Exercise: Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) It

By Life Kit from NPR

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Category: Science & Medicine

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You know you need to do it, but there are always a million excuses not to. In this podcast, we give you the science behind getting up and moving, making exercise a habit that sticks and getting the most from your workout.

Episode Date
This 22-Minute Workout Has Everything You Need
If you've got 22 minutes, you can get an effective whole-body workout. Ruth Bader Ginsberg's personal trainer walks us through an interval session and explains the science behind effective exercise.

Here's what to remember:
- High intensity interval training maximizes your workout in the shortest time.
- Weight training is crucial for preventing injury.
- Include stretching to stay strong.
Dec 15, 2018
How To Make Exercise A Habit That Sticks
Falling off the exercise wagon more than you'd like? These strategies, based on economics and the science of habit formation, can help. Plus, you get to binge-watch TV. Here's what to remember:
- In less than a month, you can cement a workout routine.
- Use temptation bundling.
- Set realistic goals.
- Let flexibility be your friend.
- Make it social.
- Put some money on the line.
Dec 15, 2018
Get Started Exercising
Just thinking differently about moving your body can help make all those excuses disappear — and we have science to back it up.

Here's what to remember:
- Find a form of exercise you like.
- Everything counts when it comes to movement.
- Even short bouts have real, measurable benefits.
- The more you move, the stronger you get — but you have to start somewhere.
- Use the immediate payoffs as motivation.
Dec 15, 2018
Introduction: Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) Exercise
A lot of us love to hate exercise. In these episodes, we talk to the experts about how to think differently about exercise so that it fits right into your life, for good.
Dec 14, 2018