The Leigh Bortins Show

By Leigh Bortins: Founder of Classical Conversations, Homeschool Advocate

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Category: K-12

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Leigh Bortin and Guests - Pursuing civility by discussing current events in light of the common topics practiced in Classical Conversations.

Episode Date
On Culture and Influence

In this episode of the Leigh Bortins Show the gang discusses our cultures influence on media, and the media's influence over culture. From topics like the Amazon fires to Josh Harris leaving the faith, the group speculates the reciprocal nature of Social Media and Mainstream Media. Join them as they speculate; how to stand apart from outrage reporting, how to hear things more objectively, and how to have conversations based in substance deeper than the shifting sands of current events.

Sep 03, 2019
On Politics

In this episode of The Leigh Bortins Show the gang discusses the Christian role in Politics. From pondering the effectiveness of an individual in directing change, to a proper response to Outrage Reporting. They tackle these topics and more, in todays episode, On Politics.

Jun 28, 2019
On Books

On today's episode of The Leigh Bortins Show: Why should people read books? Are we in a post-book society? Should you watch the movie or read the book? What's the difference between enjoying a book in solitude versus reading it in community? - We wrestle with all these questions and more in todays episode of The Leigh Bortins Show!

May 18, 2019
On Mathematics

On today's episode of The Leigh Bortins Show: Why Math is important in a post-industrial age. How is mathematics taught? Does math inspire artists? Is mathematics beautiful? Join us today as we ponder the relevance of mathematics as tool for forming thoughts.

Apr 04, 2019
On Classical Education

Today in The Leigh Bortins Show, the gang takes a look at what it means to Educate Classically. They discuss the framework, pitfalls, and examples of Classical Education, as well as list the three books Leigh believes one ought to read, to better understand what it means to be a Classical Educator.

Mar 07, 2019
On Love

In today's episode of the Leigh Bortins Show, the gang talks love! What is it? What do we mean by it? How do we define it? Listen along as they wrestle with these questions and more, on todays episode of The Leigh Bortins Show!

Feb 08, 2019
On Movies and Films

In this Episode of the Leigh Bortins Show, Leigh speaks with Chris, Tobin, Jeremiah and William, about movies, and the Christian entertainment industry. From, horror to fantasy – they dissect the goals of cinema, as both an art form and a rhetorical device. Listen to them model tools of conversations, this week – On Movies and Films.

Jan 11, 2019
On Immigration

We hope you enjoy this new podcast series "The Leigh Bortins Show"! On our first episode, Leigh sits down with Tobin Duby, Jeremiah Wentz, and Christopher Blackburn to talk on the hot topic immigration. Immigration is a topic many disagree on, and we hope this episode helps instruct how to converse with one another in a loving and understanding way. 

Dec 19, 2018