Take A Knee For Marvel Vs DC

By Defy Life Podcast Network

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A podcast from a few blerds who love and respect all things Marvel and DC. Well not all things.

Episode Date
Episode 34- The Uncle Oz Takeover
This week Uncle Oz takes over the show!!! Everything gets flipped on its head and its not something that can be described, but must be experienced. Uncle Oz delevers rants on his favorite cartoons, comics, and even has a 1 has to go for everyone. This is an epeisode no one will forget. If you havent like, subscribe, and leave us 5 star reviews. Recorded on 6/13/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
Jun 16, 2019
Episode 33- Open Mic with Suave the Thinker
This week we bring back fan favorite Suave the Thinker from the Black M.A.S.S. podcast. We talk everything from Legion of superheros, dive into some anime, NBA finals, and play our new favorite game 1 has to go. Its a very passionate conversation and a lot of fun. Recorded on 6/7/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
Jun 09, 2019
Episode 32- Brightburn
This weeks episode is all about Brightburn. A heated discussion about what should have been done by the parents and what was done. We talk about parenting and if we think they were good or bad parents. We talk some news about Matt Reeves Batman maybe having Robin, a twitter poll, Fantastic 4, Rocketman, and so much more. Recorded on 6/1/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
Jun 02, 2019
Bonus Special: Big B Statz
On a special edition of Take A Knee for Marvel vs DC we talk to Youtube sensation Big B Statz. We talk passing 2 million subscribers and the grind getting there. We talk Minecraft, being in video games, his new comic Cookie adventures, and some of our favorite tv shows growing up. Its a great conversation we know you will enjoy. Make sure you subscribe to Big B Statz Youtube channel and check out his comic Cookie adventures. Recorded on 5/19/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
May 29, 2019
Episode 31- John Wick 3
This week we take a dive into John Wick 3. We talk that crazy ending and what they could be setting up for number 4. We talk Halle Berry making a strong return to film and why John Wick may just be more then human. We also talk some news, Game of Thrones finale, and play our new favorite game 1 has to go. It is another great conversation you won't want to miss. Recorded on 5/24/19 Twitter: @knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
May 26, 2019
Episode 30- And Then There Were 2
This week Oz and Veez return to the show, and for one of them it will be their last show. We also talk Game of Thrones final season, briefly talk Robert Pattinson as Batman, and go over and catch up on all the news going on in the nerd world. The end of an era and the beginning of a new one, all happens here on this episode. Recorded on 5/16/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com
May 19, 2019
Episode 29: Defy Life Open Mic
This week we have a Defy Life edition of Open Mic with J.R. now known as Kingpin from the Defy Life podcast and West Coast J. This show is very different as we talk sport, yes sports and then get back to the nerd stuff we know and love. Another great conversation you won’t want to miss. Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com Recorded on 5/10/19
May 13, 2019
Episode 28- Endgame Talk w/ Movie with Migs and Defy Life Podcasts own Money.
This week we are joined by Movie man Migs and Veez "former best friend" Defy Life Podcast own Money to talk all things Endgame. Before that though Money has some strong thoughts on Netflix Polar. We then go over some news and talk about how the streaming service is taking over, before finishing with our new favorite game of 1 has to go. Another strong episode with great viewpoints all around. Like, subscribe, and leave us a 5 star review on all podcast platforms. Twitter: @Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@godefylife.com Recorded on 5/2/19
May 05, 2019
Episode 27- "I had a intro question but..."
Topics on this weeks show: - Cloak and Dagger - The Runaways - Star Wars Episode 9 - Game of Thrones - Ones Gotta Go Recorded on 4/18/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Apr 21, 2019
Episode 26- One gotta go
This week we have another strong episode for you. We play a game called 1 gotta go with Ironman, Man of Steel, X-men First Class and Deadpool. One of those movies has to go and we all have different picks. Veez shows up half way through the show and get overly political (again) about black wrestlers being held back. He might have eclipsed Uncle OZ with the rants after this one. Tell us what YOU think. Like, subscribe, and give us 5 stars. Recorded on 4/11/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Apr 14, 2019
Episode 25- Open Mic Night w/ West Coast J
This week we are joined by West Coast J for another great edition of Open Mic night. We discuss our past beef, Aquaman, Shazam, Game of Thrones, and a whole lot more. This episode covers alot of ground and is a great conversation all the way through. Like, subscribe, and leave us a review on all platforms you download your podcast. Recorded on 4/4/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Apr 07, 2019
Episode 24- The Jordan Peele Statement
This week Oz and Veez get into a discussion about Jordan Peeles statement about not casting white actors in lead roles. They both have two very different opinions on the topic and both make great points along the way. We also discuss some Game of Thrones predictions, including who we think will end up on the Iron Throne at the end. ANother hard hitting and very fun conversation that, like always didnt go quite go according to plan. Like, subscribe, and give us a 5 star review! Recorded on 3/28/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Mar 31, 2019
Episode 23- Back to the Basics
This week we get back to the basics after a couple of weeks of settling some beefs. We discuss the Disney/Fox merger and what it could mean for the future of the MCU. We talk some Shazam, (Regular Scott does anyway), which was the better movie? We break down some twitter polls and tell everyone the one storyline from the comics we want to see in the MCU after the merger. Its another great show with some great banter. Twitter- Knee4marvelvsdc Email- Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com Recorded on 3/24/19
Mar 24, 2019
Episode 22- Defy Life Shenanigans
This week we have without a doubt, the wildest show yet. Joining us this week is movie man Migs and from The DefyLife Podcast, J.R. Glymph and Gerald "Money" Hedrick. We settle the our beef head on and hilarity ensues, all this before we talk Captain Marvel with Migs. Great conversation begins when we all give our top 5 MCU movies, what the DCEU can do to turn around their live action game,the "magical negro", and find out what Veez does apparently "all the time when Oz rants". This double stuffed episode will have you laughing and learning all the way through. Recorded on 3/13/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Mar 17, 2019
Episode 21- "Whats Beef?"
This week we preview Captain Marvel or at least try too. Veez is back this week and bring drama with him. We get into a classic "who is the G.O.A.T." arguement and Veez has some strong words for the DefyLife podcast crew. Could we have our first podcast "beef"? And we try to predict how much Captain Marvel will make opening weekend. All this and much more on another wild ride of a show. Recorded on 03/07/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Mar 10, 2019
Relationship Status Podcast: Date 3 Episode: Cheating
The Defy Life Podcast Network is doing it's "Podcast Awareness Quarter" This is where we introduce our listening audience to a different podcast each week. This week the Network introduces to you a podcast that answers all questions when it comes to relationships. CL, Nique, and Yusuf talk about the ins and outs of relationships. Join them each and every Monday at noon only on the defy life network. Email: info@godefylife.com
Mar 05, 2019
Episode 20- Open Mic Night w/ BLERDcoMIXed Podcast
This week we have another Open Mic with special guest from the BLERDcoMIXed Podcast, Blerd Vision and Mixed Girl Mane. We talk about the Oscars, Jussie Smollett, whether Idris Elba would make a good Bond, Captain Marvel, and so much more. Its another packed show you wont want to miss. Special thanks to BLERDcoMIXed Podcast for being on. Follow them @BLERDcoMIXed, Recorded on 2/25/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Mar 03, 2019
Episode 19- Justice League Mortal
After a week off were back with another wild show. This week with rumors swirling Armie Hammer could be our next potential Batman we look at the last movie he was supposed to play Batman in, George Millers never realized Justice League Mortal. We talk the casting, break down some highlights from the leaked script, and how that woud have impacted comic book movies going forward. We finish things up with a strong Final Blow mostly directed towards Jussie Smollett. Subscribe and like us on iTunes, iheartradio, Spreaker, Radio Public, an all other podcast platforms. Recorded on 2/21/19 Twitter: Knee4marvelvsdc Email: Knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Feb 24, 2019
Episode 18- The Battleground Returns and Young Justice
This week we have another Battleground with Storm taking on Jon Stewart, and Uncle Oz has a feeling it could be very one sided. We talk some potential Batman castings, reminding everyone how powerful Blue Marvel really is, and try to figure out exactly what a bloke is. Recorded on 02/07/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Feb 10, 2019
Episode 17- Game of Thrones and Casting Batmans Rogues
This week we talk about Game of Thrones with a focus on season 1 and 2 as we prep for the big return. We still need a lot of prepping! We also cast the Batmans potential rogue gallery of villains. Veez and Uncle Oz give some love to Netflix Polar, and we create a new ranking system. Recorded on 1/31/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Feb 03, 2019
Episode 16- Superhero or just a Hero
This week we are talking about the difference between a hero and a superhero. We also talk about who fits into those categories. Then after we talk about Harley Quinn the wheels fall all the way off. Regular Scott gets some back up in his crusade for Arrow and we have one of the longest and most ridiculous final blows yet. Special thanks to Mike from Blerdsquad (@blerdsuad) and Leks from the Geekly (@geeknerdpod) Recorded on 1/26/19
Jan 27, 2019
Episode 15- Ladies Night
This week we talk all about the ladies. We talk about some female characters we think should get more shine, some who are underrated, and why we think you dont see alot of female villans fist fighting male good guys. We also have another giveaway and much more. Recorded on 1/17/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Jan 20, 2019
Episode 14- Open Mic Night 2: The Intervention of Regular Scott
Its another edition of Open Mic Night and we bring on a listener to represent the people. The conversation goes from the Gotham tv series, Surviving Bruce Wayne, and The Intervention of Regular Scott and his beloved Arrow. Recorded on 1/10/19 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Jan 13, 2019
Episode 13- Marvel vs DC Battleground
This week we come at you with the first ever Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC Battleground. We talk about why The Killing Joke movie Batman is the worst Batman ever. We rate Birdbox and Uncle Oz gives MGK a new nickame. All that and much more. Recorded on 1/5/19 Twitter- knee4marvelvsdc Email- knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Jan 06, 2019
Episode 12- Take a Knee Year End Awards
Its the last show of the year and we are handing out awards to close 2018 out. We give awards for best and worst movie of the year, best Chris in the MCU, best team up, and plenty more. Recorded on 12/27/18 @knee4marvelvsdc knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Dec 30, 2018
Episode 11- Aquaman with Migs
This week we have DefyLifes go to movie guy Migs joining us to talk all about the new Aquaman movie. We announce the winner of our first giveaway, and Oz finds something else to add to his favorite things list along side The Guardian and Jar Jar Binks. The show is a little longer, but it is packed to the brim with goodies. Recorded on 12/20/18 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Dec 23, 2018
Episode 10- A Crisis is Coming
We have our 10th episode and our first giveaway this week. We also have a guest on, Suave the Thinker and surprise surprise he had us thinking. We talk about the Avengers 4 trailer that was released and go in depth talking about the big Elseworld crossover and that crazy taser for next year. Dont miss another great show or some chance to grab yourself some Take a Knee merchandise. Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Dec 16, 2018
Episode 9- Elseworlds
Another week another show. This week we are previewing the big 3 night Arrowverse Elseworld Crossover and discussing its comic book origins. We give some predictions about what could be coming and about who could possibly be biting the bullet. We talk about the Guardians motorcycle, Darkwing Duck, and Captain Carrott. We cover alot of ground. Another great in depth conversation tackling Elseworlds from all corners. Recorded on 12/06/18 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Dec 09, 2018
Episode 8- Open Mic Night
This week we are coming at you with our very first Open Mic Night. No preplanned topics just a couple blerds talking whatever comes to our minds. DC animation or Marvel live action? Titans, a rant on Wonder Woman, talk about if Ironman is overrated, and you wont believe Oz's reaction to one of our twitter polls. All that and much more. Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc Email: knee4marvelvsdc@gmail.com
Dec 02, 2018
Episode 7- "We were supposed to talk about the Justice League"
This week we were supposed to be talking about the Justice League the whole show, that didn't happen. Instead Justice League is saved for the desert and the main event instead is full of rants and problems galor in the DC universe. You wont want to miss another classic Uncle Oz rant. Like and follow the show on twitter: knee4marvelvsdc
Nov 25, 2018
Episode 6- The X-Men
This week we come at you with another banger of a show. We are talking all things X-Men and how Dick Grayson might be the best X-men of all. Ok not really but he is brought up for some reason. We talk some news first like always. We give our best 5 person X-Men team and our favorite X-men. Find out what comic was the first Veez has ever read and hear myself and oz talk Daredevil season 3 for our final blow. Recorded on 11/08/18 Twitter: knee4marvelvsdc
Nov 18, 2018
Episode 5- Mantles And Those Who Carried Them
This week we are coming at you with another action packed show looking at some of the different characters to hold certain mantles in comics. We look at Robin, (and go pretty deep into the Robin conversation) green Arrow, batman, captain America, and many other mantles that have had different people hold them. Before that we talk about the DcTv schedule, and some Birds of Prey live action movie rumors. Let us know who we missed on twitter: knee4marvelvsdc
Nov 11, 2018
Episode 4- Black Superhero’s Part 2
Coming back at you with part 2 of our discussion about the black superhero. Before we wrap up though we kick things off with a battle Marvel vs DC style. Daredevil vs Green Arrow, who ya got? After that we dive into some news and wrap up our conversation about the state of the black superhero. We then give some of our favorite movie fight scenes of all time before finishing with another cant miss final blow. Follow the show on Twitter @knee4marvelvsdc
Nov 03, 2018
Episode 3- Black Superheros/Black Sci-Fi Part 1
The guys come at you with another packed show this time looking at the current state of the black super hero and the black sci fi genre. Oz and Veez give their perspectives on the situation and talk about some of the current and upcoming actors in black superhero/black sci fi films. We also discuss if there are any black iconic superheros and much much more in a cant miss discussion. Before that like always the guys jump into some news and Regular Scott goes on a regular rant about his favorite comic book character just to start. Then as always the guys give there final blow and one member might just quit the show. All that and much more in a great conversation you will love to be a part of. Join the conversation with the show by following and letting us know what we did right and wrong at our twitter @knee4marvelvsdc
Oct 27, 2018
In this episode we are talking all things Netflix marvel comic shows. We break down all 5 with strong opinions as always. We talk our favorite moments, shows, and characters. Veez is back with a vengeance demanding cheat sheets and all. Veez and Uncle Filmore have the first flip flop of the show, and don’t miss this weeks chippy final blow as veez ask for cheat sheets and a fun challenge being laid out from our show to all shows.
Oct 20, 2018
The Arrowverse
This episode is all about the arrowverse which is just starting back up on the cw. We talk about all the shows, give some predictions, and some very strong viewpoints.
Oct 20, 2018