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By Katya Nova

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Category: Sexuality

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Acacia Probert
 Dec 15, 2018
Thoughtful, kind, open. A podcast anyone can benefit & learn from! Also in a world where everything is commodified or fake, the honesty of Katya & Rob is refreshing.

Karl Sapp
 Dec 10, 2018
I love the level of depth in the discussion on this podcast.


Shockingly honest, relatable, and inspiring conversations about life-changing sex, motherhood, and healing through pleasure.

Episode Date
Confessions of a Tipsy OBGYN with Dr. Nathan Riley

Never in a million years did I think I’d be talking to a male OBGYN about Burning Man, empowerment, patriarchy, and the spiritual side of birth and death?! 

For obvious reasons, I’m extra primed to talk about birth right now, but even if pregnancy and birth are not on your radar, I encourage you to stick around, because these conversations are so important and interesting and contraversial and entertaining!

FKNHONEY.COM https://fknhoney.com/

@FKNHONEY  https://www.instagram.com/fknhoney/

HONEYTALKSPODCAST.COM https://www.honeytalkspodcast.com/

Discussed in the Episode:

- what funny shoes have to do with heavy things

- on witnessing birth and witnessing death

- Nathan’s experiences with hospice & palliative care

- why we’re the only species who doubt our ability to give birth

- obgyn residency: so what do you expect?

- why empowerment is key

- what is birthing in captivity

- Nathan’s story of witnessing a home birth

- what it’s like to be an OBGYN’s wife

- why birth control is the most patriarchal, destructive ‘tool’

- on loving Burning Man


Mentioned in the Episode:

- “Why We Don’t Move on from Grief” TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/nora_mcinerny_we_don_t_move_on_from_grief_we_move_forward_with_it

- Michel Oden

- Holotropic Breathwork

- Freebirth Society podcast

- Nathan on Indie Birth podcast




Jun 12, 2019
Soft and Savage with Feminist Doula Poet Angela Gallo

This punk rock feminist, Angela Gallo, is a visionary, a poet, and a trailblazer who creates spaces where womxn can step into their fullest power.

She is a fierce motivational speaker who trains extraordinary Doulas and she’s not shy about her mission to change the world. Find out how to live from pleasure, how to say yes even when you’re uncomfortable, how to become the most epic, non-fragmented version of yourself, and so much more.


Discussed in episode:


- how can we be the ‘non-fragmented’ woman?

- the whole fkn package or nothing at all

- living from pleasure

- why pleasure (and self-pleasure) is so important

- using a crystal wand!

- the Vortex project & being seen

- saying yes when you’re uncomfortable

- why pregnancy can be the most creative, transformative time of your life

- the magic of when bodies come together

- how orgasm relates to thriving, not surviving

- why we will never find freedom on a conveyor belt

- on healing the Mother Wound

- being called to do deep soul work

- on bodily autonomy

- sensual birth


Books Presale

“the masks we wear: the obliteration of martyrdom, misogyny and motherhood as you know it”


Upcoming Events


Radical Resurgence Bali Retreat


Dynamo Doula Online Training Program



Instagram @the_angela_gallo

Facebook @TheAngelaGallo





Jun 01, 2019
Most Effective Relationship Tools on the Planet with Achintya Devi & Shems Heartwell

Are you an Empowered Lover? Gem take-aways: asking for what you want instead of complaining, how and why we need to rewire our nervous system together with our partner, how to fire up desire, how our cyclical nature affects sexual chemistry, the one thing that often at the heart of intense conflicts … and especially for the women listening, please stay till the end, as Achintya closes with some really powerful wisdom that might be a bit shocking for some of you, but is really, really worth hearing!

EMPOWERED LOVING COUPLES COURSE (starts May 9 2019, check website for additional dates):


10% off use code: HONEY10



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Discussed in this episode:


- are you sure you know how to receive?

- instead of complaining - ask for what you want

- the one thing that’s often at the heart of intense conflicts

- how & why we need to rewire our nervous system together with our partners

- how to fire up desire

- how sexual cycles affect sexual chemistry

- why does our sexual energy decrease?

- who is a priestess?

- why we don’t even need to try

- how to reclaim our power through our womb blood


Mentioned in this episode:


-  Empowered Loving Couples Course (begins may 9 2019)


- Goddess Rising Mystery School https://www.goddessrising.org/

- Hendricks Institute https://hendricks.com/


Achintya Devi @goddess_rising https://www.instagram.com/goddess_rising/

Seems Heartwell @shemsheart https://www.instagram.com/shemsheart/



May 03, 2019
Staying Orgasmic and Lush, Well into Your Seventies (or the 45 Year Love Affair with the Psoas) with Liz Koch

Liz Koch is an international educator, author with almost 45 years of experience specializing in the primal psoas. Among her most celebrated books are Mother, Maiden, Crone: Our Pleasure Playlist and her latest book Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence.

Precious wisdom about full body orgasms, why there are no ‘spinal column,’ ‘vaginal wall,’ or ‘pelvic floor;’ the magic of constructive rest, why you can’t poke the caterpillar, why and how to get our tail and tongue to ‘talk to each other,’ how to hydrate our connective tissue to stay lush and orgasmic, a special message for pregnant women, and our men. And so. much. more.

$25 off Liz Koch's course (mention Honey Talks):



Discussed in this episode:


- what core integrity has to do with sexual expression, full body orgasm (and relating to all life)

- what & where is our psoas?

- landing in our bones to connect to Mother Earth

- juicy core of our being, about showing up as “you”

- on having a full body orgasm

- on orgasmic communion with yourself / your partner

- altered states in birth?

- why you can’t poke the caterpillar

- how to hydrate the psoas (and why it’s so important)

- how and why we should be hydrating our connective tissue

- why there are no ‘spinal column,’ ‘vaginal wall,’ or ‘pelvic floor’

- getting our tail and tongue to ‘talk to each other’

- what is a ‘frigid’ woman?

- what is kinaesthetic awareness?

- on helping our children trust themselves

- body as object vs body as expression

- the magic of constructive rest

- what is the fetal curl?

- why we have to become resilient, not ‘strong’

- message to pregnant women!

- how to stay orgasmic and lush into your seventies

- how women show stress differently than men

- what are men seeking in sexual union?

- the psoas in men


Mentioned in this episode:


- “Women Who Run With the Wolves”

- Ana Verwaal: Womb to World http://www.fromwombtoworld.com/

- Emily Conrad: Continuum

- video: “Hydrating Movements for Spinal Midline and Psoas - Using a Deflated Ball   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_hBN01iEBU

- Deric Stockton: Fluid Movement



FREE MASTERCLASS with Katya & Lacey



connect with Liz: 



Apr 25, 2019
You Will NEVER Have Another … with Soshy Adelstein aka BodyPosiMommy

Soshy was born into a world where from the age of 3 she was to be covered from the neck down. The first time she broke the rules she was in her teens, by buying a pair of blue jeans and listening to non-Jewish music. Disowned by her mother at 17, Soshy went through some seriously dark times, struggling with diets, binge eating, body image issues, depression, and low self-esteem.

We become fast friends, as we bare our souls about it all: confessions of secret binging behaviours in our youth, sex after motherhood, food and pleasure, what to do when we’re feeling gross, intuitive eating, loving yourself at every size, and how diet culture is effing us up, causing us to feel like we are never good enough!






Discussed in the episode:


- growing up in Hasidic Jewish Brooklyn … getting molested at 15, disowned & homeless at 17

- first time binge-eating … and no language for what was happening

- trying the first diet

- intuitive eating & love yourself at every size

- diet & identity

- Katya’s personal story of eating disorder

- ‘disordered eating’ vs. eating disorder

- why willpower doesn’t work?

- how sugar can be medicinal

- food and pleasure

- healing through sensual, mindful, sacred, ancestral Ayurvedic practices

- Hershey’s chocolate ritual

- if you’ve wanted to start growing food

- praying with food

- what to do when you’re feeling gross

- why we need to expand the definition of sex

- sex after motherhood

- how to look in the mirror



Mentioned in the episode:


- Mark David, Psychology of Eating

- Sapiens

- Sex at Dawn

- Miranda & cake in “Sex and the City” scene

- Maya Tiwari “Path of Practice”

- Odesza “Across The Room” Yung Heat Rendition




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Apr 19, 2019
From Trauma to Tantra and Beyond with Blaire Lindsay

She grew up in the Canadian Rockies and spent a decade teaching yoga, tantra, and dance. Blaire is now a coach and educator specializing in embodiment, sensuality, and women's sexual health. She is living in dreamy Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband.

GIFT FROM BLAIRE: The Pleasure Path Online Course ($500 value) 






Discussed in this episode:

- what is somatic experiencing?

- where to start with our trauma

- yoga & sexuality

- tantric school in India & living on a tantric island

- why knowing yourself spiritually and sexually are equally important

- how brokenness can be powerful motivation

- what sexual energy can create

- when your life force is freed up

- the most important practice to start with

- how to tell our partner what we want / like

- two main types of orgasms to understand

- what’s “edging”?

- self-pleasure or self-care

- what affects our lubrication

- unshaming pleasure

- you can’t shame away shame

- feminine rising on the planet


Mentioned in this episode:

- Peter Levine

- Agama Yoga, Rishikesh

- Language of Sensation

- “9 1/2 weeks” fridge scene :) 

- Blaire's Spotify playlist


WEBSITE: https://blaire-lindsay.com/

IG: @blairelindsay

Apr 12, 2019
Therapeutic MDMA, Burgers and Threesomes with Sophie Jaffe

Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert, a certified raw food chef and yoga teacher. She’s also a mom of 3 and a brilliant entrepreneur who started the superfood brand Philosophie … but we actually didn’t talk about any of that.

Sophie’s marriage has been a rollercoaster, taking her and her beloved husband Adi on quite a ride.

They co-host their own podcast, IGNTD, where they openly talk about how their marriage almost didn’t survive Adi’s cheating and sex addiction … but after 15 years, their love is as strong as ever.

Sophie opens up about their MDMA healing sessions, which are like 6 months of therapy in just one night; she tells us about the one thing that actually saved their marriage, how they spice it up and keep the fire burning even after 3 kids, and so much more.

10% off all Philosophie superfoods with the code "PhilosophieLove"

connect with Sophie @sophie.jaffe


Discussed in this episode:

- postpartum: sweet and slow, 3rd time's the charm

- intimacy after 3 kids

- when he doesn’t notice my naked body after 15 years together

- how to connect when you work together and “don’t have time” in day to day life

- MDMA couples therapy: 6 months of therapy in one night

- how to have an intentional experience

- what it’s like to be married to a sex addict

- what actually heals relationships: on radical transparency

- rule around sexuality with other people

- how to allow new experiences without hurting the relationship

- "same room at the same time"

- how to spice it up: letting someone else in?

- journey with veganism & getting away from moralization of food

- how to stand up, say what you need, and make your own rules



Mentioned in the Episode:

- IGNTD podcast

- The Abstinence Myth by Dr. Adi Jaffe



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Apr 05, 2019
Our Week of Touch and Talk with Two Sex and Relationship Coaches

GOLD breakthroughs. So many couples are suffering - couples who love each other deeply, but intimacy is bleh. Lacklustre. We live in a culture obsessed with sex, but most of us are not sexually satisfied, not truly fulfilled and fed. We place impossible expectations on our partners and harbour resentment and hurt. We have no language to ask for what we want, and we place our erotic desires at the bottom of our priority list, somewhere below work, parenting, and laundry. BUT THERE'S HOPE! Here's what happened at a private workshop with two Sex and Relationship therapists. 


FREE MASTERCLASS with Lacey & Katya



Discussed in this episode:


- what it’s like to get a lingam massage

- Daoist ancient massage practices

- deep dive: couples intimacy, touch techniques, sensation play

- our biggest breakthroughs

- why slowing down and continuous touch are the key

- learning yoni massage

- what is trigger talk?

- do we touch the way we want to be touched?

- why we should colour-code sensual play

- bloopers


CONNECT WITH KAMILA: Luminesceorganicspa@gmail.com

Mar 29, 2019
Conscious Parenting: Changing the Contract with your Kids with Tamara Iglesias

As a conscious parenting coach, mama & ‘goddess temple’ modern-day priestess, Tamara Iglesias empowers families to live fully whole and nourished lives.

She believes our children have the power to heal the world. Her approach focuses on respect, trust, and true empowerment through conscious words, actions, boundaries, quality time and slowing down, so that children and their caretakers can truly thrive.

Tamara’s accessible approach weaves together personalized programs comprised of whole foods, self-care, conscious parenting, movement, meditation, healing botanicals, ancient healing modalities, essential oils and more. And most importantly, guidance through the continual journey of self-awareness and self-love, as true wholeness comes from within.

Rob & I had hired her for a 3-month coaching package, and it was truly transformative for our family!!

Just mention HONEY for $200 off any 3 month program or $50 off any initial consultation. Wellynest.com.


MOTHERLOVINRETREAT.COM … join us for a Women’s Retreat Feb 3-10 2020 in beautiful Dominican Republic!


HONEYTALKSPODCAST.COM … join the free & private online community where the real conversation happens.



Discussed in this episode:


- asking “what inside me is triggered by this”?

- the blame and shame game

- why parents need to get clear on what our personal boundaries

- 3 step process … clear consistent limits and boundaries, not discipline

- boundaries without natural consequences are punishments

- problem with saying ‘don’t cry’

- how to sit in the discomfort of your child and be a safe comfortable place for them

- on being a single mom with no support

- finding joy away and in front of our children

- why and how we need to move

- what is goddess temple

- on birth, trauma, birth plans, and postpartum sexuality

- conscious parenting & older kids

- what it means to ‘change the contract’ with your kids

- one powerful thing to whisper to your child

- how to talk to you child about touching themselves

- when children say no

- physical boundaries




IG @wellynest


Mar 22, 2019
Our Deep Dark Fantasies and the Non-Monogamy Conversation with Katya and Rob

Have you ever wondered why, in a society where most couples marry for love, the rates of infidelity, divorce, marital & sexual dissatisfaction are so high? What’s going on? What are we missing? And how can we do better? Rob & I certainly don’t have all the answers, but at least we’re starting with the questions! Should monogamy be assumed forever? Is it okay to think of other people when we’re having sex with each other? What makes a threesome exciting? Are socially unacceptable fantasies normal? How do we learn about bdsm? How can we add spice to vanilla sex? What do we do with jealously?  Can we really be everything to each other, and what does it mean to be truly whole?

AMAZING FREE MASTERCLASS (co-hosted with with School of Whole): SAVE YOUR SEAT HERE


Discussed in the episode:

- negotiating the boundaries of our marriage

- why monogamy shouldn’t be assumed

- the most fun summer of our lives (getting a girlfriend)

- surprising thing about a threesome

- what is sovereign sexuality?

- do we all have a shadow side?

- on socially unacceptable fantasies

- a huge realization: why we haven’t been truly fulfilled in our sex life

- the most rebellious act for women

- why caring for small children doesn’t agree with eroticism

- the “lingerie incident” revisited

- flirting with BDSM

- can we be everything to each other?

- does being partners for life mean we’re erotically bonded only to each other forever?

- from vanilla sex to dark fantasies, and what’s in between

- what to do with jealousy and ‘I’m not enough’ thoughts

- tinder dream confession

- why do we need the energy of a ‘third’ to add spice to a relationship?



Mentioned in the episode:

- Esther Perel “Mating in Captivity”

- Christopher Ryan “Sex at Dawn”

- film “Before Sunset”




Mar 15, 2019
What Every Woman Deserves to Know About Sex, Money & Womb Healing with Jillian Anderson

Jillian is a writer, transformational coach and healer with a very unique approach.

She helps women transform their relationship with money by harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

$200 discount for her signature course “Permission to Prosper: Where Sacred Sexuality Meets Money Magnetism"

USE CODE: code: fknhoneysavings


Discussed in this episode:

- what is Mayan Abdominal Massage

- what we can do about the severe lack of postpartum care for women

- how a c-section scar can contribute to painful sex

- working with scar tissue

- wisdom of women working on women

- how to check the 4 quadrants of your pelvic floor

- healing the Mother wound

- how to claim your sexual desires & speak it to your partner

- what claiming financial power and sexual energy have in common

- #1 thing that affects our financial well-being

- how to move sexual energy through the spine / charka system (microcosmic orbit)

- can low libido be a protective mechanism?

- on orgasmic pregnancy & birth

- why an obsidian wand is a womb sponge

- what is womb de-armouring

- why we should be stimulating our cervix

- connection between entrepreneurship and sacred sexuality


Mentioned in the episode:

- Rosita Arvigo https://arvigotherapy.com/

- Don Elijio (Guatemalan mentor)

- Tammy Lynn “Wild Feminine”



IG: https://www.instagram.com/jillianaanderson/

WEBSITE: https://www.jillian-anderson.com/




Mar 08, 2019
Healing Pelvic Prolapse and Why Kegels Don’t Work with Christine Kent

Christine shares how the OBGYN perspective is based on a 500 year old misconception of female anatomy, why kegels don't work, how to prevent incontinence & pelvic floor prolapse using the Whole Woman method, and how understanding our pelvic floor can change our life. 

This show is brought to you by FKNHONEY.COM

Christine's COURSES: 10% off using code "HONEYTALKS"


Discussed in this episode: 

- how understanding your pelvis will change your life
- how obgyn perspective is based on a 500 year old misconception of female anatomy
- from a fibroid to a hysterectomy to debilitating prolapse
- how yoga is failing the female body
- what is the ‘whole woman’ posture?
- how to prevent incontinence & pelvic floor prolapse
- how women’s (lumbar) spine is different from men’s (2007) 
- golden proportion in the female body
- how did kegels start? 
- where is our vagina is supposed to be?
- what clothes we should be wearing to support our anatomy
- whole woman perspective for the post-hysterectomy woman
Mentioned in episode: 
- Bharatanatyam Indian dance
- “Save Your Hip Course” by Christine Kent
- J W Davis 
- Linda Brubaker … female pelvic floor: disorders of 
- “4th Trimester” by Kimberly Ann Johnson
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Feb 27, 2019
Find Your Plant Medicine and Heal Through Sensual Connection to the Earth with Sophia Rose

Sophia Rose is an herbalist, author, and the owner of La Abeja Herbs. Recently she launched Garden Party, a lush portal for online herbal learning where she shares simple practices for reconnecting with the plants and place where you live. Sophia believes that healing is possible and that the simplest of medicines are often the most powerful.

Sophia Rose on Instagram

Apothecary 15% off with promo code HONEYTALKS

Garden Party 1ST MONTH FREE with promo code HONEYTALKS


Discussed in this episode:

- how to find a plant ally

- what is smoke medicine and how do we use it

- what else is yoni steam great for?

- opening to orgasmic potential at 24

- sexiest thing of all: learning to communicate what we want

- how to discover our breasts as sensory organs

- why we shut down our sensuality

- how to find our way back to ourselves

- exploring micro-dosing

- what it means to be in daily communion and connection with the earth

- what can garden party bring to your life


Plants mentioned:

- juniper, ashwaganda, vetiver root, aloe, ocotillo


Important Links from Sophia Rose:

Feb 22, 2019
5 Radical Secrets to a More Radiant You with Jana Roemer

What if our body is an ear to the Universe and it’s our job to release the imprints of our past from our tissues? How do we do this, exactly? Jana Roemer tells us why Yoga Nidra is the answer to everything, why Yoni Egg is a vital practice, why we need to breathe with our pelvic floor, what it means to set boundaries, and how CBD & superfoods can supercharge our life.



Jana on instagram


Discussed in this episode:


- going to the edge of your marriage and back

- birth of a mother

- identifying the shift from pregnant to postpartum

- what is parental patterning & how it may be affecting our current relationships

- why yoga Nidra is the answer to everything

- kids are in hypnogogic state, can we go there too?

- how to create new neural pathways and shatter beliefs that hold us back

- how & why we need to go from mind to body

- the magic of yoni egg practice

- why we need to breathe with our pelvic floor

- how to find your way back to your partner after a ‘valley’

- how money may be affecting your sex life

- on setting boundaries with your kids

- why we love CBD

- superfoods to supercharge your life


Mentioned in the episode:


- “Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel

- Tannis Fishman

- Forging the Feminine Path by Kimberly Johnson

- pelvic floor as “gateway to infinity”

- Tamara Iglesias




Feb 14, 2019
The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza

After discovering the near-miraculous healing power of vaginal steaming in her own life, Keli began to research the effects of this ancient practice on menstrual and reproductive health. Her company, Steamy Chick, is now the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States. She also founded the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute to train practitioners in the use of vaginal steam therapies. Call it what you will: yoni steam, gyno in a box, or peristeam hydrotherapy - this is women’s ancient medicine and it’s spreading like wildfire, as we’re remembering the wisdom of our grandmothers.

if you are interested in any of the courses on Keli’s website, steamychick.com, she’s offering a generous discount to our Honey Talks community. These courses include Vaginal Steam Starter's Guide $297, Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification $397 and Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification $5044. Use the code honeytalks at checkout for a special discount.

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential.



Discussed in this episode: 

- how steaming will change your body

- why steaming works even when you don’t believe it

- how to avoid painful sex postpartum

- what is prolapse

- what you didn’t know about postpartum recovery

- universal postpartum practices designed for a woman to heal

- what you might not know about midwifery

- what happens if you steam immediately after giving birth

- what is uterine fatigue / flood bleeding

- the most important time to rest

- how to stop bleeding postpartum

- how steaming can heal traumas from previous births

- no more fibroids

- what about episiotomy scars?

- steaming & menopause

- why we can’t talk about returning to great sex without talking about birth injuries

- how to get juicy like a teenager

- how vaginal steaming does everything that foreplay does

- how vaginal steaming makes orgasms better

- is returning to a pre-pregnancy body a myth?

Feb 08, 2019
Erotic Artist, Witch & Yoni Painter Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose Freeman is an artist living in a bus, currently exploring themes around empowered sexuality through her luscious erotic oil paintings and commissioned vulva portraits. 

In her current series, she features people basking in their sexual essence with flowers bursting out of them.

She also paints erotic commissions, teaches painting workshops and offers The Yoni Painting Ritual - a transformational one-on-one painting ritual of body love and self acceptance.


The Vestibule is one of the most profoundly moving paintings I’ve ever seen. We had to get Stephanie on the show! In this episode we discuss what it’s like to have your yoni painted, how to listen to your pussy, we talk all about bringing the creative process into your daily life, how we perceive the world when we are and aren’t connected to pleasure, and … what it’s like to live and travel in Magda the Magic Bus!

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. 

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10% off code "HONEYTALKS" (expires March 1) 


In this episode:


- what’s it like to have your yoni painted

- being intuitive in every aspect of your life

- what it means to listen to your pussy

- how the Vestibule painting was born

- how orgasm affects the creative process

- how we perceive the world when we’re not connected to pleasure

- modeling for yoni massage

- insight from a man witnessing yoni massage

- what it’s like to live in Magda the Magic Bus


Mentioned in the episode:


- The Vestibule painting

- process called The Spiral

-  song: 10 Laws by East Forest

- Amanda Sage

- Bridget Roes “Yoniverse”

- @magdathemagicbus



Visit honeytalkspodcast.com to join our free & private community! 

Feb 01, 2019
What You Wish A Big Sister Would’ve Told You with Emilee Saldaya

Free Birth Society Online Birth course: freebirthsociety.com

$50 off promo code: HONEY

FKNHONEY love butter presale: Valentines Day 2019 ... for a discount code, join our free & private Honey Talks Community honeytalkspodcast.com


Discussed in this episode: 

- why we need stories of women birthing in power

- normalizing being a woman

- unlearning doula training & doula culture

- birth work: behind the scenes

- what is conscious conception

- Fertility Awareness Method

- a message to those TTC

- what intimacy looks like postpartum

- a daily kissing ritual

- taking pressure off sexual intimacy

- powerful insights on pelvic prolapse

- the sexual mother & becoming invisible

- what is matriarchy & why we need to reclaim it

- why women need to gather

- what it means to be a witch

- why women need to attend women’s births

- radical birth education


Mentioned in the episode:

Free Birth Podcast

Indie Birth Podcast

Jessica Austin breaking down FAM (fertility awareness method) 

Our birth story Part 1 (Zion)

Our birth story Part 2 (Phoenix)

Jan 24, 2019
Why Didn’t You Tell Me This 8 Years Ago?? with Katya and Rob

In this episode, Katya & Rob discuss riding the rollercoaster from awkward bickering to connected orgasmic bliss ... and everything in between.

FKNHONEY is our make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential.

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Don’t forget: the real discussion happens in our free & private Honey Talks community (and there’s currently more than 2500 of you amazing people there! Enjoy our Book Club, a curated list of incredible courses coming soon, and of course, exciting giveaways! Go to www.honeytalkspodcast.com or follow the link in our Instagram profile.


Discussed in this episode: 

- Rob on being defensive

- have we really had mediocre sex all these years?

- epiphany at Airbnb … Rob needs to hear it from someone else

- what I should have told Rob 8 years ago

- how to have sex with your wife :)

- the 1 thing you can do to want your partner more

- the most intense gratitude practice you’ve ever heard of

- what does it mean to dominate in bed

- what is Orgasmic Meditation

- on teasing 

- what is edging and why you need it in your life


Mentioned in episode:

- Eyal Matsliah

- Esther Perel “Mating in Captivity”

- Gary Vee

- Ali Wong & Louis CK

- OM Method (Orgasmic Meditation)

- Clit Orgasms for Dummies

- OMGyes

Jan 18, 2019
How the F Did This Happen?? with Katya and Rob

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. We’re working on 3 versions: 

1) healing love butter containing 18 luxurious ingredients (but no cannabis derivatives),

2) also infused with CBD,

3) containing both CBD and THC, available soon in select Canadian dispensaries (with future plans to distribute to American dispensaries where cannabis is legal).

Preorder for versions 1 and 2 available soon!

YES, we’ll be shipping this make-love-better-love-butter WORLDWIDE!



in this episode:

- news that turned our world upside down (and back up again)

- how sexual energy can fuel pregnancy

- ancient yoni massage

- pregnancy & loss

- Airbnb experiment

- why arousal in women is a bit of a cosmic joke

- trying DO (direct orgasm) method

- rewiring the brain for pleasure

- on expanding orgasmic potential

- oral pleasure talk

- how do we access turn-on

- uncomfortable, raw, real and everything in between


mentioned in the episode: 

- dancing to Deya Dova

- Envision Festival

- the best Airbnb in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

- Esther Perel

- erotic blueprints


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Jan 11, 2019
How to Make Love Better + the Making of FKNHONEY with Ashley Last

Ashley is an intuitive herbalist, our business partner, and the creator of fknhoney love butter. Two girlfriends having an unusual heart-to-heart, Katya & Ashley get into some vulnerable, intimately personal & fun topics: the sexual self-care our pussies are starving for, what it feels like to apply & play with fknhoney, why we need to be more into ourselves, the gifts of cannabis, and epiphanies from ‘playing for the other team.’

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential.



mentioned in this episode:

- Multiorgasmic Woman by Mantak Chia  

- David Wolfe

- Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Tomashouer

- song by Lizzo “Truth Hurts”



discussed in this episode: 

- sexual self-care our pussies are starving for

- what it feels like to apply & play with fknhoney

- letting go of judgement around using cannabis

- gifts of cannabis plant

- what happens when we tap into our body’s innate sexual potential

- why we need to be into ourselves

- what we all long for and how to get it

- why we need to touch ourselves lovingly

- ‘playing for the other team’


connect with Ashley Last honey@fknhoney.com

Join HONEY TALKS free & private community & Book Club: 



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Jan 04, 2019
A Sexual Healing Journey with Amber Leitz

At the tender age of 21, Amber found herself suffering from incontinence, numbness, no libido, and quickly spiralling into a depression. In this episode, she shares how she took healing into her own hands, eventually becoming a celebrated feminine sexuality mentor. She tells us that we cannot be sexually empowered and at the same time NOT be empowered everywhere else in our life. She’ll share why most of us have numb vaginas, why using a jade egg is better than kegels, what happens when we shut down our sexuality … and what to do about all of this.


This show is brought to you by fknhoney.com, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. We’re working on 3 versions of this incredible product: the first and Original is the healing love butter containing 18 luxurious ingredients (but no cannabis derivatives), the 2nd is infused with CBD, and a version containing both CBD and THC, available soon in select Canadian dispensaries (with future plans to distribute to American dispensaries where cannabis is legal). Preorder for versions 1 and 2 are available early 2019! And YES, we’ll be shipping this make-love-better-love-butter WORLDWIDE!


we discuss:


- Goddess practices for new moms

- why reclaim the “P” word

- healing incontinence, painful sex, and depression

- why jade egg over kegels

- what can happens when we shut down our sexuality

- why most of us have numb vaginas

- why we may be afraid to look at our sexuality

- why you can’t be sexually empowered and not be empowered everywhere else in your life


mentioned in episode:

- Amber’s birth story    

- “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regina Thomashauer

- sex pros collective, Rachel Maddox




@amberrleitz - backup account


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Dec 28, 2018
What Instagram Doesn’t Want You to Know About Sex ... with Lacey Haynes

Connect with Lacey: laceyhaynes.com/



@fknhoney is a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. We’re working on 3 versions:

1) the Original is the healing love butter containing 18 luxurious ingredients (but no cannabis derivatives),

2) infused with CBD

3) infused with both CBD & THC, available soon in select Canadian dispensaries (with future plans to distribute to American dispensaries where cannabis is legal). Preorder for versions 1 and 2 are available early 2019! And YES, we’ll be shipping this incredible make-love-better-love-butter WORLDWIDE!


Join honetalkspodcast.com for all the goodness. 


We discuss:

- when a birth story goes viral

- how to share personal stories in mainstream media

- do we have to use THAT word? (yes, we do, and here’s why)

- our journeys of self-reclamation

- why we have trouble naming the space between our legs and why it matters

- what is pussy gazing and why it’s important

- feminine body reclamation

- ‘save our sex’ and instagram’s recent changes to community guidelines

- why it’s also blessing in disguise



In this episode:

- Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer

- Grace Hazel, Pussy Empowerment Coach

- When A Free Birth in London Goes Viral on Freebirth Society Podcast

- Rachel Maddox, Trauma Resolution Educator


Dec 20, 2018
Our First Bedroom Experiment with @nurturingnovas (Katya + Rob)

Is there anything that moved you? Did you listen alone or with your partner? We’d love to know! Join our free & private Honey Talks community at honeytalkspodcast.com

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a cbd-infused make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. We’re working hard behind the scenes to make preorder available early 2019!

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • biggest take-aways from guest interviews we’ve had so far
  • stepping out of our comfort zone
  • discovering intentional touch
  • from awkward to deep intimacy
  • first time trying expanded orgasm technique
  • wtf is erotic friction
  • the lingerie incident
  • on cutting out pornography
  • ode to coconut oil
  • surrender and permission

Mentioned in episode:

- Ejaculation control by Eyal Matsliah
- 3-minute game (Wheel of Consent)
- 4-hour Body by Tim Ferriss


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Dec 14, 2018
Cannabis in the Bedroom, Healing From Shame & Empowered Birth Project with Katie Vigos

At the time of this recording, we celebrate the 1 year anniversary since Katie’s successful petition to allow uncensored birth on Instagram and Facebook. Katie believes telling women that their power is offensive sends a really damaging message - and not only when it comes to birth. In this episode we talk about other taboo thing that take place behind closed doors, like self-pleasure, healing from shame, and cannabis in the bedroom.

So it’s 2018 and most pregnant women have no idea what childbirth entails - because they’ve never seen it. Katie Vigos is the founder of Empowered Birth Project, an inspiring and educational online platform which serves to demystify birth & remind birthing people of their power. She is a registered nurse & doula and lives in Los Angeles with her handsome husband and their three sons.

In this episode:

- cannabis in the bedroom
- leaving Mormon church
- orgasms as medicine
- masturbation & shame
- getting to know your body
- orgasmic birth
- cannabis during labour
- importance of self-pleasure after birth
- painful sex after cesarean
- how to get your libido back
... and so much more.



join newsletter: empoweredbirthproject.com


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Dec 06, 2018
Sex Will Never Be the Same and Why That’s Good News with Kimberly Ann Johnson

This show is brought to you by FKNHONEY, a cbd-infused make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential. Preorder available early 2019!


In this episode:

- where do we start when sex is painful and libido low?

- surprising factors contributing to birth injury

- why motherhood is a ‘system-wide renovation’

- how to claim sovereign sexuality

- why foreplay is a lame word

- is sex really a gift we give men?

- how good postpartum sex is like good anal sex

- why pleasure is the antidote to stress

- ‘re-meeting’ and getting ‘reborn’ with the same partner

- why birth trauma is not an event

- how to have the sex that makes life worth living

- pelvic floor issues & birth story medicine

- scar tissue & diet

- how to talk to your gyno

- why you should own a vaginal steaming chair

- how to put your queendom where it belongs


Mentioned in the episode:

Sophie Jaffe - raw food chef

Ellen Heed - scar tissue remediation

Natasha McBride - correlation of chronic disease with nutrition

Betty Martin - Wheel of Consent

Kamila Sikorski - Chi Kung massage 

Pam England - Birth Story Medicine 

Kelly Garza aka @steamychick -  Vaginal Steaming

Kate Northrup - “Do Less” Book

Alisa Vitti - "Woman Code" Book 

Lucy Pearce - "Reaching for the Moon: A Girl’s Guide to Her Cycles" Book

4thtrimestervaginalsteamstudy.com - more on Kimberly & Kelly's incredible & important study!! 


Find Kimberly Ann Johnson: 

website / podcast: magamama.com

buy book / audiobook: amazon

email: kimberly@magamama.com


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Nov 29, 2018
Reclaiming Intimacy After Childbirth, Ecstatic Sex, and Becoming Multi-Orgasmic with Eyal Matsliah

Eyal’s book “Orgasm Unleashed” should be required reading (the Kindle version is practically free, go grab it & review it on Amazon!)


In this episode:

- how Eyal began offering ‘yoni massage’ & the transformative power of this bodywork

- what to do if sex is painful

- how to reconnect with yourself & your partner

- approaching sex after kids

- why you need to stop having orgasms to become more orgasmic

- how to orgasm from everything

- how to ask for what you want

- why surrender matters

- mental health and sexuality

- why self-pleasure comes first

- the Goddess Complex

- tips for a hotter, more connected sex life

- how to amplify your energy, creativity, and sense of sisterhood

… and so much more.


website: intimatepower.com

insta: @intimatepower

email: eyal@intimatepower.com



- School of Consent

- “Are we Sexually Repressed and Don’t Know It”

- Layla Martin

- “Orgasm Unleashed” book


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Nov 22, 2018
Does Having Kids Really Kill Everyone's Sex Life? With nurturingnovas (Katya + Rob)

In this kick-off episode, Katya + Rob share a raw, vulnerable, and hopeful conversation about their marriage and sex life. 

What the @nurturingnovas confess to each other in this episode is something they haven’t even dared to say in private, behind closed doors. Learn how they found love, came to live on a beautiful island, and ‘the deep dark secrets’ of what they’re struggling with most.

Mentioned in the episode: 

Kimberly Ann Johnson “The Fourth Trimester”

Emily Nagoski “Come as You Are” (we devoured the audiobook in one road trip!)

Miss Jaiya's Erotic Blueprint Quiz


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Nov 12, 2018