Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

By Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

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 Feb 28, 2019

 Jan 30, 2019
Loved the interview with Jephte and Shawniece. I liked the fact that the four of you were talking like it was a fireside chat; just friends being real with one another. Great show guys!!

 Jan 10, 2019
Too many pee and poo stories. To keep it interesting they need to step up their game. It's going to get really boring if they don't.


Are you looking for someone to share their deepest, darkest secrets on keeping their marriage spicy? Are you like, “puhhlease DISH on how to be a cool parent .. because, yeah ... I dunno!” Well Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have got all you hubbies and wifeys - and mommies and daddies - covered, because each week they find a guest who will SPILL all their dirty secrets! Because we all wanna keep our marriages hot and our parenting cool!

Episode Date
Ep. 73 Very Emotional Fourth Trimester During a Pandemic

Fair warning - this is a really raw and vulnerable episode! The 4th trimester has been ROUGH to say the least. But we WILL make it through - together! 



Show Notes:


01:07 - Jamie shares that it really is hard having a baby during the pandemic!

03:41 - Jamie shares that parenting a second child is still difficult and it feels like a whole new world!

04:55 - Doug and Jamie talk about how they are trying really hard to make sure that their kids don’t feel like they have to compete for their love and attention.

05:55 - Jamie shares her struggles with feeling like she is letting Henley down by not being able to help her at times. She shares that she thinks she is dealing with postpartum blues.

10:00 - Jamie shares that she and Doug are struggling with parenting two kids and they are wanting to try to do couple’s counseling.

13:38 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t like who she is right now and how she is struggling through the 4th trimester.

15:15 - Jamie shares that she is working hard at getting better. She also shares that one positive of this time is that she doesn’t care about her body image postpartum. 

18:00 - Doug shares that the pandemic takes a toll and assures Jamie that his family does understand that they cannot hold the babies even though Jamie is struggling with it.

19:45 - Doug and Jamie talk about how they watched a documentary and are beginning the vegan lifestyle to get healthier - they are loving spinach right now!

21:40 - Doug shares that he and Jamie will conquer the postpartum blues together!

22:19 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t want anyone to think she is perfect and great all of the time because that’s not the real world! She doesn’t want to make anyone feel bad about themselves!

23:40 - Next week we will be doing a Q&A to answer any and all questions you have!


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Jun 01, 2020
Ep. 72 Jamie and Doug's Home Birth Story Quarantined

Baby Hendrix is here!!! This episode is all about our home birth, and we get into ALL the details about what happened that day! He came SO fast!!! We’re recording from our bedroom on this episode because Jamie is still taking it easy, so you will hear baby Hendrix and Gracie some in the background! We’re definitely learning to adjust with 2 kiddos :)



Show Notes:


02:00 - Jamie shares that next week’s episode will be all about the 4th trimester - PSA it might get a little intimate!

03:10 - Doug shares that even with all the crazy it was SUCH a great day!!!

03:20 - Jamie shares that all the masks were sent out if you requested one!

04:54 - Doug and Jamie share about Hendrix’s birth story.

05:58 - Jamie shares that they thought for sure he would come early but he actually came 1 day AFTER her due date!

07:34 - Jamie shares that she was ready for Baby Hendrix to come out because he was a big boy! 

08:20 - Doug shares that before labor, he felt like they were totally prepared and that he felt in his gut everything would be great!

09:20 - Doug commends Jamie for mentally preparing for this labor! He tells Jamie she is amazing :) Jamie shares what all she did to prepare for the labor.

11:30 - Doug and Jamie shared that she was constantly thinking “I can endure anything for 1 minute!”

12:03 - Jamie learned through Ina Gaskin’s book that positive affirmations are SO important. She also learned and kept in her mind the idea that any pain she was going through, Hendrix was also going through and she needed to stay strong and one with her son! 

13:23 - Jamie shares that she doesn’t believe that you can have an orgasm after birth even though some women swear that you can!

13:48 - Jamie shares that Doug had given her a back massager for Mother’s Day and she asked him to rub her feet while she used the back massager on her back. Doug thinks the joy of the massager and the footrub was what put her in labor!

15:38 - Jamie shares that her biggest fear was that the baby would have shoulder dystocia (where the baby gets stuck inside) - this can be very dangerous even in the hospital!

16:50 - By 10 am Jamie realized that the contractions were getting more intense and she was SO excited! She started timing the contractions at precisely 12:19 pm.

18:17 - Zoe, our assistant, has been quarantining with Doug and Jamie and they both give her a big shoutout for all of her help that day!

20:21 - Jamie shares that she did a Baby Mama dance on TikTok that she hasn’t shared yet!

21:44 - Jamie shares that they also had 2 previous assistants (who are like sisters to her) come over to help that day, too!

22:29 - Jamie shares how sorry she is to frans that she didn’t get to go livestream on Instagram for the birth. She really wished she could have and hopes that frans can understand and forgive her! She is so sad that she let some people down ;(

27:23 - Jamie says a huge THANK YOU to those of you who said such kind words and were so supportive after she wasn’t able to go live on Instagram for the birth.

28:30 - Doug shares that even though they didn’t get to go live, they did film everything for Couples Cam and for YouTube. Couples Cam starts on May 20! Not sure when the intimate details on YouTube will be up - stay tuned!

33:07 - Jamie shares that one of the ways to ease her pain during labor was to squeeze combs and to squeeze Doug’s fingernail and thumb. She finally got in the tub and HIGHLY recommends using water during natural labor!

35:07 - Jamie shares that the midwife made her get out of the tub because it was too hot and that was so hard to do! Jamie gets really vulnerable and shares that she has never felt like she needed Doug more than during this labor - she shares just how much she feels like their relationship grew and they bonded as a couple!

37:38 - Jamie finally got back in the tub and it was go time! She felt like she needed to...  

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May 20, 2020
Ep. 71 Married at First Sight S10 Bachelor Derek Sherman is BACK with a special Q&A Session; Things just got personal!

America’s most eligible and favorite bachelor is BACK! Derek Sherman is on again to answer ALL of your questions! A lot of you wanted to know if he is single and ready to mingle...listen to find out! :)


Before Derek comes on, Doug shares the *hopefully last* pregnancy update and raves about how absolutely incredible Jamie is as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and so many things! He also shares how potty training Henley is going!



Show Notes:


00:36 - Doug shares they have 1 week (or less) left til baby Hayes will be here!

01:43 - Doug says that he doesn’t think anyone has a stronger work ethic than Jamie!

03:56 - Doug shares that he is extremely proud of his wife and her strength and positivity during this difficult time.

08:22 - Doug shares that everyone who reached out to them about their home and birthing center birth stories made a huge difference to them and helped them see the positive side!

09:36 - Henley has started potty-training! They’re trying the commando way - diaper on for naps and bedtime only! She’s doing so well! She loves doing her pee-pee dance!

11:49 - Doug and Jamie are going to be on Couple’s Cam and their homebirth will be videoed!

13:31 - Doug shares that the hardest part of this time is not being able to hug family! 

21:41 - Welcome back, Derek!

22:46 - What did Derek learn about himself through MAFS?

24:09 - How was he so patient?

25:08 - Boxers or briefs? 

25:37 - What is his ideal girl?

26:22 - Did you think that Katie was a B-I-T-C-H?

27:46 - What did Derek think of Katie getting jealous of his college date?

29:43 - Would Derek be interested in either Taylor or Mindy?

30:30 - What did Derek think about the cast of his season? 

32:14 - How does it make him feel knowing that he has so many people’s support and love through this?

33:47 - Did Derek think he was ready for marriage?

34:18 - What are the top 5 things on Derek’s bucket list?

35:04 - Did Katie cheating on Derek affect his view of marriage?

36:00 - Would he do MAFS again?

37:03 - Doug gives props to Derek for how he has handled everything and for not letting his situation get him down.

40:06 - Next week on the podcast...there might just be a baby Hayes! :) 


Stay clean, wash your hands, wash your face, wash your butt, and ya! Don’t get sick! 

Talk to you next week!


Derek’s Instagram: @drockingsherm


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Skylight - Get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to and enter the code COOL!



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May 11, 2020
Ep. 70 Married at First Sight s10 STAR Derek Sherman Brings the Fire! Real Talk on Staying Married, Getting a Divorce & Everything in Between

We are so excited to welcome a GUY onto our podcast! It’s been a while! Welcome, Derek to Hot Marriage, Cool Parents! Derek was a cast member of Season 10 of MAFS. He’s a fan favorite, an avid dreamer, hopeless romantic, an all around awesome guy! He shares his experience on MAFS and what he is up to now!


Oh, and he’s America’s most ELIGIBLE bachelor!


Before Derek comes on, Doug tells everyone about their last minute plans for their home birth and his excitement! Doug shares their progress on finding a baby name and wait for it…..they are so excited for baby….HAYES! 


Show Notes:


04:15 - Doug shares that this episode is a two-part episode with Derek - the second part will be all of our fran’s questions!

04:58 - Doug shares the baby name they have chosen - Hayes Douglas!

06:00 - Doug shares a special connection they learned between the name Hendrix (his top choice for baby boy names) and their angel baby’s name Johnathan. 

06:42 - Doug shares the funny story behind naming Henley - Jamie had no idea what Doug’s last name was the morning after they got married! 

09:00 - Doug shares that over the weekend they had another visit with the midwife and she brought the tub over - they got to hear Hayes’s heartbeat too!

17:36 - Jamie asks Derek what made him want to sign up for MAFS?

18:48 - Derek shares how he broke the news that he was going to marry a stranger to his family!

20:51 - Jamie asks Derek what his thoughts were when he saw Katie on their wedding day.

21:49 - Doug asks Derek if he felt like experts followed what he was wanting in a spouse?

23:05 - Jamie tells Derek that to viewers they seemed happy on the honeymoon - she asks Derek to walk listeners through what happened off camera?

26:26 - Derek talks about a time during the honeymoon when Katie asked him to join her in the shower.

26:50 - Doug asks if they consummated the marriage on the wedding night?

28:03 - Jamie asks Derek to share what he thinks went wrong after the honeymoon?

29:59 - Jamie asks Derek what it felt like to have Katie not appreciate his dreams.

34:54 - Doug asks Derek if he still has a relationship with Katie’s father?

36:23 - Jamie asks Derek if he ever felt like he could have fallen in love with Katie at some point?

37:43 - Derek shares what kept him holding on all the way to the end - that things would change.

40:00 - Derek shares what all happened during the reunion and previous conversations he had with Katie; especially one where they agreed he would not share about her affair. 

42:52 - Derek shares that he finds out that she was having an affair not long after their honeymoon!

44:02 - Doug asks Derek why they stayed together on decision day? They wanted to try it without the cameras.

46:12 - Jamie asks Derek if Zach and Katie got drinks before or after he and Katie split up?

47:00 - Doug asks Derek what it was like being witness to some of Brandon’s lashouts?

48:30 - Derek shares what he is up to right now and he IS single, ladies! He also shares some of his bucketlist with us!

52:50 - Doug gives props to Derek for giving their relationship every possible chance that he could!

54:05 - Next week tune in for Derek’s Q&A Session!


Stay safe, wash your hands, don’t cough, all that! :) Talk to you next week!


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May 04, 2020
Ep. 69 Married At First Sights Fan Favorite Mindy Shiben Tells All! The Good, Bad, & Ugly of Getting Married At First Sight!

Put your hands up in the air and welcome MAFS Alum from Season 10, Mindy Shiben! She is here to chat ALL things MAFS and tell us what’s new!


Mindy Shiben aka America’s Sweetheart joins us today. She is hands down one of the most caring, genuine, and mature cast members from MAFS. She’s a super talented figure skating coach and honestly an all around catch. 


Before Mindy comes on, we share pregnancy updates (including getting tested for COVID-19!) and Jamie gets real about some struggles she is dealing with during this difficult time. Doug and Jamie also give a MAFS reunion recap. 



DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult


Show Notes:


03:25 - Jamie is officially 37 weeks pregnant! YAY! Full term! 

03:42 - Jamie shares about how she had to get tested for COVID-19.

04:10 - Jamie shares that she had to consult doctors due to taking Prozac during pregnancy as the midwife was concerned that it could affect baby boy Hehner during labor.

12:13 - Jamie shares that she is very overwhelmed with this pregnancy.

12:48 - Doug shares that there are going to be some things during this pregnancy that are out of their control due to COVID-19. 

14:07 - Doug shares that Jamie is superwoman to him :) Jamie feels bad that she is unable to currently help in the hospital.

15:25 - Jamie asked her sister to make 50 masks - let us know if you are in need of one -! We want to give them all away!

16:20 - Doug shares that they have gotten all of the supplies they need for the homebirth!

17:28 - Doug shares that he feels like at home there is going to be a large amount of relief doing the homebirth instead of the hospital birth.

18:32 - Bombshell! Katie and Zach went out for drinks! 

19:45 - Doug shares that he thinks Derek gave his all week after week, and its sad that he has a broken heart!

20:31 - Doug shares that he believes that everyone who goes on MAFS will benefit in ways they didn’t know they would! It brings a brighter future!

26:08 - Welcome, Mindy, to Hot Marriage Cool Parents!!!

26:23 - What made Mindy want to be married at first sight?

27:17 - How did Mindy break it to her parents that she was going to marry a stranger? And how have her parents handled it since then?

29:28 - Doug asks Mindy what her thoughts were on her wedding day?

31:39 - Mindy talks about when things changed with Zach.

34:31 - Doug asks Mindy if she saw things in Zach that did line up with what she was wanting.

35:15 - Did they have sex during the experiment?

36:22 - What happened with Mindy’s previous best friend who then started talking to Zach in private?

39:23 - Doug and Jamie commend Mindy for the way she handled herself maturely with everything that happened with Zach.

40:00 - Jamie praises Mindy for being so strong during the reunion!

41:25 - What were Mindy’s thoughts going into the reunion? Would she be willing to give Zach another chance?

45:00 - What’s going on with Mindy now?

46:38 - Mindy shares that she has been getting into virtual dating - kind of the opposite of MAFS! :)

48:35 - Mindy shares that she had a phone call with Zach during recording that made her have some hope.

49:21 - Mindy shares that she feels like she has gotten stronger from the experience and would do it again!

54:26 - Derek is on the podcast next week!


Mindy’s Instagram: @mindyshiben

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Talkspace - Get $100 off your first month on Talkspace. To match with your perfect therapist, go...  

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Apr 26, 2020
Ep. 68 Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Choosing Unmedicated Birth and Chatting with Our Midwife

Today we are super excited to welcome to our show the beautiful SUPER-Mom and Boss Babe, Bekah Martinez! 


Bekah Martinez was on the Bachelor and after she was on the Bachelor, she started dating Gray and got pregnant within a couple months (their first couple dates!).  We are excited to talk to her about her birthing center birth story as well as her future plans for a home-birth with her current pregnancy!


Before Bekah comes on, we share with you guys the initial phone call Doug and Jamie had with a home-birth midwife - who they have since hired! 



DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult


Show Notes:


0:27 - Jamie shares that she was having contractions! Thankfully they stopped!

1:15 - Doug shares that their midwife will not deliver before 37 weeks. Jamie thinks baby boy will be early.

7:45 - Doug and Jamie have a big announcement! They are going to star on Couple’s Cam! This is a new show on Lifetime catching up with all the couples who are still together from Married at First Sight! They also share that they are going to be filming the birth of their baby boy!

8:10 - Doug and Jamie share that Jessica from this season’s MAFS is a nurse and has been moved to the COVID Unit! She’s working quite a bit and Jamie and Doug give another shoutout to all the amazing frontline workers!

8:25 - Doug and Jamie give a recap on the MAFS finale! 2 couples stayed together - Derek and Katie and Austin and Jessica.

11:23 - 32:48 - Phone Call With Midwife (she gave us permission to share the call ;))

34:44 - Jamie wants to know if listeners think that taking placenta capsules helps with the baby blues?

37:11 - Welcome to the show, Bekah!

38:24 - Jamie asks Bekah if she feels like she fell in love with Arie on the Bachelor.

42:39 - Bekah shares how she met Gray while the Bachelor was airing, and 3 months into their relationship she got pregnant.

45:15 - Doug commends Bekah and Gray for doing couple’s counseling.

46:35 - Bekah shares that she had a gut instinct that Gray would be a great father even though they hardly knew each other - and her gut was right!

49:35 - Doug shares that he and Jamie were at a rough point in their relationship while pregnant with Henley, but that having Henley brought them closer together.

51:00 - Jamie asks Bekah what made her want to have a birthing center birth and how the experience was for her. Bekah shares that she had been interested in pregnancy and birth before getting pregnant and had already sought out more natural options and wanted to be in an environment where her knowledge about her own body was trusted.

54:30 - Bekah shares how Gray reacted when she told him that she was pregnant. His first reaction was that he had a really big smile on his face! But then wanted to have a conversation about how it would all work out. 

55:14 - Bekah shares that she felt like a birth center would be a good middle ground option between a home-birth and a hospital birth. She found her birth center by looking on Yelp!

59:22 - Bekah shares her plans for a home birth this time around.

61:18 - Doug asks Bekah if she did an unmedicated birth at the birth center. She didn’t have any options for traditional pain management. She shares that the #1 reason for transfer to a hospital during birth center births tends to be maternal exhaustion. 

62:40 - Bekah recommends the book Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth.  

63:26 - Bekah shares that she looked at birth with the idea of the pain of childbirth being the pain of progress. It’s your body doing what it is supposed to be doing. She talks about how she would call the contractions moments, since things go back to normal in... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Apr 18, 2020
Ep. 67 Jamie and Doug's Birth Plan for Baby #2!

It’s the Doug and Jamie show today! We are super excited to share with listeners our decision on having a HOME BIRTH! We have done tons of research and are ready to share the facts with you! 


No matter what decision our awesome listeners make in their birth plans, we want you to know that we support you ALL! We just wanted to share the facts we’ve learned in case anyone else is weighing the options during this crazy time! As always, make sure you are talking with your doctors and with other professionals when weighing all of the options :)


DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult


Show Notes:


2:40 - We have exciting news! We are going for it …. we’re gonna have a homebirth!

4:15 - Jamie shares that as a nurse she has never had a home birth transferred to her where the mother or baby was doing poorly.

4:50 - Hospitals don’t have enough PPE (personal protective equipment) and they don’t have enough staff - they are being overworked! 

5:22 - Jamie shares that she wants to be selfless and have the birth at home to help out the difficulty in the hospitals right now with the coronavirus.

5:40 - Doug wants listeners to know - he is 100% on board with the homebirth!

6:09 - Jamie wants listeners to understand that the point of the podcast is just to share research and share her experience as a labor and delivery nurse - this isn’t intended to sway anyone.

8:15 - Jamie explains the details of a homebirth.

9:25 - Jamie shares that when doctors augment labor (do something to expedite labor) such as pitocin or breaking a woman’s water - you can come into contact with a “risk” in the hospital and that can eventually cause a C-Section to have to happen.

10:20 - Jamie shares what a birthing center is in comparison to a home birth or hospital birth.

11:14 - Midwives from birthing centers will be with you during your birth, even if you have to be transferred to the hospital. The majority of them have privileges and rights to practice at hospitals.

11:33 - Birthing centers and midwives with home births take an all natural approach. Home Births are the MOST natural. 

12:14 - The biggest pro right now of a homebirth is that right now you are going to avoid catching germs that are lingering around at the hospital.

12:55 - Home births have very intermittent monitoring so you can get up and move around during labor! Big pro!

13:40 - A midwife who does home births comes with medications to stop hemorrhaging, she comes with medications for your baby, she comes with oxygen - she means business! These midwives are trained medical professionals!

15:00 - A big pro about home birth is that your partner is able to be with you!

16:15 - Being able to deliver in water with a home birth is a huge pro! 

16:30 - No one is telling you you need to speed up your labor in a home birth or at a birthing center! It’s not a rush - you are the only person that the midwife is taking care of! 

17:55 - All of the follow-up visits from homebirth happen in your own home!

19:08 - Jamie shares that she definitely wants to try to have either her or Doug catch the baby!

20:20 - With a home birth or birthing center birth, you are guaranteed to have your midwife during the birth.

20:57 - You get as many coaches as you want during labor and can even have your children be a part of your labor experience! Jamie shares that she is worried about the pain part of it scaring Henley.

21:44 - Jamie shares cons of a homebirth:

-if an emergency happens, they are 20 minutes away from the hospital

-there is no medicinal pain relief

-a lot of insurances do not cover a home birth or a birthing center (sad!)

-you have to submit your own social... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Apr 11, 2020
Ep. 66 NYC Nurse & What its like on the Front Lines of Covid-19

We are living in such strange times right now and there is a lot of uncertainty with having a baby during this time! We are excited to welcome on to today’s episode an amazing nurse friend of Jamie’s who is here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is happening in the labor and delivery unit because of the corona-virus!


Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about her pregnancy symptoms, how baby boy is growing so much, 


Later in the episode, they speak with Sarah Maher, RN at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY - the epicenter of the corona-virus! Sarah shares her heart about why it is important that everyone stays home. She emphasizes that to have a support person with you during labor and delivery is currently putting many many people at risk. Jamie urges listeners to consider signing a petition giving the hospitals back the right to deny support persons based on the spread of COVID-19. 


DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research or consult


Bio on our guest:


We are so excited to welcome Sarah Maher to the podcast! Not only is Sarah an accomplished nurse, but she also is a close friend to Jamie and mentored her when Jamie worked at New York Presbyterian Columbia Hospital in Washington Heights - the #5 hospital in the entire nation! It’s ranked #1 in NYC and not only does it offer excellent care that’s been nationally recognized for years, but it also trains amazing, excellent nurses, doctors, and healthcare staff. Sarah has worked there since 2011 and she has been an RN since 2005. She sure has a lot of credentials after her name, too! We wanted to invite her on as a friend, but also as an expert behind the scenes since she has directly treated patients with the coronavirus! She’s literally in the labor rooms working side by side with patients who either have the virus or have been exposed to it, or who are just laboring and delivering a child during this really scary time!


Show Notes:


3:38 - Doug shares how excited he was to feel the baby moving all over! He loves it when baby kicks, because it’s like the baby is saying hello! :)

5:19 - Jamie and Doug share that they still have much to do for baby’s room before he arrives! Doug shares about anxiety surrounding how they will sleep since Gracie is currently dealing with sleep regression.

9:25 - Jamie talks about how they had to cancel her Baby Sprinkle because of uncertainty with the virus.

9:46 - Jamie takes a moment to thank all of the amazing frans for getting so many nice things for when Henley Grace was born!

10:40 - Jamie shares that they are trying to be careful on how much diapers and wipes that they buy for baby boy, because she wants listeners to understand that others really need the supplies and we should utilize delivery services if we are able.

11:21 - Jamie talks about her awful time with hemorrhoids during both pregnancies and how the doctor said not to do anything about them until she is finished having babies!

12:46 - Doug and Jamie talk about how Big Doug had a hemorrhoid burst at Walt Disney World!!!

14:48 - Jamie and Doug really recommend listeners to try one episode of Netflix’s new Tiger King! It’s a show that you will be laughing - but for all the wrong reasons! They also recommend Love is Blind on Netflix.

16:47 - Doug shares that though Tiger King is a funny show, he does not endorse animals in captivity.

18:04 - Doug and Jamie have the idea that listeners send in their favorite binge-worthy TV shows!

22:23 - Welcome to the podcast, Sarah Maher!

23:38 - Sarah shares that they have been testing all of their patients for the corona-virus.

24:24 - Jamie shares that she saw on the news that... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Apr 05, 2020
Ep 65. Covid-19 Facts vs Fiction with Infectious Disease Scientist Alex Willis

There is so much information out there re: the corona virus so Jamie and Doug went straight to the source and brought a guest on who is working behind the scenes with other scientists to help fight infectious diseases.

Before their guest comes on, Jamie and Doug chat about being back in NJ a week early because of Covid-19 and how Jamie feels more pregnant than ever. They talk about the measures they took to sanitize and hopefully avoid getting or spreading the virus while flying home from FL.

Later in the episode, they speak with an infectious disease scientist, Alex Willis, who is on the front line working with other scientists trying to find a vaccine/cure to Covid-19. Alex gives gives us the simple facts on the virus and debunks some myths that are floating around on the internet. This is an extremely informative interview, and offers some valuable advice for all of us to follow, in order to help stop the spread.

DISCLAIMER....This interview was recorded in advance. Information on Covid-19 is changing by the day. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns please do your own research and/or email Alex directly at

Bio on our guest:

This week we have Alex Willis, a young female scientist and infection researcher from the UK, on the podcast. She went to Imperial College in London, and studied new ways to treat bacterial infections (including other ‘good' bacteria!). She’s now in Canada and looking at some mysterious parasites under the microscope! She is passionate about making science available for everyone, so she is here today to answer all our questions about this new virus! 

Show Notes:

1:37 - This epidemic is really serious - it could become the most lifechanging event since WW2 according to some scientists

2:00 - This is the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu about 100 years ago which killed 50 million people

4:00 - What really is self-isolating? What is social-distancing?

6:08 - Jamie shares why she is terrified to take the flight home to NJ

6:40 - What are symptoms people should be looking for who think they might have COVID-19?

8:10 - How does COVID-19 affect a pregnant woman?

9:08 - We all need a careful balance between self-isolating and self-isolating calmly.

9:25 - Jamie challenges listeners to avoid WIC-approved items at stores, because those are what people who are less fortunate are able to get for free and need to support and take care of their families; especially with school being out and their children not getting their lunches at school

10:38 - Be self-LESS!

11:02 - COVID-19 lasts different amounts of time on all surfaces. 

Plastic - 3 days; Cardboard - 1 day; Steel - 2 days

11:27 - Avoid using public playgrounds

12:39 - Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds! This is the most important way to prevent the spread of the illness!

13:05 - Experts say that soap and water is MUCH better than hand sanitizer - hand sanitizer should be used for last resort situations. Anything that will clean your dishes will clean your hands.

14:50 - Alex shares her thoughts on why kids are not as affected by COVID-19.

15:27 - As an RN, Jamie HIGHLY suggests taking vitamins!

15:47 - Should people fly or drive to another state?

18:13 - Know what number to call BEFORE you get sick!

19:19 - Scientists are suggesting people to use TYLENOL and not Advil if you get a fever. (Check with your Healthcare Provider)

21:50 - Scientists have been working hard to get a vaccine out - first human patient has been given a vaccination! But it will be another 14 months until they know if it was successful.

22:35 - Nanny tested positive for the coronavirus! Oh no! She's barely symptomic...

24:12 - It can take 14 days for your symptoms to come on and you can be sick for up to 8... For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Mar 30, 2020
Ep 64 Christina Cimorelli Music, Family, Rainbow Baby

Jamie and Doug speak with Christina Cimorelli, who started a singing group with her sisters, and quickly rose to fame through YouTube, and now with over 5 Million subscribers. Jamie and Doug ask what it is like starting a group with family, and the ups and downs of the music industry. Christina has been open about suffering a miscarriage, and offers a new perspective on dealing with a loss. Christina shares some extremely powerful coping techniques that she learned in therapy, and announces that she is pregnant again with her Rainbow Baby!

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Mar 22, 2020
Ep 63 Married At First Sight star Danielle Dodd & her Near-Death Delivery

Doug catches up with Married At First Sight Season 7's Danielle Dodd, who had a "Near-Death" experience while giving birth to their daughter Olivia. Danielle was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, something that occurs in less than 1% of births in the USA! Hear how Danielle and her husband Bobby Dodd managed everything, and the aftermath of having their beautiful daughter Olivia. Danielle also gives her take on the current season of Married At First Sight, and her predictions on which couples she thinks will be staying together at the end of the experiment. Danielle and Doug do not hold back!!!!

Doug also discusses what he and Jamie have planned for their last couple weeks in Florida, and how they have narrowed their House Hunting down to 2 homes. He also talks about the impact the coronavirus is having on travel, and whether they should head back to New Jersey early, just in case more travel restrictions are put in place within the USA.

Doug also suggests an alternative to the handshake, and what should be used instead for greeting each other from now on....

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Mar 16, 2020
Ep 62 Mindfulness and Postpartum Depression with Terra Larock

Jamie and Doug (Mostly Jamie) brings awareness to HPV, what it is, how to check for it, how to treat it, and the consequences if you do nothing. After that, Doug speaks with Terra Larock, and her Mindful Mamas App launching soon, to help mamas of all ages deal with Postpartum Depression. Terra is a mom of 2, and went through severe postpartum depression with her first child. Hear all about her story, the inspiration behind her Mindful Mamas App, and some extremely powerful techniques and practices to deal with stress, anxiety, and PPD!

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Mar 08, 2020
Ep 61 Super Bowl Complaints PLUS Beth & Jamie from Married at First Sight S09

Doug and Jamie cover traveling with the Coronavirus, and discuss who are the people that complain to the FCC about the Superbowl Half Time show this year. After that, Elisabeth & Jamie, stars of Season 9 Married at First Sight tells us all about life after MAFS. Here about their newlywed struggles, what compelled them to move across country to the West Coast. More importantly, they given us a lesson on what "BCS (Basic Caucasian Sex)" is, and whether they have babies in their near future....

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Feb 29, 2020
Ep 60 Baby Names and Meanings with SJ Strum

Jamie and Doug catch up on the latest Married at First Sight drama, and share their feeling on a few of the husbands from this season. After that they speak with world renowned "Baby Naming Expert - SJ Strum," to get some help naming their baby boy due in May. SJ gave Jamie & Doug some knowledge behind their names, and suggests 5 Boy Names beginning with "H." After their conversation, with SJ Strum, they may have finally found a name for baby number 2!!!

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Feb 23, 2020
Ep 59 Jamie's 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Update

Jamie shares a quick update on what is happening now that she is in the Third Trimester, and how this pregnancy differs from the fist with Henley Grace. Also, curious what Doug got Jamie for Valentines Day....? Hear all about what Jamie got for Valentines Day, and how Doug gave it to her. Jamie, Doug, and Henley are heading back to Los Angeles to film a Married at First Sight Special, so this episode is a quick update episode from Jamie!

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Feb 17, 2020
Ep 58. Toxic Shock Syndrome & Married at First Sight

Do you know anyone that had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)? Do you know what TSS is? Jamie and Doug speak with Dawn Massabni, whose daughter Maddy passed away from using a tampon, and developing Toxic Shock Syndrome. Dawn and her family are now on a mission to warn families and girls about tampon use, and educate everyone on the signs and symptoms of this deadly infection. Jamie and Doug also provide their opinions on the latest episode of Married at First Sight, and predictions on who will stay together.

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Feb 10, 2020
Ep 57 Moving to Florida, Pregnancy Update, and Playing 2 Truths & 1 Lie

If you thought you knew Jamie and Doug....THINK AGAIN!! Jamie proposed a game between the two, "2 TRUTHS AND A LIE," and the couple reveals a few secrets that even Jamie and Doug did not know about one another.

Doug and Jamie also begin their 2 month trip to Florida, looking for a place to invest in, and turn into a rental home and/or place to live for the winter. Jamie is battling a cold/fever/6 month pregnancy, and has been out of commission for the last couple days, so Doug discusses their first impressions of the Air BnB that they are staying in for the next 2 months, and his feelings on Jamie wanting to move to Florida for 6 Months and 1 day out of the year. Hear his thoughts about the impact it will have on their family, Henley, their relationship. Doug also shares a "Magical" moment he experienced holding Jamies Belly as they spooned, and why he was crying in bed all by himself..(Happy Tears).

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Feb 03, 2020
Ep 56- Married At First Sight Recap with Dougs Parents & Heading to FL for 2 Months

Jamie and Doug are now 6 Months Pregnant and Jamie gives an update on her most recent visits to the OBGYN. Meanwhile, they are preparing to head to FL for 2 whole months, and talk about what the purpose of the long trip is.... (Possibly Moving Away from NJ??)

Later in the episode, they check in with Doug's parents to get their take on the new season of Married at First Sight, recap the latest episode, and give their predictions on who will stay together. Doug asks his parents what it was like hearing that their son would be getting married to a stranger on a TV show, how they felt before, during, and after the "Love Experiment, and share some unsolicited advice / wisdom for future Married at First Sight parents

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Jan 27, 2020
Ep. 55 Our Babymoon Mishaps and The Royal Family 101

Jamie and Doug took some time away to reconnect in Curacao on their babymoon!! Things went as planned... for the most part.... but they spill all about their little mishaps! Also, they have expert Caryn Blood on to chat all about the royal family and what you may not have known!! Also, here are a few amazing offers from this week's episode :) Want to take your personal trainer everywhere? You can sign up and get 50% at Also, right now, Perfect Bar is offering you 15% off your online order. Just go to PERFECTBAR.COM/HMCP15

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Jan 18, 2020
Ep 54 - Self Love and Conquering Goals with Life Coach Kelsey Murphy

Jamie and Doug get some much needed advice on Self-Love, channeling your best you, and how to conquer 2020 goals with World Renown Life Coach Kelsey Murphy, who is also expecting her second child within the next week. Also Season 10 Married At First Sight just premiered on January 1st, and Jamie and Doug share their thoughts and predictions on the 5 new couples, reflect on their own journey and how so much has changed since the show first began.... and SO MUCH MORE!!

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Jan 12, 2020
Ep 53.Holiday Recap, New Years Party, Restraining Order, and Goals for 2020!

Jamie and Doug discuss the Christmas gifts that they exchanged, and the gift that Jamie gave to Doug, which REALLY shows how much she has his "back-side!" Get a behind the scenes recap of the Hehner Family Christmas, and how Henley reacted to all of the presents this year. A HUGE thank you to all their Frans for the support through Year 1 of Hot Marriage Cool Parents, and what their 2020 Goals are for the year ahead. Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. has reached over 1 MILLION downloads! THANK YOU!

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Jan 04, 2020
Top 3 Baby Names , Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to our Frans!

Christmas Episode! Jamie and Doug reveal each of their Top Baby Name Choices for their baby boy due in May. They also share a recap of the private reading they received from Monica the Medium, after she channeled Jamie's father, their late son Johnathan, and a few surprise relatives on Doug's side of the family. Hear more about the Hehner Holiday Tradition, Proper Gift Etiquette, and send a HUGE THANK YOU to all their Frans Around the World!

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Dec 25, 2019
Ep. 51 Talking to the Dead with Monica the Medium

Doug and Jamie bring Monica the Medium on Hot Marriage Cool Parents. She does not make promises that shirts will come through, but...SPOILER ALERT.... Monica speaks with Jamie's dad, and they get a chance to hear from their Angel Baby Johnathan, and a few more surprise visitors.

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Dec 21, 2019
Ep 50. Is Jamie A "Rape Baby" And What Does That Mean? | The Bird's Papaya Is Back To Finish Her Body Positive Chat

Doug and Jamie fully discuss the conversation they had with Jamie's mom about the night Jamie was conceived. Jamie doesn't want to believe she is a "rape baby" but Doug reminds her that even if she is - it isn't her fault. It doesn't change the person she's become.

Sarah Landry of The Bird's Papaya is back to finish her chat about loving every stretch mark, curve, lump and bump on your body. And she is on FIRE. Everyone should hear the message she has to say!

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Dec 13, 2019
Ep 49: Self-Love & Body Positivity With Guest The Bird's Papaya | A Tough Talk With Jamie's Mom After Seeing Her For The First Time Since Finding Jamie's Father

Today we have self-love coach and body positivity pioneer, Sarah Landry of The Bird's Papaya. We also talk about seeing Jamie's mom for the first time since finding out who her father is. The conversation didn't go as planned.

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Dec 08, 2019

We are so happy to FINALLY share our gender reveal with YOU!💗☺️.... drumroll pleaseeeeee....IT’S A BOY!!!!💙 We are over the moon excited for our newest little edition and we are so happy to have you all along on our journey with us!! Ps this is the last chance to leave a review to be entered for our giveaway!!!

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Nov 30, 2019
Ep. 47 Wacky Gender Prediction Test Results & Helping a Fran Through a Difficult Time

Jamie and Doug did a bunch of WACKY gender prediction tests and shared all their results! Andddd next week we get to share the gender💗 is baby Hehner number 2 a sweet little cupcake or a handsome stud muffin?! But first we have a very touching podcast with a Fran who reached out to Jamie who was inspired by her story. Jamie and Doug help her through a difficult time and share her story in hopes of inspiring one of YOU!

With the holidays right around the corner we have some special deals just for our listeners!

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Nov 23, 2019
Ep. 46 The Bachelor's Carly Waddell SHOCKS us with this personal information she shares...Evan isn't a penis doctor?!

This week, The Bachelor’s Carly Wadell and her hubby Evan Bass are on this week’s episode. Jamie and Doug have the last Interview Carly did before she gave birth. They talked about why both her babies were pleasant surprises, how Evan isn’t really a penis doctor like The Bachelor said and how he has since turned farmer - shocking! Lol. Jamie and Doug talk about how they found out, touched on what her delivery plan looked like! All this and more on this week’s episode!!!


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Nov 15, 2019
Ep. 45 Sex, Cheating, and Married At First Sight?! We talk about it all - and get advice for keeping the romance alive - with relationship expert, Pastor Cal!

This week we have Married At First Sight's Pastor Cal on to give all the best tips and tricks on keeping the spark alive in your marriage ;) We chat about sex, cheating and the seasons of Married At First Sight! Ya won't wanna miss it!!

Special offers from this week's episode!

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Nov 09, 2019
Ep 44. Expecting Mom Shawn Johnson & Andrew East talk miscarriage, fears of labor & joys of becoming parents

Andrew East, a college athlete, turned NFL player turned successful entrepreneur and his wife, Shawn Johnson East an Olympic Gold medal gymnast and DWTS champ are our amazing guests on this week’s podcast! They got engaged on July 24, 2015 and were married a year later. In April 2019, they announced their pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage in 2017. Shawn is due any day now with their rainbow baby and we can’t wait! They talk miscarriage, fears of labor and their joys of becoming parents on this week’s episode.

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Nov 01, 2019
Ep. 43: 15 Whacky Gender Reveal Predictions and Married At First Sight’s Sonia Granados Opens Up About her life after the show.

On this week’s episode, we have one of the most requested MAFS guest on! Sonia shares about her break up with Nick and how months after their divorce, she found out that he was having twins! Sonia also shares about Nick’s near death experience, her work with the homeless and her current MAFS crush!

If you’d like to be a part of her work with the homeless, I’ll put her wishlist here  

Sonia’s Wishlist

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Oct 26, 2019
42:We got a *FUN* little surprise at our doctors visit and Doug has one BIG surprise he wants to reveal

This week, Jamie and Doug are keeping it short and sweet! They were scheduled to take this week off the podcast, but since they got unexpected news from their doctor they wanted to hop on the podcast real fast because they just *had* to share it with you!

In this episode, Jamie and Doug announce a SURPRISE about their pregnancy and things get *pretty* intimate when Doug shares his BIG surprise! I promise this week’s episode will have you chuckling and smiling from ear to ear!

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Oct 19, 2019
Ep 41. Sex While Pregnant? Why we haven't had sex in TWO MONTHS... and a fun game of "who knows who better"!

Sex while pregnant isn't all it's cracked up to be! Jamie and Doug spill all about why they haven't had sex in TWO months, I know it's crazy right?! Anyways, Jamie and Doug also play a little game of who knows who better and you'll never guess who won ;)

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Oct 11, 2019
Ep 40. Plans for Baby #2 *on Earth*| Everything you've been asking! Names? Boy or girl? Due date? We answer it all!

Everything you’ve been asking about baby number two is right here! Jamie and Doug chat about gender predictions, names they picked out, why they chose to announce early, how they think Henley will react and much more! 

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Oct 04, 2019
Ep 39: Back by popular demand! Answering *your* questions. | Brendan Synnott joins us to chat about the adoption process and growing multi-million dollar businesses while being a father

Jamie calls Doug out on pooping the bed and then Doug and Jamie answer your most common questions. Their guest this week is Brendan Synnott. He shares about how he turned a $3500.00 investment into a $80 million dollar brand and how he is a dad of 4 - 2 adopted. Doug shares his fears on adoption and Brendan de-mystifies the adoption process.

Offers for you from this episode:

  • 25% off your first order of personalized care/of vitamins. Just go to and use promo code JAMIEFreeO
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Sep 27, 2019
Ep 38: Seeing Jamie's father's side of the family for the second time to spread her Dad's ashes | Julie Solomon from the Influencer podcast stops by to share how she turned her side hustle into a full fledged career

Jamie and Doug went to Ithaca, New York to meet with her dad's side of the family for the second time. She was suppose to join them in spreading her dad's ashes at all his favorite places along cayuga lake, but she wasn't able to. Guest Julie Solomon - host of The Influencer Podcast - joins Jamie to share how to turn your passion into a business. She shares her story and advice on how to turn your side hustle into a successful career.

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Sep 20, 2019
Ep 37: 5 Tips For Trying To Conceive & EVERYTHING I Did Differently To Get Pregnant | Special Guest Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood Chat About Positive Affirmations: How To Speak Them and Why They're So Important

WE *FINALLY* HAVE A VIABLE PREGNANCY! I’ve gotten so many questions about what we did differently after 18 months of trying & I want to be able help others trying to conceive if we can...We are sharing about *all* the things I did differently to get to this positive pregnancy test.🤰🏼🙏🏻 The last 2 months I’ve drastically changed my lifestyle and it seems to be working!🤞🏼 And hey, if you’re #ttc and nothing else has worked for ya - it doesn’t hurt to try these!🤷🏼‍♀️

I am currently writing a blog with all of the links and info and I'll put that here when I finish it for ya! :-)

September 13th is the anniversary of my dad's death. I never got to know him on earth, but I believe I will meet him one day in Heaven. Until then, I will spend my life trying to make him proud. Doug and I chat about how we plan on spending his first year anniversary.

Lastly, we have special guests Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood on to chat about their affirmation cards and Love Powered Co. If you're new to speaking positive affirmations- or if you've been into it for years - you will love this interview!

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Sep 13, 2019

After 18 months of trying - with two losses - we are *finally* pregnant and my hormone levels come back shockingly elevated. Doug and I share how we found out we are pregnant, how we confirmed it, and the surprising news the nurse told me about my blood work. We just couldn't wait a whole week to share this info and it is way too much information for a caption on instagram, so we recorded this bonus episode for you! We hope you enjoy listening! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND PRAYERS!!!!

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Sep 07, 2019
Ep 36: IVF, Adoption, and a Funny Game Of This or That - That Ends With Death. This One's All Over The Map!

Doug and I begin today's podcast episode updating you on what we discussed last week: progesterone levels. Then we begin chatting about IVF options, whether adoption is in our future and our excitement to see the fertility doctor tomorrow. We wanted to keep this podcast light so we had our assistant, Rachel, come up with a fun game to play. She made a list of This or That scenarios that we had to choose from - and let's just say Noah's arc, death, and beautiful beaches are all brought up. This podcast is a roller coaster of emotions and we're excited for you to go on the ride with us! :-)

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Sep 07, 2019
Ep: 35 Trying To Conceive? There Could Be An Easy Fix...No Joke! Our Guest Amy Beckley Shocked Me With This Information!

We have been trying to conceive for 18 months. We've suffered two losses during this time. So many are in this boat with us so when I heard about this information we're sharing today, I was SHOOK.

Amy Beckley, our guest for today, has a PHD and suffered from 7 losses of her own. It was after this turmoil she experienced that she took her science background and created an at-home test where women can check their progesterone levels. No doctors order needed. No labs necessary. You simply pee in a cup and dip the stick. We have her on today to explain why checking your progesterone levels are *so* important while trying to conceive. She explains how easy it is to fix a low progesterone diagnosis and *finally* get pregnant and carry to term.

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Aug 30, 2019
Ep. 34 Married At First Sight's Kate Sisk is Back to Talk If She's Still Married, Dating, And How Recognize Signs of Emotional Abuse

This week’s episode we have a *very* special guest, Married At First Sight’s very own Kate Sisk. Andddd she’s ready to spill ALL her secrets!! Is she dating, is she divorced, what *really* went on behind the scenes of Married At First Sight?! Plus she dishes her feelings on this season’s couples and her ex-hubby is actually very similar to another hubby on this season…you’ll have to listen and see ;) 

Also a special thank you to this week’s sponsors! We all need someone to just talk to, someone who’s there to support us no matter what and that’s where Talkspace comes in! It’s an online therapy that makes taking care of your mental health more affordable and convenient! They’re offering my frans $65 off your first month with the code JAMIE. Are you on the hunt for vitamins that are personalized just for you?! Do you just never know what supplements you should be taking? Look no more, Care/Of has you covered! They’re offering my frans 25% off your first order with the code JAMIEO. Okay, one more thing before I go, I have to tell you about Postmates! Sushi at 9 am, a burrito at noon, wine at 3 (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere am I right?!), well whatever you’re looking for Postmates has you covered and it’s delivered right to you!! Plus they’re offering you $100 of free delivery for your first seven days, all ya have to do is use the code COOLPARENTS.

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Aug 23, 2019
Ep. 33 Five Tips To Become A Better You (Especially If You're Trying to Conceive)

Doug surprised me with 5 unique questions that he's never asked me before (it was the sweetest surprise ever) and we close the podcast with 5 tips just for YOU...and they're not what you may expect! Also a special thank you to this week's sponsor, Modsy! If you're looking for an interior designer, but don't want to break the bank... look no more! Modsy is a revolutionary online home design service that helps ALL your room dreams come true! And this month only they're offering our listeners 20% off at with the code HMCP so head on over and start designing!

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Aug 16, 2019
Ep 32: Life is Short. Live. Laugh. Love. Dedicated to Erica Hoffman

At the time we recorded this episode Erica was in a lot of pain on hospice, but she still had a smile on her face and a legacy she wanted to leave. I’ve actually never met her in person, but her whole aura has always been gravitational! 

On episode 30, she offered to come back on HMCP to answer any questions our frans may have had. Meanwhile, Erica was fighting stage 4 colon cancer. This is a perfect example of her giving spirit. 

I am so sad to have to say that Erica didn’t survive to record another podcast. She has left to be with Jesus where she is no longer in pain. BUT, her spirit lives on. In this podcast episode Doug and I chat about how her positivity really impacted us.

Her story hit close to home because she was my age and I couldn’t imagine leaving Doug or Gracie behind. Erica’s story has inspired me to trulybe thankful for every breath because you never know what life has in store. Step back, breathe and enjoy where you are in this VERY moment because you never know when it’s your last. 

I know Erica would never ask herself, but I put the link to her relief fund if you feel compelled to donate. I know the cost is extensive when it comes to treating cancer and it’s been quite a burden on the Hoffman’s.

Erica Hoffman’s Fund

I would also like to thank today’s amazing sponsors! If you’re looking for the perfect scrubs…look no more, FIGS is changing the scrub game and they have an amazing deal for our listeners. If ya head to and enter HMCP you’ll get 15% off your first purchase! 

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Aug 09, 2019
Ep 31: Jamie Finally Found Her Father & She Met His Side Of The Family For The Very First Time!

It's been a long time coming, but Jamie has finally located her father and his side of the family and they invited her, Doug, and Henley Grace to meet them! Jamie and Doug talk all about this exciting time in this podcast episode you do not want to miss!

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Married at First Sight

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube

Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

hotmarriagecoolparents on Instagram

Jamie Otis on Instagram

Doug Hehner on Instagram

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Jul 30, 2019
Ep 30: Erica Hoffman - Fighting Stage 4 Cancer But Leaving A Bright And Shining Legacy For The World To See!

If you had the opportunity to leave a legacy, what would yours be? We have the most special guest on this week’s podcast episode. Erica Hoffman is a stage 4 colon cancer fighter who is one of the very most positive and joyful people I know - and I’ve actually never even met her in person!! She’s a friend of a fran (I share the story in the episode) and I know that you ALL will be so touched by her story.

Even though Erica has very little energy, she wants to leave an amazing legacy and has offered to do a Q&A with you guys so send any question you have for her and we’ll do our best to get them answered! ❤️❤️

Modsy (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) Go to and use the promo code HMCP during checkout to get 20% off (this month only!)

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Jul 21, 2019
Ep 29: Breaking the Cycle - Jamie's Sister Leah Tells Us What It Was Like Having Jamie As A Sister & Mom

On today's episode we are super excited to have Jamie's sister Leah chat about all things childhood life with Jamie! She shares about what it was like to have Jamie as a sister and a mother figure at the same time and how counseling helped them get through the most difficult time in life. Leah credits Jamie's perseverance in taking them to counseling as a large benefit to helping them to be able to break the cycle they knew from growing up.

Scentbird (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) For 50% off your first month ($7.50 for your first order!) go to and use the promo code JAMIE during checkout!

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Married at First Sight

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube

Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

hotmarriagecoolparents on Instagram

Jamie Otis on Instagram

Doug Hehner on Instagram

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Jul 11, 2019
Ep 28: Holiday Special - HMCP Top Moments So Far!

Can you believe we are almost to 30 episodes now?!? Whoa! We have had so many great moments, sad and happy, and we are excited to share them with you in this special holiday episode. Wishing all of you a very happy 4th of July!

Cove (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) For a limited time, get your first month of medication FREE! Go to!

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Jul 04, 2019
Ep 27: Be Prepared! Crime Junkie Podcast's Ashley Flowers Chats With Us All About True Crime AND The Crazy Deaths Happening In The DR 😱

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to have Ashley Flowers from Crime Junkie Podcast chat with us! Doug and Jamie (especially Jamie!) are obsessed with true crime, and they had a great time chatting with Ashley about all things true crime, including all this craziness going on in the Dominican Republic! What's up with all these deaths?!? She also shares her tips on being prepared at all times! This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss!

Talkspace (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) To get your first week FREE, go to and enter the code JAMIE.

Cove (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) To get doctor consultation and your first month of treatment for $30 go to!

Crime Junkie Podcast

Crime Junkie Podcast Website

Crime Junkie Fan Club

Married at First Sight

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube

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Jun 27, 2019
Ep 26: Take A Challenge With Us To Kick Anxiety & Depression To The CURB!

Jamie is back this week and is ready to challenge you to GET HEALTHY! We can definitely all benefit from some exercise and positivity and we are excited to talk with you about how to practically make this happen! Join us on Facebook for the challenge - Jamie will be popping in often!

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Married at First Sight

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Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

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Jun 20, 2019
Ep 25: Real Talk: Doug's Thoughts on Fatherhood & Helping Others with Anxiety & Depression

Doug & Jamie have been traveling a LOT lately and Doug hops on the podcast while Jamie is resting to chat all things being a daddy and how he makes it through the struggle of depression. He also talks about his appreciation for Jamie and all that she does for their family. He talks about how one of the most crazy decisions he and Jamie made was to get married to strangers and what a blessing it has been to be married to the love of his life.

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Married at First Sight

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Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

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Jun 15, 2019
Ep 24: Doug & Jamie Take A Parenting Quiz & Seek Feedback From Henley! Doug's Parents Tell Embarrassing Childhood Memories!

Join us today for a super chill episode where Doug and Jamie talk parenting tips and even take a quiz! What do you think they will score? You might be surprised! We've had some heavy episodes lately and tonight Doug & Jamie are letting loose. Our amazing frans have been wanting to have Henley on the podcast, so she hangs out on the podcast for a bit too! And then to close it off, we have Doug's parents come on and tell some really crazy embarrassing stories about him. They are such a riot!

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10 Good Parenting Tips

Psych Central Parenting Style Quiz

Married at First Sight

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Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

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Jun 06, 2019
Ep 23: Real Talk: I've Had An Abortion and I'm Not Proud of It, But I'm No Longer Ashamed

I have a truth and it's time that I shared it with you. I'm not proud of the abortions that I have had, but with all the recent news I feel like it is important to shed light on this issue and give a face to abortion. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, Doug and I totally respect your opinions and positions. It's time for us to get real about these issues and talk peaceably with one another even if we don't agree 💗One thing is for sure, if abortions become banned, people need to start getting serious about adopting babies and children, because there will be so many unwanted children in this world.

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May 31, 2019
Ep 22: Real Talk: Mental Health Can Be A Real Witch. Big Brother stars Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo Join Us.

Anybody suffer from a mental illness and get shade for it? Yeah, me too girl. There is such a stigma around mental health...we just have to chat about it 💭on this week's episode we have a special guest - and ya may know her and her fiancé from Big Brother or Amazing Race! Nicole Franzel and her fiance Victor Arroyo chat with us about mental health. 💗Nicole opens up to us about her panic attacks that *literally* leave her on the floor...her docs chalk it up to anxiety, but she thinks there's something else going on 🧐This podcast episode is one ya won't want to miss 🎙

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Married at First Sight

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May 25, 2019
Ep 21: Finding Jamie's Father (I Think I Found Him!) & Building Broken Relationships

We can't believe just how much has happened in the search for Jamie's father and we are excited to share the most recent excitement! Long story short 🤪Jamie thinks she has found him!

[03:21] - We did it!!! We made it to 25K followers on Instagram! Check out our giveaway on Instagram! The contest ends on Sunday!

[04:18] - Jamie says that she has been really patient and guarded about sharing her news about her search for her father but there have been some exciting updates she is ready to share!

[05:35] - Jamie tells listeners that she has had 4 paternity tests and has been looking to find her father ever since she was a little girl.

[06:50] - Jamie talks about her mom taking her to a man's trailer who she thinks might be her dad when she was very young, and Jamie talks about envisioning him being her dad.

[10:47] - Jamie talks about the sadness she felt when her sister Amy-Lynn found out who her father is and how odd it was that his last name is Otis! Her mom had him tested for Johanna and Jamie as well, but only Amy-Lynn came back a match for him.

[11:44] Jamie shares that her father is a missing piece of her heart.

[12:45] - Jamie says that she has braced herself for finding out who her father is. She has always hoped maybe he was a scholar since they lived near Cornell. Jamie's mother was 21 when she had Jamie.

[13:52] - Jamie's passion to find her father grew once they had Henley Grace. She bought DNA kits right after Gracie was born.

[14:31] - Jamie shares what came back on both Ancestry DNA and 23&me.

[16:18] - Jamie shares some shocking news about a relative she matched with!

[17:52] - Doug talks about how brave Jamie has been for being let down.

[18:21] - Jamie talks about how as a nurse, she really wants to find out her family health history on her dad's side.

[22:23] - Jamie's new relative she has connected with thinks she might know who her father is!

[29:43] - Jamie asks her mother if she recognizes his picture from Facebook.

[31:18] - Jamie shares that her mother went through a life of being sexually abused by Jamie's step-grandfather.

[40:37] - Next week on the podcast...we bring on Jamie's friend who will chat with us about anxiety and mental health, as well as being on Amazing Race and Big Brother! Don't miss it!

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Married at First Sight

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May 16, 2019
Ep 20: Married at First Sight Stars Kate & Jasmine Are Here to Tell All & Share Kate's Big Secret! 🤯

Oh my gosh you guys! We finally have Kate and Jasmine in the house to tell ALL about their time on Married at First Sight and what's been going on since then! Kate even reveals a REALLY huge secret! Their season on MAFS was definitely one to be remembered, and you can find out everything you missed from behind the scenes in this podcast episode!

[00:24] - We are almost at 25K followers on our Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Instagram. Don't miss our big giveaway when we get to 25K!

[01:59] - Jamie thanks frans who have tagged her in posts and talks about how she loves chatting with frans!

[02:56] - Doug and Jamie talk about Bachelor Nation and the new tournament that is happening now!

[07:30] - A doctor dropped a baby and wouldn't apologize! Doug and Jamie chat about their thoughts on this.

[12:45] - Congrats to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on their baby boy as well as Congrats to Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer on their baby boy too!

[15:45] - Jamie talks to listeners about a pretty crappy situation she's having - with a hemmorhoid! 🥴

[19:07] - Doug and Jamie welcome Kate and Jasmine to the show!

[21:45] - Jamie asks Kate and Jasmine: How did you hear about MAFS and what made you sign up for it?

[28:45] - Everyone gets asked the question of what's going on with Luke. Jamie, Doug, Kate, and Jasmine talk about what they think.

[29:56] - Something happened that has never happened on MAFS before! Luke recognized Kate! - what happened?

[30:57] - Kate filled out every paper for the show & her perfect match really was Luke! He was everything she wanted - or at least she thought!

[32:13] - Facebook at one point said that Luke is bisexual. Kate answers what she found out about that.

[33:23] - Jamie asks Jasmine if Will was her type?

[42:07] - Jasmine talks about the time she had a fruit loop pot bar and was high as a kite!

[46:03] - Doug asks Kate if there was ever a breakdown with Luke while drinking where they were able to honestly talk.

[47:45] - Jamie is dying to know if Luke really did say I feel dead inside after they had sex. Kate explains that she never thought it was actually directed toward her.

[49:21] - Doug, Jamie, Kate, and Jasmine discuss whether they think Luke could be gay and the difficulty that he must feel. Jasmine talks about how hard it is for people to come out as gay.

[52:45] - Jamie asks Kate: Why would you sleep with Luke if he says such mean things to you?

[54:40] - Kate now has a platform where she can speak out about not being treated correctly after her experience on Married at First Sight.

[55:31] - Jamie shares that she learned very much about herself while on Married at First Sight. Jamie asks Kate and Jasmine what kind of things they learned from the show now that they are outside of it.

[01:05:00] - Last question for Kate and Jasmine: What's next for you?

[01:07:51] - Kate reveals her BIG secret!

[01:10:45] - One final question: Knowing what you know now, and exactly what you went through, would you do it over again? And If Married at First Sight came back to Philly, would you do it again?

[01:16:40] - If you guys want to hear more from Married at First Sight people, let us know!

[01:17:03] - Jamie is super excited to share about her search for her father next week on the podcast! Stay tuned!

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May 09, 2019
Married at First Sight Stars Kate & Jasmine Are Here to Tell All & Share Kate's Big Secret! 🤯
May 09, 2019
Ep 19: Never Have I Ever with Amazing Race's Mallory Ervin and Hubby Kyle Dimeola 🌍
May 02, 2019
Ep 19: Never Have I Ever with Amazing Race's Mallory Ervin and Hubby Kyle Dimeola 🌍

We are so excited for you guys to listen to this podcast! We had so much fun playing Never Have I Ever with Mallory and Kyle!

[02:30] - Doug talks about current news issue about 1 year old little girl who got severe human bites at a daycare in Arizona.

[04:50] - Doug and Jamie chat about Jay Cutler unclogging Kristin Cavallari's milk ducts.

[06:00] - Jamie says she has considered trying placenta, but then Doug says that since they didn't do it for Henley, they don't want her to be jealous someday. 😆

[07:10] - Jamie talks about a time that she was on the plane and didn't have a manual pump so she had to try to squeeze milk out into the sink in the bathroom.

[09:15] - Doug talks about a challenge that Channing Tatum lost and he ended up having to post an almost nude selfie! 😏

[12:10] - Doug suggests that you send in suggestions of challenges for him and Jamie to do! 

[17:38] - Welcome Mallory Ervin and Kyle Dimeola to the show! 🎙

[18:18] - Mallory says she was just born on the stage!

[19:16] - Jamie and Mallory find out that they were in pageants at around the same time!

[21:45] - Mallory gives the story of how she and Kyle met.

[22:44] - Kyle gives his story of how they met - where would they be without Tennessee allergies? 😜

[25:36] - Doug shares that this year has been the best and that he and Jamie haven't ever been closer. 💞

[27:00] - Mallory talks about her time with her dad on Amazing Race.

[34:23] - Kyle talks about a time when Mallory's breast sprayed milk all over the plane.

[36:44] - Never have I ever tried breast milk. 🥛

[41:19] - Never have I ever farted and blamed it on a pet. 🤥

[42:37] - Never have I ever been in handcuffs. 😳

[48:14] - Never have I ever practiced kissing in the mirror. 💋

[49:55] - Never have I ever eaten a bug. 🦗

[50:31] - Never have I ever gone in public without a bra. 👙

[51:24] - Never have I ever been in love with a family member. 😱

[53:05] - Mallory and Kyle tell listeners how they can find them on social media and YouTube.

[56:42] - Next week on the podcast we are super excited to have Kate and Jasmine from Married at First Sight! 👯‍♀️

[57:53] - We are almost at 25K followers on our Instagram page! We watching for a big giveaway!

Married at First Sight

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Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

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Himalaya podcast app

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May 02, 2019
Ep 18: Jade & Tanner from Bachelor in Paradise Share about Their Miscarriage & Give Advice to Others Suffering 💜

We are so thankful to have Jade and Tanner from Bachelor in Paradise on the show today. They have just recently shared on their YouTube channel about the miscarriage they had while they were on Bachelor in Paradise. They are so raw and real, and SO genuine. You guys are going to love them and we truly hope that they are able to encourage all of the mommy's and daddy's out there who are struggling and feeling so very alone. PLEASE reach out to us if you are feeling one should have to suffer in silence 😢

This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss!

[00:30] - Jamie welcomes everyone to the show! Henley is teething, so she woke up and Doug is putting Henley back to bed, so Jamie chats with listeners. With it being infertility awareness week, we will later chat with Jade and Tanner about the miscarriage they suffered a few years ago, and suffered alone until very recently.

[01:30] - If you have suffered from a miscarriage, our hearts go out to you and we hope this episode is an encouragement.

[02:15] - Jamie shares appreciation for people sending messages and answers a fran's question regarding a current hot topic in the news: Senator Maureen Walsh made the statement, "[Nurses] probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day."  

[03:20] - Jamie shares excerpts from a blog post she came across talking about the different type of "cards" that nurses play and how the author, Kristina Smith, is thankful that they are card sharks! She is also the author of What I Wasn't Expecting When I Was Expecting, A Grieving Widow's Memoir.

[05:44] - Jamie shares that nurses are the hardest working people she has ever met.

[06:55] - Jamie reads a few different reviews that listeners have given and gives a quick explanation of why ads are needed to keep the podcast up!

[10:10] - Jamie encourages listeners to stop and leave a review or screenshot while they are listening to the episode - we want to hear from you! 

[11:23] - Welcome Jade and Tanner to the show! Jade shares a little background of how she and Tanner met, and they share that they were married 7 months after they met! 

[13:35] - Jade and Tanner share about their miscarriage while filming Bachelor in Paradise and how they suffered alone for so long. Jade and Tanner give advice to listeners about what to do when you are struggling with the grief of miscarriage.

[26:25] - Tanner talks about his season on The Bachelorette.

[27:02] - Tanner tells Jamie that he remembers about hearing that Jamie had the most awkward moment on The Bachelor.

[27:30] - Jade talks about her season on the Bachelor.

[29:00] - Jamie shares that she thinks Jade and Tanner laid the groundwork for how Bachelor in Paradise should be because they are the first successful couple on Bachelor in Paradise.

[30:00] - Jade and Tanner talk about the differences between The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.

[32:26] - Jade tells listeners that they had their first kiss the first night of Bachelor in Paradise.

[35:19] - Jade talks about moving to Kansas City to be with Tanner.

[35:48] - Jamie and Doug talk to Jade and Tanner about their new little baby boy who is due in August and they throw around some fun names!

[41:13] - Jamie asks Jade & Tanner a fran's question, "Why did you move to LA?"

[44:10] - Jamie asks Jade if when she was on the Bachelor, if she ever felt like Chris could be the one?

[46:00] - A fran asks the question to Jade and Tanner, "Would you let your daughter go on the Bachelor?"

[47:55] - Doug and Jamie thank Jade and Tanner for all of their sweet advice for those suffering from a loss.

[49:39] - Jamie talks about the need for having an episode sharing the guy's perspective of a loss.

[52:35] - Doug says thank you to all of the listeners who follow him and Jamie on social media. Doug...

Apr 25, 2019
Ep 17: Our Big Secret’s Revealed! And Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner Talk In-Law Problems

So you guys asked for it, and it's finally happening! Today we have ..... drumroll! ... Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner (Doug's parents)! They are a riot and we just know you are going to love hearing from them! But before we have them on, we are SO excited to FINALLY be able to reveal a very exciting secret of something that happened in Curacao! 

[01:00] - Jamie expresses appreciation to all the frans who are taking screenshots and adding sweet reviews - we have the best fans ever!

[03:45] - Doug & Jamie ask you to stop and take a moment to leave a review and screenshot so that we can get to know you and know what you like and dislike about the podcast because we are here for you!

[04:34] - Check out Himalaya and get Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Episodes a day early!

[05:00] - Jamie and Doug talk about their getaway anniversary trip to Curacao. 

[06:40] - Doug & Jamie chat about the incredible place where they stayed in Curacao, the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The icing on the top? It's a private beach! 💃🏻

[07:45] - Doug & Jamie reveal their BIG secret! 

[09:15] - Jamie & Doug reveal that they should find out soon if she is pregnant!

[13:24] - Doug & Jamie give intro for their special guests on the podcast, Gaga & Pop-Pop Hehner!

[13:55] - Jamie says she loves her in-laws more than life itself and that they would do anything for them.

[14:09] - Jamie gives update on the search for her father.

[14:54] - Doug & Jamie talk about their YouTube page for Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. Jamie also talks about her book and how it was released at a very difficult time in her life, just one month after losing their baby, Johnathan.

[18:25] - It took 16 episodes to get Doug's parents on the podcast!

[18:37] - Doug, Jamie, Doug Sr. & Bonnie chat about Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman's recent college scandals.

[22:17] - Jamie asks if they think the ladies will end up in jail for their crimes.

[22:56] - One of our frans asks, "What's the best part about being grandparents?"

[23:22] - Bonnie says each of her kids are equal, but there is something a little bit special about each one. 

[25:47] - Another fran asks, "What did you really think when Doug told you he was marrying a stranger?"

[26:56] - Jamie is still called Olga, this is a mail order bride, in Big Doug's phone and he is still Yogi Doug Hehner in Jamie's phone.

[27:26] - Big Doug says, "When you have a kid, that's when you know what actual love really is and that doesn't go away." They talk about having that same kind of love for grandkids and missing them when they aren't around.

[28:06] - Doug shares his heart about worrying about Henley's safety.

[31:31] - Jamie asks a few common questions that frans requested: "How did they meet and what is their love story?" and "How did they feel when you got married and started a family?"

[32:58] - Doug actually went to the bar to see Bonnie's friend Sue, but then he saw Bonnie and asked, "Where'd all your fat go?" 😳 Big Doug says, "She stayed with me - she must've loved me because I was honest." 😆

[36:20] - Bonnie talks about how she and Doug left the bar together and she had had a little too much to drink and they were making out in the middle of the street.

[36:42] - 6 weeks later they were engaged, and 11 months later they were married. So Jamie says they can't judge them too hard for marrying complete strangers 😂

[39:30] - Doug talks about divorce and how it is a sad thing, but can at times be a positive thing because what's the point of staying in a marriage that is horrible. Big Doug talks about the struggles he had growing up with his parents divorce.

[42:40] - Last questions from frans, "Did you ever think of giving up on Jamie the 1st year?" and "How did they feel about Married at First Sight and meeting Jamie...

Apr 18, 2019
Ep 16: Creating a Lasting Relationship with The Knot's Steve Dziedzic
Apr 11, 2019
Ep 16: Creating a Lasting Relationship with The Knot's Steve Dziedzic

Oh my gosh, Married at First Sight Reunion was a wild one! We are so glad that Kate finally got to speak out about Luke and stood her ground! She is such a strong girl and she is going to find the perfect husband someday who will treat her like a princess! We can't believe that they are already casting for more couples in Washington D.C.! If you wanna find your scientifically perfect match, apply now!

We are late in posting this because we have been a little busy the past few days 💃🏻 while we are in Curacao celebrating F I V E years together!

We are super excited to chat on today's episode with Steve Dziedzic, who created the app, Lasting. We talk all about the struggles that couples go through and how it is so important to focus on each other's emotional needs. This app, Lasting, makes it super easy!

In This Episode:

[00:45] - SPOILER ALERT - We chat about the MAFS reunion, and if you aren't caught up, you might wanna skip to [14:49] - You've been warned! 🙂

[16:32] - We left our mics in the luggage at the airport on accident. So, we have crappy audio and Steve sounds awesome. But thankfully we got the mics back now!

[17:12] - Introducing Steve Dziedziak, the CEO of Lasting App.

[20:51] - Steve gives us a background of what made him want to create the app, Lasting, and how the Knot has helped to fulfill his dream.

[23:00] - Lasting App likes to flip self-care on its head, because developing your sense of self stems out of the relationship with another person.

[24:26] - There is no better time for an app like this because people are meeting online and getting matched up and everything seems to be electronic.

[24:53] - Doug and Jamie are both proponents of counseling because their marriage was founded on the counseling part.

[25:19] - The majority of people who want to go to therapy don't end up going. On average a person goes to therapy S I X years after seeing a problem, and by then it is often too late for reconciliation.

[30:32] - We ask Steve a question from a fran - "How to Speak to Your Spouse About Mental Health - He just doesn't get it."

[32:38] - Write down what you are wanting to say and practice it before you say it because the power to sway everything from the beginning is enormous.

[33:12] - The process of revealing what is in your head space is far more important than the actual outcome of any given situation because that leads to trust.

[33:30]- Steve answers another question from a fran - "How do you keep the love alive after kids?"

[34:05] - One of the most common mistakes with new parents is that they don't edit their lifestyle with each other post baby.

[36:00] - Thank you, Jamie, for all that you do for our family.

[37:14] - Technology can actually be healthy.

[37:56] - One of the most popular features in the lasting app is being able to tell Lasting to remind you to express appreciation at a certain time of day.

[39:10] - The entire app is based on attachment theory. You're both emotionally dependent on one another. Lasting learns both of your sets of needs.

[40:30] - In order to grow you have to find yourself and get yourself healthy.

[43:56] - Steve explains some practical applications for environment design, such as putting your phone charger in another room besides your bedroom so that you can take distractions away from spending time with your partner.

[46:31] - Steve answers question from fran - "How do you do date nights when you have two babies and literally no family to watch them?"

[48:24] - Steve answers another question - "How do you create boundaries with the in-laws (surprise visits)?"

[52:43] - Next week's special guests...drum roll...Big Doug & Bonnie Hehner answer lots of questions from frans!

[53:08] - We LOVE getting to know you guys - please tag us while you listen because we would love to give a shoutout!

Apr 11, 2019
Ep 15: A Love Letter Life with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since we’ve been together! Don’t mind us while we take a moment at the beginning of our episode today to appreciate each other, and talk about how we spent our five-year anniversary. We’re both so thankful that our crazy adventure on Married at First Sight turned into finding each other and creating our beautiful family!

And now, onto today’s guests! You may be familiar with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from the long-running show Little People, Big World. They (like us!) were married in 2014, and our daughters were born only about a month apart. Their love for each other is absolutely infectious, and we’re thrilled to have them on the show today!

Neither Jeremy nor Audrey had ever been on a blind date before letting their friends set them up. Sparks didn’t exactly fly immediately, but they took the time to get to know each other. Jeremy pursued Audrey for two years after that, he explains, and they chat about how often they saw each other during these years of friendship before they started dating.

Are you as intrigued as we are by Jeremy’s patience? In our conversation today, Audrey and Jeremy will explore what he did during this time that helped encourage her to lower her walls and let him get closer, as well as the mindset that let Jeremy be patient and persistent. He’ll explain his unusual view on the “friend zone,” and how this new perspective can help lead to a relationship.

Tune into this episode to hear their advice on keeping the fire and passion alive in a long-term relationship and marriage, the power of scheduling sex, their tips for couples before they say “I do,” what you can expect to find in their new book A Love Letter Life, and more!

In This Episode:

[01:32] - Welcome back to the show! Doug and Jamie take a moment to share their appreciation for each other for their five-year anniversary.

[05:54] - Jamie explains what she and Doug will be doing to celebrate their anniversary. Doug then passionately explains the issues with shows featuring orcas, dolphins, and other animals.

[09:57] - We hear a couple shout-outs to amazing listeners who left reviews.

[12:32] - Today’s guests are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

[14:11] - Jeremy talks about how he and Audrey met, which was actually on a blind date.

[15:45] - What was it that was holding Audrey back and keeping her guarded while Jeremy was pursuing her?

[16:40] - How often did Jeremy and Aubrey actually see each other during the two years that they were friends before they started dating?

[22:58] - Audrey talks about what it was that Jeremy was doing that helped her lower her walls, and Jeremy explains what allowed him to be so patient and persistent?

[25:24] - We hear Jeremy and Audrey’s tips on keeping the fire and passion alive in a relationship, especially when it’s long-distance.

[28:49] - What are some of Audrey and Jeremy’s tips for couples before they say “I do”?

[31:10] - Audrey talks about some of the things that you can find in their forthcoming book, A Love Letter Life.

[33:22] - How is the Roloff farm doing?

[35:03] - We hear about whether Jeremy and Audrey are relieved to step away, or whether they’re feeling left out.

[37:02] - What one thing do Audrey and Jeremy want listeners to take away from their message, both here and in their book?

[39:53] - Jamie makes a simple request: screenshot the podcast, post a selfie, and tag @jamieotis and #hotmarriagecoolparents!

Links and Resources:

Apr 02, 2019
Ep 14: Questions for Jamie

Hey, frans! Jamie here. Doug couldn’t join me today (except for a quick intro), so you get to hear from just me in this episode! I might have been just a little jealous that Doug got to do his very own Q&A episodes, so it’s my turn today. Since Doug wasn’t able to be here anyway, it was perfect timing for this episode. I put out an invitation for questions on Instagram, and got plenty of responses that I’m excited to address today, so let’s dive right in!

First up, I’ll talk about whether I’m cleared to start trying for another baby yet. (Not quite, but we’re getting closer.) I’ll also chat about sleep training and whether we ever co-slept with Gracie. We didn’t co-sleep with her, as I’ll explain in more depth, and getting her to sleep was a lot of work. She had to be rocked until she fell asleep, and then even longer to make sure she was in a deep sleep before we could put her down.

Our next question is about my last name, and whether I legally changed it to match Doug’s or kept my maiden name. (Curious about the answer? You’ll have to tune into the episode!) I’ll chat about how many words Gracie can say, whether we enjoy or feel disrupted when fans recognize us in public and say hi, how to stay positive when you see other people around you getting pregnant and much more.

In today’s Q&A episode,  I’ll go from the fun and lighthearted to the deeply personal, and answer as many of your questions as I can! You know how devoted I am to being honest and transparent with you, and this episode is a great opportunity for that.

In This Episode:

[00:58] - Doug welcomes listeners to the show, and explains that this is another Q&A episode, featuring Jamie this time.

[02:32] - Today’s shoutout goes to an iTunes listener who left a review.

[05:29] - The first question of the day is about whether Jamie is cleared to start trying for another baby!

[06:42] - How old was Gracie when Doug and Jamie started sleep training, and did they co-sleep with her?

[11:32] - Jamie talks about whether she legally changed her last name.

[12:26] - How many words is Gracie saying now that she’s 18 months old?

[13:22] - Jamie shares her feelings on being approached for pictures in public, and shares their mailing address.

[16:27] - Did Jamie have postpartum depression or anxiety?

[18:47] - Jamie addresses a question about whether she has found her dad yet.

[21:26] - What is Jamie’s favorite part of LA?

[22:31] - What has been the best, and what has been the hardest, in Jamie and Doug’s marriage so far?

[24:55] - How did Doug’s family react after reading Jamie’s book, Wifey 101?

[23:56] - If it hadn’t worked out with Doug, would Jamie have gone on another reality show to find love?

[26:39] - Jamie shares some advice on how to stay positive as you see everyone around you getting pregnant.

[33:10] - What was it like being a nurse? In her answer, Jamie clarifies that she still is a nurse, and will continue to be.

[34:25] - Has becoming parents made Jamie and Doug stronger as a couple, or has it made things harder?

[35:37] - What scares Jamie the most about being a mom?

[36:56] - Jamie talks about whether she would let her daughter get married at first sight in the future.

[38:13] - Any blood work back in terms of baby-making?

[39:03] - We hear more about the benefits of sleep training in response to a fan’s question.

[40:03] - Does Jamie like the west coast better than the east coast?

[40:47] - Will Jamie and Doug continue trying to conceive, or will they go for adoption instead?

[41:54] - Jamie talks about whether her first impression of Doug still impacts their relationship today.

[42:32] - How many kids do Doug and Jamie want?

[42:53] - That’s it! Are you dying to know the...

Mar 26, 2019
Ep 13: Going Behind the Scenes of Reality TV with Kate Casey

Before we dive in today, we just want to take a moment to say thank you! We really appreciate that you’re here and listening to our show, and how loyal and supportive you are.

In today’s show, we’ll start off by chatting about Married at First Sight! The current season is coming to a close, and soon the couples will need to decide whether they want to stay married. So if you’re not up-to-date on the show, go watch it and then come back so you don’t accidentally hear spoilers!

Can you believe that Kate and Luke have been having sex since the honeymoon?! The way he talks about her has never been okay, but knowing that they’ve been intimate this whole time is wild. We’ll also talk about AJ and Stephanie’s interactions in the newest episode, and Stephanie’s (wise!) decision to go to bed mid-drama. Everyone is talking about Kate and Luke, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on AJ and Stephanie in particular!

Our guest today is Kate Casey, who you may recognize from her podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey! She interviews top producers and directors, and somehow manages to get the inside scoop on everything. Today, she goes beyond her professional life, and explains both her complicated relationship with her father and what it’s like to be a parent of five children.

Kate believes that lots of people (including some from this season of MAFS…) go on reality shows not because they believe in the premise of the show, but because they want a boost to their business or social media. Tune into the episode to hear more about her theory, as well as which shows she recommends watching!

In This Episode:

[00:58] - Welcome to the show, and thank you so much for being here! Before we start, here’s a shoutout to a listener who left a review on iTunes.

[02:32] - Let’s talk about Married at First Sight! We’re approaching the end of the season, when the people on the show will decide whether they want to get married.

[05:06] - Jamie and Doug move onto talking about AJ and Stephanie, and whether any of the couples are a genuinely good match.

[07:23] - Doug and Jamie introduce today’s guest, Kate Casey.

[09:08] - Kate talks about her life growing up, and explains the complicated non-relationship that she had with her father (and how they get along today).

[14:00] - We learn that Kate’s father isn’t interested in doing a DNA test.

[14:48] - Is it manageable to have five kids?

[20:48] - Kate has been watching this season of Married at First Sight, and shares her reaction to Luke as well as her thoughts on why people tend to go on later seasons of reality shows.

[25:18] - Kate talks about how many cast members pitch themselves for a spinoff, and shares her experience in meeting the cast of 90 Day Fiance.

[31:06] - Jamie rewinds a bit and explains what they’re talking about for anyone who isn’t up to date on this season of MAFS.

[34:05] - Would Kate sleep with someone if they told her that they felt dead and repulsed after making out with her?

[35:58] - Kate shares her thoughts on this season of the Bachelor, and whether Colton is in love with any of the girls.

[39:16] - Doug explains that lots of the guys auditioning for MAFS in the first season were actors.

[41:43] - Jamie believes that the experts on MAFS are pure, she explains.

[46:43] - The American MAFS is more genuine than the Australian version, Jamie explains, and Kate talks more about the Australian version.

[50:28] - Kate offers some suggestions for reality shows that Jamie might like to binge.

[52:01] - What are Kate’s top three favorite reality shows, and what are some she dislikes?

[59:47] - We hear Kate’s recommendation for what to watch after finishing Leaving Neverland.

[61:41] - Where can...

Mar 19, 2019
Ep 12: Questions for Doug Part 2

A couple weeks ago, we did an episode where Doug answered a lot of questions from listeners. We really enjoyed it, and from the feedback we’ve gotten, it sounds like you did too! He got so many questions, though, that we weren’t able to cover them all in just one episode. Since you liked that one so much, we’re back with part two to finish answering all the questions we didn’t get to last time!

Jamie needs to head out, so most of this episode will just be Doug answering your questions! If you’ve ever wanted to hear more about him and have him be the star of the show for an episode, this is the one for you, so don’t miss it. He’ll answer questions ranging from the deeply personal to the fun and whimsical, and you’ll get a great insight into who he is.

Doug will start things off by talking about his expectations of being a parent, and how the reality was different from what he expected. As he’ll point out, one of the hardest things is not knowing what you’re doing right. He’ll then talk about how much of Married at First Sight is real as opposed to staged or edited for dramatic effect. At least in the first season, it was all real! (And no, Doug doesn’t get to see new MAFS episodes before they air.)

Other great questions that Doug will answer include whether he feels like being on TV has changed him (and whether any changes were for the better), whether he got much extra attention from women (and ex-girlfriends in particular) after the show aired, what Doug’s best piece of marriage advice is, and even how Doug lost his virginity. Don’t miss this unique episode that lets you learn more about Doug, his perspective, and his experiences as a husband, dad, and MAFS success story.

In This Episode:

[00:07] - Doug announces that he and Jamie want to give listener shoutouts, and explains how to potentially get a shoutout in a future episode!

[01:37] - Jamie chats about how much Doug enjoys this kind of episode, and mentions that she’ll be absent for most of today’s show.

[03:33] - The first question for Doug is about what has surprised him the most about parenthood, and what was easier (and harder) than he expected.

[06:41] - Doug shares the next question, which is about whether Doug and Jamie will do more (and longer) vlogs on YouTube.

[07:52] - How much of Married at First Sight is real? And will Doug and Jamie be visiting Toronto any time soon?

[10:40] - Before MAFS, had Doug ever been close to proposing to someone?

[12:21] - Doug answers a question about whether he gets to see new MAFS episodes before everyone else. He then talks about how he handled the recent miscarriage.

[15:13] - What does the tattoo across Doug’s chest mean? Did Doug end up getting stitches in his hand, after his recent incident with a knife?

[17:00] - Now that Doug is in the public eye, are women coming onto him more? Have any of his ex-girlfriends reached out to him?

[21:05] - Does Doug think that being on TV has changed him as an individual? If so, was it for the better?

[23:25] - What is Doug’s favorite movie and TV show? What is he listening to? Do Doug and Jamie get free or discounted merchandise in exchange for promotions? And would Doug and Jamie get matching tattoos?

[26:55] - How do Doug and Jamie deal with having a difference of opinion when it comes to raising Henley?

[28:52] - Doug answers a question about how he and Jamie get through their losses.

[32:36] - Which bands, music, and singers does Doug like?

[34:31] - Doug explains why he and Jamie are in California at the moment, and whether it’s a permanent move.

[37:00] - What’s Doug’s top piece of marriage advice, coming from the perspective of a guy?

[39:58] - Doug answers a multiple-part question about his dream job, whether he’s a Trump supporter, whether he goes to church, and whether he’s a good dancer.

[42:13] - What one thing should women understand about how men feel...

Mar 13, 2019
Ep 11: Motherhood in Hollywood

We’re super excited to have Heather Brooker on the show today. This mom, comedian, podcaster, and actress has been on shows including The Office and Grey’s Anatomy, and Jamie really looks up to her. If you’re not familiar with her from her acting roles, you might recognize her from her podcast Motherhood in Hollywood.


As you’ll hear in this conversation, Jamie is really excited to hear about Heather’s life and career. Heather has been a TV reporter and international correspondent, as well as a host on the red carpet at the Oscars, so you can imagine why Jamie is thrilled for this conversation! You’ll love it, too, because it’s a powerful look into accomplishing big dreams, even when it takes a while.


One thing that Heather has struggled with is finding a place in Hollywood as a heavier actress. We’ll go into some depth today about the issues with typecasting and the tendency to portray heavy people as being funny when they’re the butt of fat jokes instead of being comedic in their own right.


As you might have guessed from that, being heavy in Hollywood requires a lot of confidence. And, luckily, that’s something that Heather has! It’s great to hear her take on how she builds and maintains this confidence, even when it seems like the people around her are set on destroying it. In fact, she’s so confident that she’s able to joke and laugh about events that would hurt other people deeply. Just wait ‘til you hear her story about trying to get Hugh Grant’s attention!


Tune in to hear a refreshing, down-to-earth, and downright funny perspective on what it’s like to be a mother in Hollywood, a heavier woman on the red carpet, and a wife who’s been married for more than half of her life. She’s an amazing person, and this conversation was such a treat!


Today’s Guest:

Heather Brooker

Heather Brooker in Twitter

Heather Brooker on Instagram

Heather Brooker on LinkedIn

Motherhood in Hollywood

Motherhood in Hollywood on Facebook


In This Episode:

[01:20] - Welcome to the show, and thank you to everyone who asked Doug a question last week!

[06:38] - Doug introduces today’s guest, Heather Brooker. Heather’s daughter also chimes in to say hi!

[09:17] - Heather talks about how she came up with the name Motherhood in Hollywood.

[11:15] - What was it like to be a host on the red carpet at the Oscars?

[11:17] - Jamie responds to Heather, sharing a point about reaching for big dreams.

[14:52] - We hear a bit of a blog post that Heather wrote that really resonated with Jamie, and that a lot of listeners will probably relate to as well.

[19:15] - Doug responds to what Heather has been saying about her audition for the part of “Fat Pam.”

[21:04] - Heather points out that fat jokes are an easy target, and digs into why it might be more acceptable to make fat jokes than racial jokes, for example.

[23:21] - Is Heather’s daughter always in the back of her mind when she’s choosing new roles?

[25:43] - Heather shares a story about being on Facebook Live at the red carpet, as well as other tales from the red carpet.

[30:25] - We hear Heather’s thoughts on having publicists who are very standoffish and even rude to...

Mar 06, 2019
Ep 10: Questions for Doug Part 1

Today’s show is going to be a little different! Instead of having guests, Doug will take today’s episode to answer listeners’ questions. He invited these questions on social media before the show, and hasn’t even read them yet because he wants his answers to be completely real and unrehearsed. Ready for this?!

Before we get into Doug’s Q&A session, we’ll talk together to answer one of the most common questions we get from listeners: why we’re in Los Angeles right now! Jamie loves California and feels at home here, so she put it out to the universe that she wanted to spend significant time here before our daughter is in school. Tune into the episode to learn how we made this work!

Our first question is about the most difficult chapter in our marriage after the show ended. This was when we had to move into Doug’s parents’ house after Jamie got pregnant. If Jamie hadn’t been pregnant, we actually might not have made it through this period. Our next question goes the other direction: what’s a positive thing about marriage that Doug didn’t expect? His answer is all about communication.

Other topics we’ll address in the answers to these questions include how Doug felt about Jamie at their wedding and immediately afterward, whether Doug struggles with Jamie’s initial lack of attraction to him, how he became such a secure person, whether we still watch Married at First Sight, how he would rate our marriage, whether Doug officiates weddings,

This is your chance to learn all about Doug, so don’t miss it! And if you want to submit a question to a potential future Q&A episode, stay tuned on our Instagram accounts. We’ll let you know when we’re accepting questions for the next Q&A session with one (or maybe both) of us. We love to get your questions, and we’d really like to get your feedback on whether you want more episodes like this!

Today’s Guest:

Maya Vorderstrasse on Instagram

@MayaVstrasse on Twitter

Maya Vorderstrasse on Facebook

Once Upon a Letter Board

In This Episode:

[01:20] - Doug welcomes listeners, and explains what today’s episode will be all about.

[07:35] - Jamie was unaware of the “ask Doug anything” event on social media. She then shares the story of Doug accidentally stabbing himself in the hand.

[11:44] - Listeners learn why Jamie and Doug are in LA right now, and how much Jamie loves spending time in California.

[16:33] - Doug starts his Q&A segment! The first question is about what was the most difficult chapter in our marriage after the show ended.

[20:33] - What is one positive thing about marriage that Doug didn’t expect?

[21:36] - Are Doug and Jamie considering moving to LA?

[22:40] - How did Doug feel about Jamie during the wedding, immediately afterward, and the next day?

[26:25] - How did Doug move past the fact that Jamie wasn’t attracted to him at first? Is he insecure about this now?

[28:08] - Jamie shares a story about her awkwardness.

[30:02] - How did Doug become such a secure person?

[31:05] - Would Doug and Jamie do another reality show? Are they watching the new season? What do they think of people comparing Jamie to Luke?

[32:42] - Did Doug quit smoking?

[33:37] - How would Doug rate the marriage today? Is Jamie content now?

[35:21] - Why did Doug become ordained to officiate weddings, and does he do so regularly?

[37:07] - What’s the best part of being a dad?

[38:09] - How does Doug’s family deal with the temporary move to California? What do Doug and Jamie struggle with when it comes to co-parenting?

[39:57] - What is the best advice that Doug’s parents gave him about marriage and parenting? Do Doug and Jamie get along with...

Feb 27, 2019
Ep 9: Postpartum Depression with Maya V.

There are some people on Instagram who Jamie loves following, and today’s guest is one of them! Maya Vorderstrasse is a fantastic inspiration, and you might recognize some of her ideas as the inspiration for some of our own Instagram pictures. As the mom of “Irish twins,” Maya has two children who were born within 12 months of each other. (So if you thought you couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding, think again!)

This already sounds overwhelming, but add to it the fact that Maya’s whole family is in Brazil, so she doesn’t have the sort of day-to-day family help that could lift some of the burden. She’s open about the struggles of parenthood, not only in terms of this family situation, but also her struggle with postpartum depression.

As you’ll learn today, Maya was super energetic after her first daughter’s birth and during her second pregnancy. Even immediately after the second birth, she felt excited (even though some days were hard). To her surprise and confusion, postpartum depression set in months after having her second baby. She felt like she was fading away, and spent months ignoring the feeling and trying to push it down. Finally, it burst forth as anger so bad that she left a hole in the wall, and her husband supported her in getting help. This was when she was finally diagnosed with postpartum depression.

In our conversation, Maya offers a sensitive, intimate, and often humor-filled look into the realities of postpartum depression. She openly shares her journey, offering a realistic yet inspirational look into dealing with this struggle. If you’re a woman who has suffered from postpartum depression (or might in the future), this episode will give you hope. And if you’re lucky enough to be someone who will never need to deal with postpartum depression directly, this conversation will help you understand the struggles so you can be a better partner, family member, or friend.

Today’s Guest:

Maya Vorderstrasse on Instagram

@MayaVstrasse on Twitter

Maya Vorderstrasse on Facebook

Once Upon a Letter Board

In This Episode:

[00:37] - Jamie and Doug welcome listeners to today’s episode, and chat about today’s guest, Maya Vorderstrasse.

[06:51] - Maya comes onto the show and jokes about why she’s doing this episode in the car.

[09:08] - We hear about how Maya takes her pictures without a photographer, and how she gets her babies to sleep at the same time.

[11:15] - Maya explains what it means to be a mom of “Irish twins,” and talks about her breastfeeding experience.

[13:30] - Jamie shares her perspective as a labor and delivery nurse on the topic of breastfeeding.

[15:13] - How does Maya do it, in terms of having two young children who are only 11 months apart in age?

[18:22] - We learn that Maya’s family is all in Brazil, so she doesn’t have the kind of local support that might make things easier.

[20:45] - Does Maya feel like she has conquered her postpartum depression? She answers, and talks about the experience of developing postpartum depression six months after having her second child.

[23:52] - Maya talks about the anger that developed as part of her postpartum depression, and how she ended up getting diagnosed.

[27:58] - When Maya’s kids were born, she decided that they were the only thing that mattered, and that’s what led to her falling apart.

[29:15] - Jamie takes a moment to talk about the importance of getting help, and encourage listeners to seek treatment for mental health struggles.

[30:43] - Maya shares her...

Feb 20, 2019
Ep 8: Dating as a Single Mom and Creating a New Family With Erica Rose & Chuck

If you’re a Bachelor fan, you’re already familiar with the lovely Erica Rose! We became really good friends on Bachelor Pad, and she was even at our wedding on Married at First Sight. Erica became a single mom shortly after having her daughter, and is now very happily remarried. We think her tips on finding love as a single mom will be really powerful for all the single moms listening to this podcast.


As you’ll learn today, Erica met a lawyer at work, and they quickly decided together to have a child that they would co-parent. They got pregnant on the first try, and actually ended up getting engaged. As Erica reveals, though, this was out of obligation more than being in love; their personalities were too different to be compatible as a couple.


When her daughter was just six weeks old, Erica and her ex separated, and she moved from California back home to Texas for more family support. She and her ex tried to keep things open and have a happy family, but it was very painful for both of them. It took a while before Erica was ready to look for love again, because she needed time to get back to being herself again.


One of the most impactful parts of this episode is Erica’s insight and tips for single moms. She talks about how important it is not to date until you’re ready. Other tips include having a good support system around you, and making sure you’re looking and feeling confident before you start dating. If you’re a single parent (or know one), don’t miss this episode that will give you insight, inspiration, and an intimate look into what it’s like to date after having kids.


Today’s Guests:

Erica Rose on Instagram

Erica Rose on Twitter

Erica Rose Sanders on Facebook

Charles Sanders on Instagram

Charles K. Sanders on Facebook


In This Episode:

[00:37] - Doug and Jamie welcome listeners to today’s episode of the podcast and introduce the guest, Erica Rose.

[03:36] - We learn more about Jamie’s upbringing with a single mom and several siblings, as well as her quest to find her father.

[06:48] - Jamie shares a question that she wonders: if her mom had had support and the right resources, would her life had turned out differently?

[10:21] - Jamie takes a moment to introduce Erica Rose and her husband, Chuck.

[11:29] - Erica explains how she and Jamie met and how their friendship developed.

[13:13] - We learn that Erica had no success on Tinder, but reconnected with Chuck on Bumble. Jamie shares one of her own Tinder stories.

[17:37] - Erica shares the story of how she and her ex met and decided to have a child together.

[22:57] - What was it like for Erica to be a single mom?

[25:42] - Erica talks about the point when she was ready to date again, and we hear more about how she and Chuck met.

[28:46] - We hear about how much importance Erica’s dad put on her spouse being Jewish, and how that played out.

[32:41] - Erica takes a moment to express her appreciation for how open Doug and Jamie are.

[33:08] - What does Chuck do?

[37:54] - We learn about how little Chuck knows about the Bachelor...

Feb 13, 2019
Ep 7: Doing Your Best, Life as a Mom, & Remembering to Laugh With Cat & Nat

It’s just me, Jamie, hosting the show today! When Doug went to drop our daughter off at daycare, the car broke down, so he can’t join me. The show must go on, though, and I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with today’s guests! I think you’ll love Cat & Nat, who are amazingly funny and offer refreshing perspectives on parenting.

Cat and Nat are basically twins with different parents. They’ve been friends since high school, and even have husbands with the same name. Today, their lives are deeply intertwined, as you’ll hear in this conversation! These two amazing women stumbled their way into becoming mom millionaires, and they want to help you become a mom millionaire too! As a stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to watch your husband feeling the stress of being the only breadwinner, and you might even feel guilty about spending the money that he earns. Finding your own financial success relieves this stress on both of you.

Since you’re listening to this podcast, you probably already know that Doug and I met on Married at First Sight. Since Cat and Nat don’t know that story, though, I’ll tell it to them (including with some background on my time on The Bachelor), and I think you might enjoy hearing it from this different perspective! You’ll also hear about one of the most awkward moments that I had with Doug.

Of course I wish that Doug could have been here for this conversation, but it was super fun (and even funny, I think!) even though he couldn’t be here. Tune in to hear all about being a real mom from two moms who really get it, and who are here to offer the perfect combination of fantastic advice, non-judgmental understanding, and a big dose of fun. I think you’ll love these two as much as I do!


Today’s Guests:

Shawniece on Instagram

Jephte on Instagram

Shawniece on Twitter

Jephte on Twitter


In This Episode:

[00:37] - Welcome to the show! Jamie will be hosting it alone today thanks to Doug’s car problems.

[04:37] - Cat & Nat joke about how to tell which of them is which (even though they aren’t identical twins, or even sisters).

[06:18] - We hear the story of Cat and Nat’s friendship, which started when they were in high school.

[1:33] - Do Jamie and her husband both work from home?

[12:37] - We learn that Jamie discovered Cat & Nat on Instagram, and we hear an excerpt from their their #MOMTRUTHS clip about Marie Kondo.

[16:26] - We hear about the difficulty of throwing out things that don’t spark joy when you’re a busy mom.

[18:24] - What are Cat and Nat’s tips for moms who want to become mom millionaires too?

[21:18] - Jamie, Cat, and Nat talk about finances, being a working mom, or staying at home.

[23:32] - We hear about how Jamie and Doug met and got married, including the background of her time on The Bachelor.

[29:20] - How did Jamie’s family react to her decision to get married at first sight?

[30:53] - Jamie talks about her book, and gives an example from the book of an awkward situation she and Doug got into.

[34:14] - Cat and Nat talk about their upcoming book, Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths, as well as their tour and Jamie’s desire to move to California.

[40:49] - Where can people find Cat and Nat online?

[42:02] - Jamie reassures listeners that Doug isn’t stranded and in trouble, even though he wasn’t able to be here...

Feb 06, 2019
Ep 6: Shawniece & Jephte Talk Marriage, Reconciliation, and Parenthood

Before we dive into today’s episode, we want to say thank you to all of you for the love and support for the miscarriage we recently experienced. You’re incredible, and we’re so grateful for each and every one of you.

Today’s guests are Married at First Sight Season 6 stars Shawniece and Jephte. They had a tumultuous pregnancy during which they separated, but found their way back together again. We went through some struggles while pregnant too and honestly didn’t know if our marriage would pull through, so we can absolutely relate to them.

At the beginning of their relationship, Shawniece was instantly smitten. For Jephte, though, things took a while longer. They’ll explain today how their journey progressed from this stage to being in a solid, loving relationship with a baby. We’ll also learn about how Dr. Pepper Schwartz helped them to navigate some of their struggles.

The four of us will dig into the word “stranger,” and its complications. We all started this Married at First Sight process as strangers, but because the word means different things to different people, hearing it can be hurtful in two very different ways. We’ll also explore how things change once the cameras leave, and why it’s so important to have time to miss each other instead of being together all the time.

Other topics we’ll explore include the role of the chase in relationships, how to turn the trust on, working through disagreements in a healthy and respectful way, the value of communication, diaper-changing duties, and much more! Jamie will also talk about her search for her father, and her experience with growing up without her dad.

Today’s Guests:

Shawniece on Instagram

Jephte on Instagram

Shawniece on Twitter

Jephte on Twitter

In This Episode:

[02:03] - Doug and Jamie start things off with a message of appreciation for all the support.

[05:26] - We learn about today’s guests, Shawniece and Jephte, and the similarities that they have with Jamie and Doug.

[12:58] - Shawniece and Jephte have an inspiring story and they’ve been through a lot.

[16:19] - Doug, Jamie, Shawniece, and Jephte chat about their similarities and the weirdness of getting married at first sight.

[18:15] - When did Jephte and Shawniece consummate their marriage? Was it during the show?

[20:01] - We hear about how Jephte and Shawniece’s journey went from the beginning, when Shawniece was instantly smitten.

[24:22] - What advice did Dr. Pepper give Shawniece and Jephte that convinced them to tough it out rather than give up on their marriage?

[27:48] - Jamie points out one of the hard things about Married at First Sight.

[29:41] - Shawniece shares her perspective on the word “stranger,” which Jamie has just been talking about.

[35:39] - We learn about why Shawniece and Jephte split while Shawniece was pregnant, and some of the issues that they had.

[38:48] - How far along was Shawniece in her pregnancy when they went through their split?

[42:30] - Jephte shares his thoughts on the experience of Married at First Sight Happily Ever After? ending, and how it was different from the end of Married at First Sight.

[44:01] - Doug talks about the abrupt transition from being single to immediately being married, and the importance of having time to miss each other.

[45:51] - What was Shawniece’s pregnancy like?

[50:35] - Jephte and Shawniece talk more about their relationship dynamics, and the experience of the chase.

[53:45] - Throughout their journey and even their...

Jan 30, 2019
Ep 5: Struggling With Loss (You’re Not Alone!)

We never planned on recording this episode, but you know how much it matters to us to be open and honest with you. We’ll never pretend that everything is perfect; we value you enough that we want to be vulnerable with you.

Not long ago, we announced that we were pregnant. Jamie felt deep down that this was going to be a great pregnancy… until she started spotting. This can be totally normal for some women and some pregnancies, but Jamie had the exact same symptoms with our angel baby, Jonathan. Unfortunately, for us, the spotting indicated that there was a problem.

If you haven’t heard, we had a (failed) miscarriage. We were so excited for this pregnancy, but part of us was guarded because we had lost a pregnancy before, even as we tried to stay positive. It’s amazing how hard it is to stay calm and stress-free while accepting that you can’t control whether your pregnancy has a successful outcome.

Of course, this brings up a lot of complicated thoughts and emotions. We’re so happy for our friends who are due around the same time we were, but at the same time, it’s impossible to avoid feeling sorrow that we’re not going to be having a baby with them. Something we’re grateful for is that we went against the conventional wisdom of waiting to tell people about a pregnancy; how can they support you through your loss if you don’t tell them? On that note, we’re so grateful for the outpouring of love. Thank you for helping us to get through things.

If you’re wondering what you should (and shouldn’t) say to someone who has suffered from a loss, don’t miss this episode. We’ll discuss some tips, and list some specific things you absolutely shouldn’t say (even if they’re true for us). For example, don’t ever say things like, “At least you know you can get pregnant,” “You weren’t that far along,” or “This miscarriage must be easier than the last one.” Things you can say include, “I’m thinking of you,” “This baby will never be forgotten,” “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and “I can’t imagine what you’re going through.” Even better is to sit and just listen!

We don’t want you to ever feel alone. If you’ve suffered with fertility in any way, and you feel like there’s no one you can talk to about it, please reach out to us! So many of us go through these things, and no one should ever feel like they don’t have someone on their side.

Finally, we’ll chat about Jamie’s book, Wifey 101! Tune into the episode to hear what it’s about and get a taste of what you’ll read when you buy it. (Plus you’ll learn how to get a signed copy!)

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Married at First Sight

Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube

Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

hotmarriagecoolparents on Instagram

Jamie Otis on Instagram

Doug Hehner on Instagram

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Miracles in the Making

Jan 23, 2019
Ep 4: Pregnancy, Loss, and FertilityIQ

Today’s episode isn’t an easy one. We recorded this episode when we were at the end of the third trimester, but shortly after the conversation, we suffered a miscarriage (as you may have heard about). Even though we’re in a different space now, we still absolutely wanted to share this episode with you.

A year and a half after we got married, we got pregnant with our son Jonathan. We were so excited, and publicly shared that we were pregnant with our first baby. Just a week later, we found out that the pregnancy wasn’t viable and we were going to end up losing our baby. Naturally we wanted to find a reason or an explanation, and a way to make sure it wouldn’t ever happen again. But the hard truth is that sometimes it’s just out of your control.

In the first part of this episode, we’ll dig into that first pregnancy experience, including the aftermath, how we dealt with losing Jonathan, and why bunnies have become so important to us.

We’ll then move onto talking with our guests, Deb and Jake from FertilityIQ. Their website helps people find a doctor who will be a good fit based on anonymous reviews. The two of them were fertility patients who got pregnant and had two miscarriages, and felt like no one could give them a straight answer about anything. Ending up with the wrong doctor was a waste of time and money, and they were frustrated with not being able to find the right information.

Deb and Jake decided to do something about both of these problems! They started FertilityIQ to help people find the right doctor and to provide real data to help people make the right decisions. In our conversation, they’ll also talk about their own journey with infertility, including some of the things that they tried. No matter where you are along your fertility journey, this conversation should help you understand that you’re not alone and there are resources out there to help.


Today’s Guests:


FertilityIQ on Instagram

FertilityIQ on Facebook

FertilityIQ on Twitter

Deborah Anderson-Bialis on LinkedIn

Jake Anderson-Bialis on LinkedIn


In This Episode:

[01:51] - Jamie and Doug welcome listeners to the episode, joke about a fourth episode anniversary, and mention today’s guests, before talking about their experience with their first pregnancy.

[06:56] - A week after announcing their pregnancy, Jamie and Doug found that it wasn’t viable. They share details of the experience.

[12:22] - Jamie and Doug describe the moment that they learned that their pregnancy wasn’t viable.

[17:08] - We hear about the impact that Jonathan made on Jamie and Doug.

[22:00] - It’s nice to be around positivity, Doug points out.

[23:00] - Jamie introduces today’s guests, Deb and Jake from FertilityIQ, before we hear messages about a few amazing sponsors.

[27:04] - Deb and Jake come onto the show and explain who...

Jan 16, 2019
Ep 3: Should Hubby Watch the Birth?

By now you probably know that Jamie is pregnant again! We’re so excited, and want to bring you along on our journey. That’s why today’s episode includes the audio from the exact moment that Doug learned about the pregnancy. We had just gotten back from Disney, and he was feeding Henley. As you’ll hear, his reaction wasn’t as excited as it could have been (and neither was Henley’s), but you get to share in the genuine, real reaction rather than a staged moment.

Today’s amazing guests are the fantastic Erica Eckman from Everything Erica and her husband Dan, a real estate guru. She and I met on social media when she reached out on Instagram, and she’s honestly one of my best friends now. She and her husband are intelligent, down-to-earth, and just lovely people.

If you’ve ever wondered about how Erica and Jamie met, this is the episode for you! You’ll learn that Erica took a chance and reached out, the two featured each other, and the friendship blossomed organically from there. As Erica points out, you never know what might happen if you just say “hi”!

Erica is a fairly new mom, and the four of us will talk about the experiences of birth and parenthood. Of course having children is an amazing blessing, but there are definitely parts of the pregnancy, birth, and parenthood process that’s a struggle. There’s no shame in asking for help or not being able to do it all yourself.

We’ll dig into all sorts of things, including how Erica’s birth process went, whether men look at women’s vaginas differently after watching them give birth, how long the recovery process takes, how much it hurts after birth (including a story involving peeing on a nurse), the issues that can be involved in breastfeeding, and much more.

Today’s Guests:

Erica Eckman on LinkedIn

@everythingerica on Instagram

@dansdadlife on Instagram

Everything Erica

In This Episode:

[01:43] - Jamie and Doug chat about the podcast, and introduce today’s topic: Jamie’s pregnancy announcement to Doug!

[05:32] - We hear the audio from when Jamie announced her pregnancy to Doug right after getting back from Disney.

[10:08] - The reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic as it could have been, but at least it was genuine!

[13:57] - Erica Eckman from Everything Erica and her husband Dan are today’s amazing guests.

[16:57] - Jamie explains who Dan and Erica are for people who aren’t yet familiar with them.

[18:10] - Erica shares the story of how she and Jamie initially met.

[21:14] - Doug brings up the point of people surrounding themselves with people who they admire or look up to.

[23:31] - Did Erica deliver her daughter vaginally or through a C-section?

[28:35] - Since Jamie works in labor and delivery, she was interested in her birth process and even checked her own dilation.

[29:38] - How painful is it after having a baby?! Erica shares a post-birth bathroom story about the pain of even peeing.

[31:50] - Erica and Jamie chat about breastfeeding and Erica’s struggles with it.

[36:02] - Is the common sense of shame over not breastfeeding self-imposed shame, or is it from external sources?

[40:45] - Doug wonders whether there’s a good way to ask new mothers whether they’re okay or might be grappling with depression.

[44:21] - Does Dan remember the first...

Jan 09, 2019
Ep 2: Moving, Marriage, and Pregnancy with Ashley and Anthony from "Married at First Sight"

Last week, on our first-ever episode of our new podcast, we shared an exciting announcement. If you didn’t hear it, we won’t keep you in suspense: we’re pregnant!! Doug’s first reaction was concern for our wonderful daughter Henley, but we quickly got super excited.

After a couple stories about intimate moments gone very wrong, we’ll transition into talking about more important (and less, uh, personal) things: our two amazing guests today from our MAFS family! In case you’re not familiar with our story or the acronym, we met and got married on the same day on the first season of the show Married at First Sight

Our guests, >Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico went through the same crazy experience in season 5, and it turned out wonderfully for them too! If you’ve ever doubted the idea of love at first sight, you need to watch their season. They’re still so in love, beautifully happy, and are super pregnant in their new house as we speak. 

We’ll chat about the experience of moving while heavily pregnant, which is something we have in common. We’ll also dig into the topic of intimacy while pregnant, including suddenly-larger boobs that are off-limits (ouch!) and having sex while pregnant. We also share the stories of how we respectively revealed our babies’ genders. 

You’ll learn that Anthony has special dream-powers, because he figured out his future wife’s first initial and his future baby’s gender through dreams. We then talk about baby names! We always knew we wanted to name our daughter Henley, but we don’t even have a boy’s name picked out. Ashley and Anthony aren’t ready to reveal their unborn daughter’s name yet, but they’ll share a name they aren’t using!

Tune in to hear more about all of this! We’ll also talk about how long house-hunting took for them, whether they have experience with other infants in the family, taking advantage of pregnancy (and nursing), putting swings together, conceiving our babies, and more. Our daughter Henley will even make an appearance!

Links and Resources:

Married at First Sight

Ashley Petta on Instagram

Anthony D’Amico on Instagram

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Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After?

Erica Eckman on Instagram

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis on Amazon

Wifey 101 (autographed copy)

Jan 02, 2019
Ep. 1: Our Surprise Revealed

Doug and Jamie make their surprise announcement! 

Jamie says,"Please don't judge me after hearing this". 

Jamie is searching for her father. 

Changes coming in Jamie's nursing career. 

Plans for future episodes. 

For full episode notes:


Burrow (Get $75 Off)

FabFitFun (use code 40Jamie for 40% off)

Jamie's Book

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis on Amazon

Wifey 101 (autographed copy)

Dec 25, 2018

First of all, I think that maybe people don't know us, so we should give a little background on us, because we're a little crazy to start.

It's been almost five years. We were on a little show that nobody knew about called "Married At First Sight."

Doug: And I remember it perfectly, I was in my car, I was working for a water company at the time. And I got a voicemail saying, "Hey are you single? We're doing a show in the tri-state area. Give us a call back."

Jamie: That's how you were asked to be on "Married At First Sight?"

Doug: And I called back and I spoke to somebody and I said, "Yes, I'm single and okay I'll fill out a questionnaire." And I want to say it was maybe, what was it, three weeks later, I found out I was getting married and going on a honeymoon.

Jamie: Yeah. And honestly, very much similar for me. I got a call and they said, "Do you have trouble dating in New York City?" And I was like, "Raise your right hand and your left hand if you could understand that." 

So, long story short, we were married at first sight on season one, which is now a huge hit show on Lifetime.

We also are so excited that we now have a daughter and it was not an easy path whatsoever-

We really struggled a lot with pregnancy and getting pregnant and then ... Well actually the truth of the matter is, when I got pregnant with Henley, our daughter, the pregnancy was very easy. And it was almost so easy that it was scary because we had suffered at loss at 17 weeks and one day and so that's definitely mid-second trimester and it was just scary.

Even before though, I think that where we're coming from, not many people have gone through what we went through. Being married at first sight. I mean, yes, there's arranged marriages but I mean, this was literally putting your fate and future in the hands of experts. And giving information about yourself and hoping that you know yourself enough to know what you want and getting married at first sight and marrying a stranger and taking that step which is nutty. It is crazy but it also made sense at the time. And it worked out.

That being said, we are not experts but we've had this fast track tutorial on how to work on a marriage, what do to with a marriage, we've reached extreme lows, we've went through extreme highs, we have a child now and I think over five years, it's almost like we went through what most couples go through in maybe 10, 20. Jamie has a very unique background with her upbringing and environment, which is almost complete opposite to mine. And I think that not only do opposites attract but I think that we have very different perspectives on things.

Sorry to share our weird truths. But you know what, we didn't become named the most awkward couple on TV for no good reason.

But I genuinely am excited for this podcast because it's gonna give everyone a voice and we want to speak with you, we want to talk about what you talk about, we want to keep you in our lives. And I think that this is gonna be a fun journey.

Yeah, we are so excited to get to know you guys more and be able to have another way to kinda communicate with you and keep in touch with you and hang out with you. So every week you'll be able to get a new episode from us so I think this is the third time we've tried to say goodbye, but clearly we love to talk.

Yes, we love you guys so much and like we said before, give us anybody that you love and you want to hear from on our podcast that relates with parenting or marriage. We would love to bring them on and chat with them. So yeah, let us know and of course subscribe because Christmas Day we have a little gift for you.

Visit us online at:

Dec 25, 2018