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NBA Young Boy Back In Jail After Social Media Post PROVED He Violated Probation! 50 Cent DESTROYS Lord Jamar Over Eminem Diss & More! Ep(165)

Lord Jamar is a legend in hip hop, but that doesn't mean he's above the wrath of Fofty. In a recent interview with RapMatic, longtime Eminem adversary Lord Jamar continued his tirade against the Detroit icon, explaining why he isn't a fan. "My thing about Eminem and all that, and I hate bringing his f*ing name up — my thing about this mothaf*cka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom," he said. "Like, white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers," he continued. "But, when we go into everyday life of black people, people who are the originators of this sh*t, we don’t f*cking listen to Eminem. We don’t listen to Eminem."

If Eminem has beef with anyone, the rapper is known to keep things on wax in order to execute multiple blows to their ego, however, 50 Cent doesn't hesitate in using social media to publicly shame his foes. Fifty didn't take too kindly to Lord Jamar's words and shared his displeasure on Instagram. "Lord Jerome better sit his ass down," 50 wrote. "I thought you died already N*gga. Get the fuck outta here 🤔you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum ass n*gga in one of my shows. I’ll be reaching out shortly."

May 18, 2019
DJ Khaled Drops MAJOR NEWS About Nipsey Hussle! Lord Jamar RIPS Eminem APART & More! Ep(164)

Nipsey Hussle's final music video arrived Friday, part of DJ Khaled's album release for his new full-length song collection, "Father of Asahd," named after the "Major Key" artist's two-year-old son. 

Khaled shared the story behind the video's release on social media, where he announced that the song’s proceeds will go to Hussle's children and confirmed that the clip would be the last from Hussle. The rapper and community activist, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was fatally shot outside his Los Angles boutique on March 31.

“Recently, I embarked on a soul-searching journey down a road I never thought I would travel in a million years. It began when a tragedy robbed the world of an enlightened soul, a brother, a father, a partner and my friend Nipsey Hussle,” Khaled wrote on Twitter Wednesday. "Just days prior, he shared his energy and positivity with me on a video set for a song called, 'Higher.' After much prayer and reflection; and with the full blessing of the Asghedom family, I am sharing that moment with you."

Lord Jamar is one of several rappers Eminem dissed on his tenth studio album, Kamikaze, which was released last August.

During a recent interview with RapMatic, the Brand Nubian MC (once again) fires back at Slim Shady and blatantly dismisses the multi-platinum selling rapper.

“My thing about Eminem and all that — and I hate bringing his fucking name up — my thing about this muthfucka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom,” he says. “Like white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers.

“But, when we go into every day life of black people, people who are the originators of this shit, we don’t fucking listen to Eminem. We don’t listen to Eminem. We don’t go to the gym and turn on Eminem. We don’t listen to him on the way to the club. We don’t play him in the club … now, corny places I can’t speak for that.”

May 17, 2019
"Martin"Cast Member Carl Anthony Paid Gives HEARTBREAKING Account Of His Final Moments With Thomas Ford! Future Takes Major Heat & More! Ep(163)

In this Ep of the Uncensored Truth Podcast Martin Cast Member Carl Anthony Payne AKA Cole tells his heartbreaking story his final moments with friend and Cast members Thomas Ford AKA Tommy. Watch this and more of EP 163 and make to share & Subscribe! 

May 15, 2019
Kodak Black Facing 10 Years In Prison! NBA Young Boy & T Grizzley Involved In Alleged SHOOT OUT! The Fallout From Rolling Loud & More! Ep(162)

Louisiana rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again (fka NBA YoungBoy) was targeted in a shooting outside Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida yesterday afternoon, police confirmed to The Associated Press. The incident occurred in the Miami-Dade County town before YoungBoy performed at Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival

Kaylyn Marie Long, YoungBoy’s 19-year-old girlfriend, was wounded in the incident and a 5-year-old boy was grazed by a bullet. People accompanying YoungBoy, who police said were legally armed, returned fire, and the shooting left 43-year-old Mohammed Jradi dead. Police say because the shooting was in self-defense, nobody from YoungBoy’s party will be charged. Pitchfork has reached out to YoungBoy’s representatives for more information.

Rolling Loud made headlines this weekend when false reports of an active shooter reportedly caused a stampede and subsequent injuries. Lil Wayne called off his set at the festival after refusing to be checked by security. Kodak Black was arrested on his way to perform at the festival.

May 14, 2019
Chris Darden STEPS DOWN As Eric Holders Attorney Stemming From Death Threats To He & His Family! Black Sam Wants Ownership Of Nipsey's Estate & More! EP(161)

Hussle, a celebrated rapper and community activist, was outside his shop on Slauson Avenue on March 31, when a man approached and opened fire.

Hussle was fatally wounded, and two others were also shot.

Holder was charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in state prison. He is due back in court next month.

Police alleged Holder had gotten into a dispute with Hussle earlier in the day and returned to the Hyde Park storefront with a gun and started shooting.

He fled in a waiting car, police said. Graphic video from a surveillance camera shows a gunman walking up to Hussle and two other men in front of the shop. The gunman opens fire, and Hussle falls to the ground as the other men run from the gunfire.

Holder went by the moniker Fly Mac. His Instagram handle was “ima_god_in_da_streetz.” He sang of body bags, “38 gun blasts” and bloody homicides. Holder is believed to be a gang member, LAPD Chief Michel Moore has said, but police do not believe the shooting had anything to do with gang rivalries.

Holder was convicted in 2012 of carrying a loaded firearm and was sentenced to 180 days in jail and three years of probation, court records show.

He was arrested last month after a two-day manhunt, which ended when a resident in Bellflower told authorities a man who looked like him was walking down Artesia Boulevard. Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies found Holder standing in the parking lot of a business.
Nipsey Hussle‘s brother is asking to be in charge of his late brother’s estate, and he estimates the hip-hop star was worth over $2 million.

According to a petition filed by Nipsey’s brother, Blacc Sam, he needs to take control of his late-brother’s affairs in order to handle incoming business opportunities.

Sam writes that Nipsey’s “passing has created significant media attention, which, in turn has presented potential time-sensitive business opportunities based on [Nipsey Hussle]’s likeness, right of publicity, and other intellectual property based on the media attention surrounding [Nipsey Hussle]’s exceptional life story and musical career.

May 11, 2019
Goodz Goes In On What REALLY Went ON During The Cassidy Battle! What He Thinks of Cassidy's Dis Record & More! Ep(160)

We Spoke to Goodz about his Battle Vs. Cassidy. What he Feels about he 7 minute diss recored Cassidy put out after the fact. Was Cassidy in over his head? & What he Really felt about the battle. 

Is Cassidy really the best battler ever and is his record really with an undefeated record?

Could Cassidy keep his spotless record if he were ever to step on a stage with killers known to eat industry rappers for dinner?

Did Half-A-Gallon Goodz, the Henny-drinking-style-on-them-hustler beat Cassidy in a battle back in the day at a Ruff Ryders’ video shoot?

May 10, 2019
Marathon Clothing Store SHUTS DOWN Flagship Stores With Delayed Orders INCREASING! 50 Pulls the Plug On Young Buck Video & More! (158)

It was reported that after Nipsey Hussle passed away, His store made over 2 million in sales.Now, Marathon has officially issued a statement about the state of affairs, addressing anyone and everyone still awaiting their package.

"Thank you to everyone who's placed an order with us these last couple of weeks," the message begins. "We appreciate the unprecedented outpour of support. It means alot to our team and family. We are working around the clock to fulfill every order placed. We ask for your patience as we get everything fulfilled and shipped out to you. Additionally, our flagship store is closed right now, but our online store is open 24/7 to serve you and is the only authorized retailer of our brand. Once again, thank you for your support."

May 07, 2019
Things Get HEATED Between Spider Loc & Uncensored Truth Podcast Over Comments SamAnt Made Toward Spider Loc Calling TI A SNITCH! EP(157)

Spider Loc, who used to be signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, is accusing T.I. of snitching during his testimony in the 2008 murder trial of the man who killed his friend Philant Johnson.

This past Sunday, Spider Loc posted several Instagram posts demanding that T.I. uploads his full testimony from the trial to prove that he didn't snitch against the man who k### his friend in 2006.

SamAnt has some critical remarks to make toward Spider Loc which Spider Loc did not appreciate. Spider Loc called in the podcast to air out his difference Live! 

May 04, 2019
Snoop Dogg & Killer Mike Pull No PUNCHES Going In On FaceBook Over Recent BANNING OF Major Names! Jermaine AIRS OUT Billboard & More! Ep(156)

Facebook Inc. said it’s banning a number of controversial far-right figures, including Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer, for violating the social-media company’s policies on hate speech and promoting violence.

The company is also blocking religious leader Louis Farrakhan, who is known for sharing anti-Semitic views; Paul Nehlen, a white nationalist who ran for Congress in 2018; and conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson. All of these individuals and accounts that represent them are also banned from photo-sharing app Instagram.

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology," a Facebook representative said Thursday in a statement. "The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

Facebook is often chided for failing to stop the spread of harmful speech and misinformation on its platform, and Thursday’s bans show that the company is taking a firmer hand in enforcing its own service terms. Even so, the moves are bound to draw criticism from media and politicians on the far right. Facebook has been accused numerous times of suppressing conservative voices. The company denies its decisions are based on politics, and says these individuals have repeatedly violated its policies around hate speech and promoting violence.

Jones, who peddles conspiracy theories through his media site InfoWars and has frequently said that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged, was temporarily suspended from Facebook last year. His official fan page was also previously banned, but Jones was allowed to operate a personal account. Now that has been prohibited on Facebook’s sites as well.

Facebook is also banning all fan pages dedicated to InfoWars stories and videos. The company had previously banned the official InfoWars Page in August, and banned 22 more InfoWars-related Pages where Jones was an administrator earlier this year. Now the company will remove all fan pages that promote InfoWars, even if they have no formal connection to the site or its employees.

The Menlo Park, California-based company didn’t give details on what led to the bans this week, though a spokesperson said that Jones, Yiannopoulos and Loomer have all recently promoted Gavin McInnes, founder of the violence-prone far-right group the Proud Boys, whom Facebook banned in October.

When it comes to dangerous individuals who promote hate speech or violence, Facebook can ban users for actions they take in the real world, or on other services, like Google’s YouTube video site. In Jones’s case, he hosted McInnes on his show late last year and promoted him on Instagramearlier this year. A Facebook spokesperson says Yiannopoulos and Loomer have also publicly promoted McInnes. The company didn’t specify other posts or actions taken by any of the individuals blocked o

May 03, 2019
Spider Loc Calls T.I a SNITCH! Is He Clout Chasing! Is Pete Davidson Too SENSITVE TO Be A Comedian?! & More Ep(155)

Spider Loc, who used to be signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, is accusing T.I. of snitching during his testimony in the 2008 murder trial of the man who killed his friend Philant Johnson.

This past Sunday (April 21), Spider Loc posted several Instagram posts demanding that T.I. uploads his full testimony from the trial to prove that he didn't snitch against the man who killed his friend in 2006.


May 01, 2019
Chris Rock Roast Whitney Houston online & Gets SLAUGHTERED For It! Cassidy vs. Goodz Recap! Remembering John Singleton & More! Ep(154)

"John passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends," Singleton's family said. "We want to thank the amazing doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for their expert care and kindness and we again want thank all of John's fans, friends and colleagues for all of the love and support they showed him during this difficult time."

In 1992, at the age of 24, Singleton became the youngest person to ever receive an Oscar nomination for best director for "Boyz n the Hood," a film based on his experiences growing up in South Central Los Angeles. He also was the first African American to be nominated in that category.
He wrote the screenplay while attending the cinema school at USC, winning various awards while a student that lead to his signing with Creative Artists Agency, the powerful talent agency.

Singleton worked steadily in a variety of genres, directing dramas like "Rosewood" and "Baby Boy," a remake of "Shaft" starring Samuel L. Jackson and the action vehicle "2 Fast 2 Furious," the first sequel in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise, in 2003.

Chris rock is facing major backlash for his recent post about the late whitney houston.angry fans who called him out for making a "tasteless" joke about Whitney Houston's reported addiction. do you think Chris rock was wrong? do you think Chris rock should apologize?

The outrage was sparked after the comic posted a meme on Sunday which featured Houston wearing sunglasses and looking unimpressed during a sit-down interview — a clip that has been a classic part of meme culture even while she was alive.

Apr 30, 2019
Judge Brinkley Takes Her HATE For Meek Mill to Another Level! Jay z SHUTS DOWN Webster Hall With Major Guest & More! EP(153)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— Philadelphia 76ers limited partner Michael Rubin took to social media showing support for Meek Mill Friday night. According to Rubin’s Instagram, a judge denied the Philadelphia rapper permission to go to Toronto for the Sixers’ playoff game.

“Judge Genece Brinkley — I know you have a vendetta against Meek Mill and are obsessed with trying to control every aspect of his life,” read Rubin’s post. “We filed w/ your court as soon as the schedule came out since you need to approve travel to Canada! Since you didn’t respond to numerous phone calls and emails we even sent a lawyer to the courthouse today!!”
In 2008, Mill was convicted on drug and gun charges. As part of his 12-year probation, he is required to get Brinkley’s approval for any travel outside of Pennsylvania, according to Rubin.

The judge has overseen many of Meek’s previous cases which includes a 2017 probation violation that sentenced him to two to four years in prison.

Last April, Meek Mill was released from prison with the help of Rubin and was immediately taken by helicopter to the Sixers’ playoff game. where he rang the bell.

The Sixers begin their second-round matchup with the Raptors on Saturday night.

JAY-Z paid tribute to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle during an intimate concert in New York on Friday night.

The 49-year-old rapper, who was a close friend and collaborator with Hussle, performed a freestyle song in honor of the slain musician and activist, who was killed in Los Angeles last month.

During his performance at Webster Hall in New York City, JAY-Z took a break from his set list to perform the impromptu rap.

In the freestyle song, which was captured in an Instagram post by BET Networks, the 22-time Grammy winner rapped: “Gentrify your own hood before these people do it/ Claim eminent domain and have your people move in/ That’s a small glimpse into what Nipsey was doing/ For anybody still confused as to what he was doing.

“The neighborhood designed to keep up trapped / They redline us so property declines if you by blacks / They depress the asset and take the property back / It’s a ruthless but ingenious plan in fact,” he continued.

JAY-Z addressed Hussle again later in the rap, saying, “I told neighborhood Nipsey stay close/ There’s a hundred million dollars on your schedule, lay low … I never dreamed he’d be killed in a place that he called home.”

Apr 28, 2019
T.I Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is In A HUGE WAY! Cardi B GOES For the THROAT On Youtube Blogger & More! Ep(152)

Rapper and actor T.I. (nee Cliff Harris) bailed out 16 women and seven men from DeKalb County Jail in Georgia Sunday. The 23 nonviolent offenders were released in time to celebrate Easter.

Some of the bail recipients were first-time offenders,

T.I. worked with the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and “Love & Hip Hop” star Scrapp Delon as part of the church’s Bail Out program to get the people released.

“It’s almost like finally meeting the good Samaritan — somebody who you don’t know that you didn’t see coming,” senior Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant said of the good deed. “They’re appreciative to be able to press the refresh button.
The Bail Out program continues after inmates have left jail, too, by connecting those newly released with a mentor for weekly meetings. In addition, a portion of the donations received are being used to create college funds for former inmates’ children.

The blogger Cardi B is suing -- over some wild allegations -- just got served in a heated exchange with the process server ... one that included an apparent threat of gunfire. 

We broke the story ... Cardi's going after Tasha K for claiming the rapper's a drug-using prostitute with herpes. Cardi's lawyers hired a process server to deliver the lawsuit to Tasha's residence Thursday night.

This audio from their run-in, obtained by TMZ, makes it clear things quickly got dicey.
You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion as they pull up to their home. Tasha got pissed because she says the guy was in her driveway, looking through her mail. 

Although she was pissed, he does his job ... handing her the docs and delivering the line, "You've been served." Tasha responded by informing him she's within her rights to "blow something in your head."

The server assures her he didn't do anything illegal, but Tasha wasn't having it. 

For the record, Cardi's suing Tasha -- and another blogger, Starmarie Ebony Jones -- for defamation, and wants their video posts about her deleted.

Apr 23, 2019
The Game EXPOSES Real Reason He Peaced Up His Beef With Meek Mill! Is He CLOUT CHASING?! EP(150)

The Game has been on social media giving dedication to the late Nipsey Hussle as of late but some people seem to think he's looking for attention. He went on his IG a few days ago and explained the real reason he and Meek Mill squashed their beef from years back and that it was Nip behind the whole thing.  

Apr 20, 2019
Development About The Man Who Was With Nipsey His Final Seconds REVEALED! Dave East COOKS Lil Nas X & More!(149)

We have yet another breaking development in the Nipsey Hussle case.
ABC 7’s Miriam Hernandez tweeted on Thursday. "COURT SURPRISE: Dept of Corrections dismisses case against parolee Kerry Lathan who was wounded in Nipsey Hussle incident. CDC had earlier said that Hussle was a recorded gang member and that Lathan violated parole by talking to Hussle that day."

Dave East isn't here for your memes. The New York rapper said on social media that he doesn't understand the appeal of Lil Nas X's tongue-in-cheek country-rap hit "Old Town Road." 
"This f**king 'Old Town Road' sh*t is f**king wack," he said. "I don't know what the f**k is going on with hip-hop or rap but...that sh*t is wack with a cape on it. It's super wack." 

The declaration tore Twitter apart with users declaring for either side. 

Apr 19, 2019
SamAnt & O'God Get HEATED Over Whether Or Not T.I Kodak Black BEEF Is All For SHOW?! Ice Cube & LL Cool J Make BOLD ANNOUNCEMENT & More! Ep(148)

Kodak Black finally had enough of T.I.Kodak Black snapped back at T.I. and his family in his latest track, “Expeditiously.” In the song, which was released on Monday night, the Florida rapper also appears to send a few pointed words at fellow MC, The Game.
The diss comes after T.I. called out Kodak for his dispectful comments aimed at Lauren London, the longtime love of the late 

Nipsey Hussle. T.I. also teased his own Kodak diss track via social media, and removed an installation dedicated to Kodak from the Trap Music Museum.

Apr 17, 2019
Man That Was Hit With Nipsey Makes ALARMING Statement During Interview With Vlad Tv! Birdman RESPONDS To Rick Ross & More! EP(147)

On this segment of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Kerry Lathan.

 Kerry Lathan did an interview with Dj vlad earlier today. Lathan detailed the moment he came in contact with Nipsey in the parking lot of the Marathon Store and described how Nipsey, himself, and his nephew were shot. Lathan pointed out that Nipsey looked out for him when he came home, despite them only meeting a few times prior. what do you think about what kerry lathan said?

We also get into Birdman finally responding to Rick Ross and More! 

Apr 16, 2019
"More Malcom Less Martin" Artist Riz Talks Nipsey Hussle, People Clout Chasing Off Nipsey's Name, The New Album & More! EP(146)

On Ep 146 of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk to the Artist behind all the music on Viral Hip Hop News Hip Hop News Uncensored & The Uncensored Truth Podcast, "Riz" about his rise to music. the inspiration behind More Malcom Less Martin, Nipsey Hussle's Legacy & More! 

Apr 13, 2019
Final Words On The Late Nipsey Hussle After His Home Goin Celebration With Bro Anhk! Are QUESTIONS About His Death STILL FAIR? EP(145)

Nipsey Hussle's family and friends honored the late rapper by hosting a "Celebration of Life" memorial service Thursday at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Multiple speakers and performers had a hand in memorializing the Grammy-nominated musician, who was killed in March at age 33.

Funeral procession ends

The funeral procession ended at Angelus Funeral Home after a 25-mile procession through the city. Tens of thousands took to the streets to catch a glimpse of the procession, the Associated Press reported. 

The hearse earlier paused at his clothing store, The Marathon. Onlookers threw flowers on the roof of the hearse and it moved through the crowd.

​Master P calls Nipsey Hussle a "real soldier"

Master P spoke with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, calling Nipsey Hussle a "real soldier."

"[He was] somebody whose light is gonna spread around the world forever," Master P said. "He touched so many people coming from hip-hop. I mean, he should have got this [recognition] when he was alive, with all the work that he's done."

Master P, who Nipsey considered an idol, said the late rapper is the community's angel now.

"It seems like God really has a glow over this guy. People are not mourning, people are like, 'You know what? It's time for a new beginning.' You be watching the gangs coming together for this guy. It's peace," he said.

"Bloods, Crips, coming together and walking around Crenshaw. We never expected to see something like that. That's how much love this man is loved around the world and in his own community."

​25.5-mile funeral procession begins

The 25.5-mile funeral procession will begin at Staples Center and end at the Forest Lawn Cemetery. The procession will run through Inglewood, South Los Angeles and Watts, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation said in a statement.

Stevie Wonder calls for stronger gun laws

Legendary singer Stevie Wonder took the stage to sing "Rocket Love" before performing a rendition of "Tears in Heaven."

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg honored Nipsey Hussle by speaking directly to his girlfriend, mother and father in attendance.

"Every time I saw Nip and Lauren out, they reminded of me and my wife. It was black excellence. You love to see it," he said.

When he spoke to Nipsey's father, he said, "You may have lost a son, but you picked up another son with me."

He then spoke to Nipsey's mother, "You gave us what we need, you gave us the sense and the purpose to let us know that it was all right. We want to thank you, mother, for making us strong and giving us our strength."

When he spoke of his late-friend, Snoop told the crowd, "We created a bond. We created something that was special."

"When met each other it was like a magnet coming together," he said. "We had the same spirit."

Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle were shown in a photo during Hussle's memorial service in Los Angeles on Thu., April 11, 2019.

Lauren London shares text message to Nipsey: "You have inspired me to reach higher"

Lauren London, Nipsey Hussle's longtime girlfriend and the mother of one of his children, shared a text message that she wrote him while he was sleeping from earlier this year.

"Never was I prepared for anything like this so bear with me," she told the crowd as she reached the microphone. London then shared the text she wrote and sent to Nipsey while he was sleeping. She said s

Apr 12, 2019
Nipsey Hussle's Mom Leaves The Internet SPEECHLESS With Powerful Words To Nipsey's Mourning Fans! Ella Mai Jaquees Beef Escalates & More! Ep(144)

Nipsey Hussle's mom shared some words of encouragement for those who continue to mourn her son's death.

Days before the rapper's public memorial service, Angelique Smith appeared on camera to reassure fans she has remained strong in wake of the tragedy, and would like his fans to do the same.

"I have perfect peace, and I have strength, and I want to lift you up," she said in a video shared on Jai Yew's Facebook page. "Please do not stay down, do not stay stuck, do not mourn. Because Nipsey is great [...] and now he's even greater because he has no bounds and limits. His energy is everywhere. He's there with you now and he's here with me now. And pleased be encouraged."

She continued: "Death is just the beginning of a wonderful world. And I tell myself, Ermias liked thrilling things. And now my son knows the mystery—the secret, rather, to the mystery of life."

Nipsey was fatally shot March 31 outside his clothing store in South Los Angeles. His suspected killer, Eric Holder, has pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of firearm possession by a felon. He will face up to life in prison if convicted on all charges.

Apr 09, 2019
Are Kodak Black, Ti, & The Game WRONG For Taking Real Issues To Social Media?! 6ix9ine FREE Soon?! EP (143)

Kodak Black is facing major backlash from the Hip Hop Community for his comments about Nipsey's hussle's girlfriend Lauren London over the weekend. on the Uncensored Truth podcast, host O-God and SamAnt give there perspective about the ramifications of what Kodak Black said! are we going too far petitioning to ban Kodak black's music? do you think Kodak black was wrong?

Apr 09, 2019
Nipsey Hussle's Friend Hip Hop Motivation CEO Kenyatta Griggs Speaks Out About What He Thinks Really Happen To Nipsey! EP(142)

CEO Of Hip Hop Motivation & LA Native Kenyatta Griggs Speaks on the Untimely passing of his friend Nipsey Hussle. Kenyatta talks about the last conversation had with Nipsey. The Feeling around LA. What he really thinks is goin on with Nipsey's Murder, The suspect behind and the reasoning. Very Powerful Interview!

There’s no reason for him to still be breathing, Samiel thought.

But Nip was. Air rushed in and out of his nose — strong and loud.

Growing up in turf claimed by the Rollin’ 60s Crips gang, Samiel had seen death up close. Bullets, when they hit their target in the chest like the ones that hit Nip, were cruel and quick.

He’s meant to be alive, Samiel thought


On Wednesday, Samiel recounted his brother’s final moments to The Times. He says he is haunted most by the way the shooting happened.

They were best friends. He was by Nipsey’s side when he was selling T-shirts and CDs from his car as a teenager, there when he opened a clothing store in the strip mall where they used to hang in the parking lot, and there when he signed a record deal with a major label. Last Sunday was no exception.

Police say Nip, born Ermias Asghedom, was gunned down by Holder, a 29-year-old aspiring rapper. Video from a nearby security camera captured the brazen attack, which occurred in broad daylight. Footage has been circulating on social media. What it doesn’t show is Holder talking to Nip a few minutes earlier.

Holder was a familiar face in South L.A. Pictures on social media show him wearing the Crips-blue bandannas, but in recent years, he seems to have vanished.

He re-emerged at the Marathon Clothing store on Sunday. The two men talked, shook hands and Holder left.

Nips would pop up in and out of his store without notice, his brother and others said. Samiel worried about his safety, and urged him to stop hanging in the parking lot and come inside.

Nips had a bodyguard, but he moved freely through his neighborhood and those of rival gangs without worry.

“Nip is sporadic,” Samiel said. “Nip gonna pull up and hop up out of the Jordan Downs projects, Nickerson Gardens, in any ‘hood in L.A., Compton, Watts — solo with $150,000 of jewelry on his neck and [an] $80,000 Rolex with no security. That’s why the people loved him.”

He straddled many worlds with ease. His cool demeanor and regular appearances at the store made him relatable.

Nip built his reputation in the street, saying in a 2014 interview with the YouTube channel Vlad TV that he had joined the Rollin’ 60s as a teenager. But over the years, he grew his street hustle into legitimate businesses, connecting with the larger community of Los Angeles and the world, including some cops and politicians His music echoed his environment, but it also spread his message of entrepreneurship and the importance of planning for long-term success.

Apr 05, 2019
Eric Holder Pleads NOT GUILTY To the Murder Of Nipsey Hussle With SHOCKING Lawyer By His Side! Katt Williams In TROUBLE & More! Ep(141)

Hip Hop Artist and Community Activist Nipsey Hussle's Business Partner Herman Douglass Spoke with local and national media about his good friend Nipsey hussle's Final Moments with Eric Holder.

Nipsey Hussle Friend Herman Douglas saysHolder actually shook their hands before taking the rapper's life and wounding two others.

“Me and Nipsey was talking, and the dude that shot him came and shook our hands. Said he was a rapper and this old bulls***,” Douglas told the Los Angeles Times, “Shook our hands went and got his burger and left.” That's when Douglas claims he went inside the Marathon store with his own food, leaving him outside the line of fire when Holder returned with a g*n. 

“I left him maybe, approximately three seconds that I had left Nipsey and the dude came and S**$ him,” Douglas stated, before describing Holder as a "less talented rapper with hate and envy in his eyes." He concluded his thoughts by saying “It was nothing else. It was no motive. It was no beef.” what do you think about the latest developments about  nipsey hussle?

Apr 04, 2019
J Prince DROPS 100% RAW RESPONSE TOO Nipsey Hussle Tragedy! Alleged Shooter Of Nipsey Hussle Eric Holder Captured & More! EP(140)

On Episode 140 of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Houston Boss J Prince going in on the Death of Nipsey Hussle and a message to stay in the hood. Here is his message via Instagram:
LA Stand up! Nipsey’s gone right now and no one can bring him back to life. I saw a lot of myself in Nipsey, that love to give back to the hood, and brothers like us know that there’s a possibility that we could get killed in the hood every time we enter. 
In spite of knowing that, our love for the hood is stronger than fear or death because we are built differently than most. -
Since many are actually discouraging going back to the hood after reaching levels of “success” to give back by opening businesses, creating income and opportunities and being present. Understand that those are the people who don’t understand our mentality especially those who’ve abandoned the hood. -

I won’t to take this opportunity to criticize his works and efforts he put into his community because I knew this brothers’ spirit. We had many conversations and inspired one another. -
The truth of the matter is, this shouldn’t have never happened like this. We have to put a wall of protection around our loved ones to prevent clowns from having access to harm them without serious consequences. In other words, this clown should’ve been DOA.
It’s time for Crips, Bloods, Community Activist, all of the gangs and regular civilians to come together on one accord and send a message to these clowns that there’s nowhere to go or hide for the violation of taking our loved one Nipsey and many others for senseless murders. 
So therefore anybody’s who’s harboring this clown is in violation. -
Nipsey started a great work, and I would hope the homies in the hoods of LA are not discouraged from giving back and creating opportunities in their communities because of clowns. -
Let’s just deal with the clowns! There’s power in numbers! What a great time to deal with the enemies! 
I send my condolences to family and friends around the world. R.I.P. Homie!

Apr 03, 2019
Nipsey Hussle Shot and Killed at 33! We Remember His Legacy. R Kellys Lawyer DESTROYS Michael Avenatti & More. EP(139)

Los Angeles police have identified a suspect in the killing of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle, according to law enforcement sources.

Police are still searching for the suspect, who sources said got into a dispute with the rapper before the shooting. The name of the suspect was not known.

The sources have said detectives believed the killer was someone in the rap star’s orbit. Detectives believe the gunman has gang ties but that the motive is likely personal in nature rather than a larger gang feud. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment on the case publicly.

Just before the shooting, Hussle tweeted: “Having strong enemies is a blessing.”

Apr 02, 2019
Rick Ross Defends Cardi B's Disturbing Comments From Her Past! Is America Ready For The NEXT Woman Leader? Ep(138)

Some say MMG Boss is Caping For Cardi B.Rick Ross wants people to leave Cardi B alone.

Days after a video of the Bronx rapper admitting she used to drug and rob men went viral, Ross, no stranger to controversy about “drugging” people, came to her defense in a video posted to Instagram Live on Thursday.

“Leave Cardi B alone because we don’t need to persecute her for her past. We need to be leaders and lead by example,” he said. “Regardless of what you did in your past, if you stole a car in the past, that don’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get money in the future. As long as you change your ways, and we all know Cardi B focused on the money now. She is a leader, and that’s how I feel.”

In 2011, Ross lost an endorsement deal with Reebok because of outrage over his song “U.O.E.N.O.,” on which he appeared to condone date rape. In the song, he rapped, “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.”

While the Miami rapper made clear he supports Cardi, saying she has never hidden who she is, he also said he understands why Reebok dropped him and holds no ill will toward the company.

“My circumstances and my incidents, where I did lose a seven-figure deal with Reebok and I took that to the chin,” he said. “I have no love lost for Reebok, you understand, because I needed to understand that I was a king, you understand, and they’re right I didn’t need to promote that the parties I attended at the time from I’m from that was the lifestyle.”

Earlier this week, Cardi B came under fire after an old Instagram Live clip of her admitting to drugging and robbing men in the past resurfaced.

“I made the choices that I did at the time because I had very limited options. I was blessed to have been able to rise from that but so many women have not,” she said in response to the controversy. “Whether or not they were poor choices at the time I did what I had to do to survive.”

Mar 31, 2019
Boss Talk! What is Wholesale Real Estate? Should a 1st Time Investor Invest in Rentals or Buy & Flip? EP(137)
Mar 29, 2019
What The Media Is SCARED TOO DEATH TO TELL YOU ABOUT The Leaving Neverland Doc EXPOSED BY Taj & Brandi Jackson Ep (136)!

On this special edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO OF Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk to Niece of Nephew of the Late Michael Jackson Brandi and Taj Jackson. During our interview we discuss the rumors of children sleeping in Michael Jackson's room. The inconsistencies of Wade Robson. Does Dan Reed even know Michal Jackson, The 1994 Civil Suit and much much more! Make Sure to Like Comment Share & Subscribe! 

Mar 27, 2019
Could R Kelly Be ACQUITTED Of ALL CHARGES After Michael Avenatti SCANDAL?! Cardi B In HOT WATER AGAIN?! Ep(135)

On episode 135 of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about our time at the DJ Envy Cesar Pina Real estate seminar! We also discuss Jaquees going at Mustard, Michael Avenatti and the huge trouble he finds himself in. Along with Cardi B, Lil Duval vs Michael Rapaport & More! 

Mar 25, 2019
Cardi B SUES Youtube Blogger For Defamation! Q&A With SamAnt & O'God! Ep(134)

Cardi B is suing bloggers for making some outrageous claims -- including saying Cardi's a prostitute who has herpes.

Cardi filed the lawsuit against Latasha K -- who has a blog called unWinewithTashaK. She's pissed about 23 videos Tasha's posted over the last 14 months. According to the suit, Tasha posted a vid last April saying Cardi's baby might be born with intellectual disabilities. The inference seems to be Cardi was doing drugs that would harm then-unborn Kulture.

She's also suing Starmarie Ebony Jones, who, according to the suit, posted a video in September accusing Cardi of doing Molly and cocaine ... engaging in prostitution. Jones allegedly says of Cardi, "Just a Grammy nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes."

Latasha and Starmarie even posted a video together making more allegations of STDs and hooking.

In the suit, Cardi says she's never been a prostitute or a user of cocaine and molly. She also denies having herpes now ... or ever.

She says she's given the women an opportunity to retract their statements, but since they've refused to do so ... Cardi's taking their asses to court. She's suing them for defamation, and seeking an injunction to delete the videos they posted.

Mar 23, 2019
Waka Flocka SHREDS Daniel Caesar For Comments Made Towards Black People! Kodak Black The New Big Or Pac?! Ep(133)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Waka Flocka going in on Daniel Caesar. Lupe Fiasco tearing apart Atlantic Records. The Rock acknowledging his race and when being called out on twitter, Kodak Blac saying he's the next Big Or Pac & More! 

Mar 22, 2019
J Prince Gets YBN Almighty Jay's Chain Back! Dame Dash SUED For 7 Mill? Boss Talk W/ Certified Financial Advisor! Ep(132)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk to CEO OF Aboriginal Consulting. Khonsu Shesmu Amun about he rise in business and the important steps needed to start a successful business. SamAnt & O'God also talk about J Prince getting YBN Almighty Jay's chain Back, Dame Dash sued for & Million Dollars & Much More! 

Mar 19, 2019
SamAnt & O'God Keep it All The Way 100 About the Kodak Black Young M.A Drama! How to Separate to The FAKE Youtube Bloggers from the Real Ones! Ep(131)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God go all the way in about Kodak Black & Young MA. We also discuss Lebron James, Micheal Jackson and bad Youtube Bloggers! We also dive into the media's ruthless approach in trying to end Michal Jackson's Legacy with yet another Documentary set be created and released! 

Mar 18, 2019
Recap of J Prince Micheal Jackson & All the Hottest News Of The Week! Q&A With The SamAnt & O'God EP(130)

On this Live edition of The Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about recap on the Hottest Hip Hop News Of the Week dropped by The Uncensored Truth Podcast. We also dive into the conversation on whether or not Biggie is underrated? As well as a number of other topics and Questions asked by the Live audience to the Uncensored Truth Podcast every Friday Evening on the Uncensored Truth Podcast Official Youtube Channel. 

Mar 16, 2019
J Prince Sends A WARNING Over IG To His Haters & Critics! Is TI this generations Tupac?! EP(129)

On episode 129 of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about J Prince responding to the critics on IG after his message to the kids that robbed YBN Almighty Jay. We also talk about Ricard Pryor & Marlon Brando secret relationship, TI being this next tupac & More! 

Mar 14, 2019
J Prince Makes QUESTIONABLE Call Going On Social Media To Handle Street Affairs! Terry Crews Makes BOLD Move! Chappelle In Hot Water & More! Ep (128)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about J Prince dropping a Warning over Social Media the have people questioning his logic. Giving J Prince's historic past, his moves over the internet seem a bit odd. Terry Crews also comes clean and apologizing to black males over his Me To controversy. Dave Chappelle and Daniel Cesar are also discussed. While on Jon Mayers IG Live show Dave Chappell called Daniel Cesar Gay causing a very awkward moment  & Much More! Make Sure to Like Comment Share & Subscribe 

Mar 12, 2019
Drake SHUTS DOWN Support Of Michael Jackson! Ralo WILL BE Free Soon! Jussie Smollett Fallout & More! EP (127)

On this episode of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Ralo having a successful court hearing that could possibly see him released from prison very soon. Drake takes he and MJ's song off of his UK tour do due the Leaving Neverland Backlash surrounding Micheal Jackson. Former Empire Actor Jussie Smollett hit with 16 felony counts and could face up to 64 years in prison if found guilty and much more! Like Comment Share & Subscribe! 

Mar 11, 2019
Lil Boosie Turns On Michael Jackson | Bobby Shmurda Speaks On 6ix9ine!! Q&A W/ SamAnt & O'God Ep(126)

On this live edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Lil Boosie goin on IG and seemingly turning on Michal Jackson, Bobby Smurda speaking out against working with tekashi 69, We also answer question from our Live Friday Chatroom!

Mar 09, 2019
Young Thug May Have DESTROYED CAREER With Latest STUNT! Monique & Husband Sydney SHRED Oprah For Leaving Neverland & More EP (125)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Georgia Rapper TI Goin in about fellow Georgia Rapper Ralo's current legal situation Young Thug wear the Gucci Black Face, Monique goes all the way in on Oprah for her involvement in Leaving Neverland, Wendy Williams Drug abuse And much More! 

Mar 08, 2019
R Kelly Has EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN PLEADING His INNOCENCE! Paul Mooney Goes ALL THE WAY In On Leaving Neverland Doc & More! Ep(124)

On EP 124 of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO OF Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about R Kelly breaking his silence to CBS News in a exclusive interview. YNW Melly pleading not guilty to murder. Paul Mooney speaking out against the leaving Neverland Documentary, Will Smith taking heat for playing Richard Williams the Father of tennis legends Venice & Serena Williams & Much More! 

Mar 06, 2019
WARRANT Out For The ARREST Of Dame Dash! Leaving Neverland SET TO Mute Micheal Jackson?! Old Pic of Khole Kardashian Sparks OUTRAGE! EP(123)

On this edition of The Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about a warrant out for Dame Dash for not paying back child support. The Leaving Neverland documentary an attempt to mute Micheal Jackson? A old photo of Khole Kardashian and her friends come up sparking outrage due to the racial sensitivity behind the photo. & Much More! 

Mar 04, 2019
Dipset Member Juelz Santana Goes In for his 2 year bid! Young Dolph Robbed! Q&A W/ Uncensored Truth! Ep (122)

On this episode of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Juelz Santana gearing up for his 2 year prison sentence, Young Dolph being robbed for 500k in jewelry and Question answered from the Live Chat By SamAnt & O'God make sure to Like Comment Share & Subscribe! 

Mar 02, 2019
Rappers Air T Pain All the Way Out For Saying He Would SNITCH Like 69! Are The Streets A Myth Like Troy Ave Says? Micheal Jackson's Nephew Responds To The Critics & More! Ep(121)

On this episode of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Troy ave taking the stand against tax stone and his new song Streets A Myth. We also discuss Micheal Jackson nephew taking up for his Dead Uncle. Biggs Burke doing a Rocabella Biopic & More! Make Sure to Like Comment Share & Subscribe! 

Mar 01, 2019
MoMo & Youtube Trolls Have Parents PETRIFIED For their Kids! Quincy Jones COOKS R Kelly & More! Ep(120)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about Quincy Jones goin In on the R Kelly situation. What are the realistic chances R Kelly goes free? We also talk about Billy Porter wearing a dress at the Oscars. Do you agree or disagree? Are you family members the worst thing for your business? We also speak about Colin Kaepernick and his inclusion back into the NFL. What as really behind his non disclosure agreement? We also go in on Mo Mo and its attack on youtube as well as a number of dangers parents are facing while their children watch youtube in particular youtube Kids, what they think is a safe and controlled environment. Mo Mo discussed in depth! & Much More! Like Comment Share & Subscribe! 

Feb 27, 2019
Oscar Recap! Dame Dash ROAST Kevin Hart! R Kelly RELEASED On 100k Bond & More! Ep (119)

On this edition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast CEO Of Viral Hip Hop News SamAnt & CEO Of Hip Hop News Uncensored O'God talk about R Kelly posting a 100k bond when he originally stated he didn't have. Dame Dash pulling up on Kevin Hart and roasting him for the boots he has on. Spike Lee's emotional reaction to winning the Oscars and Much More! Make sure to Share & Subscribe! 

Feb 26, 2019
EP(90) Jaden Smith Calls Tyler The Creator His "BoyFriend" Stan Lee Death reaction & More!

On this addition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast SamAnt & O'God talk about Jaden Smith's recent comments while on stage claiming rapper Tyler the Creator was his boyfriend. This got the attention of all sources of media outlets wondering if this was trolling or serious. Marvel Creator Stan Lee dies at the age of 95. We talk about what his impact was the world and more! 

Nov 13, 2018
Ep(89) Young Thug Back In Jail! The Hardcore TRUTH Behind Mass Shootings! Dealing With Weirdos Online & More!

On the addition of the Uncensored Truth Podcast SamAnt & O'God talk about the latest legal trouble Young Thug Finds  Himself after he provided a dirty urine sample. SamAnt & O'God also talk about the latest mass shooting that happened in a California Bar. What needs to happened in order for horrific events like this to stop. The fellas at the Uncensored Truth also go in on the latest  business venture between Ice Cube & LL Cool J & Much More! 

Nov 09, 2018
CEO Of Hip Hop Motivation & Co-Author of the book Culture Vultures Kenyatta Griggs Speaks on the Book, Dame Dash, DJ Vlad, His Secret to Success & More!!

On this segment of the Uncensored Truth Podcast SamAnt & O'God interview Hip Hop Motivation CEO Kenyatta Griggs. In the interview we speak about his audio books, Secret to Ballin, & Think & Ball out! We also talk about the book he co authored with Dame Dash Culture Vulture where we go into why he titled the book Culture Vulture, his experiences writing the book and his relationship now with DJ Vlad! Great interview a ton of gems! 

Nov 07, 2018
Uncensored Truth EP(87) Cause of Mac Miller Death REVEALED, 6ix 9ine Gets INTO It With YG Affiliate & More!

On this segment of the Uncensored Truth SamAnt & O'God talk about Mac Miller's autopsy report. We go in on 6ix 9ine's run in with YG Affiliate in LA's Complexcon, Is 69 destined for tragedy? Also We  "Uncensor" the Truth On Voting, the Election and people riding the voting wave!  

Nov 06, 2018
(EP)86 Funk Flex DESTROYS Drake! Is he a Hater or 100% Right?! 6ix 9ine starting a New East Coast West Coast Beef according to Authorities! Are you a Free loader?!

On this segment of the Uncensored Truth Podcast SamAnt & O'God talk about Funk Flex's comments on Drake goin at his neck! Tekashi 69 is being looked at by authorities as a possible agitator of a renewed East Coast gang war. Why are freeloaders the worst crabs of all & more! 

Nov 02, 2018
What Did Kanye REALLY Mean With His Tweets About Falling back from politics? Do ALL MEN Cheat?! What happened to Umar Johnson?! EP(85)

Enjoy this episode of the Uncensored Truth Podcast where SamAnt & O'God go all the way in on the Rise & Fall of Umar Johnson. What as Kanye West really sayin in a series of tweets where he denounced politics to focus on being creative. Was that a jab at Trump or someone else? SamAnt & O'God also address tell all Sex Books and whether or not we should be cool with it or not. & of course the infamous, Do all men cheat question comes into play! Make sure to Like Comment Share & Subscribe to the podcast NOW!! 

Oct 31, 2018
Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Both WANT SMOKE! Whole Foods in Trouble For Racial Profiling a Celebrity,Young Greatness Death & More!!

Enjoy this Raw & Uncut Episode of the Uncensored Truth Podcast where SamAnt & O'God go in on the Nicki Minaj Cardi B beef. Talk about the untimely passing of Louisiana rapper Young Greatness, Walo gets profiled in a Whole Foods, his cousin Gillie the kid is not happy! & We talk about that and much more! 

Oct 30, 2018
Uncensored Truth! (EP) 83 Welcome To iTunes! SamAnt & O'God Go All The Way IN On TK Kirklands Album release party! Bad Business People & More!!

You wanted It? You GOT IT! Enjoy SamAnt & O'God Raw REAL And Unapologetic With Being Uncut on their first official episode on iTunes. What Happened during their time at TK Kirklands album release Party! They bros also talk about Bad Business people & More! Make sure to like comment share & SUBSCRIBE!! 

Oct 27, 2018
Uncensored Truth! (EP) 82 Katt Williams Goes All The way In on Kev Hart! Eric Reid vs Malcom Jenkins & More!

On this segment of the Uncensored Truth Podcast, SamAnt & O'God talk about The ongoing beef between Katt Williams & Kevin Hart. Katt dropped a post on his IG claiming the reason Kevin Hart is the leading black male in comedy is because he wears dresses! Also discussed is NFL safety Eric Reid and his issue with NFL safety Malcom Jenkins. Both men being very outspoken in their political and social views with different courses of actions. & We talk about Much More! Enjoy! 

Oct 25, 2018