AMRAP Mentality with Jason Khalipa

By Jason Khalipa

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Category: Society & Culture

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Life moves pretty fast. And if you're Jason's usually moving faster than normal. Jason is always on the go and always meeting new, fascinating people along the way. The AMRAP Mentality Podcast hosted by Jason Khalipa introduces its listeners to very interesting things done by very interesting people. The conversations are always quick, powerful, and real. Each episode in the series takes the format of an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) meaning the conversation is focused to be as powerful as possible in a short time. No matter if Jason is introducing you to world champion athletes, well-known personalities, or just really fascinating people we are confident you will enjoy! Get ready for the AMRAP Mentality Podcast.

Episode Date
Adam Saucedo | Focus Goes Where Energy Flow Pt. 1

We're stoked to release part one of AMRAP Mentality's first mini-series. Adam Saucedo is a mindset expert. Working with clients ranging from elite athletes to CEO's, Adam provides daily steps we can take towards expanding our mindset and maximizing our potential. Diving into topics like daily routines, mantras, and energy shifts, Adam helps build the foundation necessary to explore personal development and deeper connections. This series will provide tangible tools that, when utilized effectively, will help bring the AMRAP Mentality into listener's daily lives. Stay tuned for part 2!

Mar 21, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | No One Owes You Anything

This idea sounds relatively simple to implement, right? However, how often do you go on autopilot and not even realize you have an expectation? Ever walked into Whole Foods ready to get your hands on your favorite kombucha just to find that they’re out? Bummed that you’re not going to quench your thirst with your fave holistic, bubbly beverage - you’ve just experienced auto-pilot expectation.

Mar 18, 2019
Kaj Larsen | From Trenches to Truth

To say that Kaj Larsen is a man of many talents is a gross understatement. From being the only reporter in Northern Nigeria corresponding in regards to Boko Haram, to volunteering to get waterboarded, and sharing what it was like to be targeted by a marine mammal combat swimmer (yep, we're talking military dolphins), Kaj has a seemingly endless resume of once in a lifetime occurrences. In true AMRAP Mentality fashion, we dig into the mindset necessary to endure such tasks, and Kaj brings a new and genuine perspective to the table on his quest for the truth.

Mar 14, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | You Get What You Pay For
Mar 11, 2019
Leo Vieira | The BJJ OG

Leo Vieira is a true testament to the American Dream, or should we say the Brazilian Dream? Having competed in jiu-jitsu since the age of 10, Leo has decades of experience on the mat. Leo shares the mindset behind his drive, passion, and values on and off the mat. Determined to be successful and make his family proud, Leo provides insight into the early years of jiu-jitsu, how the sport has evolved, and the personal growth that has paralleled his phenomenal BJJ career.

Mar 07, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Meeting problems head-on

This week, Jason talks about why it's important to tackle problems head-on and not let them grow into bigger issues than they already are. 

Mar 04, 2019
Mat Fraser and Sammy Moniz | Feeding the Frasers & Fighter Jets

Ever wonder what the Fittest Man on Earth eats? It's your lucky day. Today we get the opportunity to hear from both Mat Fraser and Sammy Moniz to get a behind the scenes look at Feeding the Frasers. Furthermore, the duo shares travel stories from their recent USO Tour. From prepping meals to preparing for takeoff, we've got you covered! Enjoy!

Feb 28, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Social Media & the Fear to Fail

This week, Jason is talking about the role of social media on people taking on new risks and the fear of failing in front of the judging eyes of the online community.

Feb 25, 2019
Brooke Wells | Mindset, Mantras, & Daily Rituals

AMRAP 25 Minutes | Four-time CrossFit Games Athlete, and all-round badass, Brooke Wells, joins Jason today to chat about family, school, and a whole lot of fitness. Brooke shares how she got her start in CrossFit and what kind of mentality it takes to be one of the youngest in the sport. Currently battling for her spot in the 2019 CrossFit Games, Brooke explains the mindset, mantras, and daily rituals that help elevate her fitness to the elite level. You don't want to miss this!

Feb 21, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | From Good, to Great

This week, Jason is focusing on taking his skills that he's already good at, to the next level. Find what you're good at and become great at it. Remove the governor.

Feb 18, 2019
Dan Bailey | Faith & Fitness

Five-time CrossFit Games qualifier and athlete, Dan Bailey, joins today's show for a 40-minute AMRAP. Diving into Bailey's track and field background, Dan shares with listeners how this sport cultivated the perfect mindset for CrossFit. This mindset paired with Dan's faith has made him an unstoppable force in the fitness space. From daily routines to positive self-talk and prayer rituals, Dan explains what it takes to maintain this position and does so with genuine compassion for others and grace. Set out to make a difference in the world, Dan is the true definition of the AMRAP Mentality.

Feb 14, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Why Did You Get Started?

Things get hard, training gets tough, and long-term goals can begin to feel like they’re centuries away. So, how do we stay motivated? Stop, sit, and ask yourself: what is my why? Do my values align with my goals, and do my actions align with my values? Get fired up, because Jason brings the heat with this Monday morning motivation.

Feb 11, 2019
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet | No Time to Whine

AMRAP 43 minutes | Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is more than just a CrossFit Games mega-babe. In today's episode of AMRAP Mentality, Camille shares with listeners tools that have helped her achieve a first place finish at the CrossFit Games, build a successful business, and maintain a thriving marriage. Adding to the resume, Camille's unparalleled mindset and drive have allowed her to balance all of the aforementioned triumphs while obtaining her degree in chemical engineering... can someone say superhero? Striving to leave people better than when she found them, Camille truly embodies the AMRAP Mentality and then some. Enjoy!

Feb 07, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Time Under Tension

In the 5th episode of Coffee with Khalipa, a new short format show released every Monday, Jason talks about a different subject that is on his mind for the week over a cup of coffee. A great start to your week!

Today, Jason talks about time under tension and how years of doing seminars helped him develop his public speaking skills. 

Feb 04, 2019
Mark Bell | Sling Shotting Into Success

AMRAP 55 minutes | Mark Bell is the epitome of the American Dream. Inventor of the 'Sling Shot,' renowned powerlifter, and fitness entrepreneur, Bell strives to "make the world a better place to lift." Rooted in humble beginnings, Bell attributes much of his success to his ability to channel negative experiences into positive momentum towards his goals and aspirations. In this episode, Mark shares the mindset it takes to balance being a father, business owner, and husband, as well as giving great insight as to what it takes to be successful in the fitness space.

Jan 31, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Just Get Started!

In the 4th episode of Coffee with Khalipa, a new short format show released every Monday, Jason talks about a different subject that is on his mind for the week over a cup of coffee. A great start to your week!

Today, Jason talks about how you should start acting towards a goal that you've had in mind for a while!

Jan 28, 2019
Patrick Vellner | Clutching the CrossFit Games

AMRAP 50 minutes | Finishing first at last weekend's Wodapalooza, makes Patrick Vellner the most recent athlete to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games. Vellner has years of competition experience ranging from National level gymnastics to back-to-back podium finishes at the CrossFit Games. Both athlete and doctorate student, Vellner shares the type of training and mentality it takes to most efficiently and effectively reach his goals. Vellner explains how his years of gymnastics training prepared him to be the unstoppable CrossFit force he is today, and what it means to "perform on demand." Recording with Vellner just one day before he takes the competition floor at Wodapalooza, this episode truly highlights what it takes to become a CrossFit Games athlete. You don't want to miss this.

Jan 24, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | If It's A Good Deal Today, It Will Still Be A Good Deal Tomorrow

In the third episode of Coffee with Khalipa, a new short format show released every Monday, Jason talks about a different subject that is on his mind for the week over a cup of coffee. A great start to your week!

Today, Jason talks about how you should not rush into opportunities in business and life. 

Jan 21, 2019
Amelia Boone | 100 Miles in Her Shoes

AMRAP 40 minutes | Ultra Marathon runner, Obstacle Racing World Champion, lawyer, and all-around badass athlete, Amelia Boone, sits down to discuss her athletic feats and the mindset that lead to such accomplishments. Having completed more races than she can count, Boone is no stranger to competition, and through this competition has developed a healthy relationship with fear and failure. Embracing opportunities that present failure, Boone has overcome injuries, brutal terrain, and 72-hour races with unparalleled grace and gratitude. In today's episode, Boone shares how she developed this warrior-mindset, and shares insight as to how to harvest such an outlook on life, athletics, and relationships.

Jan 17, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

In this second episode of Coffee with Khalipa, a new short format show released every Monday, Jason talks about a different subject that is on his mind for the week over a cup of coffee. A great start to your week!

Today, the subject is "Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable" where Jason talks about some personal experiences and how he overcame them. 

Jan 14, 2019
Seth Rollins | Wrestling with Greatness

AMRAP 55 minutes | Seth Rollins, WWE Superstar, embodies all that it means to be a legend. Along with long time friend and weightlifting icon, Mark Bell, Jason and the boys sit down and discuss what it means to live the AMRAP Mentality. Seth explains how he got his start in entertainment wrestling, how he found and harnessed his passion, the mindset it takes to comeback from an injury, and how he's paying it forward by teaching the next generation of wrestlers what it takes to be on top. Seth's grind is real... and we're not just talking coffee. You don't want to miss this.

Jan 10, 2019
Coffee with Khalipa | Earned Confidence

In this first episode of Coffee with Khalipa, a new short format show released every Monday, Jason talks about a different subject that is on his mind for the week over a cup of coffee. A great start to your week!

Today, the subject is "Earned Confidence" and how you can go into your day, knowing that you earned your spot at whatever you're about to tackle.

Jan 07, 2019
Becca Voigt | Decade of Fitness

AMRAP 35 minutes | Becca Voigt is a ten-time CrossFit Games veteran. From The Ranch to Carson and Madison, Becca explains how the sport of CrossFit has evolved over the last decade. We discuss what kind of mindset it takes to overcome adversity, harness passion, and execute goals. Furthermore, we dive into the role of performance enhancing drugs, and what this means for the sport of fitness moving forward. From athlete to coach to banker and everything in between, Becca explains what it's like to get as many rounds, reps, and respect as possible out of every single minute.

Jan 03, 2019
Bonus Episode | Q&A with Ashley Khalipa

AMRAP 30 minutes | During the Holiday season, Jason sits down with Ashley Khalipa to answer some questions asked from the community. Together they answer questions about life events, future of Fitness and CrossFit, how the AMRAP Mentality book was created, and many more.

Dec 27, 2018
Shane Dorian | What Separates The Boys From The Men

AMRAP 40 minutes | Crushing both the professional circuit and big wave competitions, Shane Dorian is no stranger to greatness, grit, and determination. Leaving his childhood home in Hawaii just out of high school to chase waves, learning experiences, and sponsorships, Shane abandoned the idea of a "Plan B" early on. In today's episode, Shane explains to us what it was like to compete at such a young age, pioneer an unprecedented business path in the surfing world, and what daily practices prepare him to survive the largest sets of his life. We learn how big wave surfing separates the boys from the men, and how Shane uses the mindset cultivated by surf culture in his everyday life.


Produced by: Ali Samieivafa

Dec 20, 2018
Gary Vee | I Like Happiness More Than Money

During this 30 minute AMRAP, Jason sits down with the iconic Gary Vee of VaynerMedia. Together Jason and Gary explore the role of family, fitness, and passion in the entrepreneurial space. Gary has got his schedule down to a science, including when to sit front row at the Knicks with his son and when to shower, truly embodying all that is the essence of AMRAP Mentality. Gary explains to us how to show up for your family, business, and fitness with both enthusiasm and happiness. Plus, he tells us why having muscles is “cool!” So, without further ado, 3... 2... 1, go!


Dec 13, 2018
Josh Bridges | Building Bridges: Becoming a Badass

AMRAP 60 minutes | Josh Bridges is an absolute animal. From collegiate wrestling to Navy Seal, telemarketing to CrossFit Games athlete, Josh has done it all. Physical fitness aside, we learn about the mindset and discipline it takes to simultaneously complete Navy Seal training camps and compete at the CrossFit Games. Additionally, Bridges explains the different training programs he offers and the controversy that surrounded the launch of the female-specific program. From fitness, mental fortitude, and family, we cover it all. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Dec 06, 2018
Elijah "EZ" Muhammad | Making Heavy Lifting EZ

AMRAP 25 Minutes | Elijah Muhammad, more commonly known as "EZ," is far more than your average CrossFit Games athlete. In true AMRAP Mentality fashion, EZ explains to us how he was able to juggle a wife and kids, graveyard shifts, coaching collegiate basketball, and training with CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Froning, without missing a beat. EZ's unrelenting ability to succeed in all areas of his life stem from his definition and understanding of true passion and success. A family man, successful gym owner, and seminar facilitator, EZ truly embodies what it means to lift heavy often, as in every day.

Nov 29, 2018
Neal Maddox | CrossFit Games Athlete & Masters Champion

AMRAP 30 Minutes | Neal Maddox is an absolute specimen. At the age of 15 years old, he squatted 600lbs. Needless to say he has been training longer, harder, and more consistently than anyone else in the game. Neal is a multi-year CrossFit Games Individual Athlete and Masters Champion in the 40-44 age group. Listen in as Jason and Neal talk about the strategies and mindset Neal employs to stay on top of his game. You won't want to miss what the guys have to say about the sport of fitness, athletes who look for unfair advantages, and what's next for Neal...

Nov 22, 2018
Lewis Howes | Taking Class in The School of Greatness

AMRAP 45 Minutes | Intro to Lewis; School of Greatness; Greatness in Life, Relationships, Business; Power of Gratefulness; Perspective as a Choice; Making Your Bed; Habits that Elevate and Partners that Elevate; Living Life Without "What If"; Seeing Potential and Going All-In; The Value of Fulfillment; Finding One's Greatest Level of Impact; Starting With One; Gratefulness in the Present and Excitement for the Future...

Nov 15, 2018
Ben Smith | CrossFit Legend & 2015 Games Champion

AMRAP 30 Minutes | If there were to be a Mount Rushmore of CrossFit Games legends, Ben Smith would be on it. He's a 10-time CrossFit Games athlete, multi-year podium finisher, and the 2015 Fittest Man on Earth. He's also one of the nicest and most down to earth people you'll ever meet. Listen in as Ben and Jason talk about the CrossFit Games past, present, and future as well as dive into family, life and business. If you're interested in hearing what makes Ben tick and learning how he stays so consistent in competition...this episode is for you!

Nov 08, 2018
Max Greenfield | The Journey of an Actor & Athlete

AMRAP 55 Minutes | Intro to Max; The Neighborhood & Getting "Picked Up"; How it Started with New Girl; The 10 Year Grind; Balancing Life & Work; From a Fast Life to Sobriety; Importance of Commitment; Consistency Over Time = Success; Discovering CrossFit; Learning about Life Through Fitness...

Nov 01, 2018
Brooke Ence | Overcoming Adversity and Reaching Your Full Potential

AMRAP 60 Minutes | Brooke Before CrossFit; Road to the Games; Dealing with Adversity & Reaching Potential; Rookie in 2014; The Ups & Downs of the Games; Wonder Woman & Justice League; Turning a Corner & Beyond the Competition Floor; and What's Next for Brooke Ence.

Oct 25, 2018
Mat Fraser | Three-time CrossFit Games Champion

AMRAP 55 Minutes | Best Version of Self and Origin of #HWPO; Early Years of Olympic Lifting; Alcoholism & Sobriety; Transition to CrossFit and Winning in Competition; and What the Future Holds for Mat...

Oct 09, 2018