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By Paul Wharton

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Paulitics is a Pop Culture Podcast feauturing Celebrity Guests and a lot of laughs hosted by Emmy Nominated Lifestyle Personality Paul Wharton and his co-host Stacey Rusch. This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

Episode Date
The Paulitics of Taking Care of Yourself & Others

In this episode Paul talks about giving back to communities through fashion, philanthropy and good old fashioned hard work. Paul and Darnell talk about a recent fashion show that Paul hosted for a good cause. Paul talks about working with homeless women at N Street Village and shares footage from Oprah’s speech when she pledged $1,000,000! Paul’s good friend Jenifer Lewis joins the podcast to discuss mental health awareness and how therapy helped change her life. All of that and more on today’s Paul Wharton Show!

May 23, 2019
The Paulitics of Speaking to Strangers

In this episode, Paul is joined by his trusty sidekick Darnell Perkins and his intern Sydney Jackson. Paul talks about his habit of speaking that he doesn’t know and how he find out from his doctor that doing that is called a “Micro Interaction” and it could prolong your life! Dr. Theresa Stone shares a medical perspective on Micro Interacting, happiness and how being lonely can physically impact your health. Paul has vacation fever and shares some highlights from some of his recent trips to Italy and London. Paul also shares packing and traveling tips. Darnell talks about his great adventures in Tulum and Bangkok, a conversation you won’t want to miss. All of that and more on this “Paul Wharton Show” addition of Paulitics.

May 16, 2019
The Paulitics of Being a Fabulous Party Host

In this episode, Paul is joined by his sidekick Darnell Perkins and event planner Roquois Clarke. The trio discuss throwing small to large scale events with flair. As a special treat, they are joined by the actor Penwah, Paul’s favorite home cook and party host to share her tips and secrets on throwing the best backyard summer bbq known to mankind! Paul shares his tips on traveling internationally with just a carry on bag and many other tips to help you have the most fabulous summer ever!

May 09, 2019
The Paulitics of Beating a Bully

In this episode, Paul addresses a topic and shares his personal experience on something that we’ve all experienced in one form or another, bullying. From mischievous kids that become aggressive on the playground to threats of violence and bringing guns to the school, Paul talks with Marcia Dyson, a Grandmother who’s grandson was recently bullied in school and John Chambers, the father of a young girl that was also bullied (at the same school) to share how they chose to handle the situation and you can if you’re addressed with this. Later in the show, Darnell Perkins shares what happened the first time his Uncle made him stand up to a bully and the group shares their experiences on what happens when childhood bullies grow up!

May 02, 2019
The Paulitics of Becoming a Jazz Master

In this episode, Paul is all jazzed up about a phenomenal night that he spent at The Kennedy Center with this year’s NEA Jazz Masters. He’s joined in studio by Jillian Upshaw, a young woman that recently won the Capital Stars Talent Competition and is taking steps to pursue a career as a jazz drummer! Paul share memories from his early days in NYC and meeting Stanley Crouch, a 2019 NEA Jazz Master Honoree. Personal insights are shared from Stanley and South African composer Abdullah Ibrahim. It’s a jazzy kind of episode that you wont want to miss!

Apr 18, 2019
The Paulitics of Giving Advice

On episode 24 of Paulitics, Paul’s gets candid with our listeners and shares tips that can help you live a more joyful, productive and passionate life. He covers advice on areas that he gets asked about all the time and also things that have helped him get my groove back. We’re going to cover the healing power of humor and learning to laugh more with Comedienne Karen Williams and how to pursue a passion project successfully with Alchemist and Life Coach Jemaja Selas. Paul talks about how to redesign your office or workspace to make it productive, beautiful and inspiring! All of that and more on this episode of Paulitics!

Apr 08, 2019
The Paulitics of Pursuing Your Passion

On episode 24 of Paulitics, Paul’s gets candid with our listeners and shares tips that can help you live a more joyful, productive and passionate life. He covers advice on areas that he gets asked about all the time and also things that have helped him get my groove back. We’re going to cover the healing power of humor and learning to laugh more with Comedienne Karen Williams and how to pursue a passion project successfully with Alchemist and Life Coach Jemaja Selas. Paul talks about how to redesign your office or workspace to make it productive, beautiful and inspiring! All of that and more on this episode of Paulitics!

Apr 04, 2019
The Paulitics of Keeping Your Circle Tight

On episode 23 of Paulitics, Paul is joined again by his friend Darnell Perkins! They dive into what they’ve learned about friendships, who you should have in your home and what to do when someone that claims to be your friend, tell you people don’t like you! President Trump and Jussie Smollett got off this week so why is Trump mad and wanting The Feds to investigate Jussie’s case? Darnell, Paul and Jack talk about if the brothers are due to catch a break! Plus, should Cardi B be held to the same standards as Bill Cosby? Everyone has an opinion! All of that and real “Boy Talk” that you don’t want to miss! Pull up to the bumper baby, it’s time for Paulitics!

Mar 28, 2019
The Paulitics of Stretching Your Limits

On episode 22 “The Paulitics of Stretching Your Limits” Paul is joined by Yoga and Fitness guru Pari Bradlee to talk about Paul’s current fitness journey and the first steps anyone can take to get on the road to being their most fabulous selves on the inside and out. Pari shares the absolute best nutrition, exercise and mindful living tips that you’re not going to want to miss. Paul’s production partner Mikail calls in from London to chat about the new reality TV project that he and Paul are working on in DC. Can it break the DC reality TV show curse or will it go the way of the ill fated Real Housewives of DC? This episode is all about how to break through your mental and physical barriers and stretch your limits when you aren’t sure if you have what it takes to go all the way. Grab a spot of tea (in our best UK accent) or a cold pressed juice and let’s talk about it on Paulitics!

Mar 14, 2019
The Paulitics of Being Bad

On episode 21 of Paulitics, Paul is joined by Raymone Bain, Michael Jackson’s longtime publicist and the Former President and COO of The Michael Jackson company for a candid talk about HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary. Raymone shares her personal insight based on being by Michael’s side for many years. She feels very strongly about the claims being waged against Jackson and she holds nothing back. Darnell Perkins AKA “The party host with the most” is back in the studio with Paul to tackle Michael, this week’s R. Kelly interview with Gayle King and so much more. Pour your wine Blanche, it’s time for Paulitics!

Mar 07, 2019
The Paulitics of Being A Fixer

On episode 20 of Paulitics, we break down Michael Cohen's brutal testimony to Congress with writer and producer, Mikail. We are joined by superstar classical singer, Anthony Kearns, who talks about his incredible journey to stardom. In-studio are Paul's friend, Chanda Wallace, and hair and make-up expert Janelle Gladden, who tackle diversity at the Oscars and the controversial big winner of the night. Plus, with the upcoming release of Captain Marvel we unleash our inner nerd and discuss why online trolls have such a problem with entertainment starring diverse leads. It's exciting, informed and funny at the same time!

Mar 01, 2019
The Paulitics of A Fallen Empire

On today’s episode we’re breaking down Jussie Smollett’s arrest, the facts of the case and social ramifications with Legal Anaylst Monique Pressley and Social Activist Marcia Dyson. Paul is joined in studio by his Managing Director at Paul Wharton Style, Aidah Fontenot, a woman who shares her take on all the hot topics drama and also how she helps Paul run his brand. Paul shares some very personal childhood stories about his Aunt Vera, the inspiration behind his new line of luxury candles. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with the most brilliant legal minds in the country, all on today’s show!

Feb 22, 2019
The Paulitics of Palentine's Day

On episode 18 of Paulitics, Paul is joined by his good friend Darnell Perkins and show producer Jack Inslee. The trio calls Paul’s Tenderone Drew, a guy that Paul met on Tinder 2 months ago to grill him on his intentions with Paul. U Gent does a special segment with tips for guys on how they can set a romantic scene for Valentine’s Day at home. Paul shares his experiences in NY on Bevy Smith’s show and what he learned from Sex with Emily host!

Feb 14, 2019
The Paulitics of Starting Season 2

We're kicking off season 2 with the legendary CeCe Peniston, renowned pop artist and one of Paul's besties Maggie O’Neil, and one of the first beautiful souls he met when he moved to New York City when he was 19 years old, Paul's best friend, brother, fashion writer and world traveler Timothais Duran Thompson!

Feb 07, 2019
The Paulitics of Finishing What You Started

This has been an incredible ride and so much amazing stuff happened on the Paulitics show we decided to do a retrospective, a Best of episode, because we just had too many incredible guests and too many great moments between me and my wonderful co-host, Stacey Rusch. Stacey is in Germany for the holiday with her family. I’m joined by Jack Inslee from Full Service Radio and two lovely ladies from Paul Wharton Style, my niece Anasia, a senior at the University of Maryland and my fabulous intern Sydney Jackson. We look back at special moments with Amanda Seales, Vivica Fox, Jenifer Lewis, Michael Eric Dyson, My Mom and so much more! Enjoy the final episode of season 1!

Dec 28, 2018
The Paulitics of Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Paulitics Podcast Episode 15 was our first live studio audience show focused on Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. Publicist BJ Coleman flew in from LA to join Paul and Stacey at the Capital One Cafe in Chinatown for the big event. If you’re getting your creative hustle on, this podcast is for you!

Dec 28, 2018
The Paulitics of Problematic Tweets

In episode 14 of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey are back in studio to talk about a whacky DC marriage clerk that thought New Mexico was a Foreign Country and refused to issue a marriage license, how you know your look is dated and so much more! The laughs are plentiful! Enjoy Paulitics Episode 14

Dec 06, 2018
The Paulitics of Plastic Surgery with Dr. George Bitar

In this episode 13 of Paulitics, top plastic surgeon Dr. George Bitar joins Paul and Stacey in studio to talk all things Plastic Surgery! The crew dives in and leaves nothing off the table, from the importance of finding a doctor that understands ethnic rhinoplasties and non surgical facelifts to getting six pack abs without surgery or exercise and get this, breast implants that leave no scar on the breasts! Cosmetic Innovations have come a long way and we dish on it all and ask the question, what makes Kim Kardashian’s butt so big?! You don’t want to miss this studio guest! We also address the story about Rain Dove, the gender non-conforming model that was mistaken for a man in the women’s room and sprayed with Mace by a scared Mom! Stacey and Paul have some strong opinions on this and Kane Brown, the country singer that thought he was white until he was called the N-word in school! What was his Mama thinking? We have our opinions and we want to hear yours... All of this and more on Paulitics episode 13!

Dec 03, 2018
The Paulitics of Being Living Legend Jenifer Lewis

In this episode 12 of Paulitics Paul is in New York City to do a one on one interview with Actress, Author and Activist Jenifer Lewis. From her more than three hundred appearances for film and television, stage and cabaret, performing comedy or drama, as an unforgettable lead or a scene-stealing supporting character, Jenifer Lewis has established herself as one of the most respected, admired, talented, and versatile entertainers working today. And she also happens to be Paul’s friend! This episode is an intimate portrait of the woman affectionately known as The Mother of Black Hollywood. This “Mega Diva” and costar of the hit sitcom Black-ish bares her soul as only she can. Ladies and gentleman, we’re pleased to present, the one, the only, Ms. Jenifer Lewis!

Nov 23, 2018
The Paulitics of the Not Conceding Defeat

In this episode of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey talk about the outcomes of the tense Florida and Georgia Gubernatorial elections. It’s getting hot in here and we’re ready to talk about it! And it’s the most important magazine release of the year, Vogue’s September issue you ask? No! People magazine’s sexiest man of the year issue is out and Idris Elba came out on top! Paul and Stacey share their thoughts on that and what they feel makes a man sexy. And it seems Ray J is back in the news for talking about Kim. How long can you continue to romanticize the past and talk about your ex lovers? Paul and Stacey discuss and it is hilarious! All of this and so much on episode 11 of Paulitics!

Nov 22, 2018
The Paulitics of Being Born in the USA

In this episode if Paulitics, Paul and Stacey discuss the Megyn Kelly Blackface scandal and their thoughts on cultural appropriation. On the eve of the mid-term elections, Paul and Stacey share why they vote and what they hope the outcome will be. The NFL is back in hot topics and Paul’s friend Jenifer Lewis has just released a new song paying tribute to Rihanna and Cardi B. for boycotting performing at the Super Bowl. Do you still support the NFL? And what do you think about musical artists boycotting the big game? Oprah set out on the campaign trail for Stacy Abrams in the Georgia Gubernatorial race, will she have the power to get Stacey elected? If Oprah showed up at your day, would it sway your vote? Trump threatens to ban Birthright Citizenship and Paul and Stacey have something to say about that and so much more in this fast moving, politically charged episode of Paulitics!

Nov 08, 2018
The Paulitics of Not Being Insecure

In this episode of Paulitics, Paul welcomes actress and activist Amanda Seales, the break out star of HBO’s hit series Insecure to the studio to talk about her tv show, her views on dating and marriage and how she knew Paul was plenty black enough to compete in her Smart, Funny and Black stage show. Paul and Amanda talk about knowing the difference between a loyal friend and an undercover hater and when it’s time to do a good ole contact purge. Amanda shares an inspiring story about moving across the country to take a chance on her dreams and having more success in 2-3 years than she had in her entire career. It’s so good!! Listen up creatives, you aren’t going to want to miss this one! Later in the show, our favorite Potomac Housewife Monique Samuels pops into the studio to talk about shooting the upcoming 4th season of the Bravo show and how expecting her 3rd child has made the other ladies on the show nicer to her! I mean, who can hate on a pregnant lady right?! All of that and so much more in episode 9 of Paulitics!

Oct 30, 2018
The Paulitics of Being On The Birthday List

In this episode of Paulitics, Paul has just celebrated his birthday and Stacey wonders why she wasn’t invited to the late night dinner. Upon further discussion, Stacey presses the point that she is never invited to Paul’s evening events! Is Paul Mom-shaming Stacey out of adult play time? Paul’s Mom Brenda is live in studio to shed some light on what a young Paul was like and why she had no idea Paul was gay when he came out at 19. You won’t want to miss that story! Paul’s English business partner joins the live podcast to weigh in with a UK perspective. The group gets into an intriguing discussion about Diddy and Cassie’s break up and raise the question, does a man have the power to “waste” a woman’s “good years”? Everyone has something to say and they don’t hold anything back! Tune in and join the conversation!

Oct 26, 2018
The Paulitics of Knowing When It’s Ok to say “Do You Know Who I Am?!”

On this episode of Paulitics, Paul tells Stacey how he recently had to get dressed up and use his position as an author and TV personality to rally a troop of uninterested nurses and doctors into giving his loved one (and the Mother of his favorite Whole Foods cashier) better medical care while they were in the hospital. Which raises the question, when it comes to life or death situations, is it ok to say “Do you know who I am”?! Stacey talks about a recent visit from her best friend that resulted in her bff having to reprimand Stacey’s daughter. Paul weighs in with his thoughts on someone else having the right to get your child together without your permission. What do you think? Paul’s upcoming appearance on HBO Insecure’s Amanda Seales’ “Smart, Funny and Black” show inspires Stacey to give him an impromptu “BlackSpert” quiz. Tune in to this episode of Paulitics to see if Paul passed the test and so much more!!

Oct 17, 2018
The Paulitics of Confidence Becoming King (or Queen)

In this episode of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey talk about learning to love themselves and finding the confidence to take risks and go after their goals. On the cusp of Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next Supreme Court Justice, Paul and Stacey discuss where they were and what they were doing during other major moments in modern history. Stacey is surprised to learn that Paul has a vivid memory of Princess Diana’s death and is even more shocked to hear the series of events that transpired in Paul’s life in NYC during the 9/11 attacks. Stacey connects with her German brothers and sisters while Paul shares his latest experiences pitching TV shows and walking around “incog-negro” while stalking his billboards in Chinatown! All of this and a raw look at knowing when it’s time to part ways with people that were once, your close friends. It’s not Politics, it’s Paulitics!

Oct 08, 2018
The Paulitics of Telling The Truth About Sex and Relationships

On this episode of Paulitics, Paul and Stacey share their reactions to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimonies during their senate hearings. The subject of sexual assault leads Paul to share a very personal story of his own about being sexually assaulted. Stacey tells Paul about Chrissy Teigen admitting that she and John Legend had sex on the first date which leads Paul and Stacey to share their opinions on the subject and let’s just say one is totally down for it! As the co-hosts go deeper into relationship chat, Paul shares details of the accident that caused his former partner Michael to go into a coma and subsequently lose his ability to walk and talk. This episode is has it all, drama, laughter, tears and sex talk. We’re having a sharing moment and you’re invited to the conversation!

Oct 01, 2018
The Paulitics of Supremely Reaping What You Sow with Monique Pressley

On this episode of Paulitics - Power Attorney Monique Pressley joins Paul and Stacey to discuss what would really be at stake by electing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and what we can do to stop it from happening. Monique also looks at The Botham Jean case with her keen legal eye and shares powerful insights and her first hand connection to the case that everyone’s talking about. Paul teases Stacey about needing a vacation to Turks and Caicos from her already vacation like life and shares a story about discovering a woman that tried to pick him up at a bar in Turks and Caicos earlier this summer was accused of murdering her rich fiancé (he googled her while they sat at the bar- check please!). Paul finally decides to break his silence on what really happened between he and Omarosa... All of that plus today’s hot topics including people actually color shaming Khloe Kardashian’s baby and Paul answers listener’s questions. The tea is piping hot, you won’t want to miss a drop!

Sep 22, 2018
The Paulitics of Fighting in High Fashion

On this episode of Paulitics Paul and Stacey talk about the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. brawl that resulted in ripped couture and a bumped and bruised head. Stacey becomes speechless when Paul shares a crazy but true story about a bar brawl he got into over refusing to take a selfie that resulted in pulled hair, a busted eye, a ripped Comme Des Garçons shirt and sweater, a busted Dolce and Gabbana phone, the cops being called and a Gap leather blazer that ended up being donated to the Salvation Army! You won’t want to miss this story! Social Activist Marcia Dyson chimes in on the Cardi and Nicki beef and the tragic case of Botham Shem Jean. All of that and a New York Fashion Week recap by Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers!

Sep 18, 2018
The Paulitics of R-E-S-P-E-C-T with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

On this episode of Paulitics Dr. Michael Eric Dyson joins the conversation and talks about why he decided to take on President Trump from the pulpit of Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Paul shares his Italian adventures this summer- could love, marriage and children be in his future? Paul gets Stacey’s opinion on the overzealous actions of two of his horny party guests in The Hamptons- do you think they went to far? Stacey opens up about an incident that she had to address with her 2.5 year daughter and the nanny- how do you think she handled it? All of that and this week’s hot topics! 

Sep 10, 2018
The Paulitics of Setting It Off with Vivica A. Fox - Paulitics Ep. 101

On the debut episode of Paulitics - Paul Wharton and co host Stacey Rusch talk how they met and Paul shares his crazy recent experiences during his Hampton’s vacation including running into his friend’s husband with another woman! A very special guest drops by, dripping in Mervis diamonds... The fabulous VIVICA A. FOX! She spilled the tea about the recent tabloid headline drama surrounding her, Phaedra Parks and 50 cent. Vivica also explains how she stays on top in Hollywood, what she’s looking for in a man, her new book, talk show and some fun times she’s shared with Paul over the years! All of this and more in this episode of a Paulitics! 

Jul 26, 2018