Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo Try To Be Serious

By Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo

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Category: Comedy

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A podcast with Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo

Episode Date
The One Where Frank's Wife Is Special Guest
Frank's wife Michele joins the guys to talk about her toe picture obsession, PTSD by proxy, the Netflix documentary series 'Abducted In Plain Sight' and more.
Jun 19, 2019
Graduation Ambiguity & The Meaning Of Ownership
Al & Frank talk about Elementary School "graduations", meeting sports heroes and discuss what the meaning and value is of ownership.
Jun 14, 2019
The Piracy Of Privacy
What cost is privacy? Can we even still hold onto the notion that we have any privacy in the digital world? Al & Frank discuss their fears of lack of privacy, whether it can be held onto and what might be happening to it as they try and be serious about the wide scope of what is privacy and who controls it.
Jun 05, 2019
All In The Frank-ily & The Jeff-Al-Franks
Al & Frank talk about Frank's weekend at the Phoenix Fan Fusion celebration of all things comic genre related and then get into a discussion about race, PC culture, bigotry and stereotypes after watching the recent ABC airings of 'LIVE In Front Of A Studio Audience 'All In The Family' and 'The Jeffersons''. A discussion that centers on whether or not these types of families still exist in America some 45+ years later and also whether or not these types of shows and their content could be done on television today given our "PC" climate.
May 29, 2019
First Impressions And The Harm They Can Do
The talk gets serious in regards to Al's DJ gig, Frank's first visit to the Pat McAfee show and the reveal made after his second visit that really rocked Frank's world. And finally the guys talk about a study that claims up to 60% of men are now simply avoiding women in the workplace given the climate of sexual abuse allegations and inappropriate interactions and impressions between the sexes.
May 23, 2019
Click Exploitation, Alexa Listens & Kawahi Shoots Sixers Down
Al & Frank begin with a discussion of parents who seem to be using their children for click on online creator platforms like Youtube and the implications it could have. Then they talk about privacy in relation to devices like Amazon's Alexa which is always listening whether she's active or not. And finally they discuss whether a new generation of fans and their seeming disdain for seeing sporting events live is depriving them of seeing signature historic moments like Kawahi Leonard's buzzer beater that sent the Philadelphia 76ers home in this year's NBS playoffs.
May 15, 2019
The Pendulum Swings From Flight to Tech to Spelling Conundrums
Al & Frank swing a hefty pendulum in this week's episode beginning with tales of the hassles of the frequent flyer, swinging to Al prepping to go camping, back to delving into Frank's favorite chain restaurants, over to tech boom doom and finally arcing back to discuss our president's spelling conundrums!
May 08, 2019
How To Get Fired...Or Not
The guys talk with 98 KUPD/Phoenix morning radio host John Holmberg about the "business", comedy, life, regrets, apologies and more!
May 01, 2019
Frank Is Swinging Some Expensive Wood
Al & Frank talk Black & White haircuts, their favorite things in life like Airpods, dating apps, gender fluidity and the differences in between kids and their parents, touch on the scientific method, explore fake toxic masculinity and wrap it all up with something called the Day of Silence. Oh and also discuss high end ping pong paddles.
Apr 25, 2019
Tiger Reigns & Alexa Crashes The Podcast With An Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory
Al & Frank talk about the historic Masters weekend of Tiger Woods and how it is to live with supreme talent. Al wonders how death threats can still be a real thing in today's society. Are people becoming more and more comfortable with living in a sexless marriage? And Al plays a game with Frank and invites in Alex Jones and Donald Trump to play!
Apr 18, 2019
Influence Of Instagram Influencers, Beer Town Rundown, and Spousal defense
Al & Frank discuss what constitutes 'Influence' in today's world now that Instagram "influencing" is a thing. Al tests Frank's knowledge of well-known Beer Towns in the US. A discussion of whether your spouse should come to your defense in an online battle or argument whether you may want them to or not. And they tiptoe around the topic of whether the country is more ready for its first gay president or its first female president?
Apr 11, 2019
End Game Scalpers, Aging Rockers, A New Game and Dating by Common Therapy
With the upcoming release of Avengers: End Game, tickets went on sale and sold so quickly that it may foster a new scalping genre. Al wonders of iconic rockers, comedians and celebs are feeling compelled to hang on a bit too long at the expense of their legacies. Frank challenges Al with a new game of quotes called DJT, AOC or IMDB. And lastly the guys explore a new dating trend whereby men and women find each other through having a certain kind of therapy in common.
Apr 04, 2019
The Mueller Drop, NBA Star Sitouts, Elevator Pitches to the President!
On this episode Al & Frank discuss Robert Mueller's Day Off, whether or not there's such a thing as a "cheap seat" in the NBA, does Frank's family tree have a hidden height gene he's unaware of, and Al pitches the President on his National Siesta Plan!.
Mar 26, 2019
How I Got Into College
The boys discuss the “gray” area known as college admissions, what fans behavior should be checked and what should be allowed at public sporting events. Plus, everyone’s favorite game: “Frank is Apprehensive” and a special pep talk for the D-1 basketball team ranked dead last out of 353.  Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo
Mar 19, 2019
Do Words Matter As Much As Who’s Saying Them?
The boys get waist deep in the murky waters of context and question who’s allowed to be honest and who should tread lightly.  Plus the debut of the game: Frank is APPrehensive!  Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo ​
Mar 12, 2019
Second Tier Fast Food Podcasting
Al Jackson and Frank Caliendo discuss McDonald Trump's fast food service... gender transition in sports, and Frank sounds smarter than usual, but he’s still no Al Jackson.
Mar 05, 2019
Zion, College and Cookies
The guys finish their discussion about basketball player, Zion Williamson, Frank reads an message from a listener, and it all comes back to cookies. Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson ​
Mar 01, 2019
Spike Takes a Stand, Zion Takes a Tumble
The boys discuss if Spike was out of line and if the business model of college sports is sustainable? Frank reflects on his first time on Daily Blast Live and sings the praises of Men’s Warehouse. Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson. ​
Feb 26, 2019
Bonus - Dave Houston & Chris Spangle Continue Libertarian Discussion
In this bonus episode, two recurring guests, Dave Houston and Chris Spangle continue the Libertarian discussion. Chris Spangle is the host of the "We Are Libertarians" podcast which can be found on any podcasting app.
Feb 22, 2019
Food Poisoning... Food for Thought and Football
Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson discuss Frank's upcoming trip to Denver, Al’s past weekend in Chicago, alleged events, and alternative off season football.
Feb 19, 2019
Is Al On Thin Ice Over Thin Mints?
Al reads a letter from a “fan” and Liam attempts to fan the flames after a controversial interview. Did he pull it off?
Feb 14, 2019
Not feeling Bezos latest package? The boys discuss ​
The richest man in history bares all? It looks like everything is going up- except teachers salaries. Plus, Girl Scouts of America clap back against Al!? NO COOKIES FOR YOU JACKSON!!! ​
Feb 12, 2019
Filling the Gap
Al ended up having to work during podcast playtime... so we go to the vault and take a look at a previously unreleased episode where Al interviews Frank.
Feb 07, 2019
Super Bowl Shuffle: Al And Frank Recap All That Was SB53
Al Jackson and Frank Caliendo give their thoughts on the big game and the 17 million people who called off work. Halftime backlash... an immigration question for Frank... Al turns Frank into his voice puppet... and Krafti B. ​
Feb 05, 2019
Super Bowl = Super Special Pod From Al & Frank
Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo talk about the Super Bowl... because it's a big deal.  The boys talk about the Big Game: their excitement, traditions, and of course predictions. Enjoy!
Feb 01, 2019
Frank and Al discuss the “C-Word” ("Context") ​
In this episode Frank and Al trudge the murky waters of topics such as: body shaming, the Super Bowl protests and who can use ethnic accents and when. Let’s do this. ​
Jan 31, 2019
From the Denver Snowfall to the Brokaw Snowball
With snow on the ground, Tom Brokaw seemed to be the only person that stepped in it today.  The boys get to that, as well as which Superbowl party fits them best... and just how seriously should we take our schooling?!?
Jan 29, 2019
Keeping It Real (Random) ​
After a couple episodes of talking some political ideologies... Al and Frank just chill out and talk as a couple of friends. Topics include: emotions, stand-up comedy and parenting. ​
Jan 25, 2019
Star Spangled Banter - More with Libertarian Chris Spangle
Chris Spangle of joins hosts Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo along with frequent guests Brian Love and Dave Houston for a full five-person virtual round table discussion on diverse topics including media bias, police and community relations, politics as a team sport and the practical bounds of Libertarianism in society.
Jan 23, 2019
Life, a Libertarian and His Pursuit of Happiness - Chris Spangle
Hosts Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson, along with frequent guest Brian Love spend some time interviewing Libertarian Chris Spangle ( Chris Spangle is the Digital Director for The BOB & TOM Show, a nationally syndicated morning show. Spangle is the founder and host of the We Are Libertarians podcast, which is dedicated to applying libertarian thought to current events, politics, and culture. Before this, he worked in politics and media as a producer at a news talk radio station, the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Audio Editor of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a Senior Account Representative at an advertising agency. He lives in Indianapolis, IN. His Twitter is @ChrisSpangle.   Brian Love - - Al Jackson - - Frank Caliendo - -
Jan 17, 2019
Hey Girl Scouts, Where's That Cookie Money?
The first official episode of Al & Frank Try To Be Serious.   Frank Caliendo & Al Jackson discuss a range of topics with Dave Houston & Brian Love. Brian Love - - Dave Houston - - Al Jackson - - Frank Caliendo - -
Jan 10, 2019
Frank Interviews Al
PreEpisode 001 - Frank Interviews Al As part of an unofficial start to the "Al & Frank Try To Be Serious" Frank spends some time helping the world get to know more about Al Jackson.
Jan 08, 2019