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By Margaret Feinberg

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Category: Christianity

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Through warm and winsome conversations with a touch of sass, one of America’s most beloved Bible teachers, Margaret Feinberg, uncovers practical ways to spark joy in your life and the lives of others. The Joycast is designed to become the hap-hap-happiest half hour of your week.

Episode Date
How to Make Your Meals Magical Experiences + Taste and See Bible Study Lesson 6

The Joycast -
This one thing will change the way you experience every meal and every gathering around the table.

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Jul 22, 2019
When God Doesn’t Heal You: Lessons from an Olive Grower + Taste and See Bible Study Lesson 5

The Joycast - Take a journey into Olivedom in Croatia to discover the history and wonders of the olive tree and its oil and its healing properties.

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Jul 09, 2019
Neal Bosshardt: You are the salt of the earth—lessons from a salt miner +Taste and See Bible Study Lesson 4

The Joycast -
One of the fascinating details that I’ve learned about salt since the book and Bible study released came from a who explained that the holy water he uses isn’t just blessed, but it also contains a pinch of salt. Why? Because when people are baptized the church, when the water dries it leaves a thin coating or residue, reminding each one that they are the salt of the earth. Today, I’m talking to Neal Bosshardt, who has been mining salt since the age of 11. You’ll learn deep Biblical insights alongside the difference between various salts, how to pick a true, high quality salt for your table. And even when the best time to add salt is when you’re cooking.

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Jun 29, 2019
Andrew McGowan: How to Feast on the Bread of Life + Session 3 Taste and See Bible Study

The Joycast - 
Just-out-of-the-oven bread can make you feel like you’re tasting the divine. Jesus’ declaration, “I am the Bread of Life” takes on a whole new meaning—one that’s more textured than ever before. In one statement, I realize, Christ makes endless statements: 

I am your staple, your sustenance, your nourishment, your provision. You’ll learn from one of the foremost experts on ancient grains about how bread = life as we dive deeper into the Taste and See book and Bible study. 

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Jun 22, 2019
Kevin Herman: Secrets to Understanding Figs in the Bible + Session 2 Taste and See Bible Study

The Joycast -
Figs are one of the most lush of Biblical fruits. Layers of berry jam notes unfold among the gentle crunch of seeds. The finest pastry chefs’ most innovative desserts don’t stand a chance against a perfectly ripe fig. It’s no accident that the Scriptures boast of this ancient fruit and Jesus refers to the tree and its fruit at pivotal moments. Listen in on this insightful interview with a premier fig farmer as we dive into Session Two of the Taste and See Bible study.

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Jun 18, 2019
Sarah Harmeyer: Secrets to Throwing the Best Parties Ever + Session 1 Taste and See Bible Study

The Joycast -
Join Sarah Harmeyer to learn the secrets to throwing unforgettable gatherings that transform lives. In this podcast kick off of the Taste and See Bible study, you’ll learn simple, easy tactics to make table time transformation time and never have to do dishes again.

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Jun 10, 2019
Jennifer Rothschild: Lessons I Learned in the Dark

The Joycast - When Jennifer was 15, she noticed her eyesight started to deteriorate rapidly. She was soon diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that slowly eats away at the retina of the eye leading to blindness. Jennifer has now lived longer in physical darkness than she ever did in physical light. 

And yet with I’m with her, she shines so bright. We dig deep into darkness and depression to discover hope and healing.

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Jun 03, 2019
The Most Dangerous 7 Word Prayer You Can Pray

The Joycast -
Sharing from my joyful, joy-what-just-happened life, I share how I went to a party as a guest and ended up catering the party AND the 7-word prayer has been changing my life and just might change yours too.
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May 24, 2019
Kristin Schell: How to Find Community + Connection in Your Own Front Yard

The Joycast -
With a picnic table and paint, Kristin Schell started a revolution in her front yard that’s spread around the world. You’ll learn how to gather people around your table and watch God show up in mighty and unexpected ways.

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May 17, 2019
Lisa Harper: How to Find Happiness Around Any Table

The Joycast -
Assuming a person’s basic needs are being met, scientists have identified 5 external factors can bump up our happiness set point. Amazingly, almost all of them take place around the table. In this rich conversation with my friend, Lisa Harper, well, one of my favorite moments in this interview—beyond the times we laugh like hyenas—is when she shares how reexamining happiness has changed her life. Because it will change yours, too.

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May 10, 2019
Tish Harrison Warren: How to Live a Deeply Nourished Life

The Joycast - 
We can live our lives on the go. Consuming food. But not really nourished.                                                                                                

To be nourished means to receive what we need for growth, for health, for human flourishing. 

How do we live deeply nourished lives? That’s what this episode is all about. 

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May 03, 2019
Coco Morante: One Kitchen Device That Will Change Your Life

The Joycast - 
If you long to recapture the simplicity of life, the simplicity of joy around the table, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

Coco Morante is author of The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook: 200 Deliciously Simple Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker. Learn to make meals faster and more delish in under 22 minutes. 

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Apr 26, 2019
Kathy Khang: The People You Really Need Around Your Table

The Joycast -
Kathy Khang challenges us to expand the settings in our hearts and at our tables to throw the kind of dinner parties that Jesus would—creating places of inclusivity and hospitality where anyone can feel welcome.  To learn more about today’s sponsor, visit, and save $10 off your first full-sized product-filled lifestyle and beauty box with the code JOYCAST. That’s right, receive over $200 worth of great products for only $39.99 with the coupon code!

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Apr 21, 2019
Jonathan Merritt: Your Story Can Change the World

The Joycast -
You have a story that can impact lives and generations. How do you tell your story in a way that transforms lives? In this lively discussion, you’ll learn how your words can change the world.

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Apr 14, 2019
Lori Wilhite: What’s Most Shocking About Sex Trafficking

The Joycast -
I knew it was going to be dark, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. On the outside, Bangkok is a bustling city, but when the sun goes down, the red-light districts light up. But what happens in the darkness will shock you and call you to action.

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Apr 04, 2019
Jamie Ivey: The Secret to Vulnerability

The Joycast –
The path to vulnerability is not for the faint of heart. It requires sharing things we’d rather not share. Opening up the most tender parts of ourselves to others. And even more frightening…stepping into uncertainty. 


This episode teaches you how to walk in greater vulnerability.

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Mar 29, 2019
Dr. Norman Wirzba: Rediscovering Grace Around the Table

The Joycast –
In a world where we’re busy and on budgets, eating has become transactional rather than transformational. 

We often find ourselves disconnected from the food we eat.  

Additionally, we often seek out the fastest and cheapest options with little thought to where it comes from, how it’s grown, or how the farmers and animals were treated in the process. This episode will change the way you think about food and gather around the table.

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Mar 22, 2019
Angie Smith: How to Be Made Whole

The Joycast –
How do we join a table that should be a place of unity, community, and joy in the midst of our brokenness?

How do we respond with compassion when we encounter someone else’s brokenness? 

These questions are unavoidable if we want to experience the joy of the table. 

In brokenness we gather, but in gathering, something healing happens that changes everything.

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Mar 15, 2019
Jamie Aten: How to Overcome Suffering through Defiant Joy

The Joycast – What are the best responses when someone you know is suffering? And what about when it’s you. Some of his counterintuitive insights include: to find hope, be cautious of optimism; when you want help the least is when you need it most; and spiritual surren­der, rather than a passive act, is instead an act of profound courage.

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Mar 08, 2019
Michele Cushatt: Here’s How to Escape the Prison of Shame

The Joycast – 

Michele Cushatt, author of I Am, is a friend and confidant. She’s a master wordsmith, wise beyond her years, and someone who has experienced the kind of heartbreak and hardship most of us could never imagine. 

In this raw interview, she gets real. She gets vulnerable. She describes her own experiences with shame. And how despite all of these obstacles, she has found a way to reclaim the joy.

Together, we talk about some issues no one talks about. 

One of my fave parts of the interview:

Michele offers seven powerful words that you can speak to shatter shame.

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Feb 08, 2019
Rachel Marie Stone: How to Banish Angst and Anxiety When it Comes to Food

The Joycast – 

When it comes to the table, food can be a source of endless angst and anxiety. 

My friend, Rachel Marie Stone, author of Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food, says it doesn’t have to be this way. And she equips us to practice intentionality around the table. 

When we’re more intentional, we’re less conflicted. And we experience more joy. 

One of my favorite moments is when she gives us the 3 words that we all must eliminate from our collective vocabulary.

We had the best time hanging out, and we think you will, too. 

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Feb 08, 2019
Liz Curtis Higgs: The Secret to Becoming Funnier

The Joycast – 

One of the greatest gifts in life is a friend who will make you laugh. 

For me, that person is Liz Curtis Higgs, author of 31 Proverbs to Light Your Path

In one of my favorite parts of this interview, she teaches us the secret to being funny. 

If you love to laugh, to giggle, and to have a good time, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

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Feb 08, 2019
Christine Caine: When God Pulls up A Chair To Your Dinner Table

The Joycast – 

How many of you have sat down at a table and had an unexpected conversation and something changed? 

Your pre-conceptions about someone were dismantled. 

Your anger or bitterness toward another was thawed. 

These little miracles reveal the table can become a place of divine transformation. 

That’s what this first episode of The Joycast is all about. And I couldn’t think of a better person to dive into this topic than my friend, Christine Caine, founder of A21 and best-selling author of Unexpected

This conversation will set your soul on fire. Promise.

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Feb 08, 2019
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