Both Sides with Dj and Hanee

By Daniel Carter

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Category: Arts

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Black Entrepreneurship never sound so good until Love was involved from "Both Sides". Entertainment podcast covering movies, music, sports and relationships from both female and male perspectives. Starring Dj & Hanee. Join the couple as they take you through different topics weekly as well as talking through their differences in their very own Couples Therapy. Episodes feature various entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, couples, business owners and anyone with a inspirational story worth hearing. IG: @both_sidesdjrs

Episode Date
S01 EP16 Esquire Featuring Shawnette A. Fluitt, Esq.
Join Dj and Hanee as they get into Liam Neeson's controversial statement and 21 Savage deportation. The couple shares their laughter on the Super Bowl commercials and upcoming movies, Avengers "Endgame" and Taraji P. Henson's new role in "What Men Want". The podcast gets into Marriage Boot Camp and the experience watching together. Dj and Hanee talks about the Super Bowl's disappointing results, half time show, Nick Foles opting out and AB's domestic dispute allegation. Both Sides shares the mic with Shawnette A. Fluitt, Esq. (32:07) as she shares her journey, achievements, career as a lawyer, opinion on tv law and juggling family life. Couples therapy returns with preparing for vacation, roles and experiences. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Feb 08, 2019
S01 EP15 31st Featuring 31st Dre & 31st Paulito
Join Both Sides as they share their disgust on the hate crime against Jussie Smollett and celebrating Black History Month. Dj and Hanee gives their views on Amanda Seales, HBO special, "I Be Knowin" and Mahershala Ali's role in True Detective. The couple dives into the NBA's Anthony Davis trade request and gives their picks on the NFL Super Bowl. Both Sides are joined by 31st Dre and 31st Paulito from 31st Gang (29:52) and talk their latest music video "Trap House Jumping", clothing line Vere Allure, their journey and upcoming music and ventures. Both Sides also gets a special freestyle from 31st Dre. Dj and Hanee finally makes their awaited announcement! This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Feb 01, 2019
S01 EP14 Are YOU A Stalker?
Both Sides gives their views on Punisher and Amateur while weathering "The Nor'easter Storm?" Dj and Hanee also breaks down the Netflix series YOU, cyberstalking and "red flag" warnings. Sports includes NFL referees deciding games, Tony Romo coaching, A-Rod's take on Mariano Rivera "Hall of Fame" induction. The couple talks about DeMarcus Cousins return and Carmelo Anthony being nomadic. Couples therapy gives personal insight of stalking. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Jan 25, 2019
S01 EP13 When It Was Dark
DJ and Hanee pays tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. Both Sides gives views on Sabrina " The Teenage Witch" with its dark twist, the upcoming movie Glass and the Spider-Man "Far From Home" trailer upset. The couple gets into the NFL' s AFC and NFC championship games, Kyler Murray, Oklahoma QB, declaring for the draft and DJ gives a message to Antonio Brown. Both Sides also speaks about Kylie Irving's questioning his teams motivation to win, James Harden's scoring streak and the Warriors. Couples therapy, Hanee, gives insight of her starting new love. Both Sides encourages everyone to embark on MLK's vision and weekend events tributes. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Jan 18, 2019
S01 EP12 The Apparent Truth Featuring DJ Eddie Nocentelli
Join Both Sides as they give their views on the Lifetime documentary series, “Surviving R. Kelly". The couple dives into The College Football Championship, the NFL divisional playoffs, hiring of coaches, AB, some NBA updates and Zion Williamson. Both Sides gets funkdafied with DJ Eddie Nocentelli (36:05)on his love of music, skills as a guitarist and being "Karnage", bassists for Rebelmatic. Couples therapy has different views on " parents meeting parents." Both Sides shares the announcement of becoming part of the YouTube community. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor and Brandless
Jan 11, 2019
S01 EP11 Travel With Star Featuring Erika Star
DJ and Hanee celebrates the New Year in Charlotte, North Carolina and their resolutions. Both Sides gives their views on Bird Box, Robin Hood, Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The couple sheds light on Lebron James latest episode of "The Shop". They also give a musical ear to A Boogie "Hoodie SZN" and 21 Savage "I am I Was". The couple gives a rundown on the NFL playoffs, firing of coaches including Marvin Lewis and front office changes. Ericka Star joins the podcast and talks travel blogging, traveling on a budget and her very own experiences. Both Sides gives a 'lil outline of their upcoming ventures. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Jan 04, 2019
S01 EP10 It's A Little Bit Too Late
'Tis the season as Both Sides with DJ & Hanee gives holiday well wishes and safe travels to all. The couple shares their views on Viola Davis role in Widows and Nobody's Fool starring Tiffany Haddish. DJ and Hanee dives in sports politics with Storytellertone. Couple therapy DJ opens up and shares his journey about Divorce. DJ and Hanee remind listeners of their mid season finale and the their return January 4, 2019. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Dec 21, 2018
S01 EP09 Choose Your Destiny Featuring Andrea-Rachel
Join Both Sides with Dj and Hanee as they give their views about Meek Mill interview with Michael Smerconish (CNN) and Prison Reform. Hanee and Dj becomes disgusted with the treatment of Jazmine Headley who was brutally arrested in a Brooklyn public services office as she clutched her one-year-old son. Actress Andrea-Rachel, joins Both Sides and talks about STARZ Power, HBO The Deuce, upcoming projects and new restaurant. Couples Therapy has Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Nadine Ricketts share their experience as newlyweds and juggling family life with a one year old. Episode closes to remind listeners of next weeks mid season finale This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Dec 14, 2018
S01 EP08 Me vs HIS Phone
Dj and Hanee brings in the Holiday season celebrating an new logo by Anything Media as well as new promo video produced by the couple themselves. The couple reflects on a unexpected experience in Atlantic City. Both Sides talks music including Meek Mill Championships and the battle between Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas. Dj and Hanee gives you a inside on John Legends Legendary Christmas event hosted by Pandora and Express. Sports dives into the NBA and Kevin Durants comments on LeBron James as well as the upcoming Christmas games. Both Sides breaks down the NFL playoff picture, The Green Bay Packers, Kareem Hunt, The Washington football team and how is it Colin Kaepernick still cant get a job. Couples Therapy discusses Men and cellphones. Both Sides with Dj and Hanee gives domestic violence information. The couple takes you out on a positive holiday season message. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Dec 07, 2018
S01 EP07 The Working Man
Join Both Sides with DJ and Hanee as they dive into the latest Entertainment including Red Sparrow, Den of Thieves and Sorry To Bother You. DJ and Hanee recommends DC series Titans and why. The couple talks new music from Dipset, Tekashi 69's and his troubles. Sports takes a twist and discusses Reuben Foster's claim with the Redskins and why Colin Kaepernick still has no job. Couples Therapy talks the unspeakable truth of passing gas in front of your significant other. Hanee and Dj close out sharing a train ride experience and the working man. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Nov 30, 2018
S01 EP06 Thankful
As Thanksgiving weekend has arrived the couple talks Ready Player One and The Hate U Give. There's nothing like Thanksgiving and Sports as Dj and Hanee reflects on Adrian Beltre's career, whats wrong with the Warriors and the NFL including the Thanksgiving game results. Both Sides makes their super bowl matchup predictions. Couples Therapy goes in a different direction for the holiday season. The couples close the show for the weekend as Dj gives a special birthday shout to a special someone. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Nov 23, 2018
S01 EP05 Marvelous Universe
Join Both Sides with Dj and Hanee as they talk Sky Scraper, Mission Impossible Fall Out and take time to reflect on Stan Lee and his work. The couple chat NFL and LeVeon Bell not returning to Steelers and the NBA including the state of the Golden State Warriors. Dj and Hanee updates you about the upcoming weekend and local activities. Couples Therapy talks sleeping habits. Dj sends off the listeners with a positive message for the weekend. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Nov 16, 2018
S01 EP04 Mask Off Featuring Dalton L. Richards, Jr.
Join Both Sides with Dj and Hanee as they speak comedy beef and House of Cards without it's star character. The couple goes into sports including Le'Veon Bell vs James Conner, Saints vs Rams and The Lakers. Dalton L. Richards, Jr. joins the show and talks about the Mask Off Youth Conference, his journey with Christ and The Evolution Project. Couples Therapy dives into women and men shopping. Hanee delivers a positive message for the weekend. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Nov 09, 2018
S01 EP03 Wandering Eyes
With everything thats going on in the world Hanee and Dj take a few minutes to shine light on the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre and the Kentucky shooting. The couple talks NFL including scores, notable games, trades and coach firings. Both Sides breaksdown Venom, Blackkklansman and Night School. Dj and Hanee goes in on adults dressing their kids like celebrities for Halloween. The couple gives you a heads up on the local events going on in NYC including Masks Off bought to u by Faith Temple Worship Center. Couples Therapy this week includes an intense discussion about your significant other and when their eyes wander off. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Nov 02, 2018
S01 EP02 Eric Reid vs Malcom Jenkins
Join Both Sides as they talk sports including the Brawl in LA and a deep convo about the Eric Reid vs Malcolm Jenkins altercation. Episode also discusses Netflix, Marvel and show cancelations along new music releases. Dj and Hanee talk Halloween and the weekend. Couples Therapy explores the positives and negatives of interoffice relationships. The couple ends the episode with a message on following your dreams. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Oct 26, 2018
S01 EP01 Intro
Introduction of Dj and Hanee. The two share their perspectives on the NFL leading into to week 7 and the beginning of the NBA season. Dj and Hanee talks The Shop and other shows to look forward to this week. The young couple gives their tips on working out through the winter season. Also the introduction of Couples Therapy where we bring a real life couple issue and discuss for solutions or compromises This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Oct 21, 2018