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Are you looking for a little extra motivation on your next run or bike ride? In Athletes Unfiltered, you’ll hear from a runner who loses his sight and discovers a new community. A drummer who passes up the after party so he can get up early to ride bikes with his fans and connect in a way he never could from on-stage. A mountain biker who watched the trails he loved burst into flames and then created an app to help rally his community around rebuilding them. And along the way, we’ll tackle some of the big, scary questions every athlete has to find answers to. Why am I doing this? Am I getting too old? Will I ever run again? The answers these athletes give might just help you find some of your own.

Episode Date
How did I get here?
On this episode of Athletes Unfiltered, we’ll speak to three athletes who asked themselves, “How did I get here?” We’ll introduce you to Mimi Anderson, who was a normal British housewife – until she ran across the Sahara Desert. We’ll speak to Greg Erwin, who was touring the world as a rock drummer, but realized what he really wanted to do was ride his bike. And we’ll introduce you to Ayesha McGowan, who went from chasing cars on her fixie, to chasing a dream of becoming the first ever African-American pro female road racer.
Mar 05, 2019
Going Farther Together
In this episode, we show how sport can help us overcome self-doubt, help us make new friends and face up to problems we could never overcome alone. We’ll introduce you to Ernest Gagnon, who struggled with his weight, until the cycling community helped him break away from his anxiety. You’ll hear from Maggie, a runner in LA who wouldn’t let a broken foot keep her from running a half marathon with her friends. And you’ll meet Giuseppe Adeola Richard, who, with the help of a London cycling club, decided to fight back against addiction.
Feb 19, 2019
Getting Better With Age
In this episode, we speak with three athletes who are getting better with age. Gene has run 200-milers and has a marathon PR of 2:54:23 - the fastest ever run by a man in his 70’s. Patricia Berthelier learned to ride a bike at 38 and now, in her 60’s, has discovered a community of ultra-endurance mountain bikers and a sense of freedom she’s never felt before. Brad Huff was the oldest professional cyclist in the US men’s peloton, and now that he’s announced his retirement he has to face a whole new set of challenges. So what are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger! Listen now.
Feb 05, 2019
Rising From the Ashes
Three stories of people who were faced with overwhelming adversity and how they persevered. We’ll introduce you to a mountain biker who’s rebuilding trails after the California wildfires, an army veteran who battled cancer and a broken femur to get back on the bike, and a runner who turned to her community to find the courage to speak about her sexual assault.
Jan 22, 2019
When Everything Turns Upside Down
Imagine being a world-class trail runner one moment, and then the next thing you remember is waking up in a hospital bed, surrounded by unfamiliar faces telling you that you may never run again. That’s Hillary Allen’s story, which kicks off our first episode of Athletes Unfiltered – a new podcast of inspiring stories from the Strava community, told by the runners and cyclists who lived them.
Jan 08, 2019
Just a Little Warmup
In the first season of our new podcast, Athletes Unfiltered, we’re exploring athlete motivations. We’ll introduce you to a rock drummer who tours the world, but passes up the party so he can get up to ride his bike. We talk with a mountain biker who watched the trails he loved burst into flames and then created an app to help rally his community around rebuilding them. And we try to keep up with a 70-year-old runner who is still racing (and breaking a few World Records). This teaser is just a little taste of what’s to come – subscribe now and stay tuned for more.
Dec 19, 2018