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Globalization has made the world we live in very small, and very connected. Market trends are global, companies are innovating faster than ever, and money managers are paying very close attention. In Megatrends, host author and hedge-fund specialist Maneet Ahuja speaks with OppenheimerFunds’ portfolio managers, and other investors and inventors, to explore the megatrends that are vastly changing how the world does business. We’ll see that this creates attractive investment opportunities for those who embrace change.

Episode Date
Robots: Taking Jobs? Or Creating Them?
Robots are showing up everywhere. Most of the time, we don’t even realize it. In this episode, we will discuss the rapid development of artificial intelligence research, and what that means for human beings. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to three people who know a thing or two about robots. John Delano is the portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Global Fund at OppenheimerFunds. He tells us about his investment philosophy, how robotics is affecting e-commerce, and why robots are in greater demand as the population ages. Jodi Forlizzi is an interaction designer, researcher and Director of the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. She tells us what counts as a robot, what kinds of robots are already in operation that we probably haven’t heard of, and whether robots can seem too lifelike. Claude Dinsmoor is the General Manager of Product Development at FANUC AMERICA, the US subsidiary of a major robot manufacturing company. Claude tells us about lights-out manufacturing, why robots are creating jobs, and all about industrial service robots.
Dec 18, 2018
Modern Medicine: Small Companies with Big Ideas
The healthcare industry is changing. A sector once known for pharma giants is now buzzing about smaller, more specialized companies that deliver personalized treatments. And the opportunities for growth and investment are huge. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to healthcare experts and biomedical pioneers, who offer insights on the future of healthcare and life-saving technologies. Máire Lane is a Senior Research Analyst on the Global Equity Team at OppenheimerFunds. She has a Ph.D. in Mathematics, with an expertise in the biotech and medical technology sectors. Magnus Nillson has a Ph.D. in Medical Science and is the CEO of XVIVO Perfusion, a medical technology company with nearly two decades of experience in organ transplants. Søren Tulstrup is President and CEO of Hansa Medical, a biopharmaceutical company focused on immunomodulatory enzymes for the treatment and prevention of rare autoimmune conditions and transplant rejection. Dr. Tiffany Vora is an educator, writer, research scientist, and entrepreneur. She is the Faculty Director and Vice Chair of Medicine and Digital Biology at Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank.
Dec 11, 2018
A Tale of Two Japans
Japan has one of the most advanced economies on the planet, yet most investors shy away from the market, leaving Japan starved for new sources of growth. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is making big changes to turn this around. His recent efforts to put corporate governance first has stimulated the economy and attracted more investors to Japan. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to two leading investors with expertise in Asian markets. Jim Ayer is the portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Equity Fund at OppenheimerFunds. He examines how far Japan has come in the past few decades, and where it is headed in the global playing field. Sean Darby is the Global Equity Strategist at the Jefferies Financial Group. He is based in Hong Kong. Sean tells us about the history of Japan and its role in global trade.
Dec 04, 2018
Silver Tourism: An Aging Population Bitten by the Travel Bug
The average lifespan has steadily increased for years, and it’s only going higher with every breakthrough in modern medicine. By 2030, the number of adults over the age of 60 will outnumber children under 10. The increasing elderly population, and their disposable income, have helped shape a new corner of the tourism industry, one that delivers experience and leisure. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to three experts who explain how the intersection of aging and tourism is creating a global investment opportunity. Brian Levitt is the Senior Investment Strategist at OppenheimerFunds. He is responsible for the development and communication of the firm's investment outlooks and insights. He educates us on the world's changing demographics and what this means for investors. Robert Dunphy is co-portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Growth Fund at OppenheimerFunds. He shares why the variety in travel culture across the globe creates new investment opportunities in tourism. Professor Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt is a tourism scientist based in Germany and China, with over 30 years of experience working in Chinese tourism as a former tour operator, researcher, and consultant. Dr. Arlt teaches International Tourism Management and is the founder and director of COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. He explains how travel companies are catering to Chinese tourists' specific travel preferences.
Nov 27, 2018
Electronified Cars: This Isn't Your Parent's Prius
The electronification of cars means much more than replacing combustion engines with electric power. This technological revolution is changing the way we experience driving, and based on what we hear from the experts, we’ve hardly scratched the surface. When we talk about cars of the future, batteries are merely the beginning. Software, networks, and the resulting data will change the face of the auto industry forever. The companies developing and manufacturing the components in these vehicles will provide strategic opportunities for investors. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to three people who know a lot about automobile electronification, and where the auto industry is headed. George Evans is the Chief Investment Officer of Equities at OppenheimerFunds. He is a portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer International Growth Fund and the Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund. George has done exhaustive research on the financial side of automobile electronification. Brian McKay is the Director of the Powertrain Division at Continental Automotive, and oversees development of the technology used in automotive electronification. Paul Eichenberg is a Strategy Consultant with 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is an expert on how auto companies are transforming in the age of electrification, autonomy, and connected cars.
Nov 20, 2018
China: The World's New Technology Powerhouse
Chinese technology companies are growing at an unprecedented rate. Each new technological breakthrough makes it possible for companies to leapfrog traditional growth models and quickly scale their business. These companies are leading the way, using technology to push the boundaries of what a single company can accomplish by layering services across e-commerce, personal finance, and beyond. As a result, investors must view Chinese investments with hope and optimism. Host Maneet Ahuja talks to two experts about the investment opportunities in China. Justin Leverenz is the Director of Emerging Market Equities and portfolio manager of the Developing Markets Fund at OppenheimerFunds, one of the largest actively managed emerging market equity funds in the world. Rui Ma is the host of Tech Buzz China, a podcast about Chinese business, and the co-founder of the Transformative Technology Academy. Born in China and raised in Silicon Valley, she works at the intersection of technology, education, philanthropy and investment.
Nov 14, 2018
Coming Soon: Megatrends
Crystal balls don’t exist. But, there is a select group of investors who have gotten pretty good at finding future trends in the developed and emerging world. These portfolio managers at OppenheimerFunds identify opportunities that change the way our world works. Learn more from them, and other experts, on Megatrends, a show about the trends shaping the global economy, and creating new investment opportunities around the world.
Nov 08, 2018