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Smash Bros Ultimate for Noobs!

Episode Date
TV/Film: Endgame of Thrones Review – LtS Episode 2.15
After ten years of the MCU and Game of Thrones, how did their respective ‘Endgames’ pan out? In this TV/Film episode of Learning to Smash, Jando and John provide the…
Apr 29, 2019
Games: Final Fantasy X review, Sekiro and Celeste (Jandro’s relaxing 1,2 combo!) & more – Learning to Smash 2.14
LtS records one video game discussion every other week. This week, a Final Fantasy noob dives into FFX on the Switch. Have you played it? Should You? John provides his…
Apr 22, 2019
TV/Film: The Game of The Game of Thrones – LtS Episode 2.13
Let the games begin… The LtS co-hosts put the throne on the line and try to predict exactly what will happen in each of the final episodes of Game of…
Apr 15, 2019
Games: A Genuine Financial Crisis (too many Switch games in April) – Learning to Smash Episode 2.12
Jandro is off this week for mandatory medical leave (drunk / hungover in New Orleans). In his absence, John breaks down the terrible financial crisis facing Switch owners for the…
Apr 07, 2019
TV/Film: Love, Death & Robots’ best stories, 8th Grade, Brooklyn 99 and the underrated gem: ‘PopStar’ – Learning to Smash Episode 2.11
Y’all on that Love, Death & Robots train? Which story is your favorite? Jump on it with Jandro and John this week as we rank the episodes and gush over…
Apr 02, 2019
Games: Ranking the Smash stages, Turok 64 Switch Review, Stadia & Nindies – Learning to Smash 2.10
Video games are dropping out of the sky these days and Jandro and John feel attacked. Too awesome. Too many. Too much. But it’s as good a time as any…
Mar 25, 2019
TV/Film: Unraveling Cowboy Bebop, Captain Marvel Review and Game of Thrones Prep – LtS 2.9
Cowboy Bebop leads the way in this week’s TV/Film centric discussion. We unravel that perfect anime series note by note. But first, we discuss quite a bit. Including: Captain Marvel…
Mar 17, 2019
Games: Starlink w/ DLC Review, Mario 2 NES Review, Playstation Now Now, Tetris 99 and more! LtS Episode 2.8
Starlink: Battle for Atlas DLC has given the game a lot more to see and do than when in launched in October, 2018. Jandro didn’t plan it then, but he’s…
Mar 12, 2019
TV/Film: The Expanse books and tv show (no spoilers) & More – LtS episode 2.7
On this week’s LtS, Jandro and John take a tour across time and space, discussing some of the heady sci fi storytelling they love the most. The Expanse series (both…
Feb 26, 2019
Games: Selecting our Smash Mains: Who gets the Rose?! – Learning to Smash Episode 2.6
Jandro and John have played way too much Smash Ultimate. It wasn’t easy, but they have finally found their mains. We reveal which fighters receive their (much-sought-after) roses. But first,…
Feb 18, 2019
Let’s Predict Nintendo’s Unpredictable 2019! – Learning to Smash Episode 2.5
Let’s have a drink (or 3) and try to figure out what the heck Nintendo is up to in 2019. But first, let’s review some video games! Soma Review Unruly…
Feb 09, 2019
REmakings and retellings: When is a remake worthwhile? (+ RE2 Review) – Learning to Smash: Episode 2.4
Famed clinical ‘horror’ psychologist, Dr. Jandro McMurder, joins us this week to discuss Resident Evil 2 and exactly what makes tense, scary video games so compelling. This leads to our…
Feb 03, 2019
Unruly Heroes unite to tackle horror video games – Learning to Smash Episode 2.3
All is well in the world of gaming. The Resident Evil 2 remake is infecting our PS4s and rad indies are sprouting up all over our Nintendo Switches. To celebrate…
Jan 24, 2019
From Arcade Beginnings to a Ready Player One Future – Learning to Smash Episode 2.2
Fun Fact: the Galaga ship is the best assist trophy in Smash Ultimate. It also happens to be the ‘ultimate’ arcade game. At least it is via one co-host’s ranking.…
Jan 21, 2019
LtS 2.0, Travis Strikes Again, The Way Remastered, Deadly Class & More – Learning to Smash Episode 2.1
Welcome to Learning to Smash 2.1! To launch the all new LtS, Jandro and John are hepped up on all sorts of indie (and nostalgia fueled) games. In fact, we’re…
Jan 13, 2019
2019 Hype (Fire Emblem Three Houses & Resident Evil 2, say what?!) – Learning to Smash 22
Recorded just before the new year, it’s Learning to Smash’s (inebriated) celebration of all things 2019! Avengers Endgame is consuming our dreams. Game of Thrones is nearing it’s epic finale.…
Jan 06, 2019
Smash Bros: The Donkey Kong Chapter – Learning to Smash 21
DK is a true king of video game history and, in the opinion of the LtS podcast co-hosts, one of Nintendo’s ‘Holy Trinity’. So, in honor of the king, Jandro…
Dec 30, 2018
Spider-Man Won 2018 – And the Best of Everything Else – Learning to Smash 20
It’s time to declare our ‘best video games of 2018’ (that we played). Also, our ‘best of everything else media in 2018’, while we’re at it.. But first, the Learning…
Dec 23, 2018
Finding Your Main: The Smash Ultimate Dating Show – Learning to Smash 19
We’ve played the field.  We’ve wined and dined ’em.  But now it’s time to settle down.  Yep.  It’s time we ditch the scrubs and answer that vital question: Who will…
Dec 17, 2018
Playing Smash Bros Ultimate Online – Learning to Smash 18
As discussed on the Oct 30th episode, the launch of Smash Bros Ultimate’s online experience has been… an interesting experience.  Fortunately, patches are coming.  But more importantly, the LtS crew…
Dec 12, 2018
Learning How to Play Smash Bros Ultimate – Learning to Smash 17
Jandro and John have (finally) set out on their Ultimate journeys.  To begin, we’re focusing exclusively on the most noob-friendly single player content.  In this episode we take you through:…
Dec 10, 2018
Smash Bros DLC & some Joker from Persona – Learning to Smash 16
As Smash Ultimate is finally unleashed, the Game Awards went ahead and dropped some bombshells on the gaming world.  In this episode of Learning to Smash, we lay out what…
Dec 07, 2018
‘Twas the Night Before SMASHmas – Learning to Smash 15
With one day to go ’till Smash Ultimate drops, Learning to Smash performs a dramatic reading of the perennial holiday classic:  “‘Twas the Night Before SMASHmas.” You’re welcome. Oh, and…
Dec 05, 2018
Smash Bros: The Zelda Chapter – Learning to Smash 14
In our longest episode yet, the Learning to Smash co-hosts have too much and more to say about The Legend of Zelda franchise.  In this episode Jandro and John: Rank…
Dec 03, 2018
Jumping into Smash Bros Ultimate (for noobs and non-competitive players) – Learning to Smash 13
AKA:  How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Smash Bros Ultimate… “First of all, turn ‘items’ on and keep ’em on.” — John In this episode the Learning to…
Dec 02, 2018
The Ultimate Smash Release Day Plan – Learning to Smash 12
It’s about to be our first day of Smash Ultimate School!  What are you going to do first when you load up Smash Ultimate for the first time? It’s just…
Nov 29, 2018
Smash Bros: The Bayonetta Chapter – Learning to Smash 11
With Smash just around the corner, Bayonetta is this episode’s featured fighter, before the Ultimate ‘Climax’ next week.  In this episode, Jandro and John: Review Bayonetta 2 Discuss Devil May Cry…
Nov 27, 2018
Smash Bros: The Pokémon Chapter – Learning to Smash 10
Pikachu?  Jigglypuff? Pichu?  Mewtwo?  Pokémon Trainer?  Lucario?  Greninja?  Incineroar?  By the end of this episode, you will know the answer to the question we’ve all been asking: ‘Which of these…
Nov 20, 2018
Stan Lee & Shared Universe Storytelling – Learning to Smash 009
Smash Bros…. ASSEMBLE!!! This week the Learning to Smash co-hosts pay tribute to the late Stan Lee, specifically his brilliant use of shared universe storytelling.  We then consider the respective…
Nov 18, 2018
Metroid Review (1986): NES Online – Learning to Smash 008
It’s a bonus round episode! Metroid (1986) just dropped on the Nintendo Switch via NES Online.  John finally dove into the original entry of his all-time favorite game franchise and…
Nov 14, 2018