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Category: Health

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Enneagram and Coffee is the podcast dedicated to discussing the beautiful and hard parts of working with the enneagram. We focus on understanding the enneagram and using it as a tool for self-compassion.

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04: My Enneagram Journey & Self-Acceptance

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In this episode Sarajane shares her story with how she came to know her enneagram type & how to use the enneagram as a tool for self-acceptance.

Jan 18, 2019
003: Ask Sj: 1w2 Trying to Get Pregnant

Today is the very first episode of ‘Ask SJ’ Ask Sj is a series where people from my Patreon community can submit a direct question with a specific problem and I can offer a bit of insight using the enneagram and just giving plain old - advice column style feedback! If I don’t feel cozy with giving my input alone, I may call in a friend to help out! 

In this episode Sarajane answers questions from a 1w2 about getting people on board with their ideas & the feelings that arise when trying to get pregnant. We call in a special guest - Gaby Laurent to offer some insight as well. 

Connect more with Gaby here: thelaurentlife.wordpress.com

Join us on Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/enneagramandcoffee


Jan 11, 2019
02: Enneagram Basics

A brief introduction to what the enneagram is - how it works and how to type yourself. This is an intro episode, the enneagram is much deeper than just this but, we will scratch the surface here. We’ll go deeper in chatting about wings, subtypes and tritypes in episodes of their own as well! 


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Jan 03, 2019
What to Expect

This is episode one of the Enneagram & Coffee podcast! In this episode I discuss how the podcast came to be and what I hope to cover in the show! 

Curious about the Brave Collective?

Dec 27, 2018