 6 Truths We Need To Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind"} In today's world, it's easier than ever to fall into the trap of comparison and many millennial moms name this as their biggest struggle. Nicki shares about her book and the lessons she's learned exploring jealousy and comparison in the biblical characters of Rachel and Leah.

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Sep 08, 2018
Episode 03- Overcoming Comparison

Do you find yourself constantly questioning yourself as a mom? Are you consistently looking around to see if you measure up? Do you feel a bit unsure in your parenting decisions because you sometimes make different choices than those around you?

It's easy to compare, but today we are going to talk about God's wonderful gift and promise of wisdom and how it can set us free as moms and allow us to celebrate differences and not compare to those around us.

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Sep 08, 2018
Episode 02- Jessica Honegger and Overcoming Fear

{Interview with Jessica Honegger- founder and CEO of Noonday Collection} Today, Audra Haney interviews Jessica about her journey from adoption to hesitantly starting what today is one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. We tackle issues like overcoming fear, starting something new, choosing collaboration instead of competition with our sisters, embracing the mom you are, and what to do when courage corners you.

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Sep 08, 2018
Episode 01- Fear vs. Faith

Are you struggling with fear or anxiety as a mom? Is it hard to trust God with your children? Do you have a hard decision to make but worry about how it might affect your kids? Today, join host Audra Haney as we explore one of my favorite stories about faith in the Old Testament and see how the courage of a couple of men helped shape the spiritual inheritance of their children the generations that came behind!

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Sep 08, 2018
Episode 00-Podcast Intro

In this introductory episode, Audra Haney shares a little about herself, her heart for moms, and the vision for the 5 Minute Mom Podcast. For show notes, to book Audra as a speaker, or sign up for free Monday Mom Devotionals, visit

Aug 31, 2018