Anthem The Game

By The Potato Heads

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Category: Video Games

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A few friends come together to talk about all things Anthem after potatoing their way to victory in many games of similar genre. The upcoming adventure by EA and Bioware is all the buzz and The Potato Heads come together to keep you updated, hoping to engage listeners with interesting topics and opinions about Anthem the game.

Episode Date
Aspirational, Meaningful and Challenging - Episode 5 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads are at it again but this time they discuss all the news as the calm before the storm (Anthem release) is upon us.  BioWare has been on top of answering questions as always and The Potato Heads meet to discuss their opinions on the news.  Possible unforeseen launch issues could also abound with some of the latest EA successes like Apex Legends and a competitor's success from The Division 2 beta.

Feb 12, 2019
Open Demo Review - Episode 4 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads review the Open (public) Demo of Anthem from BioWare.  The ups and downs all come together in this episode to share what they feel is good but also some reservations they hold for the game and full release to come.

Feb 05, 2019
Open Demo Preparation - Episode 3.5 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads are at it again but this time they want everyone who hasn't played the Anthem demo to get the best experience.  They offer their best tips and suggestions while sharing their opinions on which Javelins will match your individual play style.  From the forge to missions and on to Strongholds, The Potato Heads will help you prepare any way they can.

Jan 31, 2019
VIP Demo Experience - Episode 3 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads review their first experience in Anthem with the release of the VIP "beta" Demo.  Thoughts, impressions, opinions and even nightmares will be revealed in this episode.

Jan 29, 2019
Developer Stream Reactions - Episode 2.5 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads wanted to talk about the latest Developer Live Stream and some of the opinions and reactions that came from that.  VIP demo just around the corner so this is the closest look at where Anthem is to this point.

Jan 19, 2019
First Impressions - Episode 2 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads review their first introduction to Anthem and how they felt about media releases over time.  They discuss developer streams and how they feel about how BioWare is handling the current development and release of their upcoming game Anthem.

Jan 15, 2019
Introduction - Episode 1 - Anthem The Game

The Potato Heads introduce themselves and talk about their favorite games and genres while diving into what got them interested in Anthem.

Jan 09, 2019