Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life

By Life Kit from NPR

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Category: Health

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We'll help you cut through all the nutrition noise and figure out how to eat healthy — without having to think about it too much.

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Apr 29, 2019
6 Food Rules That Could Help You Live Longer
Healthy eating can be easy if you follow a few simple rules. We guide you through three types of food you should eat more of, and three to cut back on.

Here's what to remember:
Eat more
- Nuts and seeds.
- Fruits and vegetables.
- Healthy fats, especially Omega 3 fatty acids from seafood

Eat less
- Processed meat.
- Sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates.
- Salt, especially in packaged foods.
Jan 21, 2019
Choose The Best Diet For You
There are so many food tribes out there — everything from Keto to vegan. We help you understand how to choose a diet approach that's right for you.

We have one big thing to remember: Choose a diet that you can stick with over the long haul. Ask yourself:
- What do you like to eat?
- Whom do you tend to eat with?
- What sort of diet fits comfortably into your life?
Jan 21, 2019
The Truth About Carbs And Calories
Carbs get a bad rap. Here's the science behind why eating too much starch isn't good for you — and smart tips to integrate more slow carbs into your diet.

Here's what to remember:
- Not all calories act the same in the body.
- Refined carbs quickly turn to sugar in your body.
- Focus instead on refined carbs that take longer to digest, like fruits, beans and whole grains.
- If you love breads and muffins, save them for the end of your meal.
Jan 21, 2019
Introduction: Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life
Kids know what healthy food is, but adults seem to lose their way and make eating just so complicated. We'll help you cut through the nutrition noise and figure out how to eat healthy — without having to think about it too much.
Jan 21, 2019