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Category: Comedy

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Welcome to DFD, Your one stop for Movies, Tv and Pop Culture needs!

Episode Date
11. Knock Knock, Ghostbusters 3.

Show notes.


Ghostbusters 3.Finally talks about the reboot after the "controversy"

Spiderman Far From Home. Who played the best spiderman?

Red Hill

Bad Match

Netflix Roulette

Film as art vs Film for entertainment.

Our favorite artsy films.

Excited for

John Wick 3

Keanu is a good guy

Knock Knock



Our contact info: 


Sound. the sound is still off, we do at least 2 tests before we record and then halfway through it tanks it, we are upgrading all our equipment asap and this will be sorted once and for all. we appreciate you sticking with us. 

Jan 23, 2019
10. Wellness Month Special

10th Episode special!


Being wellness month we invited Zac Phillips into the DFD studio Zac is a mental health advocate, blogger, podcaster and published author, having just released his 3rd book. 

He talks with us about his own personal experiences that brought him to this point and also answers some questions sent in by the listeners, he is a downright inspiration and a pleasure to be around, we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. (we decided to run no promos this episode due to the nature of the show we wanted it to flow and keep raw)

Zac's Links if you are interested in more

All social: @zacpphillips
And his 3 books.
Under the influence.
How to get your shit together ]
DFD Links



Jan 16, 2019
9. Ham Jammer

Show Notes.


Video Game Trailers.

Far Cry New Dawn

Pubg in the snow

Fortnite sued for dances

Doom Eternal

Monster Bash.

Devil May Cry Edgy Edition

Wellness month. 


Documental Season 1

Gaki No Tsukai

Bandersnatch, Choose your own adventure?

Halloween, 2018

Chronicle 2012


Apple Podcasts:  

Jan 09, 2019
8. 2018 Wrap up FT Dan Harmon and Jason Voorhees

Please note Dan Harmon is not in this episode, we just talk about him, it is not yet confirmed if Jason was or was not in this episode.

Listen to this episode and more

Talking Points.

2018 wrap up, top 5 movies of 2018

Battle Angel Atilla


Other Anime based movies


Why does rick and morty take so long,

Superman Injustice 


Jan 04, 2019
7. Fresh Prince of Agrabah

Live action Disney films. 

Mib International

Tidelands and Teen Dramas

Jason Vorhees, What is he about?


Movie of the week, Kill Bill

Dec 28, 2018
DFD Trailer

Trailer for the show, Moving forward we really want to focus on these 3 things! feel free to share this with everone!

Dec 21, 2018
6. Stranger Stranding

Kyle and Nik Discuss.

Kyle cuts his thumb off

Godzilla King of monsters,

Stranger Things season 3 and links to Cthulu

Marlon Brando's oscar

Death Stranding

Dec 19, 2018
5. A very Krampus Krismas

This week Nik and Kyle talk a whole lot of crap and tackle some of the worlds biggest issues, like whats the deal with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? and who is Krampus anyway? You can find the answers to these questions somewhere else because we certainly don't know!

Dec 13, 2018
4. Dennis Hopper rides the D train

Episode 4 is here, Talking points.


Top 5 Movies

Zombie Films

Why world war Z Sucked

Die Hard, Christmas movie?

T.V shows

Being Normal

Dennis hopper


The audio Starts to echo for Kyle halfway through, we are working on solutions to end that from happening. we don't know why this keeps randomly happening. 

Dec 06, 2018
3. Teenage Mario

Episode 3 is here! Listen as Nik and Kyle discuss the adventures of teenage Mario, Nik as he struggles to describe twilight without seeing it, answer some side splitting Yahoo answers, and as usual, don't forget to smash that like button, and tell your friends!

Dec 01, 2018
2: Trophy heads and Unstable proposals

Welcome to episode 2. with our guest star Joon! we delve deeper into the world of our own brains, tackle some of the big questions in life and help some listeners with advice! hope you enjoy!!!

Nov 21, 2018
1: The Gathering Storm

Listen as Kyle and Nik tackle the worlds issues, one problem at a time. Basically we talk about anything and everything, hopefully you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making!!

Nov 14, 2018